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Christiana (championsaremade) recently started eating meat + other animal products since she said her running was suffering due to not getting proper nutrition from being vegan. Just wondering your thoughts about it?

I didn’t know of this girl but had a look at her profile to try and understand her reason to go back to eating animal products…

This is no hate towards Christina, she seems really lovely. But I can’t help but feel some frustration towards what she has said. She announced that her running was going poorly and that adding in whey protein, Greek yogurt and having chicken/meat once a week completely changed that.

I understand that she must have been frustrated and confused at her performance but when you break it down, what is there in whey protein, Greek yoghurt and chicken that you can’t get from plants?? (Apart from the animal protein, hormones, cholesterol and saturated fat). The only thing that actually makes sense is the calorie density of these foods. They are much higher in calories then their plant alternatives. Higher in fat also.

Her blood tests were perfect, which rules out any deficiencies. But her performance was still lacking, so my guess would be that the calories from plants was also lacking.

I’m not posting this for Christina because she has made up her mind and a lot of the time these kind of things can be mental… Usually I don’t comment on people personal diet changes but when I read through Christina’s page, there were so many young vegan girls loosing hope in how they were eating because someone they looked up to changed.

So I just wanted to say, to anyone having doubts or cravings (which is normal since you have eaten a certain way our whole life and it’s all around you everyday)… everything you need to thrive can be found in plant foods. This isn’t me talking, this is coming from 100’s of doctors with years and years of medical research. There is nothing you need from animal products that you can’t get from plants.

Everyone can thrive off a vegan diet but YES everyone is different so within that vegan diet you will have to experiment to find what works for you. Not just what works for you nutritionally, but what works for your climate, your work, your lifestyle, your mentally. All of which are part of you.

Hope this hasn’t come across as hate, it really isn’t. I understand everyone can have problems with their diet, but when someone is vegan they seem to always just assume it’s cause they are vegan and they need animal products as the first solution without problem solving within the vegan diet. Really there can be many factors.

Being the minority in this world can also play with your mind and lead you to drop it all and follow the crowd. But I send strength to you all, you aren’t alone ❤❤❤

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How do you think the vongola family would treat their pregnant wife its can be headcannons it scenerio it's doesn't really matter to me.


  • We all know Tsuna would be fussing all over you, not to mention possibly annoying you as well.
  • He will definitely up the protection around you.
  • One way he’ll try to protect you is by locking securing you in the mansion.
  • Tsuna will try, but believe me, he’ll go overboard in the protecting.


  • He will trust that you can take care of yourself, giving off that “she knows how to take care of herself” vibe. In reality, he will be secretly worried about you and your baby’s health.
  • He trusts bodyguards, more or less, but he trusts himself more, so he’ll be the one keeping an eye on you.
  • You’ll definitely see a change in Hibari’s attitude towards you– he won’t be as aloof as before
  • I think Hibari would be that guy to pretend he doesn’t see it as a big deal, but will definitely be flipping out over your pregnancy.


  • Yamamoto will definitely be the sweetest guy you could ever ask for to care for you.
  • Whenever you have your cravings, for food or any other comforts, he’ll be right there to get anything for you.
  • That being said, he’ll also be a little strict in what you can and can’t have. It may be annoying, but when the baby is born you’ll be glad he did.
  • Yamamoto would be the kind father who stops his wife from giving into unhealthy temptations, I can totally see him feeding her some Greek yogurt thinking it’ll do her good.


  • This guy will be act carefree, but be just as worried as everyone else.
  • His main worries would be the events that would transpire after the baby is born, rather than the pregnancy itself. He’ll worry if you’ll be alright when giving birth and how he would be as a father.
  • Mukuro will be like Hibari in which he himself takes care of you, except he doesn’t trust the bodyguards at all. Who knows what they can do to you.
  • Basically, he will be, or at least try to be, on his best behavior as possible. He can’t afford to get you all worked up thanks to him (interpret that as you wish).


  • Gokudera will be the most serious out of everyone else. This is no time to be relaxing!
  • He’ll get all of his work done like, super early in the morning, so he can spend the rest of the day with you.
  • Gokudera practically do everything for you. He doesn’t mean to offend you, if you are, but he just believes you’re in a vulnerable stage and need as much rest as you can get.
  • Gokudera will be fussing over you so much to the point that everyone thinks it’s annoying, but it’s really just the sweetest thing. He’s going to be a father, he can’t be caught goofing off!


  • Oh Ryohei. He’ll be the energetic and excited one. Basically the opposite of Yamamoto (not that he can’t have fun).
  • He will be dragging you out, despite everyone else’s insisting not to, and talk to the baby about the environment and surroundings. He wants it to see the world before it’s born!
  • That being said, Ryohei will always make sure that you’re comfortable whenever you two are out.
  • I can totally see him acting all like Greg Universe from Steven Universe, being all energetic and telling the baby he’ll have the coolest dad (remember that scene Steven Universe viewers?).

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Please tell me of these mystical yogurt pancakes!


since I was a kid, my mom’s been adding yogurt into the pancake batter. It makes the pancakes SUPER fluffy and soft!! it also keeps them from getting too dry or anything

I’ve never actually tried to make yummy yogurt pancakes myself, so I’m not an expert, but my mom says there’s not much to it! I texted her and she says:

Just add 2 heaping tablespoons of vanilla flavored Greek* yogurt to a standard pancake recipe. It often requires some extra milk because the yogurt makes the batter quite thick. The thickness of the batter is an eyeball thing. Personally, I like a thin batter but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea

*you don’t have to use Greek yogurt, but my mom’s on a ~healthy kick and likes to make sure her pancakes are also a good source of protein. But she’s been making me these pancakes since the 90s, since before Greek yogurt was A Big Thing in suburban grocery stores, so regular yogurt works just as well. You could probably try other flavors, too, for something interesting, but vanilla is a safe bet

And yeah, that’s about it! Just plop in some yogurt to your favorite box mix, add extra milk if it needs it, and prepare for soft pancakes!

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im working on this DVa telling Lucio she's pregnant thing in canonverse and I need some ideas to motivate me to write it, can you help? ;a;

Sure! Would some headcanons suffice? Also apologizes on this being so damn late. It got lost.

Expecting and pregnancy headcanons:

+Lucio and agreed to talk about kids till’s career as a soldier finished which would have around 24 yrs of age. When Hana’s 24th birthday rolls around they figure they’re having too much fun and decide to put off the conversation even further.

 +During those years, and Lucio definitely get more relaxed with their birth control.’s 27 and Lucio’s 34 when notices she hasn’t had her period in 6 weeks.  

+Stealing a little bit from @ribbonshalosbunnyribbit kids, but does find out she’s having triplets (I just love that idea of them being surprised with that and it fits with their animal motifs), but you can choose which genders the kids are. craves lots of yogurt when pregnant, along with other sour or acidic foods. She puts yorgurt on everything , she definitely gets some weird combinations. She also has bouts of energy where she feels the need to get up and run, start cleaning, or arranging her video game collection alphabetical order, this also helps her through her nausea (which goes into the 2nd trimester poor baby). does get a bit more moody. There will be moments where she can’t stand Lucio touching her and then the next minute she needs Lucio’s embrace. 

+Lucio is ecstatic when he finds out the news Hana is expecting. He also laughs like a madman when he finds out they’re expecting triplets. And while he’ll never tell Hana, his manly pride grew 3x sizes that day.

+Lucio dotes on Hana like a mother hen, always checking up on her. Also because of his medical background he’s always keeping her on schedule for her doctor’s appointments and taking her prenatal vitamins. However he’s never offended by her moodiness, he understands. He will drop whatever he’s doing to hug her when she asks for it.

+If you don’t think Lucio sings to Hana’s tummy every night, I don’t know what to tell you.

+Also if you don’t think Lucio didn’t beatbox to the babies’ heartbeat at the ultrasound appointment, I don’t know what to tell you.

+Lucio is the ONLY person in this world to get Hana to do pregnant yoga. Hana absolutely hates it, Lucio’s the only one to make it bearable because he does it with her. He’s also there to remind her that it’ll help with the multiple births. absolutely gets *ahem* more sexually aroused easily and more often when pregnant. This is probably only thing of’s pregnancy that exhausts Lucio since she often gets the urge in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Usually his mouth and/or fingers do the trick when he’s especially tired. Also really likes the feeling of having sex while pregnant, it’s probably the only thing she’ll miss.

+As the due date draws nearer: between the two of them Lucio is actually the most afraid of being a parent. He definitely gets some panic attacks in, not many but they’re there. on the other hand is pretty chill. She’s the only one who can convince him that he doesn’t need to quit his music career to be a good father. She can tell he’s having a panic attack when he starting off into to space too much, that he’s stewing in his own panic inside his mind. So she’ll put down her tub of Greek yogurt and lead him to the couch and have him rest his head on her tummy and listen to the babies ‘ heartbeats while stroking his locs. 

+Hana’s water breaks 3 weeks earlier than expected. She’s actually in the bathtub when it happens, the only way she figured out her water broke was when the tub water started to become murky. 

+Lucio is ON IT. He’s had this stuff on lock and had Hana in the car on the way to hospital in the most swift fashion. has a high pain tolerance.  She’s definitely in pain and uncomfortable, but she’s not screaming. She’ll just stare really intensely at a wall and grip Lucio’s hand. Lucio can tell if she’s had a really bad contraction when she grits her teeth. 

+ The birth and labor is about three hours. The first two babes come out smooth as you like, but it’s that last one who’s a breech baby. Mercy has to gently push the baby back inside so they can rotate themselves, which is the cause of the extra labor hours. exhaustedly jokes that the third baby has inherited Lucio’s rebellious nature.     


She woke up early, and she was happy she did too. She knew that she knew a bunch of fun facts, but getting lectured by her own brain about things she already knew was pretty boring. Nonetheless, she would forget 95% of her dream in about 10 minutes anyways.

She got up and walked to the kitchen. “What to make, what to make…” She wondered out loud. “Beignets take too long…” She thought, opening the fridge. She saw greek yogurt and berries first. “Berry parfaits it is.” She shrugged. She took out the yogurt, strawberries and blue berries.

"Reflection" - Makorra Week 2014 Day 5

Title: Reflection [] [ao3]

Rating: T

Word Count: ~800

Summary: Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome behind her was doing his best to be subtle checking her out in the mirror during her work sets at the gym. Makorra modern AU. [Makorra Week 2014]

Author Note: Something light for those celebrating Christmas. Probably my last entry for Makorra Week. 



