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Laurel’s Easy Sabbat Planning Guide

For all of the witches who struggle with Sabbats sneaking up on them, here is a guide to help whip up an easy celebration so you never have to miss out on Sabbats again!

A Sabbat is a seasonal festival mostly celebrated by Pagans and Witches. Sabbats are like any other holiday, except these are normally celebrations of the changing of the seasons, or the “turning of the wheel.” Each person will celebrate each Sabbat differently, as each season is completely personal to you.

⛤ The First Step

The first step I recommend to planning a Sabbat celebration is to figure out exactly what the Sabbat is to you. Figure out how you feel about the sabbat and what you naturally associate each one with. This can take some time to work through, especially if you are new to sabbats or if you tend to avoid nature at all costs.

⛤ What to ask yourself:

- What does this Sabbat mean to you?
- What is the Earth doing right now? What does it look like outside your window?
- What is in season (this includes foods, herbs, flowers and decor)?
- How do you feel this time of year? How does this particular Sabbat make you feel? Is this normal?
- What sort of things make you feel “witchy” or connected to this Sabbat?
- Why is this day special to you?

⛤ Things to Do:

- Perform a ritual. Rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. Sometimes all you have to work with is a tealight candle and a week old pack of cookies.

- Cook. Some of us feel connected to the world around us when there is food involved. After all, it’s not a party unless there is food. Try out a new recipe with in-season foods, or make your favorite comfort food dish.

- Go outside. The easiest way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is to go outside and experience them. Even if it’s a short walk (because not many people want to go for long strolls in the dead of winter), take a moment to step outside and experience nature and observe what it’s currently doing. If you are able, plan a day trip to somewhere special or new to explore.

- Decorate. Nothing gets me in the holiday (or Sabbat) spirit like decorating. As a child decorating for Christmas was the best because that was the only time we put up decorations. Now, as an adult, I use whatever I have handy to decorate for every Sabbat I can to make me feel more festive.

- Offerings. If you work with spirits of deities, you may wish to put together some sort of offering for them when you celebrate. This can be food, special rocks or flowers from outside, or something you’ve made yourself.

- Spells. Sabbats are prime times to do spells for me. The spells I cast are reflections of the coming season and what I want from them.

- Crafts. There are a ton of different little projects for Sabbats floating around on the internet. Get creative and make something! If you are on a budget, make something with what you have, or modify a craft to include what you have. I like to make something new each year for the Sabbats (it’s an easy way to get “decorations” too!)

- Divination. Nothing says celebration like a good old fashion look into the future. Choose any form of divination that you’d like and do a reading for yourself. 

- Journaling. Sometimes the easiest way to celebrate and connect is to get into your own head. Let the Earth inspire you. Stare out a window (or sit outside if you can) and just watch what happens around you. Let it inspire you to create. Journal about your own feelings, write a freestyle poem or sketch and paint what you see.

⛤ Creating a Ritual

Not all rituals have to be long and elaborate. Some of my favorite rituals are just sitting around in sweatpants with a hot cup of cocoa and my journal, reflecting on the season and my life. Ask yourself these questions to help piece together how a ritual would be best done for you.

- What am I celebrating? How can I celebrate this?
- Who am I worshiping?
- How much space do I have?
- How much time do I have?
- Why am I celebrating this Sabbat?
- What do I/can I buy for my celebrations?

The important thing for Sabbats isn’t how grand your ritual is, it’s all about gaining something from it, whether that be a nice warm fuzzy feeling or a great insight into your life. 

⛤ Reflection and Meditation

After each Sabbat day, I find it helpful if I reflect upon what I did that day and how my celebration went. This is when I do most of my journaling, but you don’t have to write anything. You can simply sit and rest and meditate on the day if you wish. Use this time to unwind.

- What did I do today? How do I feel about it?
- What ideas do I have for next year?
- What did this year’s Sabbat teach me?
- What was my favorite part of today’s celebration?
- What was my least favorite?

