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hcs for the paladins's + coran's and allura's reactions to their s/o saying "i love you" in their sleep?

okay bye coran?? gotta love the guy jsjddjsfhgh can’t believe i’m writin for him


  • okay he be like… what
  • did you just…  dID ANYBODY ELSE HEAR THIS????
  • so he rolls over and you’re asleep and he’s like??? excuse me???
  • you just spoke???
  • and then he realizes that you were asleep and he’s like !!!! they did that !!!
  • they must really love me !!!! jdfjh;kd
  • bye boy is over here having his own party like yasss my whole life has led up to this moment
  • probably wakes you up accidentally jdhsfkjsh


  • girl can we just…. picture this, you guys were supposed to cuddle but she took a little too long to get too bed
  • when she comes you’re asleep and she’s all pouty like aww srsly
  • because yo girl was hyped she was like yay cuddle time
  • but it’s no longer happening?
  • anyway she kinda just huffs a little and crawls into bed anyway
  • and then she just hugs you and then wow it’s a miacle!!!
  • you snuggle up into her and just hold her close and she be like wow okay cuddles after all
  • and then you say i love you
  • and she be like iS THIS HOE ACTUALLY ASLEEP 
  • but it would seem so
  • so she just kinda melts into a puddle because woow that is so cute
  • kind of brings it up when you guys are brushing your teeth or something in the morning


  • okay but picture tHIS ok he was training
  • and you wanted to be with your lovely boyfi god i hate that word
  • you wanted to take a walk or something but he still wanted to train
  • so you took his little jacket thing and curled up in the corner
  • “i’ll just wait for awhile” yeah right 
  • so when he’s all done, and you’re asleep wearing his jacketand he’s like what a pain but he’s a blushing mess ok
  • so he picks you up - hes strong ok - and then you snuggle yourself into him and he’s like “cute” n he’s really blushing
  • and then you just take a deep breath and mumble out i love you and he just???
  • he stops walking and he’s on fire ok
  • so he just walks you back to your room while blushing and puts you on your bed and then he stands there and he’s all should i??? ehh whatever
  • and so he cuddles with  you
  • and tells you he loves you too


  • okay but iMAGINE THIS you guys are just lounging around the room, hunk is trying to figure out this digital thing and you’re just laying down by him, your elbow tucked under your head, facing his thigh. you just wanna get him to finish n then hit the hay
  • and he’s saying things outloud like “oh this is interesting” and “so if we connect this wire,,,” and it’s rlly calming
  • so you start falling asleep
  • and then you snor a little and he turns to look at you n you asleep and he’s like ‘y/n bro don’t leave me’ 
  • and then you snuggle INTO His thigh 
  • okay like your face is kinda pressed against it and then you tell him you love him and he’s like
  • ‘rEALLY’ and he’s so happy because wow!!!
  • if you say it in your dreams, it means you’re thinking of him
  • n your think abt your love for him while you’re dreaming
  • hunk is so happy he can’t focus anymore so he goes to tell lance because pshttt what good are friends if you can’t tell them what your s/o is yet to know jsdhjdkfh


  • bye okay she’s working late, and you guys are doing that cuddling thing 
  • where your head is on her back and your arms are around her
  • and you fall asleep while she’s working because hello that girl stays up too late
  • so you fall asleep and then you get your throat caught on a small snore ish- and you snuggle closer into her
  • and then you just kinda mumble i love you katie
  • and wow she dead
  • like she seriously dead okay because wow you sound so cute like that
  • and !!!you used her real name!!!!
  • she is so embarrassed because you are too cute she’s just dslkjkjfljewds
  • She tried to slow her heart beating and continue but i mean
  • it’s you….
  • and you’re cute


  • okay this happened to shiro a lot
  • him falling asleep way after you
  • he usually just holds you there and tries to drift off
  • yeah well today he was doing that and absentmindedly rubbing patterns into your back
  • and then you snuggle really close to him and just mumbled in a really sleepy voice that you loved hm
  • but your eyes are closed so he’s like srsly bro is asleep??? agh
  • but he thinks it’s so cute
  • he blushes a lot and just holds you there for a moment before mumbling he loves you too
  • he’s still so embarrassed though
  • like i mean were you awake were you asleep, he doesn’t know
  • so he asks you abt it
  • “i-i’m sorry? i must have been asleep” that makes him rlly happy okay dlkjdfjlfjglk 


  • okay so it’s been a long day, he’s tired you’re tired
  • everybody is tired
  • so he does his skin care routine, puts on his face mask and gets to bed
  • where your butt is long asleep
  • he huffs a little because well no fair
  • but then he kinda just goes wHATEVER
  • and he slides into bed and you notice the shift right away
  • he just moving to get to your guys most comfortable position
  • and then when you get in it, he smiles because this really is comfortable
  • and then you hug him and start moving around and then he’s just watching you with that smile on his face
  • and then you say it wow
  • lance baby is so bLUSHING HE IS SO RED OKAY
  • god he loves you so much???
  • tomorrow he will tease you about it
  • but rn he just holds you closer
William Nylander #1 - Not What You Think

Anon asked: Yo image idea where ur austons bff but u and nylander can literally not get along at all and everyones always joking that its bc u guys are too similar or theres just so much built up tension u need to hook up or somethin so one day auston takes u to a team party maybe?? and drunk nylander sees u w some other mans and gets jealous so he pulls u aside and starts an argument and it either ends in aggressive smut or him blurting out that he is actually in love with you u decide :)

Here you go anon! This one kind of got away from me and ended up being way longer than I intended. I had a lot of fun writing this and had to restrain myself from making it even longer than it ended up being. I hope you enjoy it!

You shut your textbook in triumph and placed your head in your hands. The library was bustling around you with students finishing assignments in a last minute attempt to boost their grade before school let out for winter break. The last assignment you needed to hand in was a paper for your literature class that only needed to be edited and you had no motivation left to do it. You did have two days left until it was due which is why you picked up your phone and thumbed through the messages you had waiting.

