get divorced then marry me

  • Me: *hates Victoria because I ship Robin and Ted*
  • Me: *finally starts to kinda like Victoria*
  • Victoria and Ted: *brake up*
  • Me: *doesn't really care*
  • Me: *ships Barney and Robin because they're perfect and ASDFGHJKL and I love them*
  • HIMYM writers: lol no jk
  • Robin and Barney: *get divorced one episode after they get married*
  • Me: NOOOOO
  • Me: *ships Ted and Tracy because they're adorable and perfect together*
  • HIMYM: haha what about no
  • Tracy: *dies*
  • Me: NOOOO WHAT DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!! *sobs while screaming why*
  • Robin and Ted: *get back together in the last episode*
  • Me: YAY FINALLY!!!
  • Me: ... wait no
  • Me: Fuck you
  • Me: I HATE YOU

Every time I hear about divorces, it actually scares me to get married. And each time someone I know gets divorced, I always ask why? Did they just fall out of love? and if so, how and why? I’ll never understand it. I’ll never understand how people fall out of love. if you fall out of love with someone then you never even loved them in the first place.

Why even begin to marry someone and have kids w them and spend so many years with them only to realize you don’t actually love them. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and if you don’t think you’ll hold to that commitment, then don’t even bother getting married and ruining someone’s life