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Out of the Blue 03

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk.

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: finally part 3 is here!! this one was really tricky. i edited it so much in terms of adding parts, then turning around and taking them back out and just completely removing an entire scene and replacing it with something that flowed better. ugh. i have mixed feelings on this, but it is what it is lmfao i mean all it is is smut so i guess it really doesnt matter. enjoys babes <3

Words: 6.3k

01 | 02 | 03

It was odd, Namjoon thought, at how comfortable you and Jungkook seemed to be around each other, having only known each other for a little over a day. He couldn’t even begin wrap his head around the way ‘natural instincts’ and 'pheromones’ worked between you two, but then again, he was merely just a human. Last night was weird and he couldn’t exactly say he liked it, as he slept alone again for the first time in a very long while, having to keep himself warm without you there being his little heater. 

The first night here was hard, but there was something about last night that was almost unbearable. 

He got little sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about you, and how you were dealing with sleeping without him these past two nights since you had never done so before, but then he realized you were probably perfectly fine - curled up beside Jungkook, sleeping peacefully with the other’s arms tightly around you. His arms were probably so tight because he was probably afraid someone would try to take you away from him in the middle of the night while you two slept.

Well, that was if you even got any sleep, did your fevers subside long enough for you to get some shut-eye? Or were you two at it all night?

Namjoon shook his head in mild disgust, trying to clear his mind of the unwanted images that started popping up and he looked out of the window, down at the pool where you and Jungkook were playing in the water together. He watched on, a strange sort of jealousy planted in his chest. Could he really not even get one moment alone with you? He just didn’t quite know how to cope with that - didn’t understand how Jungkook could be that possessive.

But again, he was just a human. How could he possibly understand?

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Right Here

Logan Howlett x Reader, angsty fluff. 

“Breath, you idiot.” Logan muttered as he cradled your body in his arms. “Come on, kid.”

Your eyes remained closed, arms limped at your side. Logan’s heart raced and he cursed under his breath just as the Blackbird appeared from the sky, landing down a few yards away.

“About damn time,” Logan stood up with you in his arms and raced toward the aircraft. He was supposed to protect you, but he had turned his back and you were hit in the chest. The bleeding hadn’t stopped and a sinking feeling came over the man. It was stupid, he had promised himself never to get close to another person again. But then you walked right into the mansion, all attitude and grace, knocked him on his ass once while dueling and he felt himself slip. After so many years, he had let you in. And now you were dying in his arms and there was nothing he could do, except hope and shit he didn’t have much of that left in him.

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Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Request: Okay well this isnt a soulmate au, but what about Alex summers x reader in which they both live in Xaviers mansion and Alex’s room is right beside hers and he listens to really loud music till 4am so one night she storms in and takes his iPod/CDs/phone and he chases her around the mansion 💕 I know you have ALOT of requests already but I just LOVE your writing so I thought I’d give a shot asking 🙏🏻

Notes: So, I’m getting back into writing now that I’m on break, so hopefully I’ll get a lot done (I have finals after break though…yikes) Anyways, hope you guys like it!

You sigh as you unlock the door to your room, tossing your bag towards your desk and flopping down on your bed. Tired from training you shut your eyes, trying to get some sleep before an afternoon class. Unsurprisingly, your neighbor, Alex, starts blasting his music. You groan, reaching into your nightstand and pulling out earbuds, hoping to drown out the pounding music coming from Alex’s room. You manage to fall asleep for a short while, being woken again by more music.

Gritting your teeth, you stand up and grab your bag, leaving your room and slamming the door behind you. You set off to find Hank, knowing he would listen to you rant about Alex as you had before.

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the-heart-alchemist  asked:

#25 white rose please and thank you! :)

Here you go, friend! You are most welcome :)

Ruby lay with her head resting on Weiss’ chest, her partner and girlfriend working her fingers through the tangled knots of Ruby’s hair. These moments were what Ruby lived for nowadays, the quiet stillness of the pre-dawn hours when she and Weiss were the only ones awake. Getting to share this time alone together almost made the nightmares that jarred both of them awake every night worth it. Sometimes they whispered quietly, reminiscing about Beacon or chatting about small, unimportant things; sometimes they just sat in silence and enjoyed each others’ company.

Tonight fell into the latter category. Ruby had woken up a few minutes earlier, shaking and afraid from her dreams to find Weiss already awake and waiting as she always was. She hadn’t said a word, had simply gestured for Ruby to come closer, leading her to her current position. The silence between them was comfortable and Ruby let the world outside of Weiss’ arms melt away.

“You talk in your sleep, you know,” Weiss said suddenly.

Ruby looked up at her, confused. “I do?”

“It took me forever to get used to at Beacon. Some nights I wanted nothing more than to smother you with a pillow.”

“I’m sorry,” Ruby mumbled, feeling heat creep into her face. “That must’ve sucked.”

Weiss chuckled. “You know, sometimes I enjoyed knowing what you were dreaming about.”

Ruby grinned. Hearing Weiss talk about their relationship at Beacon never failed to be absolutely adorable “Hoping to hear your name?”

Weiss nudged her playfully. “Shut up, dolt.” Then, after a pause, “You used to talk to Summer a lot in your dreams.”

Ruby nodded silently. Her thoughts had a habit of turning to Summer at night, thinking about what she would say about whatever particular problem Ruby was struggling with at the moment.

“Tonight you were crying. You didn’t say anything, you just…cried.” Weiss continued. Ruby stiffened as she thought about the darker places sleep had taken her lately. “Do you…do you wish to talk about it?”

Ruby realized suddenly that she did, even though it would shatter the fragile sense of peace they had created. She wanted nothing more than to spill her heart out to the girl who held her. “I dreamed I was home, in Patch,” she began, hesitantly.  :”Except our house wasn’t there, there were just ashes and somehow I just knew everyone was dead. Dad, Yang, Blake, you. And I just sat there as it sunk in that I was going to be alone for the rest of my life.” Describing it, Ruby felt numb. She didn’t cry, she didn’t waver, she just felt cold and empty. Was that worse? Maybe. She was too tired to care.

Weiss’ grip tightened around her “Ruby, that sounds just awful. I’m so, terribly sorry.”

