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Enjoy this nothing-but-fluff imagine for ot4! Love each and every one of these little shorts with all my heart. Hope you do too xx



“Oof!” you gasped as Harry tackled you in an embrace and pressed you tightly against him. “Well it’s nice to see you too,” you squeaked. If it was possible, his strong arms tightened their grip in response and you tried to laugh without much success. In fact you couldn’t even breath successfully. But you didn’t care. You were just thankful to be in his arms after many months apart.

“I missed you,” Harry finally muttered into your hair. You hummed and took a deep breath, inhaling his scent. Oh, God, how you missed that intoxicating smell.

“I had the craziest-” you started to pull away and move on with the night but he held on tight.

“Shh, just stay here for a minute,” he whispered. Smiling lazily, you curled your arms back around his torso.

A minute passed. A blissful, heavenly moment. But then you decided you really liked to breathe and if you didn’t, you might die in his arms - which sounds nice and romantic until you actually experience it.

“Okay,” you tugged away and he let you. A charming grin was plastered on his face and you giggled. Boy, you missed those dimples. You leaned forward to place a quick peck on his lips. He hummed as you did.

“Why do you always pull away?” he whined and you laughed.

“Come,” you held out your hand and he took it gently. You led him to the couch, swinging him around so he laid down first. You wiggled in front of him and felt his arm wrap around your waist. He sighed happily.

It had been a long, long day for the both of you. You practically couldn’t sleep the night before knowing your boyfriend got back from tour the next day so you were knackered. Not to mention he just got back from tour and was in no mood to do anything other than sleep.

Snuggling closer to him, you began to settle into sleep. “…babe?” Harry mumbled softly, drawing you awake.


“My arm is currently very dead.” He muttered.

You laughed sleepily, rolling slightly so he could retrieve his arm. He rested it above your head and started twirling strands of your hair between his ringed fingers. “Better?” you mumbled.

“Much,” he replied groggily, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your head. Smiling, you both drifted to sleep once again.


You could feel the music pump through your chest and vibrate the floor. My God, the neighbors are going to be pissed. But who the hell cared when you were dancing wildly, and very drunkenly, with your best friends?

Louis was shouting some crazy story into your ear and you wondered if you’d be deaf in the morning. But then again, who the hell cared?

Louis pulled away slightly from your ear and grinned at you while you laughed. Your faces were wonderfully close and you could smell his beer from where you stood. You could just kiss those lovely, lovely lips. But those lovely, lovely lips weren’t yours to kiss. At least, not yet. Your eyes moved from his mouth to his eyes and it was oh so clear he noticed.

He smirked and you saw his hand creeping toward your waist. Just then, the next song started and both of your eyes lit up. Louis’ hand was retrieved and instead shot into the air in drunken excitement. “No way!” you yelped as your favorite song pulsated through the speaker. The moment long forgotten, the two of you joined the thrasing dancers around you.

The party was insane. There were people in your house you had never even met before. To be fair, who wouldn’t try to get into a party with Louis Tomlinson?

The food had been eaten up a long time ago. You were pretty sure a group of five friends went to walk to the store nearby to buy some more chips, but you soon found out they lost their way and ended up getting an uber home. They were the first to leave. After that, people began to filter out. The sun was beginning to rise and the alcohol was gone.

Some stayed, mainly because they were passed out and sleeping. Even in your drunken state, you managed to keep an eye on them.

By dawn, it was clear the party was over. Louis had an arm wrapped around you waist and you swayed sleepily to the last song. You unneccessarily tapped him with the drink in your hand. “I’m tired,” you slurred.

He observed you for much too long before deciding, “Let’s sleep.”

You nodded and you both stumbled over to the couch, arm in arm. Boundaries meant nothing when you two were drunk so he pulled you onto the couch with him. Face to face, you grinned at him.

“What’s that smile for?” he chuckled.

“Dunno,” you shrugged, your hands balled together at your chest. “I just really like you.” He took your hands into his and laughed lightly.

“I really like you too,” he replied and you hummed sleepily.

“Like, ‘like like’?” you wondered.

He laughed, and then a look of horror crossed his face when he hiccuped. “I almost threw up,” he murmured, the conversation forgotten. You burst out in laughter, recoiling slightly. But his grip on your hands refused to let you go.

“Don’t throw up on me!” you giggled. The laughter between you two died out as a harsh wave of exhaustion washed over you. The disgust slowly dribbled out of you when sleep started to overtake your mind and you relaxed, scooting forward against him. You buried your nose into the crook of his neck and hummed happily.

And like that, you both fell asleep with hands tangled and foreheads pressed together. When you were to awake in the morning, you both couldn’t deny the desire to wake up in that position every morning.


You dawdled into the living room, your silly cooking hat on to cheer your boyfriend up after a long day. “Hey, Ni,” you whispered softly as you stood over him on the couch. His fingers pressed to his temples, he reluctantly looked at you. “Made us dinner.”

“Not hungry.” he growled. You frowned. The chef hat usually made him smile and get up to give you a welcome kiss.

“But I… worked really hard on this new recipe. I think you’ll love it. It has parmesean in it–” you continued excitedly.

“Look, Y/N,” he interrupted. “I don’t want to eat your 'new recipe’ right now.” he huffed, returning to massaging his temples.

Your heart sunk. Ouch. “Oh.” you whispered. You were sure he didn’t mean it that way, but you couldn’t help but take it the way you did. “I’ll just, uh, eat it myself then.” You voice cracked. You scolded yourself for letting tears creep up on you. But you hadn’t had the best day either, and now the thing you had been most looking forward to had just let you down.

You swallowed hard and turned away harshly, briskly walking back to the kitchen. You stood against the counter, your arms propping you up as you looked over the steaming dish. You suddenly felt quite full. You ripped off the stupid hat and shoved the dish away from you, storming past the living room once again, the tears flowing freely now. Niall paused as you went by, his expression softening.

