get fat with me

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If you don't eat salad you get fat

Why r you sending me this, and tbh I do eat salad but not those salads that are covered with different foods and drenched in some sort of salad sauce
I just eat green lettuce+cucumbers with vinegar olive oil and salt

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what are some good exercises to get rid of kneefat? i only get fat around my knees and it makes me hate my legs

5.     How do I lose fat in [specific area of body (thighs, tummy, arms, hips, etc)]?
Sadly there is not workout/exercise that can target a certain body part to lose fat there. You can certainly work out a specific muscle and tone/strengthen it however the fat layer will still be basically sitting on top of your muscle! To lose fat body has to burn it off by using it as energy! If you eat more calories than your maintenance, your body will just use those excess calories instead of your fat storage! You will need to be in a deficit!! You can do this by cardio or dieting or a mixture of both. 

Cos I said I would.