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Flash FanFic...

Camila and Lauren meet after the troubled departure of Camila from the band.

Lauren: What is so important that you can not wait until tomorrow to talk?
Camila: I needed to see you.
Lauren: Now you need to see me? After you leave and let me get out of the closet so fucking alone???
Camila: Lauren, you have to forgive me!
Lauren: No!!
Camila: Lauren, please! It’s my dream… we can still together.
Lauren: No!!!! I told you, Camila… I’m not gonna hide this anymore.
Camila: Lauren, please…
Lauren: No!!! You didn’t think of me, why should I think of you now?
Camila: I thought of you, but I did it anyway cuz I know we can do both.


Camila: Lauren, please… you have to forgive me.
Lauren: No!! I’m sorry…. I can’t. I’m hurt. I don’t want this fucking toxic relationship anymore.

Camila: Lauren, you have to forgive me. You have to forgive me…
Lauren: I’m sorry…

Lauren leaves the room and Camila cries.

3 Years Later…

Camila: Lauren, what are you doing here?
Lauren: I had to see you. Don’t do it!
Camila: Lauren, this is my wedding…are you out of your mind?
Lauren: Yes, I’m out of my mind, I’ve never been so out of my mind as I am now. You can not do that!! I love you! I really really do!
Camila: I tried to get back with you for a long time. I begged your forgiveness. I made all possible statements. You deny it every time. You kept me far for all these years. I’m getting married today!
Lauren: Camz, please, don’t do it!
Camila: I’m sorry!

Later in the marriage…

The Priest: Camila, will you take John to be your husband; love, honor, and cherish him now and forevermore?

Camila: Shit!!!
All the church: What?
Camila: I’m sorry…. I’m so so sorry…
Sinu: What’s going on? Oh… it’s her…
The groom: Her?? Who?? Camila, what’s going on?
Camila: I’m sorry!! I can’t!! You are great….but I really can’t.

Camila runs away from the church and met Lauren standing on the stairs.

Magazine’s cover the next day: Camila Cabello leaves her groom at the altar to stay with Lauren Jauregui, her ex-partner in Fifth Harmony.

Camren Is Finally Real Now!!!

Happy 2020, guys!!!

He Actually Left

Request: could you do one with Josh and you two never argued and they have a bit of a fall out and it bring you to a panic attack because you can’t loose him or have him angry
A/N: I hope you like it! I didn’t write an argument portion because I didn’t really have a big idea on what the disagreement was on, so it just picks up in the middle of everything. 

I ran my hands through my hair as I sat at the kitchen table. Josh was leaning against the counter, gripping the edges as he did so.
“I can’t do this right now. I’m just going to get some of my things and stay at Tyler’s tonight.” Josh mumbled as he pushed himself away from the counter.
He then made his way to our bedroom. I followed, hot on his heels.
“Josh, please, just wait.” I pleaded with him as he grabbed a bag from the closet.
“We’re both angry and upset right now, it’d be best if we just separated for a bit.” Josh said, more or less to convince himself to go through with going to Tyler’s place.
“Josh…” I whimpered as I placed my hand on his forearm.
Josh paused from grabbing clothes out of the drawer and looked down to my hand.
“Please, just stay.” I bargained, giving his arm a small squeeze.
Josh sighed before pulling away from me and closing his bag. He then looked to me one last time before looking away and walking out of the room.
He actually left…
I stood in shock, before feeling my throat become tight. My heart was pounding, my mind was blank.
I sank to the floor as a sob racked through my body. Tears flowed freely from my eyes as I hugged my knees to my chest.
I sat on the floor, sobbing, for what felt like an eternity until I felt arms wrap around me.
“Shhhhh…” Josh cooed as he rocked us back and forth.
I continued to cry into his chest as he held me.
“I’m so sorry, I’m such an ass.” Josh mumbled as he kissed my head.
I gathered my composure enough so I could lean back to look at him.
When I finally blinked the tears out of my eyes, I saw an extremely sad looking Josh. His eyes were puffy and red from crying, there were wet tracks left on his cheeks from his own tears.
“I’m sorry.” I whispered as I reached up to wipe his cheeks.
Josh leaned his head into my touch.
“I couldn’t leave.” Josh whispered as he reached his hand up to touch my hand on his face.
I looked down at the floor, not able to form a proper response.
“I know that you’re still probably mad at me, but I just want you to know that I’ll listen to you now and that I’m not going to leave.” he continued as he lifted my chin to look at him.
I looked at him briefly before averting my gaze again.
“I love you, so much, but probably not enough.” Josh mumbled as he pulled my body close to his.
“Too much.” I told him as I leaned into him.
“I still say not enough.” he retorted with a small chuckle.
“Whatever you say.” I replied with a small smile.
Josh tightened his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.
I took his free hand in mine before settling into him.
“I love you, Josh.”
“I love you, too.”