“Y/N,” he was off the couch in an instant. You stopped at the base of the stairs and reluctantly turned toward him. “Baby, what’s wrong?” he frowned as he advanced toward you.

“I’m just,” your voice caught and a little sob broke loose. “I’m just not having the best day,” was all you could manage to squeak out before you gave into crying.

“Oh, Babe,” he cooed and tugged you into a hug. You let him, slowly wrapping your arms around him. You cried onto his shoulder while he played with the ends of your hair. “I’m sorry I rejected your dinner. I just want to go to bed. It’s been a long day.”

“I understand,” you whispered, gulping down some of the sadness. “Can we just go to bed?”

“Absolutely,” he murmured, pulling away and taking your hand into his. He smiled meaningfully at you before drawing you up the stairs and into the bedroom.

The tears had drained everything out of you and without words, you sat down on the edge of the bed. Niall leaned down and took off your shoes. He stood up, kissed your cheek, and helped you under the covers before toeing off his boots and slipping under the covers after you.

He nuzzled his nose into the crook of your neck and hummed softly.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“You already said that,” you whispered back.

“I know. I’m still sorry.”

“And I still accept your apology,” you chuckled. He kissed your neck lightly and you finally closed your eyes.

You were beginning to fall asleep when you heard his stomach growl. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes again. Almost seconds later, his stomach growled again.

“I’m hungry.” he whispered, earning a laugh from you.

“I’m not moving,” you declared.

“Y/N…” he whined. “Didn’t you make me dinner?”

“Niall we just got comfy!”


“Ugh! You’ll be the death of me.” You wiggled out of his grasp and he laughed with delight, launching up and trailing you to the kitchen.


Every minute or so, your eyes would flicker over to the back door. When will he get here? you thought to yourself. Amidst a small group of strangers, you felt like an outcast. They were all famous, and frankly intimidating. But you agreed to meet Liam in the backyard of the artist he was about to collab with - which meant you both barely knew who’s house you were going to.

You had just gotten off of work and beelined over to the huge house just to arrive before Liam. So there you were - anxiously awaiting your best friend and surrounded by talented artists who only brought awkward small talk.

“Looking for Liam?” a voice sounded beside you and you jumped, turning toward the girl.

“Um, yeah,” you admitted shyly. She smiled.

“My name’s Alicia,” she held out her hand.

“Y/N,” you replied, shaking her hand delicately.

“So you and Liam are dating?” she wondered, casually taking a sip from her drink. Your heart leapt into your throat.

“Oh, uh, no, we’re just friends,” you rushed. Her smile grew.

“I see, I see,” she nodded and you settled down. “So you two are that best-friends-who-actually-want-to-be-something-more cliche?”

You almost choked. “Well, no, I-”

“You swear you don’t like him?” she offered sarcastically. You slouched, pulling your cup to your lips in attempt to hide your embarrassment. She laughed and leaned back into her chair. “I’ve been there. And I never did anything about it. He’s married now. Worst decision of my life.”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry.”

“Me too… sorry for him. She’s a total bitch.”

You sat forward, grinning. “So you’re that my-soulmate-married-a-bitch-instead-of-me cliche?”

She laughed. “Precisely. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a I-turned-into-my-soulmate’s-sidehoe-because-he-can’t-make-up-his-goddamn-mind cliche.”

“I’ll drink to that,” you held up your cup and she clanked it with her own. You sipped your drink empty and grimaced. “Want some more?” you wondered to Alicia, gesturing to your own empty cup.

“Nah, thanks. You go ahead.” Shrugging, you got up and sauntered over to the bar. As you filled your cup, you heard the back door slide open. Almost dropping your drink in relief, you turned to find Liam make his way into the backyard. Squealing quietly to yourself, you topped off your drink quickly.

When you made your way over, Liam was sat in your seat. “Uh uh Pretty Boy, that’s my seat,” you warned, and as you did he held up his hand and knowingly, you handed him the drink.

“Finders keepers,” he declared, taking a quick sip from the cup and offering it back up to you. You refused and crossed your arms.

“I’ll trade you the drink for the spot,” you pressed.

“Finders keepers!” he replied more loudly. You laughed and took his hand, trying to tug him off. Instead, he pulled you forward with more force and you fell into his lap.

“Not fair, you get the drink, the spot, and the cuddles?”

“It’s a win-win for both of us,” he decided, offering the cup to you again. You smiled and took a sip. You looked just like a normal couple, and you basically were, minus the kissing. What’s the harm of just adding in a little kissing every now and then? you seemed to wonder more often than not.

Relaxing against Liam, you watched him intently. He turned toward you, feeling the weight of your gaze. His nose almost touched yours and you wondered what would happen if you just closed the distance a little.

“Sorry I was late,” he said, his breath stretching across your lips. You hummed, much too distracted to pay attention to any conversation at the moment. He noticed and his eyes, too, flickered to your lips.

“Oh just kiss already!” Alicia bellowed and the small group gathered around the fire laughed. You melted into embarrassment. “Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin the moment. Continue. Everyone look away!”

“Oh, stop,” you chirped timidly, making the group chuckle again.

The rest of the night passed and with Liam and your new friend by your side, you could relax. Leaning your head against Liam’s shoulder, you decided you didn’t want to be anywhere else but here with him.


I’ve been writing so much on tumblr lately and I’m LOVING it! But that means I’ve been neglecting my story on Wattpad (my user is @yoootommo aye get that self-promo) for a week and I’M SORRY! Anyway, here you are. Enjoy. I love you so very very much.