Unsurprisingly you had several from your best friend Auston and all of them seemed to be about some team gathering at Morgan Rielly’s house.

“Leave me alone,” you typed out. “I’m doing work.”

“False,” came the immediate reply. “You never answer your phone when you’re working.”

You rolled your eyes but knew he was right. It was a policy you put into place much to Auston’s annoyance. You put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you could only be reached in the event of an emergency and as much as Auston begged, you didn’t put him on the list. If you answered him every time he texted, you would get almost nothing done.

Before you could respond your phone buzzed again.

“Please come to Mo’s. It’ll be fun.”

“Will William be there?”

“I don’t know what your problem is with him. Willy is a chill dude.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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Part One

A/N: I decided to make this one a series so enjoy

The show MGK had just put on had been amazing, as usual. Didn’t go exactly according to plan, also usual.

He had somehow snuck a huge bin of ice water on the stage and threw it at the crowd, luckily the audience ate it up.

Other than that all was well the show was over and everyone was at the after party at some hotel you didn’t bother knowing the name of.

Everyone seemed to be in full party mode, everyone but Kells, he was really just drinking, he must be tired after the show, that on top of the fact that he had been non stop for two weeks writing new songs.

Lets get him out of here before someone ask him why he isn’t joining the party and Kells snaps on the poor guy.

‘Yo, let’s head up to the rooms, you look ready to drop.’ you said as you pulled him away from all the noise. He seemed to be too drunk to walk by himself so you did your best to keep him up.

You decided against the elevator, Kells had a high rate of getting stuck in those and you didn’t want to risk it.

‘Can you make it up to the third floor?’ you asked.

Kells didn’t really reply so you rolled your eyes and began to drag him up the stairs.

‘You are too heavy for this shit.’ you panted as you reached his room.

You patted him down and found his room key and opened the door.

When you tried to put him on the bed he pulled you down and you landed on him.

‘Come on.’ you groaned in annoyance.

‘M’ horny.’ Kells slurred.

Oh no, nope nope nopedy nope.

You tried to get up but Kells had wrapped his arms around you waist.

‘You’re drunk.’ you said.

‘You’re cute, and nice.’ he mumbled before he began kissing your neck, making you gasp.

‘You smell good too, like kush.’ he said as kisses became little bites that had you holding back moans.

‘Because I’m surrounded by potheads.’ you groaned.

‘Kells you are wasted, and seem to be forgetting I’m not some random girl, I work with you everyday. You’d probably whiskey dick anyway.’ you said as you pulled away as best you could since he still had his arms around you.

‘I never whiskey dick, see?’ 

He moved his hands from your waist to your ass and grinded against you and sure enough below the belt he was sober and fully functioning.

‘So can we fuck now?’ he asked as the grinding continued.

‘You never have any guys on the bus, and no boyfriend, so why not?’ he asked huskily.

‘Because it would be awkward.’ 

‘Liar, your eye brows jumps when you lie, tell me why and I’ll stop.’

‘Because I’m a damn virgin you jackass!’ you yelled roughly pulled away from him, actually managing to get up this time.

You were red in the face with embarrassment as you caught your breath.


‘Yes, virgin, are you too drunk to know what it means?’ you glared.

‘Oh shit I am so sorry.’ he groaned as he sat up.

‘Just forget it, go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow, you have an interview at three, so have your shit together by then.’ you said before leaving the room.

Only after you had closed the door to your own room did you begin to cry. You couldn’t believe you had told him, you never told anyone.

All you could do was hope like hell that he would forget it by tomorrow.

Halloween Plans (DenNor and RusAme)

Edit: Ah I forgot to tag @spiritussalis, who reuested this! I just decided to do both!! Also @taylorbri3-10 helped me with some ideas for this!!

“Lukas,” the Dane exclaimed, barging into their shared bedroom, “We should go to Alfred’s Halloween party! He says it’s gonna be even more amazing this year than last year!”
Lukas sighed and looked up at Mathias, and inky blue-violet eyes met sparkling, bright blue ones. “I’m sorry, but I can’t leave the house tonight. My clip broke,” he motioned over to the silver cross clip that he usually wore every day, open with small wires exposed sitting on the dresser.
“Why does your clip have wires in it? And why would you need it to go out,” Mathias questioned, walking over to the clip to examine it further.
“It’s a troll phone. How do you think I contact them?”
“I don’t know? Magic? Speaking of which, why don’t you just use your magic to fix it?”
“It doesn’t work that way. It has to be manually fixed,” Lukas replied as he began to explain how it possibly couldn’t just be fixed magically. Mathias just nodded as he spoke, seeming like he was understanding everything, but it was quite overwhelming to take in all of it at once.
“So… does marathoning horror movies sound like a good plan,” Mathias asked with a grin.
“I don’t see why not.”
“Great! I’ll go grab some movies and popcorn, and just remember I’ll be here if ya get scared,” Mathias called out as he hurried out of the room.
“Haha yeah sure you will,” Lukas chuckled with a slight smirk. Even though he could be annoying and a little dense sometimes, Lukas still loved Mathias and all of his antics.
Mathias called Alfred and told him that they couldn’t make it to the party. He seemed kind of bummed at first but then told him that it was fine and that he’d see him the next time they would hang out with Gilbert.
Mathias had arrived with the popcorn and an assortment of movies. He popped in The Exorcist and got into bed with Lukas and the popcorn. Of course, throughout the movies Mathias tried to act like the tough guy, but he got scared and started clinging to Lukas. After about four movies, the two felt their eyelids get heavy. Lukas checked the clock. It said 2:17 am. They decided to call it a night and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Sometimes, it’s good that some bad things happen.

