get him in agents of shield


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.


- May, what the hell are you doing here? I didn’t request a specialist.
- I go where I’m assigned.

The Adventures of Coulson & May: Some Time Ago 

sitwell got played so hard omg how did no one realize

“agent sitwell how was lunch? i hear the crabcakes here are delicious.”

in the scene in catws when they’re kidnapping sitwell, everything so serious. sam’s threatening, there’s the sudden knowledge given to the audience of other hydra agents in the government besides SHIELD, the music goes low and suspenseful as sitwell answers his phone.

“cause that tie looks really expensive, and i’d hate to mess it up,” sam wilson says as a red light shines on sitwell’s tie


no one has a sniper rifle. not sam, who had to steal a gun on the freeway, not steve, who isn’t carrying any guns, and not natasha, who only has two handguns on her

that means that when sitwell walks to the car and gets in, there’s steve waiting for him. and natasha slides into the car not with a gun, but with this

a laser pointer. “do you like it?” natasha probably asked with a wolfish grin. “i got it from staples. it was on sale.”

sitwell u fuckign nerd you fell for a fuckign laser pointer how did u even make it so long as a double agent

I’ll never forget

(A/N): I have been dying to write this one too

Request: Hey doll :) Can you please do an imagine where you work for shield but are on a Undercover Mission to free Bucky. You visit him everyday before he gets the electro Shocks but he never Forgets you. So one day you’re finally able to free him and you nearly escape both, when Hydra finds out. You then shove bucky out of the building as the agents shot and hit you. Bucky sees you breaking down and screams your Name and decides to safe you before you both are rescued from Fury and he never leaves you.

Warnings: maybe angst? Swearing, the usual :)

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Originally posted by natpekis

   You wince softly as you gingerly operate on Bucky’s arm, the metal plating having been damaged on his last mission. 

   You’d been ‘recruited’ for Hydra months ago, little did anyone know you were actually on a Shield mission to save the asset, the winter soldier, Bucky Barnes. You’d been entrusted with the soldier’s safety and that’s why you could operate on him alone without anyone else in the room. You didn’t pump him full of drugs like the other doctors did, you didn’t sedate him whenever he got dangerous, he didn’t smack him to bring him back to reality because other than the fact that you couldn’t physically do it you didn’t have to. Bucky was never violent with you, he usually sat still the entire time you worked on him, never really saying anything or doing much so you never had to hurt him. 

   “You’re soft,” The soldier rasps, his voice much more rough than it usually was. “You’re not like the others,” You hum softly as you tweak some wires, litle sparks flying out his arm. 

   “Yeah? What makes you think that?” You smile at him before quickly getting back to work. 

   “You smile at me,” He whispers, cocking his head to the side. “You don’t hit me, you don’t stick needles in me, you’re the only person here who’s ever been kind to me,” 

   “Well,” You whisper as you continue to work, being careful not to bump any of his other wires. “You deserve kindness,” 

   “I’m a machine,” Bucky states, turning his head back ahead, his gaze finally falling from you. “Machines don’t get kindness,” 

   “If you don’t treat a machine well it won’t work, isn’t that how it goes?” Bucky doesn’t answer, merely keeps his gaze straight ahead. “Well, if you don’t treat a human nice it’s going to stop being human and I don’t want that for you,” 

   “Am I human?” Bucky asks, his lips barely moving. With a sigh you put your tools down, smoothing your hand over Bucky’s improved plating. 

   “You’ve got a heart, don’t ya?” Bucky nods, then stops, his lips pursing in thought. 

   “I guess,” You smile a bit, resting your chin on your palm. 

   “You’ve got a brain, right?” Bucky nods again. 

   “Then you’re human Buck, I promise you,” 

   “I don’t feel human,” Bucky whispers, his gaze falling down to his arm. “I don’t know what I am but I’m not- I’m not human,” 

   “I think you are,” You whisper as you check the plating one more time, ensuring that it was well enough for inspection. 

   “I never forget you,” Bucky whispers, his gaze never travelling from his arm. “Even after they wipe me, I don’t forget. I don’t forget the way your hands feel on my skin, or the way you smile at me, I don’t forget your voice or face, I don’t forget you like I forget everyone else,” 

   “Bucky-” You sigh once again, your heart constricting in your throat. 

