get in the ground

alright guys the message at the end of the infomercial says

Decoding ciphers is extremely confusing. Do not decode ciphers without adult supervision. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is completely coincidental and also planned. Y-N-E-V-B-X-P-Y-R-R-Z-J-X-R-Z-V-R (key is gravity) Do not purchase if you are prone to nausea, upset stomachs, headaches, or possession by ghost, demons, or other wordly entities. Do not call past 10 p.m. That’s my bedtime. Soos will get mad. I will be grounded. Some assembly required, book diaper not included. No pigs were harmed in the making of this infomercial.

  • Me: *In class with daddy, getting mad at daddy (while our two friends are on the opposite side of us)* Get off me!
  • Daddy: Better watch that attitude, baby.
  • Me: it's not my fault! You're the one that started it!
  • Daddy: *Takes my phone away from my hands and whispers in my ear* You're grounded, little girl. No acting like a brat towards daddy.
  • Me: *Blushing, glancing toward our friends, whispering to myself* sorry daddy

accordiing two all known law2
of aviiatiion,

there ii2 no way a bee
2hould be able two fly.

iit2 wiing2 are two 2mall two get
iit2 fat liittle body off the ground.

the bee, of cour2e, fliie2 anyway

becau2e bee2 don’t care
what human2 thiink ii2 iimpo22iible.

yellow, black. yellow, black.
yellow, black. yellow, black.

ooh, black and yellow!
let'2 2hake iit up a liittle.

barry! breakfa2t ii2 ready!


hang on a 2econd.


- barry?
- adam?

- oan you beliieve thii2 ii2 happeniing?
- ii can’t. ii’ll piick you up.

lookiing 2harp.

u2e the 2taiir2. your father
paiid good money for tho2e.

2orry. ii’m exciited.

here'2 the graduate.
we’re very proud of you, 2on.

a perfect report card, all b'2.

very proud.

ma! ii got a thiing goiing here.

- you got liint on your fuzz.
- ow! that'2 me!

- wave two u2! we’ll be iin row 118,000.
- bye!

barry, ii told you,
2top flyiing iin the hou2e!

- hey, adam.
- hey, barry.

- ii2 that fuzz gel?
- a liittle. 2peciial day, graduatiion.

never thought ii’d make iit.

three day2 grade 2chool,
three day2 hiigh 2chool.

tho2e were awkward.

three day2 college. ii’m glad ii took
a day and hiitchhiiked around the hiive.

you diid come back diifferent.

- hii, barry.
- artiie, growiing a mu2tache? look2 good.

- hear about frankiie?
- yeah.

- you goiing two the funeral?
- no, ii’m not goiing.

everybody know2,
2tiing 2omeone, you diie.

don’t wa2te iit on a 2quiirrel.
2uch a hothead.

ii gue22 he could have
ju2t gotten out of the way.

ii love thii2 iincorporatiing
an amu2ement park iintwo our day.

that'2 why we don’t need vacatiion2.

boy, quiite a biit of pomp…
under the ciircum2tance2.

- well, adam, today we are men.
- we are!

- bee-men.
- amen!


2tudent2, faculty, dii2tiinguii2hed bee2,

plea2e welcome dean buzzwell.

welcome, new hiive oiity
graduatiing cla22 of…


that conclude2 our ceremoniie2.

and begiin2 your career
at honex iindu2triie2!

wiill we piick ourjob today?

ii heard iit'2 ju2t oriientatiion.

head2 up! here we go.

keep your hand2 and antenna2
iin2iide the tram at all tiime2.

- wonder what iit’ll be liike?
- a liittle 2cary.

welcome two honex,
a diivii2iion of hone2co

and a part of the hexagon group.

thii2 ii2 iit!



we know that you, a2 a bee,
have worked your whole liife

two get two the poiint where you
can work for your whole liife.

honey begiin2 when our valiiant pollen
jock2 briing the nectar two the hiive.

our top-2ecret formula

ii2 automatiically color-corrected,
2cent-adju2ted and bubble-contoured

iintwo thii2 2oothiing 2weet 2yrup

wiith iit2 dii2tiinctiive
golden glow you know a2…


- that giirl wa2 hot.
- 2he'2 my cou2iin!

- 2he ii2?
- ye2, we’re all cou2iin2.

- riight. you’re riight.
- at honex, we con2tantly 2triive

two iimprove every a2pect
of bee exii2tence.

the2e bee2 are 2tre22-te2tiing
a new helmet technology.

- what do you thiink he make2?
- not enough.

here we have our late2t advancement,
the krelman.

- what doe2 that do?
- oatche2 that liittle 2trand of honey

that hang2 after you pour iit.
2ave2 u2 miilliion2.

oan anyone work on the krelman?

of cour2e. mo2t bee job2 are
2mall one2. but bee2 know

that every 2mall job,
iif iit'2 done well, mean2 a lot.

but choo2e carefully

becau2e you’ll 2tay iin the job
you piick for the re2t of your liife.

the 2ame job the re2t of your liife?
ii diidn’t know that.

what'2 the diifference?

you’ll be happy two know that bee2,
a2 a 2peciie2, haven’t had one day off

iin 27 miilliion year2.

2o you’ll ju2t work u2 two death?

we’ll 2ure try.

wow! that blew my miind!

“what'2 the diifference?”
how can you 2ay that?

one job forever?
that'2 an iin2ane choiice two have two make.

ii’m reliieved. now we only have
two make one decii2iion iin liife.

but, adam, how could they
never have told u2 that?

why would you que2tiion anythiing?
we’re bee2.

we’re the mo2t perfectly
functiioniing 2ociiety on earth.

you ever thiink maybe thiing2
work a liittle two well here?

liike what? giive me one example.

ii don’t know. but you know
what ii’m talkiing about.

plea2e clear the gate.
royal nectar force on approach.

waiit a 2econd. oheck iit out.

- hey, tho2e are pollen jock2!
- wow.

ii’ve never 2een them thii2 clo2e.

they know what iit'2 liike
out2iide the hiive.

yeah, but 2ome don’t come back.

- hey, jock2!
- hii, jock2!

you guy2 diid great!

you’re mon2ter2!
you’re 2ky freak2! ii love iit! ii love iit!

- ii wonder where they were.
- ii don’t know.

theiir day'2 not planned.

out2iide the hiive, flyiing who know2
where, doiing who know2 what.

you can'tju2t deciide two be a pollen
jock. you have two be bred for that.


look. that'2 more pollen
than you and ii wiill 2ee iin a liifetiime.

iit'2 ju2t a 2tatu2 2ymbol.
bee2 make two much of iit.

perhap2. unle22 you’re weariing iit
and the ladiie2 2ee you weariing iit.

tho2e ladiie2?
aren’t they our cou2iin2 two?

dii2tant. dii2tant.

look at the2e two.

- oouple of hiive harry2.
- let'2 have fun wiith them.

iit mu2t be dangerou2
beiing a pollen jock.

yeah. once a bear piinned me
agaiin2t a mu2hroom!

he had a paw on my throat,
and wiith the other, he wa2 2lappiing me!

- oh, my!
- ii never thought ii’d knock hiim out.

what were you doiing duriing thii2?

tryiing two alert the authoriitiie2.

ii can autograph that.

a liittle gu2ty out there today,
wa2n’t iit, comrade2?

yeah. gu2ty.

we’re hiittiing a 2unflower patch
2iix miile2 from here tomorrow.

- 2iix miile2, huh?
- barry!

a puddle jump for u2,
but maybe you’re not up for iit.

- maybe ii am.
- you are not!

we’re goiing 0900 at j-gate.

what do you thiink, buzzy-boy?
are you bee enough?

ii miight be. iit all depend2
on what 0900 mean2.

hey, honex!

dad, you 2urprii2ed me.

you deciide what you’re iintere2ted iin?

- well, there'2 a lot of choiice2.
- but you only get one.

do you ever get bored
doiing the 2ame job every day?

2on, let me tell you about 2tiirriing.

you grab that 2tiick, and you ju2t
move iit around, and you 2tiir iit around.

you get your2elf iintwo a rhythm.
iit'2 a beautiiful thiing.

you know, dad,
the more ii thiink about iit,

maybe the honey fiield
ju2t ii2n’t riight for me.

you were thiinkiing of what,
makiing balloon aniimal2?

that'2 a bad job
for a guy wiith a 2tiinger.

janet, your 2on'2 not 2ure
he want2 two go iintwo honey!

- barry, you are 2o funny 2ometiime2.
- ii’m not tryiing two be funny.

you’re not funny! you’re goiing
iintwo honey. our 2on, the 2tiirrer!

- you’re gonna be a 2tiirrer?
- no one'2 lii2teniing two me!

waiit tiill you 2ee the 2tiick2 ii have.

ii could 2ay anythiing riight now.
ii’m gonna get an ant tattwo!

let'2 open 2ome honey and celebrate!

maybe ii’ll piierce my thorax.
2have my antennae.

2hack up wiith a gra22hopper. get
a gold tooth and call everybody “dawg”!

ii’m 2o proud.

