get her a bandaid

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You said more Gonta and Mikan interactions so here's this: The only time in his life that Gonta ever lied was to Mikan when he said he had an ouchie on his finger JUST to get the butterfly printed bandaid from her (which she also smooched better for good measure. Ouchies are serious business)

ooohhh myyy thats CUTE they’re so cute

bonus: mikan was super intimidated by this large 6″6 boy stomping into the nurse’s office, and then after all that gonta compliments her about how good a nurse she is and she’s just super happy ;v;

 i love them both i would die for them

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aizawa totally uses hello kitty bandaids and keeps some on his person at all times

they are shamelessly pink and cute and adorable and some of the Hello Kittys are dressed up as heroes (there’s All Might Kitty, Present Mic Kitty, and even the occasional Eraserhead Kitty)

i bet he also has rare Chococat bandaids that he uses for special occasions 

one day he sees Keroppi bandaids at the store and buys them b/c they reminded him of Tsuyu. no one finds out about it until he Tsuyu gets a cut one day during practice and Aizawa hands her a Keroppi bandaid. she loves it and gives him a happy, contented frog daughter smile

he, of course, pretends it was a just a spontaneous decision and that it was totally a coincidence. no one in Class 1A believes him

additionally, everyone in Class 1A has had a Hello Kitty bandaid on them at one point. even Bakugou. particularly Bakugou.

sometimes Aizawa will be lenient and give Bakugou Chococat bandaids instead, but if he’s been a particularly terrible little shit that day, Aizawa’ll find the pinkest, girliest, most adorable Hello Kitty bandaid for Bakugou to wear, and pretend like he didn’t intentionally just do that

Bakugou curses but he’s forced to wear it all day, while his classmates snicker at him

(Ochako loves the Hello Kitty bandaids. Kirishima thinks it’s super manly. Tokoyami usually sulks slightly b/c they’re too pink for him. Aoyama somehow gets his hands on glittery Hello Kitty bandaids and wears them proudly. Izuku thinks they’re cute and is kinda fond of them. 

Momo loves them and thinks they’re super adorable oh my god. Todoroki is kinda neutral to them, but enjoys the idea of Aizawa caring for them. Shouji is also kinda neutral, but thinks it’s cute that Aizawa has bandaids like that on hand. Mina and Tooru LOVE their cute bandaids and always look forward to getting them after a harsh training session. 

Ojirou doesn’t say anything, but silently thinks they’re cute and is actually fond of the pink bandaids. Kaminari and Mineta think that wearing them will attract girls (this, inevitably, fails). Jirou won’t admit it, but she thinks the bandaids are ADORABLE…. 

Kouda loves to stare at his bandaids b/c they’re just super cute and it’s a tiny little kitty and he’s just super happy and content. Satou wears his proudly (and he also probably owns a Hello Kitty apron). Iida enjoys the practicality of a teacher carrying around extra bandaids in the event that a student may get injured. Sero just thinks it’s kinda funny and wears his bandaids without complaint

basically Bakugou is the only one who’s annoyed with the super cute pink bandaids and everyone else loves them)

“Alright kiddo,” Percy started, adjusting his sister’s weight in his free arm as he pulled riptide from his pocket. His eyes never leaving the ominous moving shadows that started to form around them. “I need you to hang on tight. We’re going to be ok, but if you promise not to tell Mom or Annabeth whats about to happen, I’ll buy you the best ice cream in all of New Rome.”

“Strawberry,” the three year old responded immediately, eyes darting around warily. “And I want triple scoop, like the, like the kind that you get.”


I had a dream the other night, and it involved Percy babysitting his sister and on their walk to central park, some baddies pop out of no where. Percy could take them out, no problem. But after a certain talk and a promise that he wouldn’t get his sister involved in any dangerous demigod shenanigans, Percy is more worried about the kid tattling on him to both his mom and his girlfriend. And if being an older sister has taught me anything, bribing with sweets works 9000% of the time.

The Runaway Ballerina

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, some Cas 

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: Reader has been hexed by witch that turned her into a toddler, and a jealous Dean becomes very annoyed. 

A/N: I hit 100 followers, so in honor of that I’ll be posting some imagines so if you guys have any request send them down and I’ll try my best.

Part 2

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Sam and Dean sit in baby staring at their once 25 year old sister who was now 4 years old in a ballerina outfit because that’s what she picked out at the store when they needed to buy her clothes. The previous hunt they were on Y/N got hit by some weird powder by a witch and Dean woke up the following morning to a tiny hand on his face.