Au revoir! Je t'aime! Je vous remercie! I don’t speak French who am I kidding. Haha, have a lovely day/night wherever you are, Lovelies! xx

George Gordon “That’s Lord To You” Byron lived the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle well before one of those things had even been invented. In a day when poetry was the public’s poison, Byron leveraged his prose (plus his rock star hair) to embark on a veritable world tour … only instead of cities, he visited a collection of orifices so vast that it couldn’t possibly fit on the back of a T-shirt. Along the way, he recorded his escapades in detail in his memoirs, which he later passed on to fellow poet Thomas Moore. He also left strict instructions for his publisher, John Murray, to only publish them after his death, presumably because he didn’t care to be present for the spontaneous combustion of Europe’s collective pants.

Having lived at the turn of the 19th century, Byron of course died terribly, and at the ripe old age of thirty-goddamn-six. He’d been leading resistance fighters in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire at the time (“poet” used to be synonymous with “tough guy”), and it took a full month for his pickled remains to get back to England. As they did, a small group, including Moore, parliamentarian John Hobhouse, Murray, and Murray’s 16-year-old son (heir to the publishing business), gathered in Murray’s office to decide the fate of Byron’s memoirs. After a series of heated arguments and probably a slap fight or three, the group took the two bound manuscript volumes and, page by page, fed them to a fire.

4 Vital Pieces Of Pop Culture We Lost Forever

Recently, my boyfriend suspected that I was emotionally abused and manipulated as a child. I didn’t believe him at first and was frankly offended that he would suspect that of my parents however, when I started looking into examples of emotional abuse and manipulation I could relate to every. single. point. It really sucks to know that the people who were supposed to love and support me hurt me and screwed me up in such awful ways. It feels horrible but at least my childhood makes sense now.
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Hey, I’m just wondering how many of you guys are going to see the carmilla movie in the Mississauga region? If you are let me know because if we could make a group or something, that’d be great. If you’re not please still boost this so others can see, and maybe we’ll have enough to plan this, thanks guys! :)

Little Demon

Pairing: Succubus!You x Yoongi

Genre: oneshot, smut

Warning: smut

Tags: Daddy/Little girl, oral, 69 (?), degration, humiliation, Dom!Yoongi, Sub!Reader, Unprotected sex, dirty talk, restrains, begging, orgasmn denial, voice denial, creampie/cum play

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I've got a silly scenario headcanon where a small group gets together in the very newly reformed OW, Hanzo and Satya and the Junkers, any reformed Talon agents, and they have tea and chat and they call themselves The Ones Who Most People Don't Trust and Don't Want There At All (fondly nicknamed Club Asshole) and they all help each other out and eventually other agents slowly start joining them and they all bond and pretty soon all of Overwatch is Club Asshole.

This is McDorable, y’all know how I love the Hanzo + Satya Broship.
I think that the others would probably create their own “club asshole” branches for funnzies (aka I got a little carried away with the sorting hat):

facts about the signs
  • aries: angry to hide the tears. will fight you but will cry about it when they're home alone and will act like it didnt bother them.
  • taurus: tired all the time from dealing with bullshit. has patience of a saint. hates drama but also can't stop themselves from being around drama because they get bored and want to put their opinion on something.
  • gemini: dramatic as fuck but also wonders why everyone can't find their chill all the time. liars that dont even know it.
  • cancer: says they want constructive criticism but they really mean they want you to tell them theyre good. will cry if you're even a little mean to them.
  • leo: loud because they hate the quiet. quiet leads to them being real instead of the personality they give out. if no ones giving them attention they'll think they're no longer valuable. thinks they're royalty.
  • virgo: very particular and anal about how things are done. will cut a bitch for daring to screw up any set plans they have for themselves.
  • libra: charismatic and peaceful people but can end up feeling hollow and empty if they don't have enough social interaction or their social circle is fighting.
  • scorpio: confused to be unfeeling and stone-faced, but that's really just their face. they're the 'what are feelings?' people but also will be the first to act out if angry. intensely passionate.
  • sagittarius: seductive and philosophical. lives for the fantasies in their head, but never want the realities. will fall in love with an idea of a person rather than the actual person themselves.
  • capricorn: workaholic and wants to feel secure, and will usually find it in money. will neglect themselves and others. easily tired and can feel like their life doesnt have a lot of meaning.
  • aquarius: not good with people on their own or doesn't know how to interact with others. conversations can be stiff and uncomfortable for you. people may think you're weird or 'out there' and don't know to get through to you. you're often the loner or cling to a small group of people.
  • pisces: emotional but brave. tend to let yourself feel things rather than stuff it, and some people can find it irritating. is more likely to follow their own path than others. has a way of bringing other people out of their shells.

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headcanons about eddie getting shitfaced at a party and richie taking care of him??? also maybe richie and eddie arent dating yet >:)

Wowie, 1k of us is quite a lot isn’t it, thank you so much for putting up with my bullshit content

This probably isn’t what you wanted and I’m sorry but I had a nice time writing these (sorry for any typos it’s been a long day)

- In this they aren’t dating yet but I guess it doesn’t really matter if they are or aren’t (the Headcanons work either way)

- okay so the first time Richie convinced Eddie to drink was meant to be ‘just an experiment’

- Richie just wanted to see how his beloved Eddie spaghetti would act drunk

- He expected him to just be hyper aware and cautious of everything, like an amplified version of his usual self

- boi was Richie in for a shock

- So the losers got invited to a college party (they cool in college)

- and of course Richie sees his chance to get Eddie drunk, he had it all planned out

- however by the time he gets there, Eddie is with a small group of people Richie doesn’t know and he’s already very intoxicated

- Eddie spots him at the door and instantly, points at him and yells ‘LOOK, THATS MY BOYFRIEND’

- Richie already knows he’s in for a hell of a night

- He’s also the loser’s dedicated driver for the night, he and Bill are the only ones with a car and Bill was on a mission to get drunk

- Eddie runs over to him, wrapping his arms around Richie’s neck and pulls him down to kiss his cheek

- Richie instinctively puts a hand on the small of Eddie’s back to balance him as he crashes into him

- ‘Hey Eds, having fun?’

