get bored and play with colouring

“Alexander, come downstairs. Angelica’s arriving today!

because I have almost 0% experience with backgrounds I decided to force myself into drawing a scenery at least once every week. Not feeling very confident in my art lately so I’m really willing to try and improve. Also, will try to play more with colours, I always stick to the same boring colours bluh

So, here’s the first one. (I’m not gonna update with every drawing all the time, but wanted to post this one so I can try and redraw it in the future, when I get better)


Faba opened the door with a bored look on his face. “You are late. Off to a perfect start..” His eyes rested on the rose but he did not accept it. “You said nothing about brining flowers.” Faba was not at all in the mood for this. He hated play dress up and he hated playing dress up and leaving the comfort of his own home even more. Still, to avoid getting into a fight, he had obliged to her request and wore a green dress shirt with white dress pants. His vizor replaced with regular thick rimmed glasses. This way he had nothing to correct his colour blindness but he did not particularly care. 

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Name: christina
Ancestry: chinese
Zodiac: cancer
Where do you live: canada eh
How are you feeling today: i saw logan today so 👌👌 good
Favourite song right now: anything by hayley kiyoko & ‘gren light’ by lorde
Play any instruments: piano
Are you craving anything: *bruce banner voice* i’m always hungry
Signature drink: milk cause i’m boring
Signature scent: uh idk the salt from my tears
Favourite colour: all pastels are so soft and pretty
Sounds you love: birds chirping, lightsabers man, snow crunching under your feet, all the stupidly dramatic music in tos, pine’s voice
Sounds you hate
: any scraping noises like nails on a chalkboard or forks screeching on a plate oh god i’m getting shivers

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Relationship status: Single
Favorite colour: Lavender, violet
Pets: Three dogs! One chihuahua, one fox terrier, one mini schnauzer
Last song listened to: Blue Moon by Frank Sinatra (I was playing Fallout New Vegas a little while ago haha)
First fandom: X-Men
Hobbies: Reading, writing, playing games, running, nerding out over my latest obsessions, chilin’ with mah doggos!
Favourite book: Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George, and Watership Down by Richard Adams
Worst thing you’ve eaten: ‘Lengua,’ or cow tongue (UGHHH!!!) 
Favourite place: Other than my house, probably the cookie shop where I work!

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only if ya want to haha :P This was fun!


this was gonna be human!pearl but then i gave her a blue blush and everything went off the rails

I finally settled on a brush type that I think I can make some cool stuff with! My main obstacle when it comes to gregpearl art is trying to draw things that don’t look like every other picture I’ve done, plus with drawing in general, I get bored of using the same brush all the time and it’s hard to even have fun drawing. Hopefully, as I’m playing with some new colouring styles as well, this’ll give me the inspiration to make some good quality work again.