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Kira: I’M SO LATE- I wanted to do a present for caretaker!Asriel’s bday but I was so busy and I couldn’t complete it in time T___T BY THE WAY I hope he’ll like it anyway! underpath!Frisk&Asriel gave him a yummy pie (no chocolate involved here) while underpath!Chara is making sure caretaker!Chara doesn’t appear-
Also a lot of love for @caretaker-au Authors!

(Also first time I try coloring with colored pencils, I’m so inspired by the amazing @/georgetheblob but I’m not that good T__T! Should practice more-)

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I wish you would write a fic about Scott getting werewolf drunk with Derek and accidentally letting it slip that Stiles is on love with Derek. (In honor of your drinking) ;)

“Scott, I’m going to kill you!”

The door of his apartment banged open and for the first time in years, Scott jumped in shock. His coffee mug hit the kitchen tile and shattered, piping hot coffee splashed over his bare feet, and he suddenly remembered Stiles saying at some point that he was learning how to mask his presence from werewolves.

Apparently he mastered that particular skill.

And how to magically and silently open a deadbolt.

Normally Scott would pick up Stiles’ familiar heartbeat two floors down, and his jeep while it was still a ways down the road, but this time, there had been nothing. No heartbeat, no jeep, not even footsteps in the hallway—until suddenly there was everything. Elevated heart rate, clouds of anger wafting through the apartment, Stiles stomping closer, furious for some reason, and Scott could do nothing to prepare himself because for the first time in his life, he was hungover.

Really hungover.

He was dying, because just the night before, he discovered in the stupidest way possible that yes, werewolves could get drunk with the right tools and a little determination. And the right tool was some crazy strong alcohol Stiles brought back from Poland last year that could punch straight through even an alpha werewolf’s metabolism. And what did he do with that discovery?


Like a college freshman away from home for the first time, buckling under immense peer pressure.

He was hungover, he was dying, and he was an idiot.

An idiot who Stiles was apparently about to murder, judging by his murderous expression when he turned the corner and locked his wild, murderous gaze on Scott. His hair was tugged up in every direction, he’d probably slept in that loose and stretched shirt, and he had the manic energy of a man who’d been roaming the streets looking for vengeance.

It had been years since Scott last felt any kind of inkling of fear towards his best friend, but right then, standing in his underwear in a puddle of hot coffee, feeling nauseous and fuzzy and somehow bloated—he was horribly aware of the mountain ash that Stiles always had on him. It was the emissary’s favorite threat towards werewolves who pissed him off, and while he rarely ever followed through with it, that murderous face promised no empty threats. Just revenge.

Scott stepped out of the puddle of hot coffee. That was really all he could do to improve the situation.

“You told him,” Stiles accused, eyes narrowed with rage as he stalked closer. “You actually told him, I can’t believe you would tell him!”

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Personal Space

Peter Parker x Reader

As part of my request a prompt, 300 follower celebration.

Request: From the wonderful @the-peterparker : CONGRATS RILEY!!!!! i wanted to request so many prompts bc they’re all so good but i dialed it down to 35, 52, and 66 (they don’t all have to be in one if u don’t want but ur call ur the genius lol)

Prompts:  “What about me?” “Have you ever heard of personal space?” “Oh boy…”

Peter is in his 20s.

This is actually just fluff/borderline smut with little to no plot. (Gratuity for the angst in the last one.)

It hadn’t taken long for the two of you to forget about the chicken in the oven and the simmering vegetables on the stove. It wasn’t really much of a surprise all things considered. Peter had been away with the Avengers for over a week. What had surprised you was the way that your hug had turned into being snatched away from the stove, lifted, and placed firmly on a counter; warm hands running up cool legs to pull them apart and make room for a pair of slim hips.

It was surprising how quickly he could get your heart going.

Even after all this time.

“Have you ever heard of personal space, Parker?” You whispered, words shaky and sounding a lot less confident than you were aiming for as his curls brushed past your ear, warm, hot breath spilling over your skin as moist, teasing lips worked their way down your neck. The tense coil of heat in your belly burning as he chuckled against your flesh, already covered in goosebumps; your whole body shivered and you released a startled breath as his lips moved up to your ear.

He smelt the way Peter always did but there was a hint of something like peppers, onions, and snap peas there too.

