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If you were to change something about each liar storyline, what would be?

Aria’s story with Ezra would be significantly different. I don’t know that I wouldn’t have her involved with him, but I would handle it differently. It would not be a relationship to look up to. It would have been played out very differently. 

Hanna….I’d build on her eating disorder and her sense of worth. I felt like they could have done a lot more with her eating disorder and her low self esteem. Truthfully I would have loved to see Hanna defend and befriend a fat girl getting bullied. And time jump Hanna would have been a lot nicer lol >.<

Emily, hmmmmm….. I like most of her storyline actually. I think I would have had her be able to stand up for herself around Alison a *little* earlier than she did, and I’d give her 1 or 2 less love interests. And I wouldn’t have killed Maya. I don’t know if I’d have kept them together but I wouldn’t have killed her. I’m curious what Emily would have been like if that never happened. 

Spencer …. would definitely build on her addiction and mental health. They did decently but there was so much room to play around with it. I wouldn’t have had her move back to Rosewood in the end, and I also wouldn’t have had her get back together with Toby after 3b. 

Alison would have more of a redemption arc. They kind of just made her super duper unbelievably nice and soft and almost invisible which is unfortunate. She could have had an arc that showed her changing as a person but not make her so timid and the polar opposite. And she would have said she’s bi and she wouldn’t have blamed her bad relationships with men on the fact that she was in love with Emily lol because like ……. those relationships failed primarily because the men themselves were shitty ass men taking advantage of someone much younger than them. Minus Rollins – but he was still a shitty dude using her. 

Mona would have walked away from the girls. After realizing she’d never be part of the group. She’d walk away. She’d go somewhere else and start fresh, she’d wipe her identity from the internet and start over with a new name and she’d have new friends, friends who actually like her and respect her. She’d have a more fulfilling life. 

Gonna be honest I skipped the gym a lot this week 😔 and I really missed it! So last night I said to myself, you’re going at 6am no matter what. And even though it was tough getting out of bed this morning, it’s probably the best decision I’ll make today.
Also I practically had the place to myself this early on a Saturday 😅


“Winter’s coming up, so get a fat girl to keep you warm at night!”

Go get yourself a sweater, cuz I’m busy. #RealTalk #SweaterWeather #CuddleWithYerOwnSelf

Crazy hair - crazy workout. As much as I didn’t want to go to the gym, I dragged my ass out of bed and gave it my all.
But now I’m here struggling with what to have for breakfast. Having an unhealthy relationship with food makes every day, every few hours, a struggle.

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