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dumb tododeku ideas ive thought about

  • todoroki enjoys hanging out in midoriya’s dorm, and prefers to spend most of his time in there
  • and he’s like “hey izuku, can we study in your room?” and midoriya is so enthusiastic and hes like “yeah! we can study!” 
  • but instead of studying like he asked to, todoroki decides to fuckn take a nap on midoriya’s bed
  • then usually midoriya doesnt even end up studying himself, so he’ll take a nap with todoroki too, or he’ll just browse through his phone
  • todoroki is a total blanket hogger, and midoriya doesnt understand why. “shouto.. u can regulate ur own body temperature.. why must u steal my blankets. im cold”
  • though 100% of the time, midoriya squeezes his way into todoroki’s blanket burrito. its super Cozy.
  • todoroki is actually really ticklish. and midoriya accidentally finds this out when he pokes his side to get his attention and is met with a loud squawk 
  • midoriya likes to poke his sides at random times because he finds the noise hilarious. (todoroki doesnt enjoy it, but he bears with it since he enjoys midoriya’s laugh)
  • though in return, when todoroki wants midoriya’s attention, he just sticks his cold hand under his shirt. (it causes midoriya to yelp each and everytime he does this)
  • in the common room, todoroki and midoriya Will take up the entire couch just to cuddle and wont let anyone else sit there with them. (midoriya feels a bit guilty doing this, but todoroki is just like ‘‘no. go sit on the floor’’)
  • before they started dating, they were pining after each other for a whole year. and also, were both totally clueless. 
  • and their classmates thought they were dating before they even officially started dating.
  • like, ‘’’””what do u mean theyre not dating yet? todoroki was totally sleeping on midoriya. they were practically holding hands. they keep hugging each other?? and hanging out in each others rooms?? they go out to lunch together every weekend? and theyre not boyfriends? bullshit’’’”

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Ultra Magnus fluff. Do your magic!!!

🎵This got really fucking long I’m sorry I rambled I just really love this nerd🎵  -jazz hands- 

Ultra Magnus MTMTE

He’s a workaholic, so sometimes you find it a bit difficult to get time alone with him when he isn’t multitasking or worrying about ship wide shenanigans. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he actually cares very deeply for you, but his work keeps him busy. You eventually came up with a trick that would snap him back to the reality of his personal life. All you have to do is say his name very sweetly to get his attention, ask him to bend his head down to your level (probably on his desk), and give his nose a quick kiss. Nothing big, just enough to get him a bit flustered and ask what that was for. Once you tell him that was to hopefully pull him away from his office for a bit, he feels a bit guilty and tries to finish up his work quickly 

One such time led to the two of you attending Swerve’s movie night. Magnus wasn’t much movies, but when he saw your face light up at the title he agreed. Even though he felt awkward through the whole movie, he enjoyed watching your reactions to each scene. He got a little chuckle out of watching you shove a particularly large handful of popcorn (courtesy of Swerve) into your mouth during an action scene. There was one scene that caught his interest, where the two main characters slow danced together. He quietly asked if anyone had ever taken you dancing, getting a bit excited when he heard your muffled-by-popcorn ‘no’. He now had a nice date idea and he was going to be prepared

For every nice gesture Magnus made for you, he always noticed and appreciated when you returned it. Since he works so much, he tends to talk a lot about all the little details of the job or what code this or that had violated (or successfully upheld on good days!). And he genuinely likes talking about these things, it’s his passion. Even if you find it a bit boring, he appreciates that you take the time to listen to him and even remember/learn things. He was the proudest bf when during one of his many lectures about proper code, you chimed in and added another point of concern (hallway safety violation probably). He practically beamed with admiration before catching himself (no favoritism on the job, even for you sadly), and saying ‘yes, they’re absolutely correct’ with stern expression. Once no one was looking, he gave you a quick smile and whispered ‘good work’ 

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Hiya hiya! Could you do RFA's +minor trio reactions to their crush doing the "can you hold something?" and puts their hand in theirs and keeps it there trick? Thank you! (*˘︶˘*)

I gotta try that trick at some point !

But of course anon !

I´m sorry these getting short and I hope you see this anon !


  • You had for a while a crush on Zen but you had no idea how to get him to know that you like him that way.
  • The someone told you of this tactic so you are doing this in a very desperate attempt in order to get his attention.

  • So you go over to him and while he is not really looking at you you ask him : “Can you hold this for a moment ?”

