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Hi friends! Today I’ll be sharing with you a list of apps that I’ve found useful in my life as a student. I’m currently in my second week at community college and adjusting to that #collegelife. A lot of these apps are helpful for both high school and college students while some pertain to living on campus/ meeting new people. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but I hope you find some new apps that may have some purpose for you!



an app a lot of you probably already know about, forest allows you to set a timer for long you want to be productive and stay off your phone. In that time, a tree grows and is placed in your digital forest. If you go into another app during the time, however, the tree will die :(


- a well-known language learning app, duolingo is simple to use and focuses on words and sentence structure in your target language.


similar to duolingo, but has a larger database of words and generally more to it. try both out to see which you like more!


a classic/ essential! create notecards and use a variety of methods to study them. my favorite part is that you can input your next test date and it will create a study plan for you and remind you to keep revising until you’ve mastered all the concepts.

I would also recommend downloading the app for whatever your school’s online learning platform is (if you use one). It’s so helpful to be able to quickly check what assignments you have due, check grades, and message your instructors right from your phone.


Cronometer- a simple and very comprehensive food tracker that has every food you can think of and shows you every macro and micronutrient you’ve consumed. it is important to make sure you’re consuming the proper amount of nutrients and this is the only app i’ve found that is free and shows you everything. there is also a place to log your weight and other biometrics and see trends over time.

Lifesum- another food tracker that gives tips on how to be healthier. beautiful interface and easy to use, although more in depth features require a membership.

MC- my cycles is a period tracker that allows you to input your flow, symptoms, mood, and any medications to effectively track your period with a simple and beautiful interface.

Foodstand- a great app for tracking nutrition, fitness, and water intake goals. all you have to do is draw a checkmark on the screen every time you’ve taken a step towards your selected goal!

Stop, breathe, and think- a fantastic meditation app! Input how you are feeling mentally and physically and the app will generate a list of guided meditations for you to choose from.

Sworkit- strength, cardio, flexibility, and yoga workouts, many of which don’t require equipment and are dorm friendly. you can even customize your own workout with your favorite moves!

Waterminder- water and liquid tracker, there’s all there is to it!

LaLa Lunchbox- this app is geared towards little kids but it allows you to create a meal plan and put foods from each category into your “lunchbox” to create an easy and healthy meal. depending on what foods you select for the week, the app generates a shopping list as well! this is so important to me since i commute and there is nowhere on campus to buy food.


Sleeptown- from the same developers as forest, you input your bedtime and wake up time and leave the app open while you sleep (your phone can be turned off). while you sleep, a building is constructed and added to your town. if you go to bed too late or go on your phone, the building is destroyed. it has an alarm in app and helps to develop a consistent sleep schedule.

Carrot Alarm- this app was KEY for me back when i had trouble waking up in the mornings. basically, the AI robot screams at you and forces you to perform certain tasks in order to turn the alarm off. I wouldn’t recommend if you live in a dorm unless your roommate is on board.

Sleep Time- a sleep tracker that monitors your breathing and movement to determine the best time to wake you up so you don’t feel groggy in the morning.


Heyy- this is such a fun app for when you’re making connections with a ton of new people. Input any contact information and social medias into the app and when you meet someone, you select which information to share with them via airdrop. makes meeting new people so much easier!

Spaceteam- a fun game that requires multiple people to safely guide a spaceship through the galaxy. great for in the dorms when you and your friends want something silly to do, also great for making new friends!

1 Second Everyday- simply film one second of video everyday and the app compiles them into a single video so you can look back on all you did in the year.


Productive- to do list and habit tracker with a simple and modern interface.

Thinglist- one list for all your tv shows, books, places, and other bucket list items.

Pinterest- find links and photos for studyspo, study tips, life hacks, style ideas, recipes, and sooo much more! you can organize them into “boards” so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Daily Budget- input your weekly income (or how much money you’ll allow yourself to spend in a week) and the app divides it among the days in the week. whenever you spend money the app deducts from that day (and the next if you spend too much) and any money you have left carries over to the next day.

Starbucks- the Starbucks app is great because it allows you to digitalize your gold card (spend $75 and get a free drink or food item) and gift cards, place mobile orders, and partake in challenges to earn more rewards.


Youtube- pretty self-explanatory, but you can find so many tips for school, life, health, etc. on youtube!

Google Photos- free up phone space by automatically backing up all of your photos online.

Spotify- find and create playlists for any mood, including sleeping or studying. the free version works great but premium membership is only $5/month for students!

Netflix- obviously.

There you have it, the apps I can’t live without! I hope you find them helpful! Study hard!


Request: Can I request an imagine where Jerome comes back from the dead and can’t remember reader who still loves him but then later something makes him remember and he apologizes and it’s all fluff, cuddles, kisses etc?❤️😂


That night still so clear in my mind. That night Galavan betrayed both Jerome and I. I was back stage just watching my lovely maniac preform and scare the rich bastards of Gotham when it happened. When the knife was plunged into Jerome’s neck by Theo.

Then and there it felt like my life ended. I had nothing. I was numb to everything. His cold eyes were the last thing I saw before I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t care.

