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sorry to put this question out to you but I don't really know who to ask : (. I've been developing severe acne and now it's at a point where I can't cover it all up with makeup.. I'm incredibly insecure about it that honestly, I'm considering quitting copslay (a hobby I LOVE).... It's just getting so stressful for me, I worry more about my skin for conventions than finishing cosplays. I know how to edit it out (I look fine online tbh) but now I feel fake and scared going to irl events...

I mean, there’s tons of tutorials that are out there, and threads, of cosplayers talking about how to cover up bad cases of acne. But I know thats not really what you’re looking for. 

My best advice for you is that YOU come first. Always. Even before cosplay man. 

First and foremostm you come before other people. Don’t worry about feeling fake to other people in irl events because you are being true to yourself. Your acne does not define you, nor is it even a characteristic that should be considered a part of you. No one would list Acne in ‘definable traits’ list. So fuck it man. If someone has a stink that you take care of yourself and your insecurity and thinks it should be apart of your everyday, then that person isnt something you need to associate with. YOU DO YOU first. 

And secondly, if cosplay is stressing you out because of it. It is, OKAY, to take a break. Youll be upset that youve missed some cons but there will ALWAYS be moe. And yu can get back into the swing of things once you feel better about it. But acne can be a vicious cycle. Your stressing because of your acne, you break out more cause your stressin. You know?

And finally, its also okay to NOT stop cosplaying. And do it in spite of your acne. Maybe do cosplays not so heavily involved with your face. I had a friend, who, after facial surgery, did a bunch of mask cosplays and still felt badass, got to create stuff, and gave their face a much needed break from makeup and attention. Body paint and characters with scars, anything that changes your insecurity into a TOOL is a neat alternative. 

And also also man, you can just cosplay who you want, with your acne. Because I know for damn sure you’re going to be happier doing what you want then letting your acne determine who you are. But you have options, and ALL of them are okay. 

And please, anybody out there with some advice, reply in the notes!

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Hello, my skin is usually clear but I do get occasional pimples and acne, they leave pretty visible red scars and it takes them weeks to heal. How can I hurry them up or reduce their appearance?


Red scars usually mean that it’s not on a full on scar yet but just residual inflammation, deeper scars will be more brown, especially in darker skin. 

The best way to avoid them is to prevent them by treating the acne with medicated products and using SPF to avoid darkening a spot left behind but there are a few things you can do to help them after they’re already there!

  • Exfoliating, to get rid of the damaged skin.
  • Products with Retinol and Niacinamide to help repair damaged skin/encourage new collagen. 
  • Spot Treatments (for current break out that could lead to red mark), use them RIGHT when you see a pimple coming on. 

The main way to prevent semi permanent scars is to avoid picking at your skin, popping acne, if you tear or break the skin it will take longer to heal. A pimple is a clogged pore and those heal with skincare and without squeezing/popping even though it’s tempting. If you need a pimple gone immediately for some big event you can get a cortisone injection at a dermatologist which will dramatically reduce inflammation and also prevent a scar. Cortisone injections are great for large, cystic acne because it heals the pimple quickly and prevents a red mark that cystic acne usually leaves behind. 

If you can’t make it to the dermatologist spot treatments will help heal acne quickly and prevent that little red mark. The sooner you heal the acne, the less likely it will leave residual inflammation.

I recommend Neutrogena’s On The Spot Acne Treatment!

Randomness This Wednesday

Entertainment Tonight followed me on Twitter today.  Really?  I have like 130 followers and they’re one of them.  I am amused.  Honestly, there’s nothing to see here.  Maybe I should try harder.

Why is it so tough to get into a skin clinic?  I have this thing on my leg and really need to have it removed.  I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, but the thing keeps bursting. (looks like a damn crime scene when it does).  I’ve been putting a band aid on every day since Christmas.  Only a few more weeks.

Two more weekends of basketball and then I’m done for the season.  At least there will be some extra money coming in!

I have a guys weekend planned in three week.  Actually, I didn’t plan it.  We’re heading to the beach to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday.  I’m not sure if it will be more of an “old farts” weekend or a “bachelor party” weekend.  Guess we’ll see.  I’d better rest my liver up just in case.

With the wife laid up on the couch, we haven’t gone out to eat much.  Which, honestly, is great.  We’ve saved money and eaten a lot better (healthier).  But I’m dying to eat at the new burger place near us.  So I think that’s happening tonight.

The Evil Kermit memes give me hope that one day my funny can be shared with the world.  One day….

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It's a universally acknowledged truth that you have awesome hair. Do you dye it yourself? What colors do you like to use?

Aw thank you lovely!! I SO miss my mermaid hair :D I hope to dye it again soon once it gets warmer and I can get some color on this skin. Honestly I always went to my friend at her salon. lol I have SO much hair and didn’t trust myself to do it and it look good <3 Hannah is AMAZING at mermaid hair and I did A LOT of research on how to take care of it and make it last a lot longer

First time I went a crazy color about a year and a half ago: BRIGHT ass pink lol

Then after that Hannah wanted to do a blend in with MLP colors and I was like “yeah let’s do it I trust you”

THEN she took me more purple :D

There’s this AMAZING cheat I found on youtube how to maintain pastel hair. You take a dye (I usually used Manic Panic colors bc they were vibrant and had the colors i wanted) then mix them into your conditioner. Put it in your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash it out and it restores your color without having to go back to the salon ;)

Now my hair looks like this: top color is my natural hair color

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I was wondering if I will get saggy/excess skin because I have stretch marks around my thighs from growth and weight gain. Do you know?

it’s possible but it all depends on the person and their genetics and how fast you lose the weight and so many other factors. but would you rather be overweight or have some extra skin that surgery can get rid of?

When your trying to get your life together but your face won’t let you…

I swear my skin was beginning to get so clear and it lasted for so long…😩🙈 And then it all came back so intense. God damn.😒

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

For the @mlcalendarproject I got assigned July (my birthday month, actually!)!  

You know what that means…?



Soft Peach Skinblend by Mohkii (700+ Followers Gift)

Here is just a simple skinblend I made. I’ve been wanting to make another skinblend for myself so I’m not having to use a ton of skin details etc so here we are! It comes in all ages and 4 separate packages. The female skin comes with a breast overlay as well.

tou; do not claim as your own, free to share in sim downloads

credits; heihu (face and breast) , ddeathflower (face) // additional creds; noodlesims, leh and pyxis

download - simfileshare

**Updated** I added a custom thumbnail! Please re-download!


Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)


❝ I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.
I am changing the things I cannot accept.❞

- A N G E L A   D A V I S

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