“Why do you guys keeping wooking at me weird?” She ask looking between them. “You’re just so tiny.” Sam smiles. “She’s so cute!” Sam adds looking at Dean. “Yeah, I remember.” He mumbles as they get out the car to go food shopping for the bunker.

“Come on Y/N.” Sam chimes as he opens the back door for her. He holds her hand as they cross the street to the store. She lets go and runs to the shopping carts to grab one. They stand there watching her struggle to get one cart out because they were stuck together. (Don’t you just hate that) “I got it.” Sam chuckles getting it. As they walk in store Y/N skips ahead next to Dean to hold his hand but he keeps moving his hand so she can’t grab it.

“I don’t wanna hold your hand, thanks. I don’t wanna hold your hand.” He argues. She frowns and grabs a hold of his hand and grips it tight. “Ow, ow, let go of my hand.” He growls. “That hurts.” He glares down at her. She whimpers and peeks over to Sam who looks down at her. “What’s wrong bug?”

“Dean won’t hold my hand.” Y/N pouts. Sam gives Dean his signature bitch face and Dean grunts and grabs her hand. “She always did this before.” He mumbles but Sam just chuckles shaking his head. “Why did you choose a costume?” Dean ask looking at her ballerina outfit. “It’s not a costume it’s my protective gear.”

“How’s a ballerina costume suppose to protect you?”

“Are you crazy who wants to hurt a ballewina?” She protest. “Other ballerinas.” Dean shrugs. Once Dean had enough he throws Y/N in the seat of the cart and she rambles to Sam who too eventually has enough of her talk of Princes and fairies and he gives her his iPod. She bops her head and swings her hanging legs accidentally kicking Sam once in awhile listening to music as they get to the register. “Can I has some lime jerky?” She ask pointing down below to the candy and jerky. Sam is about to protest remembering her eating habit but Dean holds his hand up to stop him. “Your remember how she was when she didn’t get things. She whined and whined.” Sam grabs the jerky and puts it down with the of stuff and Y/N smiles. The ride to the bunker is an half hour away and Y/N becomes very impatient.

“Are we there yet?” She grunts tugging on her seatbelt. “We get there when we get there Y/N.” Dean answers annoyed. “Why do you have to be such a meany?” She yells. Sam stops Dean before he can even talk back. “Hey princess let’s play a game.” Sam says turning around in his seat. “Okay!”

“Let’s play the license plate game.”

“Yay okay!” Y/N props herself on the seat and looks out the window. There isn’t much cars on the road and she eventually falls asleep from boredom. When they arrive Sam carries Y/N down the stairs seeing Cas sitting in the war room. “Who’s the child?” He questions noticing a sleeping Y/N in Sam’s arms.

“Cas it’s Y/N.” He chuckles. “Y/N isn’t two feet tall.”

“She got hit by some mumbo jumbo powder and now she’s four years old so we need to find a way to reverse it.” Dean explains as they walk to the kitchen. “Cas would you mind taking her to her room?” Sam ask. Cas hesitates at first and nods. Sam passes her gently so she doesn’t wake up. She stirs in Cas’s arms for a moment and becomes still again. He takes her to her room settling her down on the bed. He admires her small body seeing fully that it clearly was Y/N. He remembers Y/N showing him some pictures of her and boys when they were younger.

An hour goes passed and the boys sit in the library reading some books. “Do children usually nap for this long?” Cas questions. “You have a point totally forgot. She’s too quiet now that I realize.” Sam intervenes. “Oh no.” Dean mumbles getting up. “What? What is it?” Cas questions following them to the kitchen.

“Whenever Y/N was quiet it meant that she’s was either hiding something or she’s going through the pantry for cand—”

Sure enough when they reach the kitchen they see a stash of candy wrappers opened along with other snacks, but that wasn’t the problem. This was Dean’s secret stash. “Son of bitch.” He stomps his boot. “If she throws up, I’m blaming you!”  Dean scolds at Sam with a pointed finger. They go into the hallways to look for her. “Y/N!” Dean screams. He goes to her room not seeing her there and is about to leave till he hears shuffling from the closet. He slowly walks up to the closet grabbing the door knobs and swings them open spotting the little ballerina with a chocolate stained mouth.

“THERE YOU ARE!” She screams crawling through Deans legs and makes a run for it in the hallway.

“Sammy get her!” He screams. Sam sees a small body dart across the hallway. He runs after her but loses her once he turns the corner. Five minutes go by and Dean doesn’t find her. “I’m tried of playing games Y/N come out now or it’s time out for you!” After three minutes of searching he meets in the war room with Sam. “She’s in so much trouble!” Dean grunts. “Dean, why are you so mad at her?”

“She ate my stuff!”

