get down with the christmas

if you’re struggling for AU ideas take a look-see at this list i wrote for my friend who dubbed it “better than the 10 commandments" 

1)     Coffee shop AU

i)       Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee order

ii)      I’m worried about your coffee dependency

iii)     you accidentally poured boiling hot coffee over me so you’re responsible for taking me to A&E

iv)     you give me a different fake name every time you come into starbucks and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here I am scrawling “batman” onto your stupid cappuccino

2)      Flower shop AU

i)       You buy a weird amount of flowers and I’m concerned as to why

ii)      I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that

iii)     (this is also a good way to incorporate flower meanings eg, buying certain colours/types for person to represent feelings etc.)

3)      Library AU

i)       You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking u the fuck down

ii)      I work in the library and I’m a little concerned for your health bc you never stop studying

iii)     The library’s pretty empty save for you and me and OH that couple making out loudly in the shelves somewhere

4)      Awful first time meeting

i)       I accidentally punched you in the face when I was too overexcited about something

ii)      I thought you were my friend who’s just done something awful to me (read: cut my hair while I slept, dyed all of my clothes pink, etc. etc.) because you look similar from behind so I stormed up to you and shoved you from behind while calling you an asshole

iii)     You get the gist to this one

iv)     Oooh when you told me your name I thought you were joking because it’s fucking awful and I made a joke about it and things got awkward real fucking fast (perfect for a Hannibal au just saying)

5)      Weird places to meet/awkward meetings in general

i)       We live in the same block of flats but haven’t ever talked and Sunday morning we were both doing the walk of shame and had to stand in the lift together

ii)      “okay I know that being in the woods at 2am is a weird thing to be doing but my friend called me and- wait, why are you in the woods at 2am, fuck I’m going to die aren’t I?”

iii)     A personal favourite of mine – first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

iv)     We keep accidentally running into each other I’m not a stalker I swear

v)      You live across from me in our apartments and we smile when we see each other but we don’t really know each other and oh you’re the stripper at my friend’s stag do/hen night fuck this is really uncomfortable

vi)     “My shower’s broken but I’ve got a date tonight could I possibly use your shower please?” “Oh sure (neighbour that I’ve been crushing on for the past six months) of course you can use my shower to get ready for your date (fuck fuck fuck)”

6)      Friends to romance – pining and all that wonderful shit

i)       You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you

ii)      I really like you but you’re my best friend’s ex

iii)     You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and fuck I think I like you too?

iv)     Somewhere along the way of getting into bar fights together, staying up all night with movie marathons, other friendship things, I’ve fallen in love with you but oh my god this could ruin EVERYTHING

v)      Friends with benefits oh wait I like you


i)       It’s my highschool reunion and I need a hot date so I can rub it in the faces of the people who hated me

ii)      My homophobic parents are coming to visit will you pretend to date me as an extra “fuck you”?

iii)     There’s a person who won’t stop bugging me will you pretend to be my partner so that they’ll fuck off?

iv)     I told my sister I have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set me up with people but now she’s coming to visit and I’m in too deep I need a fake boyf ASAP

8)      Soulmate aus

i)       The first words your true love(s) will say to you are tattooed on you and why the fuck are their first words something really ridiculous like ‘I’ll pay you a tenner to punch me in the face’ or ‘quick what’s your favourite animal’ or ‘fucking shit hell holy fuck wow oh my god jesus h Christ fuck me’ etc. or even worse a really ridiculous song lyric like  the opening lines of uptown funk or a high school musical song or smthing did you have to serenade me the first time you saw me asshole?

ii)      You get an ‘impression’ of your soulmate when you turn 18 or something but all I got was a strong smell of bananas or an overwhelming feeling that Thatcher was a good prime minister or an image in my mind of a fucking unicorn

iii)     The more ridiculous the better actually

iv)     Something like whenever your soulmate sings a duet you can’t help but join in and my fucking soulmate is in a goddamn band but I can’t sing for shit

v)      Or maybe something like soulmates always sneeze at the same time and I cant be sure but me and this kid in my French class just sneezed at the same time are we soulmates or was it a coincidence (proceed w character trying to make themselves sneeze around said person to see what’s what)

9)      Alternate universes for real

i)       Mermaids

ii)      Siren and asexual pirate who doesn’t understand why all his crew are losing their shit that person has a nice voice sure but what the fuck is happening

iii)     Hogwarts

iv)     We live in a world where the greek gods are real and you went and got yourself cursed and now I have to go on a fucking quest to sort this shit out why do I love you again?

v)      Pacific rim au (either they’re drift compatible or one of them is a ranger and the other stresses constantly bc what if they die yes I have read a fic like this no I didn’t come up with this one but it’s fucking good) (also if you haven’t seen that film go watch it now)

vi)     Literally any movie or book universe you like tbh just go for it

10)   Other aus that I like

i)       I wanted to go on the ferris wheel but there has to be two people to a cart come on random person let’s go oh wait are we stuck at the top? Fuck

ii)      We work in the same office and you have a goddamn squeaky chair and you wONT FUCKING STOP SQUEAKING IT BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT ANNOYS ME

iii)     Our mutual friend set us up on a blind date and I thought I’d hate it but you’re actually… kind of funny? But because I expected to hate it in no way am I going to let you change my mind just because you’re gorgeous and funny and intelligent oh no my friend is not winning this

iv)     It started to snow and I’m the only one of our friends who would go outside with you – I soon found out why none of the others would go out in the snow with you (this works best if they’re new friends who don’t know each other all that well) when you shoved a handful of snow down my back and declared snow war

v)      It’s nowhere near Christmas it’s literally still November would you calm down about Christmas wait no why are you getting the tree out no stop please stop (if you do this pre-relationship you can have the grouchy one secretly finding the other’s excitement endearing and falling in love with them actually that works for established relationship too)

vi)     Current partner got a new job in America (or other country far away) and we’re getting by on skype calls and emails but it’s not easy and then I met someone new (can be poly or can be finding the OTP person)

vii)   You want us both to get in shape and I hate working out/running but your ass looks really good in shorts oh the things I do for my friends and their nice asses

viii)  Carrying on from 10.vii. you’ve caught me checking you out in what I thought was a subtle way too many times and now you’re calling me out on it what do I do???

