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get to know me meme [3/5] favorite relationships = skye + ward (agents of shield)
you’ve had a big impact on him. he’s different than i remember him. the tough thing about being a specialist is being alone. a team gives you a whole new perspective. guess it’s the difference between fighting against something and fighting for something. or someone.

As swift as this is love

Chapter four of my fantasy Quakerider au

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It was early and Robbie was tired. He hadn’t slept the whole night, the rocking of the carriage keeping him awake. Gabe was nowhere to be found. Robbie knew he had gone to the library, but he had no idea where the library was situated in this immense palace. He could’ve ask someone, but Robbie had managed to get himself lost in a deserted wing. And he had been so sure he was going the right way.

He was looking around, not paying attention to where he was walking and after rounding a corner, his shoulder bumped into someone.

“Pardon me,” he shot out, “do you know where I could find the library?”

The girl looked up, her gaze far away. Her hair was messy, strands of hair poking out of her braid, and her forehead was slightly shining due to sweat. Robbie noted the dirty scrubs she was wearing, it once had to be lighter than the dull brown it now was. She mumbled a ‘sorry’ and darted away.

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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘What If…’


This is absolutely insane I am just blown away that this many people follow me and my weirdness…

Storms and Visitors
Sirius Black x Reader
by @notanotherausten
“Regulus invites you at his house to stay for the night until the storm stops but Sirius has other plans.”

Sirius Black x Reader
by @blueelf
“You agree to help Sirius study for his OWL’s, however what you failed to realize that tutoring the marauder was like babysitting. After various failed attempts, you finally find a way to keep Sirius somewhat focused and, interested.”

Frosting and Crushes
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @inkstainedfanfics
“Newt has been distant the past week, focusing only on Tina and their work. You try to strike up conversation with him at dinner, but, after many failed attempts, grow irritated and leave early. Queenie decides to take matters into her own hands.”

Body Heat
Sirius Black x Reader
by @wizardwritings
Reader is the younger sister of James and is in a relationship with Sirius.

Sirius Black x Reader
by @deerprongs
Lilly gives Reader a potion to help her with her headache but ends up adding putting too much of an ingredient in that makes Reader loopy and giggly. Completed Series

Air B&E
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avengerofyourheart
“When a mission requires close proximity with your least favorite teammate, you try to make the best of it, but a change in plans adds new challenges and possibly a new opportunity.”

Lost My Way
Tom Holland x Reader
by @intheheartoftomholland
“Famous actor Tom Holland has been in the film industry for years now after making it big as Spiderman and he loses himself along the way.”

Being Pregnant With Steve Rogers’ Baby
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingsteverogers
Basically an imagine…

The Bunkhouse
Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
by @angryschnauzer
“Bucky is backpacking through the Canadian Rockies when he decides to stay at a bunkhouse for the night. The only other guest is a loud and arrogant stranger by the name of Steve that does nothing except boast about his bravado and prowess. Its time for someone to take him down a peg or two.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @after-avenging-hours
Basically sex demon Bucky begin a sex god.

Don’t Be Ashamed
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @fantasticnewtimagines
Handicapped!Reader requires a cane to walk around and Newt is a sweetheart about it.

Urgent Care
Avengers x Reader
by @arrow-guy
Reader brings Peggy to help diffuse the Civil War between Steve and Tony. Completed Series

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @marvelous-fvcks
“You accidentally walk in on Bucky as he gets ready for his date - completely naked - and your natural awkwardness only causes things to go from bad to worse. In an attempt to resolve the situation you get some of the worst advice from some of your friends who are no help whatsoever”

A Personal Connection
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @sebastianstandoffish
“Bucky may or may not have a crush on Steve’s PA.”

The Voice Inside My Head
Deadpool x Reader
by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
I don’t really know how to summarize this one, just read it, trust me.

You Should Be Here
Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader, Sam Winchester x Niece!Reader
by @winchesters-favorite-girl
“Dean took Amara down with the spirit bomb they made, leaving Sam to raise Dean’s young daughter.”

What’s Between Us
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @bovaria
“Reader breaks her arm during a mission so she has to stay in the tower to heal. After a while she gets really bored and glum so Steve takes her out to cheer her up.”

The Past On Your Doorstep
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @atwistoffate
“After more than 4 years Dean knocks on your door, surprising the hell out of you. Then it’s his turn to be surprised when he sees a little girl standing next to you.”

Fire And Ice
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @beccaanne814-blog
Bucky has a crush on the Reader who is a nurse for the military.

Going To The Yule Ball With Sirius
Sirius Black x Reader
by @blueelf
An imagine of what would happen if Reader were to go with Sirius to the Yule Ball.

Study Hard
Sirius Black x Reader
by @notanotherausten
“Reader has been studying for hours and Sirius forces her to take a break.”

Newt Scamander Smut
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @13reasonswhyiblog
“You and Newt had met at Hogwarts, and had both left a while ago, Newt left before you due to being expelled. But Professor Dumbledore had asked you both to return and fill temporary positions. You were going to teach DADA, and Newt, quite obviously was teaching Care of Magical Creatures”

The Smallest Moment Makes The Biggest Difference
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @captainhopelessromantik-808
Reader works at the ministry with Newt and he asks her out on a date.

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avengemebuckyy
“You’re a doctor for the avengers and when Bucky comes in with a hunk of metal in his side you find that it’s not his injury that’s making you sweat.”

You Good?
Sam Wilson x Reader
by @marvelfic
“Reader works for Shield, more as a backup agent with the computers. She’s shy, but has a kind personality. She meets Sam one day buy getting shot at an attack on the Shield base and he helps her get away safely. Later they become friends and one day while running together she gets flustered by him and runs faster to hide her face but it causes her to loose her breath and when he catches up, she admits she likes him.”

Hazelnut and Hurricanes
Sam Wilson x Reader
by @marvelfic
“Sam finds you in a busy coffee shop and can’t keep is eyes off of you. After buying you a coffee he insists on taking you on a date. You finally agree, but will the awful weather ruin the night?” Completed Series

Bucky’s Baby
Sugar Daddy!Bucky x Reader
by @lancefuckrr *On AO3*
“Down on your luck, you meet a man named Bucky - a handsome and wealthy businessman - who changes your life completely.”

Newt Scamander x Reader
by @omg-imatotalmess
Reader helps Newt deal and tame his beasts.

Avengers x Reader
by @theliteratureloser
“Reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.” Ongoing Series

Modern Times
Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers (Platonic)
by @itsanerdlife
“Reader whose a none romantic and doesn’t believe in relationships trying to explain her lifestyle to the Avengers Team, specifically the two men from the 40′s who don’t understand as she teases them.”

Drunk Love
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @winter-childrens
“Bucky is drunk and is very sweet and cute.”

The Perfect Prom
Peter Parker x Reader
by @icat8
“Prom has been more of a nightmare than the dream you hoped it would be. Thankfully, you have a friend like Peter.” Completed Series

My Fake Boyfriend
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @supersoldierslover
“After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.” Ongoing Series

My Hot Nerd
Peter Parker x Reader
by @ships4you
Peter comes back from his nightly shenanigans and finds his girlfriend waiting for him in his bedroom.