- Eddie just squishes his face against Richie’s and hums agreement

- They hang around and talk to everyone for a few hours but Richie honestly isn’t feeling it

- so he drags Eddie outside, past the patio and into the massive garden

- He finds a nice bench just past a few bushes and decides that’s where they’ll sit

- Eddie pretty much turns into an octopus at that point, one arm around Richie’s neck and the other around his waist whilst his face pressed against his neck

- Richie thought it was adorable

- From the distance, they can hear people back in the house laughing which for some reason makes Eddie burst out laughing too

- his head falling from Richie’s neck to rest in his lap, gazing up at Richie as his laugh calms to a giggle

- 'You’re something else, spaghetti man’

- 'Fuck did you just call me, bitch! Don’t use that language’

- This causes Eddie to start telling/yelling at Richie about everything

- Eddie takes Richie’s hand and starts playing with his fingers as his continues his barley understandable ranting

- Richie just watches and tries to listen to him with adoration

- eventually Eddie stops mid sentence and looks at Richie as if he’d grown another head


- 'What’s wrong Eddie?!’

- Eddie takes a rough handful of Richie’s hair, bringing Richie down towards him and starts messing with the dark curls

- 'Where the heck did you learn to get hair like this’

- Richie’s decides to mess with him

- 'Eddie, you’ll never believe this but I grew it all by myself’

- 'Really?! That’s wild!’

- Eventually Eddie pulls Richie down even closer and wraps his arms around his neck whilst burying his face into Richie’s hair

- He knows sober Eddie would never do this in such a public place so he enjoys the moments as much as he can

- eventually he feels Eddie start to kiss his neck and just melts into the moment

- because honestly, this is Richie’s fantasies right here

- He’s just so relaxed and what Eddie is doing just feels so good

- Eddie pulls away with a cute smirk on his face

- 'Woopsie’

- 'Fucking vampire is what you are, Eds’

- They continue like that for a while, Richie ended up with his shirt being stretched down and marks covering his neck and collarbones

- however, all good things must come to an end and this beautiful moment ended with Eddie getting a headache

- 'Oh my fuck, I think my brain is gonna explode’

- So Richie decides to call it a night, he collects the losers one by one

- or in Stan and Bills case, two at a time, as they refused to let go of each other for even a second

- He makes sure they all get back home safely, Stan deciding to stay with Bill

- 'You can’t leave me billiam, not like this!!’

- Richie takes Eddie home with him, with Eddie still complaining about his headache and Richie knowing Mrs K won’t be happy about the current state of son

- so Richie wrestles Eddie into his bedroom , with Eddie clinging to him and his hair

- He’s surprised when Eddie actually changes into the sweats and tshirt he throws at him

- He tucks Eddie into his bed and hops in next to him

- He puts one hand in Eddie’s hair and the other around his waist as Eddie grabs his face and cuddles his head against his chest

- the next morning Eddie’s headache is so much worse and he just cuddles Richie closer in attempts to ease his pain

- This obviously wakes Richie up and he out of bed fetching painkillers before Eddie can even complain at the lack of warmth

- On his way back, Eddie notices the array of purple and blue marks on his neck

- Eddie is kinda angry because how dare Richie let someone else give him hickies whilst he’s drunk

- 'Who the FUCK gave you those?! I am ready to fight whoever it was’

- 'You’ll be fighting yourself then’

- Eddie just blushes and accepts the painkillers

- he doesn’t know if he’s happy or really upset that he doesn’t remember last night

Add more because I love this concept - xo





SUMMARY: Race may have lost a bet, but Davey is pretty sure he just won at life. (Y/N is sort of thinking the same.)

A/N: welcome to my version of inktober aka i’m going to write something every day of this month!! i feel bad bc i haven’t posted anything in a while, so i’m going to try my best to do this. don’t hate me if i miss a day or post it late, pls !! this is super long but kinda bad ??? but it’s okay bc it’s a coffee shop au with my boy davey, and that pretty much makes up for everything


The chill in the air brought an easy smile to Y/N’s face. She loved the feeling of autumn more than any other season. It’s wasn’t nearly as cheerful as Christmas, but the promise of sweaters, cold days with blankets and hot chocolate, and the brilliant colors of the leaves made it even better, in her opinion. She particularly loved the way the atmosphere of the coffee shop she worked in changed as October began. There were decorations that matched the color scheme of the season scattered around the small building and more customers stopped by, staying to study or to chat with friends. Plus, there was always the added bonus of her workplace being warm and cozy as could be.

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Okay, I just want to address something I’ve seen quite prominently in discussion about Bellamy, Clarke, Bellarke, & Season 5 because it’s been really bothering me- 

There seems to be this general consensus that Bellamy has to have had a sexual partner during the six year separation, and while I recognize that this is a likely possibility (based on several things they could do with it), what’s starting to really get to me is the attitude I’m seeing behind it, which is essentially, “well he has to have had a sexual partner during that time, it’s absurd to think he wouldn’t have had sex for years.” 

Now, let me just say that I understand that people are very different. And I’m not upset at anyone who is speculating that Bellamy has had, at the very least, a fuck buddy during the time jump. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I honestly will be rather surprised if it isn’t something at least implied (even if it’s not important enough to bother to show), BUT I really, really don’t like a lot of the way I’ve seen this discussed. 

Because it’s not absurd for someone who has been sexually active to choose not to be for extended periods of time, particularly when they’re in a situation where they’re having to live with and get along with a very small group of people. This is not a choice that only traumatized people make. There’s nothing weird or freakish or other terms I’ve seen applied to this situation about that. And it honestly really bothers me that people don’t see how this language and attitude toward personal choices about sexual behavior is hurtful and exclusionary. 