Happy Celebrating!
~L <):)


*fics that are NSFW are marked as such



Park Place: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special. (COMPLETE)

60 Seconds: You’re part of the Avenger’s team, but that doesn’t mean you get treated the same by everyone. Your relationship with Bucky is playful, but as your past comes back to haunt you, things might change. (COMPLETE)

My Mission: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and you’d do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you might just end up doing anything for Bucky, too. (COMPLETE)

A Very Bucky Christmas: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway. (COMPLETE)

Before the Dawn: The Avengers are called to destroy a HYDRA weapon, but when they arrive at it’s location, they find you there. Bucky knows you’re highly dangerous, your powers even more so, but he can’t help but get closer to you. (ON HOLD)

Short Series

Relationship Mini-Series (ONGOING)

  • Part 1: Flirting - You and Bucky have been staring at each other all night - but do either of you have the guts to flirt up close?
  • Part 2: Dating - You and Bucky have been flirting constantly for the past few weeks after the party, and both of you might just have a plan to do something about it. (*NSFW)
  • Part 3 - Steady - You and Bucky finally go on that date he asked you out on, but it would seem Bucky has some other plans at the drive-in instead of watching movies. (*NSFW)
  • Part 4 - COMING SOON


  • Ice Skating: When Bucky notices you’re homesick, he takes you for a surprise.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Bucky: You and Bucky are neighbors, speaking only to say hi to each other. But when a spider appears in your bathtub, Bucky comes to your rescue.






For the @deancas-sweetheart challenge!

1k, au, meet cute

Dean steps into the bar with an appreciative sigh, rubbing his hands together as his eyes take in all the options.

“Do you have to be so obnoxious about it?” Sam grumbles from behind him. He spots a table and pushes past his brother to claim it.

“Oh, come on, Sammy, get into the holiday spirit!” Dean chirps, eyes still scanning. 

“There is no holiday spirit,” Sam says. “It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re a horny old man about to prey on the loneliness and dejection of some poor man or woman.”

Dean pouts. “I’m not old.”

“That’s what bothered you about that sentence?”

The eldest Winchester gives an easy shrug and slips off his coat. “Look, Sam, it’s the circle of life. Some poor sap’s plans on the most romantic day of year gets ruined. They’re lonely and upset. Standards lower. I sweep in, offer something quick and fun that doesn’t leave them alone for the night. Everyone leaves at two a.m. feeling happy.”

“Yeah, that’s pathetic,” Sam quips.

“No, pathetic is sitting alone at a bar on Valentine’s Day while your brother scores because I just spotted a touchdown at twelve o’clock.”

Sam follows his brother’s focused gaze toward the bar and finds a man with messy dark hair hunched over a beer. There’s no one next to him and he’s fiddling with his phone. He’s the picture of someone who was stood up. And apparently Dean’s next victim. 

“Oh, Dean, leave the guy alone, he looks sad.”

“That’s why I can’t leave him alone, Sammy!” Dean crows. “Gotta spread the love. Okay, wish me luck.”

He doesn’t wait for Sam to respond, just swaggers toward the bar, summoning his legendary smirk.

“Hey, sweetheart,” he greets, sidling up next to the man, leaving just enough space between them to be respectful but obvious. “Can I buy you another drink?”

Dean didn’t really know what he was expecting once he saw the man’s face. He kinda just saw that thick waist and even thicker thighs and let instinct take over.

Whatever his downstairs brain had been conjuring, it certainly hadn’t included eyes bright as blue fire burning away all of Dean’s cool with a look that was disinterested at best

“I’m not your sweetheart.”

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Disney Characters get into the Holiday Spirt in your favorite Christmas Movies!

I’m super excited to share these pieces! Head to E! (link above) to read the full article!

Beast tries on the pink nightmare from A Christmas Story. Alice is skeptical about meet a very suspicious Santa in Miracle on 34th Street. Ariel excitedly explores a new world as Elf. The Inside Out emotions  have a Charlie Brown Christmas. Joy is thrilled with the tree, disgust is less than thrilled and Sadness won a participation award for her decorations! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in White Christmas. The Monsters Inc. duo are stealing Christmas when confronted by “Cindy Loo-Boo” in The Grinch. Tiana and Naveen recreate Love Actually. Except something tells me things will work out better for these two. Toy Story characters, Woody and Buzz, emulate A Christmas Carol as glow-in-the-dark Buzz greets Woods in Barrel Of Monkeys chains, Rapunzel is the ultimate Home Alone Disney character as the thugs try to break in. Luckily she has plenty of paint cans for protection. Peter Pan welcome Wendy John and Michael aboard The Polar Express. The Frozen gang are giving Sven a magical Rudolph nose! The Big Hero 6 team recreate Frosty the Snowman with Baymax.