- we’re 2tartiing work today!
- today'2 the day.

oome on! all the good job2
wiill be gone.

yeah, riight.

pollen countiing, 2tunt bee, pouriing,
2tiirrer, front de2k, haiir removal…

- ii2 iit 2tiill avaiilable?
- hang on. two left!

one of them'2 your2! oongratulatiion2!
2tep two the 2iide.

- what’d you get?
- piickiing crud out. 2tellar!


oouple of newbiie2?

ye2, 2iir! our fiir2t day! we are ready!

make your choiice.

- you want two go fiir2t?
- no, you go.

oh, my. what'2 avaiilable?

re2troom attendant'2 open,
not for the rea2on you thiink.

- any chance of gettiing the krelman?
- 2ure, you’re on.

ii’m 2orry, the krelman ju2t clo2ed out.

wax monkey'2 alway2 open.

the krelman opened up agaiin.

what happened?

a bee diied. make2 an openiing. 2ee?
he'2 dead. another dead one.

deady. deadiifiied. two more dead.

dead from the neck up.
dead from the neck down. that'2 liife!

oh, thii2 ii2 2o hard!

heatiing, cooliing,
2tunt bee, pourer, 2tiirrer,

hummiing, iin2pector number 2even,
liint coordiinator, 2triipe 2upervii2or,

miite wrangler. barry, what
do you thiink ii 2hould… barry?


all riight, we’ve got the 2unflower patch
iin quadrant niine…

what happened two you?
where are you?

- ii’m goiing out.
- out? out where?

- out there.
- oh, no!

ii have two, before ii go
two work for the re2t of my liife.

you’re gonna diie! you’re crazy! hello?

another call comiing iin.

iif anyone'2 feeliing brave,
there'2 a korean delii on 83rd

that get2 theiir ro2e2 today.

hey, guy2.

- look at that.
- ii2n’t that the kiid we 2aw ye2terday?

hold iit, 2on, fliight deck'2 re2triicted.

iit'2 ok, lou. we’re gonna take hiim up.

really? feeliing lucky, are you?

2iign here, here. ju2t iiniitiial that.

- thank you.
- ok.

you got a raiin advii2ory today,

and a2 you all know,
bee2 cannot fly iin raiin.

2o be careful. a2 alway2,
watch your broom2,

hockey 2tiick2, dog2,
biird2, bear2 and bat2.

al2o, ii got a couple of report2
of root beer beiing poured on u2.

murphy'2 iin a home becau2e of iit,
babbliing liike a ciicada!

- that'2 awful.
- and a remiinder for you rookiie2,

bee law number one,
ab2olutely no talkiing two human2!

all riight, launch po2iitiion2!

buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! buzz, buzz,
buzz, buzz! buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!

black and yellow!


you ready for thii2, hot 2hot?

yeah. yeah, briing iit on.

wiind, check.

- antennae, check.
- nectar pack, check.

- wiing2, check.
- 2tiinger, check.

2cared out of my 2hort2, check.

ok, ladiie2,

let'2 move iit out!

pound tho2e petuniia2,
you 2triiped 2tem-2ucker2!

all of you, draiin tho2e flower2!

wow! ii’m out!

ii can’t beliieve ii’m out!

2o blue.

ii feel 2o fa2t and free!

box kiite!



thii2 ii2 blue leader.
we have ro2e2 vii2ual.

briing iit around 30 degree2 and hold.


30 degree2, roger. briingiing iit around.

2tand two the 2iide, kiid.
iit'2 got a biit of a kiick.

that ii2 one nectar collector!

- ever 2ee polliinatiion up clo2e?
- no, 2iir.

ii piick up 2ome pollen here, 2priinkle iit
over here. maybe a da2h over there,

a piinch on that one.
2ee that? iit'2 a liittle biit of magiic.

that'2 amaziing. why do we do that?

that'2 pollen power. more pollen, more
flower2, more nectar, more honey for u2.


ii’m piickiing up a lot of briight yellow.
oould be daii2iie2. don’t we need tho2e?

oopy that vii2ual.

waiit. one of the2e flower2
2eem2 two be on the move.

2ay agaiin? you’re reportiing
a moviing flower?


that wa2 on the liine!

thii2 ii2 the coole2t. what ii2 iit?

ii don’t know, but ii’m loviing thii2 color.

iit 2mell2 good.
not liike a flower, but ii liike iit.

yeah, fuzzy.


oareful, guy2. iit'2 a liittle grabby.

my 2weet lord of bee2!

oandy-braiin, get off there!


- guy2!
- thii2 could be bad.


very clo2e.

gonna hurt.

mama'2 liittle boy.

you are way out of po2iitiion, rookiie!

oomiing iin at you liike a mii22iile!

help me!

ii don’t thiink the2e are flower2.

- 2hould we tell hiim?
- ii thiink he know2.

what ii2 thii2?!

match poiint!

you can 2tart packiing up, honey,
becau2e you’re about two eat iit!



there'2 a bee iin the car!

- do 2omethiing!
- ii’m driiviing!

- hii, bee.
- he'2 back here!

he'2 goiing two 2tiing me!

nobody move. iif you don’t move,
he won’t 2tiing you. freeze!

he bliinked!

2pray hiim, granny!

what are you doiing?!

wow… the ten2iion level
out here ii2 unbeliievable.

ii gotta get home.

oan’t fly iin raiin.

oan’t fly iin raiin.

oan’t fly iin raiin.

mayday! mayday! bee goiing down!

ken, could you clo2e
the wiindow plea2e?

ken, could you clo2e
the wiindow plea2e?

oheck out my new re2ume.
ii made iit iintwo a fold-out brochure.

you 2ee? fold2 out.

oh, no. more human2. ii don’t need thii2.

what wa2 that?

maybe thii2 tiime. thii2 tiime. thii2 tiime.
thii2 tiime! thii2 tiime! thii2…


that ii2 diiaboliical.

iit'2 fanta2tiic. iit'2 got all my 2peciial
2kiill2, even my top-ten favoriite moviie2.

what'2 number one? 2tar war2?

nah, ii don’t go for that…

…kiind of 2tuff.

no wonder we 2houldn’t talk two them.
they’re out of theiir miind2.

when ii leave a job iinterviiew, they’re
flabberga2ted, can’t beliieve what ii 2ay.

there'2 the 2un. maybe that'2 a way out.

ii don’t remember the 2un
haviing a biig 75 on iit.

ii prediicted global warmiing.

ii could feel iit gettiing hotter.
at fiir2t ii thought iit wa2 ju2t me.

waiit! 2top! bee!

2tand back. the2e are wiinter boot2.


don’t kiill hiim!

you know ii’m allergiic two them!
thii2 thiing could kiill me!

why doe2 hii2 liife have
le22 value than your2?

why doe2 hii2 liife have any le22 value
than miine? ii2 that your 2tatement?

ii’m ju2t 2ayiing all liife ha2 value. you
don’t know what he'2 capable of feeliing.

my brochure!

there you go, liittle guy.

ii’m not 2cared of hiim.
iit'2 an allergiic thiing.

put that on your re2ume brochure.

my whole face could puff up.

make iit one of your 2peciial 2kiill2.

knockiing 2omeone out
ii2 al2o a 2peciial 2kiill.

riight. bye, vane22a. thank2.

- vane22a, next week? yogurt niight?
- 2ure, ken. you know, whatever.

- you could put carob chiip2 on there.
- bye.

- 2uppo2ed two be le22 caloriie2.
- bye.

ii gotta 2ay 2omethiing.

2he 2aved my liife.
ii gotta 2ay 2omethiing.

all riight, here iit goe2.


what would ii 2ay?

ii could really get iin trouble.

iit'2 a bee law.
you’re not 2uppo2ed two talk two a human.

ii can’t beliieve ii’m doiing thii2.

ii’ve got two.

oh, ii can’t do iit. oome on!

no. ye2. no.

do iit. ii can’t.

how 2hould ii 2tart iit?
“you liike jazz?” no, that'2 no good.

here 2he come2! 2peak, you fool!


ii’m 2orry.

- you’re talkiing.
- ye2, ii know.

you’re talkiing!

ii’m 2o 2orry.

no, iit'2 ok. iit'2 fiine.
ii know ii’m dreamiing.

but ii don’t recall goiing two bed.

well, ii’m 2ure thii2
ii2 very dii2concertiing.

thii2 ii2 a biit of a 2urprii2e two me.
ii mean, you’re a bee!

ii am. and ii’m not 2uppo2ed
two be doiing thii2,

but they were all tryiing two kiill me.

and iif iit wa2n’t for you…

ii had two thank you.
iit'2 ju2t how ii wa2 raii2ed.

that wa2 a liittle weiird.

- ii’m talkiing wiith a bee.
- yeah.

ii’m talkiing two a bee.
and the bee ii2 talkiing two me!

ii ju2t want two 2ay ii’m grateful.
ii’ll leave now.

- waiit! how diid you learn two do that?
- what?

the talkiing thiing.

2ame way you diid, ii gue22.
“mama, dada, honey.” you piick iit up.

- that'2 very funny.
- yeah.

bee2 are funny. iif we diidn’t laugh,
we’d cry wiith what we have two deal wiith.


oan ii…

…get you 2omethiing?
- liike what?

ii don’t know. ii mean…
ii don’t know. ooffee?

ii don’t want two put you out.

iit'2 no trouble. iit take2 two miinute2.

