get dressed get blessed

JMo sure looks damn beautiful in that dress.

I can tell that a lot of thought went into the decision and her reasons behind it are very fitting and I trust her judgement as the person who knows her character best.

In a way, I wish we had something a bit more original so that whenever I saw a similar dress in the future I could think to myself about how it looks like “Emma’s dress” and have an attack of the flail again. A very close copy of Grace’s dress looks beautiful on Jen, but to me, it will always be Grace’s dress and I think I would have preferred if they’d have just drawn inspiration from it, but that’s by the by.

My forever OTP is getting married. We have seen them go through hell and back for each other and I am not even going to notice what either of them are wearing through my happy tears. The only thing I will be paying attention to is the look on each of their faces as they pledge their forever.

Their love for each other is infinite, as is mine for them. So I will be there during the musical episode, waving my damp hanky and crying about how beautiful my ship is, wedding clothes be damned.