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/v/ is an echo chamber tho

any community has those tendencies but people can come into your echo chamber and say you have shit taste and that they’ll fuck your mom on /v/

any movement out of lockstep gets you axed on gaf

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The brettonians are the coolest shit ever, and the only reason I would have considered doing a non-40k faction. Do you happen to know why they were squatted? It makes me angry that I got into this hobby so late.

I can’t know for certain, but my guess is that Games Workshop refused to update the model line. Bretonnians and Sisters of Battle kind of fell into a similar spiraling doom; models were released, people bought them, and all was well for a short amount of time. Eventually, sales dry up. The pencil-pushers in Nottingham see this as the army being unpopular and unsuccessful, and put their resources elsewhere. The army continues to languish, they continue to sell poorly, and they go for years without updates and new buyers. It’s a vicious cycle, and the Sisters seem to be slowly escaping it. It was too late for Bretonnia, and by the time Sigmar came out, the decision was made for them and Tomb Kings to get the axe of neglect. 

Play Kings of War, 9th Age, and Age of Sigmar with Bretonnian models my dude. There’s still hope for dedicated people who want to bash heads in with chivalry and style. 

so. here’s a nice little graph I made of the 18-49 demographic ratings for episodes 8-16 (note: 8 is included to show the dramatic drop like damn). you see those peaks? the red dots?

those are the episodes lena is in


(Well it’s December guys and you know that what means. Selfie dump from selfies over the year and talking about it. It’s gonna get kinda text heavy because I’ve had kind of a shit year, and each of these photos represents either an important event or period of time. Time to get sad but also gay! 

These photos are in chronological order, and under the cut I’ll be explaining them. They all have the dates they were posted as descriptions. My face tag is #ax to the face if you want to go seek out the original posts! (Warning for emotional abuse ment. and suicidal ideation ment. under cut)

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1. Wear a shirt with two blue mana symbols on it, interrupt everyone at the Halloween party
2. Get an axe and fur coat, be Uncle Istvan
3. Cover self in streamers, be eldrazi
4. Tape twigs to self, be treefolk
5. Wear static-inducing clothing, be actual Lightning Bolt
6. Wear superhero t-shirt with plaid shirt over it, be Mark Rosewater

So I see some of this “Famous Last Words” stuff going around Tumblr. How bout I give it a go?

Niiiiiiiiice! I get to die in a pretty badass way. Hey, Violet, I wonder what yours’ll be?

*tears up*











How #54 should have ended
  • Jake: *loses Ax in Kelbrid space*
  • Cassie: Hang on, I've got this.
  • Ax: *descends from the sky in an andalite freighter*
  • Ax: WHAT were you just saying about my shorm?
  • Cassie: There he is.
All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.6

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2522
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mild sexual content, the likeliness of Roo getting axed for more slow burn.
A/N: So in this part, we experience Bucky’s POV on that same day and get a little more into his character because reasons. It ties in with his backstory from the Pt3 Prequel as well.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |


After wishing them a good time and saying your goodbyes, you watched the remainder of your friends take off for the night. Leaving you alone and still thinking about where the hell Bucky could be.

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baker family hcs if eveline didnt take them over pt 1

because they are pure and i want them to be happy

Jack Baker
- he would probably be the guy who makes dad jokes
- “ya know why the sun doesn’t have to go to college??”
“dad no”
“cause it already has 28 million degrees!”
“dad oml”
- he scares Lucas’s friends a lot for shits in giggles
- probably gets his axe and say “here’s jacky!!”
- while his friends are screaming and Jack is laughing so fuckin hard and Lucas is just like “dad please only I’m allowed to do this stop”
- he loves marguriete’s cooking! he likes her pancakes
- honestly he loves his wife so much asdfghjkl
- he hates his house
- it’s so fucking big he just wants to go to the bathroom
- ??? y u hate mansion Jack?
- if he ever got a daughter he would spoil her so hardd
- “jack ur spoiling her too much”
“marguriete she is precious”
“oml Jack”
- probably picks up his wife a lot
- then picks up lucas
- and just marches around the kitchen
- Lucas being like “dad let me go!!” and marguriete “jack!!” while laughing
- TL;DR: he’s basically a fucking dad
- when he firsts meet Ethan and Mia, he’s like
- “oml Zoe has friends??” ( let’s pretend in this au, Zoe made friends with Ethan and Mia )
- he shows them his fake props to scare his son and his friends
- ( he would never scare marguriete too hard, hell just sneak up behind her )
- “y u torture ur son and his friends??” “it’s very funny to see them scared, it’ll never cease to please me”
- he lets Ethan and Mia join one of his scare pranks and once they’re done they’re just laughing while Lucas wants to d i e
- oml Jack likes cooking??
- yes he likes cooking and its fucking great
- it’s a lil burnt but that’s fine
- u can say anything to him but say anything about his family or Ethan and Mia and ull be seeing a lot of aggressive verbal yelling
- but in all seriousness Jack is a man who should never actually hurt anyone even if he was force to because he’s just a sweet old man he doesn’t want to hurt anyone violence gets u no where in life
- he forgets rooms exists sometimes
- “oh damn there’s a basement??? and a safe house?? marguriete did u know this??”
“yes dear, u just forgot about them.”
“it’s not a cave sweetheart it’s a runaway tunnel just in case
if dangerous people came”

oh man there’s so much more but tbh that’ll be too much so see ya!!

Next: Marguriete Baker!

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Have you seen Brandon Sonnier tweet -8th of march-"Is it a coincidence that I made this play against @TexasNewton while we're breaking episode 420?" Among others, there are the words fab', bug, stone, and axe. I know only one "bug" on TBL. Could it get "axed" ?

Anon I sort of think you’re dreaming here but there are worse dreams to have than the cockroach getting axed;) I’ve given up hope that we’ll ever be free of him and since Brandon S is a Tom fan I doubt he’d drop a hint so casually. This is the guy who believes Tom always loved Liz and who likened the keen marriage to Mr and Mrs Smith. Just two trained operatives and not the victim and her abuser. He can keep his k2 propaganda because I’m not buying. And btw my next play would have been “tox” as in toxic as in Tom is toxic and killing the show.

I don’t get the love for the Brandon’s tbh. They’ve given us good episodes I’m not denying that but there is always bad with their good. Always. They’ve both sold out to the Tom retcon and it’s pretty sad. This has nothing to do with your question it’s just something I wonder about.