The only time that Korra has the patience to hit the gym is in the mornings before work. She loves to get active, but she hates to do it on anyone else’s pace other than her own. When the gym swells with the usual hulking crowd, lumbering in to drop dumbbells loudly on the floor around five once work has let out, she would rather be anywhere else.

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Neil Josten, my poor malnourished, picky eater.
  • So, Neil learned not to be a picky eater on the run. They ate whatever they could, and often that wasn’t a lot.
  • So, its not hard to imagine him a little malnourished. (TBH, I’m gonna blame his height on a combo of his genetics and childhood malnourishment.)
  • Even, after he joined the Foxes, he doesn’t really know how to eat healthy. (And some vitamin deficiencies can take months to fix)
  • So, he really just eats whatever Kevin makes him, or whatever the Foxes are eating, or whatever Andrew makes him get.
  • So, its not until after Baltimore that he even thinks about staying, and then really starts to plan for the future.
  • He has a lot riding on keeping his body in shape now.
  • Kevin annoys the fuck out him with his endless nagging about ‘meal plans’ (Protein shakes, greek yogurt, and steamed vegetables do not constitute a meal plan, Day!)
  • But, like, Abby has always been so supportive, and he doesn’t really know how to eat…so he asks her to recommend healthy food and set meal plan goals.
    • She teaches him portion sizes, and vegetables, and makes sure he understands he needs to eat healthy even if he hates broccoli.
    • He gets vitamin shots and supplements, and monthly health checkups, until he’s back on track.
  • Dan and Renee teach him how to cook some basics so he doesn’t have to rely on takeout and the cafeteria.
  • He discovers that he’s not that picky of an eater, except when it comes to “normal foods” (or foods that bring up bad memories, like canned meats)
    • He can’t stand carrots. Only eats apples if he has too. Hates milk. PB&J’s? Disgusting.
  • Andrew is surprisingly supportive. (As long as Neil doesn’t expect him to become part rabbit.)
    • Until Neil discovers asparagus. Neil doesn’t get head for nearly a month after asparagus week; until he proves he’s eating more fruits and is asparagus free.
  • And Neil loves it?
  • Like, taking care of himself makes him more real?
  • Also, he feels great? (Self-care does wonders, y’all!)
  • Eating healthy makes him play better? He doesn’t feel as worn out after workouts and games. He gets stronger, he feels faster. He just feels better.
  • But also, focusing on himself? Even if its just so he can play better, makes him feel in control.
  • He’s been at the mercy of the world and others too long. (His Dad, his mom, his luck on the run).
  • He gets to learn how to be himself, and how to take care of himself.

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Wait so what else interesting was in her apartment??





  • she’s a thirty-something first time mom, the last one of the seven, although she still looks really young so she confuses people a lot
  • she and Frank saw the test at the same time and cried happy tears the whole afternoon afterwards 
  • Percy cried for half an hour
  • Hazel and Frank start calling themselves Mom and Dad immediately and they rarely ever use their names while home again
  • Hazel’s one of the women that are absolutely BEAUTIFUL during pregnancy. She’s so happy and just shines and Piper just has to dress her up in cute clothes because she’s so CUTE
  • she comes from the 30’s so she doesn’t really know as much about today’s childbirth. She’s kinda afraid and doesn’t want to worry Frank so Piper borrows her a DVD she watched but says she’s not watching it again, so it’s just Hazel and Annabeth (who’s just curious)
  • it doesn’t go well she just gets really freaked out and Annabeth ends up having to convince her that yes painkillers are a thing now and no she’s not lying she’s gone through that twice now and yes she remembers clearly the doctor didn’t leave the room for a second
  • seriously Piper where did you get that DVD
  • the moment she and Frank discover she’s pregnant, they get really really excited and they have the names already picked by the fifth month and a new house by the eight
  • she gets addicted to Greek yogurt, she can eat up to 10 cans a day
  • mood changes are regular, but morning sickness and pain aren’t bad at all, by far the easiest pregnancy in the group
  • while picking names she’s trying to choose names a 21st century kid would like, so she tells Frank to pick a few, and he’s like “Okay, just don’t be disappointed I’m named Frank what do I know about modern names” and she replies she thinks Frank is a wonderful name
  • in the end they have TRIPLETS
  • and one of the kids is named Frank
I might be overly aggressive but my nerves cant take it when I see warriors with intakes of oatmeal, salad and fruits only. How? I need an explanation. Like I know i shouldn’t do comparisons but IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME. Why do I just live on cakes cookies nuts sweets? I feel like I’m recovering evolving expanding as I eat (not that i care) and STILL not recovering mentally. Yet there she is saying that she is in recovery for a year but the only things she eat are spinach egg sandwiches and fruit salads, almond milk and greek yogurt. She still knows the oz of the meatball she had for lunch WTactualF?? She still captions ‘do my legs look huge’ with full body photos. She captions ‘no thighgap no problem’ and pointing out that she clearly still has a thigh gap (like it has any importance??) And people are praising her with being a true inspiration?
I dont think this is healthy at all. How one is able to get these ‘eat healthy, they’ve less calories’ thoughts out of their disordered mind? How are you still able to make triggering comments and be a recovered one? Am I doing this recovery all wrong? Am I just convincing myself to eat more? Like these ed recovery, minnie maud, body image issues are just hallucinations that I create and reasons that I kid myself? Is there a right way to recover? GOD I AM SO CONFUSED
Wonderland (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

Karlie got back to her apartment around 6:30AM. She tried to make as little noise as possible, in case Cara was still sleeping. If the girl was even there, at least she knows she’ll be alone. Cara knows to respect her boundaries and knows not to bring random one-night stands back to Karlie’s apartment – she’d go to their house so she could leave before they wake up.

“Save the walk of shame, you whore.” Cara joked as she sprung up from her laying position on the couch.

“Holy shit!” Karlie exclaimed, clearly startled, “Why are you awake?”

“I came home like 15 minutes before you did.”

“Ugh, you dirty slut. Who was the unfortunate girl?”

“Honestly, I don’t remember her name…” Cara said after her quick minute of contemplation.

“Wow, you are horrible.” Karlie said whilst laughing.

“Enough of me, your person was actually relevant. Spill the beans, Karls!”

“Definitely better than I thought.” Karlie said with a cheeky smile.

“How many rounds?”

“Lost count.”

“Ooh, yes, Karls!” Cara bellowed.

“Was she awake when you left?”

“Falling asleep, but she gets the deal. I told her we should do it again sometimes though, for the fun of it.”

“Oh wow, more than once? That’s rare for you.”

“She’s…cute.” Karlie admits, almost shyly.

“Plus, who doesn’t want great sex again and just great sex?” She added.

Cara nodded, “Did you buy breakfast? I’m starving.”

“Oh yeah! I bought some Greek yogurt and whole wheat toast.”

Cara glared at her hard on, “Do you have real breakfast food like bacon?”

Now it was Karlie’s turn to glare at Cara with that, ‘are you fucking serious look?’ on her face.

Cara laughed, “Kidding, babe.”

“I can make you whole wheat dark chocolate chip pancakes…”

“I’ll take it.” Cara said as the two made their way to the kitchen where they just talked about trivial things.


A few days have passed and now it was time for Cara to go back to London. Cara bid Karlie goodbye as she left at 8:30 AM to make her way to the airport. 

“I’ll miss you so much, babe.” Cara said as she pulled Karlie in for a bone-crushing hug.

“I’ll miss you too, love. Have a safe flight and text me when you land.”

Cara broke the hug and the two exchanged pecks on the cheek before Cara said, “Keep me updated on that Swiftie situation you got going on,” followed by a wink and then got into the cab.

Karlie chuckled at Cara’s antics before making her way to her favorite café, less than three miles away from her home. She decided to jog there to get a bit of a workout in before she left to really start her day.  Of course, being a well-known model, she tried to cover herself up with a beanie, with the hood of her Nike jacket over it, and sunglasses. Since it was December, that attire didn’t come off as a suspicion.

When Karlie got there, she ordered her usual almond milk cappuccino. When she was about to take a seat at her usual table in the back corner, she noticed a blonde with her sunglasses still on already occupying it.

Karlie decided to sit elsewhere when she noticed the blonde looking awfully familiar. As she kept blatantly staring at the blonde, the latter looked up feeling eyes on her and that’s when Karlie realized, it was none other than Taylor Swift.

Karlie decided to make her towards the other blonde.

“How lucky am I to run into such a beautiful girl once again in all of the places she could’ve been in New York?” Karlie started as she walked up to the blonde and removed her sunglasses.

Taylor gasped not fully registering what Karlie had just said, “Hey, hi, Karlie! Take a seat.” Karlie took the offer, taking a seat opposite of Taylor.

“What are you doing here?” Karlie asked nonchalantly, as if they did not even have sex all night just a few nights ago.

Taylor decided to just go with it, deeming it better than awkward stares. “I heard about this little local café making a mean skinny caramel latte so I had to give it a try. You?”

“It’s actually my favorite café. I live like seven minutes away from here. I’m more of a cappuccino person. Do you like cappuccinos?”

Taylor nodded, “I love coffee so I’m open to all types.”

“Want a sip?” Karlie asked, offering her own drink.

“I’d love to,” Taylor said with a smile adorning her face as she took a sip of Karlie’s drink.

“Mm, it’s good.” Taylor complimented when she noticed the stain of her red lipstick on the mouth of Karlie’s drink, “I am so sorr –“

Karlie chuckled, “Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind. It’s a beautiful color on you, by the way.”

Taylor couldn’t help but to smile at the small compliment. Karlie was such a sweet talker.

“So, how long are you staying in New York?” Karlie asked.

“Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I’m kind of just hanging out until I get bored I guess.”

“Or… Have you gotten your eye on someone and aren’t ready to leave yet?” Karlie teased.

“A bit,” Taylor said with a small smirk, “She seems fun. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her more.”

“I’m sure she feels the same way.” Karlie said spotting s smirk similar to Taylor’s.

“So tell me, what is it about this girl that made her lucky enough to catch Taylor Swift’s eye?”

“She’s crazy tall, but very fit. Her stamina pleasantly surprised me.”

Karlie couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

“Her lips are kind of thin, but they’re still super kissable. I kind of miss them.” Taylor continued.