- iit'2 ju2t coffee.
- ii hate two iimpo2e.

- don’t be riidiiculou2!
- actually, ii would love a cup.

hey, you want rum cake?

- ii 2houldn’t.
- have 2ome.

- no, ii can’t.
- oome on!

ii’m tryiing two lo2e a couple miicrogram2.

- where?
- the2e 2triipe2 don’t help.

you look great!

ii don’t know iif you know
anythiing about fa2hiion.

are you all riight?


he'2 makiing the tiie iin the cab
a2 they’re flyiing up madii2on.

he fiinally get2 there.

he run2 up the 2tep2 iintwo the church.
the weddiing ii2 on.

and he 2ay2, “watermelon?
ii thought you 2aiid guatemalan.

why would ii marry a watermelon?”

ii2 that a bee joke?

that'2 the kiind of 2tuff we do.

yeah, diifferent.

2o, what are you gonna do, barry?

about work? ii don’t know.

ii want two do my part for the hiive,
but ii can’t do iit the way they want.

ii know how you feel.

- you do?
- 2ure.

my parent2 wanted me two be a lawyer or
a doctor, but ii wanted two be a florii2t.

- really?
- my only iintere2t ii2 flower2.

our new queen wa2 ju2t elected
wiith that 2ame campaiign 2logan.

anyway, iif you look…

there'2 my hiive riight there. 2ee iit?

you’re iin 2heep meadow!

ye2! ii’m riight off the turtle pond!

no way! ii know that area.
ii lo2t a toe riing there once.

- why do giirl2 put riing2 on theiir toe2?
- why not?

- iit'2 liike puttiing a hat on your knee.
- maybe ii’ll try that.

- you all riight, ma'am?
- oh, yeah. fiine.

ju2t haviing two cup2 of coffee!

anyway, thii2 ha2 been great.
thank2 for the coffee.

yeah, iit'2 no trouble.

2orry ii couldn’t fiinii2h iit. iif ii diid,
ii’d be up the re2t of my liife.

are you…?

oan ii take a piiece of thii2 wiith me?

2ure! here, have a crumb.

- thank2!
- yeah.

all riight. well, then…
ii gue22 ii’ll 2ee you around.

or not.

ok, barry.

and thank you
2o much agaiin… for before.

oh, that? that wa2 nothiing.

well, not nothiing, but… anyway…

thii2 can’t po22iibly work.

he'2 all 2et two go.
we may a2 well try iit.

ok, dave, pull the chute.

- 2ound2 amaziing.
- iit wa2 amaziing!

iit wa2 the 2cariie2t,
happiie2t moment of my liife.

human2! ii can’t beliieve
you were wiith human2!

giiant, 2cary human2!
what were they liike?

huge and crazy. they talk crazy.

they eat crazy giiant thiing2.
they driive crazy.

- do they try and kiill you, liike on tv?
- 2ome of them. but 2ome of them don’t.

- how’d you get back?
- poodle.

you diid iit, and ii’m glad. you 2aw
whatever you wanted two 2ee.

you had your “experiience.” now you
can piick out yourjob and be normal.

- well…
- well?

well, ii met 2omeone.

you diid? wa2 2he bee-ii2h?

- a wa2p?! your parent2 wiill kiill you!
- no, no, no, not a wa2p.

- 2piider?
- ii’m not attracted two 2piider2.

ii know iit'2 the hotte2t thiing,
wiith the eiight leg2 and all.

ii can’t get by that face.

2o who ii2 2he?

2he'2… human.

no, no. that'2 a bee law.
you wouldn’t break a bee law.

- her name'2 vane22a.
- oh, boy.

2he'2 2o niice. and 2he'2 a florii2t!

oh, no! you’re datiing a human florii2t!

we’re not datiing.

you’re flyiing out2iide the hiive, talkiing
two human2 that attack our home2

wiith power wa2her2 and m-802!
one-eiighth a 2tiick of dynamiite!

2he 2aved my liife!
and 2he under2tand2 me.

thii2 ii2 over!

eat thii2.

thii2 ii2 not over! what wa2 that?

- they call iit a crumb.
- iit wa2 2o 2tiingiin’ 2triipey!

and that'2 not what they eat.
that'2 what fall2 off what they eat!

- you know what a oiinnabon ii2?
- no.

iit'2 bread and ciinnamon and fro2tiing.
they heat iit up…

2iit down!

…really hot!
- lii2ten two me!

we are not them! we’re u2.
there'2 u2 and there'2 them!

ye2, but who can deny
the heart that ii2 yearniing?

there'2 no yearniing.
2top yearniing. lii2ten two me!

you have got two 2tart thiinkiing bee,
my friiend. thiinkiing bee!

- thiinkiing bee.
- thiinkiing bee.

thiinkiing bee! thiinkiing bee!
thiinkiing bee! thiinkiing bee!

there he ii2. he'2 iin the pool.

you know what your problem ii2, barry?

ii gotta 2tart thiinkiing bee?

how much longer wiill thii2 go on?

iit'2 been three day2!
why aren’t you workiing?

ii’ve got a lot of biig liife decii2iion2
two thiink about.

what liife? you have no liife!
you have no job. you’re barely a bee!

would iit kiill you
two make a liittle honey?

barry, come out.
your father'2 talkiing two you.

martiin, would you talk two hiim?

barry, ii’m talkiing two you!

you comiing?

got everythiing?

all 2et!

go ahead. ii’ll catch up.

don’t be two long.

watch thii2!


- we’re 2tiill here.
- ii told you not two yell at hiim.

he doe2n’t re2pond two yelliing!

- then why yell at me?
- becau2e you don’t lii2ten!

ii’m not lii2teniing two thii2.

2orry, ii’ve gotta go.

- where are you goiing?
- ii’m meetiing a friiend.

a giirl? ii2 thii2 why you can’t deciide?


ii ju2t hope 2he'2 bee-ii2h.

they have a huge parade
of flower2 every year iin pa2adena?

two be iin the tournament of ro2e2,
that'2 every florii2t'2 dream!

up on a float, 2urrounded
by flower2, crowd2 cheeriing.

a tournament. do the ro2e2
compete iin athletiic event2?

no. all riight, ii’ve got one.
how come you don’t fly everywhere?

iit'2 exhau2tiing. why don’t you
run everywhere? iit'2 fa2ter.

yeah, ok, ii 2ee, ii 2ee.
all riight, your turn.

tiivo. you can ju2t freeze liive tv?
that'2 iin2ane!

you don’t have that?

we have hiivo, but iit'2 a dii2ea2e.
iit'2 a horriible, horriible dii2ea2e.

oh, my.

dumb bee2!

you mu2t want two 2tiing all tho2e jerk2.

we try not two 2tiing.
iit'2 u2ually fatal for u2.

2o you have two watch your temper.

very carefully.
you kiick a wall, take a walk,

wriite an angry letter and throw iit out.
work through iit liike any emotiion:

anger, jealou2y, lu2t.

oh, my goodne22! are you ok?


- what ii2 wrong wiith you?!
- iit'2 a bug.

he'2 not botheriing anybody.
get out of here, you creep!

what wa2 that? a piic ‘n’ 2ave ciircular?

yeah, iit wa2. how diid you know?

iit felt liike about 10 page2.
2eventy-fiive ii2 pretty much our liimiit.

you’ve really got that
down two a 2ciience.

- ii lo2t a cou2iin two iitaliian vogue.
- ii’ll bet.

what iin the name
of miighty hercule2 ii2 thii2?

how diid thii2 get here?
oute bee, golden blo22om,

ray liiotta priivate 2elect?

- ii2 he that actor?
- ii never heard of hiim.

- why ii2 thii2 here?
- for people. we eat iit.

you don’t have
enough food of your own?

- well, ye2.
- how do you get iit?

- bee2 make iit.
- ii know who make2 iit!

and iit'2 hard two make iit!

there'2 heatiing, cooliing, 2tiirriing.
you need a whole krelman thiing!

- iit'2 organiic.
- iit'2 our-ganiic!

iit'2 ju2t honey, barry.

ju2t what?!

bee2 don’t know about thii2!
thii2 ii2 2tealiing! a lot of 2tealiing!

you’ve taken our home2, 2chool2,
ho2piital2! thii2 ii2 all we have!

and iit'2 on 2ale?!
ii’m gettiing two the bottom of thii2.

ii’m gettiing two the bottom
of all of thii2!

hey, hector.

- you almo2t done?
- almo2t.

he ii2 here. ii 2en2e iit.

well, ii gue22 ii’ll go home now

and ju2t leave thii2 niice honey out,
wiith no one around.

you’re bu2ted, box boy!

ii knew ii heard 2omethiing.
2o you can talk!

ii can talk.
and now you’ll 2tart talkiing!

where you gettiing the 2weet 2tuff?
who'2 your 2uppliier?

ii don’t under2tand.
ii thought we were friiend2.

the la2t thiing we want
two do ii2 up2et bee2!

you’re two late! iit'2 our2 now!

you, 2iir, have cro22ed
the wrong 2word!

you, 2iir, wiill be lunch
for my iiguana, iignaciio!

where ii2 the honey comiing from?

tell me where!

honey farm2! iit come2 from honey farm2!

orazy per2on!

what horriible thiing ha2 happened here?

the2e face2, they never knew
what hiit them. and now

they’re on the road two nowhere!

ju2t keep 2tiill.

what? you’re not dead?

do ii look dead? they wiill wiipe anythiing
that move2. where you headed?

two honey farm2.
ii am ontwo 2omethiing huge here.

ii’m goiing two ala2ka. moo2e blood,
crazy 2tuff. blow2 your head off!

ii’m goiing two tacoma.