Alfred was preparing for the extravagant Halloween party that he threw every year. Everyone was invited and usually everyone showed up, but this year many of the others seemed to be busy. Alfred started listing of the people that notified him that they couldn’t show up.  Mathias had called him saying that he and Lukas wouldn’t be there but he didn’t say why. Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio were going to pull the same basic Halloween pranks such as tp-ing and egging houses, jumping out of bushes to scare innocent bystanders, the usual. Peter went trick or treating with a small group of his friends, and Berwald and Tino were vague about what they were doing. Something about Ikea? There were a few more, but he didn’t let that stop him from being happy. He knew that Ivan was still coming and that’s all he needed to be happy. He couldn’t bring himself to admit it, but he thought he might have developed a little crush on Ivan. He checked the time and realized he only had a few hours to get everything finished and get his costume on before everyone got there.
As costumed people were filing in, Alfred greeted each at the door. He was patiently waiting for Ivan to arrive. The last time they saw each other was at the valentine’s day party Francis hosted earlier in the year that didn’t turn out too well. Alfred noticed Ivan was approaching from across the street and his face lit up. He couldn’t explain why he was so giddy to see Ivan, but he was happy nonetheless. Ivan seemed to be content as well.
“Hey, Ivan! Are you ready to party or what dude,” Alfred enthusiastically greeted his Russian friend.
“Da, very much so,” Ivan replied with a small smile.
“Well it seems like you were the last one to arrive, so let’s get this party started!”
Alfred and Ivan went in and the Halloween festivities commenced. There were snacks, games, a costume contest, and a haunted house out back. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their life. Alfred was ecstatic to see that his party made so many people happy.
It was getting late and people started leaving. Most of them thanked Alfred for doing such a great job on the party before they left, but one stayed. Ivan had stayed with the intention of helping him clean up.
“Yo, Ivan are you leaving? Don’t you have to get home,” Alfred asked, sincerely confused.
“You normally clean up everything all by yourself, right? I figured it’d be a nice change if someone were here to help,” Ivan responded.
Alfred’s face lit up with excitement. “You’d really help me clean up all of this,” Alfred exclaimed motioning to mess that was made with all the chaos that had just subsided.
“Yes of course I would. I am your friend after all.”
The two began cleaning, just happy with each other’s company. Alfred started with gathering the snacks up and Ivan collected the games. After about thirty minutes, Ivan felt something hit his back. He turned around and noticed a fake hand on the ground and Alfred smirking at him.
“Oh, did that hit you? I’m sorry,” Alfred laughed.
“Ah, so we’re going to play that game,” Ivan smiled and threw an empty cup from the floor at Alfred and threw it and it hit his shoulder.
“Oh, you’re on!”
The two continued throwing trash and stray decorations at each other, while laughing and having even more fun than they did at the actual party all the while. Soon enough, they realized they had made a mistake, as they had made a larger mess than before.
“Oh boy. Well since it’s already,” Alfred checked his watch, “1:30 do you just want to stay here for the night,” Alfred asked with a kind smile. He went out of his way just to help me clean up, so I should offer him a place to stay.
“Ah! Is it really okay?”
“Of course! After all, you did stay to help clean up!”
Without realizing it, they fell asleep wrapped up in each other’s arms on the couch.

WhiteRose Wedding

A WhiteRose Wedding
Ruby woke up to the sound of an alarm clock screeching into her ear and a drool covered tongue on her face.

“Zwei. Five more minuets.” Ruby says sleepily.

“Today is certainly not the day for sleeping in.” A familiar voice says to her from beyond the palace of warmth and blankets. Looking up Ruby saw Wiese standing in the doorway to their bedroom still wearing her nightgown.

“Wiiiiiiiiiese. I wana sleeeeeep.” Ruby said still a little sluggish. Wiese’ response was a pillow to the younger girl’s face.

Ruby knew how important today was. Under normal circumstances she would’ve been up before Wiese. However Yang always knew how to throw a great party, if only they didn’t go so late.

Ruby got up and out of her nice bed, put on her pj shirt and walked into the small kitchen. Wiese had made a cup of coffee for her setting aside her usual five sugars and the cream. As she groggily made her way over to her drink she notice her fiancé eying her.

“Wiese,” Ruby says with a slight grin before coughing a bit. Wiese’ face turns a bit red, “there’s more of me up here.”

“Yes there. There certainly is.”

Me: 1 ice queen: 0

“So how long until go time?” Ruby asks Wiese.

“Well, I figure we have thirty minuets until your sister busts open the front door. After that it’s just an hour and a half until we get “hitched” as your sister would say.” Wiese says adding air quotes around Yang’s slang.

“You nervous?”

“Not at all, I have organized everything perfectly to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

“Good.” Ruby says causing an awkward pause.

“Are yo-“ Ruby tries to say before.

“COME ON LADIES WE GOT PARTY TO GET TO!” Yang shouts as she kicks the door down and off it’s hinges. “Whoops, sorry.”
“Yang! What did I say about breaking down doors!” Wiese proclaims.

“That it makes me look cool?” Yang says.

“No, that it’s expensive.”

“Just a sec, good thing I’m early.” Yang says before running back down through the floors of the apartment.

After spending a good fifteen minuets repairing the door Ruby and Wiese reach the two cars waiting for them outside their building.

The two girls hug and say their goodbyes to each other before hopping into the separate vehicles.
Wiese’ POV

Wiese sees Yang’s car pull in front of there’s as they follow behind them.

“So, how’s the bride?” Blake asks.

“If you’re talking about me I’m fine. Ruby on the other hand, I’m not so sure.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You know Ruby, she’s always been a bit anxious about these types of things.”

“Wiese, she loves you. She’s made that pretty clear. Yang will make sure that she’s fine.”

“You’re right. Everything will be fine.”
Ruby’s POV

“How much further?” Ruby asks looking a little anxious.

“Not much further. You doin ok?” Yang asks.

“Ya fine, fine, completely fine not worried about a thing nope nothing super fine-“

“I’m gonna stop you right there. What’s wrong.”

“It’s stupid.”

“Not if you’re worrying about it this much.”

Ruby sighs. “You know what always happens at weddings Yang? Something always goes wrong. I’m worried because a lot of things can go wrong.”

“Everything will be fine, I’m sure if something goes wrong you and snow cone will probably laugh it off.”

“Ya you’re probably right.” Ruby said, although at the back of her mind she was still worried.

