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Laurel’s Easy Sabbat Planning Guide

For all of the witches who struggle with Sabbats sneaking up on them, here is a guide to help whip up an easy celebration so you never have to miss out on Sabbats again!

A Sabbat is a seasonal festival mostly celebrated by Pagans and Witches. Sabbats are like any other holiday, except these are normally celebrations of the changing of the seasons, or the “turning of the wheel.” Each person will celebrate each Sabbat differently, as each season is completely personal to you.

⛤ The First Step

The first step I recommend to planning a Sabbat celebration is to figure out exactly what the Sabbat is to you. Figure out how you feel about the sabbat and what you naturally associate each one with. This can take some time to work through, especially if you are new to sabbats or if you tend to avoid nature at all costs.

⛤ What to ask yourself:

- What does this Sabbat mean to you?
- What is the Earth doing right now? What does it look like outside your window?
- What is in season (this includes foods, herbs, flowers and decor)?
- How do you feel this time of year? How does this particular Sabbat make you feel? Is this normal?
- What sort of things make you feel “witchy” or connected to this Sabbat?
- Why is this day special to you?

⛤ Things to Do:

- Perform a ritual. Rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. Sometimes all you have to work with is a tealight candle and a week old pack of cookies.

- Cook. Some of us feel connected to the world around us when there is food involved. After all, it’s not a party unless there is food. Try out a new recipe with in-season foods, or make your favorite comfort food dish.

- Go outside. The easiest way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is to go outside and experience them. Even if it’s a short walk (because not many people want to go for long strolls in the dead of winter), take a moment to step outside and experience nature and observe what it’s currently doing. If you are able, plan a day trip to somewhere special or new to explore.

- Decorate. Nothing gets me in the holiday (or Sabbat) spirit like decorating. As a child decorating for Christmas was the best because that was the only time we put up decorations. Now, as an adult, I use whatever I have handy to decorate for every Sabbat I can to make me feel more festive.

- Offerings. If you work with spirits of deities, you may wish to put together some sort of offering for them when you celebrate. This can be food, special rocks or flowers from outside, or something you’ve made yourself.

- Spells. Sabbats are prime times to do spells for me. The spells I cast are reflections of the coming season and what I want from them.

- Crafts. There are a ton of different little projects for Sabbats floating around on the internet. Get creative and make something! If you are on a budget, make something with what you have, or modify a craft to include what you have. I like to make something new each year for the Sabbats (it’s an easy way to get “decorations” too!)

- Divination. Nothing says celebration like a good old fashion look into the future. Choose any form of divination that you’d like and do a reading for yourself. 

- Journaling. Sometimes the easiest way to celebrate and connect is to get into your own head. Let the Earth inspire you. Stare out a window (or sit outside if you can) and just watch what happens around you. Let it inspire you to create. Journal about your own feelings, write a freestyle poem or sketch and paint what you see.

⛤ Creating a Ritual

Not all rituals have to be long and elaborate. Some of my favorite rituals are just sitting around in sweatpants with a hot cup of cocoa and my journal, reflecting on the season and my life. Ask yourself these questions to help piece together how a ritual would be best done for you.

- What am I celebrating? How can I celebrate this?
- Who am I worshiping?
- How much space do I have?
- How much time do I have?
- Why am I celebrating this Sabbat?
- What do I/can I buy for my celebrations?

The important thing for Sabbats isn’t how grand your ritual is, it’s all about gaining something from it, whether that be a nice warm fuzzy feeling or a great insight into your life. 

⛤ Reflection and Meditation

After each Sabbat day, I find it helpful if I reflect upon what I did that day and how my celebration went. This is when I do most of my journaling, but you don’t have to write anything. You can simply sit and rest and meditate on the day if you wish. Use this time to unwind.

- What did I do today? How do I feel about it?
- What ideas do I have for next year?
- What did this year’s Sabbat teach me?
- What was my favorite part of today’s celebration?
- What was my least favorite?