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The Speed of Christmas Lights (Secret Santa Fic)

Summary: No one else seems to be in the Christmas spirit, so when you’re feeling a bit down about that, Pietro surprises you with a beautiful display.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: ~3500 (WHOOPS)

Warnings: Language, Christmas fluff, and SMUT - unprotected sex (be safe everyone & wrap that like a present). Also, probably crappily written smut. 

Recipient: @justapieceofgeekytrash (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays - I hope you enjoy cutie!) 

Prompt from @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit ’s Ficmas: Christmas Lights

A/N: This is my first Pietro fic so I’m kinda nervous?? But I promise you that I did try because I love that little speedy sucker. I hope this is still enjoyable for you all and I hope you’re having a happy holiday! 

Originally posted by tomshardy

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  • Lucio: ho ho ho, now here's the deal; in the holiday spirit, im about to get real. children who're good get all the loot, while kids who are bad get nothing but soot!
  • Sombra: no, i think he's just telling you you're on santa's naughty list
  • Lucio: wha-? no i-
  • Widowmaker: you are made of smoke gabriel. i bet santa uses you as a warning for children who are bad
Velvet Box [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader is opening presents on christmas night and Lin has a big surprise.

Warnings: None, just be careful with all the fluff <3

Word Count: 1,098

A/N: This is the result of me trying to get in the holiday spirit, hope you like it!

askbox | masterlist

“Guys, let’s open the presents!” Jasmine got up from the couch, still holding her glass of champagne, heading to the christmas tree on the corner of your living room.

Some of the cast and their families got together for christmas that year, mostly because New York was full of snow and some of you didn’t manage to go home that year: celebrating good moments like the holidays by your best friends’ side was the best idea you could come up with.

Alongside your family, most of the main cast was there: Jasmine and Anthony, Phillipa and her husband, Jonathan with his best friend Lea, Daveed and her girlfriend, Chris and his family. Lin, the main star of the show and your boyfriend, was also there with his parents and sister. You guys were dating almost two years now, it only seemed reasonable to have his parents there once yours were a part of the night as well.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt 15 Elucien. Maybe Elain getting all bold.

“What the hell is this shit?”

I looked to my left to see a flash of holly being ripped from the wall and onto the carpeted floor, its plastic green leaves crinkled.

“I can’t believe we have to work on Christmas Eve,” my coworker, Amren, fumed.

I sighed, putting my face in my hands as she went on a tirade in the teacher’s lounge, efficiently taking down all the decorations I had put up last night. The adorable wreath hung on the door was thrown like a frisbee across the room. The homemade paper snowflakes were angrily plucked from the walls. And finally, the mistletoe was grabbed from the ceiling despite the tiny height of the girl I call my friend (for some unknown reason that I’ll never comprehend).

“It’s festive,” I told her earnestly. “The kids love it!”

My insistent cheer was ignored as per usual.

My motto was that the Christmas season was the best one. The smell of pine, flurrying snow in the early hours of the morning, a cozying fire roaring in the living room… And the fact that we have the chance to get our students in the holiday spirit made it more special.

Amren on the other hand is what some would call… reluctant. To the idea of joy. She described the holiday as, and I quote, “the miserable day when a fat dude decided to throw up bright and happy shit.”

To put it blatantly, she was the Grinch.

And somehow, this pessimistic science teacher was my best friend. We met when I began teaching at Velaris Elementary School just three years ago. I have to admit, when I was first introduced to her, I didn’t quite understand her motivation for being a teacher; for being around children and people for the majority of the day. But the more I got to know Amren, the more I realized that she’s really just a soft hearted teddy bear with a small bitter front.

“I’m so fucking done with the administration. Those bastards!”

Okay, maybe not a teddy bear. But she was good at heart.

After muttering to herself some more, she finally sat down next to me on a plastic chair.

Blowing a strand of dark raven hair from her eyes, she peered over at me. “On the upside, have you seen the new gym teacher? He started just this week and he’s hot.”