Arsonist’s Lullaby
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @soldatbarnes
“Reader is a pyrokinetic, being sought after by both Hydra and the Avengers.” Ongoing Series

This Is War
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @soldatbarnes
“jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny.” Ongoing Series

The Only Exception
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @just-some-drabbles
“Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?” Ongoing Series

The Friendly Wager
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @just-some-drabbles
“Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?” Ongoing Series

Guys My Age
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @221bshrlocked
“You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.” Ongoing Series

Newt Scamander x Reader
by @azurakenway
Newt gets turned into a beast and needs Reader to kiss him in order to turn back into a human.

Weak When You’re Around
Sirius Black x Reader
by @lovelysiriuss
“In which Sirius realizes he feels weak when he’s around her, but not knowing what to do about it.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avasparks
“The whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.”

What Passengers Do In Private
Sirius Black x Reader
by @azurakenway
Sirius gets a little possessive on the train to Hogwarts when another guy flirts with you.

Sirius Black x Reader
by @h4rtache
“Gryffindor reader is feeling nervous about graduating when Young!Sirius comes to console her.“

My Girl
Sirius Black x Reader
by @wizardwritings
Reader and Sirius spend a cold night in Hogsmeade.

Fat Bottomed Omega
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @melonshino

Golden Desire
Sebastian Stan x Reader
by @sebuckyverse
“Watching Sebastian work on the set of ‘The Bronze’ is giving you a hard time.“

Let’s Pretend
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @papi-chulo-bucky
“Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant pornstars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decide to show the team.“ Completed Series

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @oneshot-shit
“Bucky being annoying can lead to fun times.“

My Beautiful Boy
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @timeforsmut
Submissive Bucky smut

The Elevator
Jensen Ackles x Reader
by @melissaj616
Elevator smut with Jensen


- May, what the hell are you doing here? I didn’t request a specialist.
- I go where I’m assigned.

The Adventures of Coulson & May: Some Time Ago 


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.


Q: How do you find the inspiration for some visceral scenes, like last season, when you saw fitz shooting someone, I was almost in tears, and you were honestly broken in that moment. Where did you get your inspiration for that moment? 

Elizabeth: (…) I cry at everything basically. I’m kind of sadly obsessed with Fitz. I get so emotional thinking about him and FitzSimmons and their relationship. I’m just so invested at this point. Honestly it doesn’t take much. 

I figure after Bucky spends a long time being so conflicted and ashamed about his time as the Winter Soldier the he can’t even talk about it, eventually he realizes that everyone seems to actually like him and it freaks him out. And for months, no one can get him to stop reminding them about why they all should hate him. Steve’s like, “Here are your pancakes, buddy.” “One time I killed a guy in front of his daughter.” “Yeah, you told me. I love you anyway. Eat your pancakes.” On a run with Sam, he passes him and Sam calls after him like, “You’re only running three laps to my one? Man, you’re slacking.” Bucky slows down long enough to say, “I tortured people too, you know.” “I hope you don’t think that’s gonna make me go easy on you,” Sam says as he speeds up and passes Bucky for the first time. Later, Natasha stops by with the Friends box set and gives it to Bucky. “You and Steve should watch this one night. Invite me over when you start it, okay?” And Bucky just clutch he’s the DVDs and stares at her with narrow eyes and flared nostrils until she’s like, “What?” “I SHOT YOU!” Nat shrugs, “Just once. Do it again and I’ll stop bringing you new TV shows.”

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Scottish actor David O'Hara (Luther, Gotham) is guest starring as Alistair in the Fitz centric episode ’No Regrets’. Could we finally be meeting papa Fitz?!

No Regrets’
The truth behind Fitz’s turn could bring down all of SHIELD.

Episode #4.18, ’No Regrets’, will air on April 18th. Written by Paul Zbyszewski (F.Z.Z.T.).

Haunting Me (Chap. 2)

A/N: eeeeek! chapter 2 is here and it gets wild as heck guys! This chapter was so freakin’ fun to write, I kind of remixed the whole winter soldier movie plot to fit this in just right and I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Warnings: Violence. Angst. Some people get shot. Kidnapping. Feels. 

You sat in the backseat of Natasha’s Porsche, listening as Steve explained the plan to you.

It wasn’t very thorough as you imagined it would be, but it was way better than Sam’s plan, which was to get Tony Stark involved. Apparently, this was a super top secret mission, one the millionaire had no business knowing about. You rolled your eyes as Steve explained to you that you would leave the minute the fighting started.

“I don’t see why,” Natasha chimed in, smirking over at Steve. “She’s a big girl.”

“Last I checked everyone in this car had military training except for Y/N.” He pressed, buckling the buckle on his helmet.

You scoffed; you were more than capable of handling your own, but as much as you hated to admit, this Winter Soldier had the same serum as Steve. Which meant he could probably break you in half with minimal to no effort. You liked being able to walk, thank you very much.

You gazed out of the window next to you, watching the scenery go by with each turn. Steve was doing better, which put you at ease for now. You still had no idea what would happen once the four of you arrived at the base. You were beyond concerned now. 

You looked back over to Steve, who was preoccupied by the shield in his hands, fiddling with it anxiously. When you turned back around, you were met with a pair of black goggles and a heavily masked face. 

Before you could scream, the man brought his fist forward and busted through the window. 

Natasha swerved erratically, trying to avoid the many cars in front of her as the man began punching holes through the roof of the car. You screamed when you felt a metal hand grab ahold of your shirt and tug forcefully, ripping the material. 

“Y/N!” Steve exclaimed, his eyes wide with fear. 

Natasha slammed on the breaks, causing the man to fly off the hood and tumble onto the concrete. 

“Everybody out!” she screamed, gathering her pistols. You exited the car, holding the small pistol in your hand. You’ve never shot a gun before, and you were mentally kicking yourself for never asking Steve to teach you. Sam expanded his wings and began soaring into the air towards the masked man. 

You watched as Natasha and Steve sprinted towards the man, dodging the spray of bullets gracefully. You, on the other hand, ducked behind a car and aimed your pistol. 

“It’s not that hard, right?” you whispered to yourself, your legs trembling as you closed one of your eyes and aligned the barrel of the gun with the man’s head. “It’s just like Call of Duty!” you laughed nervously. 

One of the hydra agents pulled out a missile launcher and aimed it right at the car. Steve immediately ran towards you, holding his shield in his front of him. The missile hit the shield directly, sending him flying over the edge of the bride. Once you saw Natasha get hit violently by the man’s metal arm, sending her flying into the side of a car, you closed your eyes. 

And you fired. 

When you opened them again, the masked man was on the ground. You perked up from behind the car, your eyes wide with shock and your mouth turned upward into a triumphant grin. You felt your heart beating wildly in your chest as you stared at the man from afar. Your smile faded as soon as you saw the man moving. 

He sat up, rolling onto his hands and knees, before standing up completely. From where you stood, you could see the bullet lodged in the lense of his goggles that were shielding his eyes. 

Uh oh. 

You backed away slowly as he glared at you. His eyes focused on yours, taking in your features. His head slowly cocked to the side as he stared you down. You stood frozen in the middle of the street, completely unsure what to do. 

“Cолдат!” Soldier!

The hydra agent behind him shouted at him angrily in Russian, aiming his own gun at you as well. You felt your heart skipping beats in your chest as you watched the man approach the soldier. 

