get drunk get fat get happy

Leah submitted: 

 Height- 5'6

So this is a really weird picture because my foot is on my stove lol but there’s a back story- long story short I was drunk ( picture on left May 2015) and thought to myself “man, my leg is so fat” so while I was waiting for my FOOD to heat up I took the picture.
The current picture I took June 1st 2016.

I’ve literally always struggled with my weight and for the life of me couldn’t take it off. I just thought I was always meant to be fat like that was just my life. In December 2015 I decided to clean up my eating and stop drinking my normal 2 redbulls a day. I dropped 20 lbs in that first month. Then in January I added some light cardio- nothing major. February 2016 is when I really started to take working out seriously and started strength training. According to the “scale” I platued for 2 months not losing one single friggin pound. But thankfully I took measurements because I was losing inches that I wouldn’t have been able to notice. Strength training seriously makes all the difference! 4 months into my work out and eating semi clean so far and I have no idea how I lived life before. I’ve completely fallen in love with powerlifting and I’m damn proud of my callouses ha! Every time I hit a new deadlift PR or if I can squat a little more I get so happy. Of course I want to lose weight but now it’s not only about that.
Nothing happens over night. There’s days that I still feel so fat and gross that I feel like it’s not even worth it and my gym anxiety is at a all time high. I still get up and get it done and I always ALWAYS feel better afterwards. You won’t ever regret working out.

Taking pictures is key. Even though I was a drunk mess I’m so happy I took that picture of my leg on the stove lol

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