The old P.E teacher had gone on maternity leave a month ago, and the school had been struggling with finding a permanent replacement. For weeks I had been hearing horrible things about the temp from my first graders. Come to think of it, they haven’t mentioned the mean substitute since last Friday.

“I haven’t. But my students must like him because they haven’t complained all week.”

“You should go down to the gym and peek in,” she waggled her thickly lined brows.

“I can’t – my lunch break ends in five minutes,” I told her. Checking my watch, I got to my feet.
She groaned.

“Can’t let down the kids!” I chirped, waving her goodbye and pushing through the door. Humming a Christmas tune to myself, I rounded the corner leading to the first grade hallway sharply.

And I bumped right into a wall.

I blindly reached out, hoping to somehow break my fall, but to no avail.

I was a goner. There was no stopping me now. I let out a sigh in slow motion and braced myself for the impact.

However, before I could reach the ground, a broad pair of hands grabbed onto me.

The wall had hands.

Strong hands that were wrapped around my waist, preventing me from falling on my butt in the middle of the hallway,

I looked up at the wall with hands through my lashes.

The wall was definitely not a wall.

No, it was a beautiful, flustered man who was tightly holding me upright. His hair was deep red, a few strands falling into his russet eyes like leaves fall in the autumn. I lowered my eyes past his sharp jaw to the strong column of his neck where a teacher ID was hanging from.

Lucien Merricks. P.E Instructor.

He cleared his throat, a deep rumbling in his chest. My gaze returned to eyes the color of warm chocolate that were staring deeply into my own, an eyebrow quirked in question.

A blush rose to my cheeks.

“Hi, Mr. Merricks.”

Mr. Merricks? I was so lame.

“Ms. Archeron.” His gaze dipped to my own ID hanging on top of my Christmas sweater that was telling him to have a ‘Meow-y Christmas’. “Are you okay?” he asked me, a small smile tugging his full lips upward after seeing the festive kitten on my sweater.

I inwardly groaned. Of course I chose today to wear the most nerdy shirt I own. Amren even had a name for my persona – The Dorky Dilemma.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak again.

He slowly brought me upright once more and I took a step back from him.

This is the new gym teacher, I thought to myself. Amren really wasn’t lying about him.

Peering up at him again, I noticed he was already staring at me. However, I noticed something above our heads. Hanging from the ceiling was a string of mistletoe.

I cringed and mentally slapped my forehead. Why did I think it was a good idea to put that up?

Probably because I wanted two fellow teachers – and friends – to find themselves stuck under it and kiss. Mor and Azriel could be so stubborn at times.

That plan didn’t seem to be working as well as I thought it would.

He followed my gaze, eyes widening when he saw the green plant.

I looked at him. He looked at me.

To hell with it.

Before I could take another moment to think about it, I stood on my toes and flung myself at him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

I have to give the guy credit. It’s hard catching a 5’2 girl who throws herself at your face with her face. Especially one in a Christmas cat sweater.

The man – Lucien – stood frozen for a moment as I pressed my lips against his.

Panic began to rise inside me when he didn’t respond to my mouth and I was about to pull away, mortified, when that same hand wrapped around my waist and fit me against his lean body. His other hand came up and grabbed my cheek as he moved his lips against mine.

I almost fainted right there.

He tasted like cinnamon and vanilla.

I felt entirely safe with his body around mine.

Too soon, he pulled away, eyes bright.

We stood a foot away in the middle of the hallway, both breathless.

“I-I’m Elain,” I told him.

“Lucien,” he grinned. “Will I be seeing you around?”

I nodded.

“Merry Christmas. That was quite possibly the greatest gift I could have received.”

He leaned in once more. “You’re absolutely beautiful, Elain.”

I merely nodded again, a smile taking over my face.

He squeezed my hand and walked away, leaving me speechless underneath the mistletoe.

Merry Christmas to me.