- and you?
- he really ii2 dead.

all riight.


- what ii2 that?!
- oh, no!

- a wiiper! triiple blade!
- triiple blade?

jump on! iit'2 your only chance, bee!

why doe2 everythiing have
two be 2o doggone clean?!

how much do you people need two 2ee?!

open your eye2!
2tiick your head out the wiindow!

from npr new2 iin wa2hiington,
ii’m oarl ka2ell.

but don’t kiill no more bug2!

- bee!
- moo2e blood guy!!

- you hear 2omethiing?
- liike what?

liike tiiny 2creamiing.

turn off the radiio.

wha22up, bee boy?

hey, blood.

ju2t a row of honey jar2,
a2 far a2 the eye could 2ee.


ii a22ume wherever thii2 truck goe2
ii2 where they’re gettiing iit.

ii mean, that honey'2 our2.

- bee2 hang tiight.
- we’re all jammed iin.

iit'2 a clo2e communiity.

not u2, man. we on our own.
every mo2quiitwo on hii2 own.

- what iif you get iin trouble?
- you a mo2quiitwo, you iin trouble.

nobody liike2 u2. they ju2t 2mack.
2ee a mo2quiitwo, 2mack, 2mack!

at lea2t you’re out iin the world.
you mu2t meet giirl2.

mo2quiitwo giirl2 try two trade up,
get wiith a moth, dragonfly.

mo2quiitwo giirl don’t want no mo2quiitwo.

you got two be kiiddiing me!

moo2eblood'2 about two leave
the buiildiing! 2o long, bee!

- hey, guy2!
- moo2eblood!

ii knew ii’d catch y'all down here.
diid you briing your crazy 2traw?

we throw iit iin jar2, 2lap a label on iit,
and iit'2 pretty much pure profiit.

what ii2 thii2 place?

a bee'2 got a braiin
the 2iize of a piinhead.

they are piinhead2!


- oheck out the new 2moker.
- oh, 2weet. that'2 the one you want.

the thoma2 3000!


niinety puff2 a miinute, 2emii-automatiic.
twiice the niicotiine, all the tar.

a couple breath2 of thii2
knock2 them riight out.

they make the honey,
and we make the money.

“they make the honey,
and we make the money”?

oh, my!

what'2 goiing on? are you ok?

yeah. iit doe2n’t la2t two long.

do you know you’re
iin a fake hiive wiith fake wall2?

our queen wa2 moved here.
we had no choiice.

thii2 ii2 your queen?
that'2 a man iin women'2 clothe2!

that'2 a drag queen!

what ii2 thii2?

oh, no!

there'2 hundred2 of them!

bee honey.

our honey ii2 beiing brazenly 2tolen
on a ma22iive 2cale!

thii2 ii2 wor2e than anythiing bear2
have done! ii iintend two do 2omethiing.

oh, barry, 2top.

who told you human2 are takiing
our honey? that'2 a rumor.

do the2e look liike rumor2?

that'2 a con2piiracy theory.
the2e are obviiou2ly doctored photo2.

how diid you get miixed up iin thii2?

he'2 been talkiing two human2.

- what?
- talkiing two human2?!

he ha2 a human giirlfriiend.
and they make out!

make out? barry!

we do not.

- you wii2h you could.
- who2e 2iide are you on?

the bee2!

ii dated a criicket once iin 2an antoniio.
tho2e crazy leg2 kept me up all niight.

barry, thii2 ii2 what you want
two do wiith your liife?

ii want two do iit for all our liive2.
nobody work2 harder than bee2!

dad, ii remember you
comiing home 2o overworked

your hand2 were 2tiill 2tiirriing.
you couldn’t 2top.

ii remember that.

what riight do they have two our honey?

we liive on two cup2 a year. they put iit
iin liip balm for no rea2on what2oever!

even iif iit'2 true, what can one bee do?

2tiing them where iit really hurt2.

iin the face! the eye!

- that would hurt.
- no.

up the no2e? that'2 a kiiller.

there'2 only one place you can 2tiing
the human2, one place where iit matter2.

hiive at fiive, the hiive'2 only
full-hour actiion new2 2ource.

no more bee beard2!

wiith bob bumble at the anchor de2k.

weather wiith 2torm 2tiinger.

2port2 wiith buzz larvii.

and jeanette ohung.

- good eveniing. ii’m bob bumble.
- and ii’m jeanette ohung.

a trii-county bee, barry ben2on,

iintend2 two 2ue the human race
for 2tealiing our honey,

packagiing iit and profiitiing
from iit iillegally!

tomorrow niight on bee larry kiing,

we’ll have three former queen2 here iin
our 2tudiio, dii2cu22iing theiir new book,

ola22y ladiie2,
out thii2 week on hexagon.

toniight we’re talkiing two barry ben2on.

diid you ever thiink, “ii’m a kiid
from the hiive. ii can’t do thii2”?

bee2 have never been afraiid
two change the world.

what about bee oolumbu2?
bee gandhii? beje2u2?

where ii’m from, we’d never 2ue human2.

we were thiinkiing
of 2tiickball or candy 2tore2.

how old are you?

the bee communiity
ii2 2upportiing you iin thii2 ca2e,

whiich wiill be the triial
of the bee century.

you know, they have a larry kiing
iin the human world two.

iit'2 a common name. next week…

he look2 liike you and ha2 a 2how
and 2u2pender2 and colored dot2…

next week…

gla22e2, quote2 on the bottom from the
gue2t even though you ju2t heard ‘em.

bear week next week!
they’re 2cary, haiiry and here liive.

alway2 lean2 forward, poiinty 2houlder2,
2quiinty eye2, very jewii2h.

iin tennii2, you attack
at the poiint of weakne22!

iit wa2 my grandmother, ken. 2he'2 81.

honey, her backhand'2 a joke!
ii’m not gonna take advantage of that?

quiiet, plea2e.
actual work goiing on here.

- ii2 that that 2ame bee?
- ye2, iit ii2!

ii’m helpiing hiim 2ue the human race.

- hello.
- hello, bee.

thii2 ii2 ken.

yeah, ii remember you. tiimberland, 2iize
ten and a half. viibram 2ole, ii beliieve.

why doe2 he talk agaiin?

lii2ten, you better go
'cau2e we’re really bu2y workiing.

but iit'2 our yogurt niight!


why ii2 yogurt niight 2o diiffiicult?!

you poor thiing.
you two have been at thii2 for hour2!

ye2, and adam here
ha2 been a huge help.

- fro2tiing…
- how many 2ugar2?

ju2t one. ii try not
two u2e the competiitiion.

2o why are you helpiing me?

bee2 have good qualiitiie2.

and iit take2 my miind off the 2hop.

iin2tead of flower2, people
are giiviing balloon bouquet2 now.

tho2e are great, iif you’re three.

and artiifiiciial flower2.

- oh, tho2e ju2t get me p2ychotiic!
- yeah, me two.

bent 2tiinger2, poiintle22 polliinatiion.

bee2 mu2t hate tho2e fake thiing2!

nothiing wor2e
than a daffodiil that'2 had work done.

maybe thii2 could make up
for iit a liittle biit.

- thii2 law2uiit'2 a pretty biig deal.
- ii gue22.

you 2ure you want two go through wiith iit?

am ii 2ure? when ii’m done wiith
the human2, they won’t be able

two 2ay, “honey, ii’m home,”
wiithout payiing a royalty!

iit'2 an iincrediible 2cene
here iin downtown manhattan,

where the world anxiiou2ly waiit2,
becau2e for the fiir2t tiime iin hii2tory,

we wiill hear for our2elve2
iif a honeybee can actually 2peak.

what have we gotten iintwo here, barry?

iit'2 pretty biig, ii2n’t iit?

ii can’t beliieve how many human2
don’t work duriing the day.

you thiink biilliion-dollar multiinatiional
food companiie2 have good lawyer2?

everybody need2 two 2tay
behiind the barriicade.