“Say, do you have any plans for the rest of day?” Karlie asked.

“Not really, I’m just wandering for the day.”

“Awesome, because I’m 100% sure said girl wants to invite you back to her apartment.” Karlie said with a sultry look on her face.

“Hmm… I don’t know. I’m pretty tired.”

Karlie’s face dropped, confused, earning a laugh from Taylor.

“I was totally kidding. You are so cute.”

Karlie let out a soft chuckle, “You’re a twisted one.”

The two stood up and Taylor scanned the empty café noting that all the employees were in the back.

She leaned in to capture Karlie’s bottom lip between her owns, grazing her teeth over it as she release excruciatingly slow, “Lead the way, Kloss.”

A/N: Sorry if it’s too filler-y. Ngl, the next chapter’s pretty filler-y too just because I want to establish the dynamic of their relationship first. Thanks for reading as always guys! Love everything you guys leave me! :D 

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What do you do to loose weight? I know you exercise and eat right but I need more info!! Help a sista out

i have a diet plan that one of my friends gave to me that helped her lose about 40 pounds or so. here’s some food tips:

  • non-fat greek yogurt ((it’s best if it’s vanilla and you put in your own frest fruit))
  • cooking stuff with plain greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise and substituting sour cream with plain greek yogurt ((it tastes exactly like sour cream))
  • stay away from sodas unless you go out for lunch or dinner somewhere ((and don’t get it every time you go out, either))
  • drink water and gatorade
  • there’s a little recipe i learned where you get lemon and watermelon jello powder mix and mix them together and then roll damp green grapes in them. then you let them stay in the fridge overnight. when you eat them the next day, they taste like sour patch kids. they’re a really good and healthy substitute for if you have a sweet tooth like i do.
  • eat lots of proteins! chicken (not fried) and fish are the best ones to eat! i personally like cooking fish myself, and the best kind of fish to eat is salmon.
  • eat lots of veggies
  • eat lots of fruit
  • avoid fast food as much as you can ((i literally haven’t had fast food in a month and i don’t even crave it anymore))
  • when you don’t eat healthy, eat smaller portions. it helps train your stomach to not want to crave food as much.

as for working out.. i just walk 3 miles every day either on a treadmill or at this little lake that has a mile long nature track around it. that’s all i do working out wise. just walking can make you lose weight.

finally, remember this for when you start trying to lose weight:  the first three weeks are the hardest. if you can make it past that point, you’re golden. i promise.

i hope this helps some! and good luck to you! i hope you reach your goal in the healthiest way possible! :)

Modern Disney

There was a moment today when I was debating whether to make myself a single egg or just lay in bed until 4 when I thought to myself, “What would Disney movies be like if they all took place in Present Day?”
Society is much different than it was during the time periods of most of these movies. Captain Hook never sent his iTweets to his namebook and Wreck-It-Ralph never worried about googlespacing Vanelloppe from his Me-Pad. Times have certainly changed, so the question still remains, would Disney movies?

Snow White

Mirror, Mirror on my phone, should I take this selfie with a friend or just alone? Snow White’s living the good life. Outside of severely neglecting her weekly tanning ritual, Snow’s loving the technological advances of the modern era. She can finally get the house clean without a 90% chance of contracting lymes disease from a white elk. And poisonous fruit? Pssh, Doc That- she gets all the nutrients she needs from Greek Yogurt and HunCal snack packs. The Queen’s jealous, mainly due to the fact that Snow’s so hot that guys would still be down to kiss her if she dropped dead for like a half week. Sure, she’s pale as hell, but that’s nothing an X-Pro or Toaster filter won’t fix. Oh and not to mention that her rent is dirt cheap because she lives with seven little tiny men named after all the emotions Kristen Stewart can’t accurately portray in all of her movies. Snow White? Snow Problem.


The Little Mermaid

I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see, wanna see them texting. Ariel’s life is great under the sea and one peek at what above water has to offer will completely nix that whole “I want LEGS” idea. Why would Ariel possibly want to live on land when 90% of its inhabitants have downloaded an App where you continuously fail at trying to get a winged vertebrate through two abnormally placed pipes? There’s no way Ariel would give up being a Mermaid if she ever experienced being involved in group text. But she sacrifices it all for love, instantly regretting it the moment she stumbles across someone doing it for the Vine.
All of this escalates to new levels of awful because Ursula’s got her voice and now Ariel has no way of verbally berating Eric for adding “Pizza My Heart” to the Netflix Queue. The communication failure would finally come to blows when Eric screenshots a private snapchat and Ariel is physically unable to call him a- what’s that word again? Chauvinistic Pig.


“You ain’t never had a friend like me,” Aladdin whispers while waiting 4 and a half months for Princess Jasmine to respond to his “Wink” on eHarmony. But things should be easier for Aladdin in the current times knowing that there are more fashion options available and he doesn’t have to wear clothes that are worse than any season that’s not girl scout cookie season.

In 2014, it’s hard to believe that Aladdin would wish to be a Prince when “Never have to pay extra for Guac” is just sitting right there. Why wish for the genie to be free when you can wish for PIZZA to be free. This is a whole new world for Aladdin. Who has time to pursue a princess when there’s literally so many different flavors of FroYo that you could replace with love?


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, could you please buy some Drano? Her shower drain has been clogged for the past 14 years, which is just one of the many problems of having hair longer than the time it takes Channing Tatum to sound out “Fettuccine.”
Life is rough in the modern world for Rapunzel. It takes her 7 and a half hours to make a sock bun and she can’t possibly go through a revolving door without risking a horrific scalping. Plus, Joan Rivers is constantly texting her to see if she can get some of that magic hair action and the horrible wi-fi connection in the tower isn’t helping things at all! But at least Flynn’s doing all right. He successfully steals more jewelry than I steal looks when I wear out my Tangerine-colored tank top and Dr. Lieberstein has FINALLY managed to get his nose right.


Arrendelle in 2014 is so right that it’s the complete opposite of two wrongs. Elsa’s finally letting go of everything- outside of her iPhone 5C. Kingdom of isolation and she’s never been happier. Love is an open Netflix subscription and Elsa’s having trouble concealing, not feeling the last moments of season 2’s finale of House of Cards.

Meanwhile, Anna is finishing her own sandwich while completely avoiding psychopathic side-burn enthusiasts by maintaining strict, yet understandable  guidelines when it comes to connecting with strangers online.

On the other side of the ice, Olaf the Snowman manages to stay cool in the summer by standing as close as possible to the cold, frozen heart of Donald Trump, while Kristoff realizes how much better reindeer are than people after stumbling upon whatever this is…

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Neglected Ch. 2

I was lucky enough to have slowed my response down when Gilinsky and Johnson asked if it was ok if she came with us on tour. I thought I’d be able to get to know her better. But so far no.

Observation. That’s all I’ve done so far. I know she likes Greek yogurt with any kind of nuts with it. I know she loves cups of fruit, creamer with a little bit of coffee and bagels with cream cheese.

She always reads and she always manages to look absolutely stunning while doing so. Whether it be on the couch with the sun peering through the window curtain hitting her beautiful face or at night in the back room where she sleeps wearing a messy bun and glasses with a small light on.

She gets excited when she sees a dog and no matter how big or old the dog is, she says “puppy!!” She makes funny faces to little kids.

The list goes on but those are just observation. I don’t know any factual information about her I don’t know her favorite color her favorite book who she loves who she hates her dreams and aspirations her favorite song her favorite movie her birthday.

She walks into the diner where us boys are waiting and she says her good mornings taking a seat next to Kenny. She’s awfully quiet throughout breakfast.

She isn’t usually like this in the morning well as far as I know. She’s always making conversation and laughing telling jokes and goodness when she talks about something in all seriousness her eyebrows scrunch together and she’s really focused.

After we go back to the bus and she moves to the back of the bus where she sleeps while the others crowd the front. We have today off so we’re allowed to do whatever. As I was making my way to talk to her Kenny popped outta the bathroom and sat next to her.

I walk into the bathroom leaving the door open to hear their conversation.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“Nothing.” She says.

“Look I know I don’t know you much and you don’t know me but I’m always always here for you if you need to talk.”

“Thank you that means a lot.” And she hugs him.

That’s suppose to be my line what the hell? Well shit now I have to think of something better.

I turn around to leave the bathroom when I accidentally bump into her.

“Shit sorry!”

“It’s ok.” She gave a small smile.

“Aye well see y'all later ok!?” Kenny yelled.

“Woah where are you taking my little girl?” Gilinsky asks.

“Just gonna go on a walk around.” He tells her.

Gilinsky looks over to her with this expression on his face. She grabs onto his arm that’s crossed over his chest and kisses him on his cheek then whispers something into his ear and he nods.

“We’ll be back soon I’ll text you.” She says walking off the bus.

The Jacks and Sammy have known her all her life they know every situation she’s ever been in they’ve been apart of every situation she’s ever been in. She’s gotten close to Jake already and now Kenny. While I’m left alone feeling neglected.

Chapter 84: Control The Moment

The blazing sun, the cool winds, and the clear air were all the things Robyn had been basking in for nearly two hours as she laid out on the mid-level deck of the multimillion dollar luxury yacht she’s been vacationing on for the week. Her long, black, and curly extensions flowed down on her shoulders and occasionally blew towards her face with the breeze. She rubbed both of her hands back and forth over her round belly and she occasionally pressed her fingers into the spots where she felt her son’s occasional kicks. She swayed her head side to side to Drake’s “The Resistance” from his 2010 freshman album “Thank Me Later”. They had reggae and soca playing all day and nearly all night long yesterday, so Melissa, their official DJ for this trip, decided to have a Hip-Hop day today. Earlier this morning during breakfast and paddle boarding, they went through the best of the Cash Money Records era. Every time Leandra attempted to twerk on her board, she’d fall in the water. That got so many laughs out of Robyn that she nearly peed on herself. During lunch, they went through Kanye West’s discography at Robyn’s request. The transition from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to Yeezus sparked an interesting debate amongst herself and her friends; even Eric jumped in. It was he and Robyn versus Leandra and Melissa. Robyn appreciates the experimentation and risk that he took with the album while her best friends thinks it’s a bunch of senseless “noise”. They claimed the Kardashian’s caused him “lose his mind” although Robyn explained that he’s always been a thinker, animated, and extremely expressive. Kanye is Kanye. There’s no one else out there like him and he knows that. Some can appreciate that, while there are others that believes he’s a self-centered-arrogant-asshole that believes he’s far more important than he really is. Robyn understands him better than most and throughout all that people see and believe, he’s a great guy with a huge heart. He was taught that he could accomplish anything that he wants, so that’s exactly how he carries himself.