“No, not that. I mean ever since she turned you’ve been a meany like she said what’s up with that?” Dean doesn’t answer and looks away. Sam stands there waiting for the answer. Dean mumbles something inaudible he can’t hear. “What?”

“I said she likes you better then me.” He confesses. “Dean, what are you talking about?” He sighs before he answers.

“Every since Y/N was little she always liked you best. She was stuck to you like glue.” Sam stands there in shock. “Dean, she loves you a lot you know?” He raises an eyebrow hearing this. “Anytime you and dad were gone Y/N never shut about you. Asking me all these questions about cars and bugging me when you were gonna be back and how excited she was to learn  how to gank monsters from her big brother. Besides you too spend a bunch of time together now. Why is this affecting you?”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, I was kinda jealous because I thought she liked you more. And to be honest I’m a little jealous. You guys have a closer bond than I have with her now.” Sam admits. Suddenly Cas emerges into the war room carrying a crying Y/N. “What happened?” Sam ask. “Well when I was chasing her down she fell and hurt her knee.” He lifts her leg up showing the ripped pink unitard with a cut that is now bleeding just a little and the torn tutu. He goes to hand her to Sam’s out stretched arms but she whimpers rejecting him.

“I want Dean.” She whimpers crying. Dean lifts his head up hearing this and gets a good look at his baby sister. Her arms reached out for him leaning away from Cas. Her eyes puffy and red from crying. Dean realizes that he’s been so stupid that he didn’t need to be jealous, because him and Y/N get along perfect now when she’s not a toddler. She whimpers putting her arms down thinking her big brother yet again is rejecting her today until he reaches out for her and she quickly wraps her arms around his neck. “You okay?” He ask softly wiping her tear stained face. “No.” Y/N croaks shaking her head and he takes her to his room. He sets her down on his bed and helps her in one of his t-shirts after cleaning her face.

“I’m sorry I ate your candy.” She apologies in her small voice. “No, I’m sorry for being a meany today, I was just jealous.”

“Why?” She ask with a tilt of her head.

“It’s a long story. But let’s get a bandaid on this shall we?” He gets the first aid kit and cleans her scratch up. “Tank you.” She says once he’s finished. “Dean.” She calls out to him when he puts the stuff away. “Yeah?”

“Can we watch some cowboy movies?” He smiles at this and nods his head. “Sure thing sweetheart.” He sets the movie in his room while Cas helps her pop the popcorn. Half way through the movie Y/N starts falling asleep. He looks down under his arm seeing Y/N falling asleep with a piece of popcorn hanging of her bottom lip. “Getting sleepy there?” He lays down with her pulling the blanket up. “Frectles.” She mumbles. “What?” She puts one tiny finger in his face and says it again. “Frectles.” He frowns then gasp realizing what she meant. “You mean freckles.” He chuckles. “Yeah you has those.”

A/N: Would you guys like a Part 2?

My Inktober Tag | Day 6: Spectrum Noir OR1 ANNDD CT4. featuring my alolan raichu surfer bab, electra.

Tools: Sakura Brand everything: Black Microns, Permapaque White, Gelly Roll White. Spectrum Noir BG3 for the skin.

So, I completely forgot about inktober today. Yup. Got sucked into a handful of other things, drawings, and then cooking dinner… then drawing some more. In my hurry to sketch something simple I fudged her hand/foot, so ya’ll get to see my little paper bandaid there. (Inspired by the crewniverse tbh) I’ll edit it out when I scan it. To make myself feel better, I allowed the use of a gradient color. MY HOUSE MY RULES

Funfact: Electra has a few food allergies so she’s “very finicky”(as per her in-game characteristic) Luckily for her, she has a big sister that can cook reeeally well.

Ok. I was thinking about Betty’s hands and how she should be bandaging them because poor bby cut herself so deep and they were bleeding and how is she holding things if they’re exposed because they must hurt so badly? And I was thinking about how Jughead probably got her medicine to put on them and bandaids or bandages. But what kind of bandages? Because they can’t be too bulky or they’ll be super noticeable

THEN. I thought, instead of a giant bandaid that would cover all of the cuts, Jughead would probably get her those tiny little spot bandaids to cover all the cuts individually. 

CAN YOU IMAGINE? Jughead painstakingly putting these tiny little dot bandaids on Betty’s cuts and kissing each one and knowing that they’re going to be there both to help protect Betty’s hands while they heal but also serve as a reminder because every time she clenches her fists she’s gonna feel them and remember Jughead tenderly helping her and accepting all of her. 

