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Idle thought on Tumblr backups

I’ve seen rumblings again of people exchanging contact info and methods for backing up your Tumblr, out of some vague sense of foreboding that the next great fandom migration will soon be upon us/Yahoo is going to pull the plug on Tumblr any day now/a lot of things are going to blow up if net neutrality gets axed. I hesitate to predict the future, but here’s a thought if you’re in backup mode:

If Tumblr goes, all the fic and art and meta posted exclusively to Tumblr goes with it. Don’t just save your own stuff. Download a web scraper and make local copies of your friends’ blogs, your favorite artists’ art tags, your favorite fic aggregators, your favorite meta blogs. Download random shit you think has community importance or fandom-history value. Save anything you can’t bear to see disappear down the memory hole.

Reposting any of it elsewhere on the web is ethically sticky, but if nothing else, keep the local backups. For your own sake, and for the sake of anyone you might be able to rescue from catastrophic data loss if they didn’t get their own shit backed up in time.

I realize that Tumblr especially tends to have a low original-content-to-reblogs radio, that backing up entire blogs could eat up storage space, and that not everything you want to back up will be tagged. But still, save what you can’t bear to lose. I’ve been playing with Tumblr’s API, looking for a reliable way to request only posts the blogger has contributed to somehow (i.e. original posts + reblogs with comments). Naturally Tumblr’s API is a steaming pile of manure that can’t even accomplish that simple task without barfing up a torrent of false positives from pre-2015 reblogs, but I’ll keep you guys posted on what I can come up with in terms of fine-grained backup options. I might also tinker with the Tumblr-to-Wordpress import plugin, which is generally pretty good but has some issues with mangling video embeds and formatting photosets weirdly. It’d be cool to fix them, and maybe experiment with some bells and whistles like extracting “tag commentary” into a separate metadata field. Stay tuned.

how to become an unstoppable axe person in D&D 5e

Want to throw 9 handaxes in a single turn??? Do you want to be feared??? Here’s how.

Step 1: Pick the Fighter Class okay I know it sounds basic but trUST ME on this one
Step 2: Screw those Background items!! Screw those Class items!! You don’t need ‘em!! You have dice! And according to PHB Chapter 5 page 143 table 1 “Starting Wealth by Class” *ahem* that’s 5d4 x 10 GP worth of starting equipment. So what do you buy with
C: Axes. Hand. Axes.
(Okay so assuming the maximum GP (200), get some Leather or Hide armor (10 GP) because… I mean you probably want that and then spend the rest on handaxes.)
That’s 38 Handaxes
“But Luna!” you might ask, astounded by the multitude of crude axes I have hanging around my belt, “How do you carry all of those!”
(they weigh 2 pounds each and your carrying capacity is str score times 15 so like it’s almost impossible not to be able to)
STEP 4: Throw??? Them??? Just throw them. Recover them after the battle. Also, since they have the Light property, you can use two-handed fighting to throw two per turn!
“Okay what about that fighter thi–”Okay here’s the deal
Take the two-weapon fighting style so those Bonus Action axes get that sweet, sweet STR mod. If you want, you can become a Champion, get a second fighting style, pick Archery, and now you have accurate handaxes.

Now the real money here is “how many handaxes can I throw per turn?” Keeping in mind the Fighter’s Extra Attacks and Action Surge (Note: An action surge gives an extra action, and Extra Attacks are each time you take the Attack action, so keep that in mind), I’ve made this neat little visual.

1st level: 2 axes
1st level (Action Surge use): 3 axes
5th level: 3 axes
5th level (Action Surge use): 5 axes
11th level: 4 axes
11th level (Action Surge use): 7 axes
20th level: 5 axes
20th level (Action Surge use): 9 axes 

You are now a human(oid) machine gun of handaxes.
… One last thing: Take the Sharpshooter perk. Gets rid of disadvantage at long range, meaning you can throw 9 axes from 60 feet away.
Remember: With great power comes great responsibility. And at least 38 handaxes. Godspeed.

hey kids im gonna teach u how to be a weathered comic fan

- nobody likes reboots but if things get bad enough everyone calls for one

- people are annoying so youre only allowed to say your favorite superhero is batman if you know at least three arc titles. here’s some to help get you started: under the red hood, knightfall, death in the family

- call for an end to all comics at least once a month when something stupid happens

- the avengers and the xmen dont always get along. if you like the avengers, you dont know this. if you like xmen, it’s all you know.