ix)     You’re an actor/other famous person that I really admire and I just saw you in the street and as I was debating whether or not to say hi you came up to me and started flirting what do I do??

x)      You were waving at your friend behind me but I got confused and waved back at you and now I’m dying of embarrassment but you think it’s cute

xi)     I sat down in the wrong class and I’m panicking but don’t want to get up and leave because the class has started and you think it’s hilarious and shut up you dumb fuck you don’t know me aahhh

xii)   I’m a waiter at this wedding and you’re a drunk guest who will not stop hitting on me please I’m trying to work no I can’t dance with you omg let me find you some water

xiii)  Our best friends are that awful ‘cute’ couple that make-out in public and call each other “sweetie” and “sugar” and “babe” and god they’re awful let’s talk about how awful they are – develops into “shit we’re the awful couple now”

xiv)  You pissed me off in class so I threw a book at your head and now I’m in detention and jesus fuck I hate you so much and the teacher made me apologise and wait you’re cuter up close and the way you talk is kind of nice actually oh fuck no

Okay I could go on forever but this is over 1,500 words of auing already I have too many ideas christ

send me some to @theskyis-forever with a pairing for me to write :)


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #15 - isadora smackle & maya hart 

ever since i’ve known you, you’ve never stopped trying to put yourself back together. // you’re the hottest little gopher-chipmunk in the whole forest. 

I Hate Christmas - Sherlock x (y/n)

Word count: 1784

Warnings: none

“Sherlock!” Mrs. Hudson called from downstairs. “It’s (y/n)!”

Sherlock hurried down the stairs as quickly as he could. “Ah, (y/n). Finally. John and Mary are preparing dinner upstairs and I’ll be heading out for a bit.”

“Sherlock!” You said, exasperated. “You promised you’d stay. Even if you had a case. It’s Christmas for Christ’s sake.”

“I hate Christmas.” He said with a sneer. “It brings about carolers and holiday cheer.”

“Oh, Sherlock. Promise me you’ll still come home for dinner and presents.”

“Food is for the weak and I told everyone not to get me anything. I also did not get anything for anyone else…” He said trailing off.


“Fine. I promise I’ll be home for dinner and presents.” He said rolling his eyes. “Even if I don’t eat and I don’t have presents.”

“Good boy.” You said smiling brightly. You bounced into the building away from the cold, chilling air of London. Sherlock moved past you and into the freezing air.

“I’m not a boy (y/n). I’m a man. A very smart one at that.” He said quickly, as if in a rush, which to be honest he probably was. He then briskly walked away. Mrs. Hudson gave you a sad smile.

“Sorry about him dear. That’s Sherlock though. Always dashing about. Anyhow, might you come up for a spot of tea? John and Mary’s food smells so delicious.”

You smiled kindly at her, “Of course, Mrs. Hudson. Thank you.”

Time Skip

“Mrs. Hudson!” Sherlock’s loud voice rang from downstairs. “I’m back for Christmas dinner.” He said in a disgusted tone you could tell he wasn’t really trying to hide. He walked upstairs quickly, taking the steps two at a time. He walked past you hastily, using his coat to conceal something that he was carrying. “Mrs. Hudson, John, (y/n) don’t wait up. I’ll be in my room wrapping things up. I’ll be back in a wink.” He said winking at you. You blushed profusely. Trying to cover it up, you said, “Shall we start eating?”

“Of course.” John said with a happy smile.

“Mary, the pie looks delicious.” You said to her.

“Oh, I didn’t make it. John did. He’s a great baker.” She said bragging slightly about her wonderful husband.

“Well then John, it looks simply divine.” You said excited to dig in to the wonderful looking food.

Time Skip – After Dinner

“Oh, the meal was so scrumptious.” Mrs. Hudson commented, a little bit sleepy from the meal.

“It was.” You said, a bit sleepy yourself. “It was too bad Sherlock didn’t eat anything.” You said clearing the last of the plates from the table. As if on cue Sherlock emerged from his room.

“Time for presents.” He said lazily, as if bored with the whole affair and idea of Christmas. Little did you know, inside he was having a silent panic attack. He secretly slipped something under the tree.

“Ok.” You said giddily, smiling like a child. “I’m excited to see what you got me Mr. Holmes.” You said nudging him in the side.

“Nothing.” He responded. “I told you earlier that I didn’t get anyone anything.”

You looked down, slightly saddened by this sentence. Your Christmas cheer was being ruined by Sherlock.

“You know you don’t have to be such a spoilsport.”

“I actually do.”

“Why, Sherlock?”

“The idea of buying people presents gives some people anxiety. Anxiety about not getting the right thing. In fact, it is scientifically proven that people have more stress around the holidays.” He said with a completely straight face.

“Really Sherlock? You don’t buy people presents because you’re afraid you’ll get the wrong thing?”

“That is what I said, yes.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Sherlock… We’re your friends. We’ll be happy with anything you give us.”

“Really?” He said raising an eyebrow. “Last Christmas John said he loved my gift. He lied. I read his body language. He was not at all pleased with my gift. I was given a mental talent for reading people and it is a blessing and a curse. Let me ask you something, (y/n). Do you sometimes wish I were a normal person? That I’m unable to read people like a book?”

Without missing a heartbeat, you answered his question honestly, “No. You are perfect. If you weren’t the way you were you would never have met me. You never would have been ‘The Great Sherlock Holmes’, and I never would have come to you with my case.”