Bonus points if it’s funky children’s bandaids that make her smile every time she looks at them. LIKE THESE

The RFA + V/Unknown and Clumsy MC


- Yoosung isn’t much of a smooth guy, so he can totally relate to you tripping

- He still worries about you though

- He tries to grab you when you trip, but he usually fails, and the two of you usually just trip together 

- He always profusely apologizes after falling on you, and hugs you close, promising to do better next time 

- Since Yoosung isn’t someone who cares extensively about his body and health, he doesn’t know how to treat anything

- But he does do his best, googling treatment and putting bandaids on you

- The other guys told him to keep bandaids around, but he kept forgetting


- Whenever you trip, Zen catches you, dipping you down like the dance, yknow

- It’s an opportunity for him to show of his skills, so he secretly likes it when you trip

- If he is too far away, or fails to catch you, he rushes over to you and checks for injuries

- Because he heals so quickly, he doesn’t know how to tend to wounds

- In fact, he usually ends up overreacting about your injuries 

- Zen does take great care of you, even if he doesn’t let you walk too much if you have a bruise

- Whenever he can, he carries a first aid kit around him


- Jaehee wasn’t particularly strong, so she could only try and grab you when you tripped

- But she usually failed at lifting you back up to your feet, despite her attempt

- She would do her best to get your wounds healed, putting on ointment and bandaids on your cuts

- Jaehee would make sure to warn you whenever the ground was rough, and tried to stabilize you when your walking was erratic  

- She would always be prepared, and whenever you bled, she would drag you to a nearby washroom to sanitize your cut


- Jumin was not someone who tripped, so he didn’t understand how you could fall so often

- Newspapers went crazy about your clumsiness, since it didn’t “suit such a refined family”

- But Jumin didn’t mind, and he was willing to take time out of his schedule when you sprained an ankle

- He didn’t know how “bandaids” worked, and decided to just use bandages, which were much more obvious compared to bandaids

- He did try to save you from falling, but usually just ended up yanking on your arm 

- He did actually pull you to your feet most of the time

- He kept a small roll of bandages and a few band aids in his pocket, and occasionally attempted to use bandaids


- He’s sensitive about the safety of the ones he loves i won’t spoil but some of you know what i mean

- He tries to make jokes about your clumsiness, but if he sees even a small bruise or a single bit of blood, he freaks out

- Seven would line the floors of his bunker with carpets, so even if you fell, it wouldn’t hurt

- He constantly tries to prevent you from falling, but sometimes he just has to try and dive under you 

- Usually he misses, and you both just end up falling 

- But he really does do his best to protect you

- He keeps the weirdest medical supplies in his huge hoodie pockets

Unknown and V are under the cut

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I’m so here for these asks about the boys with kids, and I need a break from writing sin. Have some fluffy big brother Todoroki!

Originally posted by mizuyaks

Shouto met his partner at a park near their house. That day, they had been forced to bring their little sister along; he’d been warned by his partner that the little girl was very quiet, and didn’t do well with new people, so he was bracing himself for the fact that the little girl might want nothing to do with him.

As his partner walked up to him, a little girl with short brown hair clinging to their hand, he couldn’t help but smile; his partner looked nice that day, and their little sister was adorable. Shouto liked children, he wanted to protect them all from the bad things in the world, and something about seeing his partner with a small child made him think about what he wanted in the future.

“Sorry we’re a little late! We had a bit of an accident on the way over,” His partner said, smiling at him, “Emi tripped getting off the escalator at the station, so we had to get her a bandaid.”

“It’s okay, things happen.” Shouto replied.

“Emi, can you say hi to Todoroki-san?” His partner asked their sister, looking down to her.

The little girl moved behind her sibling’s legs, peeking around at Shouto; he was much taller than she was, she was intimidated. She also was unsure of how to feel about him, his hair was two different colors, and he had a scar on the left side of his face.

Shouto knelt down to get closer to her level, and he smiled softly at the little girl.

“Nice to meet you, Emi. I’m Shouto.” He said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me, I know that meeting new people can be a bit scary sometimes.”

The little girl looked into his heterochromatic eyes and began to blush slightly; this new person was nice, despite looking very unique. He was gentle.

“Shouto…?” The little girl repeated his name, tilting her head to the side a bit, “Kanji?”

Shoto pulled his phone out and typed his name in before handing the little girl his phone.

“Todoroki-san has a really cool quirk, you know,” His partner told their sister, “He can make ice and fire! His hair and his first name match his quirk.”

Emi said nothing else, but she handed Shouto his phone and smiled shyly; this Shouto guy was nice, and his name was written with pretty kanji.

The three of them walked to a playground where Emi ran off and played by herself in the sandbox for a while. Shouto and his partner looked on, making sure she didn’t get into any trouble.