 And I will be the first to admit there’s a personal element in this for me. That’s absolutely the case, and while I would never expect anyone to make the life choices that I have made, and while I am obviously not in the position that Bellamy is in, I do feel like I’m consistently seeing people brush off the idea that Bellamy even could make some choices that I have personally made because it’s completely implausible and “unhealthy.” 

So let me finish with this. I don’t know how they’re going to handle Bellamy and his sexual history over the past six years. I will not be surprised if he has not been celibate. I will not even necessarily be disappointed, though I would love to have some representation for people who have been sexually active and then chosen to take an extended break from that (as it’s not something we really ever see), because whatever they do I want it to feel true to his character. But I also want to make it very clear that Bellamy choosing to stay celibate should he want to (and not out of guilt or trauma) isn’t some absurd, ridiculous, or inherently unhealthy choice/storyline. And I would appreciate if people would pay attention to their language and stop implying (or straight up claiming) that it is.

Kiss The Girl (Uma x fem!reader)

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Uma barely had enough time to get dressed before a grumpy Harry and half asleep Gil came barging into her dorm room. “Waking up at the bloody cracka dawn. This school is bonkers,” Harry growled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You should have known it was going to happen before you accepted,” The sea witch muttered, applying her eyeliner with deadly precision.

“And leave my Captain and mates with these pansies? Not likely,” The brunet retorted, elbowing a sleeping Gil.

The Captain smirked, laying down her eye pencil before turning to face her comrades. “Well, boys. Let’s go show these pretty pink princesses and perfect princes what Villains are truly like.”

The two boys exchanged mischievous grins, “ Aye aye, Captain.”

“Here you go, little guy,” You whispered, gently untangling a Koi from Auradon’s “Serenity Garden”. Some bastard apparently decided to try fishing in the Koi Pong. Again.

Being the Granddaughter of King Triton made you the obvious candidate , along with the son of Rapunzel, Thomas, who had proven to have a green thumb, to tend to the Garden, seeing as it was mostly bridges and trails centered around a rather large system of ponds and rivers. With certain areas for beautiful plant life, of course. There was even a small area dedicated to growing fresh fruits and vegetables, tended to by some student volunteers.

“What is this place?” A girl’s voice cut through the silence, startling you enough to accidentally cut yourself on the surprisingly sharp fishing line tangled around your hand. You turned your head, surprised to find one of the newly attending Villain Kids standing behind you, arms crossed as she observed the garden.

“The Serenity Garden,” You answered, startling the girl. She looked at you with wide eyes, reaching for her belt as if attempting to grab a sword that wasn’t there. “When did you get there?””

“I could ask you the same question,” You replied with an amused smile. “You startled me as well.”

“Are you fishing? I\ figured that would against the…” She trailed off, as if not knowing the word she was looking for.

“Rules?” You offered, attempting to untangle your hand, only succeeding in tangling up your other hand as well.


“Oh it is, very much so. Some boy has been trying to fish for Koi. Poor Louis got tangled up in the fishing line. Elmer nearly drowned thanks to the leather coat he left behind holding him underwater,” You mumbled, nodding to a red leather jacket hanging on the railing of the bridge a few feet away. “I didn’t know fish could drown,” The girl muttered, a confused look on her face.

“Well, they can if they’re in water completely devoid of oxygen and aren’t able to surface. But Elmer is a toad,” You explained, cutting yourself again on the fishing line wrapped around your hands.

“Do you need some help?” She asked, motioning to your tangled hands. You gave a sheepish laugh, “Please.”

The girl crouched down beside you, working on getting your hands free. “I’m Uma.”

“I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you, Uma.”

“Why is it every time I come here you’re in some type of trouble?” Uma mumbled, as she pulled you out of the water of the Koi pond. You laughed, “It’s not like I meant to fall in the Koi Pond! Annabelle was trapped between a rock and the side of the pond and I slipped.” You explained, squeezing out your shirt.

“Why do you name your fish?” She asked, watching you with amusement as you pulled your soaked hair up into a ponytail. “I don’t name them. They name themselves. They just tell me their names and get offended when I don’t call them by them,” You muttered.

Her eyebrows shot up. “You can speak to fish?” She asked, looking a little weirded out by the fact you appeared to be hearing voices.

“My mother is Ariel, of course I can speak to fish, what did you expect?” You asked. She gave a nod, “I should have seen that coming.”

“So what brings you by?” You asked, sitting on the edge of the bridge, letting your feet dangle into the water. She sat beside you, crossing her legs so her boots wouldn’t get wet. “Well, Harry is trying to find Carlos and Gil is at Tourney practice,” She explained, laying back to stare up at the cloudy sky.

“Oh so I’m just your third option?” You teased, mimicking her actions and turning your head to face her.

“Never,” She replied, a small smile appearing on her face.

“Good,” You said, scooting closer to her slightly. “Because you’re my first choice,” you added softly.

“Am I now?” She teased softly, moving even closer to you so your faces were mere inches part. You nodded, smile mimicking hers.

“Good,” She whispered, leaning her face closer to yours.

You closed your eyes, leaning closer until you could feel her lips grazing yours when -

“Oh, sorry, am I interruptin’ somethin’ here?” Harry asked from where he stood at the end of the bridge. Uma sat up quickly, glaring at her first mate. “Yes, Harry, you are,” Uma gritted out through clenched teeth.

“Oopsies. Mal’s looking for you. Something about putting a cream depilatory in some princess’s shampoo bottle for looking at you?” Harry raised his eyebrows, clicking his tongue, “I must say, Cap… I’m so proud of you.”

“You should probably go take care of that,” You remarked, raising an eyebrow at the blue haired girl.