He clasped his hands together, thinking deeply. “Hmm… You’re right.”

“As I always am.” You said.

“Not always.” He corrected quickly.

You laughed. John and Mary came out of the kitchen. “What’s so funny?” John asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” You said. “Let’s go. I can’t possibly wait any longer. I can feel the presents calling to me.”

“Presents don’t talk.” Sherlock mentioned quietly.

“They do in my mind palace.” You said, teasing him.

He sighed tiredly, “Let’s just get on with the presents.”

John cleared his throat. “Ok then. Let’s see, first present.” He picked up a box with green wrapping. He said out loud, “For Mary and John, from (y/n).” You smiled as they unwrapped it together. They pulled out a small onesie.

“It’s for the baby.” You said smiling brightly. “Do you guys like it?”

Mary turned to you. “Oh, (y/n). We love it!” She came over to hug you.

John said, “Thank you (y/n). It’s a wonderful gift.”

You picked the next box. “For Sherlock, from John and Mary.” You smiled at the couple as you unwrapped the present for Sherlock. You pulled out a hat. You laughed. Sherlock rolled his eyes and looked at the hat in disgust. You smiled at Mary, “Thanks guys.” You looked at John and mouthed, “I’ll make him wear it.” The next present was for Mrs. Hudson, from John and Mary. It was a nice pink shawl. John and Mary had given you a nice coat that matched Sherlock’s. The presents from John and Mary were all wonderful. Next, it was your turn to give everyone presents. You had already given John and Mary their present so you gave Mrs. Hudson hers. Sher pulled out a blouse, a skirt, and a pair of heels all matching the same royal blue color. “Thank you, dear.” She said smiling at you.

“Of course, Mrs. Hudson.” You said, matching her smile. Then you handed Sherlock his present. He opened it and was surprised to see a brand new blue scarf.

“Thank you very much, (y/n).” He said looking over at you.

You smiled at him, “Anything for you, Sherlock.”

Mrs. Hudson seemed to be ready to bounce out of her seat. Sher quickly handed everyone their presents. Your gift was a nice jumper. “Mrs. Hudson, did you knit this all by yourself?” You inquired.

“Yes I did.” She said quite proudly. Sherlock’s was a fancy suit.

“Mrs. Hudson, where did you get this?” He asked.

“Oh, it was from a real fancy shop. I know you have a lot of suits, but this one just seemed to pop to me. It would look perfect on you. I mean you have all black suits; you never wear blue. I thought it would look real nice on you.”

“Thank you. I like it.” He said cautiously, as if his words might offend her. Everyone looked around. There were no more presents to be opened. Everyone looked expectantly at Sherlock. They didn’t seem surprised, however. They soon all packed up and left, save for Mrs. Hudson, who had gone upstairs. You started to clean up the trash on the ground from the presents. Sherlock watched you carefully, studying you. You had finished clearing all of the wrapping paper from around the tree when a little twinkle from under the tree caught your eye. You reached a hand under the tree and felt a box. You pulled it out. It was a small box covered with shiny silver wrapping paper. Carefully you turned it over, ‘To my dear (y/n), from your Sherlock,’ it said in fancy writing on the wrapping paper. You turned to Sherlock and he gave you a smile. “I didn’t want you to open it in front of everyone.” He said smirking at your surprised face.

“Here, I thought you were a pompous jackass who was too good to get anyone anything.” You commented, joking lightly. Sherlock only rolled his eyes.

“Open it.” He said. “Before I change my mind and return it.”

“Now I know what you meant when you said you were in your room, ‘wrapping things up’. You meant it literally, that you actually were ‘wrapping something up’. Gosh, you are clever.”

“I know.” He said, sarcastically. “Now open it.”

You excitedly ripped off the wrapping paper. Inside was a black square velvet box. You gasped in surprise. It was from Tiffany’s. You traced your fingers along the velvet on the outside of the box. “What is it?” You asked Sherlock, looking over at him. He only smiled mysteriously.

“Open it and see.”

You opened the box to see the diamond necklace you had been drooling over for a long time every time you passed the window of Tiffany’s. “Sherlock! You didn’t have to get me this.”

“I actually did. Did you think I wouldn’t notice how every day when we walked past the store you looked longingly and lovingly at this necklace. I read John, I can read you too.”

“Sherlock! This is just too much. I-I” You were at a loss for words. You looked down at the box and noticed there was another, much smaller, box inside. You picked it up. “Sherlock… What’s this?”

He stayed silent. So you took the box carefully in your hands and opened it up. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring. You gasped. “Oh my. Oh my gosh.” You looked up at Sherlock. He smiled mysteriously.

“I see no need to get on one knee and all so I’ll just say it. Will you (y/n) (y/l/n) the most beautiful and clever and kind and funny person I have ever met and also my favorite human being in this entire wretched world, agree to be my wife?”

“Yes, Sherlock. Yes of course I’ll be your wife.” You stood up to hug him and as you hugged you noticed a small green plant hanging on top of Sherlock’s head. You smiled. As you pulled apart from the hug you pecked Sherlock on the lips.

“What was that for?” He questioned.

“Tradition.” You responded with a smirk.

“I hate tradition.”

“Is there anything you don’t hate?”

“I don’t hate you.”

You smiled softly. “Hey, don’t get soft on me now Mr. Holmes.”

“I won’t Mrs. Holmes.”

The End

A Favor Returned

Just a stupid little New Year’s Eve ficlet, almost 2 months late, but who cares?

summary: modern AU. Emma is scelebrating New Year’s Eve with her girls, and they are having fortune cookies of a special kind. A handsome, but infuriating stranger doesn’t help to lift the mood…

rating: k for kissing ;)

also on: and ao3

Like every year, Ruby Lucas makes a big show giving out the small tulle packets with the homemade fortune cookies she brought back to Boston from her Christmas visit to her grandmother. It’s tradition that she and her bunch of friends each get one to open at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Like every year, she reminds them, “Granny says not to open them before midnight!”