Fucking shit!” you cursed, taking a step back. 

Instantly, the man’s eyes widened at the sound of your voice. His eyes became frantic, his breaths came out in short, rapid huffs. He shook his head, as if to rid himself of some evil-like thoughts. The gun in his hand dropped to the ground as he clutched his head. 

“Солдат, закончи свою миссию!” Soldier, finish your mission!

You watched in horror as the masked man unsheathed a black blade and in one move, slit the man’s throat. He turned back around, staring at you with his dead eyes.

And began walking towards you. 

The bullets barely missed your head as you sprinted down the sidewalk.  

You scurried around the many panicked people as they ran beside you. The bullets hit multiple people around you, but thankfully, they managed to miss you every single time. You made a sharp turn down a dark alley, hoping he’d get distracted for a moment.

As you ran, you could hear the faint footsteps growing closer and closer. You huffed, feeling your sides begin to ache from the sprinting, but you refused to slow down. 

You were almost to the end of the alley, when you felt a pair of hands wrap around your waist and haul you back into the alley. You began screaming, kicking everywhere you could with all your might. He managed to get you far enough away from the street before spinning you around and planting a hard slap onto your face. 

You cried out, feeling your cheek burn from the harsh contact. Blinking through the tears, you noticed the man was staring at you oddly once again. You watched as his head cocked to the side, his gaze set on the tears running down your face. 

Realizing he was distracted, you swung your fist into his face as hard as you could.

Big mistake. 

His head jerked back violently and you watched as the black mask flew from his face and landed onto the concrete with a small plop.

He turned around and you were hit with the strongest sensation of déjà vu. 

You swore up and down on everything you own, that you’ve seen this man before. You didn’t know how or when or where, but you’ve seen him. 

He was gorgeous. Really gorgeous. You probably would’ve developed a small crush on him if he weren’t a raging psychopath and trying to murder you and your friends. 

Who the hell are you?” he spat, his eyes wild with fear. They burned into your fearful ones as you stared back, your mouth hanging open. With a deep breath, you brought your leg up to his ribs and kicked with all your might.  

He grunted, jolting back from the force of your kick. But to your dismay, you didn’t do any kind of damage. His grip on your wrist tightened painfully, you cried out as you felt your wrist seering with pain. 

His eyes dilated, his brows furrowed as he scowled. In one move, he launched his fist forward, hitting you directly in the face. 

Then everything went black. 

When you woke, the only thing you could hear was silence and the soft sounds of what sounded like a metal clinking together. 

You opened your eyes, wincing at the brightness of the light above you. Especially the ache in your eye. You blinked, trying to fully comprehend what had just happened, most importantly, where the hell you were. 

“Who are you?” a deep voice pulled you from your thoughts.

It came out more of a demand. His voice was completely monotone, but still deep with authority. There he was, The Winter Soldier. The man who punched your lights out a while ago. Steve’s best friend, only, he didn’t look friendly at all. 

He looked terrifying.You peered around the room, taking in your surroundings. Somehow, he managed to take you to a shady little motel. From what you could peek from under the blinds as you lie on the bed, you were far from New York. The familiar sounds of traffic and civilians passing by was completely gone, leaving you in eerie silence instead.

“Are you fucking deaf?” he spat, his face twisting into a scowl. You shook your head, feeling the tears pooling in your eyes. You were trembling as well.

“N-No,” you answered timidly.

“Then answer my damn question. Who are you?”

“I’m Y/N,” you replied, feeling the tears running down your face. “Y/N Y/L/N.”

He stared off into the distance, as if he were processing the information in his head. Was he really a human computer like Sam said? You were terrified as it was, but being around a terminator was even more horrific. You waited for him to ask another question, but it never came. Instead, he leaned back into his chair, placing the pistol back onto the table.

“Are you going to kill me?” you heard yourself ask. Immediately, you shut your mouth. Why would you give him the idea? From what you knew, he was crazy, probably from all the brainwashing.

His blue eyes flickered back over to you, and you swore by everything, you saw them soften momentarily before they were back at to their original coldness from before.

“Are you going to hurt me?” you asked, this time with more volume in your voice. Immediately, he stood from the chair and you jumped, backing away as far as you were allowed. He slowly made his way over to you, his dark gaze burning into your teary eyes in a predatory manner. You flinched as he sat beside your legs.

“The man on the bridge,” he spoke, his voice still in the same nonchalant tone. “Who was he?”

“His name is Steve,” you answered, watching his expression change. “Steve Rogers, he was your best friend since childhood.”

He didn’t respond, instead, he ran his hands over his face. You watched as he ran his fingers through his long, dark hair. Despite being insane, he was extremely handsome, you’d give him that. His jawline looked like it could cut glass, and those eyes. They were twice as blue as Steve’s, twice as beautiful, too.

You pulled yourself out of your thoughts, mentally scolding yourself. This man was probably going to kill you, maybe after he did god knows what with you before, yet here you were ogling over him like some A list celebrity.

He turned towards you, his face set in a frown.

“I knew him,” he admitted, his eyes full of a mixture of confusion and hurt. “I knew him a long time ago.” You nodded, your heart thumping wildly in your chest. Why were you acting this way?

“But you…” He whispered, staring into your eyes fiercely. 

“I knew you, too.”


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  • Me: Joss Whedon is not as misogynistic as everyone on Tumblr makes him out to be.
  • Joss Whedon: *says/does something misogynistic*
  • Me in an increasingly passive aggressive tone: You aren't helping right now.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request:  Oh gosh youre so good at writing smut if you have time could i request a reader x Bucky where reader’s trying to fend off a SHIELD agent thats been hounding her so she gets Bucky to be her fake boyfriend to scare the person off by kissing but it gets carried away? Thanks!

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Petals pt. 2 - Bucky x Reader

PAIRING: Bucky x Reader

WORD COUNT: 7,900+

WARNING: references people being sick A LOT

➳ A soulmate & hanahaki (The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.) au

Author’s Note: So… this took me a while. Please be patient with me guys, I have a job and stuff now, I have an art blog as well. I’m busier than I once was lol. Still doesn’t mean I’m not sparing every minute I can for my Marvel bae’s. I suspect I’ll be writing a Tom Holland-Spiderman ficlet soon, so if you have any ideas feel free to send them ma way ^^ Anyway, enjoy!

It did not take you long to get drunk, your body conjuring a fervent desire for one night only to douse the petals in alcohol and keep them stuck to the bottom of your stomach as a result. It had become your addiction for the night. Every time you saw Steve, Shaon or Bucky you would drink. This lead to your night coming to a close in a very degrading way.

The celebration was coming to a close so most of the guests had already left, except for you who was spread eagle on a couch gurgling out drunken fueled mumbles. Natasha was the one who found you and she swiftly moved to hiding any evidence of your drunken stupor, knowing that if Steve were to find out he would become worried and too kind. It wasn’t that Steve’s kindness was a bad thing, it just was when it came to you; he would quite literally kill you with kindness, his caring nature would puncture your skin a thousand times and when the blade is inevitably pulled out yellow carnation petals would leak from your wounds rather than petals.

It wasn’t that Natasha cared or even recognised what you must have been feeling, she could just recall times when she had to hide her disease and you’d help. She was finally getting round to returning the multiple favours you’d supplied her.