Call Me Mistress (NSFW) (original)

I can tell by the way you carry yourself
you’re the strong manly type
who doesn’t easily give control to someone else
And you might think just by looking at me
That i’m the shy timid type
But that’s where I’m gonna have to disagree

Maybe you can’t tell just by my appearance
But I’m a dominant girl who gets off on control
If you let me I’ll give you a night worthy of remembrance
Just relax and undressed and fall into your role

So call me your mistress
And all call you whatever I please
I can tell now you’re getting curious
So get on your hands and knees

I bet you couldn’t tell at first glance
That I had a closet full of whips and chains
Did you honestly think I looking for romance
Please your just another mattress stain

I want to hear you beg and cry
I want to break you then patch you back together
Bet you never knew you were that kind of guy
Isn’t it just more fun to you give in to what you desire

In the bedroom I’m someone different
Someone kinky, freaky and taboo
Someone strong, respected and confident
In the bedroom I’m someone new

(Eah maybe not as good as call me master but I wanted to do this one for a bit now)

HELPPP 😩😩 omg

In an effort to straighten up his house while I was out of town last week, W literally STUFFED my sac de jur into a closet and I’m just finding it now. The fucking leather is warped and bent.

How on earth do I train the leather to get back to its original shape?? 😭😭😭



Post Breakup Aus
1. I can’t fall asleep without being in your arms, and I know we ended, but I haven’t slept since you left so please let me in?

2. You haven’t been at work/school for the past week and even though the last thing I said to you was ‘I hate you’, I’m really worried and I’m coming over. 

3. I heard you listening to music really loud…wait I love that band, and that’s my favourite song, I thought you hated them?

4. You told me you were going out and needed help getting ready, but now we’re drunk sitting in your walk in closet while playing dress up like we did when we were kids.

5. I left you because I wanted to get married, and you didn’t want to, but last week I found a ring under the couch, one that fits me perfectly.


hi! as it says in the pictures, my name is edmund, im 16, and im a closeted trans boy.
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  • I ran and jumped on your back because i thought you were my friend but it turns out you’re not but youre really attractive and now this is awkward au
  • I was walking my dog in the park and now he wont leave your dog alone but you’re also really cute au
  • We’re the only two in the theater for the premier of this dumb movie au
  • You always spell my name wrong on my daily coffee but you’re really hot and I’m too intimidated to correct you au
  • We’re both sitting by this outlet in the airport au
  • I was in ikea and i just found you asleep in a closet shit are you okay? au
  • Why are you peeing in my ditch at 3am au
  • You just saw me bust my ass while hiking and now i need medical attention, please help? au
  • I found you hiding while i was trying to get away from my family during the fireworks and you’re really cute and this also happens to be super romantic au
  • We’re at the same party but my ride is no where to be seen and Im kinda shit faced so can i catch a ride with you cutie au
  • We’re sitting next to each other in this packed theater and you’re crying really hard at this movie you okay buddy? au
  • Your mom and my mom are new friends and want us to hang out but I’ve had the biggest crush on you for so long omg omg omg mom no i cant do this au
  • My teacher made me join this debate team and i am extremely unprepared and you’re really good and ohmygod this is so bad au
  • Your cat wont stop meowing outside my window every night and please just let me get some sleep au
  • You threw up on my new shoes at this party and now you feel really bad so you’re trying to kiss me au
  • We’re standing next to each other in line waiting for my favorite band and you have snacks can i sit with you this is gonna be a while au
  • Im being a nude model for your art class because i need money to pay my rent but hey you’re the real work of art here wanna get coffee au
  • We’re at a costume party and you happen to be dressed as my characters love interest so hey lets chat au
  • We’re both waiting for the bus and its raining really hard man are you sure you don’t wanna share my umbrella? au
  • Im your uber driver and you’re pretty drunk and singing really loud but it also happens to be my favorite song i mean who can resist a duet? au
  • I just saw you rip your pants and you dont know what to do and you’re wearing really embarrassingly cute underwear but you want my jacket to cover you up though? au
  • I fell asleep on you on the train but you didnt move and you also happen to be really cute wow okay au
  • We are apparently both trying to get the last book for our book report thats due tomorrow so do you wanna work together on this instead or something au
  • Our teacher told me stop ogling at you and pay attention and ive been in love with you forever and ohmygod no Mrs Ward why au
  • We’re both at the beach and a wave just took my bathing suit help me please omg i dont know what to do au
  • Im your translator for this meeting but they didnt tell me how cute you were omg au
  • We both work out every morning at like 4am in this gym and your butt looks really good in those shorts lets talk sometime au
  • My friend is drunk and is making out with your friend so uh hey whats up au

