get hyped y'all

The gang is back! And this time, their enemy will be tougher to take down than ever…their worst nightmare! 

Coming Soon To A Computer Near You

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bella thorne is like that girl you went to high school with who everyone loved and called her a sweetheart, fashionable, and a cutie, and etc, but you find her annoying af for some reason like these people coudnt find anyone more basic to fawn over.. her presence is irksome for some reason ya know


Liir sat in his shop of potions and rocks and various enchanted objects, just playing with his magic, making small bits of smoke from a candle he was burning go into different shapes, birds mostly. He stopped his little playing when he saw someone pass outside the window, looking like they were going to enter his shop. He knew he had to keep his magic hidden to protect himself. His ears perked slightly when he heard the bells on the door jingle as it opened. “Welcome. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to ask.”


WOOHOO! The trailer is now live! :D For the past two years I have been working as a story artist on the Angry Birds movie, and it’s so cool to finally see all of the team’s hard work come together. It has been an awesome experience and y’all get stoked for May 2016!