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  • Me:*thinks about Pearl, Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl being old friends on homeworld*
  • Me:*thinks about Yellow having a strong crush on Blue and Pearl rolling her eyes when she says she doesn't*
  • Me:*thinks about Yellow and Blue being shocked when Pearl decides to rebel*
  • Me:*thinks about Pearl asking Yellow and Blue to join the rebellion and them saying no*
  • Me:*thinks about Blue continuosly making holograms of the Renegade when she and Yellow are alone and questioning if they should have gone with her*
  • Me:*thinks about how they miss each other*
  • Me:*thinks about Pearl saying to Steven that she doesn't know Yellow, because it's been so much and she doesn't him to know what she left behind*
  • Me:*clutches chest* why do I love to suffer

basically i have to be the lesser of two trashes

I am either League of Legends trash

or I am UNDERTALE trash

i feel like im slowly shutting down piece by piece

Behold the Glory of the American Woodcock

It goes ‘peent’

Also, a collection of some woodcock videos to brighten your day:

Move It Move It Woodcock

See The Woodcock is a Smooth Criminal

Who Says Naturalists Can’t Have Fun 

A Classic

And My Personal Favorite, With ‘Peent’

[[I haven’t been totallyyyyyy here for a couple days and I apologize but I’m going to say that there might be a few more days of silence/semi silence depending on my mood.  I have a lot to sort out real life wise in the next few months and I need to figure out how to not get overwhelmed.  Still here just may be slow in the replies department for a few days until I work everything out!]]

     TAG DROP! ( some of them, anyway; still trying to figure out character tags for most of the bridge baes )

Wait, Tales of Berseria is actually coming to the PC???  I thought it’d be another Tales game I couldn’t play cause I don’t own a PS3 or 4.  I’m really liking this recent trend of Tales of Games for the PC.

anonymous asked:

What tattoo are you getting? Also (while im here may as well ask about ocs c:), what are scarlet trevelyan's favourite foods? also tell me about some of her hobbies c:

i’m getting one of marie (from the aristocats) and another of daisy duck’s bow!! the marie one just finished and it was hella painful rip but i survived. we’re gonna start the bow in a few minutes.

and yes i’m always happy to answer questions about scarlet!! her favourite foods are actually desserts lmao. she adores creme puffs in particular!

as for hobbies, she actually really loves stargazing, and she loves fashion and gardening, too~

disorientedfool asked:

Yess hello hello I'ma draw you a lil somethning for your bd but Idk how long it will take bc I'm trash BUT I found you a gifty-dy gift and Imma give it to ya irl when it gets here !! Happy happy birth !! May you hve a good day!!

Thank u very much pal ur super kind!!!! have a nice day this was a nice message 👌