Title: Pacific
TV Show: The 100
Ship: Kabby
Disclaimer: I don’t own the 100 or the characters. Don’t hurt me! :)

Note: Here’s the second part! Marcus somehow tending to Abby’s neck injury. I’m so glad you guys like the idea!! Glad I could write it for you all! :) If there’s anything else you want added to the list, message me! :D Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I wrote this after I finished all my Nursing paperwork and now I’m getting ready to study for ANOTHER EXAM. (someone kidnap me, please)

After returning to camp, she refuses to be alone. It happens quickly, their co-habitation, but naturally. Neither one of them question how the majority of her personal items have ended up in his room, and neither of them care.

She doesn’t ask which side of the small bed he wants, just decides to claim the place closest to the wall as hers. She’ll never admit to him, at least not now, how safe she feels between the wall of their home and his body; protecting her, if need be, from any danger that walks through their door.

And as expected, the first few nights are awkward. He’s unsure where to place his hands, and she’s not sure if he likes to sleep with someone so close. It was their fifth night together, she remembers, when he had rolled over in his sleep and unconsciously draped an arm over her waist, hooking his hand around her tummy and pulling until her back had met his chest.

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EXO Reaction: When you tell them you are horny when the other members are around.

Baekhyun: “Why are you like this? Do you just want to embarrassed me or something?”

Chanyeol: *members start to question him on why he is blushing and giggling all of a sudden* “Aishh it’s nothing…”

Chen: *he quickly turns around and make sure none of his members heard* “Ok just a quick one in the closet while they are all busy.”

DO: *he can’t believe that you told him that around all the members but it does make him look really manly so why the hell not*

Kai: “Well I guess you’ll just have to wait until we get home. Fighting!”

Kris: “What the hell sweetie. Now? We are with… Ok I’m gonna need you to take your hand off my ass please.”

Lay: “So I was like here is the… wait what?!”

Luhan: “I was thinking the exact same thing.”

Sehun: “Jagi! WHY!?” *he makes of you and announces it to the members*

Suho: *You told him but the whole time he just makes little remarks at you and teases you for the rest of the night until you get home and you can get your revenge*

Tao: “Why are you so naughty jagi?”

Xiumin: “Ok well bye everyone! Me and my girl are gonna go have sex. She needs me right now.”

-Admin M

Fitness Journey - Week 6 Down

The last couple of weeks I have really been taking it seriously.I’ve been desperate to start seeing some real results and I do believe that it’s finally working. I am very pleased to say that my abs are now showing…I don’t want to get too muscular, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

I’ve also been juicing a lot for my meals lately….especially for breakfast just because when I wake up in the morning, most days I just don’t feel hungry. I mean only for breakfast do I have this problem, so the past week in particular I just either do a juice meal supplement, or a Boost meal supplement. They really have been helping to get that extra couple of inches on my waist down.

Now last week i know I said all this exercise was helping with my mood and depression/anxiety, however, I had a couple of major setbacks emotionally this past week. One was me having to deal with my old group mates about getting some of the sessions back for a few songs that we did, and it’s been a huge pain. One member is holding all the songs and is being quite stubborn about releasing them to me, when it’s my intellectual property as well as his that we’re talking about here. It really sent me down and it’s been hard work not letting this struggle affect me so much.