  “Please don’t tell them,” Bucky looks at you, his eyes full of fear. “You can’t let them know,” 

  “I won’t tell,” You nod your head, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, “ I promise I won’t,” 

   Bucky stares at you for only a moment before he’s nodding, his gaze falling back down to his arm once again. 

   "They’re gonna be back any minute,“ He whispers, his tone bit as emotionless as it was only few moments ago.

    "I know,” you sigh, absentmindedly running your thumb along his hand as you speak. 

    “They’re gonna wipe me again, aren’t they?" 

    "Don’t they always?” You smile at him sadly, your eyes no doubt swimming with emotion. 

    “It hurts.” Bucky states, his tone nearly robotic at this point. “More than anything I’ve ever felt," 

    "I’m sorry Buck,” you whisper, wishing nothing more than to get this poor guy out of here. “I wish there was something I could do to help,” Bucky nods, pursing his lips at the telltale signs of shoes in the hall just outside his cage. “I promise you Bucky, I’m gonna make the pain stop someday,” You let go of his hand as the door to the isolated room opens, putting your facade back on, wouldn’t want hydra knowing you’re a double agent. 

    “Everything’s been fixed,” you state, no hint of emotion in your voice. Pierce smiles at you, gripping your shoulder gently. 

    “You’ve been a good agent (Y/N), very good, nearly as good as the soldier himself,” You cast a glance at Bucky, noticing the way his eyes had taken up that reserved, cold demeanor once more. “Now get out of here, you’re done for the day,” you give him a polite smile and nod, quickly exiting before they started clearing Bucky’s mind once again. 

   You tried to walk down the hall as fast as you could, desperate to get away from them, to go back to your safe house and decompress but no matter how fast you walked you couldn’t seem to escape Bucky’s haunting screams of pain.

    You stayed with Hydra for months after that, always fixing up Bucky, checking some of his diagnostics, even training him a bit. Eventually you became so trusted in hydras eyes that they allowed Bucky to be free around you, no other guards needed. It was a huge mistake on their part, given you were already preparing a plan on how to get the two of you out of here.

    “(Y/N),” Bucky states as he calmly wipes his knife of any blood, not even sparing a glance at the quivering mass of human on the floor. 

    “Yeah Buck?" 

    "You’re thinking about breaking out, aren’t you?” You look up from your clipboard where you’d been measuring how accurately The asset could slit a throat.

    “How did you-”

    “That’s what you meant when you said you were gonna end my pain, right? You were gonna get me out of here?” You bite your lip, nodding hesitantly. “I can help- I know where all the guards are, I know which halls are empty, I can tell you where it’s safe and were it isn’t," 

    "You want to get out of here?”

    “If it’s with you? Yes,” Bucky slides the knife back on a table, each chunk of wood covered in a weapon of sorts.

    “Well?” You lean forward, setting your clipboard aside. “When do we wanna ditch this place?" 

    "You’re sure this is the right hall?” You ask Bucky as the two of you creep through the hydra base, making sure to be extra quiet. 

    “I know the layout of every hydra base on this earth, i know we’re in the right hall,” Bucky places his metal arm in front of you, stopping you dead in your tracks.


    "Shhh,” the soldier warns, placing a finger to his lips. You close your moth, listening intently to whatever it was that had set Bucky off. You strain to hear but there was no mistaking the sound of heavy footfalls in some hall, evidence that now people were hunting you two down, and fast. 

    “Shit,” you whisper, fear bubbling within your chest. 

    “We have to run,” Bucky states coolly as he grabs your hand, yanking you down the hall. 

    “Stop them!” Someone down the hall yells and suddenly the footfalls are getting much, much closer.

    You run just as fast as Bucky, your feet hitting the concrete below you with such force that you could feel your feet ache. The two of you round a corner, two big silver doors before you signaling your way out; you were so close. 

   "Almost there,“ Bucky encourages, not letting go of your hand for one second. You nod your head as you book it towards the exit, freedom so tantalizingly close that you could taste it. But suddenly a shot rang through the air and a crippling pain shot through your chest. With a sudden cry you drop to the ground, causing Bucky to nearly fall as well. His hand still grips yours as you use your free one to clutch at the hole in your chest, blood seeping between your fingers. 

   ”(Y/N)-“ Bucky murmurs, more fear in his eyes than your ever seen before. 