Like every year, her girlfriend Mulan jokes, “Wait, those are Chinese, shouldn’t I be the one giving them to you?”

Ruby rolls her eyes, “Don’t be so cliché. It’s getting old.”

Emma Swan frowns suspiciously at the cookie in her hand. “Wait, this is a trick? There’s some stupid message inside just to…”

To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time. Granny Lucas, at whose house Emma spent a lot of time in her youth, has tried more than once to send encouraging messages especially to her. Over the last years, however, it has become more and more annoying, and Emma started to feel the pain of every only single among a bunch of friends who are all happily taken. Endearing as it is that they all care so much for her, it’s still unnerving when even your youth’s friend’s grandmother tries to get you to finally find a boyfriend – or a girlfriend, whatever floats your boat, as Granny put it so eloquently.

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A Shared Victory

Inspired by this sketch of Jack in the beanie and Bitty in his cap where Jack looks so in love oh my god you guys I can’t….

Bitty clears the plates from the dining room table, stacking them on top of each other so he can carry them in one hand and the empty wine glasses in the other.

It’s just the two of them. Two plates. Two sets of silverware. Two glasses. But that doesn’t stop Jack from being impressed by the ease of which Bitty carries them.

He can just add that to the list.

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Why wasn’t I aware (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  I don’t know if you watched Logan..but if you did could you do a Damian x reader where the reader has abilities like Laura’s?
Summary: Damian finding out you have adamantium claws.
Word count: 438
Warning(s): none

You knew you had to tell him at some point. He was your boyfriend after all. He should have known before he got into the relationship with you, but you just didn’t know how to break it to him.

It was nearly the only thought on your mind for weeks, Damian noticed. He always did. He might be arrogant and rude, but he was very observant. He was concerned to say the least. 

Every time he would try to have a peek into your mind and figure out your worries you quickly dismissed him.

Beloved, please, please tell me what’s bothering you.” He pleaded gently, his hand on your shoulder comfortingly. You shrugged, exhaling.  “Nothing important,” You say, offering him a small smile.

He didn’t try to bring it up again, but you both needed to go on patrol, so you suited up and were soon out the batcave, headed to stop a robbery. It wasn’t as easy of a task as it seemed at first glance, and somehow you both ended up getting tied upside down like a pair of christmas ornaments. 

The crooks were taunting you two, your anger starting to boil. One of the men finally approached you, a weapon in hand, putting it to your head. In a matter of seconds you were  freed from your bounds, the end of the gun sliced clean off, a look of fear on everyone’s faces. 

Much to your advantage, the fear had nearly paralyzed everyone, making the takedown effort easier.

Even before the last man could drop, you were near Damian, gently cutting the ropes, making sure not to graze him even a little bit. “Beloved,  what the hell, why wasn’t I aware” He asks as he finally gets on his feet.

You timidly look around, avoiding eye contact. “That’s what’s been on my mind all this time,”  You mumble.

Huh?” he asks, not because he didn’t hear you, but because he didn’t understand the point you were attempting to make. “I just didn’t know how to tell you, I was sure I would scare you off and lose you.” You explain, glancing at his face. 

Beloved, I don’t think there’s much in this world that could still scare me, and I would have loved to know this much earlier.” he says with a devious smirk.

This would be a great intimidation tactic to use on my imbecile brothers.” He chuckled. Your face lighting up. “Well we can give it a go right when we get to the cave,” You wink, as he grabs onto your waist to grapple away. “I would find that very enjoyable beloved.” 


With love,

Why I love dating a genderfluid person

It’s incredible, it really is. I get to be a part of this amazing person’s life. I get to experience having a girlfriend, a boyfriend, and sometimes neither, which is truly a beautiful experience. 

Sometimes it can be hard for my love. They’ll feel so proud when using a gender neutral bathroom, but then apologize to me for asking me to use different pronouns. My love will ask “you’re a lesbian…how could you be okay with having a boyfriend? I’ll just be a girl, it’s okay”. No it isn’t. You see, yes, I’m a lesbian. But I am IN LOVE with this amazing person. It doesn’t matter what type of anatomy they have, their body is stunning. It doesn’t matter if one day that body gets changed. I will always love that body, but more importantly, the person in it. Because guess what? A person isn’t defined by their body! They’re just this really sweet, kind, incredible, simply cool person, and if their body fluctuates, so what?? They’re still the same person I fell in love with! And you know what else?? Even though I’m a lesbian, I LOVE having a masculine AND feminine significant other. It’s amazing! Growing up I always imagined picking out clothes for my future boyfriend. Then I got hit with the gay realization and I fell in love with all of the wonderful things about being with someone who’s feminine. And guess what? I get to have BOTH! How lucky am I??? I get to go with my love and pick out axe and cologne, and also try to find the perfect Bath and Body Works sweet scent. I can have a fucking field day at Christmas and get them button-downs and ties and baggy jeans and binders. And I can also spoil them with tank tops and cute bras and skinny jeans and plaid. And the suits….oh god. I’m sorry, but people in suits…I don’t care if it’s a girl or a guy in there but suits are SO ATTRACTIVE. 

But honestly, it’s amazing. I get it all. I honestly consider myself the luckiest person to be dating such a handsome, gorgeous, incredible person. I’m so. damn. lucky. I can’t even begin to express how much gratitude I feel for my love for letting me be a part of their life like this. Sometime’s they’ll be scared that it will all be pretend to me, that I won’t see them as anything other than their anatomical gender. But no. It’s the realest damn thing in the world. I have a girlfriend some days, and a boyfriend other days, and I consider myself truly honored to have this amazing person in my life.

