get a party all up in here yo


Part One

A/N: I decided to make this one a series so enjoy

The show MGK had just put on had been amazing, as usual. Didn’t go exactly according to plan, also usual.

He had somehow snuck a huge bin of ice water on the stage and threw it at the crowd, luckily the audience ate it up.

Other than that all was well the show was over and everyone was at the after party at some hotel you didn’t bother knowing the name of.

Everyone seemed to be in full party mode, everyone but Kells, he was really just drinking, he must be tired after the show, that on top of the fact that he had been non stop for two weeks writing new songs.

Lets get him out of here before someone ask him why he isn’t joining the party and Kells snaps on the poor guy.

‘Yo, let’s head up to the rooms, you look ready to drop.’ you said as you pulled him away from all the noise. He seemed to be too drunk to walk by himself so you did your best to keep him up.

You decided against the elevator, Kells had a high rate of getting stuck in those and you didn’t want to risk it.

‘Can you make it up to the third floor?’ you asked.

Kells didn’t really reply so you rolled your eyes and began to drag him up the stairs.

‘You are too heavy for this shit.’ you panted as you reached his room.

You patted him down and found his room key and opened the door.

When you tried to put him on the bed he pulled you down and you landed on him.

‘Come on.’ you groaned in annoyance.

‘M’ horny.’ Kells slurred.

Oh no, nope nope nopedy nope.

You tried to get up but Kells had wrapped his arms around you waist.

‘You’re drunk.’ you said.

‘You’re cute, and nice.’ he mumbled before he began kissing your neck, making you gasp.

‘You smell good too, like kush.’ he said as kisses became little bites that had you holding back moans.

‘Because I’m surrounded by potheads.’ you groaned.

‘Kells you are wasted, and seem to be forgetting I’m not some random girl, I work with you everyday. You’d probably whiskey dick anyway.’ you said as you pulled away as best you could since he still had his arms around you.

‘I never whiskey dick, see?’ 

He moved his hands from your waist to your ass and grinded against you and sure enough below the belt he was sober and fully functioning.

‘So can we fuck now?’ he asked as the grinding continued.

‘You never have any guys on the bus, and no boyfriend, so why not?’ he asked huskily.

‘Because it would be awkward.’ 

‘Liar, your eye brows jumps when you lie, tell me why and I’ll stop.’

‘Because I’m a damn virgin you jackass!’ you yelled roughly pulled away from him, actually managing to get up this time.

You were red in the face with embarrassment as you caught your breath.


‘Yes, virgin, are you too drunk to know what it means?’ you glared.

‘Oh shit I am so sorry.’ he groaned as he sat up.

‘Just forget it, go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow, you have an interview at three, so have your shit together by then.’ you said before leaving the room.

Only after you had closed the door to your own room did you begin to cry. You couldn’t believe you had told him, you never told anyone.

All you could do was hope like hell that he would forget it by tomorrow.

Sneak Peek

Christopher “X” Brown:

Walking into the backyard, I smirked at all of the women who wore damn near nothing. This was my type of party right here. I looked around until I saw my brother standing around with a few f his friends.

I walked over towards him and bumped my shoulder into his back. “What’s up nigga.” He wore a evil scowl on his face that subsided after he noticed it was me.

“You wanna get fucked up? About to get shot and shit.” Kam said with a smile as we dapped it up. “Whatever nigga, yo this shit is lit as fuck.  I still can’t believe this nigga is really retiring from this shit.“ Kaden said.

"He finally ready to settle down.” I joked. “But, seriously, I don’t blame this nigga. This shit is not a lifetime thing. You know my motto, get this money and become legit.” I said.

He nodded his head in agreement. “I mean he got the family and all of that shit all laced up. You seen the mama? She bad as fuck!” I laughed as he passed me the freshly lit blunt.

I took a long pull and let the smoke settle in my lungs before exhaling. I handed Kaden the blunt back before I grabbed a glass of champagne off one of the many waiters that was delivering drinks tray.

“Nigga, I know you not talking about my fuckin’ mama?” Sion Jr, or as everyone else called him, said with a scowl on his face. “Nigga shit that shit crying shit up.” I joked as we laughed at him.

I held my hand out and daped it out with him as he laughed. “If my daddy heard y'all talking that shit, hell beat that fuckin’ ass. Anyway, y'all liking this little party we put together?"He asked as I looked around once again.

I still couldn’t believe this nigga was really leaving the game. He had been contemplating for months about leaving the game. I know his wife was on his back heavy about this shit.

He’s one of the lucky ones to make it out these streets alive.

"I can’t believe he really bowing out. I thought thy nigga would still be gang banging at eighty with his cane and all.” Kam joked.

“I can’t believe your moms even went for this shit. You see all these half naked hoes walking around? Surprised she didn’t swing on that nigga or even worst shot his ass.”