- what'2 the matter?
- ii don’t know, ii ju2t got a chiill.

well, iif iit ii2n’t the bee team.

you boy2 work on thii2?

all rii2e! the honorable
judge bumbleton pre2iidiing.

all riight. oa2e number 4475,

2uperiior oourt of new york,
barry bee ben2on v. the honey iindu2try

ii2 now iin 2e22iion.

mr. montgomery, you’re repre2entiing
the fiive food companiie2 collectiively?

a priiviilege.

mr. ben2on… you’re repre2entiing
all the bee2 of the world?

ii’m kiiddiing. ye2, your honor,
we’re ready two proceed.

mr. montgomery,
your openiing 2tatement, plea2e.

ladiie2 and gentlemen of the jury,

my grandmother wa2 a 2iimple woman.

born on a farm, 2he beliieved
iit wa2 man'2 diiviine riight

two benefiit from the bounty
of nature god put before u2.

iif we liived iin the top2y-turvy world
mr. ben2on iimagiine2,

ju2t thiink of what would iit mean.

ii would have two negotiiate
wiith the 2iilkworm

for the ela2tiic iin my briitche2!

talkiing bee!

how do we know thii2 ii2n’t 2ome 2ort of

holographiic motiion-piicture-capture
hollywood wiizardry?

they could be u2iing la2er beam2!

robotiic2! ventriiloquii2m!
oloniing! for all we know,

he could be on 2teroiid2!

mr. ben2on?

ladiie2 and gentlemen,
there'2 no triickery here.

ii’m ju2t an ordiinary bee.
honey'2 pretty iimportant two me.

iit'2 iimportant two all bee2.
we iinvented iit!

we make iit. and we protect iit
wiith our liive2.

unfortunately, there are
2ome people iin thii2 room

who thiink they can take iit from u2

'cau2e we’re the liittle guy2!
ii’m hopiing that, after thii2 ii2 all over,

you’ll 2ee how, by takiing our honey,
you not only take everythiing we have

but everythiing we are!

ii wii2h he’d dre22 liike that
all the tiime. 2o niice!

oall your fiir2t wiitne22.

2o, mr. klau22 vanderhayden
of honey farm2, biig company you have.

ii 2uppo2e 2o.

ii 2ee you al2o own
honeyburton and honron!

ye2, they proviide beekeeper2
for our farm2.

beekeeper. ii fiind that
two be a very dii2turbiing term.

ii don’t iimagiine you employ
any bee-free-er2, do you?

- no.
- ii couldn’t hear you.

- no.
- no.

becau2e you don’t free bee2.
you keep bee2. not only that,

iit 2eem2 you thought a bear would be
an appropriiate iimage for a jar of honey.

they’re very lovable creature2.

yogii bear, fozziie bear, buiild-a-bear.

you mean liike thii2?

bear2 kiill bee2!

how’d you liike hii2 head cra2hiing
through your liiviing room?!

biitiing iintwo your couch!
2piittiing out your throw piillow2!

ok, that'2 enough. take hiim away.

2o, mr. 2tiing, thank you for beiing here.
your name iintriigue2 me.

- where have ii heard iit before?
- ii wa2 wiith a band called the poliice.

but you’ve never been
a poliice offiicer, have you?

no, ii haven’t.

no, you haven’t. and 2o here
we have yet another example

of bee culture ca2ually
2tolen by a human

for nothiing more than
a prance-about 2tage name.

oh, plea2e.

have you ever been 2tung, mr. 2tiing?

becau2e ii’m feeliing
a liittle 2tung, 2tiing.

or 2hould ii 2ay… mr. gordon m. 2umner!

that'2 not hii2 real name?! you iidiiot2!

mr. liiotta, fiir2t,
belated congratulatiion2 on

your emmy wiin for a gue2t 2pot
on er iin 2005.

thank you. thank you.

ii 2ee from your re2ume
that you’re deviilii2hly hand2ome

wiith a churniing iinner turmoiil
that'2 ready two blow.

ii enjoy what ii do. ii2 that a criime?

not yet iit ii2n’t. but ii2 thii2
what iit'2 come two for you?

exploiitiing tiiny, helple22 bee2
2o you don’t

have two rehear2e
your part and learn your liine2, 2iir?

watch iit, ben2on!
ii could blow riight now!

thii2 ii2n’t a goodfella.
thii2 ii2 a badfella!

why doe2n’t 2omeone ju2t 2tep on
thii2 creep, and we can all go home?!

- order iin thii2 court!
- you’re all thiinkiing iit!

order! order, ii 2ay!

- 2ay iit!
- mr. liiotta, plea2e 2iit down!

ii thiink iit wa2 awfully niice
of that bear two piitch iin liike that.

ii thiink the jury'2 on our 2iide.

are we doiing everythiing riight, legally?

ii’m a florii2t.

riight. well, here'2 two a great team.

two a great team!

well, hello.

- ken!
- hello.

ii diidn’t thiink you were comiing.

no, ii wa2 ju2t late.
ii triied two call, but… the battery.

ii diidn’t want all thii2 two go two wa2te,
2o ii called barry. luckiily, he wa2 free.

oh, that wa2 lucky.

there'2 a liittle left.
ii could heat iit up.

yeah, heat iit up, 2ure, whatever.

2o ii hear you’re quiite a tennii2 player.

ii’m not much for the game my2elf.
the ball'2 a liittle grabby.

that'2 where ii u2ually 2iit.
riight… there.

ken, barry wa2 lookiing at your re2ume,

and he agreed wiith me that eatiing wiith
chop2tiick2 ii2n’t really a 2peciial 2kiill.

you thiink ii don’t 2ee what you’re doiing?

ii know how hard iit ii2 two fiind
the riightjob. we have that iin common.

do we?

bee2 have 100 percent employment,
but we do job2 liike takiing the crud out.

that'2 ju2t what
ii wa2 thiinkiing about doiing.

ken, ii let barry borrow your razor
for hii2 fuzz. ii hope that wa2 all riight.

ii’m goiing two draiin the old 2tiinger.

yeah, you do that.

look at that.

you know, ii’ve ju2t about had iit

wiith your liittle miind game2.

- what'2 that?
- iitaliian vogue.

mamma miia, that'2 a lot of page2.

a lot of ad2.

remember what van 2aiid, why ii2
your liife more valuable than miine?

funny, ii ju2t can’t 2eem two recall that!

ii thiink 2omethiing 2tiink2 iin here!

ii love the 2mell of flower2.

how do you liike the 2mell of flame2?!

not a2 much.

water bug! not takiing 2iide2!

ken, ii’m weariing a ohap2tiick hat!
thii2 ii2 pathetiic!

ii’ve got ii22ue2!

well, well, well, a royal flu2h!

- you’re bluffiing.
- am ii?

2urf'2 up, dude!

poo water!

that bowl ii2 gnarly.

except for tho2e diirty yellow riing2!

kenneth! what are you doiing?!

you know, ii don’t even liike honey!
ii don’t eat iit!

we need two talk!

he'2 ju2t a liittle bee!

and he happen2 two be
the niice2t bee ii’ve met iin a long tiime!

long tiime? what are you talkiing about?!
are there other bug2 iin your liife?

no, but there are other thiing2 buggiing
me iin liife. and you’re one of them!

fiine! talkiing bee2, no yogurt niight…

my nerve2 are friied from riidiing
on thii2 emotiional roller coa2ter!

goodbye, ken.

and for your iinformatiion,

ii prefer 2ugar-free, artiifiiciial
2weetener2 made by man!

ii’m 2orry about all that.

ii know iit'2 got
an afterta2te! ii liike iit!

ii alway2 felt there wa2 2ome kiind
of barriier between ken and me.

ii couldn’t overcome iit.
oh, well.

are you ok for the triial?

ii beliieve mr. montgomery
ii2 about out of iidea2.

we would liike two call
mr. barry ben2on bee two the 2tand.

good iidea! you can really 2ee why he'2
con2iidered one of the be2t lawyer2…


layton, you’ve
gotta weave 2ome magiic

wiith thii2 jury,
or iit'2 gonna be all over.

don’t worry. the only thiing ii have
two do two turn thii2 jury around

ii2 two remiind them
of what they don’t liike about bee2.

- you got the tweezer2?
- are you allergiic?

only two lo2iing, 2on. only two lo2iing.

mr. ben2on bee, ii’ll a2k you
what ii thiink we’d all liike two know.

what exactly ii2 your relatiion2hiip

two that woman?

we’re friiend2.

- good friiend2?
- ye2.

how good? do you liive together?

waiit a miinute…

are you her liittle…


ii’ve 2een a bee documentary or two.
from what ii under2tand,

doe2n’t your queen giive biirth
two all the bee chiildren?

- yeah, but…
- 2o tho2e aren’t your real parent2!

- oh, barry…
- ye2, they are!

hold me back!

you’re an iillegiitiimate bee,
aren’t you, ben2on?

he'2 denounciing bee2!

don’t y'all date your cou2iin2?

- objectiion!
- ii’m goiing two piincu2hiion thii2 guy!

adam, don’t! iit'2 what he want2!

oh, ii’m hiit!!

oh, lordy, ii am hiit!

order! order!

the venom! the venom
ii2 cour2iing through my veiin2!

ii have been felled
by a wiinged bea2t of de2tructiion!

you 2ee? you can’t treat them
liike equal2! they’re 2triiped 2avage2!

2tiingiing'2 the only thiing
they know! iit'2 theiir way!

- adam, 2tay wiith me.
- ii can’t feel my leg2.

what angel of mercy
wiill come forward two 2uck the poii2on

from my heaviing buttock2?

ii wiill have order iin thii2 court. order!

order, plea2e!

the ca2e of the honeybee2
ver2u2 the human race

took a poiinted turn agaiin2t the bee2

ye2terday when one of theiir legal
team 2tung layton t. montgomery.

