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If requests are open, kaishin with apotoxin shrunken KID?

Okay, so this is actually something I’ve been playing with for a while.  XD  You have good taste, anon.  Because of the type of fic it is, it’s going to take a long time to get to any actual kaishin content, but I do have their first meeting after he shrinks written out.  ^_^  I hope that’ll be okay, and I hope you like it!!  Under the readmore~

After a moment of listening to insistent knocking, Shinichi opened the door to Professor Agasa’s house, yawning wide enough his eyes unfocused.  Next time Haibara asked him to stay up with her, he was refusing.  When his eyes refocused, he froze.

“Hey, so, a funny thing happened last night,” the messy-haired child before him said, stepping past him and into the house.  An older man followed him in, looking both concerned and disapproving, like the boy’s rudeness was something that bothered him.

Shinichi frowned at the boy.  He wasn’t one of them, but he obviously knew Shinichi somehow…

“Did you know,” the boy continued, “that if the men after you decide you’re too hard to shoot, they poison you?  I, for one, did not.”

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FinnRey AU: Florist!Rey has a crush on Detective!Finn who always gets a different kind of bucket of flowers every friday afternoon. She starts seeing in the news a serial killer has been hunting the streets of her city, and his trendmark is... flowers ;) COULD IT BE?

So it all starts when this new guy starts working at the station and the shop, Rey’s shop, is in his way to work. He comes in one morning before work, since she opens really early in case there is a something, we all had have that something, maybe a love emergency, maybe a familiar who has gone something. He is nice like… the nicest person on earth and the fact that he is handsome is like the best extra in the world, like Rey is so lucky, oh my god. And when he starts coming in every day, they talk a little bit more every time. Finn is charming like the devil, all smiles and nice words on his mouth and when Rey realizes she kinda likes him, she pretends she doesn’t notice when she actually puts some extra effort on her looks, and the moment he leaves, she leaves the heels aside and let her hair go everywhere and so.

He starts having breakfast with her because she promises once to make him lunch so she goes to the store earlier so he can have it with her, net time he bring breakfast and that’s how they start having it together. There is a first kiss then, and a date the next night, it’s nice.

And when things start to get hot back at the station, she understands he has to work and they don’t see each other as much, but Finn still gets to have a quick breakfast with her before going to work. So Rey sees in the news, in the paper and everywhere, there is a serial killer it seems? So… is her boyfriend working to get him? Finn doesn’t say a thing, she doesn’t ask either because is his work and if he doesn’t want to talk about it, she is not going to insist. He starts taking buckets with him, which makes her smile because she is able to explain him what this color, what this kind, what this much and what this and this means in flower symbolism and seems to like it. She also doesn’t question for what are those. And when she sees the trendmark of the killer are flowers, it can’t be…

No. Finn is a good man, she is sure of that. And she wants to ask ‘what are the flowers for’ but she can’t. If it’s not him runing out time to get to work, there are clients or something else, but Rey can’t find the oportunity to ask what is going on, and when she starts to research on her own on the internet like a good person would do, she finds that the flowers Finn has been getting are the exact ones the killer has left with the bodies, and for the order in which they are left, it means he has put them a day after he buys them.


Is her new boyfriend seriously a serial killer?