Both cars pulled up in front of a dock full of airships. The team proceeded to grab a few things from the car before getting on board an airship headed for Beacon. It was Ruby’s idea to have the wedding at the place they first met.

The ride was short going from Vale to Beacon. It always was but it had been a few years since the team had taken this trip.

The airship touched down at Beacon and the team split into pairs of two and headed for the separate dressing rooms.
Ruby’s POV

The sisters were able to unpack everything and get settled. They had an hour to prepare for the big event and having had a practice session yesterday Ruby knew exactly how long it’d take her to put on her dress and what to do during the ceremony. But that’s not what she was worried about.

“Yang? Did Wiese mention anything about security?” Ruby asked anxiously.

“Well she told me she didn’t think it was necessary.”

“What?! Wh-“ Ruby tries to say as Yang clamps a hand over her mouth.

“Don’t worry Rubes. I was just messing with ya. This place is so tightly locked down Neo couldn’t even break in.”

Ruby mumbles something underneath Yang’s hand.

“I’ll let you go if you promise to calm down and relax.”

Ruby mumbles some more. Yang then releases her hand.

“I’m just worried he’ll find a way in.”

“Well don’t be. If he shows up we’ll all kick his ass.”

“I hope so.”

“Now come on we gotta get cha into this big mess of fabric.” Yang says putting a smile on Ruby’s face.
Wiese’ POV

“Is the cake here?”

“Yes Wiese.”

“All the guests accounted for?”

“Yes Wiese.”

“How ab-“

“Wiese! Everything will be fine.” Blake says to Wiese as she stops the heiress from pacing back and forth.

“It better be.” Wiese says sitting down on a chair.

“As long as you both love each other this will be the best day you’ve ever had.”

“How can you know that Blake? It’s not like you’ve done this before.” Wiese says slightly annoyed by the cheesy advice.

“First I read enough books to know how this ends. And second.” Blake says finishing the statement by showing Wiese a diamond ring on her finger.

Wiese gasps, “Who, when, how?”

“I don’t wana upstage your wedding but the blonde finally convinced me.” Blake says with a smirk on her face.

“Wait whi-“ Wiese tried to ask but gets interrupted.

“Ladies, it’s time.” The guard outside the door says.
Ruby’s POV

Ruby stands just out of view from where everything’s set up. She’s dressed in a long white dress that has black lace patterns of different Grim on it. She’s about to walk down the isle with her dad. He is currently on the verge of tears.

“Dad? Are you ok?” Ruby asks looking concerned.

“I’m fine, my little girl’s just growing up.” He says chocking on tears.

“Don’t worry, I’m still the same daughter you had two hours ago.” That’s all the two of them has time to say as the music starts to play.

Ruby is walked down the makeshift isle by her father leading up to the point where she first met Wiese. It had a lovely view of Vale and held a special place in her heart.

She saw Wiese at the end of the rows of chairs and people. She looked stunning, dressed in a similar white dress with blue snowflakes embroidered on in a sky blue. Ruby had to try to keep her focus on walking, it was not an easy task.

Finally she reached the end with her beautiful bride.

“Hey gorgeous.” She greeted Wiese with a smirk.

Wiese rolled her eyes in a playful way, “Hello Ruby.”

The minister then started the ceremony. Everything was going as planned, no Grim, no random fights, and no bad guys trying to end the world. Ruby felt relieved.

“If anyone should have a reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” The minister said.

At that moment a very tired and angry looking man ran in front of the crowd, “I object!”

It was none other than Jacques Schnee, Wiese’ father.

“Code White everyone, code white!” Yang screamed from somewhere in the audience.

Before Ruby to take another breath all of her friends and family were standing in front of her and Wiese, weapons at the ready.

“I cannot let you do this Wiese. I need sons of a proper house, she cannot give that to me or you.”

“No she can’t! And I’m thankful for it.”

“Don’t worry you guys,” Ruby says, “I got this.”

Ruby tears off her dress revealing her combat clothes underneath.

“I thought you’d do something like this,” She says as she pulls out Crescent Rose, “So now you’ll pay for it.”

Ruby then proceeded to gracefully beat the shit out of Wiese’ father. A punch to the face, a kick to the groin. She even gave him a few cuts. By the end of it Jacques Schnee lay passed out on the ground while Ruby didn’t even have a scratch on her.

“Shall we resume?” Ruby asked the crowd.

With that the two lovely girls were happily married and no one could ever do anything to separate them ever again.

The End

Halloween Week Prep!

I’ve decided that I definitely want to do an event for October/Halloween! But for this to work, I’m gonna need to plan way ahead so I have time. So here we go!

For the week of Halloween (and potentially longer?), I will be posting October/Halloween themed fics from your prompts! They’ll be the usual Askbox fic length, but with those sweet Halloween vibes we all know and love.

Despite the season, I still won’t be doing anything with character death, and this unfortunately also includes zombies, but if your prompt can somehow twist it into a happy ending, fire away!

Here are some ideas that I had with the upcoming season! This whole event will be tagged tsshw, and I hope you guys enjoy! 🍁🍬🎃 

  • Creatures (werewolves, vampires, ghosts, witches, skeletons, demons)
  • Halloween Night (candy, parties, costumes, trick or treating)
  • Aesthetic: Spooky Edition (hauntings, blood, horror stories, graveyards, thunderstorms)
  • Aesthetic: Soft Edition (scarves, PSLs, crunchy leaves)
  • Sickfic Stuff (colds, infections, seasonal allergies, too much candy)

anonymous asked:

[Drums steepled fingers together like some sort of villain.] Reyes totally holds those "grade checks" once a month to fluster the fuck out of you and get to know you. One night when you're out with friends at some bar or club you both see each other and just "oh shit he's even hotter outside of the classroom". [Shrugs] I'm not saying there's banging, because that's not a-okay for professor and student, but when you graduate? Totally asks you out appropriately (probably in Spanish). [Finger guns]

adorable-as-fuck said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

You. Are. Going. To be. The. Death. Of. Me. And I fucking love it. I am fucking trash for this sort of thing and the fact that you’re doing the lords work is amazing. However, I need more of that wonderful Teacher Hanzo…or even…how would McCree fit in this glorious uni setting? Please. I need it like air. <3

I AMMMMMMMMMMMM STUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK IN REYES HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GET MEEEEEEEE THE FUCKKKKKKKK OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Okay okay okay, take a deep fucking breath everyone. Like fucking breathe please. Hold onto yer fuckin’ horses cause meeting Professor Reyes like after hours when you and your girls are out clubbing? MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me combine particular parts of the asks above.