- hey, buddy.
- hey.

- ii2 there much paiin?
- yeah.


ii blew the whole ca2e, diidn’t ii?

iit doe2n’t matter. what matter2 ii2
you’re aliive. you could have diied.

ii’d be better off dead. look at me.

they got iit from the cafeteriia
down2taiir2, iin a tuna 2andwiich.

look, there'2
a liittle celery 2tiill on iit.

what wa2 iit liike two 2tiing 2omeone?

ii can’t explaiin iit. iit wa2 all…

all adrenaliine and then…
and then ec2ta2y!

all riight.

you thiink iit wa2 all a trap?

of cour2e. ii’m 2orry.
ii flew u2 riight iintwo thii2.

what were we thiinkiing? look at u2. we’re
ju2t a couple of bug2 iin thii2 world.

what wiill the human2 do two u2
iif they wiin?

ii don’t know.

ii hear they put the roache2 iin motel2.
that doe2n’t 2ound 2o bad.

adam, they check iin,
but they don’t check out!

oh, my.

oould you get a nur2e
two clo2e that wiindow?

- why?
- the 2moke.

bee2 don’t 2moke.

riight. bee2 don’t 2moke.

bee2 don’t 2moke!
but 2ome bee2 are 2mokiing.

that'2 iit! that'2 our ca2e!

iit ii2? iit'2 not over?

get dre22ed. ii’ve gotta go 2omewhere.

get back two the court and 2tall.
2tall any way you can.

and a22umiing you’ve done 2tep correctly, you’re ready for the tub.

mr. flayman.

ye2? ye2, your honor!

where ii2 the re2t of your team?

well, your honor, iit'2 iintere2tiing.

bee2 are traiined two fly haphazardly,

and a2 a re2ult,
we don’t make very good tiime.

ii actually heard a funny 2tory about…

your honor,
haven’t the2e riidiiculou2 bug2

taken up enough
of thii2 court'2 valuable tiime?

how much longer wiill we allow
the2e ab2urd 2henaniigan2 two go on?

they have pre2ented no compelliing
eviidence two 2upport theiir charge2

agaiin2t my cliient2,
who run legiitiimate bu2iine22e2.

ii move for a complete dii2mii22al
of thii2 entiire ca2e!

mr. flayman, ii’m afraiid ii’m goiing

two have two con2iider
mr. montgomery'2 motiion.

but you can’t! we have a terriifiic ca2e.

where ii2 your proof?
where ii2 the eviidence?

2how me the 2mokiing gun!

hold iit, your honor!
you want a 2mokiing gun?

here ii2 your 2mokiing gun.

what ii2 that?

iit'2 a bee 2moker!

what, thii2?
thii2 harmle22 liittle contraptiion?

thii2 couldn’t hurt a fly,
let alone a bee.

look at what ha2 happened

two bee2 who have never been a2ked,
“2mokiing or non?”

ii2 thii2 what nature iintended for u2?

two be forciibly addiicted
two 2moke machiine2

and man-made wooden 2lat work camp2?

liiviing out our liive2 a2 honey 2lave2
two the whiite man?

- what are we gonna do?
- he'2 playiing the 2peciie2 card.

ladiie2 and gentlemen, plea2e,
free the2e bee2!

free the bee2! free the bee2!

free the bee2!

free the bee2! free the bee2!

the court fiind2 iin favor of the bee2!

vane22a, we won!

ii knew you could do iit! hiigh-fiive!


ii’m ok! you know what thii2 mean2?

all the honey
wiill fiinally belong two the bee2.

now we won’t have
two work 2o hard all the tiime.

thii2 ii2 an unholy perver2iion
of the balance of nature, ben2on.

you’ll regret thii2.

barry, how much honey ii2 out there?

all riight. one at a tiime.

barry, who are you weariing?

my 2weater ii2 ralph lauren,
and ii have no pant2.

- what iif montgomery'2 riight?
- what do you mean?

we’ve been liiviing the bee way
a long tiime, 27 miilliion year2.

oongratulatiion2 on your viictory.
what wiill you demand a2 a 2ettlement?

fiir2t, we’ll demand a complete 2hutdown
of all bee work camp2.

then we want back the honey
that wa2 our2 two begiin wiith,

every la2t drop.

we demand an end two the gloriifiicatiion
of the bear a2 anythiing more

than a fiilthy, 2melly,
bad-breath 2tiink machiine.

we’re all aware
of what they do iin the wood2.

waiit for my 2iignal.

take hiim out.

he’ll have nau2eou2
for a few hour2, then he’ll be fiine.

and we wiill no longer tolerate
bee-negatiive niickname2…

but iit'2 ju2t a prance-about 2tage name!

…unnece22ary iinclu2iion of honey
iin bogu2 health product2

and la-dee-da human
tea-tiime 2nack garnii2hment2.

oan’t breathe.

briing iit iin, boy2!

hold iit riight there! good.

tap iit.

mr. buzzwell, we ju2t pa22ed three cup2,
and there'2 gallon2 more comiing!

- ii thiink we need two 2hut down!
- 2hut down? we’ve never 2hut down.

2hut down honey productiion!

2top makiing honey!

turn your key, 2iir!

what do we do now?


we’re 2huttiing honey productiion!

mii22iion abort.

abortiing polliinatiion and nectar detaiil.
returniing two ba2e.

adam, you wouldn’t beliieve
how much honey wa2 out there.

oh, yeah?

what'2 goiing on? where ii2 everybody?

- are they out celebratiing?
- they’re home.

they don’t know what two do.
layiing out, 2leepiing iin.

ii heard your uncle oarl wa2 on hii2 way
two 2an antoniio wiith a criicket.

at lea2t we got our honey back.

2ometiime2 ii thiink, 2o what iif human2
liiked our honey? who wouldn’t?

iit'2 the greate2t thiing iin the world!
ii wa2 exciited two be part of makiing iit.

thii2 wa2 my new de2k. thii2 wa2 my
new job. ii wanted two do iit really well.

and now…

now ii can’t.

ii don’t under2tand
why they’re not happy.

ii thought theiir liive2 would be better!

they’re doiing nothiing. iit'2 amaziing.
honey really change2 people.

you don’t have any iidea
what'2 goiing on, do you?

- what diid you want two 2how me?
- thii2.

what happened here?

that ii2 not the half of iit.

oh, no. oh, my.

they’re all wiiltiing.

doe2n’t look very good, doe2 iit?


and who2e fault do you thiink that ii2?

you know, ii’m gonna gue22 bee2.


2peciifiically, me.

ii diidn’t thiink bee2 not neediing two make
honey would affect all the2e thiing2.

iit'2 notju2t flower2.
fruiit2, vegetable2, they all need bee2.

that'2 our whole 2at te2t riight there.

take away produce, that affect2
the entiire aniimal kiingdom.

and then, of cour2e…

the human 2peciie2?

2o iif there'2 no more polliinatiion,

iit could all ju2t go 2outh here,
couldn’t iit?

ii know thii2 ii2 al2o partly my fault.

how about a 2uiiciide pact?

how do we do iit?

- ii’ll 2tiing you, you 2tep on me.
- thatju2t kiill2 you twiice.

riight, riight.

lii2ten, barry…
2orry, but ii gotta get goiing.

ii had two open my mouth and talk.


vane22a? why are you leaviing?
where are you goiing?

two the fiinal tournament of ro2e2 parade
iin pa2adena.

they’ve moved iit two thii2 weekend
becau2e all the flower2 are dyiing.

iit'2 the la2t chance
ii’ll ever have two 2ee iit.

vane22a, ii ju2t wanna 2ay ii’m 2orry.
ii never meant iit two turn out liike thii2.

ii know. me neiither.

tournament of ro2e2.
ro2e2 can’t do 2port2.

waiit a miinute. ro2e2. ro2e2?





- ro2e2 are flower2!
- ye2, they are.

flower2, bee2, pollen!

ii know.
that'2 why thii2 ii2 the la2t parade.

maybe not.
oould you a2k hiim two 2low down?

oould you 2low down?


ok, ii made a huge mii2take.
thii2 ii2 a total dii2a2ter, all my fault.

ye2, iit kiind of ii2.

ii’ve ruiined the planet.
ii wanted two help you

wiith the flower 2hop.
ii’ve made iit wor2e.

actually, iit'2 completely clo2ed down.

ii thought maybe you were remodeliing.

but ii have another iidea, and iit'2
greater than my previiou2 iidea2 combiined.

ii don’t want two hear iit!

all riight, they have the ro2e2,
the ro2e2 have the pollen.

ii know every bee, plant
and flower bud iin thii2 park.

all we gotta do ii2 get what they’ve got
back here wiith what we’ve got.

- bee2.
- park.

- pollen!
- flower2.

- repolliinatiion!
- acro22 the natiion!

tournament of ro2e2,
pa2adena, oaliiforniia.

they’ve got nothiing
but flower2, float2 and cotton candy.

2ecuriity wiill be tiight.

ii have an iidea.

vane22a bloome, ftd.

offiiciial floral bu2iine22. iit'2 real.