One-Shot Masterlist

Originally Posted: 04/05/2017

Last Updated: 05/06/2017

The Chronicles of Narnia

- Stubborn Idiot: His first kiss was in the midst of an argument. He didn’t get along with her much because they were both stubborn and both madly in love with each other. [Based on this post by aslansblessings] (Edmund x Female Reader)

- Winter Wonderland: He’d never liked winter. The White Witch had made him hate it. But maybe she can show him that winter isn’t all bad. (Edmund x Female Reader)

- Teasing is a Sign of Affection: She’d always considered him family, although he’d never acted like it. Until now, she could not figure out why. (Edmund x Female Reader)

- How do you know?: He’d known that the raid had been a bad idea. He’d went along with it anyways. But he’d never expected the price for his ignorance to be this high. (Edmund x Female Reader)

- Happy Un-Valentine’s Day: He didn’t need a day to show her how much he loved her. (Edmund x Female Reader) (Modern AU)

- Rainy Days: To him, the rain was a nuisance that ruined his plans for the day. To her, it meant that much more. (Edmund x Female Reader)

- At Night: She couldn’t sleep and he was the reason for it. (Edmund x Female Reader) (Modern AU)

- Help [PART 1]: Everybody needs help with something every once in a while. (Edmund x Female Reader) [This can be read as a stand alone!]

- Special [PART 2]: Coming Soon!

- Remember Me: Not all love stories end with ‘And they lived happily ever after’. [Loosely based on the song 'Wildest Dreams’ by Taylor Swift] (Edmund x Female Reader) (Modern AU)

- Lesson Learned: Everybody had some lessons to learn, be it to back off for a while or to finally confess something.(Edmund x Female Reader)


- Freedom: One always had the freedom to choose who they wanted to be with, but sometimes, who they fell in love with was beyond their control. (Edmund x Female Reader)

DC Universe

- Fraternizing with the Enemy: Jason never was a big fan of Christmas, as opposed to his girlfriend. She could’ve found a better way to get him in the holiday spirit, tough. (Jason Todd/Red Hood x Female Reader)

- Easy: She always liked to look for the easy way out. But when John Constantine was involved, easy just didn’t seem like an option. (John Constantine x Female Reader)

Marvel Universe

~ Coming Soon!


- Are you ready?: {Soul Eater} They’d both been through a lot together: the attack on the DWMA, the Book of Eibon and the final fight with Asura on the moon. But were they ready for this? (Death the Kid x Female Reader)


~ Coming Soon!

Winter Wonderland

A/N: I know it’s late because Christmas was two days ago but better late than never, right? I didn’t know how to end it so it just ends… abruptly/awkwardly

Warnings: Drugs

Y/N “accidentally” dumped J’s cocaine down the toilet, which is why she now has to decorate the tree by herself.

“You’re a mean one…Mr.J.” She sang as she tapped on a bulb that was flickering. It sparked to life and she smiled.

“Last Christmas you bought some cocaine…and this Christmas I poured it down the drain. This year, to save you from withdraw-” She screamed as a bullet whizzed over her head.

“Next one’s goin’ in your foot.” She glared and grabbed his hand, pulling him over to the tree.

“Get on your knees.”

“What do you take me for?” J snarked as he lowered himself to the ground.

“Cute.” She got up on his shoulders and he stood up, knowing the drill.

“There!” She put the Batarang on top of the tree since they currently didn’t have a star. She purposefully messed up his hair as she hopped off his back.

“Where’s the tree? He can help me hang the lights.” J gave a confused glance towards the tree.

“Not that tree. The human tree. I also made paper snowflakes-”

“Y/N, I will break your arms.”


Y/N, in her reindeer onesie, sprinkled glitter on J’s desk. “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.." 

"Y/N?” J’s eyes narrowed when he looked at his desk. “I’m gonna kill you.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. She dumped all of the glitter out.


“Lick it off”

“Ew, no, glitter is like clown herpes. It would look like I’ve been having naughty times at the circus.” J smiled, she amused him, but he wouldn’t let this go.
“Lick those clown herpes.”

“No, you lick them. You’re a clown.”

“And I’m your daddy. Lick it up.”

“Suck my nuts.”


“I bet you have clown herpes.”


“I’m telling all of your business partners. Now no one will want to sleep with you.”

“Except you.”

“Oh. Right.” He smiled when he saw her reindeer tail, grabbed it, and yanked her to him.


“Can we play in the snow?”

“No.” Y/N pouted in the corner. He put her on a timeout and she had to stay here until he told her to leave.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong. I just wanted-”

“Shut up, and stick your nose in that corner.” She pouted.