Ruby sat up, twisting so that she was facing Weiss before kissing her softly. Warmth and love flooded in to drive off the hollowness inside her chest. “It’s okay. They’re just dreams, Weiss, and I don’t want to think about them. I want to think about you.” She planted another quick peck on Weiss’s nose before settling back down against her shoulder.

Silence fell again, but it wasn’t the same as before. The real world had crept back in. “What are your nightmares about?” Ruby finally asked.

Weiss was quiet for so long that Ruby thought she had fallen asleep, but finally she spoke. “They used to be about my father’s mansion. I’d find myself back there and realize this had all been a dream, or he’d found me and dragged me back there. But now…” she trailed off.

“But now?”

Weiss’ reply was barely audible. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Ruby snuggled closer to Weiss, hoping it would comfort her. “You aren’t gonna lose me. I’m right here.”

“I have watched you die every night in a hundred different ways. Waking up and getting to hold you like this feels like a miracle,” Weiss murmured, burying her face in Ruby’s hair.

“Oum, imagine your past self looking at us now.” Ruby tried to lighten the mood, desperately wanting to move on from all the talk of dying and gloom.

Weiss giggled in a very un-Schee-like way. “I would have thought we’d both gone mad. I think you would have been even more disgusted.”

Ruby snorted. “Are you kidding? I had a massive crush on you ever since the moment you saved me from that nevermore.”

“And what about now?” Weiss’ voice was low and full of amusement. “Am I still your crush?”

“Nope.” Ruby turned to face Weiss, grinning. “Weiss Schnee, you are the love of my life.”

Bachelor Boys [Part 1]

ProloguePt 2Pt 3Pt 4Pt 5Pt 6Pt 7Pt 8Pt 9Pt 10Pt 11Pt 11.5Epilogue

“Uh…” You try not to drop your jaw. “This is where we’re living?”

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Wrong Partner

Summary: A trip to Disneyland with Tyler’s family in which you unintentionally spend more time with his younger brother instead of him, striking him to become jealous.

Word Count: 2,084.

A/N: Big thank you to the sweet anon who requested this gem. Sorry for being on hiatus for almost a month on posting any new fics but hopefully I’ll be back on track for things. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated my frens.

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Smart Mouth Chapter 9

Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight

Rating: Mature 

Notes: Sorry it took so long, I was totally lost with where to go. Huge shout out to @we-became-the-flowers for giving me some ideas about the direction where to take this fic. They’re also working on their own little side and ALT ending to Smart Mouth so take a look at that when it comes out. This is still the canon fic so don’t worry about that.

This chapter is mostly just Moon dealing with her internal emotional conflicts. I have the rest of the fic planned out so hopefully I’ll be updating this fic more frequently, and eventually finishing it. Sorry if there alot of typos, I literally dozed off trying to proof read this. Anyway enjoy. 

Now the question was, should I stay or should I go? Guzma knew I was stubborn little bitch and never listened to what anyone told me. When he told me not to be here did he think I would actually listen to him, or did he deliberately tell me to leave so I would stay? Reverse psychology is frustrating, if this was reverse psychology. Guzma could just legitimately not want to see me. Which I could understand I guess. What just happened between us was far from okay despite how exhilarating it was.

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Dad!Peter Maximoff headcanons
  • Peter decides to take a break from being an X-Men because he’s almost 30 and wants to do some things before it’s too late
  • One of those things is actually finding a girlfriend (you)
  • He meets you on accident and you guys easily connect over music and Twinkie’s
  • After awhile, Peter wants to pop the question, but before he can, you announce that your pregnant ( he asks you eventually)
  • He almost doesn’t know how to react. He’s scared and couldn’t be more ecstatic at the same time
  • Once he sees the worried look you have, he hugs you tightly and keeps repeating I’m gonna be a dad over and over. Even to random strangers. You refrain from smacking him when he does this
  • He’s so happy and can’t wait to meet the new baby
  • When the baby finally does come, it’s a girl and he couldn’t be happier. That was the first time you saw Peter cry.
  • She has your eyes and immediately had little wisps of silver hair. (She’s a total daddy’s girl)
  • Peter is always holding her, even when you insist she’ll live if she’s not in his arms for two seconds. (Cue arguments whenever he doesn’t let you hold her)
  • His mom and sister would’ve kidnapped her if Peter hadn’t been smart enough to distract them with baby photos
  • He loves to bring you lunch at work, meaning most days you get to see your baby and Peter before you go home. Thank you kisses to both are a must. The baby always starts laughing when you kiss her nose (I hope it’s ok I based this one on a head canon you have @mllknhoney)
  • He sometimes goes a little too fast when dressing the baby, leaving you to put her clothes on the right way
  • You two always try to make her go to sleep at 8. Then you two snuggle in a pile on the couch for a couple of hours. (Which always ends with you two falling asleep, you snuggled into his chest)
  • More often than not, he offers to see what’s wrong if the baby starts crying
  • On your days off, you make Peter go do something by himself for a couple of hours, but he never knows what to do with out you
  • Some days it feels like she’s growing up too fast and others it feels like she will never be older than a newborn. It depends on how stressed you both are
  • You get them matching shirts
  • They were them all the time
  • You decide to get in on the action and buy a set of three so you can all match (it’s disgustingly cute)
  • Because Peter is such a Soft Boy™ you always make sure to at least hug him for a solid five minutes before leaving for work (he won’t admit it but he wants you to hug him always)
  • One day he gets a message from Charles asking where the hell he’s been and that he’s needed back with the X-Men.
  • You decided it would be better for you guys to move to New York near the school (thankfully your work place had a division near by)
  • But you couldn’t come with him until all your credentials and things got transferred to the new place, meaning it was time for a dad/daughter road trip (“Peter you are not running there with the baby.”)
  • Peter has never been more proud of himself. He was a dad. He was going to show e v e r y o n e his baby.
  • Hank opens the door to see Peter holding a baby. He isn’t sure what to say except for hi.
  • “Why do you have a baby?” “Well her mom and I-” I got it Peter" hank wants him to never bring that up again.
  • Charles is happy to see Peter back. They could really use him right now, as the team is getting overworked.
  • He just kinda sets the baby down on the desk. (“To answer your question, this is where the hell I’ve been.”)
  • He may have said that all a little too fast but Charles got the basics. The baby is asleep, giving the chance for him to tell Peter what’s happened since he basically disappeared.
  • A little sob interrupts the conversation, but “don’t worry I’m here baby girl.” stops the outburst from continuing
  • He follows Charles around, baby on his hip looking at what they’ve done with the mansion in the few years he was gone.
  • Then of course, babies get attention. Especially from bubbly teenagers named Jubilee.
  • The baby gets passed around. She really likes Kurt. Especially his tail. But he doesn’t listen to peters warning of her being grabby.
  • Then Scott and Alex are asking to hold the baby. Jubilee was one thing, but both of them shot beams out of their bodies…hell no.
  • The baby likes Ororo, and the feeling is kinda mutual. She likes that there is another mutant with hair similar to how hers is.
  • Then Peter notices Warren kinda edging his way into the circle to see what’s going on. Peter pretends he doesn’t notice the smile that finds its way onto his face when he gets to hold the baby.
  • Peter keeps bragging about how amazing and pretty you are and how nice it is to be in a relationship and how he hasn’t stolen anything in a long time.
  • Charles is extremely proud. he won’t admit it. But everyone can tell
  • (I think maybe Peter would use this opportunity to finally tell Erik he’s his son.) Peter just sees Erick and goes “Hi dad, here’s your granddaughter.” And hands him the baby.She instantly likes Erik. Erik on the other hand has no idea what to do with himself
  • At the end of the day, Peter sets his room back up for the night and calls you to tell you he loves you. You hear the baby giggling and yell at him for not making her go to bed yet but you love him too and you can’t wait to be back with your babies
  • When you finally do get to move, you can’t wait to meet everyone.
  • Warren begrudgingly answers the door. He smirks when he sees you on the other side, and flirts with you all the way to the professors office.
  • Which leads to him being super embarrassed when Peter calls him out on it. (“Hey bird boy stop flirting with my wife”) (Warren didn’t know. And now he’s blushing and Peters never gonna let it go)
  • “Hi, baby!” “Hi to you too.” “Not you Peter, I want my child.”
  • He pouts until you give him attention too.
  • He happily drags you around to meet everyone. Including Erik, who is kinda still in shock at the fact that he has a family
  • Warren is still embarrassed. You make it worse by teasing him about it. Everyone accepts you into the little group.
  • The three of you easily blend into life at the mansion. It’s not far from where you work and there is almost always a babysitter available.
  • Peter couldn’t be prouder of his girls and the feeling is mutual.
  • Taking a break from the X-Men is the best decision he has ever made

