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Adrinette Month Day 2: Rainy Day

If you would ask these two whether or not they’re on a date, pretty sure you wouldn’t get a straight answer. Adrien would change the subject, and Marinette would blather on with something about hamsters?

I was playing mercy in comp last night and I had a really great pharah player who I spent the match flying around with and I got accused of pocketing her even though i wasn’t (i was just flying around with her) and we had an ana on the ground anyway, and the pharah turns on her mic and says “well maybe if you were a more competent player you wouldn’t be in such dire need of healing” and needless to say i think i’ve found my soulmate

carminecranes  asked:

do you have any more phichit headcanons to share w the world

I’ve been kicking around a joke that isn’t quite right yet to the effect that Yuri thinks Phichit has a thing for hockey players but actually the hockey team had to make a rule that if you had a gay crisis over Katsuki’s mouth, you had to buy his roomie a nice dinner or a week’s groceries. Phichit has shepherded so many hockey players through gay crisises.

This was actually not supposed to be fanart, but since I am osomatsu san trash to the finest, I gave up and drew Totty… ; u ; 

Edit: changed his hair a little


Opening digital commissions! 

My laptop battery is close to dying and I need help with the funds to purchase a new one. I do all my work digitally so the help would be greatly appreciated! 

Even if you’re not interested, a re-blog is more than enough:) Thank you!

If you’re interested More info Here!

skull--master  asked:

You are one of the most inspirational artists I've ever come across! Your use of color and conceptualization is amazing! That said, do you have any tips about how to effectively boil down ideas to one image? Whenever I try, I'm always underwhelmed by the results as they seem very obvious to me. I know it's kind of a hard question, so can you maybe share your thought process behind your work? Thank you and keep on rocking! :)

I hope you keep on rocking as well : )

“Mr. Afton, I’m concerned about your son…”

So awhile ago I drew a pic of nightmarionne reading this kiddo a bedtime story…Thats my ridiculous FNAF AU now…tho the only difference is Chris (this kid) winds up facing his fears and not getting his face chomped off (he winds up getting his right hand comped off tho…luckily hes left handed) ….Oh and also nightmare and nightmarionne are his adopted nightmare dads because William is kind of neglectful and verbally/emotionally abusive. Chris winds up growing up to be a child psychiatrist or w/e and helps kids who are in or have just left abusive homes and absolutely gets his spooky dads to harass their abusers :> And eventually Micheal and Ennard wind up living with him because a family doesnt have to be a mom, dad and kids and can instead be 2 nightmares, a robot that is 4 robots and a little girl, a zombie and a child psychiatrist