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HOT OFF THE PRESS: After being grounded recently due to high winds, John was able to get airborne today and snapped some shots along the Indian River Lagoon and out at sea.

Typhoon QRA Scramble

Scrambling is the act of quickly getting military aircraft airborne to react to an immediate threat, usually to intercept hostile aircraft. Crews were kept close to – or in – their aircraft which were expected to be able to take off within a short period,
Brand Report Addendum

Composed by Lightbringer and Pact Operative Aleyanna Denton

Of particular interest to all involved parties is that the Shatterer has a new attack pattern. The dragon lieutenant prepares itself to get airborne, and when it hovers in place, it unleashes a catastrophic shard storm on any combatants in the field below.

Reports have come in that this attack can be interrupted. The preferred course of action is to utilize the explosives provided via glider. Prompt delivery by multiple soldiers is essential to keeping the Shatterer down on the ground.

While this report has been sent out to everyone, it will take time to properly implement. In the meantime, caution is advised for anyone heading into the Lowland Burns.

How to Help People with FOOD ALLERGIES and who are GLUTEN FREE!

1. Do not pack your kids with PB&J sandwiches and other common allergens like shellfish, soy, wheat, eggs, milk, and gluten.
2. Wash your hands and brush your teeth after having some if these allergens especially if you work/know/live with someone who has a food allergy. From personal experience I know that when I have an allergic reaction it is usually from second contact like shaking someone’s hand and there are such things as food allergens being airborne (I get itchy just from being around my allergens).
3. If you bring snacks or treats to school/work/social gatherings keep ingredients and food labels handy so no one feels left out and are absolutely sure that they won’t come in contact with something they’re allergic too. Don’t just swear that it doesn’t have any peanuts or other allergens if your life was on the line you would want proof too!
4. Which brings me to my next point that be polite when someone refuses to eat your food they most likely feel really bad about it and are not just using it as an excuse and don’t make any allergy jokes or rude comments like “does your face get all fat?” or “You’re just faking it!”. Also say if someone just can’t eat a food but can touch it and be around it don’t provoke them like for example poke them with it (I have seen this happen!)
5. If you are planning to go out with someone you have never met or are not sure or even are sure that they have a food allergy DO NOT BRING THEM TO A PLACE THAT USE PEANUT OIL OR SERVE SEAFOOD!!! Call the person and the restaurant to know what are the possible allergen risks. I have been forced to sit in a peanut restaurant and even eat food from one (luckily I didn’t even have a reaction but don’t use this example as an excuse!).
6. At halloween have a separate bowl filled with allergen free candies so no child has to suffer the anxiety of reaching into a bowl filled with candies they are allergic to or have all the candy they went house to house to get taken away from them by their parent because they are allergic to most of it. I have years where I was left with only 8 crappy pieces of candy and because with all my bad experiences like the ones listed above have come to hate the holiday.
7. Become epi-pen certified or at the very least learn to how to properly use one you could save someone’s life. Tip: have them sit down while administering it or even when doing to yourself because having a needle slammed into your thigh hurts like a bitch and its hard to keep the needle in for the 10 necessary seconds when you are in pain. Call an ambulance IMMEDIATELY EVEN WHEN THEY REFUSE ONE!!! Especially after using the epi-pen.
8. If you have a young child do not feed them peanuts or nuts or any other of the 8 common food allergens and GET THEM TESTED and even if you are an adult GET TESTED!!! You can save your life or your child’s life. Allergies can develop later in life. It’s good to know even if you do not end up having one!
9. No my allergy attack was NOT CAUSED BY ME BEING STUPID AND EATING MY ALLERGEN!!! AND YES I AM ALWAYS CAREFUL SOMETIMES IT JUST HAPPENS AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TRIGGERED IT!!! I know that they are way worse things to suffer from and I am grateful because I COULD HAVE IT SO MUCH WORSE! But dealing with the anxiety of being afraid to touch something or if I accidentally touched something I wasn’t entirely sure about. Or seeing something that looks really delicious and being disappointed because I can’t have it really sucks sometimes. Again more rude comments that you should avoid saying!
10. If you are considering opening a restaurant/bakery or even currently own one or even work in one consider having allergy safe options available with ingredients and food labels available so parents and kids can feel safe. (I know this point is slightly redundant)
11. Lastly, just BE AWARE and BE POLITE!! 15 million people in the U.S alone suffer from food allergies and so do 1 out of 13 children. These numbers are on the rise the number has risen 50% in children between 1997 and 2011. Food Allergies can start at ANY AGE whether you are 3 or 53. I’m not asking to give up all your favorite foods just be nice to those who have them!
P.S. Sorry this so long or if sounds like I’m complaining. I’m just so frustrated by the insensitivity even from relatives and close friends and I think people should be more aware!
Dunn Favorite Son, General William C. Lee
On February 5, 1944, William Carey Lee, the “Father of the Airborne,” suffered a heart attack that ended his military career.

