get a hotel room with my best friend

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"Congratulations on getting 1st at Rostelecom, Yuuri. But how did you actually get Viktor's costume?" "I may or may not have stayed at his apartment in Moscow for the week I was competing instead of getting a hotel room and he may have shipped all of his costumes from St. Petersburg because he knew I didn't have mine." Phichit: *looks into the camera like he's in the office*

Phichit’s version of umfb&mha would literally just be him face-palming and looking into the camera like he’s on the office while his best friend makes bad life decisions and ignores his advice

Friends To Lovers

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader
Word count: 291
Warnings: A really short little ball of fluff
Written for my 400 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @alexastacio​. Prompt: Minions / Quote: “Stop getting crumbs in my bed”

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Make it Snappy, Sweetheart - Andy Biersack Imagine

injectmewithyourphan asked: “If you could do one where you work at a restaurant and Black veil Brides come in, Andy gets really flirty and you go back to his hotel room and smutty smut smut?”

Word Count: 924 | Warnings: Smut (!) 

Oh. My. God. I’m doomed.

Black Veil Brides are coming here. To the restaurant that I’m working in, at 6 pm. Jesse, the restaurant manager and my best friend, decided it was best to keep this a secret and ‘surprise me’. Well, it worked for I was hella surprised. Time seems to fly so quickly, for it was soon 6 and I was involuntarily checking on the door. Not long after, five handsome men, all looking neat in their suits, entered into the motherfucking restaurant. I swallowed a gulp and immediately felt weak in the knee. I watched powerlessly as Jesse guided them to their table and handed them the menus. She then walked towards me and said, “Jesus, is it hot in here or is it just them? Now, go get ‘em, gorgeous.” I exhaled a nervous sigh and waited until they’re ready to order. Not long after that, Andy raised his hand, signaling a waiter/waitress.

Shit. That’s my call.

I swear I nearly tripped when I was walking to their table. “G-Good evening, all ready to place your orders?” I said, trying as hard as I could to contain myself as I took out my pen and pad. “Well, good evening, um,” he eyed up my name tag and immediately said, “(Y/N). And yes, we are ready to place our orders.” I noted down all their orders and repeated them before turning away to the kitchen.

“(Y/N),” Andy called to me, making me stop in my tracks and turn to him.

“Make it snappy, sweetheart,” he said with an oh-so-sexy smirk.

“Yes Sir, will do,” was all I could say.

I couldn’t breathe. Andy was seriously making me sexually frustrated. I needed to distract myself, so I headed to the corridor to the restrooms to fix the flowers or some shit. Just as I was about to make a turn, I bumped into someone, who immediately held me in his arms.

Oh no. “Mr Biersack? I-I’m really sorry, I—“

“Please, call me Andy, (Y/N),” he smiled coyly, “So, I’d take it that you know who we are?” He then asked me, still holding me in his arms.

“Well, y-yes,” My head nearly dropped of embarrassment, “You guys are, like, my favorite band ever.” And suddenly I lost my cool.

“Is that so!” Andy chuckled, “Wow, a beautiful girl with a great taste in music. What more can you ask for?” Andy said jokingly, and then proceeded to staring at me. We stayed like that for a good five seconds before he said, “Do you… want to, come with me tonight?”

Did he really just ask me…?

“Y-yes,” I replied hastily and without hesitation, which made me sound kind of stupid.

“Alright,” he smirked, “I’ll call for you when we’re done. Later, (Y/N).”

He walked back to his table and left him stunned there. I immediately went to Jesse and told her what happened. I didn’t feel too good for leaving the shift early to go hook up with Andy.

“Are you ridiculous?! Of course you should go with him, what are you, stupid?!” Jesse nearly screamed at my face, “Opportunities like this only come once. Don’t fucking worry about your shift—go have fun! And oh, I want a full report after this ok?”

So, yes. I did go with Andy. He took me back to his hotel room and just as we entered, he instantly locked the door behind him and went to kiss me passionately. It just felt so unreal and I felt so weak that I had to hold on to his shoulders for support. He then picked me up, carried me into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed. He undid his tie and took off his tux and shirt. He crawled on top of me, kissing me again. He then trailed the kisses down to my neck, leaving marks here and there as I tussled his hair. I felt his hand glide up my thigh and grab the hem of my skirt, and I helped him take it off. As I was left in my black lace panties Andy pinned me onto the bed and continued kissing my neck and then down to my collarbones, my breasts, and down to just before my panties. He looked me in the eye before he tugged my panties off and began kissing my inner thighs. He then started licking my clit, sending shivers through my entire body.

“Andy, I w-want you in me…”

“What’s that?” he teased, “I can’t hear you.”

“Dammit, Andy, I want you in me right now!”

He smirked, “That’s my girl.”

He undid his belt and removed his pants before gently inserting himself in me, making me arch my back in enjoyment. He moves at a steady pace, hitting my g-spot every time. Ugh, he makes me feel so good. He lowered down to give me a kiss which I gladly returned.

“I’m close, babe…” he said with his raspy voice.

“Me… too…” I said inbetween breaths.

No sooner did we both reach our climaxes and he dropped himself to the bed next to me, exhausted. “Oh God, that was nice,” he said, still panting. He pulled me into his arms, hugging me tight. “Hey, do you, um, wanna go on a date tomorrow?”

I couldn’t hold back my smile, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

(Ha ha hey! I hope you enjoyed imagining this as much as I did ;p)

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Fragments Of You

A/N: So, I had this idea last night, and I didn’t intend to get this carried away with it. And I know I haven’t posted in a few days, but my mind has been elsewhere! I hope this compensates for it:-)

Pairing: Roman Reigns x Reader

Word Count: 1,900

Summary: After several months of chasing after you, Roman finally gets one night with you. But he doesn’t want just one night with you. He wants to be with you.

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Just between us.

AJ/OC. WARNING: Smut ahead. It’s also on my Fanfiction page if you want to read it there. Same disclaimer and all that.

