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Day #29

Hey peeps!
It is with much relief that I say I am FINALLY getting over kidney stones 2017. Just when I thought I was better, nope! More stones and 2 surgeries later, here we are! But all is better now. I had my second stint removed yesterday morning and I feel SO much better this morning. I got THE BEST sleep last night, first time in a month! All of this struck right at the beginning of my HRT journey which was really unfortunate, but IT DID NOT CONQUER ME! I stuck with my hormones even through all of the other medication once I got the green light from my doctor. Today is 29 solid consecutive days on HRT and it is definitely showing in my opinion. A picture only says so much, but my skin is getting so soft, it is really nice and makes me smile. It has been difficult separating my emotions because some things I was experiencing were because of the kidney stones or medications they had me on. So, I am excited to really tune into my mental state as I begin finishing my antibiotics and eventually get back to just taking my hormones. I did have a bit of an emotional spell right before Mothers day, but that very well might not have been hormones. I had a lot of stress going on unrelated to why I felt like I was having such intense emotions. Like I said, I am glad to be getting back to just my hormones.

Also, I know it is not Tuesday.
But honestly, whatever. 
This shirt is comfy.


Out Of Sight Part 3 - Auston Matthews

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Okay so I think this is my favorite part out of all of them? I appreciate your love and support beyond words can describe! I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Warnings: Cursing again I think?

Word Count: 1258

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

*Auston’s POV*

 I quickly walk out of the front door of my building, instantly feeling the warm July breeze in Toronto. I start jogging two blocks down the street to Mitch’s building. Looking here first since he’s one of the only two people I have told about our relationship. He was also the first to know so Y/N has known him longer.

 I enter his building and a cold sweat starts rising from my skin. Getting into the elevator, not being able to tell if it’s the air conditioning that’s cold, or if it’s my emotions playing with me. The fear of not being able to find her is starting to take a toll on my brain.

 I reach the apartment door, hesitating before knocking. Afraid that what I’m looking for may not be on the other side. My eyes are locked to the ground as my knuckles hit the stiff metal door. Repeating when I don’t get a reply after several seconds.

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post-op happiness

-I tried on shirts for the first time today without boobs. It felt so good. I was buying them because I liked them, not because of how well they could mask my chest. Feeling shirts lay flat against me, with no bulky binder in the way to make them look bad…it felt so good!

-I got some swim trunks too, and I cannot WAIT to go swimming for the first time after I’m healed! I can have my shirt off! I can actually breathe and feel comfortable and just enjoy the water and focus on having fun! Swimming isn’t going to be a horrible ordeal anymore…that means so much to me

-I went for a walk today. It was hot, and I didn’t have to gasp and sweat through a binder or stare down at my boobs the whole time feeling self conscious. I just…went for a walk. I felt the breeze on my skin

-I get to wear shirts now that I haven’t worn in months or years because I was stuck with the same 3-5 outfits that hid my chest well. I don’t have to bundle up in the middle of summer anymore just to hide my chest. I wore a white t-shirt today for the first time in…I can’t remember!!

-I walk around shirtless after my showers for a good half hour just enjoying the feeling of freedom and looking down at my new chest

-I laid awake last night for a long time just giddy with the possibilities of what I can do now. I can go to the amusement park, the water park, I can go to the lake, I can be a douchebag and take my shirt off while playing basketball because why the fuck not!

-I’m such a happy boy right now

Cool Ideas From Kai-chan

What if Akademi wasnt just a Japanese private school? What if it was like an international one that accpted so few people from around the world that they would get one of the best educations.

- Super strict teachers with incredible training in both fighting and teaching
- Clubs to better yourself if college is something you want to pursue
- People from all over with varying accents and skin tones

“If you know you’re gonna lose against your enemy anyway, then the only thing you can do is party hard" -Sun Tzu, probably.

(w/ @boomotherfucker )

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How has rose hip oil helped your skin personally? I am aware of certain benefits from reading up on it, but what did you notice a difference about and how quickly after first use? Your skin looks perfectly painted haha I want your complexion!

Aw thank you! My skin gets really dry in the winter but when I use that in the morning it goes back to normal for the rest of the day. I used to break out all over my face and could never find a face wash/moisturizer that didn’t harm it. My skin is super sensitive so I don’t wash it at all and I hardly even put water on it and I just use the oil. I only break out a few days out of the month now and it’s just one or two. Never on my cheeks or forehead anymore. It’s definitely evened out the tone too. I don’t wear anything underneath my eyes anymore or anywhere really. It got rid of dark spots. It’s a lot softer now too. That’s all I can really think of. I’ve been using it since the fall, if that helps at all. Most of these it started fixing immediately.

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Can I get one with Miles where the two are sorta like enemies that eventually fall for each other? I just really like Romeo and Juliet type troupes (except in this case, Romeo and Juliet hate each other)

Word Count: 1,054

You slammed the door to your office, muttering awful things about Miles. You turned around and froze while a nervous looking Cole sat there and gave you a wave.

You relaxed and gave a quick apology, “Sorry. You know how he just seems to get under my skin. Apparently, my scripts after a fourth edit are still not good enough. I keep begging Joe that the second he has room to let me write for RVB.”

“Are you talking about this script?” Cole asked as you moved to your chair. You had almost forgotten you had asked him to look over it.

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For the @mlcalendarproject I got assigned July (my birthday month, actually!)!  

You know what that means…?