“Why don’t you stand in the corner?” She cringed when he slammed his pen down and got up. “Too late to say sorry?” He smacked her butt hard and she yelped. She put her head down and her eyes teared up. J started yelling but stopped once he saw the tears fall. She was sensitive, and he tried to keep his patience with her as much as possible. He wrapped his arms around her and she sobbed into his chest.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” She tried to leave but he kept her in his grasp. “No, no, no. Baby, why are you crying? Y’know daddy was just teasing.” She sniffed and wiped her eyes, only to keep sobbing. “C’mon.” He picked her up and took her to the kitchen, and sat her in a stool. She watched him with a distrustful look as he prepared hot cocoa, and he sighed, knowing what he’d have to do.

“That’s the only way you’ll forgive me, right?” She nodded, and he went to the bedroom.


Frost walked by the living room and did a double take. An unenthusiastic looking J and a joyful Y/N were hanging Christmas lights in matching reindeer onesies.  He made sure to restock J’s cocaine supply, knowing he would need some.


Over the next couple of days Y/N noticed J getting more into the holiday spirit. He tied his hostages up in Christmas lights, and eventually electrocuted them.  Although it wasn’t what she’d hoped would happen, she was glad he wasn’t being such a Grinch. His henchmen even dressed up with the holiday theme, even if it was disturbing to see a panda with a Santa hat shoot up a bank. Y/N wondered what finally got J in the mood. Right now he was singing along to Christmas carols even though he didn’t know any of the lyrics. He still rocks that one part he does know in jingle bells.

“"Over huhblahblah blah, explosions blah so bright, over blahhuhbah, LAUGHING ALL THE WAY HAHAHA" Y/N smiled when she heard his laugh being incorporated into the song, it ending with him wheezing. She was cleaning their bathroom while listening to him entertain himself in the living room.

“Cocaine is glistening, a beautiful sight. We’re very happy tonight. Walking in a winter wonderland. Gone stray is the robin. Here to stay is the batman. He sings a love song just for me. As we punch each other’s lights out. Walking in a Gotham amusement park.” Y/N sometimes thought he loved the batman more than her, but it brought her comfort knowing that batsy more than likely didn’t feel the same way. She reached under the sink to grab the cleaning supplies and instead pulled out cocaine. That explains it.

“J get your ass in here!” After a few seconds she heard him timidly get up and enter the bedroom, making the way to the bathroom. “What is this?”  He looked innocently at the cocaine.

“My winter wonderland?”

“Who gave this to you?”

“The snowman.”

“That’s it. Tell Frosty to go stand outside, it’s time for him to melt.”


As Y/N watched J to make sure he didn’t use any more drugs, she had to find a way to occupy his time. She settled on convincing him to make Christmas cards for Batman, deciding it was a harmless thing he could do.

“Wow, J. That’s a lot of red glitter.”

“It’s for the blood.” Y/N sighed.

“This is supposed to be a nice card. How about you thank him for not killing you yet.”

She convinced him to make a few nice cards so that they won’t all be morbid with pictures of dead robins and whatnot.

Post-Epilogue Holiday Headcanons
  • Tamaki goes way overboard on the Christmas decorations. Every year. Haruhi eventually quits complaining about it when she realizes how much the kids love it.
  • While he doesn’t necessarily show it on the surface, Mori actually gets really into the holiday spirit and always manages to buy the most perfect, thoughtful gifts for his friends and family.
  • The twins never grow out of pranking people, and find plenty of opportunity to surprise their friends every Christmas. Everyone’s become weary of opening gifts from them because of the time one exploded on Tamaki. 
  • The holidays are a bit of an inconvenience to Kyoya because of how busy everything gets, but he always makes sure to spend Christmas Eve and day with his family. 
  • Honey is banned from all kitchens when holiday goodies are being prepared because of his lack of self-control around sweets. The same ends up happening with his children, who inherited his sweet tooth and lack of self-control. 
  • A staff decorates the Ootori home for the holidays (and the decor is fairy minimalistic) except for one thing: the star on top of the Christmas tree. Kyoya’s kids insist on waiting until he gets home so they can put the final touch on the tree themselves.
  • Every year, Tamaki and Haruhi host a Christmas party for their friends. This has led to more than a few drunken shenanigans. 
chapter 11.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1689

Warnings: none :) 

note: hiiiiii~ hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed the holidays with your family! Did y’all eat good food? I know I did haha! Hopefully you guys also stayed warm. Anyways, here’s the anticipated rich chapter everyone has been waiting for. Also, I do have an important message to share but I’ll share it after this chapter has been posted. Happy reading everyone! Take care :) -admin

“The most prestigious Christmas party, hosted in Korea, had famous companies and chairman gather from all around the world to this very place. This is the very place where most companies skyrocket their stocks as their very own Christmas gift. Last year, this event took place in Los Angeles by the Tuan family as they skyrocketed their company just by being the host of this party. This year, we anticipate more from these companies as they get into the holiday spirit.”