   "Go,” you rasp, your body burning in pain as you speak. “Get out of here," 

   "No,” Bucky growls as he almost effortlessly picks you up, pulling you to his chest. “I’m not leaving you behind," 

    "Bucky, I’m- I’m dead weight at this point-” but Bucky doesn’t even give you a moment to finish before he’s booking it down the hall, only stopping to break the control Panel to the doors. The doors slide open, revealing a few simple grounds, nothing much in sight except for the large black helicopter sitting just a few feet away from the base. 

    “It’s shield,” you rasp, pointing a finger to the copter. “We made it," 

    "Soldier, I demand you stop!” An agent scream, guns firing shot after shot as they attempted to wound one of you. 

    “Are you motherfuckers getting in here or what?” Fury pokes his head out of the small space available for a door. “We don’t have all day,” Bucky rushes towards the helicopter, only stopping to hand you over to Steve’s embrace. Bucky quickly jumps in the copter and not even a second afterwards the pilot takes off, Nat, or a familiar red headed woman who Bucky could’ve sworn he’d seen before. 

    “Shit (Y/N),” Steve curses, his hands ripping open the front of your suit. “You got hit pretty bad," 

    "I know,” you rasp, your chest aching in pain. “I told Bucky to just leave me behind but he refused,” Bucky nods, his gaze trained in on your face. “We made it Bucky,” you reach up, grasping his metal hand a bit. “You’re safe now,” Bucky nods, lifting your hand to rub his cheek against it, a sweet gesture that had you melting on the inside. “We’re safe," 

 ~2 years later~

    "Bucky!” You call out to your fiancée who seemed to be having trouble getting out of bed.

    It’s been two tears since your days of hydra and things couldn’t be better, you had your own home, a nice one too, you didn’t have to worry about hydra breathing down your necks at all times, Bucky had finally gotten his memory back and he never, ever forgot you. Even when he’d forgotten his own name, or how is mother had died, he’d never forgotten you, just like he told you that fateful day. With a reminiscent smile you flip a pancake, hollering to Bucky once again. 

    “Bucky come on! I made pancakes and coffee!" 

    "I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” Bucky chuckles as he sleepily wipes at his eyes, his feet slowly but steadily carrying him to your side. He wraps his metal arm around your waist as he presses a kiss to Your neck, his stubble tickling you softly. “Thanks doll,” Bucky murmurs, causing you to giggle just a bit.

    Bucky’s lips slip over to your scar, a good sized bullet hole that had scarred over, leaving behind bumpy, white flesh. “I’m going tux shopping with Steve today,” Bucky whispers, his lips still gently pressed to your skin. You hum softly as Bucky kisses his way back up your neck, stopping just below your ear. “But after that I thought we could go to that record store you wanted to look at,” you nod your head, a small smile working it’s way up to your lips. 

    “I’d love that,” Bucky hums this time as his free arm reaches out to play with the ring on your finger, a simple band, nothing too fancy, but simple and elegant.

    “I love you,” Bucky murmurs against you, tucking his face back against your neck. 

    “I love you too Buck,” Bucky’s arm tightens around you as you flip a pancake, smirking proudly to yourself as you flipped it perfectly.

    Bucky purses his lips in thought, a small humming noise issuing from the back of his throat. 

    “What’s on your mind?” You ask as you scoop more pancake batter onto the skillet, listening to the oils sizzle and pop. 

    “I was just thinking…can we have pancakes at the wedding?”


A/N Steve is an angel, and if you think otherwise….. bye

Summary: Reader is upset as Steve is either always off on a mission or with Sam and Bucky, almost never coming home until late at night.

Warnings: none

Steve Rogers

Being Steve Rogers’ girlfriend wasn’t always easy, especially when he was gone on missions for long periods of time. And when he wasn’t on a mission, it seemed as if he was always with Sam or Bucky. You weren’t the clingy type, you needed your time apart from him sometimes, but with how much time you two had been apart, you began to get lonely.

You had always kept that to yourself, until he came home late after hanging out with Sam after being gone for a little over a month.

“I don’t understand, Y/N. You know that it’s my duty to help people!” Steve exclaimed.

“I know that, Steve.” You retorted. “It would just be nice if I saw you once and a while, you’re never home!”