You didn’t make it any easier for her though, you fought with all your might (which wasn’t all that much considering you were a drunkard) making the removal of your body from the party very time consuming.

She managed to get you to the doorway when both Steve and Sharon appeared, ready to say their goodbyes and give thanks that you and Nat had come to the celebration.

The surprise attack left Natasha with very few options. You were a ticking time bomb. Words crafted by shards were settled on your tongue, ready to be thrown out so their sharp edges could bring damage to everyone in the room. If Natasha could feel anger than you would have been severely harmed.

Thankfully a white knight entered the doorway at the perfect time (or rather, a maroon knight that was more of a soldier than a knight) eyes scanning over all the faces and evaluating the situation.

“There you are,” he blurted out, eyes all turning to look at him. Their uncertain gazes matching the diffident feeling that settled inside of him, the only outward sign of this emotion being the way he tightly clenched his metal fist, endangering the life of his car keys. “Let’s go.”

As Bucky stepped forward to take your hand so did Steve, getting a hold of your floppy limb first and vocalising the confusion that everyone seemed to be feeling. “Go where?”

You might have been able to afford some confusion over the situation if you hadn’t been taken by Steve’s hand being flush against yours.

“To hers. I promised her earlier that I’d take her home seen as I haven’t drunk anything.” The lie passed through his lips stiffly, feeling like lumps on his tongue. “Problem?” He challenged, eyes gazing at Steve warily.

The mx of alcohol and Steve’s hand had sent you into a different world that kept you unaware of what was happening. Your feeble heart was racing frenziedly and you couldn’t stop the flowers from growing inside your stomach, aware that the urge was only going to grow and get stronger the longer you had the physical contact with Steve.

But he was so there. His hand was as expected, the fingers large and bringing a warmth to whatever they touched. And they were soft. Maybe it was the super soldier serum, maybe it was because your view of him was warped because of your one-sided connection or maybe it was because he was Steve, but either way he had perfect hands. Nowadays nobody had hands like his, people had calluses and scars, red welts from hard work and beneath their nails was grime that no amount of washing would get to. Steve’s hands were smooth and soft, like an infant’s.

Most nights your mind is filled with dreams of those hands searching your skin and the reminder of those teams is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

A deep exhale suddenly escaped your lips when you felt a warmth against your free hand. You became completely frozen as Bucky’s fingers brushed yours, grasping them hesitantly, softly, almost afraid of your reaction as he tried to convey some sort of reassurance. The touch brought you back to reality and the crushing in your chest was not so heavy anymore, strangely alleviating as his hold turned firmer and more confident.

Bucky’s hand felt like sandpaper or perhaps stone, rough and unfinished but strong, and not as cold as one may be led to believe. You could easily imagine that a pinprick to his hand would be unfeeling.

He guided you out the door, gently but at a pace far too swift, not giving you the chance to say goodbye to Steve or Sharon. This was a good thing.

As soon as the two of you were outside he dropped your hand, the action making you pause and stand in one spot, eyes watching his figure continue down a path until he reached a car and turned back to face you. “Are you coming?”

Feeling far too anxious to argue with him you nodded your head and began to follow him, the only issue was that the drunken haze turned the straight line he’d walked down into a torrential path that curved in extraordinary ways which your feet simply could not coordinate through. The result of this being you tripping over your own feet.

Reacting as any super assassin would, he instinctively stepped forward and grabbed your arms, pulling you back up so instead you fell forward into his chest.

Your chin rested against his shoulder, ars limp in his stronghold and body rigid against his.

And then it all came up, the flourish of movement for those few seconds had been too much and it caused the flowers to come up. Thankfully you’d regained enough control of your body in confusion to move away from Bucky before releasing your torments.

There was something different about these petals.

The usually incandescent yellow was a grimy borderline green shade, the petals themselves wrinkled and bent. All shows of softness gone. All signs of divinity gone and that was because there was nothing beautiful about this version of you. The version of you that was spoiled by alcohol and afflicted with the need to push down your true self. Your glitch self.

At least Bucky was there, hands - that had become accustomed to your body after only five minutes - placed themselves on your back and rubbed smooth circles. You thought you heard him whisper something along the lines of: “You’re going to be okay.”  But you ignored him with ease as your own sobs began to fill your ears.

Bucky had eventually carried you into his car. Even after you’d finished ridding your stomach of the poisoned petals, you felt far too sickened and saddened by the alcohol. With your delirious mind Bucky had suspected you were about to curl up on the side of the road and so he’d seen no other option. He’d grabbed a hold of you bridal style and put you inside of his car.

Your crying lasted another ten minutes but you began to hush eventually, the sobs turning to cries turning to whimpers turning to hiccups. When you became silent Bucky did not speak to you, in fact the rest of the ride was just endless silence except for half way through when he realised that he actually had no idea where you lived.

Bucky didn’t seem to you like the type to own a car. You could envision with with a motorcycle or perhaps a sports car - from what you could tell SHIELD would pay their agents pretty well, especially if they were a superhero. It’s not like they didn’t deserve to live comfortably after facing uncomfortable things like Hydra or Ultron - but this car was just a frumpy red one, the kind a twenty-year-old hipster would buy as it was all he’d earn from his job at a cafe and the earnings he’d get for the writing he did spare time. It all just seemed so humble for him.

Throughout the car ride it felt like you were both paying far too much attention to each other, taking glances whenever possible and musing over what they were thinking or feeling. And eventually that became frustrating for you.

The car slowed to a halt outside your apartment building which seemed to have changed before your very eyes into a haven, somewhere that would save you from all the insanity you’d undergone through the night.

Bucky got out of the car first, confusing you and causing you to rush to get yourself out as fast as possible. What you did not realise was that Bucky was enacting a habit he had back from before Hydra got him, a habit he’d all but forgotten about as this was his first casual encounter with a woman since being freed from the insanity Hydra had caused him.

He watched with wide eyes, the uncomfortable feeling that had been clenching his belly since the beginning of the night now tightening. Meanwhile you walked passed him with your eyes fixed on the ground, avoiding his gaze as best you could. The only glimpse of him you got was his shoes and you were more than happy to have that be the last thing you see of him; but then you reminded yourself of what had happened, what the super soldier had seen and all of a sudden you just couldn’t let him slip away. If you were to let him leave knowing the things he did than he may blurt them out to Steve.

“I know what you think you saw tonight,” you started, voice coming out worn after being harmed during your puking session. “But it really isn’t what you think. I mean, yes I am a glitch, but I’m not broken or anything.” Lie. “I’ve actually been dealing with it quite well.” Lie. “It’s just tonight I had a bit too much to drink, that’s all it was.” At least that part had been kind of true. “If you could just keep it between us then that would be great-”

“White lillies.” Bucky interrupted you, eyes not moving away from yours even though they did everything in their power to avoid his. You’d taken to staring at lips, though they didn’t particularly interest you like Steve’s they were still nice to look at. For someone who had been repeatedly encased in ice for most of his adult life, they looked warm. The two pillows that were almost always put together in a straight line were a pinkish colour, their colour so similar to the shade of a rose that in they could easily have been mistaken for two petals. They really did not suit the rough exterior he had, with his stubbled chin and the bags under his eyes. And yet, it all came to complete something dark, mysterious and oddly attractive.