Everyone who knew Sion Sanders knew that his wife was a n nonsense ass woman. She could get down with the best of them, all the stories I’ve heard about her I’m surprised she didn’t come out here bussing her gun on these females.

“My mama not too damn happy with me and brothers but…..” His voice trailed off.

As SJ was talking I took a sip of my drink while scanning the back yard with my eyes when something in particular caught my eyes. My eyes were glued to one of the most sexiest female I’ve ever saw.

Shorty was bad as hell. I’ve been in Miami for about ten years and I’ve never seen a chick like her before. She was sexy, but classy. I could tell just by looking at her she wasn’t your average female.

I watched her like a fucking hawk as she mingled among the many people in the backyard. I licked my lips as my eyes studied her face, she was beautiful as hell.

She had the smoothest skin, with the full pouty lips. When she smiled I just knew she would make a nigga fall to his knees. This shit was ridiculous as fuck if you ask me.

Never in my life have I ever been stuck on a chick, especially not a first sight. I damn near watched shorty like a fucking hawk. I wasn’t a stalker but damn I could stare at her all damn day if I wanted.

The corner of her lips turned up into a smile while she talked to few of who I’m guessing is her home girls. I swear her smile could light up the room. There were more than hundred people in sight but my eyes were trained on her the entire time.

Ever felt like you met the one for you at first sight? Well I was feeling like I finally found the one for me. Just her smile made a nigga want her to wife her up. I didn’t even know what the fuck was wrong with me and why I was gawking at this girl.

Before I could even react I felt my body moving towards her. My eyes were glued to her but by the time I got to where she was standing shawty was out of sight.

In a instant she was out of my sight. I looked around with a confused look in my face. A part of me wondered was my mind fucking with me. Did I really see her or was my mind playing a fucked up ass game with me?

I looked around to see if I saw her but she was nowhere in sight.


I sat at one of the tables in the backyard deep in thought. The mystery girl was till heavy on my mind since earlier. I didn’t get it this shit and it was pissing me off.

Never had I seen some shit like this, I wanted to see her, I had a feeling she was the one from me. I had half the mind to ask around about her but decided against it.

Shit was driving me nuts.

“The fuck you doing sitting here looking like a lost ass puppy for?” Sion sat down across from as I smirked. “Fuck you old nigga!” I held my hand out as he dapped me up.

“My favorite fuckin’ trouble maker. I swear your ass gave me more hell than my own kids.” He laughed.

Sion and I went way back, he was the only one to give a young, hungry nigga a chance. At just sixteen he gave me a chance to make some real ass money and and provide for my family.

Sion became like a father to me, after my sperm donor left us a few years prior to us moving to Miami. Sion took me under his wing. He groomed me for this lifestyle.

If you didn’t know who Sion was, let me put you on game. Sion was one the most feared men in Miami. Moving more dope than the average king pin. Not only was he a drug lord in his own right, he made sure to be a smart drug lord.

This nigga had police, politicians and anyone else in high places on his payroll. Sion made sure to make his shit not only legit but make sure he stayed under the damn radar.

You would never catch this nigga slipping. He was feared by many, he sent so many niggas packing and majority of them packed up shop and went running. That nigga was a straight savage and would make the city bleed for less.

Sion Jr, was one of the first people I met when I moved here and soon put me up on game. After telling him my struggle he brought me to his pops and every since then I’ve been able to live life comfortably.

At just sixteen, I was pushing more weight than the average twenty-something year old. I was introduced to a life my mama tried her best to keep me from. But shit, it was the best thing to happen to us.

He groomed my brothers Kaden, Kameron, four sons and I  into the ruthless ass street niggas that we are today. Black mafia was nothing to play with, if you knew better you’ll stay out the way.

I had mad respect for him though. He was like a father to me and I looked up to this nigga more than I did my own fucking father. That’s another story for another day.

Having multiple businesses to make his money look clean. This nigga was the absolute truth in the streets. Many feared and respected him in the same damn breath.

Tonight his family was throwing him a ‘retirement party’. Majority of the people here thought he was retiring from being a car salesman but in actuality he was retiring from the game for good.

“I ain’t no damn trouble maker. Shit, I just got the job done when it needed to be done.” I boasted.

“Nigga you a lie, but I’m proud of you. I heard about you taking over KOD you about to make a lot of cash. Don’t be wifing up none of them money hungry bitches up in there either.” He scolded.

I sighed heavily, not ready to hear this shit again. “Trust me I’m not, plus I think I found the one but I can’t seem to spot her ass. She was here earlier I don’t know where her fine ass went.” I looked around again, to see if I could spot her.

“Well, as long as it’s not one of them hoes down there at the strip club. I don’t give a fuck what your ass do, you know I have told you about these hoes but you seem not to listen. But, it’s a few beautiful women here tonight. You know you like my son and I wanna see the best for you.” He said, sincerely.