“I brought some stuff she can play with,” Shouto told his partner, “I’ve got some coloring books and color pencils, if she’s into that sort of thing.”

“She really likes coloring, actually,” His partner responded, smiling, “We can find a table somewhere and do that once she gets tired of the box.”

Emi came running back to the two of them, though she went up to Shouto and grabbed his hand, trying to tug him off of the bench he was seated on.

“What would you like me to do?” Shouto asked.

Emi pointed to the swings, and Shouto looked to his partner, who smiled and nodded. Emi was small for her age, she couldn’t swing on her own, her feet couldn’t reach the ground, so she couldn’t get herself started, and she wanted Shouto to help her.

The two teenagers walked to the swing set, with Emi refusing to let go of Shouto’s hand the entire time. Shouto lifted her up and sat her on the swings, and she let out an excited squee as he began to push her. She laughed and smiled the entire time that he pushed her on the swing, and her sibling was delighted that the two of them were getting on so well.

Shouto had already developed a soft spot for the quiet little girl, and he wondered if she’d ever adjust to him enough to start talking. She had an adorable voice, it was high pitched and sweet.

After about twenty minutes on the swings, Emi decided she’d had enough, so she hopped off the swings and pulled her sibling and Shouto along with her to a table near the playground that had recently been vacated.

Shouto’s partner pulled out bento for the three of them from their backpack, and the three of them had lunch together. Emi still didn’t say much, but she was becoming increasingly more comfortable with Shouto, and he liked that. He gave her a choice of coloring books to pick from after they’d finished lunch, and she picked one that had lots of pictures of cats in it.

As Emi colored the various cats inside the coloring book, quite a few of them took on the appearance of her sibling and Shouto; some of the cats were half colored in with red fur, other cats had dark brown hair like her sibling, and some of the cats had a mix of the white, red, and brown colors she’d been using. Every cat she drew like Shouto, she gave a little burn scar around their eyes.

She wrote next to one of those cats pretty, drawing an arrow to the different colored eyes she’d given it. She spent a lot of time looking over to Shouto as she colored, making sure she got the details right. Shouto was tickled by the little girl depicting him as so many cats in the drawing book, he hadn’t expected it, but he was glad she liked him, even if she wasn’t saying anything.

“Shou-chan,” Emi said suddenly, startling both of the teenagers, “Do you like cats?”

“Yes, I do.” Shouto answered, smiling at her, “Do you?”

“Yep!” Emi chirped, giggling, “We have cats at home, you know, you should come over.”

Her sibling was floored, she’d never talked to a new person that much before, and she had even given him a nickname.

“Tell me about the cats.” Shouto replied.

So, the little girl began to excitedly talk about their family’s four cats; Yuzu, Ponzu, Panko, and Mirin, named after food items. She went on about the cats for quite a while, not that Shouto minded, and her sibling actually left the table to go cry in the park bathroom; it meant so much to them that their little sister adored Shouto the way they did, and that Shouto was so good with her.

When it was time for Emi and his partner to head home, Shouto walked the two of them to the train station. He had to take a different train home than them, so he only walked them to the gate where they needed to pass through. Emi had been talking to Shouto constantly after the conversation about their cats, and she was reluctant to part ways with him.

“Come over, okay?” Emi said, hugging Shouto while her sibling waited on the other side of the gate.

“I will come over, I promise.” Shouto replied, hugging her back.

Emi grinned at him, and he smiled back, then she ran off to the gate, swiping her suica card and going to join her sibling on the other side of the gate.

“Text me when you get home!” Shouto called to his partner.

“I will!” They responded, smiling and waving, “You better, too!”

“Bye, Shou-chan!” Emi said, waving to Shouto.

“Goodbye, Emi-chan.” Shouto replied, waving back at her.

The two of them disappeared in the sea of other people heading to the platform, and Shouto headed off to catch his own train.

day 12: hana!

this is alfred’s twin sister, hana! she owns like one tank top and two jeans and then 2943265 cardigans. while alfred’s out at school she tries to work odd jobs to help, but she usually gets fired really quickly bc she keeps getting in trouble lol

she wears the bandaid on her nose too so that alfred doesn’t feel as weird about wearing his, but she’ll never admit it. she loves him a lot and there is a single person in the world she wouldn’t Throw Down with if they insulted him

okay but modern blake siblings when they were kids and bellamy takes care of octavia because their mom works all the time