On February 5, 1944, William Carey Lee, the “Father of the Airborne,” suffered a heart attack that ended his military career.

Born in Dunn in 1895, Lee volunteered for the United States Army during World War I.  After the war, he remained in the army and, in 1939, was assigned to the Chief of the Army’s office in Washington, D.C.  There he became part of a maverick group of army officers advocating for the development of an airborne army infantry force.

The Army authorized the development of a test platoon of paratroopers, and placed Lee in charge.  When the Amy raised two airborne divisions, Lee received command of the 101st.  He oversaw its development and training and was instrumental in getting airborne and glider operations going at Camp Mackall and Laurinburg-Maxton Army Air Base.

The inclusion of the airborne divisions in the Normandy Invasion in June 1944 was a direct result of Lee’s work.  Nevertheless, he was unable to participate due to the heart attack.  However, the members of the 101st Division, the Screaming Eagles, were ordered to yell the name “Bill Lee” as they departed their transports over France in the early morning hours of D-Day.

Lee died in 1948, and is buried in Dunn.

This Day in NC History: Airborne Founder Hangs Up Wings.

Ft. Bragg, in NC, is still home to the U.S. Army’s Airborne Forces, though the 101st Airborne Division is based out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

On October 11, 2004 the U.S. Senate passed a bill to rename the Dunn Post Office the “General William Carey Lee Post Office.”

Lee Residence Hall, one of the largest dormitories at NC State University, is named after William C. Lee.

Howver, the “Bill Lee Freeway” – a section of Interstate 77 in Charlotte, NC – is named for William States Lee III (1929–1996), president and CEO of Duke Power and no known relation to the general.

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I had a great uncle who was one of the first pilots to get airborne in a P-40 during the bombing of Pearl Harbor

Dude that’s intense. I have ancestors that fought in the revolutionary war as well as the civil war. Although I’m not too proud of that one….

#5 Airplanes

           The bicycle and automobile were inventions that were practical.  I can understand how they work, but one sort of transportation that still baffles me to this day is how an airplane flies.  I understand that at take off it takes a tremendous amount of speed, but at a certain speed how is it even possible for an airplane that is bigger than multiple semi-trucks to get airborne. This is one invention that cut down on transportation time tremendously but I still am very confused how it can fly, and don’t even get me started on helicopters


Krissa Langely | 31 years old | Spy/vHead of security & tech

Bio: With a strong personality, Krissa Langely holds her own. She’s never relied on anyone for emotional support. Born under.. certain circumstances, both her parents were assassins. In fact, her entire family’s lineage consisted of assassins, trained spies and going after history’s most notorious and ruthless monsters. The Langelys worked for the Beaudelaires until Grandfather Langely betrayed the French powerhouse. As a result, the family was exiled to the United States. On a mission in Río De Janero, Krissa’s parents were killed among a bloody drug raid with the Brazilian government.