A/n: My requests are open!


( TAKAO MY BABY BOY SHOUT OUT TO HIM bless your soul for requesting him only one more request before I’m finally done with the old ask box! )

Kagami -

You knew you shouldn’t wake up your boyfriend when he did manage to finally fall asleep but the noises you were hearing were becoming almost unbearable and with you two the only ones in the whole house you wanted him awake if it was something or someone dangerous. You rolled over in his arms to take a look at his precious sleeping face. After hearing the tapping again you were quick to stop appreciating him and shook him. “Taiga!” He screamed in terror at the sudden awakening taking you both off the bed and onto the floor in his fit. “Oh shit ____ I’m sorry!” He apologized making sure you were okay as you laid on top of him. You giggled at him almost forgetting about your fears before you heard it again as you both looked out into the hallway. “I’ve been hearing that noise for the past hour…” You whispered. Kagami pulled you up to stand with him before slowly making his way to the hall and the noise. Seeing the hesitation in his movements you quickly ran up and grabbed onto his arm. “I’ll come with you tiger.” You smiled at him seeing him loosen up. “T-thank you.”

Murasakibara -

“Mura.” You huffed shoving the giant with all your strength trying to wake him but he only grumbled and rolled over. “Atsushi please get up.” You mumbled climbing on top of him lightly hitting his chest. “Go back to sleep ___-chin…” He trailed off about to fall into slumber when you placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Please.” You whimper giving your best puppy eyes. He sighed sitting up with you in his lap, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “What is it ___-chin.” You encased his large frame by wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. “There’s something making noise downstairs…” You murmured into his chest making him let out another sigh before falling back and tightly bundling you up in his arms. “No one is going to hurt ___-chin when I’m around.” He whispered on top of your making you snuggle into him. “I’ll keep you safe.”

Takao -

You laid wide awake in the middle of the night listening to Takao’s light snores and the odd noise coming from elsewhere in the house. As it grew louder you couldn’t help but to curl into your boyfriend’s chest wrapping your arms tightly around him. Feeling you cling to him he woke up to your shaking form. “___-chan are you okay?” He spoke softly brushing your hair out of your face and kissing your forehead. “I keep hearing something coming from the other room, would you go check it out please Kazu?” He looked down at you with his goofy smile. “Of course!” He yelled not hesitating to shoot out of the bed. “I am your knight in shining armor after all.” He voiced arrogantly. Let’s just say it didn’t take long for him to come running back into the bedroom screaming. ( His all talk but his delicate tbh ).

Akashi -

It took a long time for you to get used to Akashi’s mansion and even longer to learn what room was where. At first sleeping in his bed with him scared you as it was so oversized but with him it felt more comfortable. However there was only so much ease his presence could bring and right now as a banging sound echoed through the walls there was no ounce of calm in your body. Sitting with your legs against your chest head buried in your knees you heard the sheets shift next to you. “Why are you awake darling?” Akashi observed your nervous expression as he sat up next to you wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “There’s something making noise outside the door Sei.” You said a shaky hand pointing to the large door shut tightly. Akashi said nothing but gently released you and made his way to figure out the noise you were hearing. As he opened the door his Persian cat came running in and jumped onto the bed causing you to scream and almost fall out of the bed at the fluffy thing coming at you.