“Yeah,” She sighed. You gave her a smile before pressing your lips to her cheek. “See you tomorrow, Uma.”

“Why does the Isle have dark cloud over it?” You asked as you sat by the edge of Auradon staring across the ocean at the Island she called home. “My mom said it’s because Beast and Belle wanted to make the Isle as dreadful as humanely possible,” She replied, lips pressed into a tight line. You shook your head, lacing your fingers through hers.

“Do you ever miss it? The Isle, I mean,” You asked, gazing at the dreadful looking Island. She nodded, giving your hand a squeeze. “Sometimes. I miss my ship, my necklace, my freedom, hell, sometimes I even miss working at Ursula’s Fish and Chips with my crew. I definitely miss my swords, being able to rough someone up for disrespecting me. You definitely can’t do that here.”

“I’d love to see the look on Fairy Godmother’s face if you did that,” You laughed, leaning your head on her shoulder. “She’d probably Bibbidi bobbity boo me right back to the Isle,” She muttered, laughing slightly.

“Yeah don’t do that then,” You chuckled.

“Why? You’d miss me that much?” She teased.

“Yeah. I would,” You whispered softly. Uma’s face softened as you locked eyes.

“There you see her,”

“Did you hear that?” She asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Sitting there across the way,”

“She don’t have a lot to say,

But there’s something about her”

“Who the hell is singing right now?” Uma called out, looking around.

“And you don’t know why,

But you’re dying to try,

You wanna Kiss The Girl.”

You wanted to die of embarrassment when a few other villain kids poked their heads out of the bushes. Are they seriously singing right now!?

Uma’s face heated, with embarrassment or fury you couldn’t tell, the more the song went on.

“I’m so sorry they did that,” Uma whispered to you after they finished and were now staring at you expectantly.

You glanced at the small group before getting a playful smile.


“Well what?” The sea witch asked.

“Are you gonna kiss the girl?”

A smile overtook her face as she nodded slightly.

“Yeah, I am.” And with that, she pressed her lips to yours.

“Hey, Lass - er, Lasses? I get yer all sexually frustrated and all, but can you not eat each other’s faces off right now? I’d like to keep my appetite in tact.”

Musicals Everyone Should See

A.K.A. Musicals I just really really like personally and want to see more content for

These are all pretty mainstream and popular, however the amount of musicals getting attention and content lately has been restricted to a very small group of new shows and while they’re great, I’d love to see these shows get some attention and content again. 

Also the large majority of the fandoms I’m in right now are pretty young so there’s a chance a lot of you haven’t heard of these shows, which is a shame cause they’re great!!

Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog -  This is a miniseries starring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion about an aspiring supervillian called Doctor Horrible. It’s filmed in the style of Video Blogs and has 3 short acts, it’s short but super good! Very funny, really great actors, and a sad ending. You can find the full thing on youtube.

Little Shop of Horrors - This musical is a classic, but I barely hear about it at all lately!! It’s a horror-comedy about a flower shop on Skid Row where a strange and unusual plant is found by one of the employees, who discovers two things:  The plant does wonders for business, and it has a taste for blood. The stage version is really good, but there’s also a great movie of it starring Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene (and Steve Martin has a great supporting role).

Carrie The Musical - A musical adaption of Stephen King’s novel by the same name, this musical follows the events surrounding a young girl tormented by bullies at school, as well as by an abusive mother, who discovers she has supernatural powers. This musical is amazing and has really great songs, however it does contain bullying, abuse, and what can be interpreted as anti-religious content. Be sure to keep that in mind if you’re made uncomfortable by that sort of thing! A full recording of the 2012 revival is currently on youtube.

Hairspray - Set in the 1960s, this musical follows Tracy Turnblad, an overweight dancer struggling to break out into show business and her efforts to end racial segregation on television. The 2007 film is my personal favorite to watch, it stars Nikki Blonsky, Zach Efron, Queen Latifa, Christopher Walken, John Travolta, and Amanda Bynes. There was also recently a “Hairspray Live” on television but it wasn’t all that great…

Into The Woods - A musical by the amazing Stephen Sondheim, the plot revolves around fairy tale characters from different stories, namely Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (and the beanstalk), Rapunzel, a Witch, Baker, and his wife, and a lot more as they all attempt to achieve their various wishes. The show is a funny and dark take on classic tales, and has really great music. You can find a professionally recorded video of a live performance on youtube, and Disney also made a movie of it a few years back. The movie does take out some stuff for time + to make it more kid friendly though.

I’ll probably add onto this list as time goes on, these are just the shows I’ve been wishing had more content lately. They’re all super great and I think the younger fans currently discovering Broadway should check them out!! Feel free to message me if you’d like to watch any of these and are having trouble finding them!

I have a presentation next class and I’m freaking out so here have a Lance doodle

EXO (OT12) - Reaction to Things Getting Heated During an Argument ;)

As requested. :)


“Why do you even care” Your voice was stern as you turned around finally facing him after he had been nagging you as you were messing with the clothes in your closet. You had been spending some time with a male friend of yours and he seemed to be getting a bit jealous. You had repeatedly told him it was nothing more than hanging out due to having the same interests and working at the same office. His eyes were filled with anger but not directed towards you, mostly towards your friend. “He is spending too much time with you, what if he doesn’t feel the same way that you do?” Without thinking about your answer too much you blurted out what came to mind immediately, “Is he the one I come home to and sleep with every day? Who cares if he likes me, you are the one I want. No one drives me insane like you do, I mean do you even see how sexy you are upset like this?” You rolled your eyes but noticed the change in his demeanor. The anger in his eyes turned into lust. His rigid frame softened as he walked towards you and brought your lips to his own. The stupid fight forgotten. He wasn’t backing down and you had no desire to retreat, this man was yours and you were his. Just like you were trying to tell him.