Robyn waved one of her her hands in the air as Drake’s “Over” began to play and she moved her shoulders a bit to the grand production of the song. She had been waiting for her phone to vibrate again for a couple of minutes. Today, she and Jermaine decided to be extremely sappy and corny. They made the decision to send one another selfies for the hell of it every ten minutes or so. The only difference is, every single selfie she sends to Jermaine, she eventually ends up posting it on her Instagram page. Robyn joked with him about his boring account and told him that he needed to liven it up a bit. Their back and forth about him uploading pictures to his own “realcoleworld” account hasn’t stopped yet. If it doesn’t involve promotion or some sort of meaningful moment, he doesn’t give a damn about that account. Ib convinced him to get one and eventually he made it but he hasn’t cared about it since. When he’s reminded, he’ll post single or album covers, tour dates, or some sort of work related photo. Robyn teased him about only have three actual photos of himself and he teased her for having over “a million” selfies and thirst trap photographs on her own account. He also scolded Leandra and Melissa’s accounts and the various pictures they have up of her. He titled them her in house public relations agents but then admitting to lurking on their pages occasionally. That admission and the selfie he sent her mimicking one of her famous poses left her laughing for nearly five minutes. He also sent her a picture of all of his chains and watches, and a wad of money. He titled it “The Typical Rapper Instagram Post”. His jokes have been keeping her entertained for the two hours that she’s been laid out basking in the sun and darkening her tan even more.

“Lee, take this picture for me!” Robyn shouted and she slowly stood up. She quickly pulled out the wedgie that the bottoms of her purple Agent Provocateur “Kimmi” bikini formed and she began to make her way towards her.

“What’s it for? Instagram or your man?”

“My man.”

“Figures. Why don’t you just remove the swimsuit and send him some nudes?” she teased and Robyn playfully rolled her eyes.

“Because then I’d have to make you jealous by showing off my amazing goods.”

“Bitch please,” Leandra quickly responded and she quickly snatched her phone out of her hand. Robyn quickly walked towards the deck’s rail and she used her fingers to fix her hair up. She meshed her lips together to rub in her RiRiHeartsMac “Nude” lipstick, and she sexily posed with her back towards Leandra. After two pictures of that particular pose, she turned around and posed with her arms up on the rail and lastly with her hands on her belly.

“Where’s M?”

“I think she’s inside speaking with her husband and her daughter.”

“Oh okay. Don’t forget, tonight, we’re heading to Bâoli for dinner and fun time. Get sexy!”

“I’m always sexy.”

“Cocky bitch,” Robyn replied as she walked away. As she did so, she sent Jermaine all four of the pictures and before she could turn to go inside, Eric was approaching her. He held out a tray with Greek yogurt, a cup of associated fruit, a cup of granola, and a bottle of water. Robyn smiled and she let out a small sigh of relief.

“Do you want to move in with me?” she asked in a joking manner and he laughed. Throughout the whole entire trip, he’s been on point with his services. She rarely had to ask him for anything and whenever she did, he made sure to remember exactly what she wanted, needed, and when she needed it for the next time. Her requests for mixtures of healthy and no so healthy meals and snacks have been met perfectly. Because of him, she’s been able to give Jermaine a good report of everything she’s been consuming. When she gets up in the morning, her Yoga mat is already laid out and the DVD is on standby. She forgot to bring her own maternity body pillow from home, but she had no worries whatsoever because they had one waiting for her when she arrived. If her friends aren’t checking on her, the staff is checking. Everything has been nothing less than perfection.

“I’m quite sure your home is far better than my apartment, so sure. I’m with it,” he replied and she laughed. She directed him to follow her and he placed the tray down on the lounge chair she had been sitting in. She high fived him for bringing her a snack and she took a seat. She dumped the bowl of fruit and cup of granola into the yogurt, mixed it up, and she began to eat it as she continued listening to Drake’s first album.

 She rapped along to “Light Up” and “Miss Me” word for word, and she ended up dancing in her seat to her favorite track, the Kanye West produced “Find Your Love”. For some reason, that song reminds her of Jermaine and all of his advances back in high school. She could sense and feel what he was feeling just from the way he’d stare at her. She and Jermaine developed this weird trait where she could literally feel if he was staring at her and he could feel when she was doing the same. There were times when his hands would wander. He’d wrap his arm around her waist instead of throwing it over her shoulder. He’d nuzzle his face into her neck randomly and he consistently did it when they were in bed together. He’d stand in between her legs whenever she was sitting up on a counter top or table. They’d hold hands and lace their fingers together at parties. He’d claimed it was so they don’t get lost in the crowds, but it was also because he simply wanted to hold her hand. He’d lick his lips and form this silly little smirk on his face because of her accent. He’d affectionately dig his fingers into her sides for no particular reason at all. He developed a habit of needing to have his hand somewhere on her body whenever she was right next to him. He walked her to class. He picked her up from work. Even though they’d spend all day together, if she didn’t spend the night, he’d still call and they’d fall asleep on the phone with one another. They shared breakfast every morning. Even when he was dedicating his time to making music, playing the violin, and eventually playing basketball, he still made time for her. He wanted her to know what he felt. He tried to make it as obvious as he could without being too obvious but she curved him every single time. As hard as it was, she felt like she had to. He literally gave her all of his love and promised that he’d take care of her for all of her days. He fell in love with everything that she was while she quietly fell in love with everything that he was and would eventually become. He stole every single aspect of her heart and she effortlessly stole his by the time they were sixteen years old. Nothing could tear that apart then and nothing seems to be able to tear that apart now.

Once she finished her snack, she sat the tray on another lounge chair and she laid back. As she used her left hand thumb to twist her engagement ring around over and over again, her new found habit, she looked at Jermaine’s response to her pictures. He complimented her beauty as he always does and surprisingly told her those were “Instagram worthy”. That was the last of their messages. After posting the pictures, Robyn nodded off to sleep as she always does whenever she doesn’t have much to do after she has something to eat. Her nap was peaceful. Her “happy boy” as she’s been calling him lately must have been napping along with her because she didn’t feel any sort of kicking or sudden movements from him during that time frame. She was awoken by Melissa two hours into her nap and all three of the ladies went inside to began their preparations for their dinner that Robyn planned.

“What color are you wearing?” Leandra asked as she held up her purple jumpsuit and Robyn glanced at it.

“Black. I know it doesn’t sound fun but I love the look and besides, black always does some justice when it comes to nightlight.”

“Maybe I should go for a darker color too.”

“That jumpsuit is dope though. Wear whatever you like.”

“Mel’s wearing black too. I’m wearing black. We’ll be triplets sluts,” Leandra told her and Robyn laughed and nodded her head. She watched as her bestie skipped down the hall and she continued to look through her Louis Vuitton case of jewelry until she found the pieces that she believe to be suitable enough for her look.

Big Sean’s 2011 “Finally Famous” album played as they separately jazzed themselves up. After her shower, Robyn used some clear gel to pull her hair back into a tight ponytail and she used her curling rod to loosely curl it up. She teased it with a comb until it fluffed out to her liking and she began to apply her own make up. She let Leandra do her dark smokey eyes and she applied the rest on her own. For tonight, her RiRiHeartsMac “RiRi Woo” red lipstick was her go to color. After applying Keri “Shea Butter” lotion all over her body and putting on deodorant, she pulled her Anthony Vaccarello Halter Rope Dress over her head. The black knit sleeveless dress features a halter rope neck, an open back concealed zipper, and a hook eye top closure. It also has silver bass hard wear details with horn and spike studs. The bottom portion is all leather. For her footwear, she chose her black, five inch, Giuseppe Zanotti Metal Plated Ankle Boots. They’re made of leather and have a faux fur lining with a killer gold plate on the front. She put her Debrorah Pagani Grey & Black Diamond “Joan” Earrings in her ears, her black stone Valentino Garavani Bracelet on her arm, and her LK Designs Pyramid Black Crystal ring on her right hand ring finger. She quickly remember that she took her engagement ring off to shower, do her hair, and make up, so she grabbed it out of the nightstand draw and slipped the breathtaking piece of jewelry on her finger. Lastly, she chose her Alexander McQueen Classic Patent Leather Skull Clutch as her bag for the evening. After double checking her appearance in a full length mirror, she nodded in satisfaction at her look and she began to put her necessaries into her small clutch bag. Once she was done, she left her room.

“Hurry it up late bitches!” Robyn shouted as she made her way towards the main living room area and she laughed out loud when she spotted them standing there waiting for her.

“The only late bitch is you,” Melissa replied and Robyn immediately stuck up her middle finger at her.

“Shut up! I was getting dressed pretty damn quick of you ask me. Lately it’s been taking me longer and I went through hell trying to get these damn boots zipped up.”

“You could have asked for help, you know?”

“Yeah, I know, but I wanted to do it myself. I’m pregnant, not handicapped.”

“No one’s saying that you’re handicapped. You are pregnant and help is necessary. Ask next time,” Melissa replied and Robyn playfully rolled her eyes.

“Yes mother,” she replied and Melissa winked at her and they began to shower one another with compliments about their looks. Melissa’s simple little black dressed worked so well with her gold Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato pumps and Leandra’s black romper looked amazing paired with her gold Jimmy Choo platform sandals.

Once the yacht was docked at the Port de Cannes, a AAA-Premium Chauffeur Services picked them up in a Bentley Mulsanne and chauffeured them to Bâoli, which was about ten minutes away. The paparazzi were literally waiting outside of the restaurant for them to arrive, which mean only one thing, they were tipped off for the right payment. The yelling, floods of people, and the flashing of the cameras caused the establishment’s security to come out and help usher the three women inside. The constant head turning and stares from the evening’s customers caused Leandra to made snide commentary about a “fish bowl effect” before they were finally seated in a corner section. The loud music, the intimate lighting, and the cozy setting received quiet praise from Robyn. She could see why so many celebrities popped up at that particular place during the Cannes Film Festival or during their random expensive vacations.

“I’m liking this expensive ass place thus far,” Leandra commented and she grabbed one of the menus that was on the table.

