get a haircut styles


When Sirius was a kid his mum always made him get haircuts in a ‘smart’ style he never liked .

it was still long enough on top to get knotted .

So every day his mum would yank a brush through his hair till his eyes watered and he felt like he’d been scalped.

He honestly thought a purpose of a brush was to hurt him. And he just assumed other people did it as a weird fashion thing. Like muggle lip injections

So first thing his did at hogworts was to grow his hair out and brush his hair as little as he could.

Third year came around and he’d settled on growing it out to his shoulder and he was happy with his look.

It wasn’t as messy as James’s but not the neet ponytail Remus wore.

He always joked he had the best sex hair.

One day he had put his hair up in a ponytail for herboligy and when he took it out it got stuck.

Panicking he would have to cut his hair he ran to Remus who had similar length hair as him .

Remus assured him they wouldn’t need to cut it off .

He sat him down getting out a Combe saying he could brush it out.

Sirius jumps away saying that maybe cutting it wouldn’t be so bad.

Remus manages to cokes him back saying if it hurts he’ll stop.

True to his word he slowly works the knots out and freeing the elastic .

Once he was finished he could work the brush all the way through his hair without snagging once.

Sirius found he actually enjoyed this new way of getting his hair brushed.

Remus found he didn’t mind being able to play with Sirius’ hair. It was thicker then his own mousy hair .

Soon enough it became a ritual of theirs.

Every other day in the common room Remus would be sat on the sofa near the fire and Sirius would come down with a brush and sit in the floor in-between his legs.

And Remus would brush out and play with his hair.

It also became common that Sirius would fall asleep Wilst having his hair messed with.

Quite often james would come in to see Sirius asleep against Remus leg resting his head in his knee

James teases him saying it was a dog thing

Sirius enjoyed it too much to care


During times of war and fighting the nation’s will get military style haircuts (Yes even France) and they can always tease each other about how they grow out (once they are growing it out and not trying to kill one another. One of the smaller details of not going to war.

*In nyotalia I’d imagine many of the nations didn’t just want to be nurses, ect,, and disguised themselves as men during war to fight. This also leads to very short hair. 

During the walk of shame home I thought about all the funny self-depricating posts I could make like “self care is getting such a shitty haircut that you need to style it everyday, forcing you to invest in actual self care”
I tried to do something with my bangs and now I look like a member of the fucking Hitler Youth :)))))

November horoscopes:
  • Aries: watch your mouth, you don't know who you could be letting down. Past friends will come this month and for love, god just, don't get caught up in it to much.
  • Taurus: this month will be stressful, so keep lightheaded and stand up tall some people will be in your life you did not expect at all.
  • Gemini: ahh Gemini. You remember that friend you left behind? You do? Well, let me tell you. They aren't happy, and neither are you.
  • Cancer: look up once an a while, don't be afraid of the rain. Sometimes it brings fortune, and you might just be lucky enough to grab the moonlight tonight.
  • Leo: did you get a new haircut? or changed up style? because wow it looks good. you are perfect, dont let anyone tell you otherwise leo.
  • Virgo: let go, don't chase someone you cannot have. I hope you aren't a homewrecker Virgo. Because this is not your time to show it.
  • Libra: you are in lust, and whether lust counts as love i do not know. but god, you, you have never felt this way and you need to do something about it.
  • Scorpio: bare yourself Scorpio, watch what you say and don't say too much. your love is high and your mind is low. dont let it control you.
  • Sagittarius: I hope you're okay. Yes really, i hope you are okay. This month is family orientated. so please just be with your family.
  • Capricorn: Everyone is leaving you? Well is it because you're leaving them? or are you just being to negative. LOOK UP. LOOK UP. LOOK UP. LOOK UP.
  • Aquarius: don't say whats on your mind. Actually don't speak at all. Someone is hurt and putting salt on anyone else's wounds aren't gonna help you or anyone else.
  • Pisces: I love you. Don't take it for granted. This month is going to be lustful just, don't throw yourself into the clouds without looking down.

( Only time I’ve drawn her with short hair are the times I drew asks/comics of her younger self ; u ; But this ask made me try and see if I can draw her in not so different ones…

Sadly, with my art inconsistencies and art style–It’s hard for her to get a haircut without ruining the “It’s Diana” thing ; u ; They just look like another different character altogether ; u ;

Now if it’s just hairstyles–then I can work with that! CX

P.S I’ve also received lots of feedback from the question I posted days ago. SO! Here’s to hoping that you’ll see more updates from me from now on! :D )

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm afab and girlflux. I feel fully like a girl about 20% of the time, somewhere in between about 60% of the time, and completely gender neutral about 20%. I like looking androgynous and feminine but on my neutral days my hair and boobs drive me crazy. I've cut my hair as short as possible without it becoming a pixie and it's now too short to tie back. I want get a short androgynous cut but I feel like I won't look feminine enough. What do you think?

You can get short haircuts that, while neutral, can still look feminine once styled or “floofed” a certain way. And you can still absolutely present feminine with any hair length, even (or especially) shaved heads, as an extreme example. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Cutting your hair that short for the first time is always daunting and risky. However, usually you can make it work no matter how it turns out. 

if i go to a salon and get a haircut and despite styling, washing and drying, they unanimously choose to charge me the smaller amount for a men’s haircut,
Barbershop refuses to cut genderqueer person's hair, telling them they are "not actually a man"
A New Zealand barber shop has been embroiled in controversy after allegedly refusing to cut a transgender person's hair.
By Lane Sainty

Lorren Grabarek, a transgender nonbinary person in New Zealand, went to get a haircut at Corner Barber Shop recently when they got an unpleasant response from one of the women working there. 

Here’s what happened when they asked for a simple, short haircut:

“At which point she responded she ‘couldn’t cut my hair because I was not actually a man’,” Grabarek said.

“Shocked, but still not totally deterred, I made the point that I was still ‘getting a men’s style haircut’. The woman responded, ‘Yes, but you’re still a woman, correct?’”

“I was too shocked, defeated, and hurt to counter her with an explanation about non­-binary trans identities, so I left the shop.”

“As a genderqueer person, I spend a lot of time trying to select the right clothes, hair, and overall style that will still allow me to feel comfortable but also let me pass with the least amount of criticism,” they said.

Ugh. I do not understand why we are so obsessed with gendering hairstyles.