Happy Celebrating!
~L <):)


*fics that are NSFW are marked as such



Park Place: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special. (COMPLETE)

60 Seconds: You’re part of the Avenger’s team, but that doesn’t mean you get treated the same by everyone. Your relationship with Bucky is playful, but as your past comes back to haunt you, things might change. (COMPLETE)

My Mission: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and you’d do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you might just end up doing anything for Bucky, too. (COMPLETE)

A Very Bucky Christmas: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway. (COMPLETE)

Before the Dawn: The Avengers are called to destroy a HYDRA weapon, but when they arrive at it’s location, they find you there. Bucky knows you’re highly dangerous, your powers even more so, but he can’t help but get closer to you. (ON HOLD)

Short Series

Relationship Mini-Series (ONGOING)

  • Part 1: Flirting - You and Bucky have been staring at each other all night - but do either of you have the guts to flirt up close?
  • Part 2: Dating - You and Bucky have been flirting constantly for the past few weeks after the party, and both of you might just have a plan to do something about it. (*NSFW)
  • Part 3 - Steady - You and Bucky finally go on that date he asked you out on, but it would seem Bucky has some other plans at the drive-in instead of watching movies. (*NSFW)
  • Part 4 - COMING SOON


  • Ice Skating: When Bucky notices you’re homesick, he takes you for a surprise.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Bucky: You and Bucky are neighbors, speaking only to say hi to each other. But when a spider appears in your bathtub, Bucky comes to your rescue.







Dumb trickster monsters being dumb trickster monsters
(I haven’t decided whether they continue to interact or just treat eachother the way other predators do and ignore eachother after this lmao)

So I really like @coulsart‘s Pennywise and their blog, so I thought I’d get into the holiday spirit this way! this project was a fuckin roller coaster of motivation


Disney Characters get into the Holiday Spirt in your favorite Christmas Movies!

I’m super excited to share these pieces! Head to E! (link above) to read the full article!

Beast tries on the pink nightmare from A Christmas Story. Alice is skeptical about meet a very suspicious Santa in Miracle on 34th Street. Ariel excitedly explores a new world as Elf. The Inside Out emotions  have a Charlie Brown Christmas. Joy is thrilled with the tree, disgust is less than thrilled and Sadness won a participation award for her decorations! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in White Christmas. The Monsters Inc. duo are stealing Christmas when confronted by “Cindy Loo-Boo” in The Grinch. Tiana and Naveen recreate Love Actually. Except something tells me things will work out better for these two. Toy Story characters, Woody and Buzz, emulate A Christmas Carol as glow-in-the-dark Buzz greets Woods in Barrel Of Monkeys chains, Rapunzel is the ultimate Home Alone Disney character as the thugs try to break in. Luckily she has plenty of paint cans for protection. Peter Pan welcome Wendy John and Michael aboard The Polar Express. The Frozen gang are giving Sven a magical Rudolph nose! The Big Hero 6 team recreate Frosty the Snowman with Baymax.

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Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again! Time for our annual Holtzbert Secret Santa gift exchange! We did this last year with about ten participants, and everyone seemed to have fun. I know I did!

This year I’m kicking things off a little earlier so that everyone has more time to write/create their gift and we can get these gifts posted by Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, come participate anyway! Gifts don’t have to be holiday themed at all.

Please do keep in mind that this is a Holtzbert themed event. I would love to do a multi-ship event one day, but pairing people off based on ship for this event would be really tough. I don’t want to exclude anyone, but do be conscious that most people participating are probably primarily Holtzbert shippers. :) If you ship other Ghostbusters ships and would like to give your Secret Santa the option to include them, feel free to put that on your form, but don’t hold them to it. Not everyone is comfortable writing for every ship. When posting, let’s watch our tagging and be respectful of each other please!

Let me know if there’s a discrepancy in the rules or if you see something amiss. I tried my best but changing dates around from last year got a wee bit confusing!

Shoutout to @mutantcauliflower for our super awesome banner!

How it Works:

  1. Between now (Thursday, November 2nd) and Tuesday (November 7th) fill out the form and send it on over via ask! (Or submit it if the asks are being too annoying.)
  2. I’ll draw names on Wednesday the 8th to account for time zones and send you your Secret Santa! Don’t tell them who you are! You don’t want to ruin the surprise!
  3. Between now and Christmas (December 25th), write fic, make graphics or videos, or create artworks for your person. (If you wanna do more than one, be my guest!) On Christmas day start posting your stuff or submit your works to this blog. (Don’t post before!) If you post on your own blog, tag Holtzbert Secret Santa and I’ll reblog it on this page. Please make sure you put your person’s name on the post as well.
  4. If you wanna send anon love to your person during this, go for it! Everyone could use a little extra holiday cheer! Just be sure that’s it’s on anon so you don’t reveal yourself too early. And if you want anon love, make sure your anonymous messages are turned on.