To anyone out there who is dating a genderfluid person or nb person or any combination of those, respect your significant other. Love them with everything you’ve got. Anytime they apologize for asking you to change pronouns, offer them a kiss and tell them they NEVER have to apologize. Anytime they struggle with dysphoria, hold them close and whisper to them how you see their body. If they feel like their body is too masculine for what’s inside, tell them which parts are beautiful, which parts are gorgeous. If they feel their body is too feminine, tell them the parts you find most handsome. If they don’t want to look at pictures of themselves or have any kind of physical affection, RESPECT that. Always respect them, that goes without saying. Doesn’t matter who you’re dating, you SHOULD RESPECT YOUR S.O. Dating a genderfluid person is the most incredible experience of my life and god I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t ever let them go.  

Happy holidays

Hope u crazy kids had fun

As Long as You Love Me

This oneshot is 5358 words of pure love. I started this after my very first oneshot. I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to go with it. I love the Backstreet Boys and this song. I always thought it was perfect for Cory and Topanga and Rucas. I finally figured it out and I hope you enjoy.

As Long as You Love Me

It was Friday, two weeks before Homecoming at Abigail Adams High. Riley and her friends were so excited. They were sophomores now and had settled into the high school routine pretty well. They were all taking part in different clubs and activities and Homecoming was the highlight of football season. Homecoming was a time-honored tradition and Riley was eager to participate this year. Last year the triangle had just ended and they were all still adjusting to things.

Homecoming week was planned and each day would have a different theme. The gang probably wouldn’t participate in every activity but wanted to show their school spirit. Every day had a different theme with prizes going to the three people in each grade that best represented the day’s theme. All you had to do to participate was wear clothes from the different eras that were chosen for that day. Monday would be 60’s Day. Tuesday was 70’s Day. Wednesday was 80’s Day. Riley’s favorite day would be 90’s Day and Friday would be School Spirit Day. The whole week would end with a pep assembly and the football game on Friday night followed by the Homecoming Dance.

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Q。When receiving presents, what gift would you love to get?”

“I’m not really that into Christmas, but I wouldn’t turn down something like cake… I mean—it’s okay, it’s not like I really care, alright!?

Back when I was boxing, I had to keep my weight down so I wasn’t able to eat what I wanted, but now that I don’t do it anymore, I can’t help wanting to eat something sweet when I see it, that’s all! …Don’t go telling Munakata or Yukizome about this. If they found out, they’d buy me a bunch.”

If anyone ever asks you what “gap moe” means, just show them this.

Living room interior decoration, casa de Queenie style:

  • every unicorn M:TG card F owns
  • the grim reaper hanging from a lamp
  • a bunch of anime figurines
  • actual art done by an actual artist (K’s grandmother)
  • tiny Christmas tree topped with a Breaking Bad iron-on patch
RFA, V, and Saeran react to catching MC under the mistletoe

- Flustered af
- Stuttering mess as he tries to ask if he can kiss you
- “MC, is that mistletoe?”
- Kiss him he’ll be quiet then
- He blushes furiously
- Kisses you again and leaves
- Okay bye then
- “Oh, MC, I caught you here of all places did I?”
- Dips you and kisses you hella romantic
- You blush furiously as he smirks
- “Careful , or the beast might arrive~”
- He’s always there when you walk past, Zen wyd
- Keeps dipping you and you’re lowkey hella lightheaded
- Zen stop leave the beast alone I have cookies to prevent from burning

- “MC I finished your coffe- oh, is that mistletoe?”
- Dip her you idiot this is what the mistletoe is for
- She blushes so bad
- “MC why did you put mistletoe up? What if Jumin were here oh god”
- Baehee chill Jumin isn’t coming until later I’ll take it down before then
- “MC your coffee I’ll be back”
- Catch her again she’ll be flustered af
Jumin/Daddy af
- “MC, why is there mistletoe?”
- Look dude I needed some excuse to catch you randomly and kiss you
- “MC it’s not hard to find me you’re free to kiss me whenever”
- Isn’t complaining because when he puts another up somewhere high and catches you he has a smug little smile on his face
- Hope you don’t need sleep he’ll just put up more and never leave you alone
- “Jumin stop I’m sorry please let me sleep put the mistletoe elsewhere we don’t need it above bed”
- He doesn’t listen and you hardly sleep whoops
Saeyoung the bab
- “MC, why are we standing still in a hallway? Don’t you have something better to do?”
- Peck him and run
- You are being chased he has a mistletoe fishing hook he always catches you with
- Don’t elbow him in the eye, restrain your elbows, I know it tickles
- “MC no”
- MC yes actually, Saeran get your butt over here
- Sneak up and peck him
- Hope you can hide well he is definitely getting you back
- He hides mistletoe everywhere MC you’ve made a mistake
- “Oh MC look there’s more.” “No, I didn’t put more up.”
- He loves it, he wants it year round, he needs the excuses he’s too edgy to do it on his own
- Whisper mistletoe he can’t see
- “Wait MC is this you?”
- Needs to know who’s there and if it’s not MC bish bye he ain’t for you
- First time under the mistletoe he’s not used to it and has to touch your face
- Gets faster every time and hides more as an excuse to practice
- “MC I think I should get the surgery”

Bluepulse Headcanons

I noticed there’s not a lot going on in the Bluepulse tag, so here are some cute headcanons to brighten your day!

- Despite being the younger one in the relationship, Bart is way more into pda than Jaime is. He’ll randomly pull his boyfriend into a very heated kiss in public, while Jaime blushes because “omg calm down, Bart, your cousin is literally right there”.

- Bart does drive by kisses and Jaime secretly loves it.

- Bart looks absolutely ADORABLE when he wears Jaime’s hoodies. They’re always too big on him, and the sleeves are too long for his arms.

