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Are y'all ready for this?

So. First things first. Today was super sluggish at work. I had like 7.2k steps when I got off. It was really weird being so far away from my goal after getting off. But I mean, life happens and my step goal is double what it was last week. After that, I was just anxious and couldn’t focus. I was antsy and needed to expend more energy. And that’s how I ended up at the gym.

I was originally just going to lift for a few minutes to destress, but then I saw the treadmill.
At 20 minutes, I really wanted to stop and go lift, but I kept running anyway.
At 25 minutes, I was pouring sweat so bad I had to take off my glasses.
At 37 minutes, I considered quitting again.
At 45 minutes, I debated jumping up and down, screaming in joy. I was going to shoot for an hour, but I realized I have to work tomorrow and I probably shouldn’t push too hard.

It was my first time running since late April/early May, and I’m so freaking proud of myself for how hard I pushed myself through my run. I averaged 5.3 mph which is faster than I’ve ever ran on a treadmill before. In the second picture, you can see what my heart rate was like during my run. I averaged 177 bpm, which, by the way, is the lowest my heart rate has ever averaged during a run. I feel so amazing and empowered. It’s so crazy.

But that’s not all! After I finished running, I lifted weights for another 45 minutes. In a spur of the moment decision, I decided to max my leg press. 180 lbs a leg, 360 lbs collectively. That’s right boys and girls. My max leg press is 360 lbs coming off no workouts for the last couple months. If I work my ass off, I’ll hit 400 lbs before I head off to college.

But wait, there’s more! The last time I weighed in (sometime in May), I was at 153. I decided to weigh in again today and I’ve dropped 10 lbs. Gosh, I can’t fathom it.

This afternoon’s workout and weigh in is EXACTLY what I’ve been needing to motivate me and relax me. I’m so, so thankful for everyone who’s supported me and continues to support me everyday, I am so appreciative for you. But most importantly (arguably), thank you to my body for not giving up on me. I’ve had such a rough, injury ridden past that my success and strength never fails to surprise me.

So here’s to today, to hitting step goals and new maxes, and here’s to tomorrow and every day after that. Let’s make all of them legendary.

Non-Scale Victory~!

I have gone down from a size 20 jean and a size XXL in tops to 16 in jeans and L in tops!! Yess so excited. Now it will be easier to find things my size instead of having to pass things up! No more plus size sections for me ! :)

anonymous asked:

how the fuck do u use this website why is it so hard and confusing god i hate tumblr

this is the wildest complaint ive heard for someone hating tumblr. like the administration sucks the discourse sucks the “way” everyone is and handles things just makes me wanna drive a knife thru my eyesocket, but ive never .. heard the complaint that its hard and confusing to use ???