Overwatch AU intro here. A little extra on Reyes here


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Lady Gaga “Joanne” Sentence Starters


“This dance is on you.”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“Good thing I know what I’m worth.”
“Soon I’m breaking out of here.”
“If you want a good thing, put the money down first.”


“Here we go!”
“My body’s got you pleadin’.”
“I can’t wait to blaze for real.”
“Now it’s a party!”


“Take my hand, stay ____”
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“We both know things don’t work that way.”|
“I promised I wouldn’t say goodbye.”


"Can you go a little faster?!”
“Every John is just the same.”
“Baby, let’s get high.”
“I just love a cowboy.”


“I lay around and touch myself to pass the time.”
“Baby, don’t cry.”
“It feels good to be lonely.”
“I’ve been up all night trying to rub the pain out.”


"I just want you alone.”
“It wasn’t love.”
“Maybe you’re just a dream.”
“You were so perfect.”
“I still feel the blow but at least now I know.”


"You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go.”
“I try to make the worst seem better.”
“Can’t you give me what I’m needing?”
“But baby, I just need one good one to stay.”
“It’s hard to even fathom which parts I should believe.”


"I’ve got a baby sister who looks just like me.”
“I am what I am.”
“I can carry you but not your ghosts.”
“Maybe she’s in too deep.”
“He has a funny way of saying forever too fast.”


"Everybody’s gotta love each other.”
“Tell me who hurt you.”
“There’s going to be no future unless we figure things out.”
“I wanna be there for you.”
“Who are you going to follow?”


"Don’t you leave me.”
“Can you hear me?”
“If you lose your way just know that I got you.”
“Tell me that you need me.”
“Help me hold my hair back.”
“Walk me home because I can’t find a cab.”
“We don’t need to keep on one-in’ up another.”


"Where are our leaders?”
“Shots were fired on the streets.”
“I’m a believer.”
“Doesn’t everyone belong in the arms of the sacred?”
“I confess, I am lost.”


"Let your teardrops fall.”
“I said you’d make it.”
“Make it all make sense.”
“Pour your heart out.”


"We both know I could learn a thing or two.”
"It’s just another day.”
“I’ll think of different ways to keep my spirits up.”
“But I love you.”
“Show ‘em how we do it.”

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Ok, I've been re-reading TAC II again and I'm just imagining the bachelor parties that would come after. Like, Ash threatening Drew, Paul, and Cilan "If you break her heart, I'll break your face." and Gary getting arrested and Drew being dragged out by Harley to the bar and end up getting on the news again and Paul not even wanting to but was pushed out the door by Reggie and others feely stuff. I'm also thinking about the Pokegirls but I don't think it will fit in this ask.

Oh god. Those parties would be the funniest shit.

Cilan’s is first, and Ash is SUPER hyped because WHOA that’s one of his best friends marrying another of his best friends??? And they were dating for such a short period that their engagement caught everyone off guard so it’s extra surprising.

Chili and Cress are the Best Men, and Cress thinks they need to keep it classy because, you know, Cilan’s a classy dude. But Chili is like, “Nah bro this is his last week of being SINGLE.” So he arranges for a strip club.

Cilan, of course, is mortified. Gary and Barry are enjoying the shit out of themselves though, even if Barry is gay af. Drew and Paul kind of sympathize with Cilan so they take him to the bar in the back and order him a couple shots, but end up getting him shitfaced – at which point he’s able to enjoy himself more.

He feels awful about it later though, like he was being unfaithful to Iris, so he comes clean with her almost immediately the next day, but she’s just like, “?????? You went to a strip club??? That’s AWESOME.”

Drew was certain his Best Man Max would keep it more low-key because he’s a nerd, and for the most part, he was right. They have an evening in his apartment whilst the gals take May to a bar for her Bachelorette party.

Everything was going cool, they were just chilling and having some alcohol (Cilan was miffed because this was how he wished his bachelor party went), until… in rolls a giant cake and out pops Harley in a speedo.

Harley proceeded to give Drew a lap dance. It was recorded by Kenny and posted online somewhere.

Paul explicitly asked not to have a Bachelor party. Unfortunately, everyone else had other plans. On the night of Dawn’s Bachelorette party, all the guys show up and are like, “Yo, we’re taking you to a bar.”

And Paul just straight-up says “No,” and adds that with Dawn out, he’s taking care of Lizzie. … At which point Johanna walks in and is like, “Oh, not to worry! I’ll take care of her!! You go have fun.”

WELP, Paul can’t fight against his future in-law, so he begrudgingly goes. He gets drunk and does not participate at all, choosing instead to lay his head down on the counter while the equivalent of Alessia Cara’s “Here” plays on repeat in his head.

Gary demands they go to a strip club for his party – he and Leaf pretty much agree they can do whatever as long as neither of them contracts an STD – and he goes HARDCORE. Like licking-the-salt-off-a-stripper’s-abdomen hardcore.

He and Leaf exchange stories the next day. They wanted to top each other for who would do the craziest shit. Leaf wins.

Touch It- Part 3

This is really short, I’m sorry! Also, tomorrow I’m going on vacation and I won’t be back until Saturday, I’ll try to post from my phone, but I’m not sure if I’ll can! Hope you like it!!

