I don’t know how you all feel about ghosts or spirits, but I wanted to share this story with you because this was at work today and things got kinda crazy.

My coworkers and I all believe in ghosts.  There’s no way we wouldn’t with the museum we’re in.  We have things happening all the time.  Things get knocked over, pulled down, doors slam, footsteps in the attic that no one ever goes in; the list goes on.  We’re supposed to have a paranormal tour tonight to share some of this with guests, since so many visitors have asked about our ghosts.  One thing that we’ve done before and want to do tonight is use divining/dowsing rods to communicate with the ghosts (you ask yes/no questions and they move the rods to indicate which answer, and also can point to locations).  Skeptics can bail out here if you so desire, but we consider it to be a valid way to talk to them.  All three of us have been able to use rods, including me though I have no prior experience.

Today we were chatting in the office with one of our “regulars”, a seven year old daughter of a jailer who died in our museum. (Sidenote: My coworker M was holding the rods).  She’s very friendly, though a but mischievous, and loves our boss.  We asked her, as usual, if there were other people there and she said yes, as usual.  We estimate there’s almost always 4 to 6 people in the office with us.  Today, though, we asked if anyone there was attached to an object, rather than the jail itself and we got a yes.  We were trying to guess, but weren’t getting a yes.  Throughout this, the rods keep drifting back towards me.  Finally, I asked if a spirit had come to the jail with me and we had an immediate yes.  

Of course at this point I’m thinking, “Oh.  Oh, I’ve carried a ghost here.  How?  Why?”

(I’ll put a read more to keep from clogging dashes but the story continues!)

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