“W-What?” You stuttered out, becoming bewildered by the thoughts going through your head and his sudden interruption.

“My flowers are white lilies.” He showed no emotion as he confessed this and because of that it took you a few moments to fully understood what he was confessing. And then it clicked.

He was a glitch.

“Oh.” You didn’t really know how to respond.

You’d seen the ways others would respond to glitches, once in a restaurant whilst you were with Steve and a few other friends actually. The waitress had that familiar red print on her wrist. Even though she’d wandered up to the table with a beaming smile and a welcoming behaviour, everyone’s eyes had just been drawn to that unwanted display on her wrist which announced to the world her biggest issues. You could never forget the way Steve had gaped at the waitress, and sometimes you’d even have nightmares where you’d be stood in the waitresses place and facing the judgemental stare off of him instead.

And it hadn’t just been your table that had been rude to her for something she had no control over. As she’d walked away after gaining your orders someone on a table near yours yelled out an order for a drink, with no petals in it. The mocking words had earned him unrestrained laughter from the friends on his table as well as some chuckles from others spotted in the restaurant. Thankfully no one that you were sat with.

It hadn’t been difficult to notice the waitresses robotic movements and vacant eyes, her smile too wide and too practiced. Just like yours.

You didn’t want Bucky to think that you were judging him as harshly as the others but at the same time you just didn’t know the appropriate way you’d want someone to respond. And so you left, running up into your apartment and slamming the door shut so Bucky wouldn’t be able to run after you, even though you doubted he would do such a thing.

When you got into your apartment you raced to get to the window and tried to see if Bucky was still in the parking lot. He was. For a moment it just seemed like he was going to stand there, but then he raised his metal hand and brushed it through his hair. The shadows hid his expression from you, making you curse under your breath as you were desperate to know if you’d accidentally insulted him or something. You really hadn’t intended to.

After that night the memory stuck with you for quite a while. You’d replay your response over and over again in your head, causing red to tint your cheeks. Sometimes you’d even verbally groan and whine about how stupid your behaviour had been. Soon enough it all became unbearable, but you still didn’t want to have to face him again and so you did the next best thing.

You tried not to think too much about your actions when you arrived at Natasha’s home, knocking on her door and probably interrupting her doing some work stuff seen as she opened the door with a sharp glare nestled deep in her eyes. You didn’t hesitate when asking for Bucky’s phone number, trying to ignore the embarrassment that was slowly building up inside of you as she gave you a mildly curious look. You were glad she didn’t ask about it though, barely exchanging words with you whilst you saved the number into your phone. You said a quick thank you and quickly left to return to your own apartment.

But even during the bus ride home it was completely useless. No matter where you were, bus, bath or bed, your fingers simply refused to type a message and so instead you watched as days passed and you spent them wallowing in your own thoughts, the thoughts usually relating to that mortifying memory of what occured with Bucky. You tried to drown yourself in your job to distract you from the thoughts and it seemed to be working pretty well until on one Friday morning you received a text from Steve.

Hey Y/N, I’m clearing the last of my stuff out of my apartment and was hoping you could come and help me. I find some cool stuff you might be interested in.

Though your fingers had not texted Bucky when you wanted, they decided they would text Steve that absolutely you would be there even though a part of you wished to be on an island far away from the man you’d never be able to have.

You were already acquainted with the apartment building Steve lived in, having been there many times beforehand. You always ended up arriving early, your eagerness to see Steve making you more than punctual. As per usual you tried to walk slowly (climbing the stairs rather than taking the elevator) but when you arrived he still greeted you by saying: “Ah, you got here early!”

The reaction from you was automatic, sweaty palms, a giant smile and an ache in your belly that was both painful and pleasant. You stepped into his room when he permitted you to. “You probably won’t notice much of a difference, most of the furniture already belonged to the apartment. I’m still emptying out my room though. Thank you, again, for coming to help me.”

Steve’s voice was warm and chipper as he led you towards his bedroom which looked creepily empty, his bed and desk were still there but there but that seemed to be all, in the middle of the room were six carelessly laid boxes, some of them open and revealing clothes or trinkets. You even spotted the Captain America action figure you’d jokingly bought him years ago, a gift you thought he would have thrown out a long long time ago.

Not wishing to concentrate too long on the memories which hold far too much importance to you and far too little importance to Steve, you think up a conversation. “Where’s Bucky?” You ask about his (now ex) roommate whilst following him towards one of the boxes, you push the thoughts of your shared night with his roommate to the corners of your mind, knowing you’d just feel embarrassment. Steve crouched down and you imitated him, eyes becoming fixated on his large hands and the black print of Sharon Carter’s name on his wrist.

“In his room.” Steve shrugged, sending you a resigned look whilst his lips stretched up into a saddened smile for his best friend. Bucky had said he was fine with living in separate places, said he was fine now, but almost everyone knew it was a lie. “I wanted to spend some more time with him seen as I’m moving out and all but apparently he still prefers to lock himself up. I know he’s going to miss me, though. I won’t leave until he says it.” Steve’s chuckle makes you smile contentedly, heart beating placidly at the sight of his blissful expression.

“I’m sure he will miss you,” you agreed with him, laughing along.

“If he doesn’t then I’ll just miss you for him,” you added, biting your lip at the way your voice came out softer than intended. Steve didn’t seem to notice as he continued to open the box right in front of him, his eyes gleam excitedly.

“I’m not going that far anyway,” Steve muses once the laughing had ended, and then his concentration fell onto the box in front of him. It was an open one with a book sitting on top of the rest of the stuff which had just messily been thrown in. “Anyway, this was the reason why I wanted you to come over, do you recognise it?”

He lifted up the book and it clicked instantly in your mind exactly what it was. Another present that you’d given to Steve which wasn’t a joke for once, it was an album of pictures you’d made with your two hands, believing that when you were old and grey and married to Steve it would be something nice to look back on. That was before your name turned red of course.

You had no time to prepare yourself before Steve shuffled closer towards you, beginning to flick through the multi colored pages which were decorated with memorabilia. You’d often go on day trips with Steve to explore America and get him reacquainted so it was mostly a collection of those adventures. “That was my favourite,” he suddenly said, resting on a page which was dedicated to your adventures on this random beach you’d found. You ended up camping out on it together, just the two of you as it was basically deserted excepted for a wreckage of a very old looking ship which was also photographed.

Steve takes out the picture you’d taken together which beheld a younger version of you who could be seen smiling colorfully as you hold a humongous seashell between your hands. You barely pay attention to the image though, instead you are too busy noticing the way Steve is staring at your picture, eyes deep as he slides them from your past version to the blank mask of your present self. “You looked so happy,” he muttered, voice full of emotion as he put the picture back down. You could feel a flush rise up your neck as a million thoughts raced your mind, eyes trying to find a hidden gleam in his eyes that was probably not there and never going to be.

All of a sudden he cleared his throat, closing the book and putting it back in the box. “There’s something else I wanted to talk to you about. It’s about Bucky.”

“Is he okay?” You wondered, relieved at the change of topic as that sharp pang in your chest was starting to fade again. You unconsciously put a hand on top of your belly, beginning to feel the fluttery petals heavy in your stomach as you waited for Steve to continue.

