get in my skin

So I’m writing Sweater Weather and without really thinking about it I just typed out “Izuku feels like there are hundreds of bees under his skin for the happy buzzing that fills him head to toe.”

And I’m trying to figure out if that’s creepy or not? It… sounded cute in my head but reading it back that sounds kind of horrific.  

You find happiness in my sadness and my anger ignites your fire. Yet I still listen to your handcrafted lies, I give in to that stupid smirk of yours. Stupid, the same word you called me when I studied all night for a test and you still were able to get a better mark than myself, without even trying. You act as if you know everything, all you really know is how to get under my skin. Your face may be what they call gracious, yet your personality has no grace to it. 

- To the person who’s manipulated me many times 

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Hanzo's new victory pose with young hanzo is super cute, young hanzo doesn't get enough love. He's adorable

Despite my disdain for his younger skins bc of the way his hair is modeled, it actually does look real heckin’ nice with the new pose and I like it 

For the @mlcalendarproject I got assigned July (my birthday month, actually!)!  

You know what that means…?



for @claryfairechild

i’m just some girl from brooklyn who went out to celebrate her birthday and came back with a present she never wanted