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Hi! I was wondering if you had any tips on composition/lighting? I love your work by the way!!

I cannot help much on composition cause honestly I have no I idea what I’m drawing most of the time lmao but lighting I can possibly help *ahem*

here you have your finished colored piece (Using my oc as a test subject mwuahahha)  And we’re gonna pretend the dun is shining from her right

You first then add the darker shadows using multiply which is the most simplest of ways (depends how much lighting there really is surrounding the subject)

Here is what it would look like if you use multiply (Also clipping mask is used so no mess :D If you have CS5 or lower, I don’t think you can use clipping mask to a folder so you gotta merge the layers unless you have CS6 or CC)

But mostly nowadays I use Photo Filter which can be found under the Adjustment window (Have that open)

Here’s what it looks like when you use Photo Filter (I lightened up the colors here because Photo Filter is emmm you’ll get it when you start to use it )

The OTHER reason why I use photo filter is because when done adding the shadows ( you shade via layer mask. This tutorial by Fox-orian better explains about photo filters so go check it out ) I can add in a little coloring the the parts unshaded by duplicating the Photo Filter layer > Invert (Command-I for Mac and do make sure you have clicked on the mask layer thumbnail to invert > change the color of that layer and have Preserve Luminosity checked

 Result vv

Now to add in the highlights. There are times I would use just use Overlay or Color Dodge and times I use both. It depends. [Used example 1 from the last image  ^^^] If only using Overlay, I would add white because it couldn’t do what Color Dodge can. Note that when using overlay; It cannot go over dark colors. 

Now this step ain’t really necessary if you wish to only have one light coming from somewhere. Pretend there’s a pool  and the light is bouncin’ from there and to the subject’s poo face. Jk,Nanobii, Ilu <333

Along the way, I add,subtract, adjust along the way until it looks right to me.

and ta-daaaa~ you have pooped the art! 

Last of couple things needs to be said; If you have a really light background, it ends up like this [left figure] You should probably tone down the white or color dodge/overlay whatever you used.

It is also BEST if you used a reference (that goes also for composition. Go watch movies. Pause and study. Or Photographs of places/models! Make sure to credit the photographer unless it’s a photostock image lmao)  I didn’t use a reference for this tutorial, I merely told you how I added the shadows and light.  

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