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Father John Misty Talks LSD, Trump, Why Social Media Is 'Self-Harm'
Father John Misty talks to us about his daily LSD habit, his infamous Taylor Swift lyric and how pop music mistreats women.


On SNL, you sang the line “bedding Taylor Swift every night inside the Oculus Rift.” There was a lot of outrage afterward. You must have seen that coming.
The press won’t get people’s attention by writing, “Area man sings about the potential narcotic, soul-killing hazards of entertainment.” And who else’s name rhymes with Oculus Rift? I lost sleep over it because I knew what I was doing. I did all kinds of acrobatics in my head to find a way around it and change the lyric, but ultimately I had to sing what I wrote. Nothing I can do is going to please people who are determined to get bent out of shape about something. You have to be willfully ignorant of the fact the song is about more than that.

Still, it’s hard to think of a single person on Earth more likely to cause a bigger reaction than her.
Right, which makes it the perfect subject for a song. Even explaining it here, we’re turning this interview into an article about that moment. Even if it’s not written that way, that’s the way it’ll get picked up. At some point we all need to grow up. Willful ignorance is what children do. I mean, Bob Dylan would reference actresses by name in a surreal way to make a point about the culture.

Some critics are saying what you wrote is no better than what Kanye West wrote.
If you can’t see the difference between those two lines then you are a bullshit music writer. You have to think that is really a Trump-ian form of malignant self-permission where I wrote songs thinking, “What’s going to get the biggest reaction from the pearl-clutching brownshirt liberals?” That’s not how I do things.

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Me and my friend kept drawing bendy all over the top of her paper and when she went to turn it in, the teacher was bitching and refused to take it Because it wasn't "presentable" or some shit. Even tho I do that to all my papers, I draw bendy on them. Smh.

Tell her to get bent

I know these are ideas that the disability community has been dealing with forever, but it’s a conversation I happen to be having today.

I think “You can do anything you put your mind to” is one of the most damaging and dangerous dogmas out there.

I think belief in it is at the heart of a lot of disability discrimination, and disability hatred.

And people get really, really bent out of shape when you question or contradict it.


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Here’s baby Willow! She is my 7 week old Australian shepherd and Bentley’s baby sister. I will be [hopefully] training her to be my PSD, as well as involving her in some dog sport and other adventures that come our way.


best of greys - winning a battle, losing the war
     I’ve been wondering to myself, why are you so hell bent on getting me to go out with you? You know you’re my boss, you know it’s against the rules, you know I keep saying no. It’s the chase.

Ok, so consider this;

You don’t feel sympathy for Vader or even come close to liking him till the final moments of his life in Return of The Jedi. His death feels justified, it’s saddening, but it’s also fulfilling to the audience.

So why make Kylo Ren so sympathetic in the first film ? Why humanize him to such a degree so early on ? What’s the point of getting everyone so attached ?

The other two Star Wars ‘anti hero’ villains whom I compare Kylo to (Mara and Ventress) seemed to start off in a rougher if not as rough patch, yet still came through because early on the audience encounters hints and gradually clues as to make you sympathize with them, till finally their backstory comes out and the character enters a stage of wanting to change and also wanting to become better. Watching these two villains redeem themselves is fantastic story telling and overall the audience is happy with the story choice because when a triumphant is executed correctly it’s beautiful to watch.

I’ve seen a pocket of Star Wars fans (usually the Rey Skywalker theorists) who have this grandeur pessimistic idea of the sequel trilogy where Ben Solo becomes so dark and then spirals out of control into a terrible chaos and then dies horrifically blah blah blah.

This ending for Kylo is extremely unfulfilling. It’s needlessly tragic and thinking about the beloved son of Han and Leia dying horribly or being consumed by darkness is not the pessimism that I want from Star Wars.

That was always my major beef with the Prequel Trilogy. Watching everything and everyone you’ve come to love over three movies (no matter how much bad dialogue; admit it you came to love the characters) is now dead or in horrible circumstances. Wonderful, makes me want to hide and then watch the next three films where the Galaxy is actually saved and things come out ok. Even in the end of Empire Strikes Back where everything is in tatters you have that last shot of Luke and Leia looking out the view port, as if to assure the viewer, “Yes, this is going to work out. There is hope. Hang in there.”

Why can’t we have that for the sequel trilogy as well ? I want optimism. I want a happy ending.

White people are freaking out and getting all bent out of shape over a terror attack in a western country that killed 5 people, and yet when black people, trans people, and people in the Middle East are continually, SYSTEMATICALLY attacked and murdered, it’s just an “occasional thing” or “the way the world works”.

Joker and Harley Quinn’s Relationship in Suicide Squad.

Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship changes with each re-imaginging of the characters. In Suicide Squad - The Joker freaking adored his Harley Quinn.

The Joker is dangerous and hell bent on getting her back, and God have mercy on whoever stands in between him and his reunion with her.

In Suicide Squad, he is even openly affectionate with Harley, and purrs like a revved car engine when the two share a kiss when they are finally reunited. Leaning forward and pushing as much of himself into the intimate kiss as he can. Then in his low, gravelly voice, he tells her that he has drinks on ice and a bear skin rug waiting for them at home.

She is smitten with him, he is mad about her… Basically; do not get between Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. They are crazy and would burn the entire city to the ground to find each other.

mine and @richonning​‘s Norman & Tom photo op! this one happened so fast. Norman grabbed onto my shoulder before I was actually turned around and situated between them (you can see his hand is like all up in my hair if you look closely. he got some of Ashley’s too lmao). so I ended up having to twist myself around and then quickly get my arm behind Ash’s back. long story short, I was literally squatting down a bit in this picture (I’m actually taller than Tom) and slightly disheveled all because of Norman’s arm and hand, lmao. He felt amazing though, his shirt was so soft. And Tom is gorgeous.