Part 1 / Part 2

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1.7K

Warnings: Cursing, a little bit smutty

The long, red, backless dress that Nat gave you fits your body like a glove. You look at yourself in the mirror, your hair styled up in a low bun. You sigh at your reflection, as much as you love how you look, you wish you could scape tonight. The Avengers are going to a party, but not to have fun, it’s a mission. There are some very important Hydra agents attending this party and you need their information.

You go to the jet and everyone is already there. “Girl, you are looking fine.” Nat winks at you with a big smirk on her face.

“Well, I’m not the only one looking fine, look at you!” You grab her hand and turn her around.

She’s wearing a short, tight, black dress that makes her look like a model. Looking around, you furrow your brows. Steve and Sam are wearing a suit and Wanda has a beautiful baby blue short dress with some jewelry on, but Tony and Vision are in their combat outfits. “I thought we were all going to the party?”

“Tony and Vis will stay outside just in case something happens.”

“What about Bucky?” You put a hand on your hip and raise your brows at Steve.

“I’m here, doll!” Bucky enters the garage and walks to your side, grabbing your waist smiling. “Missed me?”

“Not at all.” He rolls his eyes and squeeze your waist tightly before letting you go.

You take a deep breath, your body already missing Bucky’s touch. You kick yourself mentally for being so dependent. Yo get in the jet and Steve adjust his tie before he speaks.

“This mission is basically up to you, girls.” Steve points at the three of you. “They are powerful men, they are certainly not interested in us, but in you. They are looking for a fun night, and they will want to take you to the hotel room. But you need to be careful, they need to think that you are weak and okay with whatever they decide. I’m going to be watching Nat, Sam you keep eyes on Wanda and Bucky you watch over (Y/N). When you leave with the men, we are going to follow you, so don’t worry. But if they try to make a move on you, you will have to let them. They can’t suspect a single thing, got it?” You all nod agreeing to the plan. “Okay, now take this pills. When you arrive to the rooms with them, offer a drink to the men and put the pills on it. They are going to black out in seconds.”

You grab one of the pills and put it in your small black purse. The jet lands in the woods and you take a car with Nat and Wanda to go to the building where the party is being celebrated. Once you arrive, the place is already crowded. Soft music is playing and everyone is chatting about things you have no idea about. You put the earpiece on, making sure your hair hides it, and walk into the big room. You go to sit in the bar and wait for the guys to come in.

“Nat, you need to go to the man sitting in the table with the red tie. He has blonde hair. Do you see him?” Steve speaks softly and quietly.


“Okay, Wanda you go to the man that’s entering right now, the one dressing in all black.”

“Got him.”

“Right, (Y/N) yours is the man in your right, the one with the brown hair and the navy suit.”

You mumble a really low okay to Steve and ask for a dry martini. “This is going to be easy, doll. He’s been eye-fucking you since you entered the party.”

You lick your lips, Bucky sounds upset. You try to stop a smile at the thought of him being jealous when a hand is placed in the small of your back. You look to your right to see the Hydra agent smiling widely at you. “Hey, sweetheart.” His voice is low and you want to cringe at his words.

“Hi.” You smile innocently at him and take a sip of your drink. He seats in the chair next to you.

“How is it possible that a girl like you is alone?” You can hear Bucky’s groan in your ear and you smile at the man.

“Didn’t find a boy who was worth it.”

“Well, then this is your lucky night.” You bit your lip seductively at him.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Feliks. What’s your name, sweetheart?” Before you can respond, you hear Bucky’s voice in your ear once again, telling you to go with a fake name.

“My name is Elia.”

“Beautiful name. So, Elia, what do you do for living?”

“I work in an office as a secretary. I know, boring. How about you?”

“I work for an organization.”  

“What organization?” Feliks shuts up for a second and looks at you.

“Doll, don’t be too curious, you are going to mess it up.” Bucky speaks softly to you.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter, we are not here to talk about our jobs, right?” Feliks smiles at you once again.


It’s been a couple of hours, Feliks has introduced you to a lot of people and you are now standing in a corner of the room. His arm grabs your waist firmly and his mouth gets closer to your ear. You shiver at his touch and close your eyes trying to keep it together.

“What do you say if we get out of here and go to my room, baby?” You smile at him.

“Let’s go.”

He grabs your hand and leads you to the elevator. Once you are in, his lips attack yours in a hungry kiss. You keep your eyes open and force yourself to kiss him back. Finally, you arrive at the floor and you break the kiss, searching for air. He grabs your waist and takes you to his room, his mouth attacking your neck. You fake a moan and grab his hair, forcing him to sit on a chair.

“Why don’t we have some champagne?” You look at him with pleading eyes.

“Whatever you want, honey. But first, strip. Just leave your bra and panties on.” You give him a small smile and let your dress slip to the floor. He bits his lip while watching you, his eyes already dark with lust.

You fill two glasses with a really expensive champagne and, discretely, put the pill on one of them. You wait a moment until the little pill is completely dissolved in the liquid. You turn around to him smiling and walk, sitting on his lap with your legs on either side of him, your chest facing his. You handle him the glass with the pill and peck his lips slightly.

“Bottoms up.” You raise your glass to him smiling.

“Bottoms up, baby girl.” He drinks all the liquid quickly and grabs your ass tightly.

Your glass falls to the floor while he forces yourself to grind on him. His mouth is in your collarbone and you wait for him to stop. His movements start to slow down until his face falls backwards, his eyes closed, almost looking like he is dead. You poke his arm a few times, making sure he is completely knocked out. You get up and start searching through the room. The door burst open and Bucky appears with a worried expression.

“Are you okay? Did he do something to you?” You look at him surprised, a little smirk playing on your lips. Is he worried about you?

“I’m fine, Barnes. Now, help me look for the information.”

“Fine.” He turns around and then he looks at you again, a smug smile on his face. “Nice panties, by the way.” You look down at your black lace thong while blushing.

