get high and cuddle up


I’ve got a couple smooches in my to-draw queue (thank you to those who are letting me borrow their OCs!) but here are my OCs who are available for more kisses. Feel free to borrow them, but I would appreciate it if you dropped me a quick note of your idea to avoid anything too OOC for them. 

One of my favorite things to draw is kisses so if you have any ideas to get our OCs romantic or platonic smooching or some high quality cuddling, hit me up and I might try to get a sketch done (provide the idea jives with me and my OCs, of course).

Tulsi Shepard (Mass Effect) - Paragade shadow infiltrator. Tiny gymnast who’s kind of an ass but will paint your fingernails for you. Bisexual, polyamorous. Down for any kind of kisses and, if she likes you, a lot more than just kisses.
Circe Cassini (Mass Effect) - Sexpot who would much rather discuss explosive chemical reactions or the exact way to tweak the kinetic coils to increase the velocity of a bullet without increasing weapon weight. Double amputee. Bisexual, prefers sweet and gentle kisses.
Aoibheann Trevelyan (Dragon Age) - Reserved mage with a failure complex as big as the Breach. Demisexual, would prefer snuggles or cheek kisses, particularly if you’re inclined to discuss optimal ways to blend magic and invention.
Calliope (Dragon Age) - My ball of sunshine (which is relative, I suppose). Would have been content at Kinloch if they’d let her get her feet in the grass now and then. Loves flowers. LOVES FLOWERS. Bisexual, playful kisser, gets a kick out of people kissing her freckles. Smiles during 90% of her kisses.
Visna Adaar (Dragon Age) - qunari rogue who amazes everyone by making her 7-foot-tall frame vanish in a puff of smoke. A connoisseur of romance and political strategy. She delights in reciting poetry to her lady-love as they conquer another neighboring country. Lesbian, likes slow, thorough kisses and her hair played with.
Dagmar Halfner (Dragon Age) - Free-spirited, blunt, likes a big mug of ale and a ribald joke. Pansexual, aggressive kisser, likes biting and being on top.
Lir McNamara (Halo) - Brilliant armor engineer who will inevitable end up way to attached to the soldiers she creates armor for than she knows she should. Never backs down from an argument and drinks so much coffee it seeps out of her pores. Crippled right knee, wears a brace and walks with a cane. Bisexual, up for any kind of kisses.
Beira Adaar (Dragon Age) - Plus-size qunari mage who never knows what’s going on. Heartbreakingly sweet, just wants to be loved and taken care of. Has congenital glaucoma with diminished peripheral vision. Demisexual, treat this lady gently.

Thank you to @becausedragonage for organizing this!