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jan 10

i mean, dont get me wrong, it stings still and it really fucking hurt then and i think i coughed up all of last year’s hope and it’s still shaken in my hands, im saying it still feels fresh, but the wound feels more like freedom, the pain is more exhausted than alive, and i think with every breath that is easier and easier, i don’t care as much anymore. 

12x14 Coda

With all the talk of killing vampires, Dean finds his mind drifting back to Benny. Hearing about the cruel way in which the BMOL are exterminating them, his stomach twists. It’s not right. Granted they might be monsters, they might have killed innocents but surely they don’t deserve the torture that the BMOL are handing out. He’s almost glad that he’d killed Benny himself on Benny’s terms (for the most part) - even if it had been one of the hardest decisions he’d made. 

As he sits alone in his room in the bunker, music floating out of an old set of speakers he’d bought himself a few months ago, he does his best to forget. He doesn’t want to forget Benny… that’s the last thing he ever wants to do.

I’m not a good fit.  That’s what Benny had said to him - and still Dean had wanted him back.

When you get back up here, we’re gonna fix all that, okay? he was stupid to think Benny was ever coming back. Just stupid and naive and desperate. 

Dean picks up the bottle of scotch Ketch left behind. He forgoes the glass this time and takes a dirty swig, some dribbling from the corners of his mouth. He’s giving up caring. Everything is wrong and he’s trying to make sense and good of it all but it’s not working. 

Tipping his head back against his bed, he almost relishes in the fact that sitting on the floor is uncomfortable. A few more swigs of scotch and there won’t be much to feel anymore anyway. He sets the bottle on the floor by his leg and picks up his phone.

This is Benny, leave a message.” It’s his voicemail, not that he was expecting anything else. It’s also his voice, the low southern drawl that makes tears spring to his eyes,

Nothing’s right anymore, Benny. Just wish I could talk to you… I’m sorry.”


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Our beloved candy king….


Sorry correct me if I’m wrong if and when the trailer comes out. (I don’t know when but I’m hoping!


Charmed meme: optional scenes [2/?]
↳ Cheaper By The Coven (7x03)

actual sweetheart Victor Bennett smiling sweetly to himself at his little girls bickering


Word count: 433

-A little angsty/mostly fluff

“SAM!” You shouted as he fell down right in front of you seeing blood on his chest you began to panic.” What are you doing?” Your breath began to fasten as you kneed beside him, a smile on his lips.” That’s nothing” You looked at him in shock “What the fuck are you talking about!? You’re bleeding!” You pressed your hand onto his shoulder, as he looked down on himself.” I won’t die, the bullet just hit my shoulder!” You eyed him suspicious as he sat up, maybe you were overreacting?
“C'mon we’re gonna get you out of here” You said as you helped him up.

Back in the tower Bruce started to treat Sam’s injuries. Meanwhile, you were just outside the door waiting for them to finish. A few minutes later you heard Sam calling for you.
As you stepped in you saw Sam laying in bed with a goddamn smile on his face!
“Told you I wouldn’t die”
“How could you do that!? You scared the shit out of me!… I can’t risk losing you!”
Tears began to stream down your cheeks while Sam’s eyes widened “I’m sorry Y/N” He stood up and started walking towards you “ I didn’t know I was this important to you” You couldn’t believe your ears, how could he not tell?!
Since the first time you met him he has grown so much to you, sometimes it scared even you how much you liked him. He cupped your face with both of his hands wiping your tears away “ don’t cry, I took the damn thing because you’re just as important to me, as I am to you” A blush crept up your cheeks and he pulled you in a tight hug placing his chin on top of your head. “I really like you Y/N “ You couldn’t help but smile at his sentence as you tried to hide your blush in his chest”Don’t say something like that, It’s embarrassing” A big grin spreading across his face, he pulled you even closer “Then I will do something that is even more embarrassing” With that he bend down starting to kiss you with his soft lips you were shocked at first but soon returned the kiss. After a while you both separate from each other trying to get air again.” This was a surprise “ He said with a big grin on his face”
“What do you mean by surprise?”
“I didn’t think you would return the kiss… I mean I’m hella sexy and all but-”
You punched him in the side “Shut up you jerk, who wouldn't”

  • Important first date question: Do you drop a frog that pees on you or keep holding it
Nope and nope

Napoleon texted me because he’s at the airport, and bored, and wants validation about his hurt feelings from a meeting earlier today.


I am not your buddy. I am not your emotional support, or your “work wife”.

This is how things started with MG.

I do think we can work together. I do not think he is an evil person. BUT.

Boundaries are healthy. I’m not going to get involved and back him up here. As the junior person it’s not my responsibility. If that means I lose him as a mentor, so be it. Rather that than get into something unhealthy with him.

I also have to remember that he probably wouldn’t back me up. As much as he acts like he would. He always is out for himself.

Besides all that, the obvious parallels to MG are not good for my PTSD.

Nope nope nope.


Rewatching Suits

Marvey & tuxes in 2.06 - All In