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Sorry for the absence guys, but right now is one of those times a year in Denmark where everybody has either a cold or the flu but still goes to work/school resulting in it spreading like wildfire, so I was no exception and caught it too. So that means I was sick most of last week and didn’t really get to dress up properly. My main focus right now is getting 100% well again and doing a ton of homework, so here’s just a pretty basic outfit for school today. I will upload something more interesting during the week I hope <3

Hope all of you guys are doing well and not getting sick out there!

Josie please, give him the time to get dressed properly at least. 

Also! I was tagged by @dziewanna ages ago to another (this time 8) OC facts. Thank you so much! Under the cut~

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Getting Caught - Part Four

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Summary: You and Sam have a falling out. Dean tries to fix it.

Words: 1,024

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Mentioned smut, language

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You were alone in bed when you woke up. You were equal parts unsurprised and disappointed after the conversation you’d had before you went to sleep.

Being the daughter of the King of Hell was really getting old now.

You didn’t know what more you could do to convince them that you were one of the good guys. You had thought that maybe when you told Sam how you felt, and when he seemed to feel the same, you would be accepted by them.

But the absence of Sam in your bed that morning seemed to prove otherwise.

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“It’s that fucking dress,” Levi said. “I can’t think straight.”


Erwin turned the heater on and Eren basked in it as they drove.

“Should have made you sit in the back,” Erwin said. “You’re distracting.”

“Good,” Eren said.


some of my favorite line from mongoose-bite’s latest chapter from f:ml

thank you for making such a wonderful fic! i really, really love it.

drawing this makes me kinda get the feeling how levi and erwin feels cause i couldn’t even think straight while i’m drawing this. he is too distracting. in a very good way

rare unseen photos of me hangin’ out at my home in 1972 (probably waiting for a call from mick) 

(no seriously today was the first time i actually did get up, get dressed and properly went outside (cause i had an appointment so i basically had no other choice) since that dreadful day that was january 10th… i think i can hide it pretty well that i’m actually DEAD INSIDE lol i luv life)

So, when I asked for post ideas, one of the replies was to do a ‘How I Study for Finals’ and I thought this was a good idea because: 1) it gives you guys a chance to know a bit about me as a student? and 2) I may, in some way,shape or form, be able to give you some tips to help you in your own studying. Just to clarify, this is how I study and I am not saying that this will work for everyone. So, without further ado, this is how I study:

Preparation: As with most things in life, you won’t be able to get it done without first preparing. And it’s the same with studying.
1. Get dressed. If I am doing a study session, I can’t stay in my pyjamas (unless I’m ill) or else I have a tendency to just climb back into my bed and sleep .Now, in most cases, I don’t get properly dressed and I just shove a hoodie and a pair of dance shorts on but that makes my brain go, “Oh, we’re actually getting ready to do something. We’re not going back to bed.” and that’s really important for me. I also make sure to shove my hair up because, if I don’t, I spend three quarters of my time trying to keep it out of my face.
2. Grab snacks. I can’t be the only one that gets hungry during study sessions so before I start I like to make a cup of tea (or just grab a bottle of water) and get a bowl of fruit or some popcorn or pretzels or something to keep me going and so that I don’t have to waste time getting them while studying.
3. Plan. Now, this is a step that I only started doing recently but it’s really improved my productivity while I’m studying. Before I started planning my study sessions, I used to start and realise that I didn’t really know what to do and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what to go onto next. If you do all this in advance the n you have a clear path and clear goals that you want to reach by the end of your session. And your plan doesn’t have to be really detailed. As long as you have a rough path to follow, you should be fine. 
4. Grab everything. Gather everything you need, everything you think you might need and even everything you doubt you’ll need. If you have it with you at the start then you’ll save lots of time when you need it rather than wasting it hunting for it. Your supplies could include (but are not limited to) notebooks, textbooks, stationery, stapler, calculators and dictionaries.