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Plot Twist Pt. 2

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Steve Rodgers x sister!reader
Prompts: 21. “I did NOT tell you to set it on fire!!”
6. "That’s french for ‘go away’.“
Summary: After getting caught flying in a stolen Iron Man suit the reader is held for questioning in some dark corner of the Avengers Compound. Concerned Steve and Tony try to find out how and why you’ve gone to such lengths to get their attention.
Part 1
Warning: There’s some suggestive stuff between Tony and the reader. I want to make it clear, I’m NOT approving of a relationship between a grown man and a 16 yr old!! I’m just using these interactions to so the extent of the reader’s emotional detachment, and the twisted way they are used to communicating in precarious situations. The interactions between them will in no way develop into a romantic plot line

Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

After your revelation there was a small commotion. Tony sent Peter on a fact finding mission, gave Steve a moment to breathe, and you agreed not to kill anyone if they untied you. 
”Didn’t know being a Rogers had it’s perks,” you muttered at Tony’s back while he led you out of the interrogation room and into a spacious office. 
Tony watched as you walked past him and into the room, heading straight for the windows. 
”Enjoying the view or looking for a way out?” he asked after a moment of silence.
”I got a partial story from Cap, but, as you can imagine, he was a bit preoccupied with having a panic attack.” Tony said, watching you scan the landscape around the compound. “So Y/N Rogers, do you want to fill me in?”
”Daddy dearest unfroze and needed to unwind. Met my mom- in the biblical sense- then a year later my mom met a drunk driver. I survived, she didn’t.” You voice didn’t give away any sense of resentment or pain. Actually Tony noticed a complete lack of emotion. It was as if you were explaining to him how addition and subtraction worked.
”Never pictured Rogers as the one night stand type,” Tony said to himself. 
”We can be,” you said throwing a look over your shoulder at him and giving a smile. 
Tony looked confused not understanding how you could dryly talk about growing up parent-less and then flip a switch and be a confident smart-ass.
Your conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Mr. Stark?” Peter said stepping into the room. “I found the files you asked for. I mean- FRIDAY found them.” He carried a hefty stack of papers over to Tony and lowered his voice, “Y/N’s used a lot of aliases but facial recognition identified her in all of these cases.”
You winked at Peter causing him to shove the files into Tony’s hands and leave in a flustered mess. 
“Play nice,” Tony warned noticing the effect you were having on his innocent intern.
“Oh I will,” you muttered under your breath purely for your own entertainment. 

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“I must say, you’ve done a lot to get our attention. Theft, arson, assault, organizing a small group of thugs and smugglers.”
”Don’t flatter yourself,” you said, “I was just doing my thing. Like I said before, you didn’t catch me until I needed you to. Hence why you didn’t even know I existed.”
”There’s no way you would have kept under the radar for that long. You ran with a rough crowd.”
”I ran the rough crowd. And yeah, it’s easy to fly under the radar when it’s full of aliens and A.I.s. Great job on that by the way,” you said giving him a sarcastic thumbs up. 
Tony bristled at the mention of Ultron. “So you what? Saw some petty crime during your orphaned childhood and thought- damn, that looks like a good time?”
His witty response entertained you, momentarily knocking down your guard and letting an honest answer slip by. ”No. I was taught. By people who knew what I was before I even did.” Once the words came out you clenched your jaw, the tensed muscle were the only sign that you had given away too much. Tony picked up on it. 
”Taught huh? Like in between your French and Chemistry classes?” He threw a bit of sarcasm back, flaunting that he had caught your slip. You didn’t move or respond, eyes trained on the wall behind Tony. ”Who taught you?” he pressed.
“Fuck off” you said out of the side of your mouth, re-straightening your posture and looking at him with an uninterested expression. “That’s french for ‘go away’.”
”Random 10 year old girls don’t just go around beating grown men senseless,” he said holding up photos from one of the files. 
Ah, Jonny. He thought he was such a hardass, you reflected fondly as you recognized the battered face.
”You know how that tune goes- girls just wanna strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.”
”I’m not familiar with that version.” Tony scoffed. 
He took a deep breath and ran a hand across his face. Teenagers are the worst, he thought to himself. 
“Why now?” Steve’s voice cut through the room, making both you and Tony turn towards the door in surprise, “What’s your plan?”
”Why do I have to have the plan?” you said innocently, “aren’t you the ones who have to decide what to do with me?”
Tony and Steve looked at each other, both knowing there wasn’t a plan for this.
”You can’t let me go because you know there’s more to this,” you said to Tony. “And you,” you turned to Steve,“you are just too good to let your crazy kid loose. Though I’m not sure you like me enough to be doing that for my sake. Probably worried I’ll burn down Brooklyn.”
”Well we can’t ignore all this,” Tony said coming to Steve’s defense. The poor guy was still trying to process everything, his face constantly being taken over by a new emotion. “These files- your past-would all have to magically go away for us to be able to trust you to stay here.” Tony said leaning against his glass desk top and crossing his arms. He was making a point, showing you two things. 1) that he put the ball in your court and 2) that he knew you were just as stuck as they were. You would’ve been happy still tied to that chair, but they had created this limbo when they set you free and gave you a chance. You knew you needed to straighten it out, do something drastic to define the lines so you know which to cross and when. You needed to make a play…you need to stay on objective.
You took a beat but didn’t respond verbally. Instead you started walking towards Tony slowly. There was something predatory in the way you walked, your eyes locked in but deadened. You stopped right in front of him and leaned forward reaching around him. Your chests were inches apart and Tony stiffened, giving Steve a side eye that said ‘THIS IS YOUR KID.’

