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Adrinette Month Day 2: Rainy Day

If you would ask these two whether or not they’re on a date, pretty sure you wouldn’t get a straight answer. Adrien would change the subject, and Marinette would blather on with something about hamsters?

I was playing mercy in comp last night and I had a really great pharah player who I spent the match flying around with and I got accused of pocketing her even though i wasn’t (i was just flying around with her) and we had an ana on the ground anyway, and the pharah turns on her mic and says “well maybe if you were a more competent player you wouldn’t be in such dire need of healing” and needless to say i think i’ve found my soulmate


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↪ week one: palette + Nu’est

“Zetus lapetus Captain Anderson!”

Shepard: Girl of the 21st Century (Released January 29, 1999 on VHS)

The crossover that no one wanted, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Mass Effect. Anything space related I immediately think of Mass Effect, so when I watched Zenon with my friend last semester, well…


i’ve always found the piano to be a beautiful instrument to watch, once u take away all the panels

(uploaded to youtube bc it went over the limits for video on here)

This was actually not supposed to be fanart, but since I am osomatsu san trash to the finest, I gave up and drew Totty… ; u ; 

Edit: changed his hair a little

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do you have any more phichit headcanons to share w the world

I’ve been kicking around a joke that isn’t quite right yet to the effect that Yuri thinks Phichit has a thing for hockey players but actually the hockey team had to make a rule that if you had a gay crisis over Katsuki’s mouth, you had to buy his roomie a nice dinner or a week’s groceries. Phichit has shepherded so many hockey players through gay crisises.