get great hair

I feel like Percy would wear a bucket hat ironically at first, but then he ends up really liking how it keeps his dark hair from not searing his hand whenever he touches it during the summer 

and Annabeth likes the way it looks on him and so does he

dreadbeasts  asked:

Well now at least if Lars gets eaten by a snake man he can find himself some shurikens in his hair.

“Apparently, she and I are gonna be quite the team one day.”

I wanted to draw future Flynn and Lucy from the journal. They’re an interesting pair to think about, aren’t they? A little older. A little crazier. His hair is longer, hers is shorter. That feels right.

Flynn’s hair is based off Goran’s look in this old Madonna video. So I know for a fact he can pull it off.

the wonderlands

chapter 1 // chapter 2 // chapter 3 // chapter 4 //

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Author: Stylinsoncity (akingdomlikethis)

Rating: Mature

Chapters: 4/8


“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.