get in my bed. now


And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

Adrift somewhere, with old traditions.

Merry Christmas!



the Ishidas wish you a Happy New Year - 2017!

Jeongguk seems to be in such a good mood!! He must be really happy and relieved to be finally graduating and leave school and fully concentrate on his career now :’) its a once in a lifetime thing so I hope he enjoys his graduation with a big smile on his face and leaves that place with only good memories ;; ♡

ok but please imagine

after the fight between Izuku and Bakugou is done, both are exhausted and unconscious, and someone, maybe Toshi, carries Bakugou to his room

Toshi opens the door to Bakugou’s room and, for a moment, he thinks he got on the wrong floor, because the room he’s in looks like an exact carbon copy of Izuku’s.

All Might merchandise is everywhere, and it’s almost overwhelming in what it says about the boy in his arms.

as he lays Bakugou to sleep in his bed, for the first time, Toshinori realizes just how much the boy admired him. 

BTS Reaction to you losing a bet

Anon Requested:  Can I get a BTS reaction with what they’d make you do if you lost a bet to them?


Jungkook: “You..want”

“I want to watch you cum. Pleasure yourself (Y/N), I want to watch.”

You felt the heat rush up to your cheeks almost instantly as the words left Jungkook’s mouth. You felt like your feet were cemented to the floor while you slowly shook your head trying to reason with him. “Jungkook can’t you just make me do something else? You never make me do things like this for bets.”

“Nope, now come on. Get on my bed and masturbate.” His words left you shaking to your core, feeling it dripping wet already. You slowly discarded your shirt and shorts before setting yourself in the middle of his bed. Your hands slipped down under your underwear moving your fingers in small, quick, circular motions on your clit. A moan left your lips immediately while your head flung back ignoring the hungry stares Jungkook was giving you. You couldn’t get it out of your mind but you made a plan to make more bets with Jungkook.

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V: Your breath hitched in the back of your throat once you felt his fingers hook onto your panties and pull them down. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You grumble down at Taehyung.

“You’re the one who lost the bet.” Taehyung spoke back, throwing your underwear down from the side of his bed. Without any hesitation he brought himself to your heat. His tongue stretched from his mouth, licking deep into your entrance. Your back arched off the bed, teeth squeezed shut to stop a loud moan escaping your lips. Your eyes screwed shut as your hands gripped the bed sheets underneath you. Taehyung pulled back slowly and looked up to you. “I told you that you’d like this.” 

“Shut up, shut up, shut up.” Your hands flung down and flicked his forehead. 

“I’m just saying I knew you’d like my tongue.” He said as he dipped his head against you again. This time his tongue went deeper, tasting your wetness before his lips settled around your clit again. His hands wrapping around your waist, holding you against him. You let out a loud gasp as you felt his fingers enter your heat, your eyes shot open and you couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. “Maybe we should make bets more often.”

You rolled your eyes but deep down you were agreeing a million times.

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Jimin: “Come here.” Jimin said from the couch, he patted his thigh and you let out a big groan. 

“You can’t be ser-”

“(Y/N), you lost the bet and I want you to ride my thigh so come here.” Jimin’s words had a way of their own, your feet brought you to him whether you liked it or not. You placed yourself down on his muscular thigh and looked him in the eyes. “Go on.”  You began to grind down onto his muscular thigh, the rough denim becoming the best kind of friction needed here. You rocked your hips back and forth creating as much please as possible.The feeling of euphoria soon approaching, without warning, Jimin’s hand came down to rub you throbbing clit.

“Jimin.” You moaned out causing his hand to speed up in circular motions. His other hand grabbing onto your hip roughly, moving you at a faster pace. Moans left your lips and you couldn’t help but thank the lord for you losing that damn bet. 

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J-Hope: “You want me to what?” You say shocked and wide eyed as you stared at Hoseok.

“I want you to strip for me. Every last article of clothing is to be off of your body.” He was eyeing you, watching your every last move, reaction and feature. 


“But nothing. The bet was if you lose I get to choose your punishment no matter what it is.” Sighing you nodded your head and slowly unzipped your jacket dropping it on the ground by your feet. Hoseok didn’t say anything, his eyes stared at you as if he had said ‘continue.’ Sighing once again you began to unbutton your jeans, fingers slipping underneath the waistband and slowly pulled them down allowing Hoseok to see your sheer pink panties you had decided to wear today. Once out of your jeans you quickly kicked them to the side with your jacket and pulled on your top, you dropped it along with the rest of your clothes and made eye contact with Hoseok once again. There you were standing in nothing but matching bra and panties and you knew this wasn’t the end of your punishment. “Go on, take them off.” Your hands reached back on the clasp of your bra and all you could think about was how you were never going to make a bet with Hoseok ever again.