You were a shield agent, you understood that when you were assigned a mission you had to go on it, but you also understood the dangers of going on said missions. Obviously, Steve was a superhuman so he had less of a chance of being severely injured, but he wasn’t invincible. You worried about whether or not he was aware of that, though.

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Scarf Thief II: The Reckoning

Yes, I know, I’m a dork. I’m not sorry.

Word Count:1207

Summary: Steve was right: You and Bucky are a match made in hell.

Warnings: Language, drunken foolishness

A/N: For the lovely anons who asked for this: I tried. 

Scarf Thief  <- Recommended but not required to understand this one

Originally posted by marvelheroes

“I bought you matching sweaters,” you declared proudly with a devious smile, digging two identical blue sweaters out of your bag and flinging them at the two super soldiers on the couch.

It had been nearly a month since you first came to the compound, and the SHIELD agents had long ago given up on trying to keep you out.

“That’s adorable,” Sam teased. “Did you get me one too?”

“Mmm no, but I did get you a Tweety Bird sweatshirt,” you said with a smirk, tossing it to him.

“Remind me why we let her in here again?” Sam questioned with mock offense as Bucky cackled from his place on the couch and Steve fought a smile.

“I don’t know what you’re grinning about, Rogers. Barnes and I will be discussing your childhood today.” You arched your eyebrows at him when his smile immediately vanished as he turned to look at Bucky.

“No, no, no. We’re not doing that. Bucky, no!”

“Bucky, yes!”

“Oh my god,” Steve groaned, burying his face in his hands.

“Did you know he used to run around in tights with dancing girls right after the serum?”

“Oh my god of course he did! Look at him! He is the dancing queen,” you giggled fondly.

“Young and sweet,” Bucky supplied.

“Only 117,” you finished, pinching Steve’s cheek lightly as he frowned at you.

“I am not 117…and why do I feel like you guys are referencing something?”

“We may or may not have prepared for this moment,” Bucky said with a smile.

“And I may or may not have made Bucky listen to ABBA.”

“And I may or may not have liked it.”

“Why the hell would you tell her about that,” Steve groaned, looking over to where you had rolled off the couch onto the floor in a fit of giggles.

Language, Steven!” Tony chuckled from the other side of the room as you laughed harder.

“Wait! I can do one better. Have I told you that this punk got all up in arms about the word fondue?” Bucky chimed in with a grin, glancing over to his sulking best friend who now turned an even deeper shade of red.

“What does that even mean?” you giggled, your eyes lighting up in curiosity.

“He thought it was a code word for sex or something,” Bucky chuckled, clutching at his sides as you fell into a renewed fit of giggles.

“Stop! Oh my god! I can’t take it anymore,” you wheezed, wincing through your stomach cramps as you tried to stifle the giggles still erupting from you.

“So what did he think fondue restaurants were?” Tony asked with mock thoughtfulness, joining in on the laughter when he heard you give a loud snort before snatching a pillow and pressing it over your face as you tried to regain control.

Bucky had buried his face in his hands, but it did little to muffle the loud laughter that escaped from him. Steve was shaking his head slowly as he watched the three of you dissolving into breathless giggles, fighting to keep a smile off his own face at the sight of so much happiness, even if it was at his own expense.

Bucky let out a sound of alarm as you yanked him with you to the communal kitchen one Friday night.

“I could do with some romancing before you start dragging me off to dark corners, doll,” he teased, leaning back against the counter and looking you over expectantly.

You held up a silver flask, a devious smile creeping over your face.

“Is that…?”

“Thor’s scary alien vodka? Yes, it is.”

“How did you get that?”

“I bought him a sweater. I had to help him try it on to make sure it fit,” you answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“You need to cool it with the sweater buying,” he sighed, shaking his head at you and doing his best not to look proud of your mischief.

“Never. Now, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”


“Steve. Have you ever seen him drunk before?”

“He drank half a bottle of beer back in high school and passed out almost immediately.”

“Oh my god,” you giggled. “Well, hopefully this will be more long-lasting entertainment.”

You weren’t evil enough to spike his drinks without his consent, and Bucky managed to convince him to agree by promising to match him drink for drink. As for yourself, you stuck to water, determined to enjoy this night in full control of your faculties and determined to remember it all in the morning.