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College AU! Taehyung - Roommates

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Previous AU: Jungkook, Jimin

A/N: Here is the third AU in the series. This College AU will be with all the boys, but with different scenarios

  • You and Taehyung had been best friends since you were little
  • You guys pretty much did everything together growing up yet still weren’t sick of each other
  • The more time you spent with Tae, the more you realized your little crush on your best friend
  • But that was all you guys were and you were perfectly okay with it
  • So college time rolls around and you’re both accepted into the same college
  • You aren’t as outgoing as Taehyung so you don’t really want to become roommates with any strangers
  • So you ask Taehyung if he’s willing to be your roommate
  • Which he immediately replies with “Of course! I wouldn’t want anyone else rooming with you.”
  • You ask to make a promise with him where you both won’t bring someone over to hook up with while the other person is there
  • Taehyung agrees and you pinky swear on it
  • A few weeks go by and soon you guys are moving into the tiny dorm
  • Everything is good for the first couple of months living with each other
  • Of course there are a few problems that occur in that timespan
  • Such as Taehyung constantly eating the food in the fridge and NEVER restocking
  • Or waking you up in the middle of night by him screaming at his video game
  • But for the most part, everything was going really smoothly
  • You even found a boyfriend
  • You upheld your end of the promise by never bringing him over for the night
  • Instead doing your business at his own dorm
  • And Taehyung upholds his end of the deal by going to their dorms for the night instead of your own
  • Everything is going well for the two of you until you catch your boyfriend cheating on you
  • Once you come back to the dorm crying, Taehyung freaking shoots up from the couch like toast out of the toaster to comfort you
  • You cry in his arms for a little while until you eventually calm down
  • He tries taking your mind off the breakup by getting you to watch a movie with him where he holds you and cracks jokes the entire time to make you smile
  • You fall asleep like that, in his arms
  • When you wake up the next morning, Tae is nowhere to be found
  • He’s also not answering his phone
  • You’re freaking out over his disappearance but soon reason that he may just have a class or has to meet for a group project and forgot to mention it to you
  • You try calming yourself down by just cleaning around the dorm
  • When you go into Taehyung’s room, you notice a whole desk drawer filled with just stuff of you two
  • Pictures, notes, objects/presents that you gave to each other, etc
  • Your heart freaking melts with how happy and nostalgic you’re feeling
  • As you look more at some of the pictures, you notice writings on a few of them
  • Some just have dates but others also include captions
  • A picture that you took of yourself with Taehyung throwing up a peace sign in the back had “My beautiful best friend”
  • A picture you had no idea existed of you looking at the sky; “They thought the sky was pretty, I thought they were prettier.”
  • You picked a picture up of you holding up your high school diploma and your well-decorated graduation cap next to Taehyung looking down at the ground in mock sadness; “Next Einstein”
  • A photo of you and Taehyung in your prom attire, his arm around you staring at the camera as you’re staring at his face, laughing; “My amazing date”
  • When you get to the bottom of the drawer, you see a crumpled up note
  • As you’re about to uncrumple it and read it, the door to your dorm bursts open
  • You put everything back in Tae’s drawer and rush to see and confront him for not texting you back when you were clearly worried
  • As you open your mouth to scold him, you notice his busted lip and bruised knuckles
  • You instantly fill with panic and run over to him, grabbing his face and trying to find any more injuries
  • “Taehyung! What the hell happened? Why are you beat up?!”
  • “If you think I’m bad then you should see your ex-boyfriend.”
  • Your mouth just drops to form a small “o”
  • You lead him over to the bathroom and take out the first aid kit
  • You have him sit up on the counter as you stand in between his legs, cleaning up his cuts
  • “Why would you go over to his place just to fight him, Taehyung?!”
  • “He hurt you.”
  • “And if he hurt you?”
  • “Do you doubt my abilities?”
  • “Taehyung, I’m serious! Don’t do that shit again! You could have gotten so much worse, you’re so lucky that this is all you got away with it. Don’t start picking fights with people!”
  • He just smiles at you
  • And to wipe away his smile
  • You take a swab of peroxide and swipe it right over the cut on his lip
  • Needless to say it works as he hisses out in pain and now you’re the one smiling smug
  • “Seriously, Taehyung. Please be more careful next time”
  • “Aw, my cold-hearted best friend is so worried over me. I’m so honored.”
  • You swipe at his lip with your swab again to shut him up
  • A few more months go by without incident
  • Taehyung and you have been so busy with getting ready for finals and with your classes that you don’t see much of each other
  • But you can tell just how stressed he is recently
  • Usually Tae is smiling whenever you see him in the dorm but now all he looks is upset and pissed
  • You’re not too sure how to cheer him up as that was always his forte, not yours
  • But nonetheless you try planning something to get his mind off school, going to meet with his friends for help
  • Tae has caught you a couple times at Jimin’s dorm and he gets suspicious and even more pissed afterwards but hasn’t said anything on the topic
  • You’re clueless that your best friend is insanely jealous and pissed that you’re spending time with Jimin, his other best friend, behind his back and without him
  • But one night as you’re going over the other details of Taehyung’s surprise, you hear him enter your dorm along with a girl giggling
  • You don’t think too much into it and continue going over and searching up your idea
  • Then you hear a bed squeaking
  • Repeatedly
  • And you’re sEETHING
  • Here you are trying to cheer him up and there he is, breaking his promise to you by bringing a girl home while you’re there
  • You don’t want to just storm in there and see,,,things
  • So you throw the notepad of your ideas across the room and just decide to walk out, opting to sleep in one of your other friend’s rooms
  • Unfortunately, they’re out partying and you have no other choice other than to show up at Jimin’s door and plead to sleep on his couch
  • He doesn’t believe you at first, saying that there was no way that Tae would bring a girl home for reasons he wouldn’t give up
  • But he didn’t want you going somewhere dangerous so he allows you to sleep there
  • It’s late by the time you wake up, exhausted from all the extra work you’ve been doing and then having to spend a few hours trying to find a place to sleep
  • You wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and you’re very surprised but thankful that Jimin didn’t wake you up
  • When you get up to go into the kitchen, you see a very pissed looking Taehyung leaning against the counter, harshly whispering to Jimin
  • “How could you Jimin?”
  • “How could I?! What do you want me to do, Taehyung!? You fucked up, I didn’t! I wasn’t just going to allow her to sleep in the hallways or something”
  • “I was just mad! I didn’t think she’d be awake..or remember the promise.”
  • “That is your problem,Taehyung. You better tell her soon, or hell, I will. I love you but goddamn it’s getting on my nerves with how obvious you make it.”
  • You decide to make your appearance then
  • You’re still mad at Taehyung for breaking his promise so you give him the silent treatment
  • You pour yourself a cup of coffee and nod at Jimin
  • “Good morning, Jimin. Hope you slept well, thank you for allowing me to sleep here.”
  • You walk out of the room, ignoring Taehyung completely and stay like that for the rest of the day
  • The next day as you’re about to go out to get groceries, Taehyung stops you in the middle of the dorm
  • “Y/N, please talk to me. I’m sorry I broke our promise.”
  • You don’t look at him instead opting to look at your sticky note with your list of groceries on it
  • “I was just really upset and then seeing you constantly with Jimin just made me even more so.”
  • “Why would me being with Jimin bother you at all?”
  • He’s silent for a few moments before he pulls out that crumbled note you saw in his drawer from out of his pocket
  • He hands it over without looking at you
  • When you uncrumple and read it, you realize it’s a confession note
  • Taehyung wrote a love letter for you
  • And has been hiding it for who-knows-how-long
  • You’re kinda struck in place for a minute, rereading the words on the note over and over
  • Tae clears his throat, “Will you please say something already.”
  • “You were jealous…of Jimin?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “And you were stressed from school.”
  • “Yes?”
  • “So you decided the best way to handle these feelings was by hooking up with someone?”
  • “I never said I was smart to think my decision through, Y/N.”
  • You’re still upset about the promise being broken but you eventually get over it and later admit to Taehyung your own feelings
  • Both of your guys’ parents were very happy to hear the news of you and Taehyung’s relationship
  • Which made visiting home for the holidays very strange
  • Meaning you had to sit through dinners being berated by questions from not only your family but Taehyung’s
  • It also made both of your mothers concerned about you and Taehyung rooming together for the next school year
  • “Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want grandchildren, but not yet!”
  • “MOM!”
  • Unfortunately you and Taehyung couldn’t be roommates after that but that doesn’t mean you don’t sneak to his and Jimin’s room to sleep and cuddle with him