- Bart has nightmares a lot about his past/future, so whenever he does Jaime will wake him up and hold him until he calms down.

- Bart insists on riding in the shopping cart whenever they go grocery shopping.

- Jaime makes Bart pancakes every Sunday morning and Bart absolutely loves it, especially when he makes them in heart shapes.

- Scarab makes irritating comments and suggestions whenever Bart and Jaime are making out and Jaime HATES it.

- After realizing that when they are apart on missions they are constantly distracted and making mistakes, Kaldur made sure Blue Beetle and Impulse were paired up on every mission they went on.

- Jaime gets very protective over Bart, and after every mission he makes sure to check him over until he’s sure he’s alright.

- The whole team ships them: Dick, Gar, Cassie, Tim, Wally, Artemis, Megan, Conner, literally everyone. They all made bets on when they would get together, and Dick and Gar won $600 each after Bart and Jaime finally announced they were a couple.

- Jaime learned the hard way to NEVER give a speedster coffee. Ever.

- They go on double dates with Tye and Asami often.

- Bart is a major blanket hog. 

- They secretly kissed during Endgame and there’s nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise.

- Bart insists that Jaime’s lap is much more comfortable than a chair, so guess where he sits when they’re in polite company and he doesn’t realize that it might not be the best idea, especially when Barry, his overly protective grandfather, is around?

- Tye frequently teases Jaime when Bart’s around and loves to tell embarrassing stories about the stupid stuff that Jaime has done.

- Bart can’t cook to save his life, so Jaime is usually the one who prepares meals.

- They watch old sitcoms together on weekends.

- When Jaime was on mode, Kaji Da knew about his feelings for Bart, which is why only when the Reach were going to make him kill Bart did he hesitate during Intervention.

- After dating for a while they slowly started picking up each other’s phrases and mannerisms. Like sometimes Jaime says “crash” and “mode”, and Bart even learned a few words in Spanish.

- Jaime makes the best nachos, so he makes heaps of them for Bart when he’s feeling down.

- On Christmas they always get each other gag gifts or ones that are seemingly random but actually inside jokes that no one but them understands.

- Bart actually has a really bad temper when rubbed the wrong way, so Jaime often has to hold him back from starting a fight.

- Jaime loves kissing Bart on the nose because it makes him blush every time.

raison d’être: Walking Dead BTS

Plot: Zombie Apocalypse!AU 

Ships: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader 

Author’s Note: I will try to improve the details throughout the story~! 

“Just run past them,” You mumbled to yourself, “That way you won’t have to waste any bullets,” You took a deep breath before scurrying past the limping figures, not daring to take your eyes off of them. It was when you finally tore your eyes away that you saw another one limping towards you. “Shit,” You mumbled under your breath.

You dove behind a car, cocking your gun just in case you couldn’t hide. Closing your eyes, you held your breath as you heard its feet shuffling past the car you hid behind. Please don’t notice, please don’t notice. When you thought the distance between you and it was far enough, it didn’t take long for you to be sprinting at full speed to the house at the end of the block.

The door silently closed behind you, making you raise your guard for any infected that were helplessly wandering around the house. When you didn’t hear any shuffling footsteps or things clattering, it was safe for you to place your gun back in its holster.

“Give me something,” You said to yourself as you looked through the cabinets and drawers, hoping that not everything was taken. There was a slim chance that the house had anything at all, considering how much they’re ransacked these days. You plopped yourself on the couch, closing your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

You opened your eyes after the third vibration. Was that a text message? You quickly sat up, looking around the living room for the phone. In the corner of your eye, you saw a screen with blinking notifications sitting on the night stand next to the couch. You grabbed it hastily, reading the

texts on the screen.

‘Get out’

‘Right now’

‘Or else you’ll die’

Your brows furrowed together as you unlocked the screen. Is this meant for me? It took you a few minutes before replying.

You watched as they began to type, the text bubble with the trailing dots appearing on the screen. For some reason a sigh of relief escaped your lips. It’s been a long time since you communicated with anyone.

‘Do you hear that?’

‘The sound of your screams when walkers tear your flesh apart and eat you alive?’

‘You can stop it if you choose to get your ass out of there right now before they catch you’

‘Where would I go?’

‘Run into the woods. Keep moving north until you see a road that leads to higher ground.’

’Stay there for a few days and stay low so none of them see you.’

‘Why are you helping me?’

‘Who are you?’

It was like they hesitated for a moment.

‘Shut the fuck up and get moving.’

You were about to turn off the phone when you saw the trailing dots again. You were waiting for it to send, but the dots disappeared.

You shoved the phone in your pocket, swinging your backpack over your shoulders as you stood in front of the door. You were terrified of what was out there. Especially since it was 4 AM, and the sun hadn’t even begin to rise yet. During this time, those things were active. It was then that you realized that you didn’t have to listen to whoever warned you. It was ok if you stayed inside the house, right?

It was like your body had a mind of its own when you realized you had opened the front door. Your subconscious screaming, You are going to follow the instructions you were given, you little shit.

As quietly and quickly as possible, you made your way towards the forest. Thankfully, you had not come across any infected limping their way towards you to get a taste of the flesh they hungered so much for. You used the compass on the phone to go north, hoping that it was leading you in the right direction. “There it is,” You sighed and started walking up the winding road. You chose to camp out behind a group of trees, where you could see a good view of the lower road while being well hidden.

You laid your back on the soft grass as you looked through the numerous branches and leaves to see the starry night sky. It had been awhile since you could look up at the stars, and not be fighting off any infected.

“Has is already been half a year?” You whispered to yourself, “Half a year since the world went to hell..”

You shoved your hands into your coat pockets as you stared through the glass. A pair of Jordan 8’s were being worn by a mannequin, and you couldn’t help but think that your friend must want these so bad.

