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I’m sorry for the terrible gif quality. I know that someone else– someone who knows what they’re doing– will make a lovely gif set in the morning, but right now, it’s the middle of the night, so you’re stuck with me. I needed to make these because I needed to hear it so badly, and I thought maybe some of you did, too. 

I didn’t realize how badly I needed to hear it, I think. It’s 3:30 am, I’m supposed to teach a bunch of 14-year-olds in five hours, and I haven’t even fully looked over the lesson plan. My house is a mess. My finances are a mess. I’m a mess.

But I’m doing fine. And so are you. 

Usually this is the part where I’d write an emotional novel that uses an excessive amount of italics and semicolons, but you guys are probably sick to death of that. So, instead, I’m going to provide links to a few of the posts where I talk about how Mark changed my life. That’s just in case he happens to stumble upon this, or one of you lovely people has some time to kill and wants to read about some mundane miracles in the life of a girl with a silly, teeny ponytail.

Here’s one of the many posts where I talk about how Mark single-handedly saved my career with some words of encouragement after I nearly quit.

Here’s the one where I talk about how his community helped me raise the funds to cremate my dog Max, who was my best friend.

And, on a lighter note, here’s the video/post that is definitive proof that Mark helped me get my confidence back– me being an idiot onstage at one of his shows.

Thanks, @markiplier. I’m proud of you, and I hope one day I can do something so spectacular that you’ll be proud of me as well.

I love you all, owlets. Remember, we’re all gonna be okay.

You’re doing fine.

Thinking in the Nea vs. 14th Memory thing… There is another fact that makes me think that it wasn’t Nea himself the one talking, not exactly.

Nea had no reason to call Allen a “mad puppet.” He literally had to watch Tim’s recordings to get an idea of what was on with Allen and his body and his life. How could he know before doing so that Allen was like the Earl in that regard? Even ignoring the katakana patterns, the actions before and after don’t match. Once you combine it with the katakana… Well, it makes me believe in the theory I’ve exposed even more.

Nea was basically awake, but given that he was hurt by Innocence (and how it seems to make the Noah Memory go berserk), his Noah doing most of the talking makes sense.

Eri - Present and Future

((So… I decided to make a write-up for Eri’s future selves, just for the sake of characterization and world-building. 

The summaries are in the points, and if you want more details, feel free to read the paragraphs! 8D))

“No matter what happens… I’m… I’m glad to have met everyone…!”

Eri Philomele - Two Tailed Kitsune (This one!)

  • Naive and clueless, but helpful
  • Not very strong
  • Teases people who are close to him
  • Relies on his powers way too much, typical child behavior
  • Excels in shapeshifting, and nothing else

I won’t really talk about this version, since this is pretty much the blog itself!

“Welcome to my cafe, stranger. A penny for your thoughts, perhaps?“

Eri Philomele - Fourth/Fifth Tailed Kitsune

  • Owns a magical-themed cafe in the outside world
  • Shapeshfiting master, knows basic curses and creative with pyromancy
  • A bit of a sweet talker, teases much more than his two-tailed self.
  • Still abuses his shapeshifting powers quite a bit for pranks and teasing, but not using his powers as much as his younger self
  • Like his adoptive mother, Satori, really good in analyzing personalities
  • An adviser, blessing people with either good or bad fortune

A teenage version of Eri, Eri in his teens lived away from Satori for a moment to mingle more with the outside world, becoming an owner in a humble magical-themed cafe, moving locations and wiping memories of most of his patrons from ever meeting him every fifty years.

Wearing a magician outfit over his old Youmu-themed one, Eri is known to be an adviser his later years. He’s able to maintain his presence in the outside world due to the kitsune legend being extremely prevalent, and blesses fortunate travelers with good luck should he see witness them perform good things, and bad luck to drunkards and violent people.

While his cafe serves impeccable food, most people visit him mostly to seek out advice. These people are legends in the making such as kings, queens, and legendary warriors. Once every month, he visits Satori and his friends, either having a talk or teasing them occasionally.

“Until Gensokyo’s ready to be more open-minded, I’m stuck like this, am I?”

Eri Philomele - Nine Tailed Kitsune

Yes, he’s actually disguised as a woman here.