You grab your dress and go in front of the mirror, putting it on. You see Bucky walk behind you and grab something from the table in your left. He has a folder in his hands, but his eyes are on your reflection. He looks at you while you put your dress back on. Your hair is a mess, so you decide to let it down. It bounces in your back and you see that Bucky has approached you. His chest is almost touching your back and you feel like you can’t breath. His free hand grabs your hair, putting it on one side of your neck. His fingers caress the skin of your neck and you tilt your head to the side. Closing your eyes, you feel his hot breath hit your skin and then his mouth leaving soft kisses. You sigh, his teeth biting softly at the spot right below your ear.

“Guys is everything okay?” Your eyes shot open at Steve’s voice. “Do you have the information?”

You walk away from Bucky. “Yeah, we are fine. We have some folder with information on it.”

“Good. We are waiting outside in the cars.”

“Okay we are coming.”

You look at Bucky and then walk out the door to meet with the rest of the team.

You arrive at the tower and go straight to your room avoiding every possible conversation. When you are finally in your room, you change into an over-sized shirt and brush your hair with your hands. You throw yourself in bed. Why is he like this? He never showed interest towards you, sure, he sometimes letted out a stupid flirty comment at you, but it was all playful. You never thought he meant what he was saying. Your hand travels to the side of your neck and you close your eyes, still feeling his mouth in your skin. You groan out loud trying to get him out of your mind, but it’s impossible. A knock on your door gets you out of your thoughts and you open to reveal Sam standing there.

“Hey, kid, come to the living room. You want to see what’s going on.” You furrow your brows but obey and follow him.

An eclectic summer mix for betches like us
  • Dear Boy - Avicii
  • American Girl - Bonnie McKee
  • Girlfriend - Icona Pop
  • 4ever - The Veronicas
  • Bottoms Up - Brantley Gilbert
  • Wild Out - Borgore feat. Waka Flocka Flame
  • Mirrors (Frankmusik Remix) - Natalia Kills
  • How to be a Heartbreaker - Marina & the Diamonds
  • Move - Little Mix
  • Wasted (Original Mix) - Tiesto
  • All The Way - Timeflies
  • Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix) - Tove Lo
  • Bad (feat. Vassy) [Radio Edit] - David Guetta
  • Ooh la la (Radio Edit) - Goldfrapp
  • Wanna B With Somebody - Icona pop
  • Saturday Night - Natalia Kills
  • Oath (Feat. Becky G) - Cher Lloyd
  • Driving In Cars With Boys - Lana Del Rey
  • How We Do (Party) - Rita Ora
  • Chandelier - Sia
  • Primadonna - Marina & the Diamonds
  • Breathe - Michelle Branch
  • All Night - Iconapop
  • Young Hearts - Strangetalk
  • Never Gonna Change - Broods
  • Miss Independent - Ne-yo
  • U + Ur Hand - Pink
  • Here's to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne
  • F U Betta - Neon Hitch
  • She's Not Me - Lana Del Rey
  • Don't Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzinger
  • Man Like That - Gin Wigmore
  • Take a Hint - Victoria Justice
  • Untouched - The Veronicas
  • I Get Around - Dragonette
  • I Must Not Chase the Boys - Play
  • A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay
  • This Is What Makes Us Girls - Lana Del Rey
  • Power & Control - Marina & the Diamonds
  • Let It Go - Idina Menzel

PART 1 // PART 2

Imagine 4 Part 3 - “Y/N gives Nate a taste of his own medicine” - REQUESTED

You arrived at Alycias (your best friend) house, and unloaded all the emotional and physical baggage you carried with you from home. of course leaving Nate crying uncontrollably was hard for you, but what he did hurt 10x more.

“Are you fucking kidding me, who’s the bitch. She’s done for” Alycia growled out while dragging you in for a hug.

“Charlie” you sigh.

Alycia raises her eyebrow, “Charlie… what?”

“last name starts with a B, or well that’s what her name was saved as on his phone”

Alycia let’s out an exaggerated sigh “Oh her, Charlie Brente? she’s the fucking country bicycle she’ll let anyone if not everyone get a piece of her… what the fuck is Nate thinking… I’m ready to fight his ass too”

Alycia always has a way of making you laugh even in the worst of situations.

“I’m just so done, you should’ve seen the text ‘I had fun we should do it again’ I honestly don’t know what to do from here I fucking lov-” Alycia stopped you before you could say the L word.

“Fuck that we’re going out, I think Lucy and KDL are having a party tonight let’s go get drunk and just take your mind off this shit I think you might need it baby girl”

You roll your eyes at the word ‘drunk’ “if I hear that word again I’m gonna throw up I’ve heard it about 50 times this morning from that asshole” you groan.

Alycia laughs “so we gonna turn up or nah” she says while attempting to make you laugh with her booty shaking.

“I mean I don’t mind but all the boys will be there… what if he turns up?”

“Even better then, show him what he’s fucked up”

You turn your phone back on, as you turnt it off as soon as you left home. 36 miss calls and a handful of texts from the same person.

“Fuck it we’re going”

Nate hasn’t moved from where you left him, he’s crouched on the floor back leant on the  bed and hands in head. The stains from his tears taint his cheek. His phone chimes. A new text message. He grabs his phone as fast as he can to see who it was, hoping it’s you.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck” he sighs aloud. He reaches over into the bottom draw which you both labelled as the “goodie draw” he gets out some RAW papers and his favourite strand of weed, OG kush after rolling one up he leans back on the headboard and glances over at the empty space which you should be occupying.

He gets up punching everything in sight,“Y/N come back…” Nate whispers… completely destroying the bedroom that you both once shared - who knows if you’ll both inhabit that bed at the same time again.

“We’re gonna be late hurry up Y/N” Alycia giggles, the pre drinks are definitely taking effect now.

You stumble down the stairs in a pair of Alycias black heels, and a tight ass short black dress hugging your curves in the most attractive way.

“Fuck Y/N you are definitely getting some tonight” Alycia splurts out whilst eyeing you up “from me I mean not any random guy” she adds quickly, still giggling.

“shutup let’s go” you join in with the laughter.

You arrive at the party and you notice the usual gang, Derek, Nury, Swazz, KDL and a few others, but you don’t see Nate. You don’t know if this has made you feel better or worse. You dive straight over to the table with all the drinks and you and Alycia let loose.