Busted (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Warning: a bit smut going on, but nothing too explicit

Request: Can you do one where you and joe have sex at his dad’s house and his dad finds out 

I changed it a bit, but it’s kinda the same but with a different setting. Hope that’s okay :)


You closed your eyes and smiled as the sun touched your skin and made it warm. It was January in Los Angeles so it almost felt like fall feels back in England. You, your boyfriend Joe and his two best friends Caspar and Oli had travelled to Los Angeles for a little getaway. You stayed in a beautiful mansion in Calabasas with a view over the ocean and a heated pool. It was perfect for a nice little holiday. Right now you were seated outside by the pool in one of the chairs and was just enjoying how quiet and nice there was out here. It was hard finding a quiet place with three hyper boys in the house, so it was nice to get to relax in quiet out by the pool.

“And Y/N is out here getting her tan on. Is it nice out here babe?” someone suddenly said and you opened your eyes and saw Joe walk towards you with his vlogging camera filming you. You nodded with a smile as Joe took place in the chair beside you. Joe always vlogged when he was away on holiday and so did Oli and Caspar, and since you and Joe had been together for 3 years, you were kind of getting used to always having cameras around.

“Oh it is really nice out here, isn’t it?” Joe said and laid back in his chair.

“It’s like fall in England,” you said and Joe nodded before putting his camera down.

“What are the other boys doing?” you asked as Joe took your hand in his and kissed it.

“They drove with Sawyer out to get some more beers, I think,” Joe answered and you shook your head with a laugh.

“You drink way too many beers,” you laughed and Joe smiled proudly.

“ We’re quite cool, aren’t we?” Joe said with a smirk and you nodded.

“Totally,” you answered sarcastically with made Joe chuckle.

“Actually, I have an idea since we’re alone,” Joe said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked at him and you instantly knew he was being dirty minded.

“Where do you wanna have sex this time?” you asked which made Joe burst into laughter.

“You make me sound like a nymphomaniac,” Joe laughed and you couldn’t help but laugh either.

“Actually I would just like to please my lady in the bedroom,” Joe said in a formal voice, which made you look at him with a disgusted face.

“Only if you stop phrasing it like that,” you said and Joe chuckled.

“Let’s go,” Joe said with a smirk as he stood up and pulled you after him. You couldn’t help but smile. You had been here for 3 days and you and Joe had never really gotten a moment alone together, to it would be nice to be together without anyone interrupting.
Joe led you to your shared bedroom and closed the door behind him. He put his lips passionately on yours as you made your way towards the bed. He pulled your top off revealing your bra which also quickly landed on the floor a long with your pants as well. Joe pushed you on the bed which made you smile at him, and he threw his shirt on the floor. His naked body turned you on even more, and you pulled his face to yours so you could kiss him again. You were both quickly naked and Joe began doing his thing which made you moan in pleasure. Since you were alone in the house and up in the mountains no one could hear you anyways, so why not?
Joe started of slowly before thrusting into you in a fast tempo, which made you moan even more. Suddenly you heard something from outside the room and Joe stopped his movements. You looked at each other with a horrified look.

“GUYS IM STILL HERE. JUST SO YOU KNOW!” Caspar suddenly yelled from outside the door and you could feel yourself blush. You covered your mouth in embarrassment before you and Joe bursted into laughter. You had never been busted before and you felt so embarrassed.

“I can never leave this room again,” you said which made both of you laugh even more.

“Well, that was a buzzkill,” Joe said before he fell down beside you.

“Totally not in the mood anymore,” you said, still red in your face. It was so embarrassing. You could not imagine anything worse than someone walking in on you having sex.

“At least it wasn’t any of our parents,” Joe said, whilst you were still just laying in bed looking up at the white ceiling.

“Yes omg. That would be even worse,” you answered and you looked at each other before you started laughing again.

“Let’s get dressed and face Caspar before the others get back and hear about it,” Joe said before he stood up from the bed, still naked. You couldn’t help but laugh again. The whole situation was somehow funny. You could still feel your cheeks being red as you took your clothes back on and prepared yourself to face Caspar. This would not be anything else than embarrassing. That you were sure of.

Park Chanyeol//Better Run - Part 2

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Prompt: You’re a mercenary who gave up on ethics a long time ago. This mission you’ve been given promises your highest pay yet, but you’re not sure how you can do it, especially given that it involves your ex-partner in crime.
Scenario: AU, angst, miniseries
Word Count: 4,488 

Part 1

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anonymous asked:

hi could you do 50 & 53 with peter maximoff

Originally posted by trash4newtscamander

50: so is this where I kiss you or?…
53: hurt her/him and I’ll break your neck

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: X-Men

Peter had finally asked you out on a date. You’ve been waiting forever for him to do that. He took you to a carnival that was visiting town and you had the time of your life. Peter used his super speed to win games and get you to the front of lines. It was awesome but…

Even though you were having a ton of fun, in the beginning of the date you were a bit worried. You hadn’t told your brother Scott about the date. Even though you were older than Scott he was very protective of you. You figured it would better if you didn’t tell him so he wouldn’t get in the way but he was bound to find out eventually. Despite all this as the date went on you totally forgot about Scott. You and Peter were still laughing when you got back to the mansion.

“You had fun right?” Peter asked as you wiped the tears of laughter away from your eyes. He walked with you all the way back to your dorm and now you were just standing outside your room.

“I had a ton of fun” you assured grinning widely. You two sort of just stared at each other for a moment until Peter finally awkwardly laughed and said.

“So is this where I kiss you or?…”.
You giggled nodding. Peter leaned in but just before your lips connected a voice interrupted.

“Hurt [her/him/them] and I’ll break your neck”.

You both turned to see Scott standing near you, arms crossed, and leaning against the wall. You rolled your eyes at your brother’s threat. Exactly why you didn’t tell him anything.

“Don’t worry shades I won’t” Peter said jokingly. There was a little bit of nervousness in his voice though. Peter began to walk away but all of sudden he zoomed back over to you and pecked you on the cheek, then zoomed off to his own room.

Scott adjusted his sun glasses threateningly as Peter passed and grumbled something under his breath that sounded like “watch your back maximoff”.

“Are you serious?” You said to your brother, raising an eyebrow, and placing your hands on your hips.

“I’m just looking out for you is all”.

“That’s sweet and all Scott but I can take care of myself. I’m not five years old”.