It was just my luck for the hotel to have screwed me over and double book my room. I frantically tried to get hold of my best friends but with no luck so, I was now stranded in the lobby of the hotel with no room to sleep. My best friends had chosen to drive early then hit the clubs. It was something that I didn’t enjoy so I opted out for an early night, something now, I obviously wasn’t going to get. I slumped against the leather sofa, fed up with how the evening was going.

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It’s Always Been Us

Sami Zayn/OC. Smut and feels. A request from  ohhellobeautifulgoodbye over at  “Basically the OC has been best friends with Sami for years but just recently she got into a friends with benefits type thing with Finn Balor. Zayn finally gets frustrated with her and snaps one day, and the argument between them leads to him showing her how much he has always cared for her. 

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Tour life

Wesley Tucker x reader
Prompt: you’re on tour with Wes and there’s a mix up with the hotel and there’s only one bed.
Rating: PG
Words: 1281

Tonight was one of the lucky night’s that I got to spend in a hotel instead of on the tour bus. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being on tour, especially when it was with some of my best friends, but having an actual bed to sleep in was always enjoyed. None of the hotels we stayed at were the greatest but it was nice to have a full size bed for once.

When we stayed in hotels, we roomed in pairs. This time Wesley and I were sharing a room. We didn’t know each other very well but we got along pretty well.

We all gathered up enough stuff for one night and split up to go to our different rooms. As Wes and I walk to the room, we talk about how the tours gone so far. He tells me about some of the gifts he’s gotten from fans as he opens the door. I set my bad down next to the door as Wes walks in behind me. As first I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary until Wes points it out. 

 “Uh,” Wes freezes and I look at him with an eyebrow raised. “Weren’t we supposed to have two beds? Because there’s definitely only one.” I look up and sigh. He’s right, there’s only one bed.

 “I’ll call the desk and see if they can fix it. I’m sure there was just a mix up.” 

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”Wes sits on the edge of the bed while I pick up the phone. I dial the number listed for the front desk and wait. When I tell them the problem, they say that it’s the only room available. For some reason this whole hotel is full. I sigh and thank them before hanging up. 

 “Bad news. This is the only room available. Everywhere else is full.” I report. 

“Okay,” he sighs. “Well, I’ll sleep on the floor and you can have the bed.” He starts to stand up and grab a pillow. 

 “No, Wes. I can’t let you do that.” I pause and bite my lip. “I don’t mind sharing if you don’t. ” Wes bites his own lip and sweeps his eyes across the bed. 

“Okay.” He shrugs. “I can’t make any promises to not try and cuddle with you in my sleep though.” He jokes. 

 I smile. “Same here. It’s okay, I don’t mind.” 

 He grins. “Well, uh, did you want to shower?” 

 "Yeah. It’s nice to have an actual shower for once.“ I chuckle and well back over to my bag. 

 "Yeah, I know what you mean. I love touring but it gets difficult sometimes.” 

“Same here. Well, I’m gonna go shower.” I slowly start walking towards the bathroom. 

“Okay,” he smiles and settles back onto the bed. 

I lean against the door after closing it and take a deep breath. I’ve lowkey had a crush on Wes since the tour started. He was just adorable and I loved his voice. I’ve never expected anything to happen but now we’re sharing a bed together. 

I quickly get undressed and hop in the shower. Calm down, Y\N. The most that was gonna happen was some accidental cuddling. I shake my head to clear it and start actually showering. 

I get out of the shower and dig through my bag. Since I didn’t want to bring all my things up here, I only brought panties and a long t shirt to sleep in. I shrug and put them on. It’s not like Wes hasn’t seen me walk around the bus like this before. 

I dry my hair out a little and brush my teeth before leaving the room with my bag in tow. Wes is in the same place as before. He looks up when he hears me and smiles. 

“Nice shirts,” he nods towards me. I look down in confusion.Oh! I had one of his merch shirts on. 

“Thanks,” I blush. “I like the design.”

“My name looks good on you,” he smirks. 

“I bet mine would look even better on you,” I play along. 

He grins and stands up. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He grabs his own bag and gently brushes past me on his way to the bathroom. 

I chuckle and shake my head. I was almost too surprised to flirt back. Almost.

It seems like Wes already picked his side of the bed, so I set my stuff down and get on the other side. I wasn’t really ready to sleep yet so I grab my phone and see a text from my friend, Y\F\N.

“where are you tonight?” 

“Kansas. We even get a hotel tonight.”

“Sweet. Who you rooming with?”

“Wesley. and we only have one bed.” 

“Oh ;)”

I roll my eyes and text her back. “It’s not like anything is gonna happen” 

“you never know”


In between texting her, I’m scrolling through twitter and instagram. During my scrolling, I find that people really seem to ship Wes and I. There’s all sorts of fan fiction about us. Dirty and clean. I scroll through our tag for about 30 seconds before deciding that I’ve had enough. 

Wes comes out about ten minutes later in sweatpants and a t shirt. 

“Did you know that people actually ship us? Like there’s even fan fiction about us.” I say in amazement.

Wes chuckles and runs a hand through his hair. “I’ve gotten tweets about it but I didn’t know it was that big.”

He sets his things down gets onto the bed next to me. “I only looked through the tag for about 30 seconds. It was mildly terrifying.”

He laughs. “Yeah. I try to avoid any type of fan fiction. It’s weird to read about yourself.”

“I just thought it was really weird. We barely know each other.”

“And yet I still got you half naked, in my merch, in the same bed as me,” he smirks. 

“Hey. I’m the one who talked you into sharing the bed. And I’m not making you stay fully dressed.” I raise an eyebrow and smirk right back at him. His smirk falters for a second and I think that I’ve gone too far, but his smirk comes back right away. 

“You’re right,” he agrees as he pulls shirt off. I know he’s a little insecure about being shirtless. His top surgery scars are barely visible but they’re still there. It doesn’t make me think any less of him. Not at all. If anything I’m proud that he’s conquering his insecurity. 

“Is there anything about you that isn’t perfect?” I sigh. “Cuz it’s kinda annoying.I smile at him playfully. 