  • Representative of Chireiden, speaks upon Satori’s behalf as well
  • Extremely good in calming conflicts and getting what he wants
  • His revealing outfit is intentional, it serves as a distracting point and can sway the conversation to his favor quicker while being fashionable at the same time
  • Rarely uses his powers, except in self-defense situations
  • Disguised as a woman in public due to Gensokyo’s nature, only shows his true form to those close to him such as Remilia or Chen

Imagine our society, where women are ridiculed for taking male-dominated positions, such as mechanics, the police, or even the the army. Reverse that and amplify that feeling, and you get Gensokyo.

With women being the most prevalent in high positions even after hundreds of years such as the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, Youkai Sage, the pillars of religion in Gensokyo and others being women, Eri too was forced to disguise himself as one as well, after being selected by Satori to become Chireiden’s representative.

Returning back from the outside world after they advanced far too much, Eri returned as a fully-fledged kitsune with impeccable knowledge. Considering how powerful women are viewed in Gensokyo, Eri presented himself as one as well to the public, unless it’s towards people he’s close with.

He works most of the time being an adviser for Satori, perhaps even raising a disciple of his own. He does revert to his two-tailed self in private, as it’s the biggest turning point in his life for him.

At the Orpheum Theater waiting to see the McElroys and it is SO WEIRD to be at this theater (big fancy place where I saw Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and a metric buttload of touring Broadway shows) and have 99% of the audience be millennials.

I feel old.

Shiro resting behind Keith with his legs crossed. Keith’s been growing out his hair since he was younger, it now falls around his hips. Shiro brushes a comb through the hair. He’s delicate and respecting; starting from ends and working up to roots, in sections. Keith sighs contentedly. When Shiro’s brushed the oils from scalp to end, leaving the hair soft and shining, he braids it. It’s so long, and managing it is hard for Keith. It’s always a treat when Shiro pulls him away to re-braid it for him.

Keith moves his head to watch him from behind. He smiles a gentle smile. ”I love you, Takashi. Thank you.”

”I love you.” He whispers and kisses the pleat that spills over his hand.

Shiro untucks his legs and pulls Keith between them. His arms are large, circling around Keith and cradling him to his chest. He rests his head in the junction between the other’s neck and shoulder. Keith laughs softly, as tender and sweet as every other gesture he gives when they’re alone; when Shiro is tending to him.

”You’re so beautiful, Keith.” He turns his face and ghosts his lips across his neck.

Ooooooooo…I’m so frustrated. The satin I ordered for Arwen’s Requiem Dress came, and it is basically grey, not the nice blue grey in the picture.

I then had to rethink if I liked the slate blue velvet I ordered, cause looking at pictures of other cosplays, everyone’s velvets are either royal blue or pale blue, and mine isn’t as vivid blue, but no. I like my velvet. It’s the closest I’ve seen to the original.

I’ll take the velvet swatch to Joanns, I’m sure there’s a satin there that can be close enough to what I want.

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1. nicknames: mina is my nickname
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13.  what do i post: mostly flarrow, dc stuff, killjoys, person of interest and a smattering of hp and spn
14. last thing i googled: “hula hoops in america” (it’s a bit of a long story relating to a fic I just posted)
15. do i have any other blogs: @minaswritingsquad which I really need to work on getting some affiliates for
16. do i get asks: yeah!!! but send me more i love them. /rachel
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24. what am i wearing: grey hoodie + dark grey thick leggings + black long sleeved top
26. dream job: writer. rip me.
27. dream trip: CANARY ISLANDS 
28. favourite food: burgers and steak and also potatoes in like any form.
29. nationality: british
30. favourite song right now: lady marmalade - christina aguilera, pink, lil kim, etc

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since i love @iacediai swap au so much i cant stop myself from drawing a bunch for it but i hate not posting things right away so this post is probs gonna be edited a bunch of times with more au drawings. i just really love it okay





A Month of Spook - (17/31)

↳ What’s This? - Fall Out Boy

The age of killing your darlings on TV for the shock factor is dead. It’s been dead since Game of Mainstream Appeal killed off Sean Bean for the eight thousandth (8000th) time in onscreen fiction. The only possible shock left (the only one) is to make your main character queer. This is the time of the Shock Gay. The Surprise Asexual. The Bi-the-Way.

Bring all your characters out of the closet to startle and amaze in 2k18. I will be shocked you had the guts. I will be thrilled. I will watch your piece of crap show