The other issue I had last week was with my sister. We’ve been fighting a lot more than usual lately and that always makes me feel terrible simply because she is my best friend and confidant, and when we are not on the same page, everything in my life seems bleak. It’s looking like both of us will be better off if we just don’t live together anymore. I really do not want our relationship to suffer anymore. So these little issues kind of sent me in a downward spiral, but I still stuck with my fitness goals, and even achieved a personal best last night when I dead lifted 145lbs. So yay for me!

I know all this shall pass, and I will keep working my hardest on music and will be releasing music this year if it’s the last thing I do. Also my body will be ON FUCKING POINT! Bet.

Aaaand here’s the smellfie!!

11x03 “The Bad Seed”
“That Grand Coven of yours is obsolete, don’t you see? And utterly falling apart since the high priestess Olivette disappeared…”

She just looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress. Can I somehow make it magically appear in my closet please? Yes?! Great! Thank you! No, for real though, the way Rowena moved from black to purple to blue and now bright red clothing is rather indicative for her character development, I’d say. The more powerful she gets, the more colour in her outfits… Either way. Did I say already that I want that dress? :)

‘Season 4 Drabble Prompts’-Set #1

A/N: Well, I haven’t written in over three weeks. It’s been weird to say the least. Haven’t quite figured out why, but tonight I decided that the muse needed a firm talking to. So I found a list of one sentence prompts and told @hopedreamlovepray to pick a number between 1 and 64. She did that three times and I now have three little drabbles to share. I’m hoping this continues and I can get my mojo back. 

Enjoy!! And please let me know what you think!

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This Needs to Stop!

Who is Vindrem? Call him my alter-ego. The real me. The me who tells a life’s story to strangers and isn’t afraid to express himself. I normally wouldn’t go this deep, but there’s something I need to get off my chest. So please bare with me.

Everyday I live in fear because of my sexuality. I didn’t want this, but It’s mine and I will keep it for the rest of my life. I’ve made my peace with this, but because I’m too much of a people pleaser, I refuse to come out to anyone who isn’t a close friend who I trust and know won’t judge me. The Closet. It’s cold and lonely, but it’s home for now.

Why do I live in fear? I didn’t really know for a while. My parents are Christians and both of their children are gay. To them, this crushes their dreams of all of us meeting in Heaven in the end. When my sister came out and my mom told me, she was in tears. She was so hurt. I never want to be the one who pains her and destroy her dream, but I’m willing to let her believe it can still become a reality as I live a lie, keep up appearances, and continue a life as their “perfect and only son”. So I stay here.

In the days following the Orlando Shooting and Pride Week, I’ve been on YouTube. Seeing all these videos so much as mentioning gay people, the shooting, or pride receive so many hate comments, dislikes, and criticism made me realize something. We can’t do anything about it. Hatred exist now as it always has for the excuse that “it’s a sin” or “it’s against my religion” or “God hates gays”. I’m sick or reading these, but they’re everywhere.

What those ignorant and close-minded people don’t seem to understand is the strife gays have to go through. Do they seriously believe somebody would CHOOSE to live a life of persecution, depression, and becoming a target just to be different? Unfortunately, some of them do. No, many people still think it’s a choice.

I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but seeing people, like the Orlando victims, living their lives free as can be and being themselves, be gunned down because of their sexuality bothers me. And here I am, in my safe little closet. I feel guilty for not having pride in what I am, but I will continue to support the LGBTQ community till the bitter end. All this hate needs to stop. These are my people and I love them.

And for everybody using the Bible as an excuse; the Bible is old as dirt. It’s been passed down from writer to writer over 1000s of years. Do you know how many times it’s been rewritten and translated between languages? You can’t seriously believe everything in that book is 100% accurate. Who knows how many things are mistranslated or flat out untrue? The world is older than mankind. A story dating back to the beginning of time, like Adam and Eve, wouldn’t have survived that long or at all, actually. Also, I find it hard to believe that a God who so blatantly promotes loving and caring for others would also promote discrimination against others. That’s the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever heard and yet so many people, who claim to be devoted Christians, will swear out their asses that God hates gays and will defend themselves for spreading that hatred. Those people disgrace God’s will more than any gay person could ever do by being with the one they love.