“If the food isn’t up to par, I’m going to hate it,” Robyn replied and they all shared a laugh. Usually she’s all about the setting, atmosphere, privacy, and just how well thought out and put together the drink menu and the actual drinks are. Since she can’t have any alcoholic beverages and can’t necessarily party like she’s used to doing, it’s all about the food. If she and her son can’t agree with it, the place is horrible as far as she’s concerned. Usually she’d grab something to eat from a place that she typically enjoys and then go to a nice spot to have a couple of drinks, but that doesn’t work out so well as of right now. If anyone knows her well enough, they’d know she’s not too experimental when it comes to eating. She could eat at the same restaurant every single day without any issues or complaints.

“It’s too bad you can’t have a drink. I would have loved to see you get a little wild.”

“Oh, I can turn up without the alcohol. Believe me. Give me the right music and this ass will start shaking.”

“Oh yeah? So you can shake your ass without the drinks, so what do you do when you have some drinks?” Leandra asked and Robyn smirked.

“Ask my man,” Robyn replied and Melissa giggled.
“That’s why you’re knocked up now.”

“I actually wasn’t drinking when I got pregnant. Well, I think I had a glass of wine but believe me, it wasn’t enough to give me a buzz. Wine usually makes me sleepy.”

“Well you weren’t sleepy that night!”

“You wouldn’t have been sleepy either if….well never mind,” Robyn replied and her devious yet silly little facial expression caused them all to erupt into laughter. She wanted to tell them that they wouldn’t have been tired if they caught the love of their lives laying in bed listening to love music, but she decided not to take it that far. She’d keep those details between Jermaine and herself. Besides, there aren’t enough words to describe what happened in that bedroom in L.A.

For drinks, Melissa ordered the French Martini and Leandra ordered the White Russian. Robyn stuck with a glass of pineapple juice in addition to the water the server already set out on the table. For dinner, both Mel and Lee chose Prime Filet Mignon despite the restaurants actual specialties. The cuisine combines original recipes from France, Italy, and Spain with a touch of Oriental, to produce a great menu that’s both Mediterranean and Asian inspired. Robyn chose a pasta with mussels, clams, lobster, shrimp, crab, scallops, squid, and light tomato. She also ordered grilled salmon marinated in a special oriental sauce. Throughout their meal, they discussed everything from music, to fashion, to the funniest moments during their entire week on the yacht. Leandra was nothing but comedy with her crass commentary, snide remarks about certain people, and her over exaggerated emotions over her multiple scratches and bruises that she caused on her own from her multiple accidents with the water equipment. Had Robyn not argued with her about it, she most likely would have never gotten into the water during the trip. She’s never into doing anything that messes up her hair or make up.

“Lets make a toast. We have to make a toast.”

“Lets have a toast for the douche bags. Lets have a toast for the assholes. Lets have a toast for the scumbags. Everyone of them that I know,” Robyn sung and she snapped her fingers.

“We’d be here all day if we started toasting to those kinds of people,” Leandra joked and Robyn snickered and nodded in agreement.

“We’d be here for days honey, days! I love that song though. I’ll do the toast,” Robyn replied and they all picked up their glasses.

“Don’t start crying though. You’ve a bit too sentimental these days,” Melissa told her and Robyn immediately stuck up her middle finger.

“No, but seriously, I just want a make a toast to you two. Ever since we’ve been back in one another’s lives, I just feel so damn good. I get the best of everything from you two. You’re two totally different people and yet this all works out so perfectly. It always has, even when we were kids. We’ve been apart for so damn long and yet it doesn’t really feel like we’ve missed a day in one another’s lives. Lee, you’re still my firecracker and outspoken sweetheart, and Mel you’re still my too cool for school, laid back, silent assassin. We’re more than friends. You two bearcunts are the sisters that I’ve never had. This vacation has been some of the most fun that I’ve had in my life. I feel so good and I’m so relaxed. All the love, the laughs, and the memories will hold a special place in my mind and heart. I love yall. So a toast you two and a toast to us; three bad bitches with attitude. So thank you for taking the time out to do this with me. It’s much appreciated. Cheers hoes!” she concluded and they all clinked their glasses together.

“Now we have to get on bad back home!”

“I’m ready! Ugh! I want patties as soon as we land.”

“I’m talking about partying and she’s talking about eating. See? This is what I’m talking about. How many more months left, again? I’m gon’ deliver that baby damn myself,” Leandra announced in a comedic frustration.

Before they left the table, Robyn had to have the assortment of desserts. When the waiter mentioned everything they had, she couldn’t make a decision so she decided to try at least two spoonfuls of everything. They relaxed, listened to music, and shared drinks in a cabana outside in the lounge portion of the establishment. The Hip-Hop mix the DJ Gil Martin had going on greatly impressed her. She expected plenty of techno, dance, and house mixes, and that was played, but for some reason during that particular night, he played a lot more Hip-Hop.  They enjoyed the sounds of latest and greatest from likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Big Sean, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Wale, Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and Nicki Minaj. In addition to that, he also put on a lot of throwback records from the likes of Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Biggie, Pac, Big Pun, Dipset, and others. While Robyn enjoyed her glasses of juice, her best friends enjoyed endless amounts of champagne and specialty drinks. They partied into the wee hours of the morning and by the time they were ready to go, Melissa and Leandra were absolutely wasted. The car ride back to the port was nothing but comedy for Robyn and their ten minute stumble onto to the yacht was even funnier. Neither one of them made it to their bedrooms. They ended up crashing on the couch and Robyn didn’t have the patience nor to the strength to try and get them to their rooms, so she left them as they were. Before heading to bed, she recorded a video of herself telling Jermaine how much she loves and misses him, and she sent it to his phone. She had a sappy moment and she was sure that he’d laugh at it and that’s exactly why she sent it. She wanted to put a smile on his face, whether she actually got to see it or not.

That morning, Robyn had breakfast alone and she absolutely enjoyed it. There was no music, no loud talking, laughing, or constant movement. It was just herself, nature, and an amazing omelet. As much as she enjoyed being with her girls, she needed that one moment right there where she could just be away and truly have a moment to herself. Even her son seemed to be aware of that. His little feet tapped all throughout her lengthy morning shower, but he stopped once she began eating her breakfast. She laid out on her own for hours without any interruptions and it wasn’t until late into the afternoon that Mel and Lee finally woke up and joined her. After a small late lunch, everyone retreated to their rooms to prepare for their departure. They repacked everything properly, took pictures with the staff, and took a bunch of pictures with one another as the yacht made it’s way towards the Port Of Nice, their final stop.

“Why am I sad we’re leaving? Ugh! We should have stayed another week.”

“I know right? We have to do this every year, at least once or twice. Lets do it again for my birthday or something,” Robyn replied and Leandra immediately nodded.

“I’m down with that.”

“Oh and we can always chill on a boat when we get to BIM. We can do like a family day or something. I think that would be cool. I’m going to look into it and see what I can pull together.”

“Hell yeah, or we can throw a barbecue or something cute like that. Either way, lets do a major get together. You don’t come home often, so it’s important that everyone gets to see you before you go home to have this baby.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ll be right back,” Robyn replied and she stood up. She smoothed out her Spring 2013 lime green Diane Von Furstenberg maxi dress and she began to make her way towards the master bedroom.  She suddenly had the urge to double check the room to make sure she didn’t forget anything. There have been times when she’s left a pair of shoes, earrings, or some sort of expensive piece of clothing or accessory behind in a hotel room. She’s always been a last minute packer and that most likely will never change until she has her baby and has to worry about packing for him and herself. She also wanted to double check the room to make sure everything was in place and suitable enough for an easy clean up. She’s never been the type to trash a hotel room or leave it looking like someone indecent slept in there. The staff has been amazing towards all three of them so it’s the least that she could do.

As soon as she turned down the narrow hallway, she immediately halted her steps and both of her eyebrows raised at the sight before her. She slightly parted her lips as she stared at Melissa wrapped up in Eric’s arms. They were nearly kissing. Had she walked just a tad bit slower, she would have saw the act. Melissa was pressed into his frame, her arms were resting around his neck, and his hands were resting on her lower back. She didn’t know what to say or do. They left her speechless. Their shocked facial expressions didn’t faze or necessarily move her. She thought Melissa’s flirting was more on the innocent side. She never thought that they’d act on anything at all. Was Eric’s shyness an act or is Melissa so smooth that she was able to break him out of that shell? Why now? Why here? Robyn quietly wished that she didn’t see anything at all. If she could, she’d do everything in her power to un-see it. After everything that was revealed during their breakfast earlier in the week, what exactly does she say to her about this? How does she check her on doing wrong in her still very much damaged relationship? Is she really still in love with her husband or is she just sticking around for the sake of their daughter? Is this some sort of addiction that she has that she isn’t talking about? Has there been more than just the one guy? Do they even talk about this with one another?

It seemed like Robyn was standing there for hours, running a bunch of questions through her head, but it was only a couple of seconds. She never said anything to either one of them nor did they say anything to her. She went to check the master bedroom two times just as she planned to do and once she was done, she returned to Leandra and a very awkward Melissa. The silence that consumed all three of them was odd but necessary. Although Leandra wasn’t in the know about what Robyn saw, she seemed to have her own issues on her mind or she was possibly reflecting on their trip. Their late night ride to Côte d'Azur Airport was nearly as quiet as their last couple of hours on the yacht. The silence was only broken once. Robyn complained about the twelve hour flight they had ahead of them and she immediately went back to playing with her phone. When they arrived to the airport, check in and security clearance was all of ten minutes, and they were escorted to the private jet that she chartered for the trip. Once they were settled, take off was about twenty minutes later.

In an attempt to cure their boredom, they watched two movies. About five hours into the flight they went to sleep. Robyn only slept for a total of four hours. Flying and sleep never really agreed with her. She used leisure time to write out a long list of things that she needs to do for her son when she gets home. She has to find him a pediatrician, she needs to make sure his nursery is all put together, she has to finish clothes shopping, and she also needs to buy a baby carriage. She needs to hire an assistant immediately because she can’t keep doing everything on her own or calling Camille for help whenever she’s not wrapped up with tasks involving Jermaine’s career. She also needs to book the hospital room. She literally wanted to smack herself in the head for not doing so. She and Jermaine have already discussed the possibility of her having the baby at home, with just a mid-wife and their doula and he completely shunned it. He was firm about wanting her to be around the best medical care possible and she didn’t fight it. It doesn’t really matter where she’ll have the baby, for as long as she can do it naturally. Their final decision was that she’d have the baby at Greenberg 14 South, the elite wing on the penthouse floor of New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital. In addition to her having the best medical care available in New York City, they’d also be granted plenty of privacy. There are also a couple of other birthing and early childhood parenting classes that she plans on taking once she’s back. If Jermaine’s available, she’ll drag him along with her.