“AHHHH!” Tony screamed and jumped away as the stack of files behind him ignited into a ball of flames.
Steve ran across the room to help Tony put out the growing fire. It spread across the glass igniting some memos and blueprints. oops.
Finally they were able to put it out, smoke beginning to slowly curl off the ash and blackened pages. Both of the men, now covered in charcoal marks on their arms and faces, turned to you in disbelief.
You had settled into a nearby chair, throwing you legs over the arm rest and letting them dangle. “You told me that if I was going to stay all of that would have to go away.”
“I did NOT tell you to set it on fire!!” Tony shouted.
“Sorry. I have a flair for the dramatics,” you punctuated your statement by tossing your hair over your shoulder.
“How did you even-” Steve began to ask, but you cut him off tossing a small metal lighter into his hands. Steve turned it over seeing an engraved C.B.
“Knicked it,” you said. “Rule #2: if you can’t find an escape, find a way to cause a distraction.” you quoted robotically. Tony and Steve looked at you, completely at a loss. What were they going to do with you? You were the pinnacle of a teenager- angsty, unreasonable, but (unlike your peers) dangerous.
“Technically I did a good deed,” you offered, pulling out the knife you keep tucked in your boot and using it to clean under your nails. “I added 5 years and clean lungs to Barton’s life.” 
“Who are you?” Steve wondered out loud. He didn’t know whether he was concerned, afraid or disappointed and it showed in his deflated shoulders. 
“What’s rule #1?” Tony asked. It was irrelevant, but after the last few hours protocol seemed irrelevant.
“Only trust one thing:” you responded automatically, “you are always on your own.”

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Gaeltacht 101

Going to the Gaeltacht for the first time can be SCARY. I remember when I found out the first year that I was going I genuinely cried because I was so afraid. However, six summer courses later (four as a student and two working as a ceannaire), and I still don’t know what terrified me so much. It’s a great opportunity and it’s essentially a holiday (if the weather holds up!).
Since it’s still so scary for many people, I’ve made a list of tips, supplies, and other useful bits for first-timers!

- Pack in advance. Make sure you bring sports clothes (even if you don’t like sports you’ll probably HAVE to do them), beach clothes, spare towels, more clothes, socks, and underwear than you think you’ll need. PRACTICAL SHOES. Holy god please don’t wear heels in the Gaeltacht (maybe bring a pair just for the last night). You’ll be picking yourself out of the muck for a week.

- Bring water. If you’re going to a coastal Gaeltacht (An Rinn especially), there’s a good chance that the drinking water will be manky AND that you won’t get enough of it. They do big packs of bottled water in Lidl for fairly reasonable. Some places mightn’t want you having water but h o n e s t l y. Just don’t have a water fight indoors like a gobshite.

- Have at least enough Irish to get by. If you can’t string a sentence together as Gaeilge you’re going to have a very rough time of it. Try to step it up in school in the months leading up to the summer. If your teacher is useless, try Duolingo to get your basics down.

- Buy/bring a backpack. Trust me, even those dinky ones from Penneys are lifesavers. Where else are you going to keep your suncream, water, camera, purse/wallet? In fact, get a small one so you don’t become the group suitcase.

- If you have a hurley BRING IT. 

- Don’t give the ceannairí/cúntóirí a hard time. It’s their job to make sure you’re trying to speak Irish and not acting the maggot too much. No, Páidí isn’t an arsehole for giving you detention, you’re the one screaming “WILL YOU MEET MY FRIEND” while standing on a bosca bruscar.  

- If you don’t want to go to mass, you might have to bring a letter from your parents. I know this is a tough one, especially if your mam or dad are religious/awkward. Some places will let you just stay back and do sports or whatever if you ask, but others have a hard rule about it.

- Wear your interests. This can be a risky one, but if you’re a little shy it can help to have a literal beacon to connect with other people who are also shy. In my time the emo kids always stuck together, and you could pick any one of us out by our clothes. Same with the bebo stunnahs, or any other group. I know it seems a bit silly, but it works. You won’t always get on with people who dress the same, but having something to talk about is a step to finding people you do get on with. Something as simple as a band shirt or even badges are enough, you don’t want to go too flashy in the Gaeltacht.

- Bring pocket money. When I say pocket money, I mean maybe €10-€20 in case ye go to the shop or have a shop on site. You really shouldn’t need more than that unless the coláiste tells you otherwise. 

- You might not be able to bring snacks with you. You might have to deposit them in a seomra soláistí/tuck room. You definitely shouldn’t keep them in your room/dorm. You definitely shouldn’t put them at the bottom of your suitcase or in an opaque bag because nobody can, without permission, search through your belongings to take them from you. You definitely also shouldn’t need to make sure there are no wrappers visible in bins or crumbs left around because you definitely won’t be eating in the dorms. You also definitely shouldn’t bribe a ceannaire with chocolate if they catch you with food. 


Okay so, me and Harostar were talking about this before the chapter came out.

Urie was not there when Shirazu and Mutsuki met Touka he’s probably not going to know who she is unless he speaks to Takeomi or Saiko who know Yoriko by sight.and Touka at least by photo. Meaning probably at least one of them will go with him to try and find out what Mutsuki was going after/possibly where Yoriko was taken.

If Urie finds out the connection Haise seemed to have with Touka, he probably will not want to get the CCG involved except maybe the small group that is doubting Furuta’s BS (AKA Kuramoto, The other Quinx minus Aura, Suzuya and possibly his squad.)

If he does this could be important for a number of reasons. For one it brings the group of people Mutsuki mentions as people he feels like Haise/Kaneki betrayed.

For another it can be the catalyst that makes a bunch of necessary reactions to happen.

  • Takeomi meeting the ghoul his Fiance was so close to.
  • Nakarai finally having that talk Kiyoko really wanted him to have with Shinsanpei…
  • The group of Furuta doubters possibly learning the truth and possibly coming to Kaneki’s side of things.