I nodded and rapped him up. “I hear you old man. But, aye you better not be looking at any of these females, the wife will kill your ass!” I cackled.

“Whatever, get the out my face.” He mushed my face as I laughed as I stood to my feet walking away.

Kassandra “Kassidy” Sanders: 

“There goes my pretty girl.” My daddy grinned as I walked into his embrace. “Hi daddy.” I smiled as I laid my head on his chest.

To say I was a daddy girl would be a understatement. I was more like my daddy than most people would think. My family always said I was exactly like my mom.

But, honestly and truly I was just like Sion bullying ass. I had a short temper, my patience was very thin and if you tried it I was definitely going to give you a piece of my mind.

“What took you so long? Still handling the shit at the store?” I nodded. “I told you I could have someone doing all of that for you.” I sighed heavily.

“I know daddy but, I want to do it on my own.” I pouted. “You just like that big headed mama of yours. So damn hardheaded but you got it honest.” I laughed.

“I’m more like you than I am here though.”

“That’s not a good thing you know.” I heard a sweet angelic voice from behind me. I smiled and walked over to my mom and wrapped my arms around her. “Hi mommy.”

“Hi princess, where have you been? Seem like you can’t come visit me.” She said as we yelled from our embrace. I rolled my eyes playfully. “Mama please, we talk and FaceTime every day.”

“Leave the girl alone Kassandra.”

“You shut the fuck up, how about that. You even lucky I even agreed to this bullshit ass party with all these young ass thots here. Never again  I listening to you or your ugly ass sons again.” She spat while bumping his shoulder and walking away.

I doubled in laughter at the way my mama snapped on my daddy. She stayed snapping on his ass for no reason. Hell, that’s how they met in he first place.

“Her mean ass”

“What did you do?” I crossed my arms over my chest and looked up at him. “I was thinking about halting my retirement.” My jaw dropped when he said that.

My mom has been trying for years for my daddy to leave that fucked up ass lifestyle because she was afraid thy one day he wouldn’t come home to her.

She also had to worry about her sons who was deep into that lifestyle too. One thing that I did know was that I didn’t want a man…..when I get one to be into that lifestyle.

My mother was a strong woman but I just wasn’t her. I couldn’t have my significant other being a drug lord, that’s shot wasn’t for me. I wanted a normal ass man.

“I’m surprised she didn’t beat you up, you know she will.” I joked.

“I know but, the streets are all I know baby girl.”

Signs at a party
  • Aries: First one to start drinking, turns the fuck up, can either get aggressive to make people drink or starts a fight, or just aborts mission and heads home because they are hungry
  • Taurus: ALWAYS dressed on point, usually with slightly nicer alcohol, starts the night super in control of themselves, by the end of the night is either sass-queen or flirtation station
  • Gemini: ultimate party-hoe, so much fun and energy, keeps every conversation moving and tends to be the first to initiate drinking games (which they either WIN or absolutely lose)
  • Cancer: usually comes in with Taurus, has a shitload of energy, gets everyone really ruckus, goes home as it is cooling down because they are hungry but ends up making one true bestie for the night, adds everyone on Facebook
  • Leo: The party starts when they walk in, Lord of the Alcohol, always gets free drinks on top of theirs, dressed to absolutely KILL, hair, make up, shoes, omg lookin good. The host of the party to show off their skills
  • Virgo: Tends to show up late, starts the night off drinking slowly, ends up joining Leo and starting a conga line and tries to find something to do the limbo or macarena, "I GOT THIS, NO HOLD MY DRINK I GOT THIS"
  • Libra: Always laughter around them, soft touch, first one to initiate conversation and meets EVERYONE at the party, also somehow knows everyone's first and last name, best friend is usually Cancer for the night
  • Scorpio: susses out every one in the party as they walk in, first one to bring out the hard liquor to make people do shots, has heart to hearts with Pisces, quiet at first, then ridiculously confident at the end, hooked up with someone by the end of the party (at least)
  • Sagittarius: The one to begin the dancing and is usually in control of the music, starts to freestyle rap battle with someone, picks a fight with someone bc they are being a dick and ends up not needing to bc they sass them tf out
  • Capricorn: Gets changed out of work/study clothes during the party to party even harder, hooks up with someone (scorpio probs), charmed their way in to every social circle, makes sure everyone has a drink in their hand at all times
  • Aquarius: shows up late, doesn't give any fucks, gets hella wasted and still looks like a hot mess while doing it, goes between over confident and reclusive, second one to start drinking with aries to start the party
  • Pisces: the one who brings weed, always has two drinks (not just one bc they worry about sobering up too much), magnetic with random spurts of energy and yelling before meandering on over to another group of people to mingle with