  • Zen is looking at you and waits for the item but instead you just put your hand in his hand and smile at him.

  • For a second Zen is a bit confused but then he get´s what you are doing and he finds it funny and then he asks what the meaning of this is.

  • So you confess to him that you are trying to get his attention since you really like him and you figured that was good way to show it.

  • Zen is taken back by your sudden boldness but he likes that and he admits that he likes you too more then just as a friend.


  • You make a bet with seven to get Yoosung to hold your hand with this cheap trick.
  • Little do you know that the poor guy has a crush on you – seven knows though and he plays matchmaker-

  • You like him too that’s why you even agreed on this silly think.

  • So you go over to him and have a normal conversation with him you say : “ahh my bag is so heavy can you hold this for a moment.”

  • Yoosung thinks you mean your bag but you give him your hand instead and then you just don´t take it away.

  • Yoosung is blushing really hard while seven is laughing really hard in the background.

  • Yoosung gets sad since you pulled such a prank on him he really likes you after all and you are being mean to him.

  • He realizes he just said that out loud and now he wants to die but you just smile and say it´s okay since you are liking him too.

  • -sevens master plan succeeds but he will be still getting payback for this-


  • You are at a RFA party and get a bit drunk and you feel like this is a great way to make Jaehee loosen up a bit.

  • So you go to her and start a conversation with her she sees that you are slightly tipsy and you are in a giggly state.

  • Jaehee sees you are up to something but she is willing to play along as long you are not going to far.

  • So as you are saying to her : “Can you hold this for a moment.”

  • Jaehee thinks you are giving her your glass to hold and agrees and you give her your hand instead.

  • You expect her to pull away and you already find it really funny but Jaehee does not pull away.

  • Because even when this was meant as a joke she still likes it that you are holding her hand.


  • You lost a bet with Zen and somehow this is your punishment to trick Jumin with this just to a silly reaction from him.
  • So you go up to Jumin and talk with him for a while what makes him not really suspicious.

  • At some point you casually ask him : “ Could you hold this for me?” while holding a glass up in his direction.

  • Jumin agrees but instead of the glass you give him your hand to hold and he is looking a bit confused to why you do this but he does not let go of your hand either.

  • Actual it looks like Jumin enjoys holding your hand.

  • You swear you see Zen in the background somewhere between being confused and happy.

  • Later Jumin admits to you that he realized that he really likes you , while you two where holding hands.


  • He had tricked you multiple times before but you could never pull anything on him and also you wanted a cheap excuse to hold his hand.

  • So you just go up to him as casual as possible and talk with him but he picks up that you have something up your sleeve.

  • So he is waiting while pretending to play along.

  • As soon as you ask him if he could hold that he knows what is up and instead of playing along he just grabs your hand and smiles at you.

  • He tells you if you want to hold his hand you should just ask next time.


  • You are at the Rfa party and you get the brilliant idea to trick V into holding your hand.
  • Of course you don´t want to be mean to him and its more cute then anything anyway.

  • You just go up to him and ask him : “Could you hold this ?”

  • You hold up your glass and he is reaching for it but you just give him your hand and you dont let go.

  • V finds this really cute how you pulled such a silly stunt just to hold his hand he tells you to just ask him next time and then he smiles.

Spoilers for these


  • You really wanted to get closer to Saeran but you where not too sure how he will feel about it.

  • With all of his issues you where not sure if he would like to hold your hand or not.

  • But with little trick you could see his reaction without too much consequences.

  • So you use a chance one evening while you over by him and his brother.

  • You get your chance while getting drinks you go to him : “ Hey could you hold this ?” You smile at him and he looks a bit annoyed but agrees and then you give him your hand.

  • And Saeran thinks you are toying with him but you not let go and neither does he he is actual blushing.

  • To your surprise he seems to enjoy this at least till his brother comes around and Saeran lets go.


You made a deal with seven if you dare to do this with Vanderwood no jokes for a entire week.

So you had to do it even when it was risky.

Vanderwood was a really hard to read character so you have to strike a conversation what is hard enough.

Seven in the background tries to sabotage your plan as well what annoys Vanderwood greatly.

Since it´s clear that you are up to something so you just go for it before it´s too late : “ Can you hold this for a moment ?” You ask and make it look like Vanderwood should take a glass.

Then Vanderwood agrees and then you give him your hand instead.

He thought you might would pull a different prank on him but this is well actual not even that bad.

You not let go either well in the end Vanderwood does not really mind this you are only half as annoying as he thought.