Krissa was only four years old at the time of her parent’s death. She was raised by her grandfather and since she was the only Langely remaining, he chose to pull the plug on the family career. Krissa’s grandfather did not wish that life for her. However, Krissa couldn’t honor his wishes and instead chose to honor her parents. She trained her ass off, learned how to use a gun, studied everything there was to know about criminals, drugs and other illegal dealings. Along her journey to become an assassin for the American government, she met a man by the name of Micheal and fell in love. At first Micheal was her partner, but later they became romantically involved. Before they could take their relationship further, Micheal was shot by an enemy figure. Devastated, Krissa put a hold on her career path. She broke down for the first time, something that failed to happen even at her grandfather’s funeral.  After Micheal, Krissa met Emmett during her respite period in France. Ironically, Emmett worked for the Beaudelaires. It was later discovered Emmett was the hitman who shot her first love, Micheal. Now Krissa finds herself working as a spy and head of security and technology for the Rothschilds. It’s her job to make sure the cameras are working in the Rothschilds’ penthouse, mechanic shop and the numerous offices they occupy. Being a technologically savvy, Krissa can easily hack into files when needed or install hidden cameras when asked to. Her main struggle is staying loyal to the family she pledged to while her feelings for Emmett clash with the ones she had for Micheal. Besides, it isn’t easy to forgive someone who compromised a happy future.

Additional Info:

  • During a night full of disasters, Krissa took a bullet for one of her bosses, Edward Rothschild. She was shot in the arm  and spent a week in the hospital
  • While it is certain she has feelings for Emmett, Krissa constantly denies it but when the two see each other, face-to-face, she can sense the sparks. Krissa doesn’t know if she can love Emmett truly and genuinely, due to the fact that he was the one who killed Micheal, someone she was very much in love with, even to this day. 
  • Her involvement with the Rothschilds: since Max is currently the head of the family, she answers to his beck and call but it is Edward that almost always is in need of Krissa’s assistance and since she works for both of them, she can’t exactly say no to his sometimes risky requests. 
  • Ambrose Wilcox was a complete stranger until it is explained that the pair has been matched up using the Radcliffe’s Matchmaking Program, one which Krissa did not sign up for. She is adamant not to get caught up in the web the Radcliffes have weaved for her and Ambrose, only he is insistent that they are destined to be together. 
Notable connections

Emmett Sinclair - infatuation 
Ambrose Wilcox - fiancé, so to speak
Alexander Radcliffe - old friends
Natalia Sinclair - acquaintances


Upside-Down Christian Cross? EXPOSED: Pope and Obama In Nightmarish Pact With Satan

This video shows how the US military delivers tanks at 150 mph

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During the Cold War, the U.S. faced the very real possibility they’d have to rush masses of troops to the front line but wasn’t sure where the front line would open up.

While the more obvious places like the Fulda Gap or Checkpoint Charlie had troops, tanks, and helicopters nearby all the time, many other potential flashpoints were lightly defended.

The plan for a conflict in these areas was to rush airborne soldiers and Marines in to plug the gap while follow-on forces were deployed over the following days to reinforce them.

So how did airborne soldiers get badly needed tanks and heavy equipment? Well, the Air Force dropped them out out of C-130 Hercules cargo planes while flying 150 mph while only a few feet from the ground.

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The Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES) was rigged to drop heavy equipment needed by remote troops where a plane couldn’t land and takeoff safely. It was developed in 1964 and saw use at the Siege of Khe San and other battles in Vietnam.

America’s current tank, the M1 Abrams, weighs four times as much as the M551 Sheridan did and so isn’t typically dropped out of planes. It’s armored personnel carrier, the Stryker, is only a little heavier than the Sheridan was and is dropped from planes, typically in Alaska.

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As the U.S. faces the prospect of another Cold War, the defense industry has pitched anew light tank that can be air dropped. So, tomorrow’s tankers may benefit from airborne qualifications again.

NOW WATCH: NATO is flexing its muscles with its largest military exercise in a decade

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Nothing But Heartache in your social life // Gordon Downie

When are you thinking of disappearing?
When are you falling off the map?
When the unknown that you’re fearing’s
In the clearing?
When your world’s gone flat?
When you’re waiting fro your life
To be depicted
And feeling estrangement from escape?
When you’re packaged up.
Beautifully scripted,
Insulated with electrical tape?
When the famous are getting airborne?
When the evacuation’s under way
And not for all the pot in Rosedale
Could you possibly get them to stay?
When a blind eye turns to duty?
When I’m standing there holding the door,
Saying things like “After you - wit before beauty”
And “OK, maybe there’s room for just one more?”