  1. Please please finish and gift your fic/graphic/drawing by Christmas day. If something goes wrong (because we all know that stuff does happen) please send me a message and I can message your person and let them know that it’ll be a little late. But let’s try not to let that happen. :D
  2. Once you’re in, you’re in. If you drop out it’s going to be very hard to re-assign someone for your giftee. Again, I understand that things happen, but please be as committed as possible before you submit your form.
  3. For fic, let’s try to set a 1k minimum. I understand if the story feels done before that, but let’s aim for that 1k so your person really has something to sink their teeth into, so to speak. ;)
  4. Your gift doesn’t have to be holiday/winter themed, but that’s an option if you want to go that route.
  5. Give your person a few prompts/ideas if you can, just in case there’s something they’re not comfortable writing. (For example, if you want to prompt something more NSFW, that’s fine, but give them another option in case they’re not comfortable writing that.)
  6. Send me a quick message when you finish your gift just so I can have a general idea of how things are going. I know that some of us (me included) will be working right up to the deadline, and that’s totally fine. Just keep me posted if something isn’t working.
  7. Gimme a good ol’ Holtzmann booyah so I know you read everything! :D


A03 username (if you want the fic gifted to you):
Prompts/three things you really like:
Anything you really don’t like:
Anything else?:

Pumpkin Battle

Summary: It’s Halloween night, and instead of bickering about who gets the most candy while trick-or-treating, it’s you versus Bucky for the bigger pumpkin.

Prompt: “I’m telling you, this is my pumpkin. If you want it, you’re gonna have to fight me.”

Word Count: 1,349.

A/N: First Halloween fic of the year! Words can’t even express how excited I am to get into the spirit for this oh-so amazing holiday. This is my entry for @nataliarxmanxva “Season’s Change Writing Challenge”. Hope you guys enjoy!

Props to my main hoe @heaventide for helping a sister out.

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This Day in 1D History - November 1



  • ot5 get in the holiday spirit with Parade!
  • ot5 get their suits and ties on for their Vogue UK shoot with Edie Campbell
  • Nouis stay nice ‘n’ cozy in flight <33
  • Harry praises his boys at a press conference in Milan <33
  • 1D perform at The X Factor Italy! (guess which song lmao)



  • Harry keeps the fall looks comin’ strong 👌👌
  • Niall shares an ot5 shot on Insta :))


  • Niall looks back on 1D’s last show before the hiatus <33


  • a pupper pops up on iheartradio’s snapchat!
  • Louis is lovely beyond words in London 😍😍

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To get in spirit for the holidays, I’ve decided to do my first ever giveaway!! The contest will run through all of November, and I will randomly pick winners on December 1st. There will be four winners and four different gifts that I will be giving away. Each gift will come with a personal letter from me! Here’s how to enter:

  • Must be following me (@hardliquorhaz)
  • Must love Harry Styles with your WHOLE HEART (if I don’t see any Harry content on your blog, I’ll remove you from the contest)
  • Reblog this post

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anonymous asked:

Root and Shaw + crowded subway (so they gotta press real close together)

>December, 2017

Shaw waits at the red tables outside the doughnut shop in the subway, tapping her foot in time to Christmas music playing from shop speakers. It’s much warmer down here than outside, and she’s looking forward to being on the subway where the heaters will be on. 

Root comes back from the doughnut shop with a small stick of something that’s covered in chocolate and little pieces of peppermint. She’s stuffing the receipt into her coat pocket as she says, “Peppermint churro. Christmas special.” 

“The holiday version of mint chocolate chip,” Shaw says, getting up from the table. They make their way to the orange line, which will take them back to Root’s apartment. Down two flights of stairs reveals several people standing at the platform, looking at phones and newspapers or chatting with significant others. 

“It appears we have some holiday shoppers among us,” Root says. “Going to be a tight ride.” 

She’s right, of course. Stepping in, all the seats are taken, and you and Root have to squeeze in between other cold and laden New Yorkers. She’s practically spooning you at this point, given how close you are. Her warm breath puffs against the strip of skin on the back of your neck, exposed by your scarf riding downwards. It makes gooseflesh rise, and you know she notices, because she hums softly and pulls you closer to her by your hip, keeping her hand there, thumb stroking in a circular motion over your thick wool coat. It’s not enough PDA to make you uncomfortable, and it’s not enough to be obvious to the people who’re focused on themselves. So you let her keep her hand there, and you can practically hear her purring. She claims you’re the cat, but she’s got the affection of one. 