I don’t even know if I should even post this since it’s all venting, but this might be the only chance I get. Life is unpredictable and anything, good or bad, could happen in an instant.


Last night I saw Zadie Smith read a new short story in the tiny library inside NoHo’s Public Theater. The pitch of her received pronunciation was so pleasing to listen to that I would deliberately get White Teeth on audiobook even though I already have it in paperback. One of the host’s friends asked all the tall men standing in the front to sit on the floor and I was like, “Mmm hmm. Yep. That’s right. Kneel before her.” I love the specific emotion of taking the late-night subway home after a “This Is Why You Moved Here” event. I did some inquisitive Googling in my Zadie trance this morning and now I want to Bling Ring her whole closet.


💖💖🎈🍭👉 FOR SALE 👈 🍭🎈💖💖

Sorry the pics aren’t the best but kind of in a hurry to post :P View to see captions for prices or check under the read more. 

Please read all before messaging!!

I’m only selling until the end of the week (for now) so I can’t hold anything for anyone this time. EVERYTHING COMES FROM A PET FRIENDLY + SMOKE FRIENDLY HOME, though most of these have just been stashed away in my closet tbh. Prices do not include shipping, if you are interested in buying, be sure to send me your zip code in your first message of what you want so I can weigh them and get shipping. If it ends up being less, I’ll refund you. If it ends up being more, I’ll cover it! I prefer you send a message using the normal asking system ( All payments will be through paypal.

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Sanctuary (chapter 4)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Marlee’s P.O.V.

I wake up to my phone ringing like the world was ending. I have 15 missed calls Micah and another 30 messages from him. I moved carefully not to wake up Jack and grabbed my phone. I quickly glimpse at the texts that included:

“Marlee please call me!”

“Come on, Marlee”

“I need you to talk to you!”

“Marlee, please. Don’t ignore me!”

“Maggie said you wanted some time alone, but I want to see you”

“Marlee, please let me explain how sorry I am”

I ignored the texts and got out of Jack’s grasp, who was thankfully still asleep, and went to the bathroom to get ready. I hop into the shower and about 30 minutes pass before I decide to get out. I wrap a towel around my body and hair, and walk back into my room and over to my closet to pick out an outfit. By now it was 11:30am.

Once I was done getting ready, I walked back downstairs to see Jack still sound asleep on the couch. I stood there and admired his features. Honestly, he could cut me with his jawline and I wouldn’t mind it. I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast and all of a sudden I hear a loud groan, coming from Jack. I even heard him say, “Marlee?” I was honestly taken aback because I think he was wondering why I wasn’t still asleep with him on the couch. I could hear his footsteps coming towards the kitchen. I turned around to see him right in front of me, looking at me. Holy shit, he is hot without a shirt on, like his abs. “Morning” I say trying to act normal. “Good morning,” he says back with his morning voice. Oh my god, even his voice is sexy. What is happening to me? I’m actually falling for him. Shit. “How long have you been up?” he asked me. “Not very long.” He nodded and got closer to me and looked like he was about to put his arm around me, but he ended up sneaking the cereal box out from behind me. He turned and I could see him smirking before he sat down at the island table. “What was that look for?” I asked. “Oh nothing, I just wanted cereal.” he said, and I could tell he was teasing. Well, two can play at that game. “My brother has been calling me,” I said and Jack immediately looked up. “What did he say?” Jack asked nervously. “I haven’t been answering them, but he’s left messages saying that he wanted to explain how sorry he was.” Jack rolled his eyes, “oh please, he doesn’t know how to say the word sorry. But wait, did Maggie say that we are here together?” “Maggie told him that I needed time to be alone, but he hasn’t figured out that you’re with me yet. So we could do anything we want,” I moved closer to him as a way to tease him, and he started tensing up the closer I got. His head turned to look at me and I reached over him, but only to grab the cereal box and quickly moved back to where I was. Jack sighed as I sat down across from his at the island table. I smirked to myself and tried my best to tease him as I ate. “So, what are we doing today,” Jack asked breaking the tension. “Beach?” He immediately nodded and we went upstairs to get ready. Walking up the stairs, I slightly swayed my hips due to him following me. Jack let out a cough and I smirked to myself again. I we went into our separate rooms and I immediately got changed. I put on my two piece bathing suit and put beach essentials into my bag. Five minutes later, I walked back downstairs and heard Jack talking to someone. I stayed out of sight while he was in the kitchen speaking to whoever it was, but clearly on the phone. I heard Jack say, “she is purposely teasing me. shit, do you think she figured it out? Nate, bro, just make sure that Micah doesn’t know. Alright I got to go, Marlee and I are going to the beach now.” What did I figure out? He walked back into the living room where I was, and completely stopped when he saw me. His face was red, and his eyes were ready to come out of his head. “Ready?” I asked and he nodded.