Now that I’ve prepared, I’m ready to get down to the real stuff: actually studying. Note: before I figured out this studying method, I took a few tests to determine what type of learner I am. According to the test, I am a mix of all three types - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic - but lean slightly towards visual.
1. Writing notes.
 Writing notes is a very big thing for me and making sure that they’re colour coded is also massive for me. I like writing notes as sort of study guides and like to write them as though they are for others (which they usually end up being anyway) because this forces me to thoroughly explain all of the concepts and methods, leading me into a better understanding of the topic myself. Colour coding is big for me as well for two reasons. I am really into everything being in order so having a specific colour for everything makes it easier and it makes everything a lot clearer when you are reading your notes back. If I need a definition, I know what colour to look for. (*If anyone wants a further explanation of how I organise my notes, please tell me.*)
2. Teaching others. I’ve been told a bunch of times that I’d make a really good teacher and that I grasp things quickly so people often ask me questions about topics that we’re studying. I like helping people and, in my aid, I have found that explaining things to others actually helps me to remember the stuff better as well. So, usually, I grab either a friend who doesn’t understand something all too well, or (most of the time) my dad, and explain the topics to them .It seems a bit weird at first but it really does help. And, if you teach a struggling friend, it helps them as well. It’s a win-win situation!
3. Practice problems. For all of my subjects (especially Physics, Chemistry and Maths), I used to do about three thousand practice questions before my final .But, now that I’ve become just a little bit wiser, I realised that this isn’t the best way for me to study. So, I made myself a rule: If you can do 5 questions on that topic and get them all right, move on. This really helped me cut down on the amount of time I was wasting on topics I was good at, while still getting me to revise them.
4. Music. I’m a very quiet person myself but I cannot deal with it being silent. I’m so bad that one of my friends has decided that I have sedatephobia. So, when I’m studying, I have to have music playing. I can’t focus properly without it. For this though, I have designed my own playlist with songs that I like but that are mellow enough that I can still focus without wanting to get up and dance. There are a few upbeat ones mixed in, though, to stop me from falling asleep. :3 (*If anyone wants a link to it, I’ll post it later.*)

Night Before A Final. So this is a key point. It’s the night before and you start panicking that you haven’t studied enough, that you should have looked over this more, blah blah blah… You know the drill. So, to stop this, I try to make my exam eve’s as calming as possible.
1. Stop. About six or seven o’clock, tear yourself away from the books and stop studying. Put the textbook away and calm down. This is usually the point in the night where I text my (particularly nervous but lovely) friend and give her a pep talk.
2. Relax. Take a bath, read a book, play some video games, scroll endlessly through Tumblr, do whatever you want to do, just don’t look at your study stuff under any circumstances.
3. Organise. I pack my bag and double check that I have everything: usually pens, a ruler and a calculator. Also, get your outfit (or uniform as I sadly have) ready.
4. Get to bed early. On exam night, be in bed by 10:30pm at the latest. You’ll thank yourself for the sleep in the morning.

1. Try not to freak out.
As someone who used to suffer from anxiety, I know how annoying it can be to hear that put so simply but trust me, it really does help. (*Feel free to talk to me or message me any time if you ever feel stressed out or freaked out. I’m here to help!*) I have this one friend that has horrible exam anxiety and I give her a whole pep talk to her every time we go into an exam. I’ve even taught her all of my old tricks for dealing with my anxiety. My favourite line to tell her is, “It’s all about how you perceive it.”
2. Try different methods. While studying, you’re not always going to find the technique that works for you. Try out different things and you might find something that really helps. At the same time, there might be something that really works for studying one subject and a completely different method that you like for another subject.
3. Never give up. Just because you’re not getting something right now, doesn’t mean that you’re not close. I bet you if you looked back, you would have come so far. There’s no point in giving up when you’ve already made it so far. This is the home stretch, you only have the tiniest bit left to go and you can do it!

Well, that’s it guys! If you need any other help or advice, feel free to message me or send me an ask and I’ll be happy to try and help you! I hope this post helps you and I hope I can hep you all in the future! :) See you soon guys!

- Rachael :)

Hanging On Part Three

Hanging On  [Part Two]

“You can’t be serious,” Luke scoffs looking at Jenna; you frown as he takes a deep breath and starts to laugh,

“You think I’d pick you over y/n?” He asks. Her face falls as you slowly start to get dressed properly, in case you needed to, you know, run away or jump out a window or something.

“What?” She whispers.

“I love this woman, a hell of a lot, and even after 5 years she is still the person I think about 99% of the time!”


“Oh shit,” You whisper covering your mouth.

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I’m so happy about the fact that they let this side of him show. Not only did they get the public to see Louis going to get dressed properly, but he actively participated in the process, gave his own commentary, was incredibly charismatic and then later showed up looking really good next to Simon who was a train wreck at best. So whoever was behind this idea, kudos to you.


<rant> sometimes someone fucking needs to tell girls that they look like fucking idiots the way they’re dressed. it just looks like girls are waking up in the morning and forgetting to put half their clothes on. fair does if lasses wear a long tshirt that covers their ass and clunge but i'mfucking sick of seeing 16 year old kids’ arses and minges flapping around. this fashion trend needs to end NOW



____AT ALLLLLL____

JESUS CHRIST IM SO MAD ABOUT THIS >:(((((((((((((((((((( </rant>

All I want

Amanda had found the banquet very entertaining and she was glad she had come in time for it. She had especially enjoyed her time with the king; the way she had been able to tease him. It was now the day after the banquet had ended and she had given her rose away. 

A smirk formed on her lips at the thought of who she had given her rose to and she was expecting a visit any moment. Given that she had not left her room, neither had she decided to get properly dressed yet, but had still made sure for her hair to look decent. Walking to the mirror she looked at herself, confident that she would gain the reaction she was aiming for.

Hearing a knock on the door, she turned and called out for the guards to allow the visitor inside.