“Let’s see if you’re still saying that when I wake you up in the middle of the night because I’m trying to hold you,” he rolls his eyes. 

“I’m perfectly okay with that. I like to cuddle.” I admit. 

“Then turn off that light and come here,” he opens his arms and smiles.  He doesn’t have to tell me twice. I turn the lamp off and basically jump into his arms. I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arm around me and tangles our legs together. 

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I laid down. “I really like you, Wes.” I mumble sleepily. 

“I really like you too, Y\N.” he chuckles. “I’d like to take you out sometime.” 

When I look up at him, he’s already looking at me. “I’d love that.” 

“Okay,” he smiles. “Now go to sleep. I can tell that you’re tired.”

“Mkay.” I lay my head back down. “Goodnight, Wes.”

He kisses the top of my head. “Goodnight, Y\N.” 

Late night talks & cigarettes

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,018

i was trying to sleep just now and couldn’t get this lil entry of calum’s out of my head.. so i got to imagining things and this happened

enjoy xx

Of course, Calum wanted to spend his last night before you left to go back to university. And after watching endless movies in his hotel room together, you ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Sure, you two have cuddled before, you were best friends. Things like this weren’t that uncommon between you two, since over the years of your friendship you had gotten so comfortable around each other. But halfway through the night, you began to stir, drawing your arms closer to you in attempts to bring Calum’s torso closer to you.

One thing was wrong: Calum wasn’t there.

This realization took you a while to comprehend, for you were still half asleep, but when you sat up and blinked your eyes a few times and fully realized he wasn’t there, you began to panic–this was his hotel room. Had your embarrassing snoring kept him up, so he left to go sleep in Michael’s room next door? 

You yawned, sitting up in the bed a little straighter, when you noticed the door to the hotel room’s balcony was slightly open, catching a glimpse of Calum sitting out there.

Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you slowly walked over to the open door, sticking your head out. Calum was sitting, with his journal open in his lap, staring out at the night sky with a cigarette between his fingers. 

You knew you shouldn’t read his personal journal entries, but it was only 4 lines written across the top. Squinting your eyes and trying to decipher his handwriting, you finally were able to make out:

and you’ll move on
and fall in love with another brain
another soul
and i’ll still be here

The cryptic writing intrigued you, and you wanted to know what the hell it was about.


Your voice spooked him, and instantly he grabbed the journal and held it so you couldn’t see the small entry written at the top of the page. “Y/N? What are you doing up so late?”

“I should be asking you that.” You said, taking a seat in another chair on the balcony. “Whatcha writing about at this time?”

“Nothing important.” He stated, shutting it.

“Oh, come on Calum. You never share anything you write in that book with me. I’m your best friend, just read me one thing.”

“No.” He stated firmly. “It’s not something you should be reading.”

“Fine.” You said, crossing your arms in front of your chest and watching as he took another drag from the cigarette. “I know what you wrote anyways.”

“You do?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. You nodded. “How?”

“I’m a sly bitch.” You said, grinning wildly. “Talk to me about it. What does it mean?”

“Nothing you should know about. It’s private, you shouldn’t have read it anyways.” He told you.

You sighed. “Will you at least tell me who it’s about?”

“I’m sure she knows damn well who it’s about.”

“What if she’s a dumbass?”

“You aren’t a dumbass, Y/N.”

The second he said it, he knew he fucked up. Your eyes just widened, not knowing what to say. “It’s…it’s about me?”

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Would it be so terrible if it was?”

“But,” You started to say, getting lost again. “I don’t get it.”

“Oh, for crying out loud, Y/N. You’re leaving in 8 hours and you won’t see me for another 9 months. You’re going to move on, figure out your life because you’re so fucking smart and actually studying to get a degree and after that you’ll get some great job and fall in love with some smart doctor and where will I be? In a studio, writing songs about you and me and more importantly how I’m going to be alone. I’ll be alone and you’ll be living your life with your doctor husband but I’ll just be waiting, Y/N. Because I’m really the dumbass that can’t gather up the courage to actually do something about this and instead of sharing my feelings towards you, I’m just going to shut my damn mouth and wait on the sidelines and hope the universe cuts into my life and changes things for me.”

You stared at him, his dark brown eyes staring right back at you, a terrified look glossing over his eyes. He was scared to see how you would react, and most likely scared of being denied. 

“You won’t be waiting, Calum.” You told him softly, reaching out and grabbing his hand. 

“Oh really, because I’m pretty sure–”

“Calum, would you shut the hell up and realize what I’m trying to say here.” He stared at you and shut his mouth, silently urging you to continue. “You won’t be waiting because I’m right here. And if you really don’t want me to leave, I won’t. I’d rather be with you because honestly, I don’t know how you didn’t see how fucking in love I am with you.”

“Y-You love me?” He asked, sitting up straighter, as if he was getting more excited.

“All the other guys know, I have no idea how you didn’t realize it sooner.” You said, a dry laugh escaping your lips. “I don’t want anyone else, Calum. Not some smart, rich doctor. I want you, the weird kid who writes songs in his free time and is secretly an extremely amazing poet, in my opinion. I really wish you would share more of what you write in this thing.” You said, taking the journal gingerly in your hands.

“Just for the record, I love you too.” He mumbled, taking another drag of his cigarette before putting it out in the ash tray.

“I think that goes without saying.” You laughed.

He smiled brightly at you, his eyes looking gorgeous in the moonlight. “Y’know, if you wanna read a thing or two in here,” He said, taking the journal and flipping through the pages. “There’s this one entry from a few days ago…” 

Best Friends

Finn Balor/OC. After finding yourself travelling once again, you wind up in PA, where coincidentally your best friend, Finn, is finally debuting on RAW. After the show is over you invite him to your hotel room to catch up until things get a little heated.

Side Note: New writer here! I’ve been seeing a lot of great writers in this fandom and I’ve been super nervous about finally putting my work out there and I’ve honestly hesitated posting this all day but, I hope everyone likes it, I worked super hard on it. Feedback is appreciated! (:


“I sat cross legged on the lounge, pencil between my hand, glasses on the bridge of my nose, a glass of wine next to me and re runs of Friends playing on the hotel tv in front of me. I was traveling, in Pennsylvania to be exact.

