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I wanted to apologise for the small hiatus that I’ve been on these past few months. The reason for my break is because…I’VE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!! I still have a few bits of work that I need to submit and a few more lessons that I need to attend for certain courses but yeah, I should be back soon <3 

So many shills and cultural marxists on this site shilling everything, you guys make the People’s temple of Jonestown Massacre look like a day care center.

Seriously, since truth, logic and common sense are the new hate speech according to feminists and SJWs, is why people don’t try to take you seriously. You’re all happy circle jerking in your safe space echo chambers. Dumbing myself down to get you to only then take a break from your fanfiction fantasies and display your collectivist cult hive mind beliefs in your responses is very sad how you all sound like you are parroting each other. Thank you for proving your indoctrination.

I can’t believe in now 2016 that people allow themselves to be dictated and manipulated by government funded shills that infiltrate colleges and universities and brainwash rich kids who are from minorities but are privileged more than others (who can’t afford to get a higher education) and they waste it by letting those professors put sexist, racist, marxists, bigotry, classist, discriminatory, cultist, extremist, radical ideologies in their minds. You allow yourselves to be mind fucked by political puppets that has only one goal; to divide and conquer.

I’ve spoken to African Americans who are face palming from second hand embarrassment of the BlackLivesMatter movement that chooses to spit on the vision that Martin Luther King Jr had for his people, and the original Black Panthers had fought for their people - and what do BLM do with their lives today? to the priviliges, rights and freedoms that those who came before them had to fight for so that the BLM have a platform to stand and speak on today? they use it to complain and promote hate. Congrats on becoming the equivalent to the KKK.

I’ve spoken to some people of the LGBTQ, and former and ex members of the LGBTQ, and they tell me that they get called “bigots” if they don’t conform to the same mind set as everyone of the movement and yes that even includes the members that are allies but don’t identify as LGBTQ. Wow, so much for being tolerant? I mean that is rather fucking shitty to shun your own people because they dare to have their own individual opinions and think for themselves and not follow the “group think”.

I’ve given up trying to talk to feminists, it is easier to just mock them and highlight their double standards and scheming. They’re hypocrites, liars, backwards, manipulative, intrusive, abuse the “woman’s card”, ignore or twist facts to suit their narrative, will use pseudoscience to support their bullshit and refuse to accountability when called out on their confirmation biased. And their changing the definitions of words to cater to them is given women a bad name. FYI I am a woman. They are regressing the work that men and women achieved togeter to win rights for women in previous decades. Oppressed by the patriarchy? Bitches please - who was it that had to vote to allow you to have rights in the first place? oh yeah thats right men did. The only good thing modern feminists have done is make it easier for people to tell apart who are women that embody common sense and are not cunning self entitled cunts; the non-feminists women. The feminists shame women who enjoy being mothers and who enjoy standing by their husbands and raising their family. Since the fuck when was it appointed that feminists are to dictate what other women should do to be considered a “strong woman”? And people are still waiting for feminsts to name 1 right men have in that women dont have in the western world? Also there is no wage gap, men just have more dangerous work placce jobs and work more hours than you. But by all means dismiss or alter statistics if they don’t work in your favor; that is what you’re good at. It is also very sickening that feminists would rather defend a culture that mutilates children’s genitals because it is part of their tradition, or will defend rapists of a minority because they rather not be called racists….how backwards, feminism is for women? for everybody? WHAT A CROCK OF PIG SHIT.

Soical Just-Us Wankers, some advice; research cults and cult leaders, radical extremist groups, like religions and then take a very good long hard look at yourselves. You are a cult and are now advocating to ban free speech, which by the way in case you were clueless, the protests that you are well known for doing - fall under free speech, you fucktards.

Your feelings are not a priority, grow the fuck up. Eat some concrete and harden up, you are over sensitive crybullies and your victim cards are expired. You have it fucking good where you are and protesting to restrict rights is leading to everyone - including you - to being oppressed. You are not chaging things for the better, you want change? start with your ideology of this “ME ME ME” self entitlement. Go to some countries where they have no education, they have no access to the internet or to iphones or clean water or Starbucks. You are only reviving a racist, sexist, divided society. The very fact you need safe spaces and segregation is regressive and destructive to society. You can’t have it both ways. And more importantly; you can’t have it your way. You say you’re for equality? what a bad joke, you wouldn’t know equality if the definition was tatooed on the inside of your eyelids.

You groups are the ones who oppress yourselves in your victim mentalites.

In other countries who do live under real dictatorship, tyranny and oppression would not have the right to protest, and have access to many other things. Like you first world coddled privileged temper tantrum toddlers do.

Snap out of your indoctrination, get an education. Snap out of your indoctrination, get an education. Snap out of your indoctrination, get an education. Snap out of your indoctrination, get an education.


quick unedited screenshots of my new level 80 (finally!!!) mesmer bird.

I knew I wanted a sylvari based off of the macaw wing/glider pack, I just didn’t know it would be Els. I got my “loyalty chest” today from the daily logins and figured I’d use the tomes to get her to a higher level. Then I sold a lot of saved-up materials to get enough extra gems to get the macaw wings. #worthit

Doing after hours call duty for clinic and really wishing we had someone to screen these calls. Just spoke with a mom who spent a great deal of time describing her kid’s symptoms, Before I could give any recommendations she informed me she was in the ER waiting room and was calling to see if I could get her kid moved higher on the list to be seen. 


fablepaint replied to your post:I’m so close to paying off my student loans that…

welp, you could always attend for a year or two to build as strong a portfolio as possible and start applying for jobs. A LOT of students use that tactic. Apparently very few graduate with a degree.

That is an option. The only thing I struggle with this would be the fact that I went to school for a second time and still didn’t get a degree. 

It’s a weird hang up. I know I don’t need it for the work I want to do, but I guess the “YOU NEED A DEGREE TO SURVIVE” getting drilled into my head for all of my formative years makes it difficult to get away from that sort of thinking. And being the smart kid in school and not having a degree is…unexpected.

(The Navy doesn’t help with this as officers, the folks with degrees, get perks and higher pay…)

People go to college because not going to college carries a penalty. College is a purchased loyalty oath to an imagined employer. College shows you are serious enough about your life to risk ruining it early on. College is a promise the economy does not keep - but not going to college promises you will struggle to survive.