“He is. I just can’t help but feel a little worried,” he glanced back at the door of the room, making sure that Bucky wasn’t anywhere close enough in the vicinity to overhear the conversation you were about to have. “I insisted on finding him another roommate so that he’s not alone all the time but he insisted I don’t.” Steve sighed, hands beginning to fidget in his lap, “Bucky is someone who can get by perfectly on his own, but he’s also the kind of person who shouldn’t be left alone for too long. It’s just, with what happened at the engagement party, it seems you two are kind of close.”

You nod your head, not letting on just how much you actually understand Bucky’s situation.

“I’m afraid he’ll lock himself up again when I leave. So I was wondering if you could check up on him? From time to time? I don’t mean everyday, and I’m only asking you because you’re the closest one to him after me. He doesn’t really have friends-”

“Of course I can,” you agreed immediately, returning the hopeful smile that Steve directed at you after hearing your reassuring words. The way his eyes had flooded with contentment made you feel both gratified and hurt, and the way you suddenly realised how you’d probably agree to any of his words was frightening. It was painfully obvious, how you would do absolutely anything to keep that gleeful look on his face at all times.

“Thank you.” Steve thanked you softly and you just shrugged, not really knowing a suitable response. It had yet to hit you that you’d just signed up to spend time with a man who you felt extremely uncomfortable around, your mind too absorbed with the fact that you were making Steve happy.

“It’s fine. Anything for you,” the words spilled out too easily and it made your heart race erratically, nervousness only growing sharper when Steve let out a laugh.

“You’re one of my best friends Y/N,” he suddenly said, hand reaching out and squeezing your shoulder. You hoped he didn’t notice the way you tensed up under his touch. “Ah, I’m sorry, I guess moving out turns me really emotional.”

You swallowed down the lump (or petals, you weren’t entirely sure) in your throat, your fingers brushing your chest as a way to try to ease the clenching. “You’re just moving a couple blocks away.”

“Don’t tell Sharon but I actually prefer smaller apartments. The one she picked is too big.” He said quietly, as if trying to keep it a secret even though you were the only ones in the room. You still smiled at his playful eyes, feeling even more petals swirling uncomfortably as you tried to keep them down.

“I won’t,” you choked out a laugh, a strange noise that barely passed as a chuckle. Steve, as charmingly oblivious as he always was, only continued to smile, staring curiously as you suddenly got up. “I’m just going to pop to the bathroom.”

“Sure! You can help me carry this box to my car when you get out.” You nodded at his chirpy words, trying to keep your feet from running as you got out of Steve’s empty bathroom.

Much like how they did a couple of days ago, the petals flew out of your mouth the moment you stepped inside the small bathroom and you hugged the toilet almost desperately as the petals piled up progressively. You soaked on the temporary numbness as the familiar shaking took over your body, eyes unfocusing as you tried to fix them on the colourful petals. They were a beauty that you’d never stop marvelling, so strange and dangerously enthralling. You actually found it rather ironic how they were the outcome of pain from unrequited love, a sharp and merciless feeling that couldn’t compare to the smoothness and gentleness of the petals. You took one into your hand, silently wondering why you couldn’t be as beautiful as them, still coughing slightly as you waited for the heaving to finally vanish.


You turned at the sudden noise that had been so quick and soft that you weren’t really sure how you were able to hear it in the middle of your loud thoughts. Your eyes widened when you spotted Bucky’s surprised one’s. Your heart skipped a beat when you noticed that you’d foolishly left the door open in your panicked rush to reach the toilet and empty out the petals.

He was holding onto the doorknob tightly, staring down at your limp form which was still hugging the toilet. It was at that moment when another wave hit you and more yellow petals came spilling out of your mouth, no way for you to restrain them as Bucky continued to gaze openly. You tried to control yourself from hurling again, mortification flooding you thickly as you looked up at his frozen figure. You couldn’t help but think about how this was the second time you’d inconvenienced him with your illness. He was still staring, metal arm gripped in a fist whilst the rest of his body seemed unsure as to what to do. “I- do you need-” words seemed to stutter out of his lips that he had no control of.

“Bucky!” Steve’s voice made Bucky snap his head towards a spot which you couldn’t see, all you could do was be acutely aware of your heart thumping so strongly that it barely allowed you to hear the conversation outside of the bathroom. “Have you seen Y/N? She told me she’d go to the bathroom, but it’s taken her a while…”

He doesn’t finish his thought as Bucky is quick to reply, “no.” He slipped out the lie with a quick easiness that reminded you of your own regular blank facade. “I haven’t seen her.”

“Ah… strange. Well, I’ll take this box to the car, and give her a call later. I’ll see you tomorrow though, okay?”

Bucky nods mutely, eyes fixed on a faraway spot where you hear fading steps that stop when the main door is opened and closed shut. You couldn’t help but exhale in relief, curling your hands into fists as you grimaced at the cold sweat that coats your palms profusely.

The brunette is still there in the doorway and you’re not quite sure whether to be relieved or unnerved. “They’re very pretty,” he said.

You looked up in surprise, noticing his eyes are fixed on the petals that were scattered on your lap. You snort, grabbing one of them and giving it a dry look. “Thanks.”

“Is it Steve?” You winced at his blunt question, choosing not to answer as you diverted your eyes from his wide, curious gaze. Eventually, after a few awkward seconds, he left. Leaving you to stare at the empty space outside of the slightly opened door in deep confusion.

Just as you started to pick up the petals strewed on the floor Bucky returns, steps hesitant as he slowly entered the bathroom with a drink between his hands. His eyes were still wide and nervous as he crouched down, joining you on the floor  whilst silently extending his hands towards you. “Lemonade,” he explained, gnawing on his bottom lip dubiously. “It really helps with… that. Stops the coughing.”

You continued to stare at him strangely. He looked almost like a scared child even though he had a metal arm, long brown hair and a stubble covering half of his face. Bucky exhaled shakily then, lips curved into an unexpected and almost embarrassed smile.

“Thank you,” you mumbled. The atmosphere was heavily awkward as you took the drink from his hands, fingers connecting briefly before you lifted the glass up to your lips.

You were unable to make eye contact as you drunk the liquid as fast as you can, not really sure how to behave in front of a stranger that held one of your deepest darkest secrets. There was no point in calling him a friend as the two of you had barely exchanged actual sentences with each other.

Bucky gently took the glass from your hand once you were done, and as he did it there was no reticence or disgust in his movements when he started to pick up the petals from the floor. You helped him clean up the bathroom, the silence turning somewhat comfortable when you finally flushed away all the evidence. It didn’t really hit you until you were done, breaths turning shaky as you both finally get up from the floor. Your mouth felt like bursting with hundreds of questions as you walked out of the bathroom, not really knowing what to do except to stand awkwardly in the middle of the hallway.

Neither of you managed to actually start up a question, and so you just stood there quietly, wondering about his soulmate, eyes inevitably travelling down to the metal arm and wondering if that’s where the name had once belonged. He was wearing a black sweater that looked wide and cozy, big enough for him to cover his hands easily as he pulled at the sleeves self consciously the moment he noticed you staring.

He put them behind his back then, making you blush in embarrassment before looking up at him, eyes connecting. You tensed up when Bucky finally opened his mouth to speak, “she was called Velma,” he revealed.