Rap Monster: “You want me to what?” You asked shocked at the words that left Namjoon’s mouth. 

“I want you to kiss me.”

“Namjoon I don’t think-”

“You lost the bet (Y/N), you said you’d do anything I choose if you lost the bet.” Heaving a sigh you cross your arms over your chest, you didn’t think he would make you do something like this. Usually Namjoon always made you do something extremely stupid like eating a hot pepper or jump in the pool with all your clothes on not something as intimate as a kiss. “Come on just a peck, that’s all.”

“Just a peck?”

“Just a peck.” Sighing you nodded and uncrossed your arms. You walked slowly to Namjoon who was only like five feet away from you. You looked him in the eyes and saw the prominent smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes and raised on your tippy toes, hand finding its way to the back of his neck to bring him down to your lips. 


It was that quick. Just a peck. You began to lower yourself back to your feet before you felt an arm wrap around your waist and you were pulled back to Namjoon’s lips. His lips latched onto yours and just as quick as the first peck you found yourself pulling him in closer deepening the kiss.

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Suga: “Make out with you? Really Yoongi? Can’t you think of something else?” You whined at your best friend who had a prominent smirk on his face. He was sitting very comfortably on the couch while you were shifting the weight from each leg anxiously. “Do I really have to?”

“You’re the one who lost the bet.” Yoongi said simply patting his lap as an invitation for you. It’s like your feet had a mind if their own and before you knew it you found yourself placed on his lap, straddling his waist. One arm came around your waist, tightening its hold on you as his other hand came from behind your neck, he gently pulled you down colliding his lips with yours. It didn’t take long for his to deepen the simple kiss.

As the kiss got more heated and your breaths started to become more heavy you couldn’t help but be happy that you had lost this stupid bet in the first place.

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Jin: You lowered yourself down on your knees looking up at a smirking Jin. His clothes discarded over the bedroom floor along with yours leaving you only in your bra and panties. You wrapped your lips around his tip, trying to get used to his length in your mouth. He began moaning in ecstasy as you swirled your tongue around and took more and more of his length in your mouth. 

You couldn’t believe you agreed to this stupid little punishment in the first place, but what you couldn’t believe was that Jin would want this in the first place. He would never ask you to do things like this before so why the sudden change?

“Fuck” he mumbled, his hands finding their way on the back of your head, pushing you a bit more towards him. You couldn’t fit his whole length in and began bobbing your head along his throbbing length. You knew you should be focused on what you were doing but you couldn’t help but think of what else he’d make you do if you ever lost another bet.

I’m way too easy, the AoS writers are throwing us FitzSimmons kernels and I’m shamelessly gobbling them all up.

A quick kiss in the dark?

Implying that they are girlfriend and boyfriend?

Fighting about androids?

I swear I used to have a little dignity before those two came about.

Ravenclaw and Slytherin conversations #4
  • Slytherin: *Sitting on the Ravenclaw's bed* I'm gonna get to my own bed now.
  • Ravenclaw: Mind if I Slytherin?
  • Slytherin: ...
  • Ravenclaw: ...
  • Slytherin: Did you just

Small Lilo comfort fic, because I felt like shit on Sunday and needed a pick-me-up. Tour era (whichever tour you like best).

Louis doesn’t open his eyes when the bed sheets he’s made himself a cocoon of are pulled away and someone awkwardly slips into his bunk, although he does uncurl his body, making more room for the intruder to squeeze themselves into. His head won’t stop pounding.

“Hey,” Liam whispers, gently stroking Louis’s temple and jaw - to think a couple years back he flinched anytime someone touched him; Louis would grin, if everything didn’t hurt. “Was wondering where you’d gone.”

“Headache,” is all Louis says. Liam’s clothes are crispy cold from his trek outside and Louis presses his face against Liam’s chest with a sigh; the coolness is wonderful against his forehead.

He grunts when Liam shifts away from him, wrapping an arm around his waist just in case Liam’s got delusions about leaving, but all Liam does is press his cold cold lips against Louis’s forehead, right in the middle of his eyebrows, and that feels even better than his sweater did.

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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up