“Come on [Y/N]…”.

“Goodnight Scott” you yawned, waving to him as you entered your bedroom. You intended on going on more dates with Peter. Whether Scott liked it or not. So he might as well get use to this.

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Attitude Disaster

Request:  can I get an imagine where klaus is gone for days and then when he comes back he has an attitude and we get into an argument? I leave for a night so we both can cool down and when I come back the mansion is trashed and there’s glass everywhere. you can make up the ending, I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense; thank you!

a/n; this request made me want to write so much today 

Word Count: 463

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I smiled, hearing the door open and shut downstairs, is he finally home? I stood up, rushing down the stairs, “Klaus!” I said excitedly, going over to my boyfriend of many, many years. “Not now.” He grumbled in response, walking right past me. “Bad trip?” I asked him softly, following behind him. He didn’t answer, I frowned at the back of his head. 

“Klaus, what’s wrong?” I asked concerned. “Can you not see that I don’t want to talk to you now!” He growled as he turned, making me stop dead in my tracks. “You’ve been gone for a week, Niklaus! I think I’m entitled to getting at least a hello!” I retaliated, his demeanor weakening for a split second when I used his full name. 

“Fine, hello! Now just leave me be!” He shouted, I stepped back, slightly scared at his actions, “So bloody annoying.” I heard him mutter under his breath. My mouth fell agape at his words, I rushed past him into our bedroom, grabbing a bag and throwing some clothes in it, “What are you doing?” He asked, as if he hadn’t just insulted me. I looked up at him, zipping the bag shut. “I’m staying somewhere else tonight.” I snapped at him. 

Simply walking out the bedroom door, he didn’t even try to stop me. I held back my emotions until I was outside, I cried as I walked to a small hotel, just getting a room for one night. 


I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for what will happen beyond these doors. I swung the door open, gasping as I saw broken glass everywhere. “Oh, Klaus.” I mumbled to myself as I shut the door, carefully walking through the mess, heading straight for our room. 

I opened the bedroom door slowly, seeing Klaus asleep in the bed, the mess being smaller in here. I set my bag down and removed my shoes, climbing into the bed, sitting next to his waist. I placed my hand on his chest, shaking him lightly. “Klaus.” I said, his eyes shot open seconds later. He saw me sitting there and instantly reacted. 

I couldn’t help but smile as I was pulled into his arms, “I’m sorry, love.” He muttered into my neck, his lips ghosting over my skin. I sighed at the feeling, a smile on my face at the fact that he said I’m sorry. “I shouldn’t have bothered you when you told me not too.” I told him, he moved back, sitting in front of me, “I should’ve greeted you better.” He admitted, I leaned forward, kissing him like my life depended on it. “But you’re cleaning up that mess.” I whispered after pulling back, he chuckled grabbing me once more. Silently agreeing to my statement.

Adrien Accidentally Does Cocaine

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Adrien/Marinette
TW: drug use, depression, making out
Synopsis: After unwittingly mixing up pill bottles with another model, Adrien takes a dose of what he thinks are his antidepressants and goes a little crazy during a study session with Marinette.

To be completely honest, Adrien was terrified of taking medication. The potential side effects scared him and since he’s supposed to be alert when saving Paris as Chat Noir, he felt like he shouldn’t take anything that compromised his focus. But depression was hard to beat without medicine. He’d been suffering for years and when Nathalie found out about it, she put her foot down and got him put on antidepressants.

The little bottle felt like a weight in his bag as he picked it up off of the trailer’s floor. The photo shoot for his father’s winter line was done and it was time to go home. He had to miss an entire day of school for this, but he didn’t really mind. Since Nino was banned from his house, Marinette was the one to bring his assignments to him.

This was the one thing he liked about missing school since he’d get to spend time with her afterwards. She was more comfortable around him now that they had known each for a while, and although she still had that adorable stutter, they could hold a conversation. In fact, he’d lie to her and after skimming the notes, he’d tell her he didn’t get it and ask her to talk it over with him just to get to spend some extra time with her.

And speak of the devil, his phone started to ring and the selfie he’d taken with Marinette a few weeks ago popped up on his screen. That had been such a fun day. His father had bailed on a Disneyland trip and Adrien had taken Marinette in his place. The picture was of them about to face a thirteen story drop on a ride and Marinette’s face was priceless.

“Hey, Marinette. What’s up?” he asked.

“Nothing much. I have the homework and notes for today and I was wondering if you were home from the shoot,” she said.

“I just got done and I’m heading home now. It’ll probably take me about twenty minutes to get there.”

“If I leave right now, I can make it in less than five. Do you want some time to rest before I come or would you rather get this over with?” He chuckled. If he had his way, their study session would never end. There was no such thing as trying to get it over with.

“No, I’m fine. Come over soon,” he replied.

“Oh, okay! Sounds good! I’ll see you when you get home!”

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ll see you then!” He grinned, eyes flitting towards the sky to thank whoever was up there that he’d get to see Marinette today. Adrien was stopped in his tracks as he collided hard with someone twice his size. He fell back onto the ground, as did the other body, and their bags went flying, contents scattering everywhere.

“I’m so sorry!” Adrien apologized, sitting up and extending his hand to help the other guy up.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not the first time I’ve been knocked down by someone smaller than me,” Grégoire said with a soft smile. He’d known Adrien since he was a baby, as he was a protege of Adrien’s mother. He started reaching for his stuff, cuing Adrien to do that same. After all, he needed to get home before Marinette got there; the last thing he wanted to do was keep her waiting. “Who were you talking on the phone with? I saw that smile. I know when a guy’s in love.”

“Oh, it’s. uh, she’s just a girl in my class,” Adrien said, feeling heat rush to his face. Grégoire grinned as he put away his pill bottle.

“Sounds like she’s more than that,” he teased. “Have you made a move yet? Or are you still too in love with Ladybug?”

“S-shut up! That was years ago!” That was when I thought we had a chance, he added silently. And that was before he’d gotten to know the real Marinette.

“You should take her to the wrap party we’re having. I’m sure taking her to a party like that would make her fall right into your arms.” Adrien snorted, grabbing his cell phone and standing up.