I was doing an internship, allowing me to travel around to places I’ve never been before, studying my craft and exposing myself to new and exciting environments. I took another sip of my wine, already halfway through the expensive bottle I had ordered an hour prior.

My laptop lay open, a documentary halfway edited before a text popped up on my phone. It was my best friend, Finn. It was Monday, which meant Monday Night Raw was on. Of course I had to watch my best friends debut, it was years in the making and I could only feel his excitement through the hours of texting before it was showtime.

I hadn’t seen him in almost a month, due to both of our busy traveling schedules. But it just so happened he was in the same town as me for a few days, so he was beyond excited when I extended the invitation for him to come to my room after he was done.

After waiting around for another thirty minutes, I heard his signature knock on the door, smiling to myself as I shut my computer, skipping to the door. "Did someone order room service?” I squealed, wrapping my arms around his neck, the pizza boxes in his hands made it hard for him to hug me back, so he just laughed into my neck. “How ya’ been? Missed ya’!” “I’ve been great. Come in.”

I stepped out of the way so he could come in. He looked nice, comfortable in his ‘Balor Club’ tee with a pair of grey sweats. He sat the boxes down, propping his feet up on the table. “Want some wine?” I asked, going towards the kitchen when he shot me a look. “Any logger?” I giggled, opening the fridge and grabbing one, handing it to him as I sat down.

“I saw you tonight. You did incredible and congrats on your Summerslam match.” He beamed, opening his beer and taking a long swig. “Thanks. My dreams became reality tonight and I can’t wait for the opportunities to come.” I smiled, noticing his gaze falling on my computer. “How’s your internship going?” “It’s going great. I’ve been filming a lot and I’m halfway through my third documentary.” “Mind if I take a look?” “Be my guest.”

Finn always loved to get involved with my work. He was so interested with filming and photography and every time I had a new story to share with him about my filming he was so intrigued. I grabbed a slice of pizza, re filling my wine glass as he continued to watch. I couldn’t help but stare at him. I’ve got to admit, after all these years of knowing each other, I’ve always had a tiny crush on him and it grew as the years went on.

He watched intently, eyes squinted on the screen, his lips wrapped around the bottle, an occasional smile creeping onto his face. I ate and drank in silence until he was finished, “Wow, that was incredible. Yer pretty talented babe.” I couldn’t help but blush, muttering a small thank you as he reached for a slice of pizza.

We chatted for a while longer, drinking and laughing while catching up. It wasn’t until his hand found my thigh, my entire body tensing up as I looked at his hand. God those hands. I could only imagine what they could do. “Did ya’ hear me?” I shook my head, giggling. “Sorry what?” He put down his empty beer bottle, looking at me. “Ya’ seem a bit out of it. Anything ya’ want to talk about?”

I sighed, chugging down the rest of my wine before settling down my glass. “Finn, I, uh,” I was at a loss for words. I’ve never been at a loss for words before. I looked up into his eyes, we were almost nose to nose, his hand sliding further up my thigh, almost going under the nightie I had on. “Go on.” He nodded encouragingly, thumb rubbing across my skin.

This always happened. Careless touches, back rubs, cheek kisses and the cuddling. It always had me wanting more and I had no clue if this was the wine talking but I leaned in, not even second guessing myself. I kissed him, his body tensing up as the grip on my leg tightened. After a few more seconds I pulled back, putting my hand on my mouth. “Dear god, I’m sorry.”

I stood, his hand falling to the couch. I walked to the window overlooking the city, shaking my head and repeatedly calling myself an idiot. Before long he had walked over, putting his hands on my waist. “I like you, Finn. I always have, ever since the first day we met. I just, I never knew how to tell you. I have this fear of rejection and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship a-” I gasped when he turned me around, pushing me against the glass, his lips crashing back to mine.

His hands went under my thighs hoisting me up while tilting his head to slide his tongue into my mouth. He pulled back, gasping while keeping his mouth on mine. “God you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear that come from yer mouth.” I smiled, putting my lips back on his as he walked us towards the bed. I moaned as he laid me down, his hands squeezing my bum as he did so.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said, his lips attaching to my neck as he sucked on the skin beneath my ear. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pushing his hard on closer to me, moaning when I felt just how hard he was. My hands went to grab at his shirt, pulling it up his back as he got the message, lifting himself to pull off his shirt, flinging it to the floor.

I let my eyes roam over his chest, a smirk spreading on his beautiful face. “Like what ya’ see?” I giggled, nodding and reaching my hand out to run over his chest. I sat up, reaching down to pull my nightie over my head, leaving me in my matching bra and panties. “Christ.” He wrapped his arms around my back, unhooking my bra and throwing it behind him. I laid back, his fingers pinching and tugging at my nipples while sucking and biting on my neck.

God this is way better than I had ever imagined. I finally had who I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. He started to kiss down my torso, stopping at the waistband of my panties, grabbing them with his teeth and letting it snap back against my skin, a gasp coming from my lips. “Please Finn.” “Please Finn, what?” He hooked his thumbs into my panties, beginning to jerk them down my legs.

“I want your mouth.” He threw my panties down, pulling me by my waist to the edge of the bed, lifting and spreading my legs. A blush crept up onto my cheeks as he groaned, licking his lips. Without warning he flattened his tongue on my pussy, rubbing it up and down. I moaned, grabbing the sheets with my hands and squeezing.

He took each of my lips into his mouth, nibbling and sucking on each, before he took two fingers and stuck them into my pussy. “Ah shit. Fuck that feels so good.” “Yeah? Feel good baby?” I nodded, his lips wrapping around my clit and sucking hard. My back arched, a scream coming out of my mouth. He chuckled, the vibrations making my core tingle. I felt my orgasm building and building and I finally came, my body going limp and my eyes rolling back.