“How many more hours left?” Leandra asked and Robyn chuckled at her groggy voice. Her hair was all over her head as well.

“About three and a half. We’ve killed a lot of time.”

“Not enough. Ugh, I’m about to try to go back to sleep.”

“Go ahead. By the time we land, people will just be getting up back home anyway,” Robyn replied and she stuck her earbuds in her hear. “Born Sinner” was her album of choice for various reasons. She had a goal to learn the lyrics to every single song by the time Jermaine goes on tour so that she could rap every song word for word. Though she was away from him, she did the same thing with The Come Up, The Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights. Preston grew to hate every single thing about Jermaine’s music. Robyn’s constant need to listen to it and her preference of praising it over anything else they’d listen to irked every single aspect of his being. He deemed her to be obsessive in the beginning and when she finally cracked and filled him in on her friendship with Jermaine, his disdain grew even more. At that point he finally realized why she’d never fall in love with him; Jermaine had her heart the whole entire time. She wasn’t just being a fan, she was clinging to the love of her life through his music. She listened to him to fill a void. Preston deemed Jermaine to be a ghost haunting everything that he was trying to build with her but that wasn’t the case. He was no ghost. In order for someone of the past to become a ghost in your current relationship, something had to die. Something had to have ended; whether it be the relationship itself or the love. Nothing ended between she and Jermaine. Yes, everything was suddenly halted when she made the decision to run off, but no, there wasn’t an end. Preston knew one day that she’d go after him. He could see and feel it in the way she carried herself, in the way she thought, and in the way she spoke. As much as he wanted to stop her, he couldn’t. She left Barbados for a new beginning once again, but that in particular time, it was for love.

“Please began to prepare for landing. We’ll be touching the ground within the next ten minutes.”

Robyn slightly turned down “Rich Niggaz” on her iPhone and she stretched her arms out. She had already listened to the deluxe version of the album all the way through two times before she began to listen to certain songs over and over again.

“Thank you Jesus. I need some fresh air,” Melissa mumbled and Robyn pulled her earbuds out of her ear. She and Mel glanced at one another and the awkwardness between the two of them immediately became apparent. She has plenty of questions for her, but has yet to figure out a decent approach without coming off judgmental. Until she finds one, she plans to say absolutely nothing about it.

“Same here,” Robyn replied and she grabbed her white Chanel Quilted Boy Bag out of the seat next to her and she tossed her phone inside before closing it. She touched her sloppy yet really cute bun just to make sure it was aligned properly and she slicked up the couple of strands of hair that came out of place while she was sleeping. In her normal fashion, she reapplied her nude lipstick and made sure her mascara and eye liner looked decent before she stood up. She didn’t want to show up to her brothers home looking like she just fell out of bed.

“Home sweet home,” Leandra announced and Robyn nodded with a smile. She stared out of the window as the jet began it’s landing. Once it came to a complete stop, everyone stood up and began to gather their things.

“I look okay?” Robyn asked and Melissa waved her off.

“You look fine. It’s home, not a date,” she replied and Robyn nodded her head. She ran her hands over her belly a couple of times and she grabbed her bag and flung it over her left shoulder. As soon as the jet’s door was opened, she could feel the island heat quickly creeping inside. Leandra was the first person to head down the steps. Her squeal nearly startled Robyn.

“Roselyn!” she shouted and Robyn widened her eyes. Melissa quickened her pace and she quickly jogged down the steps and let out her own sound effect of excitement as she came face to face with her five year old child. Robyn slowly made her way down the steps with the help of one of the stewardesses and her eyes landed on Kenneth. He was standing next to one of the service vans brightly smiling at the interaction between his wife and daughter. Robyn nearly cringed at the sight. She looked around for her own family members but she saw none.

“They’re waiting for you at the house Robyn. I volunteered to come while they prepared,” Kenneth informed her before she could question anything. He must have seen the worrisome look on her face.

“What are they preparing for?” Robyn asked and she quickly pulled him in for a hug.


“I hope they’re not doing anything ridiculous. I told Rorrey no.”

“I don’t think he remembers what you said,” he replied and Robyn laughed and shook her head. She specifically warned Rorrey that she only wanted to come to the house to relax when she arrived and that he could save the party he wanted to do so badly for another day during the week. He agreed, but knowing her stubborn brother, he still did what he wanted to do anyway. They’re absolutely a like in that area, while Rajad is a lot more laid back and a “go with the flow” kind of a guy.

“Roselyn, come give auntie a hug!”

“Coming!” she shouted at Robyn and she quickly jogged over. She wrapped her arms around Robyn’s waist and she pressed her head into her belly. Robyn bent down and she kissed the top of her head twice and rubbed her cheek.

“You’re getting so big. Oh my gosh.”

“That’s what mommy says. She keeps telling me to stop growing because that means she’s getting older.”

“She’s right.”

“But I can’t help it,” Roselyn replied and Robyn laughed.

“I know. Your mommy is just going to have to get over it.”

“Is the baby a girl?”

“No, it’s a boy.”

“Aww man, boys are so hard to play with,” Roselyn complained and Robyn laughed and shook her head. She could only imagine how Yari’s interactions are going to be with her little brother. With both Roselyn and Yari being five and six years older than him, she doubted that they’d pay him any attention. When she was younger, she had no choice but to pay her young brothers all of her attention, and besides, she and Rorrey aren’t far apart in age.

Once their luggages were packed up into the van, they left the airport and began to head towards Rorrey’s Bridgetown home. They spent the entire ride filling Kenneth in about their whole entire week on the French Riviera. He seen the pictures, but hearing the actual stories not only fascinated him but it also seem to give him a small feeling of jealousy. Robyn could see it all over his face when Melissa kept going on and on about how much fun she had and how she hasn’t had that type of fun in years. Eventually Robyn knew she was speaking in such an exaggerated manner to dig under his skin. She rubbed it in to let him know that she could have fun without him and also to let him know how much of a bore he is. It felt like she was tainting the vacation and making it out to be something vindictive rather than some wholesome fun between friends.

“No Jermaine this time, Robyn?” Kenneth asked and she shook her head.

“No, not this time. Jermaine’s pretty busy with work and he’s also spending some time with his daughter and his own family. Maybe next time.”

“Yeah, that would be cool. I’d love to meet him.”

“Yeah, of course. It’ll definitely happen.”

“Has he ever been here?”

“Yeah. We came down here in 2011 to shoot his Can’t Get Enough video and then we came down here for like a day to shoot my Barbados Tourism ads. He loves it. One of these days, we may get a home out here. I’d love to be able to make sure my son gets the best of the states and Barbados. I think it’s necessary. That way he’ll understand my upbringing and his dads.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a great investment. He can also come and spend his summers here. Roselyn’s been here since the summer started.”

“Summers in Barbados are the best. I’m jealous,” Robyn replied and she turned around and winked at Roselyn. She swooned when she saw her blush and bury her head in her mother’s side.

Robyn stared out of the window of her native land and she smirked to herself in satisfaction. There’s no place like home, no matter where she’s lived. There’s nothing like coming back and feeling the love of home. Though she’s slacked off on the walks that Jermaine insists that she does, she’ll have no issue walking around BIM while she’s visiting. Even though the mosquitoes are annoying and ridiculous, they’re not going to hold her back from sitting outside at night and enjoying a champagne cola. She also plans to visit The Boatyard, Chefette, and most of all, the beach.

“Robyn, you’re dropping your things off to The Sandy Lane right?” Kenneth asked and she nodded her head.

Instead of driving straight to Rorrey’s, he drove to St. James and Robyn checked into resorts luxury villa. The staff helped her bring her luggage upstairs to the master bedroom which spans an entire floor and she left her requests for them before leaving. Their next stop was her brother’s home.

“Maybe he did listen,” she mumbled to herself and she quickly got out of the van. There weren’t too many cars in his driveway, so there couldn’t have been a large gathering going on inside of the house. She couldn’t hear any music going nor did she smell a grill. Everything seemed normal.

“Maybe,” Melissa relied and Robyn slowly began to make her way up to the door. She started to ring the doorbell, but she stopped herself and twisted the doorknob. As she expected, it was unlocked. Whenever company is coming over, they always keep the door unlocked. No one has the time or the patience to keep constantly coming to open the door for folks.

“Honey, I’m home!” Robyn shouted and heard nothing in response. She could hear a bit of movement happening upstairs, but she heard no voices. She’d be a liar if she said that she wasn’t expecting some sort of excitement for her arrival.

She ignored Leandra’s commentary as she walked further into the house. She walked past the living room and she kept making her way down the hall towards the kitchen. She could hear the sounds of voices speaking and it seemed like some sort of disagreement was happening. Camille, her sister-in-law, could be heard saying that “now isn’t the right time” and the nosiness in her wanted to know why. Another huge smile formed on Robyn’s face but what she came face to face with in the kitchen smacked it right off of her face.

Her mother.

She could walk no further and she stared at her with the blankest expression that she could form. Her arms rested at her sides and the deafening silence fueled her disdain. She stared at the woman who birthed her like she was a foreigner. She didn’t know if she should stick her middle finger up at her or run into her arms like a helpless little girl seeking love and attention. A cold bitterness took over her body and she couldn’t control it. She couldn’t stand what she was seeing. Her mother didn’t look old and worn out like she wished she did, she looked amazing. She isn’t out of shape and unattractive like the mental image Robyn created of her, she’s womanly and her body looks great. Her skin isn’t wrinkled whatsoever, it’s clear and beautiful. She doesn’t even look her age. Robyn bitterly wanted her mother to look like crap the first time she seen her, and there she was, standing before her, in a white jumpsuit and a pair of Christian Louboutin loafers. She wanted to see her with some grey hair. For some reason, she believed if her mother had grey hair, it would mean that she actually did stress over her, but instead her mother’s hair was jet black, long, and it has a bunch of loose curls. Her mother looked damn good and she couldn’t deny that if she tried. She kept herself together and she looked like life has been amazing. Robyn wanted to viciously curse her out for that.

