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Real Talk, QOTSA-edition

If you’re one of those fairweather or “super” fans typing out tantrums and throwing fits on social media aimed at QOTSA (ie: the band, Josh, management, marketing, whatever) and screaming about how you were owed tickets and your life is ruined now because you didn’t get them or the Ventura show was cancelled:

Check your damn self.

Maybe think LONG AND HARD about how seeing your “favorite” band is a fucking privilege. Think about how you can afford tickets and travel costs to the show, unlike others who can’t. If you’ve seen the band 20+ times and constantly brag about it then throw a shit fit about not being in the pit or getting floor tickets, STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT. There’s a REAL fan out there who’d love to have your “problem” and would be super fucking grateful to have any goddamn ticket to any QOTSA show, large or small!

There are people out there who will never get to see Queens play live, in this country and others. You screaming, whining, and threatening the band not only makes you look like a horrible person but it also makes those of us who act civil, respect the band’s decisions, and play by the fucking rules look bad. And we don’t fucking like it.

So please knock it the fuck off.

Cat Whiskers in Witchcraft

Cat whiskers are very magical! They can be used in any spell to give it a huge magical boost! They are also very good for good luck, and protection.

A cat uses it’s whiskers to keep itself safe- they let the cat know if it can fit into a tight place or not. Therefore, cat whiskers an be used for protection. Especially when traveling, in this or the Otherworlds- cats are said to walk between the worlds, after all. Since they are quite thin and hard to spot when not on the cat- and therefore difficult to find- they also have the properties of good luck and fortune.

You can also burn a whisker to boost manifestation. There is even an old wives’ tale that says if you burn a cat whisker and make a wish, that your wish will come true!

Keep a few in your car for protection and to avoid accidents. (I put mine in a little baggie or in a sealed labeled envelope in the glove compartment.)

Some other interesting magical uses based on what a cats whisker might mean to you: Using them to make sure that something fits, gets past obstacles, or for an extra pit of perception (since this is the use of a cat’s whiskers). If it’s a black whisker, it could be used for something you want to remain a secret. Putting good luck and perception thoughts together, use them to help find lost items.

Remember, never cut a cat’s whiskers! It can be very confusing and stressful for the cat because it’s a part of their natural senses. Wait until they’re shed naturally :) I find it helpful to search in my cat’s favorite spots, or just keep an eye out for them before vacuuming. A bright flashlight can help you find them easier!

Don’t have a cat? There are witchy kitty owners who sell their cats’ naturally shed whiskers on Etsy!

    there are things i can’t say because my mouth keeps tumbling over words i’m not sure i understand the shape of yet. i am always tongue over teeth.

    i haven’t heard your voice in weeks and i’m caught between an unending sob and some crumbled sigh of relief. still, i keep catching myself half dialing your number in my sleep.  

    if you’d answer, maybe i’d tell you that the first time i saw you, i wished fourteen year old me could side-skip across spacetime and meet fourteen year old you. only first, she’d make a pit stop at an orthodontist and get fitted for braces– so that the first time we kissed we might get lucky, snag on each other’s brackets, and end up stuck that way.

    i’d tell you that the first time you messaged me on that embarrassing, knock-off version of myspace, i typed my reply approximately two hundred and three times before smashing the send key and sprinting out of my bedroom.

    or that i knew i loved you less than two months into our cross country, flip-phone courtship. i would have said so sooner, but every time i started to, someone else leapt down my throat and snatched the sentence from between my vocal folds. i might tell you that after a while, i gave up and let them have it, because that was easier than hearing the things they thought would convince me otherwise.

    for almost two thousand days, i book-pressed your rose petals, dog-earing the pages until the sun disappeared and i could revel in them in secret.

    i might admit that the very second you put your hands on me, i wished i could plant my feet into the earth and sprout a new body—one that had only ever been touched by you.

    or that every night we shared a bed, i actually did watch you sleep for as long as my eyes would stay open, and the too loud laughter that came after you asked was my horrible attempt at concealing a lie.

    maybe it would slip that for days after your departure, i cleaned around the makeup smears you left on the bathroom sink so i could convince myself you were just in the next room.

    or that i got drunk a few hours ago and spent the better part of my night hunched over the same sink with a pair of clippers because my knees kept turning rattletrap at the thought of your fingers tangled in my hair.

    if you’d answer, maybe i’d tell you that what i’m really afraid of is you running so far and so fast that you’ll knock somebody else off their feet and topple over right beside them. i’d tell you i’ve seen it before, and every time was worse than the last.

    i’d tell you that you’ve ruined me completely. that i only started feeling at home in my skin after i’d felt the warmth of yours against it. that i know i’m never going to love another woman again

    because maybe i’ve never been in love with anyone else at all.