He pulled out his fingers, licking them clean with a smile. He hovered back over me, pecking my lips and whispering, “How do ya’ want it?” I smirked before responding, “Want to ride you.” Grinning he got onto the bed, positioning himself against the headboard while I straddled his hips. I looked down at his cock, the veins circling it, pre cum leaking from the tip, God he was so sexy.

I licked my lips, reaching down to stroke him a few times, his head lolling back. I sunk down on him, my breath catching in my throat. Once I got all the way down I sat still, adjusting to his size. “Ok?” “Yeah. You’re just so big.” A cocky smile spread on his face as I started to move myself up and down, his hands on my hips, helping me move. We fit together like a puzzle piece, how I wished this had happened years ago.

I grabbed his neck, smashing my lips back to his our tongues battling for dominance. He started to buck his hips up, allowing him to hit my g-spot each time. “Fuck Finn.” I dug my nails into his shoulders, leaving crescent shaped indents as I felt my second orgasm of the night building in the pit of my belly. He moaned out my name, lifting me up all the way as his cock slid out, leaving me feeling utterly empty.

“Wha-” He laid me down onto my back, guiding me onto my side, sliding up behind me. “Want to kiss you while we come.” He grabbed my thigh with one hand, placing my foot on his hip while his free hand went under me, grabbing one of my hands and lacing our fingers together. He ran the tip of his cock along my pussy, my foot jerking in a way that caused us both to giggle.

He slid back in, the both of us moaning as he grabbed my thigh, lips smashing back to mine. This position allowed him to propel himself in and out of me, my body jerking with each thrust. He caught all of my moans with his mouth, our teeth clashing together as we struggled to catch a breath. “Shit ah, I’m gonna come again.” “Me too, but hold it until I say when. I’m almost there.”

I closed my eyes, letting my head fall into his shoulder as I tried to hold my orgasm in. He continued to thrust fast and hard, skin slapping skin filling the hotel room while the bed squeaked underneath us. “Finn,” I warned, squeezing his fingers signaling I couldn’t hold on anymore. He let out a groan, “Now baby now.” I finally let go, a squeal leaving my lips as he kissed me silent, finally stilling inside me as I felt his come filling me to the brim.

We stayed kissing for a while until he went limp inside of me, pulling out with a wince. He laid next to me, taking me into his arms as we laid in silence. “Why didn’t ya’ let me know earlier?” He asked, placing light kisses to my shoulder. I sighed, my finger running along the veins in his hand. “I was scared. It’s not easy to admit your feelings to someone, especially your best friend.”

With a chuckle he kissed the back of my neck. “Well I wish you would have told me earlier. I’ve always liked you.”

#02 life is not disney movie

“you gotta tell us now!” Arzaylea practically yells at me, tackling on the hotel bedroom, stoping me from leaving the room and trying to get the words out of my mouth by tickling me.

“Stop that!” i wiggle on the floor, laughing out loud, trying to get her off me. “i am not saying. stop trying” but she doesn’t.

“how come i’ve been hanging out with you for nearly 7 months, and i don’t what is up with you?” she says.

“Jess!” i yell to my best friend that is sitting on the sofa, scrolling on her phone

“She’s right” she says not caring to much on my tickle torture “i’ve known you since forever, and i don’t have a clue on what the hell is happening to you”

i sigh and Arzaylea stop tickling me “Gee thanks” i take a deep breath “i appreciate that you guys worry about me, but seriously, i am fine”

“Stop lying” jess whines, throwing her phone aside “(Y/n), i know you better than you know yourself, and i know that you getting distracted about absolutely everything and blushing just because… it’s not normal”

“i am…” I start saying, and standing up of the floor, but Arzaylea interrupts me.

“i think you are in love” she says, teasing me and giving me a playful push.

“Shut up” i say covering my face with my hands and throwing myself on the big bed.

they go quiet from a while, and i feel the bed moving from them sitting on it beside me, ready to get more information from me.

“who?” Jess says picking on my red cheek, teasing me.

“Alright!” i exclaim, knowing that sooner or later i was going to tell them anyways “I might or might not have a crush on Calum hood”

they are speechless, i feel both of them hug me and exclaiming happily. i uncover my blushed face and wiggle out of their arms, feeling weird. 

“This is amazing (Y/n)” Jessica says happily “he is a good guy, you might get lucky and finally be able to kiss a gu…” she stops realizing i don’t like her talking about that topic. 

“Wait what?!” Arz screams “so, I’ve seen you get drunk…like real drunk, and you’ve never kissed a boy? Are you serious?”

“That does not make sense” I whine, crossing my arms over my chest “I am not good with guys, okay?!”

“You write about relationships all the time, how can you not?” She keeps saying.

“They are just songs” I bluff “it’s not big deal, that’s my job anyways, I get paid to write about relationships, it does not mean that I actually know about it” I shrug “l’ve just never been in one”

I can see the pity in their eyes, but I look away. I’ve never had a real boyfriend, or a kiss. Not in my 18 years of existence and that is something that still haunts me. Being surrounded almost all the time by people that has already live the beautiful experience of the first kiss and also of the first time. I feel alone now that I am the only one who is still waiting for it.

“Have you make a move on him or something?” Jess asks, moving closer to me

I shook my head “not really” I shrug “on writing hours, when we were working together, he told Luke he was Feeling down for some reason, and the day after that, I left a little note on his bass. Just to… You know.. Cheer him up somehow” I tell them “I know it’s not a ‘move’ but I don’t know, I’ve been doing it since that day… sometimes i left little treats or gifts and he seems to like it”

“Oh god, that’s you!” Jessica exclaims in surprise “how could I not even suspect it?”

“That’s good” I nod “then I know he does not suspect who his little ‘secret’ admirer Is and it stays as a secret, like it’s supposed to be”

On the corner of my eye, I saw Arzaylea shooking her head various times, not agreeing with what am I saying “(Y/n) you need to tell him it’s you” she encourages me “he loves those notes, and he would totally love to know who is the person behind all that”

“No” I shook

“Maybe he likes you back!” She finishes, cheering loudly and giving me another playful push.