She didn’t miss her. She never cared. Look at her. Look at how content with life she seems. In her mind Robyn has to be nothing but a thing of the past right? A mistake, maybe.

“Rorrey,” Robyn spoke first and he shook his head. He promised her that he wouldn’t give her that kind of surprise. They had a long talk and she assured him that she’d speak with their mother on her own time, not anyone else’s. He broke that promise.

“Robyn,” was all he said and she shook her head and quickly turned around. Melissa was just a couple of steps behind her, telling her to slow down but she couldn’t. She refused to stay in that house and have her mother make a mockery of her. That’s the last thing that she could deal with in that particular moment.

“Kenneth take me back to the hotel.”

“What? Why?” he asked in confusion and she shook her head.

“Take me back!” she shouted and she quickly opened the door to the van and climbed inside. She didn’t want to hear anything anyone had to say. The tears that had been burning her eyes since she froze in the kitchen slowly began to creep down her face. She refused to let anyone come with her. She didn’t want the comfort or the excuses. She wouldn’t label her desire to leave as running; it was more so her getting herself out of a sticky situation. There were too many children in the house and she’d rather go than have them witnessing her acting out of character. It would have been one of those moments when she couldn’t control herself and she’d say something to start a major disaster. That’s their grandmother and she refuses to paint her in a negative light in front of them, so being back at the hotel will give her time to cool down.

“Robyn, you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” she replied and she remained silent the entire ride to the resort. She never even bid Kenneth a goodbye when she exited the van, nor did she accept his offer to walk her to the villa. She went on her own and she turned off her phone when she got inside. She didn’t want to hear the excuses, the apologies, or requests to come back. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to. Instead she’d rather lay on the couch and cry until she couldn’t anymore and that’s what she did. Ever since she started high school, she always imagined the day she’d come face to face with her mother again. The one rule she gave herself was to never cry when it happens. She also assured herself that she’d be quiet and let her mother do all of the explaining and apologizing but that didn’t go as planned. Her hormones and overwhelming emotions wouldn’t allow it. Instead her bitterness came to the forefront and she shrunk up because of it. She wanted to give her one huge “fuck you” and let her know that she’d never allow her to know her grandson because she’s not worthy, but she didn’t. All of her insults would have only shown her mother one thing; she’s hurt. So instead of saying anything, she left. She decided to stick with her original stance: she’s the child, so her mother should be the one reaching out. It’s what makes sense and most of all, it’s what feels right.

Though she didn’t plan to, she slept for the majority of the day. Exhaustion comes so easy these days. Her tear stained face and hunger pains were the first thing she noticed. Her face was so dry, she thought she’d crack portions of it if she made any sudden facial expressions. On her way to the bathroom, she grabbed the can of Pringles that was resting in a gift basket on a display table. She opened it while walking and she snacked on them while she cleaned her face in the bathroom. The sound of the doorbell startled her and though she wished it was a food delivery, she knew better. She contemplated whether she should answer the door or not for a complete minute and she finally forced herself to go and do so.

“Go away!” she shouted loud enough for whomever was on the other side of the door to hear. She continued to literally drag her feet across the floor and she obnoxiously grunted when she neared the door. After unlocking the locks, she viciously swung the door open and she came face to face with the last person that she was expecting to see; Jermaine.

The can of Pringles crashed against the marble floor as her arms flew around his neck. He nearly stumbled back at her abrupt hug, but he was able to brace himself and wrap his arms around her. Robyn’s sobs startled him. They even startled her. She needed him but she didn’t have enough guts to call him. She wanted to be a grown woman and tough it out on her own, but deep down inside she wanted his hand to hold and his shoulder to lean on. She needs the support. It’s one of those moments when she needs him to take the lead, even though she should be trying to handle it on her own.

“What happened Baby Girl? Tell me everything,” he told her and he ran his hand up and down her back in an attempt to soothe her. She didn’t know where to start.

“Shh, it’s alright. Everything’s going to be okay,” he assured her and she nodded her head and literally mashed her face into his neck. Jermaine gave her side a light squeeze and he lifted his head to give her the room that she needed. He couldn’t grab his bag until she let him go so he continued to stand there until she was ready to release him from her intense embrace. Her kisses to his neck were subtle and endearing. They were her quiet thank you to him for coming to be with her.

“I love you,” she mumbled and he gave her another squeeze.

“I love you too. Come on, lets go inside.”

“Okay,” she whispered and she slowly released him. As Jermaine grabbed the handle to his luggage, Robyn picked up the Pringles and moved out of his way. She closed the door behind him once she was inside and she quickly latched her hand onto his as they walked further into the villa. Her tight hold on his hand was returned with his own and she lead him to the master suite.

“Come here,” he told her and she quickly walked into his arms and he leaned his head down and kissed her lips.

“Melissa called me.”

“I figured that.”

“What happened?”

“Jermaine, she looks so fucking good. Like….I can’t even believe that shit. I told Rorrey that I didn’t want to see her. I specifically told him that it needed to happen on my time and what happens when I get there? She’s standing in the kitchen. It was like I was staring at a fucking stranger that I just so happen to resemble. I don’t know if I should have cursed her out or hugged her.”

“Which one did you really want to do?” he asked and she bit her lip. She shook her head and tears began to form in her eyes again.


“And that’s fine. You’re angry but you love her.”

“And she feels fucking nothing! Nothing! It’s been years and I got nothing from her. I didn’t get a single phone call, a letter, an e-mail, a fucking pigeon message. Nothing! She doesn’t feel a damn thing for me. Jermaine I’m a fucking orphan that just happens to know who her parents are.”

“Baby Girl, she loves you.”

“No she doesn’t! Fuck that and fuck her! I did it all without that bitch! She wasn’t there to encourage me. She didn’t teach me how to be a woman. She didn’t give me advice. She didn’t do shit. She didn’t even fucking care enough the reach out. She’s nothing but a bitter piece of shit! My father wasn’t about shit but she was probably the one to run his ass away and then she turned around and took it out on me.”

“No. Don’t say that. Your father hurt her. He abandoned your family when your family needed him the most.”

“And the both of their asses abandoned me. What? You want me to have some sympathy for the both of them? You want me to turn the other cheek? You want me to be the bigger person and let it go? What the fuck am I supposed to do?”

“All of that,” Jermaine responded and she frowned her face up at him and immediately stepped out of his grasp.

“Hell no! Neither one of them are worth it. I want fucking apologies.”

“How exactly are you going to get an apology from your father?”

“It’s not just about that.”

“You have to let it go. If you don’t, you’re going to continue to be in pain. He’s gone Robyn. The past is the past. You have to release all of that anger and move forward. I know what you’re feeling and I know how bad it hurts but you’ve been harboring those ill feelings for too many years and I’m scared for you. Look at how you’re acting right now. You’re enraged and that’s not good for you. That’s not good for our son either. What about him? You need to let this go for him also. You’re about to be a mother. Don’t go into that kind of a life changing blessing with so much anger and hate within you. It’s not worth it. Believe me. You’re not an orphan. You belong to people. You belong to me. You’re my girl, my fiancè, my everything. You know who else you belong to? Our son. You’re his mommy. That’s what matters. All that other shit is just a bunch of unnecessary burdens that’s holding you back from truly being happy. No matter she does or doesn’t feel, forgive her. Forgive her for yourself, not for her. If she’s sorry, she’ll tell you. If she isn’t, let her deal with that on her own. Believe me, it will get to her if it hasn’t already. Instead of losing your mind over what you cannot change, worry about the positives and what you can actually control. What you can control is this moment right here. That’s it. You can’t change the past and you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Live in the moment and prepare for the future. That’s the way life works.”

“You’re right.”

“Stop crying. That shit’s bothering me. I don’t like seeing you like this. Melissa called me to tell me what happened and she only suggested that I call and try to talk to you but you turned your phone off. That didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t even think about it. I just packed my shit and got here as quick as I could.”

“I was only sleeping.”

“How would I have known that?” he asked and she nodded her head. Everything made sense and he was right. She’s only hurting herself at this point and harboring a bunch of ill feelings does absolutely nothing for her. Holding grudges may feel good because, in your head, you think you’re getting to that particular person, but ultimately it says a lot more about you than it says about them.

“I’m not even saying that you need to speak to her right now. Do that when you’re ready. For now, quietly forgive her and move on. Forgive Ronald, and move on.”

“Okay,” she mumbled in response and Jermaine used his hands to wipe her face. He made her sit down on the foot of the bed and he took a seat next to her and put his arm over her shoulder. For a couple of minutes, they sat in silence. He wanted her to calm down and cool off before he dared to start another conversation with her.

“So…” Robyn started and he looked at her.


“Hi,” she responded and he gave her a light laugh and kissed her forehead.


“How are you?”

“I’m pretty good. You?”

“I’m alright. It’s nice to see you.”

“It’s nice to see you too. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

“So, tell me some good news.”

“Good news? Well, I know all the words to Is She Gon Pop now, so I have two songs left and I’ll know the whole entire album word for word,” she replied and Jermaine laughed. He was expecting her to tell him how great her vacation was.

“You can be my stand in at the tour then. If I’m sick or some shit, I got you.”  

“Okay, I can do that,” she replied and he smiled.

Robyn twisted her body towards him and she gently place her right palm on the side of his face. Jermaine’s large brown eyes narrowed a bit as she leaned her head in and he slightly parted his lips in anticipation of her kiss. A blissful sigh escaped her mouth just before she wrapped her warm lips around his bottom one. Her tongue sensually slithered across it and she sly slid it into his mouth. Her hand dropped from his cheek and gripped his shoulder when she felt him close his lips over hers. His tongue hungrily intertwined with hers and his hands gripped her sides possessively. Chills ran throughout Robyn’s body and they suddenly jolted into the tips of her fingers. Her nails dug into his skin and Jermaine’s response was to mesh their bodies together as close as much as he could. Passion filled their air and the temperature within their ever reacting bodies began to rise as their desires seeped into one another. Robyn nearly lost it when he pulled away from her lips and stood to his feet.