- lightboxing is responsible for comic books that look like they were drawn by the wikihow guy. throw the term around. it’s fun.

- you hate crossover events, but by god you will never stop bringing them up and neither will your comic provider

- your favorite comic book will get cancelled. you live every day like it’s its last. comics that are particularly diverse will get axed first no matter how large the following

- everyone who claims “comics are getting too political NOWADAYS” has never read a comic worthwhile in their lives. cut them out of yours.

- when you hear a writer’s name you dont recognize just say “ah that guy. I hate that guy” no one will question it. we all hate that guy.


this is me BNHA OC Kazuki AKA Eclipse - he’s shy when trying to make friends, but gives everything his all n always wants to help teammates :D

so. here’s a nice little graph I made of the 18-49 demographic ratings for episodes 8-16 (note: 8 is included to show the dramatic drop like damn). you see those peaks? the red dots?

those are the episodes lena is in

Why Libraries are Important Now More Than Ever

With Net Neutrality possibly getting the ax very soon, I want people to go to their local Libraries and get a Library Card. 

Why? Because Libraries have and always will be the most reliable source for information and entertainment. If the internet is taken away from low income families or individuals who can’t pay to use the internet, Libraries are the best havens you could ask for. 

You shouldn’t be denied access to information or entertainment just because you can’t pay for it. Give the FCC the middle finger and support your local Library now more than ever before! Because they’re the ones who wouldn’t deny someone based on their social or financial status. 

Go to the Library, explore it’s wonders! 

[Arguing about if Merle has an axe or not]

Griffin: You had an axe- we’ll talk about how just, loosey-goosey you are with your belongings. “C’mere Scuttle Buddy! Bye! Get on that train to hell! See you later. Axe! Oh, axe, I found you I love you- bye, I threw you into a monster’s mouth and he turned you into shit!”

Clint: I’m gonna get an apology in the next episode from you.

Griffin: That seems very unlikely.

Clint: I’m right and you’re wrong.

Griffin: That seems super unlikely.

This sort of thing always looks easier in movies….

Back at it again with another bloody boy for @tuckerenthusiast‘s au
and maybe i’ll do more once stuff about kyle and stan is up

don’t get me wrong i’m over the moon that murdoc and noodle are hanging out in japan together but i’m also kinda concerned because if any two band members would get wasted trying to outdrink each other and end up getting the band permanently expelled from a country for excessive alcohol-fueled property damage it would be those two

My players are morons and I love them

Context: I’m a new DM with new players, and I’ve planned little mini sessions for each of my players to ease them into the game and let them develop their characters a bit! So far I’ve done a session with the Half-Elf Druid and the Orc Fighter. Some highlights below:


Druid: My family is known for dying their horses coats with berries; a fun little side effect is that they’re poisonous and we often have to put the animals down after they groom themselves.

Me: Cool so you slather your pets in poison, got it. Aren’t you supposed to be the animal guy?

Me: Alright, what do you do before you embark on this adventure? Do you say your goodbyes to family, pack, what’re you doin?

Druid: I go to the bar.

Me: Alright.

Druid: Then I find the prettiest woman there and use my 20 charisma on her.

Me: Are you-

Druid: I’m trynna FUCK.

Me: Roll Perception for me.


Me: Nice. You hear something rustling in a tree to your left, and upon inspection you realize it’s a cloaked figure-

Druid: I wink at them.

Me: They ignore that and spring out of the tree, roll initiative.

Druid: Wait! Are they hot though??


Fighter: *Had just been approached by a small dragonborn girl begging for help. He didn’t reply, just turned and walked away.*

Me: This little girl had been holding your arm before you left - you just wrenched your arm from her grip and started to amble off.

Fighter, snorting ooc: Yup

Me: Okay. She runs to keep up with your longer stride and kind of jumps a little, grabbing onto you and hanging there. Are you still walking?

Fighter, quietly laughing now: Yeah - I’m going to get my axe so I can leave!

Me: ALRIGHT MY DUDE. You walk into your cabin with a sobbing 2 year old dragonborn dangling from your arm and pick up a massive axe. Roll intimidation purely for the fact that you haven’t said a word.

Fighter: Nat 20. But I-

Me: The little dragonborn falls to the ground and promptly soils herself, and begins to scream in absolute terror. A few of your neighbors shuffle out of their homes nervously to see what’s causing the commotion. Congratulations, you’ve just made a baby piss herself and probably ruined your good standing with the locals.

Fighter, ooc: nooooo


It’s a miracle these people still have legs