“She’s not really into those kinds of parties, but she’d like to make connections. She’s going to be a fashion designer someday.”

“Then bring her along! After all, your dad’s the one that’s throwing it! I’m sure he’d let you have a friend come along!”

“Thanks, man. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you.” Grégoire had a point. His dad liked Marinette enough; maybe he’d let Adrien bring her along. It would be nice to not stick to Grégoire and his partners’ sides through another party. And it’d be a good excuse to go shopping with Marinette and see her in a cute, fancy dress. They could dance the night away and then they’d take a break and go and look at the stars. And then he’d give her his jacket and get enough courage to kiss her and ask her on a real date.

I’m getting ahead of myself, he thought as he and Nathalie got into his car. There’s no guarantee she’ll even want to go to the party.

“Nathalie, I’m having a friend over once we get back to the house,” he said.

“Who is it?”


“Is she staying for dinner?”

“I … Probably not.”

“Then good.” The cabin fell silent as they drove through the streets of Paris. It was only once they arrived back at the mansion did Nathalie speak up again. “Remember to take your medication before Marinette gets here.” Right. His medicine.

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X Men- Going to Dennys at 1AM

Well Dennys won by A LOT, so here we go XD
- It starts when the team is already out all Saturday evening. They spend the entire afternoon shopping, going to the movies, getting dinner, and stopping by the arcade. They do everything and anything they can think of; not wanting to go back to the mansion just yet. But before they know it, it’s well past midnight; the sun has set long ago, and the gang now finds themselves in the midnight trance of “PFSH, WHO NEEDS SLEEP!?”

-Poor Kurt is so tired, however, and nearly falls asleep against Warrens chest in the dark car as they drive on in the night blasting Lady Gaga and Flo Rida as the gang sings along.

-Warren is a pro at late night expeditions, and has to take over driving before Jean puts them in a ditch because of her tired mind. (Kurt is now much more awake because his angel is missing from his side and he no longer has the warm blanket of a wing over his body.)

-Jean knows that she should be the responsible one and take them home, but Scott’s right. They need to live a little, right?

-With Warren in charge of the radio, heavy metal it is. “It sounds better past midnight, doesn’t it!?” He’s surprised when the team agrees.

-“Well… what now?” They all sit quietly as Warren drives on down the road to nowhere, and ponder the question.

-“Food?” Jubilee asks quietly, and all hell breaks lose once again as the team agrees and begins throwing out names of restaurants and fast food places. They finally settle on Dennys, since it’s open 24 hours and just three minutes away.

-Warren pulls in and parks, and the gang piles out in tired excitement as they bounce across the dark parking lot to the old building.

-Warren smiles at Kurt’s heavy eyes and dragging body as he fights sleep, and wraps his arm and wing tightly around him as they walk in.
“I’ll buy you somethin, come on,” he whispers to him as they all sit at the party booth in the back.

-It goes Warren, Kurt, Jubilee, Scott, Jean, and Ororo as they sit in a line in the rounded corner booth.

- They talk loudly against the quiet restaurant, as they are the only ones there, and the workers in the kitchen give them tired glares and heavy eye rolls.

-“Maybe I take your orders?” The waitress is shy talking to so many powerful mutants; unsure as to what exactly they were all doing there so late. They say what they want, ignoring her, and each get something ridiculous, knowing they will never finish it.

-Warren feels Kurt grow heavy against his side under his wing, and lifts his boyfriends chin to look down at him. “You want anything babe?” He whispers quietly before it’s their turn. Kurt glances at the menu, but gives up as his brain becomes mush. “Surprise me,” he yawns, and Warren smiles and rests the blue boys head back on his shoulder.

-The waiter finally looks at Warren, already on her third sheet of paper with the pen, and the Angel smiles. He gets something simple, and then nods his head for the girl to come closer.

-He whispers what he wants to get Kurt into her ear, and the girl smiles and nods as she pulls away.

-“OOOOOOO, what’d you saaayyy?” Jub raises her eyebrow at him curiously, and Warren just smirks, ignoring the question.

-As soon as their drinks come a few minutes later, Kurt is just awake enough to mummble a few sounds. Warren gets his straw open and in his drink for him, and then picks up his own.

-He takes just an inch of paper off the top, puts the end of the straw in his mouth, and blows hard; shooting the paper over Kurt’s head and directly into Scott’s ear across the table as he was talking to Jean.

-The boy cries out and jumps up only to hit his thighs on the table and fall back down; earning a laugh from everyone but tired Kurt. They can see even with his glasses on that he’s glaring, but his smile fights through his anger and spread on his lips.

-“It was him I swear!” Warren giggles and points to Kurt, and everyone laughs even harder.

-Scott mumbles a fast threat under his breath, and quickly grabs his own straw; ripping the top off and shooting it right back at Warren.

-The angel busts out laughing as it hits him in the cheek, and suddenly the war is on.

-Ororo opens her straw and blows it at Jubilee, Jubilee shoots hers at Jean, and Jean readies to shoot her back; opening the wrapper and laughing loudly.

-But as she puts the straw to her mouth and gives it a weak blow, the paper catches at the last second and goes haywire; landing square in Jubilees orange juice.

-“AW, MAN, NOT COOL!” They all laugh at her as she digs the soggy paper out, and flicks it at Jean.

-The tired waiter then finally shows up with their food, and sets the giant plates in front of them. They all smile at Warren and Kurt when the waiter suddenly sets a heart shaped pancake with a strawberry outline and blueberry face on it in front of Kurt.

-Kurt is now wide awake and blushes as he bites his lip, ready to cry at what Warren got for him.

-Within a few minutes the tons of food is just shoved around, and it becomes a feeding frenzy of hands grabbing at whatever they wanted; the team too tired to care at this point. (Kurt of course guards his precious lovely pancake like a dog, and Warren feels butterflies in his chest at the sight.)

-It takes an hour for the team to slow down and finish everything, and Kurt has gone back to leaning happily against Warren.

-The table is a complete mess with napkins, cups, straws, plates, and silverware stacked in towers and spread around with no care at all.

-“Guys, check this out,” Warren says suddenly when the conversation dies down, and balls up a straw wrapper. He carefully aims it at something the team can’t quite see, and then chucks it across the room- throwing it perfectly into a cup a few tables down.

