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*chews on food for thought* Agreed on Misha, he’s waaay too good at spinning things. It’s great :D Favorite troll ever. The person in the clip asked about Destiel, Dr. Sexy and Dean’s reaction, and why Dean wasn’t canonically bisexual. It wasn’t phrased the best; mildly hostile. I’ll admit I didn’t hunt down the full panel video (at any rate it’s not likely to be up till later in the week). What side they were, no idea, but at least they’d read up on bi!Dean theory to some extent.

I have my suspicions that a Destiel shipper wouldn’t inquire Jensen about Dean’s bisexuality during a J2 panel. Whenever in the past Destiel/bi-Dean positive people have tried asking that kind of questions at a panel attended by mostly bibro fans, they have been skinned alive and roasted by the rest of the audience.

I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist but, you know.

one day, hollywood will cast a reasonable, down-to-earth person to play the joker. just a normal guy with a sensible separation between his identities on and off the screen

“yeah, it’s a fun role. I really get to chew the scenery, which is not the kind of part that I normally do, so I enjoy the change of pace”, he opines, probably while holding a cute dog


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful

okay but imagine a total stranger that you just screamed at yesterday and just lost a dance-off to dry humping the guy who promised to coach you begging him to be his coach?? of course you’d be pretty pissed off

and then he DOES go and coach the stranger you yelled at and you get there to chew him out for being a filthy coach-thief and drag YOUR coach back to YOUR rink to COACH you like he fucking PROMISED and the fucker leans over you like you’re a child and looks at you like this

i’d fucking hate yuuri too


12 Shows That Premiered in 2016 Featuring POC as Leads


“Seriously though, it’s Gerome. I’m not completely against humoring Owain when it counts.”

@dogblr: squeaky toys

Every now and again, Gunner will be insatiable and whine endlessly. It’s usually only solved by getting him a fresh, new squeaky toy to tear apart and destroy. With his high prey drive and good nose pickin’ up scents every day, I think he gets built up stress that he’s gotta get out by destroying some toys, not just chewing on nylabones and antlers and cow hooves forever.

Buuuuut he destroys every toy we’ve ever gotten him in under 10 minutes unless we take it away, play tug/fetch with it, or otherwise make some kind of attempt to extend the life of the thing. (Which can kind of frustrate him. He just wants to kill it. Please.)

We did BarkBox for awhile but since he destroys things so quickly we decided to stop. I’ve thought about getting it again or doing the SuperChewer box, but I really dunno if it’d be worth it since he tears through things so quickly.

We’ve opted lately for bargain bin 2 for $5 toys and he tears those apart immediately. I got some more ‘durable’ toys at some point, and those skinneez with no stuffing, and they took longer… but it was still a very swift death and those aren’t cheap.

I’m not looking for a toy that will last forever… the goal is still for him to destroy it… just… not in 2 minutes.

Any suggestions?

Um… oops!

Took on a client project I can’t tell you about. Hopefully this won’t further delay commissions reopening, but I hope to have everything managed by February. Fingers crossed, and sorry to everyone for the stupidly long wait!

ok but wheres the au fic where hamilton and burr both shoot the other, but only enough to mildly inconvenience them 

like, when it gets to ten, they both only like, nick the other in a leg or arm, and just that is enough to settle things, cause both of them are like ‘he’s annoying but i don’t want him dead’. they get rowed back across the hudson half annoyed and half awkwardly avoiding each other’s eyes. since there was only the one doctor, they both get taken to the same place for treatment and later they both get chewed out by both angelica and eliza. from there, their antagonism shakily builds back into a friendship and they trash talk jefferson together, the end


ISAC 2017 - The food Red Velvet prepared to fans (170116)

Irene: “Delicious food prepared by Red Velvet.”
Seulgi: “Enjoy the food and have strength everyone! Get medal.”
Wendy: “Dont get indigestion & chew thoroughly!”
Joy“Yum yum~ Dont leave anything and eat everything~ Promise”
Yeri“Enjoy and dont get indigestion.”

 © gomtaengie (translations, pics); juhyun910329 (pic)

Okay, so I work at a gas station part time. It’s in a small, everybody-knows-everybody kinda town. My family had owned it for ~15 years. Our chewing tobacco is behind the counter, but at the end where the counter opens up to the rest of the store. Regulars have been known to grab their own chew, which is ILLEGAL in my state. I have been trying for 5 years to break them of this habit, but it’s hard when my coworkers don’t seem to give a fuck.

Anyway, last weekend during my shift, a customer I had never seen before grabbed his own tobacco. I was busy on the register, so I waited to say something until he was checking out.

Me: Just so you know, you’re not allowed to self-serve tobacco products in the state of [my state].

Him: What does that mean?

Me: You’re legally not allowed to come behind the counter to get your own chew.

Him: I’ve been doing it for 15 years.

Me: Okay, but you’re not supposed to.

Him: Must be a new law.

Me: No, it’s not.

Him: Well no one else has said anything to me, so I’m not going to stop.

Me: Its illegal and could get you and the store in a lot of trouble.

Him: I really don’t give a fuck.

And then he walked out. I was fucking irate.