'I dreamed of you,' he said.

Jaime & Brienne Appreciation Week

           Day 1 - Moment you fell in love

“Ser Jaime?” Even in soiled pink satin and torn lace, Brienne looked more like a man in a gown than a proper woman. “I am grateful, but … you were well away. Why come back?”

A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged. “I dreamed of you,” he said.

That up there was the moment yours truly realized she was well and truly fucked as far as this ship went - I had been heavily considering it long before this line happened, but that was what cemented it and made me go from ‘I like them a lot’ to ‘well darn it OTP MATERIAL HERE’, and so I figured that since it was the day one theme, I could try and do some meta-ing about it. Then I figured that since Jaime is not the only one having interesting dreams about Brienne but the reverse is also valid, I could do some meta-ing on both instances. So what you’re getting here is a) me blathering about the line above, b) me blathering about the actual dream, c) me blathering about the three times Brienne dreams of Jaime in AFFC. Which is going to amount to, how I think this whole having dreams about each other business is totally one of reasons there’s a very high chance they’ll be a thing because it’s written in the ‘they love each other or if they don’t they will’ sense, but I digress. Cut because it’s really long. /o\

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So I have a question

How well are the gems known among humans?

First off, I want to point out that Connie in “Fusion Cuisine” refuse to tell her parents that Steven lives with his gems because she’d be afraid that they’d “think all this magic stuff is weird”. Then again, I think that Connie’s parents aren’t very open minded in the first place. However, they didn’t seem too freaked out when Alexandrite showed up. A bit shocked and maybe even judgmental, but it’s not like they ran off screaming about a giant woman running after them. Tell me you wouldn’t freak out if you saw this:

Secondly, the Pizza family, especially the father, can’t seem to grasp that they aren’t….normal. In “Beach Party”, The father often refers to the Gems doing crazy stuff (including destroying his restaurant) as “magic tricks”. And even though neither the Gems NOR Steven try to cover up the fact that they are magical beings from space, the Pizzas still don’t grasp that concept, instead immediately grasping to what they would see as “normal” (whatever that is in this world). However, when the puffer fish monster comes back to crash the party, the Pizza’s aren’t too freaked out. Even the dad seems annoyed at the most. They don’t seem too amazed by the monster, but still gets together to kick it out.

Thirdly, Mayor Dewey refers to them as “Magic Ladies” in “Ocean Gem” and asks for their assistance in getting the ocean back. He obviously knows that the gems keep Beach City safe. But does everyone else know too? The other people who live in Beach City are pretty chill about the magic stuff, but at the same time can’t completely grasp that the Gems are magical beings from space?

Fourthly (is this a word?), there’s Ronaldo. Ah yes, darling Ronaldo. In “Keep Beach City Weird”, the entire episode revolves around Ronaldo trying to link all the mishaps in Beach City to snake people (or sneople), completely ignoring the fact that there’s THREE SUPER POWERED WOMEN FROM SPACE LIVING RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Apparently, that’s not that big of a deal to him. Like what’s cooler than kick-ass space women? Apparently sneople who live under ground.

Even when he realizes literally EVERYTHING weird that happens in Beach City is because of the Gems, instead of getting excited about pieces fitting together to space magical ladies, he falls into a pit of despair because apparently that’s not weird enough? Then suddenly, he comes to the realization of “sentient rocks” who are “drilling into earth’s core”, which is literally what’s happening currently, which does lead to the Gems. So???? Suddenly they’re weird???

And lastly, the many ruins/temples:

These, as we know, are scattered all over Earth. These places have no people living around them and as far as we know, no humans even know they exist. So apparently there’s tons and tons of land either erased of all human life or completely unexplored by humans. That, or they know not to cross in Gem territory. Which leads me completely back to my first question. How well do people on Earth know of the Gem’s existence? Do they know at all? Do they play it all off as tricks? Do they know just enough to keep them safe? I want some answers.

I’m seeing a lot of “summer is not for getting fit! let’s stop making summer all about our bodies, here, have 10 pits of ice cream and enjoy” and it’s specially from girls who are already ~fit~ ripped, muscular, or the “ideal”. And while yes, by all means go ahead and enjoy summer without limitations and prejudices, be happy on your own body, dance in a bikini even if your not size isn’t on the cover of cosmo magazine, do that, but don’t feel bad if you are still trying to follow your meal plan on summer, if you are still going to run frequently, if you are still trying to lose some pound, don’t feel bad because that’s also healthy, trying to achieve your goals, wether they are a certain scale number, a pair of shorts you want to fit or whatever you want, it’s okay if you keep going “for the summer” because you are still not 100% comfortable with where you are and you are still working on it.