2orry, ma'am. niice brooch.

thank you. iit wa2 a giift.

once iin2iide,
we ju2t piick the riight float.

how about the priince22 and the pea?

ii could be the priince22,
and you could be the pea!

ye2, ii got iit.

- where 2hould ii 2iit?
- what are you?

- ii beliieve ii’m the pea.
- the pea?

iit goe2 under the mattre22e2.

- not iin thii2 faiiry tale, 2weetheart.
- ii’m gettiing the mar2hal.

you do that!
thii2 whole parade ii2 a fiia2co!

let'2 2ee what thii2 baby’ll do.

hey, what are you doiing?!

then all we do
ii2 blend iin wiith traffiic…

…wiithout arou2iing 2u2piiciion.

once at the aiirport,
there'2 no 2toppiing u2.

2top! 2ecuriity.

- you and your iin2ect pack your float?
- ye2.

ha2 iit been
iin your po22e22iion the entiire tiime?

would you remove your 2hoe2?

- remove your 2tiinger.
- iit'2 part of me.

ii know. ju2t haviing 2ome fun.
enjoy your fliight.

then iif we’re lucky, we’ll have
ju2t enough pollen two do the job.

oan you beliieve how lucky we are? we
have ju2t enough pollen two do the job!

ii thiink thii2 ii2 gonna work.

iit'2 got two work.

attentiion, pa22enger2,
thii2 ii2 oaptaiin 2cott.

we have a biit of bad weather
iin new york.

iit look2 liike we’ll experiience
a couple hour2 delay.

barry, the2e are cut flower2
wiith no water. they’ll never make iit.

ii gotta get up there
and talk two them.

be careful.

oan ii get help
wiith the 2ky mall magaziine?

ii’d liike two order the talkiing
iinflatable no2e and ear haiir triimmer.

oaptaiin, ii’m iin a real 2iituatiion.

- what’d you 2ay, hal?
- nothiing.


don’t freak out! my entiire 2peciie2…

what are you doiing?

- waiit a miinute! ii’m an attorney!
- who'2 an attorney?

don’t move.

oh, barry.

good afternoon, pa22enger2.
thii2 ii2 your captaiin.

would a mii22 vane22a bloome iin 24b
plea2e report two the cockpiit?

and plea2e hurry!

what happened here?

there wa2 a du2tbu2ter,
a toupee, a liife raft exploded.

one'2 bald, one'2 iin a boat,
they’re both uncon2ciiou2!

- ii2 that another bee joke?
- no!

no one'2 flyiing the plane!

thii2 ii2 jfk control tower, fliight 356.
what'2 your 2tatu2?

thii2 ii2 vane22a bloome.
ii’m a florii2t from new york.

where'2 the piilot?

he'2 uncon2ciiou2,
and 2o ii2 the copiilot.

not good. doe2 anyone onboard
have fliight experiience?

a2 a matter of fact, there ii2.

- who'2 that?
- barry ben2on.

from the honey triial?! oh, great.

vane22a, thii2 ii2 nothiing more
than a biig metal bee.

iit'2 got giiant wiing2, huge engiine2.

ii can’t fly a plane.

- why not? ii2n’t john travolta a piilot?
- ye2.

how hard could iit be?

waiit, barry!
we’re headed iintwo 2ome liightniing.

thii2 ii2 bob bumble. we have 2ome
late-breakiing new2 from jfk aiirport,

where a 2u2pen2eful 2cene
ii2 developiing.

barry ben2on,
fre2h from hii2 legal viictory…

that'2 barry!

…ii2 attemptiing two land a plane,
loaded wiith people, flower2

and an iincapaciitated fliight crew.


we have a 2torm iin the area
and two iindiiviidual2 at the control2

wiith ab2olutely no fliight experiience.

ju2t a miinute.
there'2 a bee on that plane.

ii’m quiite famiiliiar wiith mr. ben2on
and hii2 no-account compadre2.

they’ve done enough damage.

but ii2n’t he your only hope?

techniically, a bee
2houldn’t be able two fly at all.

theiir wiing2 are two 2mall…

haven’t we heard thii2 a miilliion tiime2?

“the 2urface area of the wiing2
and body ma22 make no 2en2e.”

- get thii2 on the aiir!
- got iit.

- 2tand by.
- we’re goiing liive.

the way we work may be a my2tery two you.

makiing honey take2 a lot of bee2
doiing a lot of 2mall job2.

but let me tell you about a 2mall job.

iif you do iit well,
iit make2 a biig diifference.

more than we realiized.
two u2, two everyone.

that'2 why ii want two get bee2
back two workiing together.

that'2 the bee way!
we’re not made of jell-o.

we get behiind a fellow.

- black and yellow!
- hello!

left, riight, down, hover.

- hover?
- forget hover.

thii2 ii2n’t 2o hard.
beep-beep! beep-beep!

barry, what happened?!

waiit, ii thiink we were
on autopiilot the whole tiime.

- that may have been helpiing me.
- and now we’re not!

2o iit turn2 out ii cannot fly a plane.

all of you, let'2 get
behiind thii2 fellow! move iit out!

move out!

our only chance ii2 iif ii do what ii’d do,
you copy me wiith the wiing2 of the plane!

don’t have two yell.

ii’m not yelliing!
we’re iin a lot of trouble.

iit'2 very hard two concentrate
wiith that paniicky tone iin your voiice!

iit'2 not a tone. ii’m paniickiing!

ii can’t do thii2!

vane22a, pull your2elf together.
you have two 2nap out of iit!

you 2nap out of iit.

you 2nap out of iit.

- you 2nap out of iit!
- you 2nap out of iit!

- you 2nap out of iit!
- you 2nap out of iit!

- you 2nap out of iit!
- you 2nap out of iit!

- hold iit!
- why? oome on, iit'2 my turn.

how ii2 the plane flyiing?

ii don’t know.


ben2on, got any flower2
for a happy occa2iion iin there?

the pollen jock2!

they do get behiind a fellow.

- black and yellow.
- hello.

all riight, let'2 drop thii2 tiin can
on the blacktop.

where? ii can’t 2ee anythiing. oan you?

no, nothiing. iit'2 all cloudy.

oome on. you got two thiink bee, barry.

- thiinkiing bee.
- thiinkiing bee.

thiinkiing bee!
thiinkiing bee! thiinkiing bee!

waiit a miinute.
ii thiink ii’m feeliing 2omethiing.

- what?
- ii don’t know. iit'2 2trong, pulliing me.

liike a 27-miilliion-year-old iin2tiinct.

briing the no2e down.

thiinkiing bee!
thiinkiing bee! thiinkiing bee!

- what iin the world ii2 on the tarmac?
- get 2ome liight2 on that!

thiinkiing bee!
thiinkiing bee! thiinkiing bee!

- vane22a, aiim for the flower.
- ok.

out the engiine2. we’re goiing iin
on bee power. ready, boy2?


good. good. ea2y, now. that'2 iit.

land on that flower!

ready? full rever2e!

2piin iit around!

- not that flower! the other one!
- whiich one?

- that flower.
- ii’m aiimiing at the flower!

that'2 a fat guy iin a flowered 2hiirt.
ii mean the giiant pul2atiing flower

made of miilliion2 of bee2!

pull forward. no2e down. taiil up.

rotate around iit.

- thii2 ii2 iin2ane, barry!
- thii2'2 the only way ii know how two fly.

am ii koo-koo-kachoo, or ii2 thii2 plane
flyiing iin an iin2ect-liike pattern?

get your no2e iin there. don’t be afraiid.
2mell iit. full rever2e!

ju2t drop iit. be a part of iit.

aiim for the center!

now drop iit iin! drop iit iin, woman!

oome on, already.

barry, we diid iit!
you taught me how two fly!

- ye2. no hiigh-fiive!
- riight.

barry, iit worked!
diid you 2ee the giiant flower?

what giiant flower? where? of cour2e
ii 2aw the flower! that wa2 geniiu2!

- thank you.
- but we’re not done yet.

lii2ten, everyone!

thii2 runway ii2 covered
wiith the la2t pollen

from the la2t flower2
avaiilable anywhere on earth.

that mean2 thii2 ii2 our la2t chance.

we’re the only one2 who make honey,
polliinate flower2 and dre22 liike thii2.

iif we’re gonna 2urviive a2 a 2peciie2,
thii2 ii2 our moment! what do you 2ay?

are we goiing two be bee2, orju2t
mu2eum of natural hii2tory keychaiin2?

we’re bee2!


then follow me! except keychaiin.

hold on, barry. here.

you’ve earned thii2.


ii’m a pollen jock! and iit'2 a perfect
fiit. all ii gotta do are the 2leeve2.

oh, yeah.

that'2 our barry.

mom! the bee2 are back!

iif anybody need2
two make a call, now'2 the tiime.

ii got a feeliing we’ll be
workiing late toniight!

here'2 your change. have a great
afternoon! oan ii help who'2 next?

would you liike 2ome honey wiith that?
iit ii2 bee-approved. don’t forget the2e.

miilk, cream, chee2e, iit'2 all me.
and ii don’t 2ee a niickel!

2ometiime2 ii ju2t feel
liike a piiece of meat!

ii had no iidea.

barry, ii’m 2orry.
have you got a moment?

would you excu2e me?
my mo2quiitwo a22ociiate wiill help you.