“You don’t have to tell me,” you quickly responded, knowing from experience how uncomfortable he must have felt. “We can just pretend we don’t know or… or something.”

“No, no. It’s- It’s okay.” Bucky’s reply was just as awkward as you had been, his exterior finally showing something other than stoney expressions. He slipped in his hands into his jean pockets and for a second he allowed himself to move his eyes away, to show signs of embarrassment. “Do you, um,” he looked up again, licking his lips which had become uncomfortably dry, “do you want to stick around here for a bit, maybe talk? I can make you some food if you want, no, wait there’s no food, I can buy us take away though.”

“Ah, takeaway. Nothing like junk food to mend a broken heart, right?” You mused jokingly, a small smile appearing on your lips.

Soon the edges of Bucky’s own lips were bending upward so they matched the expression on your own. “Then let’s consider it like a band-aid over a deep wound,” he said, “a petty attempt that makes it seem like we’re trying.” He reached out and grabbed the cell phone from the kitchen side. It was a nokia phone and you could remember lending it to Steve on the first day Bucky moved in with him. Steve didn’t want to give Bucky an iPhone or something too complicated as it was going to be Bucky’s first cell phone.

He shook it in your direction, asking you one more time wordlessly if you wanted to stay.

No, you didn’t want to stay. But here he was, a man that had only been able to open up to Steve so far, willingly peeling away a layer of his iron skin and allowing you to see the part of him society forced him to keep hidden. How could you possibly say no to him after that? Knowing full well from experience that he was like a door, the kind that automatically locked on it’s own once shut. To leave would be to shut the door and have it lock on you forever, the key left inside.

“Pizza good with you?”

He nodded his head and allowed you to call up and order because you had a better idea over what was good around Steve’s apartment. During the wait you talked about small things with Bucky, things like the cat you always see outside your apartment and the flower pots outside of Bucky’s window on the fire escape, he didn’t know who put them there but he liked them and he started watering them. You were in the middle of talking about Bucky’s favourite movie - which also happened to be the first one he watched, surprisingly it was Batman, he seemed to like the story of a man trying to be good and having the world being against that, that’s when a knock sounded at the door.

Bucky was the one to go and get it, he returned holding two pizza boxes and a big box that was leaking fries out of the side. It held probably more food than the two of you could have consumed, but that didn’t mean you weren’t going to spend the night trying.

“Here it is,” he announced, “our petty attempt to make it seem like we’re trying.” He referenced what was said earlier, taking a greasy pizza between his fingers. There was no hurt in his words, in fact he spoke like he was making a really funny joke. There was resignation as well, the kind that told you he’d stopped pitying himself a long time ago.

“We’re so sad,” you blurted out, a breathy chuckle escaping your lips. He joined in with your laughter, snickering under his breath before taking another huge bite. “So, tell me more about Velma then.” You couldn’t help but wonder about the aforementioned character. You’d measured his reaction carefully after mentioning her in case the subject was too uncomfortable for him. Bucky barely stiffened, finishing his third slice and sending you a quick, curious glance.

“You never answered my question,” he pointed out, making you recall earlier when he found you on the bathroom floor and asked you if it was Steve. During that moment you weren’t able to find it in yourself to answer his question, let alone formulate the words to reply. “Do you want some french fries?”

You shrugged, thoughts of keeping a balanced diet completely gone as Bucky moved the box over towards you, allowing you to take a handful. “This is so gross, but I’m not complaining,” you said, imitating him as you threw more than one of the fries into your mouth. “It is Steve, by the way,” you added after you swallowed, feeling your heart stutter when the words came out. “But you probably knew that already.”

Bucky nodded without hesitation, “it is quite obvious.”

You’d blushed hotly at his plain words, shoulders automatically slumping, “Natasha me told that too. But I’m not really worried about them noticing, their soulmates turn them blind-”

“-to anything around them, yeah.” He took the words right out of your mouth, sharing a silent look that spoke more than your mouths ever could. You quickly averted your eyes, clearing your throat at the sudden feeling of intimacy.

“Tell me about your soulmate,” you probed again and that time you were successful, because Bucky’s cheeks slowly turned a richer colour as a faint pink spread to his ears and neck, and it made you wonder if your eyes shined the way his own did when you ever thought about Steve.

“She was called Velma, and… she isn’t alive anymore. Her name appeared on my wrist before Hydra got to me.” He explained, voice turning quieter as he pronounced the words delicately. “Hydra cut my arm off that had her name on it and then… I could never forget about her, no matter what Hydra did to me, she was my soulmate after all, but I guess you know how painful that is. Not being able to forget and also not being able to love.”

“Yeah, I do.” Of course you knew. No one would ever be able to understand as much as you, understand that feeling of loving but hurting at the same time, of desiring to give your soulmate your bare heart even though you’re perfectly aware of the fact that they have no use for it and they never will. It’s a strange, complicated feeling that’s hard to put into words; but Bucky understood, you understood and that girl at the restaurant probably did too.

“Hydra didn’t just take my arm, they took her name. They took her name and all they’ve left me with is white lilies. I can’t even remember that much about her, I just remember how much I loved her.” He tried to laugh about it all, but the fake chuckle came out just as a dry, choked up sound which clutched at your heart. He swallowed, pushing away the unfinished plate of french fries. “Nevermind.”

“I’m sorry.” They were the simplest words and the most suited to this situation. There was nothing else you could do  other than say those words because it wasn’t like you could go bring Velma back from the dead. “I’m sorry you have to feel this way, it’s the curse of being a glitch.”

“Yeah,” Bucky agreed, angrily wiping a stray tear that had dared to try and float it’s way down his chin. “We’re biologically programmed to love and suffer. Or should I say we’re biologically programmed to be the most dramatic species ever.”

You couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Bucky’s statement, he certainly wasn’t far from the truth and it made you wonder if that was how everyone else perceived your kind. If they all just saw you as longtime sufferers that lived for delusions, dreaming and realities that were far too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

“Well, we can at least try to avoid that drama today,” you said, getting up and going over to the DVD stand in the frontroom and picking one of the very few that had been left. It was an action  movie, the only one left there as Steve had taken the rest and left only romance movies and some of the disney ones you’d accidentally left over at his whilst trying to get him into them.

An hour later and you and Bucky were somewhat snuggled up in the couch, somehow the two of you had managed to get closer, shoulders now touching and your head could have easily moved to rest in the crook of his neck which it threatened to do as sleep began to weigh on you. You looked over to Bucky to see how he was faring with the rather dull action movie that was playing and he actually seemed to be enjoying it.

He was still munching on the pizza which you’d given up on before him, alternating between eating and taking sips of lemonade (a drink he seemed to have stocked up on, and for good reason). His blue eyes were wide and focused, deeply concentrating on the movie and the sight inevitably made you smirk fondly. It had become quite clear near the beginning on the movie that Bucky had actually seen it before as he managed to recall some of the lines as they were being spoken and he didn’t jump when random explosions happened like you had.

“You look like a kid right now,” you mused, voice mixing in with the characters dialogue in the movie. Bucky’s eyes slid from the movie to throw you a glare which had you quickly raising your hands in defeat, “I never said it was a bad thing.” You tried to defend, “with our shitty situations it’s awesome that you have things like moves to make you happy, you know?”