wynonna earp headcannons

- everyone has started saying Aprhodite made me do it

- Nicole accedently told dolls about the whole wynonna stripper thing

- dolls didn’t care

- nicole  and waverly need to get a lock for the door

- making out is banned in the kitchen

- they have fought over the remote

- Waverly has ptsd

- Waverly and Wynonna have a secret handshake

- Wynonna is overly protective of her sister and never wants waverly to get hurt

Person A is the only one in the relationship that has any skill in the kitchen, causing them to cook meals all the time (which they don’t mind doing.) One night they come home late, whether it be because of work or missing the train or etc. While the rest of the polyship is at home discussing what to order in for dinner person B suddenly announces “We can’t keep living like this! I don’t like relying on [Person A] for our meals. We should make something ourselves!” The rest of the polyship agrees and all of them try to work together to make something. When Person A gets home they find the kitchen completely destroyed and something disgusting on a dish that’s supposed to be “dinner.“ 

Your Friendly Neighbor, Spider-Man

Originally posted by agent-spidey

Peter Parker x Reader

Summery: During a sleepless night a nose makes you look out your window– only to see the webslinger himself. 

The glow from your clock was impossible to ignore, the numbers 1:35 like a neon sign in the dark as you tossed and turned under the covers. With a groan of mixed frustration and exasperation you sat bolt upright in bed, flipped the covers off you and exited your room before stalking down the hall, your expression looking as though you were off to murder someone.  Really, you were heading to the kitchen to get some water, hoping that would help with your sleeplessness—but you were so tired and frustrated that you very well could have at that moment. 