  • like octavia is playing outside and scrapes her knee and bellamy cleans her up and puts her favorite wonder woman bandaid on
  • bellamy gets really good at doing hair because he braids octavia’s every morning before school
  • packing a lunch for the two of them to share (and making sure to pack a surprise little treat for her)
  • helping her with homework afterschool (and really trying to help with math even though he isn’t that good at math)
  • playing pretend with her where she is the knight and he is the prince in the tower and she fights the dragon and saves him
  • trying his best to make a nice dinner but it’s usually just macaroni and cheese (but octavia doesn’t care because she gets to stir while it’s cooking)
  • bellamy reading octavia her favorite bedtime story (the paper bag princess) and then tucking her in. octavia says she isn’t tired so she ask bellamy to tell her one of his favorite myths (and he does with a little bit of editing)
  • bellamy staying up late to finish his homework and covering his mom with a blanket who is alseep on the couch after getting home late from work

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You are so lovely and I am sorry that I wrote a pairing for a show you don’t watch, but I bet you’ll like this one anyway. (Duende means “Unusual power to attract or charm.”)

There were some minor drawbacks to being a seduction demon.

There were also some major ones too, but that was kind of self explanatory, what with the whole “demon” thing and all.  But Bellamy knew what he was doing when he signed on Roan’s dotted line— his life, in exchange for Octavia’s, at the time hanging by a thread in a hospital room.  

And as demonhoods went, being an incubus wasn’t too bad.  He didn’t have to steal people’s souls, and he wasn’t consumed with a need for revenge.  He didn’t have to drink blood like the vampires, and he didn’t have to spread disease like the pestilentials.  He even got to keep his human form, which was better than most got out of the deal.  And he didn’t trick unwilling women into sleeping with him: he was an incubus, not a goddamn monster.  Mostly, being an incubus meant women were inexplicably attracted to him.  It meant a lot of tips at the bar with numbers on the receipts and sometimes an awkward conversation or two when someone cornered him on his way to the back.

Granted, he also didn’t have a soul anymore, but, you know.  Demon.  Deal with the devil and all.  (Technically, the devil’s son.  Which didn’t really matter, except Bellamy tended to be a little pedantic sometimes).  The lack of a soul was to be expected.

What exhausted him most, however, was never really knowing if someone was actually attracted to him, or if it was just the demon-powers-of-seduction thing.  With sex it was fine, so long as the women were sober and consenting (and had gotten over the whole “I’m a demon” reveal) but there was a part of him— the human part— that craved something more.  He wanted someone to joke with, someone to sleep next to, someone to be his partner.  He’d had it for a little while with Gina, but the whole demon-and-angel thing had proved to be just too much of a gap to bridge.

And that was why he had started being such a surly dick to Clarke, even though she was his favorite coworker at the bar.  (For inexplicable reasons, being a demon did not mean eternal wealth.  That costs extra, Roan had said with a smirk when Bellamy complained about having to be a bartender.)  Because she was clearly attracted to him, but he didn’t want just sex from her— he wanted everything, or at least as close to everything as a demon could get.

He had just ignored her latest pass— she was getting increasingly obvious, which only bothered him more— when she slammed her hand down on the bar, making him jump.  “What the fuck is your problem?” she demanded.

Bellamy shrugged and wished desperately for someone else to come into the bar, but he was an incubus, not a trickster demon.  But since they were alone, he decided he would just tear the bandaid off and get rid of her.  It would hurt, but it was better than feeling like shit.  “It’s not— you’re not into me, okay?” he sighed.  

“I’m not?” she asked, amused.

“No, not— not really.  I’m an incubus, okay?  So you’re…you’re not really into me.  It’s the…demon powers.”

“The demon powers,” she repeated with a smothered smile.  “I take it you don’t talk to Roan much?”

“Not if I can help it. Wait, you know Roan?”

Clarke laughed, and against all odds, his heart lifted a little.  “Signed on his dotted line three years ago.  Clarke Griffin, Succubus,” she said, and held out her hand like she was meeting him for the first time.

“Wait, you’re—”

“– a seduction demon too, yes,” she finished.  “I thought Roan told you when I got this job.”

“Roan’s a dick,” he grumbled.

“As one would assume, being the son of the devil and all,” Clarke replied.  “But you honestly…didn’t know?”

“If I’d known, I wouldn’t have wasted all that time trying to dissuade you,” he said with a grin he rarely used anymore.

“If we close up, I doubt anyone would notice,” she said, leaning close.

“You count the cash, I’ll sweep the floors,” he said, and wrenched himself away from her.

There were still some minor drawbacks to being a seduction demon, but now there was one less.

The Best Years of Our Lives Ch.2 (Trixya/Pearlet) - Athena

A/N: Well I saw someone thought that this had the potential to be interesting so I decided to continue it. I’m new to this fandom so I didn’t realize how much Trixya there is and how Pearlet kind of isn’t a thing anymore. 