Jermaine pulled Robyn’s maxi dress up around her thighs and instinctively, she spread them so that he could take his favorite position. The arousal that consumed her mind, body, and soul continued to rise as Jermaine hovered over her and teasingly stole kisses from her lips. A hiss rung out into the room when he ran his tongue across them. She slight parted her lips in anticipation of another kiss but it never came. Instead he began to leave his mark on her neck. As the left strap of her dress fell down on her arm, he kissed across her shoulder blade and returned to suck on each and every single part that he kissed. He ran his tongue across her upper chest area while using both hands to finish pulling the straps down. Once Robyn pulled her arms out of them, he swiftly pulled the top of her dress down over her stomach. His large hands palmed her breast and Robyn moaned in pain and pleasure at her hardened nipples. A part of her feared what he planned to do because they’ve been giving her so much pain, but she had to trust him. She did not protest. She wanted to give him every single part of her in anyway he wanted it. Instead of nervously pulling away, when Jermaine’s mouth neared her right nipple, she sat up properly and inched forward for a perfect alignment. Her mouth fell agape when his warm tongue slowly and teasingly circled around it, and she slightly flinched when he began to nipple. Her pain was no more. She could only feel him and everything that he felt for her. There was no sucking or tugging, just kissing, licking, and nibbling. It was as if he simply just wanted to taste them or just wanted them in his mouth because they’re his.

“I’ve been wanting you so bad,” Jermaine whispered as Robyn pulled his shirt over his head and she dropped it on the floor next to his seat. She unbuckled his Louis Vuitton belt and then his jeans. As she pulled the zipper down, he kicked off his Air Jordan Royal 1’s and he used one of his feet to sweep them to the side. Robyn tugged on his Balmain jeans until they easily dropped down to his calves and Jermaine stepped out of them. Because she was sitting down, she could only plant kisses on his lower chest area but that was more than enough for her. She softly planted various kisses whenever she wanted as Jermaine took her hair out of the bun she had it in. As soon as it fell down her back as he wanted it, he used Robyn’s chin to lift her head and he kissed her lips. That one peck turned into yet another kiss of passion and desire. His kisses always have meaning behind them. They always take her to a place that no one else can. It always feels like he’s putting his all into it while saying everything that he feels. She can never get enough of them. His lips close around hers perfectly. It’s as if they were sculpted to mesh with hers without any complication whatsoever. He leaves a tingling sensation on whatever part of her body that he’s kissing no matter what and that tongue of his strips her of her sanity. It stakes its claim; leaving her breathless, speechless, and tireless.

Robyn gasped in a sudden shock when Jermaine effortlessly lifted her body off of the bed. As he did so, her maxi dress slid the rest of the way down her body and hit the floor, leaving her only in her cream silk Agent Provocateur “Abby” Thong. As Jermaine hosteled her up, Robyn wrapped her legs around his him and she planted her arms on his shoulders. She watched him as he swiftly scanned the room and his eyebrow slightly raised. She wanted what he was thinking but that flew out of the window when he swiftly walked towards the end of the dresser and sat her down on it.

“Jer—“ she started but he quickly quieted her with a kiss.

“Shhh, just wait,” he told her and he moved the decorative ornaments that were on it to the desk that was just a couple of steps from the bed.

When he returned to Robyn, he gave her another reassuring kiss, and he slowly laid her back until her body was comfortably laying across the dresser. She took deep breaths in an attempt to relax her body and a small smile formed on her lips at Jermaine’s kisses on her belly. They were lingering, love filled, and admirable. His large hands ran over it numerous times and she flinched when she felt him kissing along her abdominal area. As soon as his tongue made contact with her flesh she began to squirm and a small sigh flowed right out in response. A sudden rush of anxiousness swept through her within seconds as he began to teasingly kiss and lick long her inner thighs. The throbbing sensation and tension she felt within her core was more than enough to have her panting over nearly nothing. The anticipation was killing her and he knew it. Her disdain and impatience was written all over her face and was very apparent in her slight movements. Her fingers latched on to the straps of her thong and Jermaine grabbed both of her hands and moved them.

“Who told you to touch anything?” he asked and his raspy yet husky voice caused yet her to go through yet another moment of goosebumps and chills. She let out a low grunt at the feel of her achy breasts and she continued to anticipate her man’s next move. She nearly cursed in relief when she felt him slowly pulling down the flimsy material that had been damp for the last couple of minutes.

“Babe, hurry,” Robyn whined and Jermaine suddenly reached his hand up towards her neck. He had been kissing all over it but never took the time out to examine her necklace. He grabbed the gold plated “Cole” pendent, examined it for a couple of seconds, and then he smirked.

“Dope,” was all he said and Robyn licked her lips and opened her eyes.

“Thank you.”

As soon as he returned to his position in between her thighs, Jermaine grabbed her legs and pulled the as far apart as he wanted them. His hands slid down towards the beginning of her thighs as he lowered himself down and Robyn tensed up just a bit when she felt his breath along her inner thighs. Her anxiousness flew out of the window and her satisfaction immediately greeted Jermaine when he began to plant kisses on her lower lips. Those kisses were a ritual that she had grown accustomed to but couldn’t get enough of. They were his kisses of ownership and respect. They’re so fervent, that they nearly send her over the edge every single time he does it. Robyn slightly opened her eyes when he pulled her legs even further apart and she cried out his name when his tongue ran through her slit. He slowly ran his tongue back and forth over savoring every single aspect of it until he wanted more. Her clit became his oral toy and his tongue played with it gently yet hungrily. He licked and sucked at her, as she continuously unleashed more and more of her fluids into his mouth. He couldn’t get enough of it and he refused to let up. Her loud moans flowed into his ear and they only fueled his fire. The more Robyn attempted to pull her body away from him, the deeper he buried his tongue inside of her. She lost sight of everything and could only visualize him. Her body’s response to his tongue’s journey was riveting. He dove in and out of her, pushing himself through all of her clawing, flinching, and clenching. Nothing was stopping him and she knew it. He was going to have his fill of her, no matter what.

“Baby….” she breathed out as she dug her fingers into the back of his head. Her head slowly slid down the dresser as she began to arch her back in response to Jermaine’s feasting. Her legs felt a familiar twitching and he drew them back towards her giving himself even more access. The scream that followed was a stroke to his already high ego. Robyn squirmed and moved her hands in attempt to find something else to grab. There was nothing. The hard dresser was impossible to grasp and she didn’t want to hurt Jermaine’s head. Her lips began to tremble and her nipples hardened even more than they already were. She could feel her limbs stiffening and her throat tightening as she gasped repeatedly. Her eyes flew open and immediately shut again as a thrilling and overwhelming intensity rushed and ripped through her body like a high that no man made drug could ever give her. She lost herself into him as Jermaine continued to suck at her body. A low whimper escaped her lips as her limbs went limp and she lazily dropped her head back down on the dresser. His kisses of possession began yet again as he patiently waited for her body to relax. He trailed them up to her stomach while he gently grabbed her hips and pulled her back down towards the edge. Within seconds she could feel his tip running along her moistened slit and she sucked in a breath of air because of that. As anticipation in her body rose, she slightly raised her hips as a gesture of her readiness. Jermaine’s teasing nearly caused her to curse at him. She began to pull for him, wanting to come closer, but her arms could reach but so far with her laying flat down.

“Put your legs over my arms Baby Girl,” he instructed her and she quickly did as she was told. She fell into bliss as soon as he began to push his way into her depths. He let out a loud grunt and a whispered curse as her walls tightly engulfed him and he dug his fingers into her sides. He drew back just a bit and Robyn moaned loudly when he swiftly thrust his entire length inside her. As Jermaine found his rhythm, she made sure to match him. She used her hips to meet his every thrust. Her body responded to his every move and in that moment, she felt so sexy and erotic. There was something about him staring down at her as he penetrated her body that drove her crazy. She didn’t feel exposed, she felt beautiful. The sounds of their love making filled the entire master suite’s floor and the image Jermaine had in front of him fueled his adrenaline. Robyn’s beauty was just as pleasuring as her body. He’s been with his share of women, but nothing compares to having her. No one feels better than her. There is no greater sexual pleasure than the pleasure that she gives him. Every single time they’re intimate, it feels like she’s snatching his heart out of his chest. She leaves him craving for more. Her pussy lingers on his mind until the next time. It only worsens his daily lusty thoughts about her. It has turned him into a vulture, ready to attack any and everyone threatening his place. She owns him, in every sense of the way, and she has yet to figure that out.

Shortly after Robyn, Jermaine’s orgasm took over his lanky frame and he released himself inside of her. Exhaustion consumed Robyn as she lay still on the dresser attempting to catch her breath. After he withdrew himself from her body, he lifted her off of the dresser, carried her over to the bed, and placed her down on it. He instructed her to turn over and she immediately complied and got on all fours. The soft kisses that Jermaine traced down her spine, after climbing up on the bed, caused her to arch her back just as he wanted her to. He didn’t think she’d be able to because of her pregnancy and back pains, but he heard no complaints from her whatsoever. Robyn anticipated him as he positioned himself once again and she threw her ass back towards him as he filled her once more. She dropped her head on the bed and gripped the sheets as he began to give himself to her in long and hard strokes. His depth left her gasping for mercy and crying out his name. After slapping her ass repeatedly, he used that same hand to grab her long and wavy hair. He pulled on it just enough to prove his point and to arouse her even more. She attempted to meet his thrusts as much as she could in the midst of the frenzy he was taking her body through. She refused to let him out do her, although the position he had her in was all about his own power.  

Eventually, his grunts and moans were starting to overpower her own. Her voice was beginning to give out on her, but Jermaine wasn’t. He kept his pace steady and hard. The mixture of pain and pleasure he was giving to her body was as heightened and raw as the pleasure she was bringing to his. They couldn’t get enough of one another. She’s been wanting him since the second day of her vacation and he’s been wanting her since he last had her, which was in Toronto. Even as their bodies began to tire, their desire, love, and passion didn’t waver. Jermaine’s sudden manual attack on Robyn’s clit is what brought her to ecstasy yet again and he jointed her in that major rush of pleasure not too long after.

As he laid on his back with an arm around her, Robyn laid tucked into his side with her left leg thrown over his and her left arm laying across his torso. The silence that surrounded them was soothing and necessary. Neither one of them said anything, they just basked in one another. It was the perfecting ending to a stressful day. Earlier, before her nap, she contemplated going home. Now she doesn’t even want to go anymore. She’d rather lay up in the gorgeous villa with her man. Though she can’t hide forever, for tonight she would.

“Feeling better?” Jermaine asked and she nodded her head.




“Hungry?“ he asked and she laughed.

“Hell yeah.”

“Lets go get some food then.”

“Round three first,” Robyn replied and she leaned over and kissed him.