“maybe he likes the notes, and would love to know who is the one who makes them” Jess adds.  

i sigh “Don’t you think it is kinda childish?.. i mean, like we were in high school and..” i start but Jess interrupts me. 

“It is not, it’s a nice detail!” she rest her hand on my shoulder

“It does not matter anyways” i shrug “He likes someone else, and not to mention that he is totally out of my limit, i should forget him now before something happens…” 

“What do you mean?” Arz asks confused “How do you know that likes someone else?” 

i get out of the bed, thinking of anyway to get out of this conversation, before i do something stupid “he obviously does” i explain “he is always coming late to writing hours, and he seems more inspired than usual… he is always texting! it is pretty obvious. and i wanna forget about him, because somehow i always end up making a fucking movie in my head, and i don’t want to end up hurt” 

they look at me with that pity look in their eyes once again, and makes me want to puke. the last thing i need is having other people to pity me. i can see Jess have a lot to say, she is looking down and sighing, and that is something that she always does before saying something big. i know her too well, so i prepare myself for her words. 

“Listen (Y/n)… i know what you are trying to do, and let me tell you, that if you don’t do something about all this, i will” she starts “i’ve been with a lot of guys, and you know it. i’ve gone all the way with them, and i am concerned that you haven’t even got a simple kiss!” she starts exclaiming “you are almost 20, and if it does not come to you, you need to come to it. understand?” she says way to harsh. 

i nod sightly, looking at her, who has a stressed look on her face for almost no reason. but she is right, it need to come to it. no wonder on how am i gonna do it but it needs to happen, sooner or later. 

it was already 10 am in the beautiful city of Toronto. the sun was shinning and the cold wind was sightly blasting on the Rogers Centre stadium. i was sitting on one of the countless empty chairs that were on the VIP zone, were the fans would be coming later. 

the guys were doing their sound check as usual, and some fans at the back of the stadium, watching the soundcheck and screaming at the top of their lungs. 

i liked to just sit around and watch the guys play when it was soundcheck time. the stadium was almost empty, so it made me feel that somehow, they were giving a little show for me, even though they actually weren’t. also it was the only time where i got to watch them play, since i do not like being on big crowds of people so i never attended to the actual concerts, but i was totally okay with this.

i fix the baseball cab that it’s on my head by the moment, trying to prevent the sun to burn my face, and open the notebook that is currently sitting on my lap and look thought the hand writing of all of it’s pages, until i get to the page i was looking for. i decided to follow Jess and tell Calum how i feel, because i know that i don’t do it by myself, she will, and i know that if she does, things are not going to end up well. 

i wrote another note for him, but this time, i did not left it beside his bass or in the dressing room, as i usually do, i am going to give it to him, in person, and tell him everything. it is now or never. or at least that’s what i think. 

when they finish the last song of the set list, they stay on the stage, saying some random things and just hanging out. i read my note for the 10th time today. making sure it is all good before giving it to him. 

“I am not good expressing myself, 

and probably this is a bit strange for you 

but it’s time to reveal myself and let you know how i feel,

i am sorry if this is not as poetic as my lasts notes, and obviously not as poetic as my love songs, that you love so much. 

but without further or do, all i need right now is ask you. Do you feel the same?” 

I sigh and groan nervously. but without any patience left. i get from my sit, take my things and go straight to backstage. everyone in the crew was moving around all over the place, setting everything for tonight. i run around, trying to get to the opposite side of the stage, and once i am there, i lean just a little bit, enough to see Calum on his usual side of the stage, so i call him. 

“Pss” i say, waiting for him to turn around “Hey, Cal” i whisper/yell 

he turns around, and gives me a little polite smile, i give him a signal, asking him if we could talk for a minute, and tell him to come to where i am. instead, he moves his head, telling me to come on the stage and tell him what i needed. i cringe, i felt so nervous suddenly (more than before). i was about to confess everything to him, in front of about 100 people and his friend.

Take deep breaths

Calm down 

i approach to him slowly, and make my way to his spot. i understand why he told me to come to the stage. the crew was already indicating the fans that everything was over, so they were already starting to leave the stadium, at a really slow peace, trying to enjoy a little extra time with the boys. 

“Hi” i say with a little smile. 

“Hi” he says politely putting his bass down. “What’s up?” 

“Hmm” i mumble “not much, i wanted to talk to you about something…”

he shrugs “Sure, what is it?”  he asks. 

i doubt for a little bit if i should tell him or not. i play with the paper of the note and take a deep breath. my mind is rushing and i really need to think my words before saying them. 

“Well..” i start “i wanted to give you this” i hand him the note, and he takes it with a confused look on his face “Listen Calum” i say while he is reading the note “The other day i noticed you were feeling down so i left a little note to you so you could cheer up a little… and then i started to leave them everyday, because somehow, you seemed to like them, but the thing is…. i didn’t leave them there just because… i really like you.. more than a friend you know?” i chuckle and look down “So i was wondering that maybe.. someday we could go out for..” 

“Wait” he stops me on a pretty harsh way and giving me the note back “it was you?” he frowns still confused. “oh my god” he sighs, running his hands through his hair. 

“Is that bad?…” i ask confused 

“(Y/n)” he sighs, and takes me by the shoulders, for some reason, making me walk at his other side, so he was backing the public and talking directly to me “You can’t just do that” he says to me in a soft tone, like he is talking to a little kid. 

“emmm, why?” i raise an eyebrow. 

“Does not matter, and i want you to stop doing it NOW!” he exclaims. but i am still confused. 

“they are just notes..” i mumble and shrug. 

he lets out a humorless laugh looks at me “I am dating someone” he starts “and you don’t have any idea on how many fights she has gave to me, because of that stupid notes!” 

Ouch. that hurt. 