I’m probably gonna finish this before the end of January because school starts back up for me after that.

Also, before someone is like, “Oh that’d never happen,” in regards to what happens to Trixie in this chapter, while highly unlikely, it’s possible. It happened to me, under almost the exact same circumstances 

Anyway that’s enough rambling. Enjoy!

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Another Ride - Chapter 2: I’m Here

Chapter 1

James kind of felt as though he was living in a dream. He couldn’t believe he was here with her again. It felt simultaneously as though they had spent years apart and as if they had just been here rehearsing for their last dance together yesterday.

There was a lot of extra work to do on the first day, including various interviews and pictures and other media. They didn’t get into a lot of dancing, but neither of them were worried about that yet. They already knew they could do that. Sharna’s focus during any of their limited down time on the first day was apparently just catching up with each other. This made James nervous.

They hadn’t actually seen each other in weeks and a lot had changed that he hadn’t bothered to fill Sharna in on recently. He knew the subject would come up. He thought about just telling her. Rip it off like a bandaid, he thought. Get it over with. But then it would seem like he was trying to get it over with for a reason. And if he didn’t tell her, it would seem like he was hiding it from her.

James shook his head, sure he was overthinking all this.

“You all right?” Sharna asked him.

They just got back to their rehearsal room they had for the afternoon. They only had about an hour of time left, but they managed to have a fifteen minute window in which they were completely alone in the room.

Tell her now, he told himself. Just do it.

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EXO react to seeing how good you are with kids

Honestly, this is all the same - all of them would love that you’re good with kids.

Xiumin: Seeing you dancing around with your friend’s baby in your arms, he’d sit back and let you so he can continue observing. “So, is she a better dancer than I am? In which case, can I cut in?”

Luhan: When the two of you are done drawing, he’d come and pick up the little boy you two are taking care of. “Children need outside time, too. Let’s go play soccer together.” He’d turn to the chilld. “What do you think?”

Kris: He’d want to join in on the fun, because he’s also very good with kids, getting down on the same level as the two of you. “If you two are going to play hide and seek, can I play, too? I’m very good at hiding.”

Suho: He’d be overwhelmed seeing you putting the baby to bed, imagining you putting your own baby down for the night in the future. He’d backhug you, kissing your cheek. “Once the baby’s asleep, why don’t we get some sleep, too?”

Lay: Seeing you and the little toddler playing make believe running all over the apartment, he’d laugh, unable to control his happiness, especially when you scoop up the baby. “Here, let me have a turn. It’s time for a horsey ride.”

Baekhyun: He’d laugh when the little boy you’re babysitting decides to do your makeup, big bright lipstick and the little boy grinning at his work making him smile. “Once you’ve finished with my jagi’s how about you do mine? I’m pretty, too.“

Chen: He’d sit at the table, playing peekaboo with the baby while you warm up a bottle of milk for her, but he’d smile up at you smiling when you coo, picking her up to feed her. “You never pay that much attention to me when I eat,” he’d joke.

Chanyeol: (You as Baekhyun.) He’d forget what he was doing just watching and laughing while you have fun playing with the kids. “You make them laugh so easily.” He’d start thinking more seriously about your relationship.

D.O: Seeing the little girl sitting on your shoulders, eyes wide and hands clutching your hair, grinning brightly, he’d laugh, taking the child from your shoulders. “Come on, you’ll get tired and this little one looks like she’s having way too much fun.”

Tao: He’d proudly smile at you from behind as you take the baby for a walk in his pram, talking to him as he looks up at you gleefully. He’d catch up with you, pulling a funny face at the baby. “Looks like he understands everything you said.”

Kai: When you pull the little girl onto your lap, wiping her tears and putting a bandaid on her knee, he’d get whatever you tell him to and pet her hair as you hug the little girl. “Don’t worry - your babysitter is the perfect caretaker.”

Sehun: Watching you quietly as you’ve fallen asleep on the couch, holding the toddler you’re babysitting, he’d turn out the lights to make the room more comfortable, standing and smiling at you for a bit longer before walking away.