You watched them both progress through their respective stages of drunkenness as the night wore on. Steve went through a period of rather aggressive ranting about social justice issues, to the point where you had to drag him off of the coffee table at one point when his hand gestures became so exaggerated you were worried he would lose his balance and break some of the furniture on his free fall to the floor. While this was happening, Bucky was leaning against the wall laughing at, as far as anyone could tell, absolutely nothing.

Then, almost simultaneously, both super soldiers shifted into a phase of hyperactivity. Whichever one of them wasn’t dancing with you was singing off-key and at the top of their lungs. Although that stage of the night was certainly exhausting for you, it was markedly less stressful than when they decided to try to take everything apart and put it back together. You did your best to prevent disaster by gathering up all of the pens you could find and dumping them out on the floor in front of them with an exasperated “have fun.”

As it closed in on 2:00 am, they seemed to finally be worn out. They were sprawled out on the couch on either side of you, occasionally reminiscing about the past in barely coherent mumbles.

“You guys are adorable, but I think it’s time for me to go,” you sighed, moving to rise from the couch.

“No!” Steve and Bucky protested in unison, both reaching out to drag you back down.

Steve dropped a pillow in your lap and laid back to rest his head on it, gazing defiantly up at you for a moment before closing his eyes. Bucky reached over and twisted his hand into your hair, letting out a satisfied hum before he too closed his eyes.

“This has got to be the lamest attempt to hold someone down I have ever seen,” you commented, fighting a smile.

“But it’s working,” Steve mumbled argumentatively, turning on his side and curling an arm around your legs.  He let out an unhappy grumble in protest when you flicked his nose.

“Don’t sass me,” you chastised, feeling your own eyelids growing heavy as Bucky’s head slumped against your shoulder.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Bucky muttered sarcastically and you let out a plaintive sigh.

“I’m not going to take care of you two idiots when you wake up with nasty hangovers in the morning,” you huffed, letting your eyes close.

“Yes you will,” they said in unison before the three of you finally slipped into sleep.

And they were right.

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Felix’s and Carolina’s shields really fit their characters, actually.

Felix’s shield is meant to protect him and him alone–it deploys quickly and uses relatively little power, but it only really provides a protected space for one person. Locus gets buffeted by winds (and actually gets blown away in the full shot), even though he’s in position at Felix’s back like always. Felix has never really prioritized looking out for others, and even though he cares about Locus, he doesn’t really have the capability to do what Locus needs. Locus tries to continue watching Felix’s back, but in the end, circumstances tear them apart.

In contrast, Carolina’s shield is capable of protecting others, but takes training, power, and the help of an AI to operate well. Carolina’s character journey has involved her discovering and accepting her own limits and those of her teammates, and learning to trust, communicate with, and accept the help of her team to keep as many of them safe as possible. She and Epsilon keep Wash safe from the explosion, and although both of them are tired afterward, both of them are safe as well.

Concept: framework!fitzsimmons first kiss is a complete role reversal from their real first kiss. Jemma kisses Fitz in a hurried effort to get him to remember her, and after being stunned for a moment, Fitz kisses her back gently.

But there’s a hero in “The Man Behind The Shield” who gets very little credit, and now that he’s been replaced by an LMD, it’ll be awhile before he gets due respect. Jeffrey Mace, a man who was literally plucked out of obscurity by accident and made the face of American heroism, stands up for what’s right in a situation where no one would fault him for buckling under the pressure. He hasn’t been trained for this kind of situation—especially not an interrogation-turned-torture—and yet, even with a knife sticking out of him, he refuses to bend. He believes in Phil Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D., and no imposing Russian killer is going to make him say otherwise. Mace proves that he belongs with S.H.I.E.L.D., and earns his place as an agent. It’s too bad no one will know.

Thank you A.V Club review for giving Mace due credit for him holding out under torture and willing to die for SHIELD.

People keep forgetting that Mace was a fucking JOURNALIST before all this. He was just a normal dude with no training, yet he still held out under torture and beating from actual trained killers. The man deserves more credit than people are giving him.