She loved watching her husband fuck another woman. Especially when he picked a younger, bustier, more attractive girl. It just gave her such a wave of contentment to know he was happy.

She had felt this way forever. Well, for ages anyway. Ever since the first time, which was… No that wasn’t right. Why couldn’t she remember another time? She knew for certain that she had watched him fuck dozens of women before, it was perfectly normal for them. She just couldn’t remember a single other occasion. Maybe the hypnosis they had been doing to help her stress relief was messing with her memory?

Obviously it would be nice if he fucked her too, but she understood that she couldn’t expect to get his attention when there was such a hot little piece of ass for him to play with, and she was a hot piece of ass. She had always been attracted to women, but never done anything about it, although she couldn’t really understand why now she thought about it or even remember a girl she had a crush on. That didn’t make sense because the sight of this girl in her cut-off shorts, low cut top and stripper heels had made her mouth positively water. Right now she was hoping hubby would let her lick his cum from the girls slit when he was done, just like that time in… Well when they.. Huh. What was wrong with her memory today?

She would have to ask him about it. Maybe he could fix the problem. She always felt better after a hypnosis session. She loved being hypnotised. The deeper the better. She would (could?) never say no to him trancing her, ever since… Wait when did her start hypnotising her? She knew for absolute certain they had been doing it for a number of years, but she couldn’t remember a single time except yesterday afternoon.

Something wasn’t right. She was going to ask him about it. As soon as he was done fucking that slutty little whore. In the meantime she would go back to hoping he would let her lick them both clean when they were done and fantasising about being the girl her husband chose to fuck for a change…..


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


So I made Sam out of melted Crayons! Jack/Sean is one of my favorite YouTubers and he’s honestly helped me get though my darkest times.

So I would love some help from this awesome community to get this to his attention!   Thanks! 


~Ashton AKA Ashyytinns


12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.


Drew some, colored some, so here’s some more sketchy stuff with the boys all modern-like. The top ones are just demonstrations of how bad of a roommate Genji can be (and how oblivious Jesse can be; his southern politeness tells him not to do anything because that would be unseemly, even as Genji is trying very hard to get his attention and incite a chase).

I might have more posted tonight. Depends on whether or not I decide to post this feelsy bit I’ve got written next or wait it out until I have something fluffy.

Model!Oikawa and stylist!Iwaizumi:

I know I’ve already done model au, but what if Oikawa is a model with one of the weirdest fashion sense in a certain piece of clothing. ( >؂•̀ )☆

  • Having twin younger sisters to take care of and dress up, Iwaizumi is not only the world best big brother but has found his love in styling and fashion in a young age.
  • Iwaizumi runs a fashion blog during his school year and gets discovered by a famous stylist in his first year in college. He starts working as intern in the same model agency along his mentor and becomes an official stylist fresh out of college. 
  • Iwaizumi is never a nosy person, even with his sharp eyes and sense in fashion, he doesn’t normally criticise people outfit choice. But then there is Oikawa.
  • Oikawa Tooru is the bright new star of the model agency. Iwaizumi has helped with a few outfit selection for Oikawa’s photo shoots and has seen the final photo select of the model. But he has never worked with the model before. 
  • The first time Iwaizumi is assigned as Oikawa’s stylist, Iwaizumi almost chokes on his water when the model walks in the studio that day, in a red bat-sleeved sweater, plaid shorts, brown oxfords and a pair of neon green socks. 
  • (It takes great effort of Iwaizumi to ignore the little storm trooper heads adorned the hem of the socks.)
  • Iwaizumi mentally bangs his head to the wall when the first line he has with the model is “Please take off your socks.
  • Oikawa is confused but grins. “That’s a weird way of greeting. But at least you are not asking me to take off my pants?
  • The names are exchanged then and the socks are confiscated. Oikawa goes home in a new pair of simple-colored, boring, socks along with Iwaizumi’s private numbers.
  • They starts hanging out off work, and Iwaizumi regrets accepting Oikawa invitation to his apartment as soon as he sees Oikawa’s sock collections. 
  • Why are your socks all so obnoxiously bright and extravagant?” “I am being generous of showing a part of me that are plenty colorful.” “Can you spare the world the horror and do it with your underwear collection instead?
  • So you can be the only one to see them, Iwa-chan?


  • Iwaizumi’s confession gift to Oikawa is a pair of grey knitted socks and a pair of bold yellow and blue underwear with little space ships on them.