-“NO WAY!” Scott says loudly, and the team laughs as he and Warren begin a mini fight. Scott balls up a wrapper too, and tries the same thing only to fail and completely miss.

-Warren and the others laugh as Scott blushes, and Jubilee decides to give it a shot. She hits the cup, but it bounces off and lands on the floor.

-Now it becomes a heated competition, and within a minute they have torn up every napkin and wrapper that had been on the table. The cup is half full of successful tries, but the seats and floor of their target are littered with the white paper.

-Its when Scott and Warren are spitting insults and laughing at each other’s failed attempts, that the flustered waiter comes over and gives them an annoyed look.
“I’m going to have to ask you guys to leave,” she says, and the others freeze as they exchange looks.

-“Pff,” Warren raises his eye brows and stands up; causing the waiter to back away and take off towards the kitchen. The others follow Warren up to the door, and they all head out into the cold night.

-Warren yawns, practically holding Kurt up at this point, and stops before getting into the car.

-“Warren, what are you doing?” Jean sighs as he speed walks back towards the entrance.
“Hold on, I have a tradition to keep up with!”

-The team watches and sighs as the angel climbs up the garden and through the bushes to the window, and pulls a sharpie out of his pocket.

-“Warren, no!” Jean tries, but she is too late as Warren pops the cap off and draws a giant penis right on the front window.

-He runs back as Scott and Jub burst out laughing, and jumps in the car. He starts the engine and tears out of the driveway, burning rubber and leaving tire marks in the driveway as they speed home.

-“Warren, you are going to be in so much trouble, you know that’s illegal right!?” Jean is the only one truly upset, next to Kurt who is now dead asleep.
“Its only illegal if you get caught, relax! And besides, I have an oath to do that to every public place I get kicked out of!” Warren shrugs it off.

-They make it back to the mansion in one piece with out being pulled over, and fall out of the car now exhausted.

-They walk up the steps to the doors, ready for bed after such a long day when: “Uh, guys… did we pay?” Jubilee freezes before walking in, and they all groan loudly before piling back into the car.
*** BONUS:
-When they finally get home, the others branching off to their own rooms, Warren carries Kurt bridal style as he sleeps soundly in his arms up to their their room.
As he lays Kurt down softly on the bed and works his clothes off so he can sleep comfortably, the blue mutant stirs and wakes a little, taking Warren’s hand before the angel can walk away.
“Zank you for zat…” He smiles as he pulls Warren closer, and opens his bright yellow eyes as Warren smiles down at him and leans in. He knows what Kurt is talking about, and feels his cheeks heat up with a mad blush.
“Of course babe,” he whispers with a smirk, and presses a soft kiss to Kurts cheek.

In The Rain

A Blind Spots Ficlet


Pairing: Adrienette

Rating: K+

Summary: It’s a rainy day. No, it’s not what you think.

Author Notes: So this is actually based off the mini-comic I’d drawn yesterday. I’m surprised I did this. I WROTE A FICLET OMG. *starts screaming internally* I don’t pride myself as a writer at all but for some reason this was another itch I had to scratch so here it is. TAKE IT. The first of possibly many more Blind Spots ficlets to come (not necessarily from just me). Hope you enjoy!

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Metal Torture - Chapter 23

AN: The response I got from the last chapter was just staggering and I’m blown away.  I’m not going to lie, I let out a really ugly evil laugh when I posted it, then I went to bed.  I woke up to so much stuff, it was great.  I love you, lovelies! 


My knees dug into the sand and pebbles, my arms wrapped around him, fingers digging into cold flesh, a shiver passing over my body as rain began to fall from the sky. I couldn’t let him go, couldn’t stop touching his skin, my tears freely falling onto him as I wept over him.

He looked peaceful, his face calm, his eyes closed to me. All anger and aggression was gone from his features, his face handsome, almost boyish, raindrops sticking to his long eyelashes. I kissed each eyelid, hiccuping around a sob that tore from my chest, my hands clutching at his face.

Lightening cracked loudly nearby, the landscape illuminated brightly, a bolt of the electricity striking close. Tiny hairs stood up on my body, my own internal white heat swirling and unsettled, like it sensed a distant relation with the natural current. 

Fingers dragged along skin, lips following in their wake as I tried to memorize every single inch of him, knowing he would eventually be gone, his physical form only fleeting. I never wanted to forget. I couldn’t remember much, but this, him, I wanted to remember forever.

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never fade away, part ii

request- a continuation of never fade away.
part i can be found here!

“Knock knock, ladies,” Jerome announced the both of you walking into a sizable bedroom with two women sitting on the end of an unmade king bed. One was white with short blonde hair, while the other was African-American with long black hair kept up in a sleek high ponytail. “Don’t play rough now. I’ll be back for my girl in an hour.” He left a chaste kiss on your check before letting go of you and walking out of the room, closing the door behind him. You were left all alone with the two women. The blonde stood up and made her way over to you, a menacing smile plastered on her feline face.

“Look at you!” she exclaimed. “Tabby, look at her! He wasn’t kidding, you really are young.” She took a hold of your wrist and led you over to a vanity on the other side of the room, the other woman, Tabitha, following behind you. “Here, sit,” she pulled out the vanity seat and motioned to you. You obeyed as the other woman grabbed a brush and began to run it through your hair. “This is gonna be so much fun!” the blonde continued, grabbing a bin out of a drawer in the vanity. You could see it was full of different shapes and sizes of bottles, and then came to the conclusion that it was makeup of some sort. “Tabby never lets me give her makeovers.”

“That’s because you always end up making me look like some sort of doll,” Tabitha responded, still tenderly brushing your hair. “I’m not a little kid, she is.” She addressed you now. “Barbara likes dressing people up. This is a dream come true for her.”

You managed to find your voice for the first time since you’d last spoken to Jerome. “What… what’re you gonna do to me?” you asked, trying to speak in monotone so as not to show your fear. Your voice still shook, but you were so quiet it was barely noticeable.

