get along little doggie

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He tipped his hat softly, his tractor beam eyes glowing under the brim. "Howdy, yeehaw." He floated closer, nipples erect and ready to glow. "Pardn'er."

“Well, yehaw to you too on this fine evening” he smiles with his whole face, eyes dimming at the pure joy he felt here with you.
He tucks your hair behind your ear, and softly moves closer, embracing you fully in his large cowboy arms.
As he grows near, you see a third light. It was much lower than his nipples your eyes have adjusted to.
“Get along little doggy….” he whispers into your ear.


It’s a little wild and a little strange 
When you make a home out on the range 
Start your horse and come along 
But you can’t get a ride if you can’t hold on 
Like the cowboys say 
(Sing it again now) 
(Get along little doggies) 
‘Til the break of day 
Better what out for those man-eating jack rabbits 
And that killer cacti 
Hey Dude