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its That Time Of Year where my bio teacher is teaching us about human reproduction and we get to go into Detail about how genitals determine gender and my dysphoria just Amplifies

:/ hang in there! hopefully it’ll be over soon!

Baby 3 (N.M)



| I AM BACK BITCHES😅 Here’s part 3 of Baby for yaaaaall, hope you enjoy it. 1.8k words, no editing ha, I might do something else a lil bit lateeeeer| 

 "And here we have the beautiful, but not so lovely Y/N, trying her hardest to breathe through her contractions and not punch me in the balls.“ The iPhone 6 is shoved right into my face and I feel the ball of anger forming in my stomach, mixing with the never-ending contractions. 

 "You got that damn right,” I mutter through clenched teeth, glaring up at the newly blonde Sam. “If you try to sneak an action shot, I will murder your ass.”

 What an opportunity to up his Snapchat story and let the fans get a closer look into the boys personal lives. And my genitals. Sam laughs loudly, throwing his head back and clapping his hands. 

“Yo, don’t worry, I don’t wanna see that ruined mess.” Nate deadpans and stares at his friend. 

“Dude, that’s my baby mommas vagina you’re talking about." 

 Nate was at the hospital before I was, I don’t know how because he was on a flight back to Nebraska when I told him that I was going into labour and there was still another 20 minutes before he landed. But he’s here. He’s tired and rather emotional, due to the fact that he has not slept in nearly 50 hours. 

"Well, I don’t want to see your kid being pushed through her birth canal, too much blood for my liking.” I’ve never, ever wanted to physically assault a person more than I do than. 

 "You’re complaining about seeing too much blood? Are you fucking kidding me right now, Samuel?“ 

 "Blood makes me queasy.” He shrugs.

I clench my jaw. “You’re gunna see a lot of fuckin’ blood escaping your nose in a minute." 

Sammy’s eyes widen a slight amount and he steps back a few inches. "Woah, aggressive." 

"I’m gunna shove a needle so far up your ass you’re gunna need stitches.” I’m sure there’s a needle lying around somewhere that I can pinch, I mean, I am in a hospital, people are getting pricked with those things every few minutes. 

“That’s my cue to leave.” Sammy grins sweetly, sending me a curt nod and scurrying out of the private birth room. 

I look over at Nate, who has an amusing smirk drawn on his lips, and roll my eyes. Of course he found that funny, he just seems to find the humour in my mood swings. It’s damn annoying. 

“How the fuck do you put up with that shit everyday?" 

"You learn to live with it.” I give him a look and he lazily grins at me. “How you feeling?” I scoff loudly and glare at him. 

“How do I look like I’m feeling?" 

"Sam’s gone, for now, so you can calm down and relax,” He says in a calming, scratchy voice. “Being stressed and pissed isn’t going to help the process.” It really won’t help, it’ll make it a lot worse, and frankly, I’m going to blame Sammy if my blood pressure is high. 

“Please don’t let him be like that when he comes back in? Because I really will shove a needle up his ass." 

"I know you will.” Nate chuckles lowly and leans back against the window. He stares out at the country view, running a hand through his messy, dark curls. “I can’t believe this is actually happening, we’re having a baby." 

"Actually, I’m having a baby, she’s coming out of my vagina, therefore I am having a baby and you are getting a kid." 

And he’s damn lucky he isn’t pushing this baby out of his dick. 

"Sorry.” He raises his hands up and shakes a laugh. “But yeah, I’m gunna be a dad and you’re gunna be a mom…" 

"She’s gunna be such a daddy’s girl.” He’s going to spoil this little girl so bad, but he’ll make sure she’s still humble, grateful and hardworking. 

“Of course she will, I’m gunna love her so much. I’m gunna make sure she always knows that I love her. Even when she’s sixteen and she hates me, I’ll still tell her I love her." 

"She won’t hate you. Nobody can hate you.” I mumble. The little ball of anger slowly fades out of my body and the labour pains start to take their full effect. 

“You did,” He states boldly in a matter of fact tone. “Or you still do." 

"That’s a different kind of hate." 

"How?” He leans forward and pushes his legs onto the floor. He rests his elbows against his knees and his chin in his palms. 

“She’ll be your daughter, she’ll hate you because you’ll be too protective and won’t let her date or hang out with her friends.” Every teenager claims they hate their parents at one stage in their life. “But me, I hated, I still kind of do, you because you never let me talk during a fight. You would accuse me of doing something and then you would just leave, but you always came back and let me talk. The last time we fought, you never came back. And that killed me.”

The crack in my voice seemed to open up an entirely new level of emotions, something I haven’t experienced in a good few years. The aches in my stomach are becoming unbearable and there’s such a huge weight on my shoulders, I feel like I’m suffocating. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N." 

"Don’t apologise, it was both of us in the wrong. Let’s just move on now because I feel like I’m going to pass out right now." 

"I’ll go find a nurse." 

My nurse offered me some different types of pain relief, which I jumped at the chance to take. I rejected the epidural straight away, I don’t like needles and I don’t like needles in my back. I decided to use the morphine option. 

"Thank you for being here, Nathan, it really means a lot to me.” I lazily say, keeping my eyes closed and relaxed. He gently rubs my arm. 