The beach was only 2 minutes away so we decided to walk. Once again, guys hollered at me from their cars because I was wearing my bikini; and Jack once again got tense about it. There were even guys walking by and Jack was so nervous that they would say something, that he grabbed my hand. I didn’t object to it, so we both carried on walking to the beach. The beach was not crowded, thank god, so Jack and I sat away from the people who were there. Since we were practically alone, I wanted to tease him some more. He started putting on sunscreen and I noticed that he couldn’t reach his back. “Would you like  me to help with that?” I asked tilting my head to the side. He let out a chuckle, “yeah, thanks.” He stood in front of me with his back facing him and I started putting the sunscreen on. His muscles tensed up every few seconds and I giggled to myself. I finished his back, and he turned around to face me with a smirk, “do you need help with yours, now?” I nodded and turned around. His large hands could have covered my whole body in under two minutes, but I could tell that he was taking his time, to the point that he was massaging my back. When he was done, I practically ran into the water. I heard Jack laughing at me and following close behind. I was knee deep in the water when he came up directly behind me and grabbed my hand. I turned around to look at a smirk on his face, “what?” He was quiet for a second, “I don’t know. I just felt like grabbing your hand.” I smiled and faced the ocean again. We swam for about twenty minutes, occasionally splashing each other. After, we tanned up, and just talking to each other, it was 4:30. we went back to the beach house.

Jack told me that he would make dinner instead of going out again. I got the table ready and just watched him make our dinner. The steam from the pots made Jack too hot, so he ended up cooking without a shirt. Everytime he wasn’t facing me, I stared at his back muscles, but accidentally I stared for too long and he caught me. A smirk grew on his face and mine went red. A few minutes later, dinner was ready and the second I took the first bite, I was in heaven. “Jack, oh my god, this is so good. Whoever marries you will be the luckiest girl because she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking.” He chuckled at my enthusiasm and replied with, “thanks, and trust me whoever marries me, will have to cook. I ain’t the type to cook every night. Everything will be equal, not just on her or just on me.” I smiled, “Damn. If you don’t cook for your wife every night then you can cook for me.” I said that last bit quickly and looked down chuckling. “Who says that you won’t be my wife?” My eyes went wide and I looked up to see a smirk on his face. I was about to respond, but Jack’s phone started ringing, he looked at it and pressed decline before looking back up to me. “Who was that?” Jack simply replied with, “Nobody important.” “No, seriously who was that? Micah? Maggie?-” “It was Johnson.” I could tell that he wanted dinner to return to us and not a conversation about anyone else. Uh, why am I getting a feeling that Jack is interested in me? “So, what’s the plan for after dinner?” I ask him. He made a thinking face but I think he already had an idea, “another movie night?” I nodded and got up and grabbed my plate. I tried to grab his, but he interjected, “Nope, you’re not my maid. I can clean up.” I giggled, “You cook, I clean. Vise Versa. Now, give me your plate.” Jack shook his head and walked directly around me. I’ll admit I’m shocked. He started washing the dishes and I walked over to him, and booty popped him out of the way so I would wash my dishes. He chuckled and we both ended up cleaning the dishes.