“Feeling okay?” she asks. The subway is pulling into the first stop of your trip. You have to shift a little to let people by, and it presses you even closer to Root. Her hand bypasses your coat and settles on your thick sweater, just above the waistband of your jeans. She knows slightly crowded places give you a sense of claustrophobia now, and slight sensory overload. 

“I’m good,” you say. Her hand grounds you. She must know this too. 

While the people around you are oblivious, she presses a small, light kiss to the top of your head. You still grumble, but nowadays those reactions are more for show. 

The train starts up again once the doors are shut, and somewhere on the other side of the car, someone starts playing a guitar, and someone else sings in Italian. 

“It’s beautiful,” Root murmurs, lips very close to your ear. 

You hum softly in acknowledgement. The song creates an atmosphere of peace, and you wonder how you got here. Why you have the privilege of being here at all, wrapped in Root and seasonal Italian music and a subway car that stinks of Root’s churro and other holiday things. We must’ve done something right in order to get here, you think. You hear Root say softly, “Maybe so, Sameen.” 

You find the hand on your hip and you weave your fingers between hers, suddenly uncaring you’d spoken your thoughts aloud. 

For the @deancas-sweetheart challenge!

1k, au, meet cute

Dean steps into the bar with an appreciative sigh, rubbing his hands together as his eyes take in all the options.

“Do you have to be so obnoxious about it?” Sam grumbles from behind him. He spots a table and pushes past his brother to claim it.

“Oh, come on, Sammy, get into the holiday spirit!” Dean chirps, eyes still scanning. 

“There is no holiday spirit,” Sam says. “It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re a horny old man about to prey on the loneliness and dejection of some poor man or woman.”

Dean pouts. “I’m not old.”

“That’s what bothered you about that sentence?”

The eldest Winchester gives an easy shrug and slips off his coat. “Look, Sam, it’s the circle of life. Some poor sap’s plans on the most romantic day of year gets ruined. They’re lonely and upset. Standards lower. I sweep in, offer something quick and fun that doesn’t leave them alone for the night. Everyone leaves at two a.m. feeling happy.”

“Yeah, that’s pathetic,” Sam quips.

“No, pathetic is sitting alone at a bar on Valentine’s Day while your brother scores because I just spotted a touchdown at twelve o’clock.”

Sam follows his brother’s focused gaze toward the bar and finds a man with messy dark hair hunched over a beer. There’s no one next to him and he’s fiddling with his phone. He’s the picture of someone who was stood up. And apparently Dean’s next victim. 

“Oh, Dean, leave the guy alone, he looks sad.”

“That’s why I can’t leave him alone, Sammy!” Dean crows. “Gotta spread the love. Okay, wish me luck.”

He doesn’t wait for Sam to respond, just swaggers toward the bar, summoning his legendary smirk.

“Hey, sweetheart,” he greets, sidling up next to the man, leaving just enough space between them to be respectful but obvious. “Can I buy you another drink?”

Dean didn’t really know what he was expecting once he saw the man’s face. He kinda just saw that thick waist and even thicker thighs and let instinct take over.

Whatever his downstairs brain had been conjuring, it certainly hadn’t included eyes bright as blue fire burning away all of Dean’s cool with a look that was disinterested at best

“I’m not your sweetheart.”

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Sleeping With Sirens announce new Christmas song

‘Tis the season for new holiday music! Sleeping With Sirens have announced they’ll be releasing a holiday song titled “Christmas On The Road”. Get yourself in the holiday spirit with the new song this Friday, November 17th.

The Speed of Christmas Lights (Secret Santa Fic)

Summary: No one else seems to be in the Christmas spirit, so when you’re feeling a bit down about that, Pietro surprises you with a beautiful display.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: ~3500 (WHOOPS)

Warnings: Language, Christmas fluff, and SMUT - unprotected sex (be safe everyone & wrap that like a present). Also, probably crappily written smut. 

Recipient: @justapieceofgeekytrash (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays - I hope you enjoy cutie!) 

Prompt from @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit ’s Ficmas: Christmas Lights

A/N: This is my first Pietro fic so I’m kinda nervous?? But I promise you that I did try because I love that little speedy sucker. I hope this is still enjoyable for you all and I hope you’re having a happy holiday! 

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