get ffl

I will make this kinda short yet boring and lame. 

Since the group of people that are involved in my life ( DNN ) are all car, gun, cycling , bmx, and other wild hobby people, there has always been the idea of getting a shop space to hang out and store / build shit in .So naturally having  a shop was something that was going to happen regardless.  Flash forward to last year when Myself and a buddy who is known as Bxlove decided to say fuck it and get an FFL. We secured a shop space with another buddy and went forward with all the petty bullshit that is required for the ATF to get your FFL. In fact its actually really really simple to get an FFL. Now almost a full year later and getting all my city and state stuff done for CA/ Orange, I finally am on my last piece of paperwork that is sitting at the CA DOJ to get signed off,checks cashed and that CFD paper returned to me. Once the last piece of paperwork is in my hands I will launch my sight and be selling firearms. 

Little background on my life. Ive always had a job doing manual labor. I worked for my gramps who is a masonry contractor, So real work is something I know and have done. I started touring in the music industry at 18 doing tours with Ice Cube, Public Enemy and other hip hop artist.Since the music industry is the biggest fucking circle jerk in the world and after being fired from One republic for being called a racist and carrying a firearm that I was permitted to carry in how every many states, I decided that it was time to do something in my life that wasn’t touring and working for a bunch of hypocritical democrats. Now I own a gun shop and am 99% ready to open my doors and start the next chapter in my life.  The only thing in my life that has changed is that instead of leaving my house to work for someone else, I now go to my shop and get my hobby hustle on.

If you are thinking about doing something in your life and are scared to do it. DONT BE. take the fucking steps and do what you need to do to get where you want to be. No one is stopping you from doing anything.