Bucky’s glare vanished but he remained serious as he put his lemonade down onto a table beside the couch, he mulled over your words for a few seconds before replying. “Happiness? I don’t think I know what that feels like, not yet. But I still like to try and search for it.”

You both shared a look then and you noticed the way his deep eyes turned warm and sympathetic. It was still a stare that left you slightly perplexed, especially after getting use to being part of the most misunderstood group of humans in the entire world.

“I should probably do the same,” you responded after a few seconds, finishing the conversation as the loud noises of the move forced you to focus on it again. Even though it was an action movie you spend most of it unable to keep a straight face, giggling to yourself every time Bucky would repeat lines and throw spoilers seconds before it would happen on the screen.

“Are you sure they aren’t your soulmate?” You asked, pointing out the main protagonist of the movie right before the movie finished.

Bucky began to stretch out his limbs. “Hmm, I wish he was. Him, or you.” He pronounced the words so casually that their meaning didn’t hit you until a few seconds later. And the sudden blush was hot in your face as the embarrassment crawled up your spine, the flush only spread quicker when you noticed Bucky’s own blank stare and the way his cheeks were dusted in traces of red.

Your body seemed to react faster than your own befuddled mind, choosing to laugh it off as your awkward chuckles cut through the sudden atmosphere that had thickened thanks to Bucky’s statement. “I’m in second place then? I see it is,” you said, hoping that your voice came out natural enough.

Bucky could only smile in relief, getting up and started to pick up the rest of the takeaway. Together you’d managed to eat one and a half pizza and an entire box of fries, as well as one bottle of lemonade. “Come and help me clean this up then. Steve thinks I’m going to let this place fall apart and I have to prove a point.”

It was way too late when you finally finishing making the living room looking and immaculate and Bucky insisted that you stayed the night considering there was a spare bed. Even though it was slightly awkward at first, the bond that had formed between you two was growing strong enough to push away all that embarrassment and so you remained in that living room with Bucky for the rest of the night, talking with ease about things that you’d always keep netted to your tongue, disguising the words with silence instead so no one would ever find out about you.

“So what do we talk about now?” He wondered out loud, closing his eyes tightly as he rubbed at them, leaning his head on the back of the couch.

“I don’t know,” you laid next to him, placing your legs onto the couch with your feet pressing against his side. In your position you were able to see the moon from the window, it’s dull glow reaching inside of the room and reflecting itself on almost every surface of the room. “We can talk about anything though, we’re both glitches so there’s nothing to hide.”

“I don’t know about that. I think holding myself back has turned way too normal for me to let go,” he yawned deeply, stretching his real arm out, making you wonder the mechanics on his metal arm. “I have an idea,” he suddenly said, reaching out with his arms to grab a hold of your legs so he could hoist them onto his lap and allowed you to get a little more comfortable. “Let’s sleep.”

“Here?” He didn’t respond. “Sure,” you said, trying to close your eyes as you leaned back onto the armrest. It was a challenge for you to contain the urge to fidget as you blinked up at the ceiling. The silence was too unnerving and you found yourself staring at the open windows, quietly remembering the events of the day as you bit into your bottom lip hesitantly.

“Hey, Bucky?”


“Did you really mean what you said earlier, about me, being your soulmate?” You blushed faintly when you felt him moving against your side, making you feel slightly guilty at the fact that you’d made all trace of sleep fade from Bucky’s brain.

“Why do you ask?” He asked softly, voice slightly rough and sleepy.

“I’m just… curious, I guess.” You don’t tell him that it’s probably the energy that’s coursing through your veins that’s making you talk, unable to fall unconscious as you waited for Bucky to continue the conversation.

“I mean, if I had the choice… you’re pretty cool, I guess.”

You can only smile at the awkwardness in his tone, biting your lip again. “But I’m not Velma.”

“And I’m not Steve.”

Those were good points, though also slightly upsetting points. There was a brief silence for a few second, and the sigh that left your mouth was too loud in the stilled atmosphere. “Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if there might be another way to fix this, one that isn’t the surgery.”

“You mean like falling in love with someone else?” Bucky caught onto your words instantly and your heart inexplicably stuttered in a strange nervousness.

“Yeah, why not? Why not love two people at the same time?”

You felt him move again and afterward you finally dared to turn your head towards him, immediately finding his eyes staring back towards you. Your words seemed to linger in the air as you stared at each other, thoughts becoming muddles as you scanned his face in deep curiosity. You couldn’t deny how attractive he truly was. Even though all of your love and attraction was only pointed at Steve Rogers, you weren’t blind to how Bucky possessed some naturally alluring features.

But there were no butterflies in your stomach and your heart didn’t race the way it always would when you thought about Steve. In that moment it was almost frustrating and you had this sudden ridiculous desire to want Bucky but being completely unable to do it.

“Can we kiss?”

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now that I think about it the e.m.p armor enhancement is perfect for wash he’s a combat engineer and their main job is to clear/create obstacles to make it easier for the team to advance/complete the objective and eliminate the target(s) (examples include: radios, communication getting cut off, power cuts, system shutdowns ahhhh so many options)

what AIDA did to fitz was never okay, but now she has him believing that he’s not good enough for jemma, that jemma doesn’t love him, that she won’t forgive him - which we all know is a load of bs. this is an entirely new level of emotional trauma/manipulation and no one, NO ONE abuses leopold james fitz like that and gets away with it.

You’ve Still Got A Chance

Pairing/Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Angst, the smallest bit of fluff, some deaths, blood
Summary: It’s been months since your last encounter with Steve, is there any chance you’ll take him back?
Word Count: 1.6k+
A/N: I am so overwhelmed by the amount of love and reactions from I Am Not Peggy! Because of all of that love, I started writing part two last night and just finished it off now… I wanna thank the bucky to my steve, @sickplanets for beta’ing this story, her reaction was priceless, i’m gonna insert a photo, give me a second:



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Strong as Steel

Hey! :) (Your writing is great tbh). Could you please do a one shot where Bucky likes you but is scared cause he has the metal arm? And you end up showing him YOUR metal arm, even if you’re insecure about it? If they get together at the end, that’d be great, feel free to add anything else.

Word Count: 2712

Warnings: none

A/N: I know, I know, I haven’t posted in weeks. I’m sooo sorry but I’ve been struggling so much with motivation to write. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how long it took me to finish this one shot and it’s not even that good. Anyways, I’m sorry, hopefully I can get more one shots/fics/writings out soon. I’ll do my best for you guys

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You’d always been insecure about the metal appendage that had replaced your flesh right arm. How could you not be? It was foreign, a silvery object not of your body, given to you by HYDRA when you were under their control. This was why you’d kept it covered up all the time. You wore long sleeve shirts and gloves at all times, even when it as hot. And when you met the Winter Soldier for the first time, you’d hoped you and him could be friends, as if the both of you having metal arms and being prisoners of HYDRA made you friends somehow. But he never spoke to you despite the few missions you’d gone on with him, the meetings you’d sat through stealing glances of him. He was hot, you weren’t gonna lie about that but his eyes always looked everywhere but you. He spoke easily with Steve, Sam and Natasha, but every time he looked at you, it was like he felt nothing but intense hate for you and that only made you hate him too.

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