“Oh, nothing extreme!” Barbara tried to reassure you. “Just gonna doll you up is all. That way, I get someone to play with and Jerome gets an even more adorable girlfriend. Everybody wins!” Tabitha had stopped brushing your hair by that time and had began to part your hair down the middle, and then started to french braid the left side.

Barbara was now putting foundation on your face. The bin of makeup she’d previously gotten out had every shade of makeup imaginable, and she’d tested a few on your wrist before being content with one of the shade’s she’d chosen and applying it to your skin. You looked at your reflection in the mirror, and realized that the tears you had shed earlier had stained your cheeks and made your skin blotchy and red. You were silently grateful Barbara was covering them up. She finished up almost as quickly as she had started and them moved onto blush. The soft brush on your skin and Tabitha braiding your hair was calming, and momentarily subsided your anxiety. You closed your eyes for a moment, thankful for the serenity of the moment.

But all good things must come to an end.

As Tabitha finished the other side of your braid and Barbara had finished both applying blush to your cheeks and mascara to your eyelashes, the hour ended and the ginger devil re-entered the room. His eyes immediately fixated on your significantly smaller frame, and your skin began to crawl when a villainous smile crept onto his face.

“Wow,” he said, his voice dangerously low and coarse. “Look at you! All dolled up, just for me.” He walked over to you as Barbara and Tabitha stepped back to admire their handiwork. He took a hold of your hand and motioned for you to stand up, and then tilted your chin up for you to look at him while the other remained holding onto yours. “And you’re all mine.” He leaned down closer to your face and planted a soft kiss on your lips. It didn’t last long, but it was enough to make you wish it would just end already. He pulled away and the four of you all filed out into the hallway, destination unknown to you. While Tabitha and Barbara continued down the way and turned the corner into an open room, Jerome stoped walking and you nearly collided with his back. He turned around and stared down at you. “Y'know, I’ve been thinking about it, and maybe we should wait a while before you meet the other guys. They’re pretty bad. Wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. I don’t really want them lookin’ at you, anyhow. They’ll just make me mad, ‘n I don’t think you’ll want to see me when I’m mad.” He grabbed your forearm and led you in another direction and into another bedroom. “Stay here. I’ll go get'cha some food, babe,” and with that he was out the door. You looked around the room, incessantly praying that someone soon realized you were missing and the police would come find you and save you.

You’d give him this, the kid was attractive. That was undeniable. But he was also a severely mentally unstable psychotic criminal, and he also kidnapped you. No matter how much he doted upon you, that was unforgivable. Additionally, you knew that psychopaths were incapable of feeling typical human emotions like love. He could be as infatuated with you as possible, but it would never be love. That wasn’t how you wanted to live your life. Sooner or later, you would escape and return back to your home, and you would do everything possible to put him behind bars. As you made that promise to yourself, Jerome re-entered the room with two plates of food in either hand. “Well, you can sit, y'know! Get comfy. Make yourself at home. After all, thats what this is.” He gestured to the bleak room surrounding the both of you. He sat back on his bed, his tall, lanky frame leaning back against the headboard. You took a seat on the opposite corner, dragging the plate of food he’d sat down onto your lap. “'Course, this won’t be home forever. Nah, I’ll get us a big mansion, far away from here. Where Jim Gordon and the GCPD would never think to look for me. That way we’d be able to relax. And you’ll never have to worry about a thing, (y/n). Not a thing. I’ll always take care of you.” He’d sat up by now, and scooted over to sit right next to you. “You know that, don’t you? You gotta, by now.” He had cleared his plate during his little speech, and yet you had managed to eat next to nothing. Your anxiety was too high for you to manage to eat anything. Jerome notice this soon enough. What’s wrong? Why aren’t you eating?“ He stared intently at you, but your gaze was fixed on the floor and you weren’t planning on moving it any time soon. "Hey,” he placed a hand on your shoulder. “You okay, babe? Come on, talk to me,” he pleaded.

“I’m fine. Not hungry is all,” you said, hoping that would satisfy him. Luckily for you, it did. He simply grabbed your plate and his own and placed them on a nightstand by his bed.

“’S pretty dark out,” he commented. “D'ya wanna go to bed? I’m beat,” he admitted, yawning loudly and stretching. He walked over to a dresser at another side of the room and pulled a relatively large t-shirt out of one of the drawers. He held it out to you, and you took it into your hands. “You can wear this. I’ll get some proper clothes for you tomorrow. The bathroom’s right there.” He pointed to another door in the room. You silently made your way to it and shut the door behind you, thankful to have at least a minute or two to collect yourself. You put the t-shirt on after discarding of your own clothes, save for your underwear of course. Under the skin, there was a stack of unused washcloths, and you got one wet to remove the makeup you had on from earlier. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at your reflection, you were already aware that the face looking back at you wouldn’t be yours. She wouldn’t be yours until you finally got away from this boy keeping you hostage. You shut off the lights and opened the door, and across the way Jerome was already under the covers, the space next to him uncovered for you to get in.

The whole time, you just wished you could’ve at least had your own bed. This was too much. You sat down and slid your feet under the blankets, trying to stay as far away from the eighteen year old as possible. You turned your back to him and curled yourself up as much as possible. Jerome reached over to turn off the single lamp illuminating the room, and once it was off, his arm was wrapped around your frame in an instant. You tensed up, and your breathing lessened. His only response was to pull you closer and wrap his other arm around you as well. “G'night, babe. Sweet dreams,” he whispered in your ear, placing a kiss on your shoulder before laying his head back down and slowly falling asleep.

“Goodnight,” you responded, almost silently.

[AND WITH THAT I AM GOING TO BED!!! i m so tired friends, exams are on monday n i am not prepared at all i m going to fail all my classes but its ok. this continuation was requested by @multifandom-fangirl-14 as well as others. i hope you all enjoy!!]
Even though this Love is only Filled with Lies


Even though this Love is only Filled with Lies


Masaomi: Uhm…… how’s it?”

Masaomi-san asked with a worried face with the teapot in his hand.

I cradled the take with my hands. After the tea was poured, it end up in a beautiful ember color, the smell is good and there is a faint sweet taste spreading in my mouth.

“It is delicious.”

As I said that, Masaomi-san’s face becomes relaxed.

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