- Admin J

Imagine #54

One hell of a summer. (SMUT) 

Calum and you had known each other since middle school so working together wasn’t a hard thing to do. It was when he was taking a nap in the staff office instead of helping watch the kids. Every summer Calum and you showed up at the metal gate to unlock the swimming pool and put on your red lifeguard attire.  
“Ready for another day of wet brats?” Calum said leaning agaisnt the wall next to your locker. He stood there shirtless; His tanned torso and tattoos exposed.
“Ready as I’ll ever be” You say, taking your eyes away from him and taking your red plastic whistle and putting it over your head. Your outfit was similar to Calums. A full piece red swimsuit with red shorts with white lining.
Your days were usually boring, only occasionally yelling not to run around the pool, but accidents never occurred.  
“Excuse me lifeguard?” A small voice said. Looking down from your chair a little girl with pigtails looked at you.  
Climbing down you crouch down so your eye level with the blue eyed girl. “what can I help you with?”
“I cut my foot a little on a sharp piece in the pool” she said pointing to her foot that was bleeding.
“We should get a bandaid on that huh?”
She nodded. You grabbed her hand and walked her into the office and sitting her on the big office chair. Giving her a bandaid and a sticker she was content and went on her way.
“What are you doing in here?” Calum asked holding a popsicle.  
“Calum you’re supposed to be watching the pool!” You yell brushing past him and back into your chair scanning the pool for any accidents that could have been missed.  
When the pool was closed and the sun was finally starting to set you breathed a sigh of relief that the day was over. “I’m going to hop in the pool and check out that pump that keeps breaking through the wall, another kid cut their foot on it and I don’t want anyone else getting hurt or stuck on it” You say taking off your shoes.  
“Please keep cleaning” You say eyeing calum.  
“Don’t look at me like that, I don’t always slack off” he said giving you a sly smile. You laugh and roll your eyes hopping into the pool. Swimming down to the black tube coming out of the wall. Shoving it back in and pushing the tile shut as hard as you could your job is done. Going to swim to the top your shorts got caught on one of the metal drains. You struggled to get your shorts off but they were tied too tightly for them to slide off and the knot holding them together was almost impossible to get undone underwater. Panicking you struggled to get free from the drain but it was no use, you were stuck. Swallowing water as you tried to hold your breath for longer. Your vision became spotty but you still clawed at the material.  
Hands tugged at your shorts until you were ripped from them and brought to the surface, gasping for air and unwillingly  vomiting the large amount of water you consumed you were greeted with a wet Calum kneeling in front of you. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you pulled calum into a hug. He hugged you back tightly. “I thought I was going to die” You whisper.  
“I won’t let anything like that happen to you again, I promise” one hand on your waist the other on the side of your face, he rested his forehead onto yours. Lips inches apart. You could feel his warm breath.
Moving closer you pressed your lips to his and Calum instantly kissed you back aggressively. Standing up you pull him towards the staff office and lock the door behind you. He lifted you up onto the counter standing in between your legs. Kissing down your neck he squeezed at your thighs causing a light moan to escape your lips. “Want do you want baby” His whispered into your neck.  
Pulling you forward his hand slid in between your legs finding your clit and rubbing it gently. You rested your head on his shoulder as sweet moans echoed around you. You had never been so turned on in your entire life, but right now heat prickled at every inch of your skin, making each touch more and more enjoyable.
He began to slide the strap of your swimsuit down kissing along with it. siding it down until your breasts were exposed. He placed wet kisses on your nipples and breats.
“Do you have a condom?” You asked breathless.
“Uh, shit” Calum said pulling away and rummaging through his backpack until the small shiny wrapper was held in between his two fingers.
Ripping the packaging he slid his wet swim trunks down allowing his very prominent erection to pop up. Rolling the condom over the tip of his penis and all the way down he positioned himself in between your legs pulling the rest of your swimsuit down and onto the floor.  
“You sure?” He asked. You nodded.  
Placing his tip at your entrance he slowly moved in and out until you were adjusted.
“Harder” you breathed into Calums neck. He thrusted into you hard. “Oh fuck” You moaned.
Loud moans escaped from the two of you erupting the room with the sounds of pleasure.
Calum nipped and sucked at your neck while you dug your nails into his back.
“You gunna cum for me baby girl” He breathed. He thrusted faster and faster until you were screaming in pleasure as you road out your orgasm. He slowed down getting closer to his own climax. Slow hard thrusts until he came loudly moaning your name into your neck making you almost lose yourself all over him again.

after a moment of silence that was only filled with heavy breathing you let out a chuckle.
“That’s one thing I didn’t think I’d ever do”
“What have sex at work?”
“No have sex with Calum Hood, the band geek from highschool”
“Well dreams do come true baby” he said winking while removing himself from you and disposing the condom. Hopping down from the table your legs were still weak, causing you to lose your balance and almost fall over but Calums sterdy hand kept you upright. You could see the smirk he was trying to hide as he helped dress you considering you could barely stand up on your own.

The two of you left the pool bumping each others hands against one another until interwining your fingers together. “This is going to be one interesting summer Hood”