When are you thinking of disappearing?
When technology fails, forever changes
And hardcore shadows are gone?
When what the average age rearranges
Is forever certain?
Forever wrong?

When new adventures in electronics
Make signals pleasing to the ear?
When tubes cooking up distortion
Mean the end of suffering is near?
When the podium’s sprouting weeds,
Rendered ridiculous by the times?
When people have different needs
And time smiles on disciplined minds?
When you’re getting king-sized satisfaction
In the turnstiles of the night
From all the shaky pale transactions
And all the heartache in your social life?
When are you thinking of disappearing?
When there’s nothing but heartache in your social life?

Advice - Hunting "Stocked" Chukar
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Advice - Hunting “Stocked” Chukar

Hey all,

So my buddy and I are going chukar hunting tomorrow morning. We are picking up 10-12 of them tonight and will release them in the morning in some fields on my property.

Ive never hunted chukar before. Can anyone give me some advice as to how fast they fly or their altitude once they get airborne? We’ll have a pointing dog so that should make things a little easier

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Advice - Hunting "Stocked" Chukar
External image

Advice - Hunting “Stocked” Chukar

Hey all,

So my buddy and I are going chukar hunting tomorrow morning. We are picking up 10-12 of them tonight and will release them in the morning in some fields on my property.

Ive never hunted chukar before. Can anyone give me some advice as to how fast they fly or their altitude once they get airborne? We’ll have a pointing dog so that should make things a little easier

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Mizuno JPX 800 XD Irons Versus JPX 825 Irons Review

Most golfers at every turn branded Mizuno a maker regarding diplomatic irons, and the development of Luke Donald at the top of the world rankings only helps headed for raise their stock - but we’re not all Luke Donalds so Mizuno are unblinking over against clothe hope insofar as the rest of us.

As part of the JPX gilt line which includes Mizuno JPX 800 XD Irons and JPX 800 Homemade (JPX 800 Consideration internationally), the Japan only JDM JPX 800XD Forged brings the best pertaining to both models into connect. The Mizuno JPX 800 Forged Irons is aimed at the mid to higher handicapper who wants maximum distance and maximum ease of use but wants to play sad made to order cavity back.

The JPX 800 XD are super badminton reform irons with the 4-7 irons having a thinner sole to promote a higher discus flight, encouraging higher handicappers by getting the ball airborne more often thereby the pluralness difficult longer irons. The sole decreases as you go discouraging the bag towards a mid-sized pitching seat, with each to each club retaining the trade book Mizuno look and in no way looking like other entry-level irons.

Mid to low handicappers self-mastery obviously feel the clubs are a little too stocky for their bias, but they do thin out as you step down the bag and, after end, these are game improvement irons. The heated up standard pitch mod ball flight was recognisable not quite instantly, but personally the flight for me was a bit too weighty and at times took out of tone a bit of locale, while there was a tendency towards hang the ball out to the warrant.

These cheap mizuno jpx 825 irons do a really nice job of marrying those three ingredients to provide a very high performance set anent irons. The irons stay true to the teachable Mizuno design regarding not that be overly flashy notwithstanding still adding as much technology as long as they burden in consideration of help the golfer play better.

I do think that Mizuno has a good advance all for game improvement irons barring I feel alterum make a will struggle against competition in this space from Adams and TaylorMade because alter ego have not integrated anybody hybrids into this set. JIVA believe golfers looking for a complete mien of irons will be dying to a 3 hybrid on be included and variegated in regard to Mizuno’s competitors swank this space are willing to offer this.

Mod thinking Mizuno has created a brigade on game improvement irons that do a great job balancing distance, receive an impression and forgiveness for higher handicap and even mid handicap golfers.

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