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Brushes and Blushes

Author: clotpolesonly

Rating: General

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 2k

Summary: By the time Merlin began tracing color onto Arthur’s mouth, Arthur was certain he was standing closer than he needed to. The drag of the brush against his parted lips was torture when Arthur had a sudden and intense desire for something else to take its place. From the way Merlin was biting his own lip again, he didn’t think he was alone in that.

Comment: I really liked Merlin as a makeup artist, it was someone I hadn’t come across before. I also liked that the story was from Arthur’s POV and that he really wanted to make a good impression on Merlin; his character seemed really lovely. I found the list of reasons that suggested he maybe wasn’t best being by himself amusing too.

I was at a Christmas event back in December and they were playing the Nutcracker Suite and some guy said “Hey, it’s the Star Wars music”. Um no you idiot. He shouldn’t be expected to recognize classical music by name but he should know that it’s not the Star Wars theme

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Hello! Could you possibly do, whichever you're more comfortable with, a headcanon or fic with Tyler introducing you to Teamiplier for the first time? I love your stuff so much and thank you!

I’m glad you love my writing!!! Thanks so much for submitting this request!

- You being nervous that they won’t like you
- Or that they’ll think you’re just dating Tyler to get youtube famous
- Tyler reassures you that if he likes you then they will like you too
- It’s a chill hangout of food and board games but you still want to make sure you look nice
- You try to hide behind Tyler when he knocks on the door to Mark’s place
- “Don’t you dare hide or run away.” He says, moving so he can put his arm around your waist and keep you next to him
- Mark has a huge smile when he opens the door
- “Guys they’re here!” And the rest of the team comes to over to meet you once you get in the house
- You’re not sure whether to hug them or shake hands or what
- But then Mark and then Amy hug you
- “We never thought anyone would date our boy!” Mark fakes cries
- Tyler getting all blushy and being like “I’M OLDER THAN YOU SHUT UP”
- You get hugs from Kathryn and then Ethan too
- They’re all like “We’re so happy to meet you, Tyler says nothing but good things about you.”
- They’re just super welcoming in general tbh
- You’re nerves start going away the more time you spend together
- Lots of laughs while playing boardgames
- Being in Amy’s snapchats is *okay hand emoji x3*
- You feel like you’re part of they’re little family
- You say that to Tyler later when you guys are alone and he’s all “That’s because you are a part of our family”

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im not ready to let tom go like im proud of him but i got attached to him over the last few months :(

mmmohmygod guys, you aren’t letting him go. you’re still a fan of him. i know that when a celebrity is lesser known and then they get famous that whole “i liked them first/when nobody else did” thing can happen but please fight that feeling bc it’s such an ugly way for fans to act.

yes, when spider-man comes out tom is gonna get more famous and he’s gonna get more recognition and that’s //a good thing// !! it’s a good thing that tom is gonna be getting more recognition bc that means more roles, and bc he will be praised for the work that he has put a lot of time and energy in. tom deserves this, and he deserves to have a lot of fans. and tom //enjoys// having fans, he’s said in interviews how much it means to him to be recognized, he stops to take pictures with as many fans as he can, he’s even gone on instagram and asked fans to meet him for drinks.

so you aren’t losing him. not even a little bit?? more fans are going to flood into his fan base and that’s good and //normal// an he deserves it. and i really hope that after tom’s gotten more popular that i won’t be seeing fans acting superior for being here longer, or getting rude about there being more fans bc that’s so awful.


This is Lee Thompson Young.
Lee Thompson Young was the first ever Disney star. He starred in their first ever original sitcom ‘the famous Jett Jackson’ and two Disney channel original movies. He was their first star and their first black star. He started it all.
Without Lee Thompson Young the network would NOT have gotten to where it is today. We would not have girl meets world if it wasn’t for him. We wouldn’t have any of the shows Disney has ever brought us over the years if it wasn’t for him. He started it all. He was their first star.

And today is the three year anniversary of his death. He took his own life three years ago today. He suffered from depression and bipolar.

Disney has not mentioned him once. Not on Instagram. Not on Twitter. Not on Facebook. They’re not airing his show or his movies. They are not even acknowledging him. They didn’t even on the day he died.


LEE DESERVES BETTER. Please DO NOT let Disney get away with this. Tweet them. Leave comments on their Instagram. DO NOT let them forget him. Tweet the gmw stars, anyone who can get the network to acknowledge the young man who made them who they are today. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS. LEE THOMPSON YOUNG DESERVES BETTER. HE DESERVES TO BE REMEMBERED

Best Indie Movies

- Electrick Children (2012)

- 500 Days of Summer (2009)

- Palo Alto (2013)

- Lymelife (2008)

- Adult World (2013)

- The Art of Getting By (2011)

- It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

- High Fidelity (2000)

- Almost Famous (2000)

- Nightcrawler (2014)

- Adventureland (2009)

- American Ultra (2015)

- White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)

the signs as things my dad has said (part 3)
  • aries: *continuously refers to uber as an "escort service"*
  • taurus: [to himself, after catching a pickle he dropped midair] great catch daddio
  • gemini: [in response to our dog barking] don't say
  • cancer: [to me after i dabbed to his "dish washing music"] shut up
  • leo: [every time his phone rings] a REAL phone call? in THIS day and age? where are my TWEETS
  • virgo: [pulling over every time we pass something metal on the side of the road] but what if it's treasure
  • libra: would you look at that moon...that's large
  • scorpio: *sneezes* im allergic to working
  • sagittarius: [spoken during a verbal conversation] colon parenthesis
  • capricorn: *calls four way flashers on cars [dramatic voice] DANGER BEAMS*
  • aquarius: [completely seriously, in response to my sister asking why our dog was barking] he's just nervous about the election
  • pisces: *inexplicably called me Karen for a whole day*

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the


You don’t know pain till you’re forced to accept the fact your best friend never wants you back in their life.
—  J.g