“Yo what are you doing here Y/N” Swazz asks as he attempts to keep you standing up straight. He takes the bottle of hennessey out your hand “Yo how much have you had to drink what the fuck”

“I’m fine… I’m so fine right John there’s no need to worry about me, where’s your boyfriend?” you slur every word, while poking Swazz in his chest.

Swazz removes your hand from his upper body “you mean your boyfriend?” he questions.

You laugh hysterically at his response “Oh MY boyfriend… the one who has feelings for someone else… yeah I don’t think… I don’t think so Johnny boy”

Derek has now joined you who just like you is completely wasted “Y/N” he shouts before pulling you into a hug “Damn ma you look…” he bites his fist as you give him a twirl. “Nates a luc.. a lucky man” Derek can hardly stand up straight himself so the both of you walk over to the couch leaving Swazz standing alone.

Nate is awakened by his phone ringing, he can’t find it at first but when he does the first thing he says when he answers is “Y/N?

“Nah its me Swazz, yo you better come down here man Y/N is here and she’s fucked. She’s acting weird”

“Shit alright I’m coming keep an eye on her for me please make sure she doesn’t do anything dumb”

Yeah alright hurry up” Swazz hangs up the phone.

On the way to the party Nate can’t help but think how all of this is his fault, he knew you didn’t drink that much and when you did there was a problem. But this time HE was the problem. 

“You have.. really nice lips Luh, I never realised before” you say one hand tracing Dereks bottom lip and the other holding onto your drink like your life depended on it.

Derek slyly smiles “thanks ma you too” Although Derek was drunk himself he knew not to cross the line so he found an exscuse to get up before anything went too far.

You sit there staring into space ‘where’s Alycia’ you sip another sip of your strong drink. Your tranquility was distrupted by alycia pushing through the crowded room she was mouthing something but you were too drunk to understand. As she got closer you caught what she was saying “NATES HERE”.

You look over to the door, and see him rushing in the crowd trying to find you. ‘Let’s see how you like it’ you thought to yourself. Scanning the room for someone attractive you fine someone who funny enough resembles Nate. Without introducing yourself you kiss him. You’re having a full make out session in the corner of the room with a stranger you don’t even know, this is how much Nate has fucked you over, your stooping so low to things you would never normally do.

The kiss is interrupted “GET THE FUCK OFF MY GIRL” Nate drags and throws the guy halfway across the room before lunging himself at him laying hits in left and right. He gets up and marches towards you grabbing you by the arm and pulling you into the nearest bathroom “Y/N WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

You shrug your shoulders because you really don’t have an answer.


You give Nate the hardest stare you ever have and look him up and down…

“Sorry… I guess I’m just drunk…”



“So cause I missed like a shit ton of my recess that mean I get like a week to be out of my cell?” Shade asked one of the guards who shoved him out his cell. “Flirtin already.” He was shoved again. Needless to say it was nice to get outside after so long inside. In all honestly he had no idea what happened. He’d felt kinda sick and then woke up having lost some time. Not an usual thing, but usually it involved a lot of drugs, the fun ones. Not a thing here unfortunately. “So I’m guessin vampires didn’t get overthrown. Shit I was hopin for a party palace yo.”

  • bioware: check out this sweet castle ruin
  • bioware: scary demons u saw in the trailer but look again
  • bioware: get yo dance shoes u gon party
  • bioware: yooo but wait here's an EXCLUSIVE screenshot of a tree
  • fans: but what about the characters-
Been Waiting || Islyn

After leaving the party, Katelyn went to the hotel. Packing up her bag and her the safe, she checked out instead of going home right away, she had the cab driver bring her to the graveyard. But not just any graveyard the one that Trenton was buried in. She had to check in with him and tell him everything that had happened. “So its been awhile since we chatted.” She said this as she stood in front of his grave. “Don’t mind the dress. Seems like I’ve made one big mess after another. I could really use her advice. First things with my brother aren’t going so good. I fell for a woman that wants to hurt him and the people I care about. Then you remember that lawyer, yeah Isaac. Well we kissed tonight, he left the party we were at. But he had been angry with me because he seen me talking to said woman that I fell for. But Trent, I can’t lose him. I feel like he is the only one who understands me besides you. But knowing my luck I probably messed it all up. You know me.” She stood there talking to him for another fifteen minutes before she made her way back to the cab.

After telling the cab driver were she lived, she sat back in her seat. Taking out her phone she thought about texting Florence but decided against it. The brunette had been the cause of the fight between Isaac and herself and she didn’t need anymore problems at least not tonight. Besides she didn’t want to lose the the tingling on her lips still from when Isaac had kissed her. She could still taste his lips on hers. When she arrived at her apartment building, the cab driver was nice enough to help her with her things. She thanked him and gave him a major tip. Closing the door behind her, sighing a little bit as she looked around. The place was still trashed and she hated that. 

Heading back to her bedroom, she got out of the dress and checked her wounds. Cleaning them out, allowing the air to hit the stitches. The doctors had told her that air was a good thing for them. Slipping on a pair of sweats and a spaghetti strap tank top, she began to move around the apartment. Yup, Katelyn was cleaning. But when she noticed how quiet it was, she picked up her iPod docker and took the iPod out of her bag and hooked it back up. Allowing it to play music now as she cleaned. “This is how we do it. It’s Friday night, and I feel all right. The party is here on the West side so I reach for my 40 and I turn it up. Designated driver take the keys to my truck. Hit the shore ‘cause I’m faded. Honeys in the street say, "Monty, yo we made it!" It feels so good in my hood tonight. The summertime skirts and the guys in Kani. All the gang bangers forgot about the drive-by. You gotta get your groove on, before you go get paid. So tip up your cup and throw your hands up and let me hear the party say..” She was interrupted with a knocking on her door. Figuring it was one of her neighbors, she turned the music down. Before reaching the door, of course she had her spare gun out just in case. Even if she wasn’t clear to use it yet. Pulling the door handle back, she opened the door.