I stood there, watching the TV screen as they spoke about the Christmas party. I could see in the background, a red carpet as people from around the world walk down that aisle and into the building. So many cameras broadcasting this event making me feel nervous. It wasn’t even an award ceremony for idols or the Oscars. It was just a Christmas party that everyone made such a big deal out of. And I’m here standing, wondering why I agreed to Jaebum’s idea in the first place.

“Ready to go, baby girl?” A voice asked from behind, taking my attention away from the TV. I turned around to face the man himself. And who knew a man like Jaebum would look so good in an all black attire. From his dress shirt to his suit and tie, the all black concept gave me the shivers. His hair pushed to the side, revealing his wonderful forehead that made girls like me go crazy. And I had only one word to describe his look; hot.

“(Y/N)?” Jaebum raised his eyebrows at me as I stood there, taking in the sight that was in front of me. “You know, my goal was to look classy but I certainly didn’t know I looked that hot to keep your eyes on me.”

“Uhm,” I coughed out, averting my gaze away from him, “You look great, Jae.”

“I’d say the same to you but, I wouldn’t describe your look as great.” Jaebum smirked as he walked over and grabbed my waist, pulling me forward. “I’d say you’re unbelievably sexy.”

Pushing myself away from him, I sighed as I started to fix my perfectly curled hair. I thought that Jaebum would book me a place where I could get my makeup and hair done but, he ran off to work this morning without saying a word. I would say I was pretty proud of myself for looking nice. A wine colored dress, that I made with my own hands a while ago, exposed my shoulders and hugged all the curves I had which went down to my knees. Curling my hair and pinning it to the side, I made sure I looked sophisticated enough to present myself in front of these rich companies.

“Let’s go. We’re going to be late.” I stated, trying to ignore my flustered feelings. Jaebum flashed me a smile as he led me towards the front door, grabbing his leather jacket from the side.

“Wear this.” He said, draping the leather over the shoulder. “You’ll be cold tonight and I don’t want these shoulders freezing like ice.”

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me since I’ve moved in here.” I joked at him, taking his thoughtfulness to heart.

“So when are you going to move out?” He joked back, his hand resting by my waist as he led me to a black car. Opening the door like a gentlemen, I stuck out my tongue at him and entered the car. The whole car ride was silent, with the radio playing the background as Jaebum’s bodyguard drove us to the event. Jaebum’s hand laid on my thighs, his thumb drawing patterns as I looked outside the window. He noticed I was feeling nervous about this event hence why his hand was placed on my lap. Not that I was complaining, it really reassured me.

“There will be a lot of cameras there.” Jaebum spoke up. “Flash them a smile and show them the pretty and charming side of you. I’ll be by your side, don’t worry.”

I sighed to myself as I observed the scenery outside. Noticing that flashing and bright lights, my heart started to race out of nervousness. I couldn’t help but think of the things that could go wrong. It was a bad idea to come here in the first place since I didn’t want to cause trouble. And I honestly don’t know why I agreed to Jaebum’s plan.

“We’re here, sir.” Jaebum’s bodyguard stated. I looked at Jaebum with wide eyes, feeling super anxious. My mind screamed help me but I had to remain calm. It’s just a party. What could go wrong?

“Take her jacket.” Jaebum demanded. “Leave it in the coat room and I’ll come collect it after. We need the camera to capture the beauty she is that isn’t covered by the leather jacket.”