“It’s childish, you know?” he continues “this is not middle school, i am an adult. if you want something, you come, and tell me on my face. you don’t do this” 

“I am not a kid” i argue and frown, taking a step back “Stop talking to me like that” 

“Well, act like an adult!” he yells at me “you probably don’t understand this, because you are always fucking alone, but i have a relationships, and because of this shit, my girlfriend seriously thinks i have an affair (Which i don’t). and this is a problem for me and i want you to fucking stop, understand kid?” 

“Stop” i groan when calls me kid. feeling the tears already coming to my eyes “i did not wanted this to happen, okay?, i am sorry, but i really like you..”

“No” he stops me from talking “i do NOT like you. okay?” he exclaims, way to loud “stop bugging me with these, i don’t care what your intentions were, stop ruining my relationship, get a life, i have mine-” he stops when he spots the tears escaping from my eyes. “What?” he laughs again, while i just stand there, and listen “Did you thought i would go out with you, and automatically we would be a couple?” he laughs again “life is not a Disney movie, kid, get it in your head! in adults world, you go straight to the point, you don’t do these kind of shit and you don’t-” 

“Calum! Stop it” a voice speaks throught the microphone. 

Ashton is on the back of the drums, he did obviously listen to all of the conversation and he had a pretty mad expression on his face. when Calum looked at him, he pointed with his drum stick to the crowd. there were about 30 fans standing there, and at least 20 of them were recording the whole thing with their cellphones.

i gasp and cover my mouth in surprise. my cheeks were covered in tears, and everyone around us was looking at us.i feel the anxiety coming, and that is not a good sign. 

“I am not a kid” my voice cracks when i talk. 

i rip the note i had on little pieces and throw them at his face that by this time had a very angry expression. 

“i am going to get a life” i sob, and run 

i run out of the stage 

i run out of my problems

but more importantly 

i run out from him 

So I’m sick in my hotel room, feeling miserable for having to miss conference events and guilty for not living up this amazing opportunity, and Marley calls the hotel and gets room service for me. I keep crying in between bites of delicious chicken soup.

Bottom line: ondine-in-space is literally the best friend ever. My darling, I will never be able to thank you enough. ❤

Crazy or not?

Pairing: None; just friendship Dean&Sam x reader.

Type: Drabble.

Word count: 796

Notes/summary: Imagine getting into the wrong hotel room on a wrong day. And in the wrong time.

„Of course I shouldn’t blame you. It’s never your fucking fault.“, I answered bitterly in a sarcastic tone, trying not to yell back at my soon-to-be-ex best friend.

I rolled my eyes as she spoke- no, actually- as she yelled out a response, which consisted of an insult.

„You know what? I don’t have the time or nerves for this anymore.“, I stood in front of my motel doors, which I remembered where unlocked because I stormed out of my room just a few minutes ago.

„Screw you.“, I said as I opened the doors forcefully. „Don’t call me anymore.“

Ending the call, I tossed my bag onto the floor and leaned on the closed doors, my eyes shut as I tried to calm myself down. Opening my eyes only seconds later, I noticed two large men staring back at me, their looks a mixture of confusion and utter shock. My face expression soon became a reflection of theirs.

„What the hell are you doing here?“ his voice was low and almost made me stiffen a bit.

Or maybe it wasn’t his voice that send shivers down my spine; it could also be the gun he was settling down on the table carefully.

„I…“, my eyes went to the beds and the table in front of them - scattered with all sorts of weapons of different make and size.

From knives to shotguns, these two psychos had it all.

At first, I said to myself that they’re not real, because who could possibly have so much weaponry in one place? And if they had a legitimate reason to have all this, it certainly wasn’t a good one. So, my next brief thought was to run.

„We can explain.“, the other man, the one with longer hair, blurted out and raised his hands up in defense.

„Shut up, Sam.“, the first one hissed and made two quick steps to me, taking me by my arm and pulling me further into the room, so I was now standing only two steps away from the table.

I could see how big the guns were and how very real they are. Who was I kidding? There’s no running now.

„Oh, this is fucking fantastic.“, I sighed heavily. „First, my friend pisses me off and because of it I get into the wrong room and now I’ll have to deal with you two serial killers!“

I was talking like crazy, blabbing all sorts of stuff, but mostly because I was terribly nervous. A plan popped into my head, which was the consequence of my brain going wild at that moment. As I continued talking nonsense, I started to type on my mobile phone, which was still in my tight grip. Hoping they won’t notice, I dialed the police, mentally thanking them for having only few digits as their number. Right when I pressed ‘call’, my plan proved to be really idiotic.

„Dean!“ the other man approached me too, snatching the phone from my hand and ending the call hurriedly.

„We’re not the bad guys.“, shorter man, Dean, explained.

He tried to put on a reassuring smile on his face, but it didn’t work.

„Yea, I believe you buttercup.“, I said sarcastically, folding my arms beneath my chest and slowly stepping back. „Let’s just see what the cops are going to say when they get here.“

Dean looked at the tall man.

„They didn’t answer the phone.“, he sighed. „We’re good.“

„My friend is going to notice I’m gone and-“, I started, but it was in vain.

„You mean that friend you just said not to call you anymore?“ Dean wiggled his eyebrows and remained smiling.

„Look, we’re really not the bad guys here, believe it or not.“, the tall man smiled too, but I was still dead serious.

When I didn’t say anything, he decided to explain more. „I’m Sam. And this is my brother Dean.“

He pointed to himself and then at Dean as he introduced both of them. Dean was leaning on a chair and looking at me with a concentrated look, probably trying to guess if I have any more escape strategies or if I’m dumb enough to actually believe them.

„Okay, Sam. And his brother Dean.“, I repeated in mock tone, which was probably a bad idea, because these guys looked like they could really hurt me if they wanted to.

Even without guns, in a hand to hand combat, without batting an eye.

„Last time I checked, 'good guys’ don’t have a collection of firearms.“, I stared at them as they shared a look.

Sam sighed once again, this time a bit heavily. „Should we tell her?“

„She’s going to think we’re crazy.“, Dean muttered.

„Hey, no worries there.“, I shrugged. „I already think you’re crazy.“

13) “How could you love something so broken?”