“You know I wanted this, of course I’d be here.“ 

"I do love you, but after that argument I don’t think it would be a good idea.” The argument we had definitely ruined our relationship for good, I don’t think we’ll ever get back to where we were before. 

“What are you talking about?" 

"Nothing, it’s the past now.” I sigh and dig my head further into my pillow. “I’m really hungry but I’m not allowed to eat.” I can’t eat until this damn baby is here and then I have to wait a few more hours after that! I open my eyes and see Nate sitting on the edge of his chair. 

“Do you want any ice chips? I can go get some for you.“ I shake my head, 

"No thanks, but after she’s here and I’m clear to eat, will you go and get me McDonalds?” Nate smiles at me and nods. 

“Of course, I’m guessing you’ll want a double cheeseburger, large fries, orange juice, a caramel sundae and a side of chicken select?” I look over at him with a lazy smile, 

“You know me so well." 

"That’s your night-in meal, we stayed in so much that I didn’t even bother asking you what you wanted because you would just say that.” We had McDonalds a lot when we were together, it was the only fast food restaurant we could always agree on.

“You’re my soul mate, you’re so nice to me." 

"You’re my soul mate, too, baby.” I gasp lightly and look up at him in shock, 

“Really?” He grins down at me and lightly strokes my knuckles. 

“Of course you are, I love you so much, Y/N." 

"Nathan, you’re gunna make me cry." 

This morphine has me fucked up. 

"Why are you crying, babe?" 

"Because I missed you so mu-” I was cut off by another painful contraction and the pressure I was feeling was a lot stronger that it was before. “Holy fuck." 

"Are you okay?” I shake my head and use the clicker thing next to me to call my midwife in, this baby is definitely ready to get out. “Y/N, babe-" 

 My nurse rushed into my room with another nurse behind her. She checked my cervix quickly and told me it was time to push. 

"Nate, hold my hand and never let go.” I’m going to be a mother in the next few minutes. 

“I wouldn’t dream of it." 

— — 

After exactly 27 minutes of intense pushing, my little girl was born. I wouldn’t say little, she’s got the chubbiest cheeks I’ve ever seen and she weights over 8 pounds already, she’s a big little girl. As soon as she was placed on my chest, Nate was asked if he wanted to cut the cord, which he did whilst breaking down in tears. Nate could not control his emotions after he saw her, he just broke down, stared at our daughter and cried. It made my heart melt.

"Did you ever decide on a name for her, Y/N?” Nate asks as he looks down at our daughter. 

“No,” I sigh. “I’ve kind of gone off Rosalind now." 

"What do you like instead?" 

"Kaia.” I hate my family for giving me the suggestion of Kaia, I really like it now. God damn them. 

“I like it." 

"You do?” He nods and peaks up from the baby. 

“It’s a pretty name, not many people are called it." 

"I don’t know whether to give her a middle name or not, I have so many rushing through my head right now." 

"Tell me some and we’ll pick one together, yeah?" 

"Well, there’s Kaia Emily, Kaia Marie, Kaia Elizabeth, Kaia Rose, Kaia Cherise, Kaia Lorraine, Kaia Chelsea, Kaia Aimee-" 

"I think Kaia Emily Y/L/N is pretty.” He smiles sadly but tries to cover it up as quickly as he can with a nod of his head and looking back down. 

I told myself I was going to stay strong about this baby and do exactly what I think is the best for her… After witnessing everything that Nate has done for me in the past few months, I don’t think I can keep to my will. 

“Kaia Emily Y/LN-Maloley." 

"What? Are you serious?” I nod slowly and smile at Nate, who is practically gleaming with joy. “You don’t know how much that means to me, babe." 

"Ever since you found out, you haven’t left my side and you’ve helped me with so much around the house and getting things sorted and you brought the expensive changing table I liked, just because I liked it, and your support means so much to me, you’re gunna be such a good dad to her, Nate.”

“Baby…” I take a hold of his hand, grabbing it away from his mouth. “Thank you so much.” He leans over the bed and places a long, sweet kiss on my forehead, he then does the same to our baby. “Y/N, I love you two so fucking much.”

“I know you do, you say it everyday." 

"You need to know." 

"I’ve always known.”

Spring Awakening: A Summary
  • Mama who bore me: if its not the stork then what is it
  • Mama who bore me (reprise): neither of us know either
  • All thats known: School sucked in 19th century Germany and is still relevant to american teenagers in 2015
  • The bitch of living: we all really just want to get laid (except moritz hes just sad)
  • My Junk: not actually about genitals
  • Touch me: not really that much about sex, but maybe a little
  • The word of your body: sexual tension
  • The dark i know well: this song is so fckn intense and sad
  • And then there were none: moritz is still sad
  • The mirror-blue night: idrk why this song is here tbh
  • I believe: now this one is actually about sex
  • The guilty ones: wendla didnt want the sex
  • Dont do sadness: moritz is lying bc hes literally been sad for the whole show so far
  • Blue wind: ilse is sad too bro
  • Dont do sadness/blue wind: perfect counterpoint tbh play this at my funeral
  • Left behind: moritz is gone and now Melchior is sad
  • totally fucked: me tbh
  • The word of your body (reprise): homosexuality
  • Whispering: wendla is gonna be a mom but hey maybe it wont be so bad right?
  • Those youve known: melchior sees dead ppl
  • The song of purple summer: everyone in the audience is probably crying by now tbh