“Excuse me, how much are those Jordans?” You asked the cashier once you walked in. “You’re actually lucky Miss,” He smiles, “They’re $80.” You smiled back at him, “How much were they before?” He took a moment to think, “$160 I think. But because it’s Christmas, everyone goes crazy over sales.” You nodded, “I’ll take them,”

“Thank you!” You said to the cashier before turning to walk to the door, “Miss!” You turned back to face him, “Merry Christmas,” He said after hesitating, “Merry Christmas to you too.”

As you walked out onto the busy street of people walking back and forth with bags full of presents, something white fell on the box of shoes inside the bag. You looked up, your lips curving into a huge grin, “It’s snowing..”

You were then interrupted by the sound of your ringtone going off, “Hello?” You greeted. “Yah! Where are you, Y/n?” Your mom practically yelled, “Calm down! I’m on my way home,” She sighed over the phone, “Ok, hurry up. Our guests are almost here.” You nodded, “Bye, Mom.” After you hung up, you quickly made your way through the crowd.

A familiar laugh was ringing throughout the house when you closed the door behind you. “Just in time,” You smiled as a group of kids turned their heads towards you, “Y/n!” They screamed before running towards you. “Is that for me?” One of them said pointing to the bag, “This? It’s actually for—“

Ding dong.

You turned your head to the door and opened it, seeing unfamiliar faces staring back at you. “Who is it?” Your mother said as she stepped behind you to see, “Mrs. Park! I’m so glad you came,” Your mother greeted as she let them in. “Y/n this is Mrs. Park and her family,” You smiled and bowed, “It’s nice to meet you.” She did the same and scanned over your features, “My older son couldn’t make it today,” She said, “He was needed at work, and I’m sure you might’ve like him.” You laughed, “Yeah, Christmas shopping gets pretty hectic.”

You sat down on the couch next to the boy who came a couple hours ago. He was watching TV in front of the fireplace with the little kids. “You like cartoons too?” You said as he glanced at you, “Yeah, my older brother got me into them.” You nodded and looked at the kids, “Oh my God, they’re opening presents without you?” You raised your voice, making them immediately stand up and bolt for the dining room. You heard him chuckle before you looked at him, “Do you mind if I change the channel?” He merely shook his head, “Nah, I was getting tired of it anyways,”

You picked up the remote and changed it to the news. “Good luck to all the folks out there,” The newsman said, “I suggest you stay wherever you are instead of leaving. Men have been reported to have inappropriate behavior tonight,” You chuckled to yourself, “Too many people getting shit faced drunk tonight,” The boy raised his eyebrows and turned to you, “I’m Jihyun,” He smiled, “You are?” You smiled back, about to reply when you heard a scream come from the TV.

A news lady had been bitten by some stranger when you turned to look at the screen. “Christina are you alright?” The newsman said. She dropped her mic which must’ve caused feedback because the newsman flinched. She was now being strangled, the blood from her neck gushing out like crazy while the man tore off a piece of her flesh. The high pitched scream coming from her as blood and saliva dripped down his chin. He looked into the camera, his eyes bloodshot and skin pale. The camera must have been shut down because the main newsman took over, “Please standby, and stay indoors people.”

Jihyun exchanged glances with you, both of you at a loss for words. You looked at the dining table, realizing that your family members were no longer laughing and opening presents but were now staring at the TV. The smiles wiped off their faces, instead being replaced by horrified looks. A silence took over until you heard the sound of someone trying to get inside through the front door. You stood up, silently making your way to the door. It took everything you had to not flinch when the door started to move violently. But when you looked through the peephole, you couldn’t help but scream.

The woman looked up, for a brief moment she stopped fumbling with the door to look through the peephole from the other side. Her eyes were bloodshot just like the man from TV, and you could practically smell the rotting flesh from the other side of the door. You stepped away, realizing she had seen you. The door shook more violently this time, and it was then that you realized that more of her friends must have been right behind her. “Don’t make a sound,” You said as quietly as possible and grabbed Jihyun’s wrist to get him off the couch. You heard him gulp as he followed you to the dining room. “What’s going on?” Mrs. Park whispered, “When I say go, everyone run out the back door, ok?” You said. Your guests nodded, getting up silently as snarls and growling became louder by the minute. The lock was about to give in at any second, and when you heard the door burst open you yelled as loud as you could, “GO!”

You dragged Jihyun out the back door of your backyard, following your mother as she headed for the streets. “Wait where’s my parents?” Jihyun yelled, “I don’t know—“ A loud shriek was heard and you looked forward, a familiar face being surrounded by those crazy looking people. “Mom!” Jihyun yelled as he ran towards her. “Jihyun!” You said firmly and tried your best to drag him away from her, “We have to go!” His eyes looked as if they were about to break, “We can’t just leave her!” You shook your head and pushed him towards your mother and the others, “Go! I’ll catch up!” He grabbed your arm, “No! What the hell?! You’ll die!” You pulled your arm away from him, “Just get the fuck out of here already! We’ll follow!”

You ran towards Mrs. Park, grabbing her hand and helping her up before running your ass off. A crowd of abnormal people only feet away from you two as you ran. Mr. Park was in front of you, and you could tell he was not moving in a fast enough pace. “You have to go faster!” You yelled. You could tell he was trying, but there was no way that he could outrun them. You passed him, and you could already feel Mrs. Park resisting you as you tried to drag her along. “My husband!” She cried, “Wait we have to—“ A cry of pain echoed through your ears as you looked back. The crowd was gathering around Mr. Park, but you knew you couldn’t save him now. It was like you were watching him in slow motion as teeth sunk into his skin. The blood already gushing out as they ate him alive. She tore away from your grasp as she ran towards the crowd, making you stop and try to grab her.