We were now in Dallas, Texas for the tour. it is a day off and i decided to roam around into this park that old quite a few memories of mines with Sammy. From feeding the ducks, or taking a stroll while eating ice cream. But my most vivid memory here is at this bench, I’m sitting at right now.


Staring out into the park watching all these couples hold hands, all these kids play around and hearing their laughs. i left the hotel room after having a fight with Sammy. We’ve been only dating for 6 months and we are already getting into big fights. Last night, Sammy told me he loved me. How am I supposed to react to that? I don’t know what to respond. I can’t. My father left my family when i was just a little girl. All my guy best friends leave me after a couple years of friendship, without any explanations. The last boyfriends i’ve had in the past all cheated on me. It’s hard to believe what any of these boys say. I’m so broken but Sammy didn’t know any of this. Not yet.

Sammy was mad this morning because i never said it back. “Like how can i said it back when i don’t even know if i feel the same!” i yelled at myself. “What are you going to do y/n? You have strong feelings for Sammy, but love? Is that what you feel? Is that how he feels? Ok. You guys are both overreacting about this. this is just a phase right now. You’ll be fine. Everything will be fine.” I kept saying to myself. As thoughts of memories started pouring in of Sammy and I. Remembering the day we met, our first hang out with just us two, our first date, our texts, everything. Thinking about all of that just made me smile like an idiot.

“There you are.” I heard from the side of me. I glanced up and saw Sammy walk up and sit down next to me. “I was going crazy looking for you. Y/N, are you ok? I’m sorry about this morning. I didn’t mean to yell at you and get mad. I was just scared that because you never said it back, that you would never love me, ever. but i just overreacted i’m sorry.” “Do you know why i never said it back that easily?” He shooked his head no.

I sighed, “Y'know how i tell you, ‘my mom and dad’ well, he’s my stepdad. My real father left us when i was just a little girl. Or why i don’t have many friends? Because all the friends I make end up just leaving me. or that my last two boyfriends i’ve had in the past, both cheated on me.” Tears started running down my face, “I can’t say it that easily because i’m afraid once i say it, i can never take it back and then you’ll leave. And i don’t want you to leave. I carry so much baggage with me it’s horrible.” “Y/n.” As he pulled me into a hug. “oh, oh, oh, baby, i’m sorry. i didn’t know. Everything will be ok. you’re going to be fine.” He started rubbing my back, trying to comfort me.

How could you love something so broken? I’m such a mess!” I sobbed out to him looking at his face. “I love you because of you, who you are. You’re not a mess. You’re a normal teenager going through tough things in your life. But i love you enough to put your broken pieces back together. Let me help you.” As he caressed my face with his hands and planted a kiss on my lips. “Sammy,” Hmm sung out of his vocals. “I love you and i mean it.” I smiled softly, “I love you too y/n.”

I lied my head on his shoulder for awhile as we watched the scenery of the park. “Come on, i know what will make you feel better. Let’s go get some ice cream.” He got up and held his hand out for me as i grabbed it and hugged his arm, walking on his side and smiled.

~Flashback over~

“Thought I’d find you here.” I heard from the side of me. I glanced up and saw Sammy walk up and sit down next to me. We smiled at each other and looked out into the park. “Man, it’s been awhile since we’ve been here.” i nodded in agreement and let out a huff. “What are you thinking?” he scrunched his eyebrows together at me. “Oh nothing. Just about memories that were made here.” “Us?” MHM sang out of my vocal. “Like what?” He sat up straight looking at me with a smile. I frowned for a second thinking about how he forgot about it, but softened up knowing i’m glad he didn’t remember at the same time. “Nothing. Unimportant.”

“Come on, you look a little down. The ice cream place is still in business. Let’s go grab some ice cream. That always makes you feel better.” He said as he got up and started walking towards the ice cream place. He stopped and turned around to look at me smiling at him, “You coming?” He asked. I got up, ran up to his side and hugged his arm as i walked on his side and hid a smile from him.

Deja Vu

By Your Side

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen
Words: 1342
Requested by Anonymous
Warning: talk of the reader being assaulted.

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“Jared Padalecki!” you giggled, skipping into the large hotel room where Jared was getting ready to hang out and take pictures with some fans. You couldn’t wait to take pictures with your fans as well.

           “Y/N Y/L/N!” Jared called back to you.

           “Are you ready? I want breakfast,” you said.

           Jared laughed, walking out of the bathroom, “I gotta put my shoes on, but then I’m ready,” he said.

           “Good. I’m starving.”

           “Well, I can’t let my girl starve, can I?” he asked.

           “Your girl?” you raised your eyebrows. Jared was your best friend. And, sure, you had a thing for him. But you never thought about him liking you back. And then he would say things like that and make you think there might be a chance.

           “My best girl,” he nodded, putting his shoes on.

           “Good to know,” you giggled.

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Happy Valentines Day!!!

I can’t express my love for this boy! We’re going out to celebrate and getting hotel room for the night. This is the first time I’ve had a night away from the kids since before Aden was born so I’m a little sad to be separated from my babies but It’s good for us to finally have some time alone.

My best friend, Penelope, is taking care of the babies while we’re out, her daughter is around the same age as Noa and despite this being the first time they’ve met they seem to get along really well!

Also Aden has taken a liking to Penelope and has fallen asleep on her immediately so hopefully they won’t cause much trouble while we’re away.

reginathequeenofmean  asked:

"How is it that I managed to get the sexiest wife on the planet?" Ray came up behind Abby, looking at her in the mirror as he wrapped his arms around her and nipped at her neck. Their honeymoon had only just begun, but he knew that they would not be spending a lot of time outside of their hotel room. "You're so fucking beautiful."

Abigail giggled in delight as he wrapped her arms around her which was followed a little squeak as he nipped her neck. Abigail felt like the luckiest girl in the world. She was finally married to her best friend and being on their honey moon felt like paradise. Abigail wrapped her arms around his and leaned into him, leaning her head on his shoulder so he could access her neck. “I think the question is how did I get the sexiest man alive as my husband?” she giggled again, keeping herself close.