I told Jack to start the movie and I ran upstairs to call Maggie. I heard two rings before she answered, “Marlee?” “Yeah. How’s Micah? Has he figured out where I am?” I heard her sigh into the phone, “Mar, Micah doesn’t know where you are. I told him that you were flying to visit mom and dad in Europe. I called them to let them know what happened. They agreed to lie for you and say that you’re with them.” I let out an audible sigh, “thank you Maggie.” “Oh, by the way. Who are you with?” Shit. I never told her that Jack was with me instead of Madison. “I’m by myself. Madison’s parents wouldn’t let her go.” I hoped that she would believe me. “Then where is Gilinsky?” She said it already knowing the answer. “I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him since yesterday before I left,” I lied again. “Marlee, I know he is with you. I’m not stupid.” FUCK. “I’m sorry, Maggie!” “I lied for him too. I told Micah that he went back home to Omaha for a few days, and I made Sammy, Johnson and Nate swear to secrecy too.” I sighed again. “Nothing is going to happen, Mags.” Maggie chuckled and said, “wear a condom and change the sheets after sex.” “Maggie! No!” I hung up on her and started laughing to myself. I thought to myself that having sex with Jack would probably be like having sex with a god. I mean, just the thought of it made me horny. Why do I do this myself? I walked back downstairs to see Jack waiting to start the movie. I sat down directly next to me and pressed play. The title was shown and it was another horror movie like last night. However, this one wasn’t as scary, but there was a sex scene. About half way through the scene Jack excused himself to the bathroom. I didn’t even have to think about it because when he came back into the living room, he still had the boner he tried to remove. After about five minutes of sitting there, I finally spoke, “Jack, if you need to go take care of that, you can. I’m not going to judge, but you need to do something about it and not sit there like you’re being tortured.” He looked at me and said, “thank you,” a literally ran into the bathroom. I held back from laughing and five minutes later, Jack came back into the living room and sat down. I took notice that his boner was gone. I started laughing again, and he lightly threw a pillow at me while also laughing but I caught it, “shut up, you said you wouldn’t judge.” “I’m sorry. I’m just glad you didn’t ask me to help you out,” I said while chuckling. “Why would I? I mean, yeah it would be an amazing plus. But I wouldn’t make you help me even though you’re the one who gave me the boner.” What? I thought the movie gave him a boner. Jack’s eyes looked like they were about to roll out of his head. “Well, god. I feel flattered,” I said to break the awkward tension about what he revealed. “Oh please, you could give any guy a boner if you smile in front of them, trust me.” “Well, thank you.” I say while moving closer to him. Another twenty minutes go by and I start becoming more tired, Jack leaned over to me, “you can put your head down if you want.” I nodded and he reached to grab a pillow to put on his lap, but I already put my head in it. He giggled and I felt his hand rubbing my back slowly. My eyes got heavier and after two minutes I was asleep in Jack’s lap.

Jack’s P.O.V.

Marlee fell asleep in my lap. She was the cutest thing ever when she was awake, but when she slept she looked even cuter and as close to an angel as possible. The movie ended ten minutes ago so I turned the TV off, but I didn’t want to move. She looked so peaceful and fragile. I continued to rub her back so she would be comfortable. Another five minutes went by and I decided to bring her upstairs. I carefully lifted her into my lap and moved her head so that it was in the crook of my neck. Marlee adjusted herself so that she was comfortable, all the while still sleeping. I carried her upstairs and pushed her door open with my foot. I laid her down in the bed and pulled a blanket over her. I kneeled down to her side while she slept and whispered, “if only you knew.” I kissed her forehead gently and stood up; however, the second I started walking she stirred in her sleep, “Jack?” I turned back to her, “yeah. I’m right here.” She smiled still sleepy and grabbed my hand while slowly sitting up, “can you help me?” She pointed to her bag on the floor, “can you grab my pj’s? I don’t want to sleep in this.” I chuckled and went to grab them. I handed them to her and she started undressing in front of me. I looked away when she took her bra off and slid her tank top on. She stood up and changed into comfortable shorts and sat back down on the bed. “You didn’t have to look away. I know you’re just trying to be a gentleman,” she said. “I didn’t want to look because that would be taking advantage of you. You’re tired and just wanted to be comfortable. I wouldn’t do that even if you asked.” I kissed her forehead again and started leaving the room, “Jack!” I turned to look at her. She said with a pleading face, “will you sleep in here with me?” I nodded and walked over to the bed. I was already in boxers and a t-shirt. I lied down next to her and she curled up onto me like it was an instinct. Her left leg was wrapped around mine. Her head was on my chest and her left arm was around me. I put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her head one last time. She fell asleep almost instantly and I’m surprised that she did because her head was near my heart which was beating a thousand times a minute. My heart calmed down after a few minutes I fell asleep with an angel on my chest.

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