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A N Y W A Y just imagine cooking in the kitchen or smth & u bend over to get smth & all off a sudden jacks lowkey grinding on ur ass & he's feeling u all sensually n shit ansbshsbshs BYE i am d e c e a s e d™

You were cooking away at dinner, as you occasionally did. You bent over to get a pan from the cabinet and then you felt Jack grip your hips.  

“Hey, button” he groaned as his hips came in contact with your butt.

“What are you doing?” you laughed as you felt his hard on poking into your butt. He slowly began grinding on you and moved his hands down your back until they cupped your breasts. “Jack, stop” you said with a hint of a groan in the back of your throat. 

“I heard that, baby” he smirked. “I know you want me too” you spun around and kissed him. He pushed you against the counter and gripped your hips while deepening the kiss. 

“Fuck dinner” you sighed as you shut the stove and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“No, fuck me” he smirked.

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idk if vegas au is relevant still but just some rival mafia bosses catches wind of geno's retirement and, assuming this means that he's gone soft or something, breaks into his bunny's house for a "conversation." and i mean it's mostly a conversation but it's tense; sid's scared out of his mind as the guy asks about where geno is, how he's doing, etc, like he's stalling until g comes home so they can all "talk". later, when g gets back and handles it all, sid is still shaking in his kitchen chair

vegas bunny au is always relevant and omgggggg…can you imagine….geno’s holding both of sidney’s hands but sidney can’t stop trembling and geno is so worried and panicked 

Food for Living

To my bestie, @atc74, Happy happy happy birthday.  Love you, and Dean here loves you, too. :)

The scents wafting through the bunker were incredible - when you and Dean put your minds together you could really make a meal.  He’d tried to tell you to get out of the kitchen, that it was your birthday so he should be the one cooking for you… 

You were stubborn and told him you’d be cooking together, and that was that.

It all ended up better, though, because cooking with Dean meant that the two of you were in the same room for hours, constantly brushing by each other as you worked.

It was even better that there was music playing in the background, encouraging your bodies to sway together teasingly.  

It was even better that Dean couldn’t keep his hands to himself, constantly reaching for you just to feel your skin.

It was even better that Dean’s fingers found their way into your hair, twining the short strands around his fingers and massaging your scalp lovingly.

It was best when he’d step away from whatever he was doing - stirring sauce, chopping veggies, whatever - to pull you close to him, kissing you senseless until you both had to pull away for air.

You could live off of Dean’s kisses, you were convinced.  He was so tender, so passionate, so…everything you needed.  You desperately wished that you could just abandon the kitchen - leaving all of the food that you’d so lovingly prepared together - and drag him to your shared bedroom, but you knew that he wouldn’t be able to leave the mess. 

You’d just have to live on his kisses for now, waiting until dinner was ready, until things were cleaned up, until you could lock yourselves away all night long, Dean the only birthday gift you could ever need or want.

Happy birthday from @just-another-busy-fangirl

omg guys

I went a little spend crazy. Microwave, phone battery, headphones, 2 new shirts (purchased with a gift card thank you very much), and now a Garmin Forerunner 10 purchased off ebay with a $15 off coupon. I literally didn’t pay full price for anything today, other than some kitchen sponges. I should still get a new Fitbit band. Or find some glue maybe.

odd1  asked:

top 5 bob burgers episodes/moments + songs? asdfghjkl :p

I lov bob’s burgers…….. !!!!!!!!!!!! but I know you know that :-)

  • when bob gets stuck on the toilet n they call teddy to help un-glue him from the seat n he cries saying  “IT’S JUST TOO MUCH BUTT BOB !!! TOO MUCH HAIR ALL OVER YOUR BUTT !!”
  • “when I die I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes in tom selleck’s face” bob chuckles and says “thats a crazy request”
  • teddy thrashing around in bob’s kitchen after getting his hand stuck in a christmas wreath trap set up by gene, tina n louise as in attempt to trap santa clause
  • halloween special where louise says she finds the holiday boring because nothing is thrilling and nothing scares her, so the whole family teams up to scare her @ mort’s house n she’s so happy n they all hug on the roof n bob is like “linda be careful we’re on a roof”
  • on the episode where the family gets tricked onto that cruise ship n right @ the beginning bob is rehearsing with his kids how to hand out coupons n tina is like “50% off to all cruise ship passengers pow” n then louise is like “say poo, that always gets people attention” n she says poo through gene’s bullhorn hahahahahahahaha 
I Found, chapter 2

Dan Howell and Phil Lester hate each other, and everyone at the Ida Gatley school of dance knows it. So what happens when the two are paired together to choreograph and perform a duet at England’s most renowned contemporary dance competition?

word count (in total): 22,139

chapters: 12

genre: fluff and angst

tw: none

read on ao3

all chapters

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nico cant take a break