Mace was all like “i know what agent fitz means to her” but when daisy said something about Jemma being kidnapped three times and only twice on earth he was shook. SHOOK. HE DOESNT KNOW SHIT. i want someone to school him. i want him calling daisy to his office and being like “please elaborate on what you were saying about agent simmons.” and daisy just looking at him– the poor fool doesn’t know what he’s getting into– she plops into the chair “make yourself comfortable, Director.” and then UNLEASHES THREE YEARS OF JEMMA SIMMONS AT HIM. HES EVEN MORE SHOOK. HE CANT BELIEVE HOW GOOD AND BRAVE AND FUCKING STRONG JEMMA SIMMONS IS. he has a newfound respect for her. and daisy. he makes more effort to know about the rest of the team.

didn’t know about jemma simmons HA.


But everything he did, Skye, he did because he loved you.

“You Good?” (Requested)

Sam Wilson x Reader


Request: “Could you possibly do a fic with Sam? The reader works for Shield, more as a backup agent with the computers. She’s shy, but has a kind personality. She meets Sam one day buy getting shot at an attack on the Shield base and he helps her get away safely. Later they become friends and one day while running together she gets flustered by him and runs faster to hide her face but it causes her to loose her breath and when he catches up, she admits she likes him. Thank you!” - anon <3

Word Count: 2120

A/N: I’m currently freezing my ass off in Starbucks, so if there are any errors or this sucks I’m sorry but I’m shivering too much to edit it and if I wait ‘til I’m home I won’t have this up for another couple of days. I hope you enjoy, anon!

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also like dont think about how macks going to feel so guilty about this. dont think about him going to jemma and doing that Mack Cry™ apologizing for leaving Fitz alone. dont think about jemma tearing up too and hugging Mack like this little tiny scientist full of such love for everyone she cares about and mack hugging her back then crying together but then jemma just goes

“i don’t blame you. i would never blame you. and i’m never going to give up– i’m going to get him back.”

“we. we are going to get him back.”

its enough to make jemma smile, even just for a moment.

(its a nice reminder that shes not really alone anymore)

I LOVE Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I don’t think I could ever forgive the writers for how unfair they’ve treated Grant Ward’s character, nor understand why they think it was cool that they made Coulson’s team “smart” by not forgiving him or helping him get any better.

omg, so smart characters. Omg skye’s not a fool. Omg so cool, it’s won’t be like the other shows where the hot white male is given redemption.

JUST *tries not to swear* IT IS *fails* FUCKING DISGUSTING.

And I love Brett Dalton for being awesome and amazing and standing up for Grant Ward’s character.

Undercover Mission

Request: Hey doll :) Can you please do an imagine where you work for shield but are on a Undercover Mission to free Bucky. You visit him everyday before he gets the electro Shocks but he never Forgets you. So one day you’re finally able to free him and you nearly escape both, when Hydra finds out. You then shove bucky out of the building as the agents shot and hit you. Bucky sees you breaking down and screams your Name and decides to safe you before you both are rescued from Fury and he never leaves you. @diving-down-to-wonderland

“The man on the bridge. You knew him?” You quietly asked, sadly setting Bucky up for the electroshock. He vaguely nodded his head, tears springing his eyes.

“I knew him.” Bucky said, your heart breaking at the thought of how he felt at the moment. You knew Steve, as well. But you couldn’t let Bucky know in case Hydra found out your secret mission.

You were working for shield undercover but Hydra has you work with Bucky, it’s your duty to set him up for the electroshock. You couldn’t blow your cover so you had to do this no matter how much it hurt.

You hated doing this and you’ve spent everyday with him beforehand. You were thankful he always remembered you afterwards. You’d comfort him in his cell at night when everyone was in their cells, sleeping.

Thankfully, you managed to conjure up an escape plan. It wouldn’t be too hard, you’d have to do it quickly though. There were some vents that led to the side of the building and you’d have to hurry and get there or else they’ll catch you both.

“I’m sorry, Bucky.” You said, placing a kiss to his sweaty forehead. “Y/N, please.” Bucky pleaded, his hands reaching for you but were stopped from his restraints. “Please.” Bucky begged again, his metal hand whirring.

Your heart broke even more, knowing what was to come. “I’ll be back, I promise. Bucky, I’m getting you out.” You said, sniffling as you brushed his sweaty hair back with your fingers.

A sliver of hope flashed in Bucky’s beautiful and sad blue eyes. “I promise.”

Suddenly the doors bolted open and you quickly moved away from Bucky, drying your tears. Agents came in one by one, armed with weapons.

“Agent Y/L/N.” The leader said, giving you a tight nod. You nodded back and left the room, hearing the machine hum to life.