Hastily taking of the jacket, Jaebum turned to look at me in the eyes before nodding his head, signalling that we he was opening to doors. And soon the bright lights shone in my eyes as Jaebum left the car. He stuck his hand out towards me as I grabbed it and exited after him. The flashing lights blinded my eyes as I tried my best and smiled at the cameras. Jaebum’s hand rested on my waist, pulling me towards the entrance. And as we entered the building, the flashing lights soon faded and I could finally see the beautiful Christmas tree in front of me with people scattered around it. The place was huge and was filled with so many people that it shocked me.

“Ready for part two?” Jaebum whispered in my ear.

“What’s part two?” I asked him, looking up at the handsome tall figure.

“Introductions.” Jaebum flashed me a smirk before his hand rested on my waist pulled me deeper inside the building. Who knew people would have the time to travel down to Korea just to attend a Christmas party. The amount of introductions and hand shaking that I did was more than what I’ll do in a lifetime. And so far, I haven’t seen any sign of Jinyoung and his family yet.

“Jaebum!” A voice cried. “Too cool to greet your own mother at a party?”

I looked up at Jaebum and saw his face brighten up as he whipped around to greet his mother. As I slowly turned around, I saw him hug a beautiful woman in a white dress and a man, with grey hair peeking from his slicked back hair, standing beside Jaebum. His family was beautiful, not going to lie. And no wonder a son like him got his looks from both of his parents. As for me, I wasn’t informed that I would be meeting Jaebum’s parents.

“Who’s this, Jaebum?” His mother asked, finally making eye contact with me. His father also turned to look at me, shoot a cold glare at my way. I could already feel the tension in the air and the amount of disapproval came from his parents. And we weren’t even dating.

“Mom and dad,” Jaebum beamed, his hand returning to my waist again, “This is (Y/N).”

“She’s beautiful, Jae. Better than the other girls you brought home.” His mother exclaimed, making my cheeks rise in color. Bowing down, I gave her a quiet thanks and smiled charmingly at her.

“Has manners as well.” His mother continued to praise me. “She’s cute, Jaebum. A girl suited well for you.”

“Mom, we aren’t dati-”

“There you are! We’ve been looking for you everywhere. Ignoring the Park family, I see.” A voice loudly laughed, interrupting Jaebum mid-sentence. My body froze up as I recognized the loud voice. I completely forgot that Jaebum’s family was close to Jinyoung’s family hence why the two are such close friends. I could already imagine the night not going as smoothly as planned.

Stepping to the side, Jaebum and I observed quietly as the two families greeted each other. I saw Jinyoung and his girl greeting Jaebum’s parents as I felt my body tense up. My breathing became heavier and my mind couldn’t think at all. Soon, the Park family noticed Jaebum and I on the side as they all made eye contact with me. I felt Jaebum’s hand grip my waist as Jinyoung stared at me, deeply looking into my eyes. Knowing Jinyoung for a few years now, I could tell he was boiling with anger deep down inside.

“Jaebum, don’t be rude. Greet them.” His mother hissed, breaking the heavy tension in the air. Jaebum’s hand slipped away from my waist as he shook hands with the Park family, being a polite gentleman he was. As for Jinyoung, he completely ignored him and went back to my side.

“Who’s the girl?” Jinyoung’s mother sweetly asked. Breaking eye contact with Jinyoung, I looked at her with disbelief, knowing full well that she knew who I was. After rejecting me, insulting me and, making me feel unwanted in their family, I finally meet them again but with a different feeling.

“Isn’t she Jinyoung’s close friend?” Jinyoung’s so called fiance stated. I could already feel my anger starting to boil up inside me but I remained calm. I cannot start a fight here. Not between Jinyoung’s family and Jaebum’s family. Even though the presence of me being here was enough to cause trouble between them.

“Close friend?” Jinyoung’s father scoffed. “I think not, dear. She’s not even our acquaintance.”

“Don’t be rude, Mr. Park. She’s Jaebum’s girlfriend.” Mr. Im, Jaebum’s father, finally spoke up. We all looked at Mr. Im in complete shock with our mouth gaping open. I’ve only met his parents just a few minutes ago and they already accepted me as a possible match for Jaebum. Usually parents would have to interrogate their partner, especially coming from a rich family, before confirming a relationship. But here, Mr. Im, confirmed something Jaebum and I were definitely not. And earning a complete shock between me and the Park family was huge.

“I’m sorry.” Jinyoung finally spoke up, his facial expression remains in shock.

“Did you just say girlfriend?”