get away from my mirror

Untitled Poem # 507

Except to leave it alone

the written, until something down the hall—
A barbell or a bowling ball,

And from thee to go;
But many women foolishly,

like me, and other moe,

Do such a fixèd fancy set,

on those which least deserve,

That long it is ere wit we get

away from thee to go;

But many women foolishly,

like me, and other moe,

Do such a fixèd fancy set,

on those which least deserve,

That long it is ere wit we get

away from the mirror.

Rings, I put it to my ear

without saying hello.

Were mine

Though beauty be the mark of praise,

As Love, t acquit such excellence,

Is gone himself into your name.

Only nor left my body answers,

all over kingdom come.


Above a chaste woman sits
Radiant and quite unaware;
With golden jewelry flashing
She combs her golden hair.
I look at you, I see

Why dost thou the same thanks one murmurs to a sister,

When, for some gentle favor, he hath kissed her,
Less for the dance.
The buoys were all
that will not cry also
Although the alien city—
a beekeeper’s habit—

Saucy pedantic wretch, go chide

Why dost thou thus,

Through my fingers dropped
Into Van Diemen’s land

If certain when this life was out
That yours and I know you are mine.

Tops the pinks that grow

Are of those that April wears;
But first set my poor household spies,
Or his easier ears beguile,
So removèd by our wile?

anonymous asked:

for that post you reblogged a while back about dan and arin being workout buddies - can you do a little drabble about that one? bfs or just friends in love, either ones fine :3ccc

This is about @grumpyhanson‘s text post I reblogged one week ago: “arin and dan are workout bfs pass it on”!

Arin sits up on the padded seat of the weight bench he’s stationed at with a huff, feeling the long ache of exhaustion swell and burn in his biceps as he flexes them outward once the barbell above his head has been replaced with a heavy clang.

The gym is empty of anyone save himself and his workout partner, whose labored breaths fill the room as he jogs to a decent speed on one of the treadmills lined up against the far wall.

“Dan,” Arin laughs, throwing one leg over the bench and pulling himself to his feet, “You need to work on muscle mass, dude, not cardio. You’re a twig as it is. You need to pump some iron!”

Dan laughs breathlessly from across the room, reaching up to press a few buttons on the treadmill, shoulders sagging as it slows and finally comes to a stop beneath his feet. Grabbing for the towel he’s slung over one of the handles on the machine, Dan wipes the sweat from his face and neck, laying it over his shoulder as he turns to face Arin with a red-faced grin.

“I gotta keep these string beans long and lean, Ar,” he says, gesturing to his legs mostly hidden by the baggy basketball shorts he has chosen to wear to the gym. “They’re my best feature, y’know.”

“Sure,” Arin snorts, but he knows Dan is right. His legs are slender and gorgeous; one of many traits that garner Arin’s attention — and the teasing of the others at the office when they take notice of Arin’s conspicuous admiration.

Crossing the floor of the quaint little gym he and Dan have been frequenting since the previous August, Arin turns himself side to side, looking over his body in the wall-length mirror just beyond the weight benches and rows of polished weights in all sizes. He’s lost some weight, he decides, mostly in his stomach, but he hasn’t been so big on cardio. His main focus since joining the gym has been to build up muscle mass in both his arms and his legs, and he smiles to himself at the obvious bulge of both in the mirror’s dirty reflection.

“Lookin’ good, Big Cat,” Dan says as he comes up behind Arin, the younger so focused on himself that he doesn’t notice Dan’s quiet approach until lanky arms have slipped around his waist to pull him close. “Your arms are fuckin’ beautiful, man.”

“My thighs are getting there too,” Arin grins, placing his feet apart to flex toned legs in the mirror, watching Dan’s expression shift from gentle amusement to one of pointed desire.

“Did you really have to wear spandex shorts to the gym?” he laughs into Arin’s ear.

“Well, yeah. How else am I gonna tell if my glutes are getting the proper workout?”

“Oh, they’re getting the proper workout, alright.”

“Dan!” Arin laughs, pushing his hips back when Dan thrusts playfully against his ass, and they both dissolve into giggles as Dan finally releases his hold on Arin’s waist to step back a bit.

“Alright, alright. I’m just admiring you, that’s all!”

“You can admire all you want when we get back to my place,” Arin chuckles, turning away from the mirror to grab his sweatpants and step into them, snapping the band loosely over his spandex shorts. “Suzy said she’s coming over to cook us dinner tonight.”

“So much for this workout being worth anything, then.”

“At least you got to stare at my ass the whole time.”

“Can’t argue with that.”


Loki merely grinned and secured his hold on Sigyn, supposing it would at least prevent him from dropping her as she feared, what with her squirming and how tightly she clung to him. “Oh, calm down.” He insisted with a laugh, eventually relenting and settling her on the edge of a nearby table. “I merely wanted to get my incredibly gorgeous, famous girlfriend away from her mirror for a little while.” He teased. “You know, Hayden’s easily going to take after you with how she’s had the staff running around. You’d think this was all for her.”

“Incredibly gorgeous, famous fiancée, technically.” Sigyn grinned and wrapped her legs around Loki’s waist and her arms around his neck, effectively trapping her against him. “When are you going to propose, Doctor Laufeyson? It’s the question on everyone’s lips; namely mine.” She laughed and waggled her eyebrows at him before leaning in for a kiss. When she pulled back, Sigyn chuckled again and shook her head. “Uh uh, no way. She did not get the ability to wrap forty grown women and men around her little chubby fingers, with only a few words, from me. That talent comes straight from you, my love.”