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I don’t really have time for this because of other projects, but I’m trash so I’m gonna post it anyway…

Go ahead and send me Ben/Mal prompts, so I can write more drabbles about these two adorable fairytale dorks.

“By all means, America.”

Ivan has fun encouraging Alfred’s more questionable ideas. For a smart guy, he does lots of dumb things. And he does them with confidence, which makes it funnier to watch when they turn out badly.

there he is, that space defending dude keith

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Top 5 ushiwaka moments

Hi anon! I’m going to specifically pick moments when he isn’t playing volleyball, because he’s just so damn cool everytime he spikes. Ushiwaka tends to come across as very serious, but I feel that it’s exactly this trait that makes him so adorkable:

1. Anytime he makes his classic deadpan face

like the first time he met kageyama and hinata

or in the training camp arc when tendou suggested hinata and kageyama were monsters HAHA


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2. tbh I live for all his interactions with tendou

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look at him clapping for tendou in the back I mean what a pure human being

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3. Rare smiling Ushiwaka who is actually feeling fired up about his match

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4. Farmer ushiwaka

5. Baby ushiwakas


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“You should have come to Shiratorizawa”

You do realise someone doesn’t have to actively hate gay and bi people to do something homophobic right? Like homophobia is socialised into us all, especially straight people, so it’s not as simple as ‘I don’t hate gay and bi people, so I can’t be homophobic’.

Straight people can have the best intentions and still get it wrong, and that still isn’t okay and we have every right to be angry about that? Like I understand that being openly hateful is clearly worse and should be treated as such… but it still all contributes to the same oppressive system that affects our lives daily.

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how would you rebrand louis if you could

im not in pr or a publicist so clearly i have no idea how to do it… but what amy said haha…

end his stunts, he goes ghost for a while… he comes back himself. selling him and his personality. i know that we see a lot of his personality now anyway when he talks in interviews, but it’s also riddled with things we know arent him. and to be honest, all the boys have been sold as a certain image for so long, i think a lot of people dont know/forget who they really are deep down. so it would be amazing to see all those public images and public personalities stripped back to show the real raw them.

you can literally tell that hes been media trained and curbed so much over the years… he holds back with his words and his actions and opinions. i dont wanna see that. i dont wanna see him being restricted with his opinions and his personality. i wanna see all the reasons why we love louis without all the extra shit… just hit us with the sassy, joking, quit witted, funny (seriously he was ‘the funny one’ during the xfactor), loving, defending the ones he cares about louis.. and add anything else we havent seen yet that hes been told to hide.


Our commander on the Kerberos mission is the smartest man I ever met

“peggy and maria are played by the same person, marliza is incest”

Can we change the “Adrien is secretly a sexy pole dancer” fanon trope to “Adrien is secretly a dorky fire fighter”?



The least mentioned talent of Adrien Agreste.  


What is your face, son…

He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum ¬‿¬


 Stefan Salvatore seeing his wife for the first time on their wedding day.

   [We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives. Done things that no apology can heal. But you just have to keep going. Try to find some new happiness. No matter how much you’ve lost.]