“Get away from my husband you freaks!” She said and started pushing them away. “NO!” You screamed as one of them started getting dangerously close to her. The hot wax at the back of your throat forming as tears threatened to fall. You tried to grab her, but they had already beat you to it. “Run!” She cried, “Protect my son!” It took all of you to not stay, but when you saw a pair of bloodshot eyes meet yours you knew it was time to go. “Dammit!” You cursed and ran again, “I’m sorry Jihyun..”

You looked forward, trying your best not to look at the people who were begging for your help. “Please, help me!” You bit your lip as you tried your best to not fall apart, “You’ll burn in hell for this!” She screamed. You almost tripped when you heard a gunshot go off, and you only hoped that whoever fired it was the Army. You picked up your pace, screaming when you saw another group of them coming out of an alleyway. “No, no, no, no,” You whispered as you ran into the middle of the road. You ran down the road, seeing the back of a car driving at full speed in front of you. “HEY!” You yelled, “Let me join you!” They were your last hope to be the fastest way out of here. Behind you was the end, no more cars speeding their way out of the driveway to get out of the neighborhood. It was just you, and a rather large group of monsters following, trailing behind. It made you burst into tears when they sped up, not letting you catch up to them. “Please don’t leave me here!” You cried, and kept running, “I don’t want to die!” But you knew they weren’t going to stop, and when you saw them turn the corner your last hope had left you.

When you looked back you were outnumbered. There were too many of them to count, and they were catching up to you. When you looked forward, a bright light started shining with only one thing on your mind, “You’ll burn in hell for this!”

Your eyes opened, and you realized a dampness on your cheeks. Tears.. You sighed before wiping them off. The time read 10:41 AM, and when you looked down at the lower road you could see a hoard occupying it to the fullest. You laid on your stomach, watching as they headed west. You lowered your head when you saw one of them look up, and you could only pray that they didn’t catch you. When you looked at the start of the winding road, you silently thanked God that none of them decided to go on it.

It took a couple of hours for the hoard to completely pass by. They came from the direction of the neighborhood you were just in, and whoever warned you was right. You picked up the phone, and started to type.

‘Thank you.’

You watched as the trailing dots appeared again.


‘Wait!’ You almost yelled aloud.


‘How did you know?’

The dots didn’t appear until a couple minutes later.

‘Cuz I’m a genius.’

‘Stop fucking around’

‘That’s as much as you’ll get girlie.’

You sighed, knowing the question was a dead end.


‘What now?’

‘I..’ You hesitated,

‘I don’t know where to go.’

‘You honestly think that’s my problem?’

‘Hey you took the time to save my ass’

‘I know you care’

‘What if I was feeling nice for a couple of minutes huh?’

‘Well, I hope you’re still feeling nice.’

You were about to give up when he didn’t answer ten minutes later. But then you heard a slight buzz.

‘No one is safe.’

‘Not even me, so if you’re thinking that you can escape from all this shit you’re wrong.’

’Yeah I took the time to save you but don’t think for a second that I’d save you again.’

‘Remember, it’s every man for himself.’

You scoffed.

‘Ok asshole.’

‘I was doing a favor for both of us.’

‘Good luck trying to find someone like me out there. Wherever the hell you are anyway.’

You stood up, turning off the phone when you felt a vibration.


‘What the hell do you want?’

‘Don’t be a dumbass and go in opposite of the hoard. You’ll be glad you did.’

‘So now you’re trying to help me?’

‘Take it or not.’

You hesitated to question them, but they were right about the hoard. They could be right again.

‘Where are you leading me?’

’You are in no position to ask that.’

‘Then how the fuck am I supposed to know you aren’t trolling me?’

‘Just trust me.’

’Fool me once, shame on you.’

You shoved the phone in your pocket, gathering your stuff before walking down the hill. You took a deep breath as you stood at the end of the road. “What crazy shit have I gotten myself into now?”

—End Prologue—

Philkas Christmas Headcanons

- Helen and Gabe take Philip to cut down a proper Christmas tree and they get the biggest one they can find

- Philip is tired and cold by the end of the whole ordeal, but he is secretly super pleased because he’s only ever had a plastic tree before

-Philip also isn’t used to having lots of gifts, since he and his mom were usually super tight on money, so he isn’t expecting anything different from his first year in Tivoli

- But of course Helen and Gabe go all out because they wanna make it special for him, plus they have never had a kid to spoil and Gabe is in full Cool Dad mode

- Philip is totally thrown when he sees all the presents under the tree and feels a little guilty at first

- “You didn’t have to get me all this”
“Yeah, but we wanted to”

- He maybe, sorta tears up a bit. Just a little.

- He gets some more film for his camera and a photo album

- Gabe makes a huge breakfast (Helen doesn’t even bother helping because she always burns the toast anyways) and by the end of it, Philip is so full he could burst

- Lukas and his dad have a slightly awkward morning, (they still aren’t on fantastic terms), but Bo makes coffee and they exchange gifts and it feels more normal than it has in years

- Helen and Gabe invite the Waldenbeck’s over for dinner, an offer which Bo declines (he may be trying but things are still weird for him), but Lukas accepts immediately

- Philip and Lukas both end up sneaking out to the barn, despite how freezing cold it is, and lay around in the loft goofing off

- Philip takes about a thousand pictures that Lukas tries and fails to get away from

- At least one snowball fight ensues, which Philip wins

- Dinner is amazing and warm and Lukas keeps grabbing hold of Philip’s hand under the table because now that the layers of fear are slowly being peeled back, and he’s with people that don’t judge him, he’s really sappy

- He also takes every opportunity to get Philip under the mistletoe to kiss him

- Later, when they are tuckered out and it’s dark, Lukas tells Philip that his stomach hurts for the first time and the smile Philip gives him could put the fucking sun to shame

- Eventually, the boys fall asleep on the couch, tangled up in each other and Gabe covers them in blankets

- Everyone is safe and happy and things are alright