You ran as fast as you could, crying as you heard Bucky’s screams down the long hallway.

You broke into uncontrollable sobs and slid down the wall, ripping your name tag from your shirt. You had to get Bucky out. You just had to. It was your mission and you could not fail him.

You managed to escape the cell with Bucky before he was put under again, thankful the guards were in the training room.

You found the vent you needed to escape through and Bucky was right beside you, ready to punch through anyone who stood in your way.

“Here!” You whisper shouted. You had Bucky lift you up to the vent and you grunted as you got inside. It was pretty big and you knew Bucky would have no problem squeezing in with you.

Bucky hopped up alongside you and you began your journey through the facility. “Fury, we’re on our way.” You spoke through your comm. “Fury?” Bucky asked, unsure if he should trust the name.

You nodded, giving him a small reassuring smile. “He’s helping me save you.” You explained quietly. “Copy that. I’m on the way with the chopper. Bring him home, Agent Y/L/N.”

You and Bucky had made it through the vents and you both sat at the edge, ready to drop down. The drop wasn’t too far but you were still scared. Bucky noticed.

“I’ll drop down first, check the area, and I’ll catch you.” Bucky said, holding onto your arm gently. You nodded and smiled nervously, watching him slide closer to the edge.

Bucky dropped down and rolled on the ground to break his fall. He quickly checked around the area. He appeared back at the bottom of the vent and held his arms out for you.

“We’re all clear, hurry!” Bucky rushed in a whisper. You took a deep breath and slid off the edge, falling down. You squeezed your eyes shut and immediately landed in Bucky’s flesh arm and he held you to his chest.

Bucky never touched you with his metal arm, he was always afraid he’d hurt you. He’d become very protective over you and he never wanted to be the one to cause you any harm.

Bucky put you down on your feet and you both ran away, hand in hand. You suddenly heard men yelling and you turned to see agents piling behind you. “Shit!” Bucky spat.

One of the guards aimed for Bucky as you both turned around to face the guards. “Bucky!” You yelled, pushing him away as fast as you could. You suddenly felt a bullet pierce through your side.

You fell to the ground with a groan and Bucky dropped to his knees. “Y/N!” Bucky yelled out, tears filling his eyes. He dropped to your side and felt anger boil in his blood.

The guards started running towards you and Bucky growled, standing back to his feet. He started fighting off the guards, ripping their heads off with his metal hand and dodging bullets.

You sobbed quietly, holding your side as the blood kept pulsing out of you like a broken faucet. Minutes passed and the area was covered in dead guards.

Bucky rushed back to you and you heard a helicopter land in the distance. “I’m sorry, Bucky.” You sobbed. Bucky shook his head, carefully picking you up.

He hesitated but held you with his metal arm, too. He rushed you to the helicopter where Fury was waiting for you. Bucky was careful not to cause you anymore pain but your cries let him know he was failing.

You were all patched up now, having successfully rescuing Bucky from Hydra. He met up with Steve while you were treated for your bullet wound. You saw Steve and Bucky standing outside the glass window, Steve’s arm resting on Bucky’s shoulder.

“I always remembered her. She would visit me everyday before they gave me the electroshock.” Bucky told Steve, telling him the memories he had made with you with at the Hydra facility.

Steve smiled, seeing Bucky’s lips turn up in a smile of his own. “You may see her now.” The nurse told Bucky and Steve. “Go head, I’ll wait.” Steve said, patting Bucky’s shoulder.

Bucky slowly walked in the hospital room, seeing your pale body in the hospital bed. You were hooked up to an IV and he could see the bandage around your abdomen.

He pulled a chair to your bed and sat down. You sniffled as you looked over at Bucky. “Y/N, I can’t thank you enough.” Bucky whispered, grabbing your cold hand.

You smiled and let out a sob. “I’d do anything for you, Bucky.” He smiled and kissed your hand. “Like taking a bullet for a man who can heal quickly.” Bucky said with a watery chuckle.

You blushed and nodded. “You saved me.” Bucky said quietly, moving a strand of your hair from your face. “It started out as an undercover mission, but I knew I had to do it because I fell for you, Bucky.” You sobbed a little.

Bucky leaned over and kissed your forehead. “You mean so much to me, Y/N.” Bucky whispered, forever thankful you helped save his life.

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