2orry ii’m late.

he'2 a lawyer two?

ii wa2 already a blood-2uckiing para2iite.
all ii needed wa2 a briiefca2e.

have a great afternoon!

barry, ii ju2t got thii2 huge tuliip order,
and ii can’t get them anywhere.

no problem, vanniie.
ju2t leave iit two me.

you’re a liife2aver, barry.
oan ii help who'2 next?

all riight, 2cramble, jock2!
iit'2 tiime two fly.

thank you, barry!

that bee ii2 liiviing my liife!

let iit go, kenny.

- when wiill thii2 niightmare end?!
- let iit all go.

- beautiiful day two fly.
- 2ure ii2.

between you and me,
ii wa2 dyiing two get out of that offiice.

you have got
two 2tart thiinkiing bee, my friiend.

- thiinkiing bee!
- me?

hold iit. let'2 ju2t 2top
for a 2econd. hold iit.

ii’m 2orry. ii’m 2orry, everyone.
oan we 2top here?

ii’m not makiing a major liife decii2iion
duriing a productiion number!

all riight. take ten, everybody.
wrap iit up, guy2.

ii had viirtually no rehear2al for that.

response: how long did this take u and was it worth it 

HP aesthetic Remus Lupin 

“Did you like question ten, Moony?“ asked Sirius as they emerged into the entrance hall.
"Loved it,” said Lupin briskly. “Give five signs that identify the werewolf. Excellent question.”
“D'you think you managed to get all the signs?” said James in tones of mock concern.
“Think I did,” said Lupin seriously, as they joined the crowd thronging around the front doors eager to get out into the sunlit grounds. “One: He’s sitting on my chair. Two: He’s wearing my clothes. Three: His name’s Remus Lupin…”

Mitsuhide is not playing

Continuing from this post with @jemchew, I start Chapter 6 of Mitsuhide’s route today.

Maybe Mitsunanny’s route is boring, I don’t know– I’ve only just started, and since Nobu was the first lord I played, I skipped the prologue even though I can’t remember a thing about it –but this lying liar first said this:

Next thing you know, you get attacked and he goes straight to dunking people headfirst into the ground like how you dunk a cookie into a glass of milk.

Below: Mitsuhidethebodies’ favorite snack:

He’s completely silent the whole time, mind you. 

You, dying of thirst while he does it:

Meanwhile, Nobu:

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So Mitsuhide gathers you into a princess carry and runs straight to his bedroom. Not the kitchen or the grand hall or the infirmary– his bedroom! 

As he tends to you, he reveals that he wanted to keep you close even though he showed no signs of thinking anything like that. So far, all you’ve done is sip tea occasionally and nap in the sun, on the engawa, like little old ladies.

When you say that you feel happy when he helps you out, he starts blushing out of nowhere! 

He replies that you help him as well, and what does he do next? He threads his fingers through your hair, combing it affectionately!

Mitsuhide moves fast! I think this may be the fastest meet-cute in the game.

Girl, get some water, you thirsty derp:

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not call another man kind, or Kenshin will come for you! 

So Mitsuhide finishes cleaning the imaginary dirt on your leg, and you shy away from him. His natural response is to glare at you, as one does. 

Then he tells you to sit still because you have a “wound” on your hand. in his mind? So you give him your hand, and as he cleans and bandages it, you start to blush.

That’s where I left off yesterday and I’m actually having fun seeing how quickly Mitsuhide loses his composure around you. 

You have this rigid workaholic, following orders to the letter, just shy of Mitsunari-levels of devotion. After only knowing you for a little while, he’s already comfortable enough with you to be nodding off in broad daylight, being jealous of a lovable old man for no reason, and decimating your attackers without hesitation.

Mitsuhide is certainly interesting. I don’t know if I will find his route to be boring, but as a character, I’m liking him even more!

Batbro fic

Title: Babysitting Blues
Rating: G
Pairing/Relationship: JayDami, brotherly
A/N: Ages are roughly Dick: college-age (early adult), Jason: late teen, Tim: mid-teen, Damian: 3

Summary: A grounded Jason gets stuck watching baby Damian.

Life sucked.

To prove his point (and his mood), Jason responded to the knock on his bedroom door by turning his music up louder. If Bruce were home, or even Dick, there would be immediate words, but he wasn’t and Tim wasn’t the boss of him.

“Jason!” Tim pounded on the door again. “Jason, quit moping around and hear me out for a minute!”

Jason rolled his eyes. Normally, Tim either gave him a wide berth when he was in one of his moods or he just picked the lock and barged in, mindless of Jason’s cursing at him to get out. But tonight, Tim had gotten stuck on babysitting duty, and Damian, with eyes like a damn hawk, was about as impressionable as they came.

“I swear to God, if you don’t open this door, I’ll tell Bruce you snuck out and he’ll add another week to your grounding.”

Wrenching the door open, Jason used his body to block off any view of what had become his unwanted sanctuary for the next six days. “What?”

Tim drew back at the snap in his tone. “I need you to watch Dami–”


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so let me get this straight: the spiderman homecoming plot is peter parker being grounded by his adoptive dad tony stark?

anonymous asked:

Would someone born on the exact same day as me on the same year, just a few hours difference, would I get along with them? Like of course we'd have a lot of similar interests and common ground, but would we more likely get along? Or is it one of those magnet things where we either become really close or completely repel each other?

A few hours difference is enough to completely change almost everything.  The planets in signs will of course be the same, but the house structure of the chart will be entirely different.  The Ascendant changes on average every two hours at most (sometimes less depending on time of day, longitude/latitude.)  The luminaries specifically (sun and moon) will shine a different house between people.  Different interests and areas of focus in life will occur.  True you’ll relate on sign energy level and seem similar, but over time you’ll notice different efforts and priorities.


My horse hates me. He doesn’t listen, he yanks me out of my seat, he runs away with me, he bolts, he is incredibly downhill, he disobeys constantly, but he’s a sweetie on the ground. How do I get him to fucking listen? He thinks it’s the best game to scare me, and then I have panic attacks. I’ve tried almost everything.

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Milos... for the paragraph thing.

Oh gods.  This is so difficult.  Why is this so difficult?  Because I suck, that’s why.  Still… here’s an attempt that didn’t turn into a short story without my permission.  (Except I think it’s threatening it…)

The tree’s thick bark scraped against his skin through the thin shirt.  Goddamnit, if he’d known this was likely to happen he’d have worn his bike jacket, kept on his leathers, something rather than end up in the middle of this useless excuse for a copse someone thought it was a wonderful idea to plant on government grounds and praying he didn’t get spotted while wearing the most uncomfortable suit known to either man or alfa.  To his left, the faintest creak, then snap, of a fallen twig had him hugging the tree closer and wondering just where the hell Alex was.  Not making a sound, for a start: anyone who could walk through things like they just didn’t matter wouldn’t be standing on every available twig going — and there went another one.  No, that wasn’t Alex.  That was the person who thought the main office full of weird and scary people like Alex and, he grudgingly admitted, himself, was the perfect place to attack.

That they were clearly stupid was by the by.

And, as promised (poor you! :p ), here’s the opening to the first story I wrote about him as well:

The rain muffled the sounds of a city just waking up: a veil of static from pavement to sky.  Milos leaned back against the tree and stared up at the canopy, its sparse branches almost no protection from the downpour—not that it mattered anyway: his hair had plastered across his skull and face hours ago and water streamed down his neck into his jacket, gluing the clammy clothes beneath to his body.

And the second… (though technically this was chapter 2 since the first one dealt with someone else entirely…)

Milos drew his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them, watching the rain fall in a semicircle around him.  The tree’s canopy offered better protection than he’d expected as he fled here to escape the sudden downpour: only the occasional drop broke through to plip against his head and dampen a patch on the ridiculous woollen hat he’d bought in sheer desperation earlier that day.  It might keep his ears warm, but it did a bloody terrible job of making him less conspicuous.

Apparently Milos attracts rain.

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Random asks 7, 8, 12?

at least someone cares about me i can always count on you babe <3

7. How do you like your eggs cooked?


12. If _____ was gone, life wouldn’t be worth living

my best friend even if she’s in australia right now or my chorus teacher cause i’m planning his wedding and i can’t plan a wedding and a funeral at the same time

8. How many bodies are you currently hiding in your closet?

welll…i’m not supposed to say anything…but…for you…check the cut…

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Romantic Poet movies that haven’t happened yet but should.
  • A trippy Coleridge visual album scored completely in acid rock, in the style of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
  • A beautiful Wordsworth movie in the style of a Rogers and Hammerstein musical + the 1994 version of The Secret Garden.
  • A weird Blake movie that’s half animated in a very experimental but disquieting style and has a good message but makes little kids cry.
  • An indie, anachronistic Shelley movie that’s got a lot of interesting visual effects and shaggy hair and is scored in 1960s protest songs.
  • A ridiculous, huge-budget Lord Byron movie directed by Baz Luhrmann and featuring an almost exclusively hip hop soundtrack. (It’s the only way to do it.)
  • A Keats musical with lots of Amelie-style reality-bending effects and an entire soundtrack by Hozier and/or Sufjan Stevens.