I found a small abandon apartment in a part of town that was left to rot. I stayed there for I don’t know how long. Months and months without care. I didn’t leave unless it was to get food, and even then that was a night. It was one night when it all changed though. I saw him. Theo Galavan being shoved into a truck by Penguin, and non other than the famous Jim Gordon.

I felt the rush go through my body. I ran to them as fast as my legs would carry me. They stare at me with wide eyes. “(Y/N).” Jim speaks surprised. “Yeah yeah I’m not dead. We’re all surprised. But he should be!” I scream and point at Galavan just imagining the many ways I could make him pay.

Gordon and Penguin look at me and motion for me to get in the car with them. We drive to the docks and take turns of playing Hit the Rick Dick named Galavan. Jim pulls out him gun but is hesitant to shoot the asshole. “Give me that! This isn’t child’s play!” I grab the gun from Jim and aim it at Galavan. “I can do it!” Jim fusses back. “Oh please. You do it and you can kill me as well, but if you can’t and I do it. You owe me something.” “What do you want?” Penguin asks. “A job with the GCPD.” I say causing Jim to scoff. “Please. They’ll never let you in.” “My records clean. Nothing ever been caught for. Never been arrested. No proof anywhere.” Jim looks at the gun and grabs it. “Deal.”

Jim raises the gun and aims it at Galavan. Seconds go by without him pulling the trigger. “Oh come on!” I huff and steal the gun again and shoot Theo Galavan in the head. I smile as the blood flows from his body. I twirl the gun on my hand and smile at Jim. “So when do I start?”

Months of working at the GCPD was actually good. I got myself a proper place to live, and now I’ve got money for spending on things I want. I’m getting my life back, but it’s still not the life I want. I want a life with Jerome.

I had gotten hope when I heard about someone trying to bring him back, but sadly his dead body lies in a room in the GCPD with his face cut off. I’ve sat in here just staring at him. Longing to see his eyes and hear his laugh.

Lee walks in and huffs slamming a latex glove on the table. “Hard day?” I say covering Jerome’s face. “You have no idea.” “I think I do.” I sigh and go over to my bag getting out a gift card for a free coffee. “I’ll be back with a pick me up.” I say and walk down the street to get a coffee.

Once I get the coffee’s I quickly go back to work to help Lee with the body of my dead boyfriend. I walk into the room only to see Jerome’s body gone, and a dead cop on the floor.

A hand wraps around my mouth causing me to drop the drinks in my hand. “Boo.” A dark voice says in my ear. A voice I know. A voice I love to hear. I turn around and see him. Jerome. A wrapped up faceless Jerome, but he’s still mine. “Jerome.” I say still stricken with shock. “You- how- I-” I stumble back and hit the table. I fall to the floor and everything goes black.

Lee’s POV:

I walk in to see a sight I never thought I’d see. (Y/n) on the floor, and Jerome picking her up and setting her on the table where his dead body once was. I close the door catching his attention. He points the gun at me and laughs. “Someone better tell me what the hell is going on.” He says laughing.

I don’t complain, I don’t struggle. I tell him the entire story of his death. “Ha, ha, ha Wow. Well, that is quite a story. You know, I know I’ve been dead, but doesn’t that seem kind of crazy to you? Hey, maybe you’re dreaming. Try shooting yourself. Huh. Oh Nah. Hey, tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great, huh?”

I roll my eyes and check (y/n)’s Heath. “They’re a bunch of raving lunatics and idiots.” I state the obvious. “Lunatics and idiots? Ooh, my kind of people. Sorry. Head’s still a little fuzzy. You know, I was just reborn. Last year was nothing but darkness as far as the eye can see.”

Jerome looks me up and down. “Hey, did you and I ever, uh.” He sticks out his tongue and places the gun to where his private area is. “Oh, God, no.” I scoff.

“Why? Gingers not your type?” “No, but they are hers. She’s the one you did it with.” I say pointing to (y/n). Jerome strolls over to her and looks at her then laughs. “Oh, I remember. Well not her. Never seen her before, hm but I’d like to.” He starts to lift up (y'n)’s shirt, and I slap his hand away.

He turns to me and points the gun at me. “You’re Jim Gordon’s little Twinkie. How’s it going between you and Jimbo? Huh? You still together or-” “No.” “Aw. That sucks. I really liked you guys. What happened?” “He killed my husband on our wedding night.”

Jerome starts busting out laughing. “Glad you find it funny."I say rolling my eyes. "I do. I get why you don’t. Wow. You miss a lot being dead.” “You know what? Go ahead, enjoy it. There’s about a hundred cops on the other side of that door ready to kill you all over again.”

This statement gets his attention and he shuts up. “I see your point. It’s a business. So, when I was last, you know, uh, alive, I was about to kill Bruce Wayne. I suppose I didn’t manage to. Theo Galavan killed me, that jug-eared Judas. Well, I suppose I should start by killing him.” He says pacing around.

"Theo Galavan’s dead.” Jerome stops and looks at me. “Oh Who beat me to it?” (Y/n) groans and lifts her body up. “I shot him dead the first time.” SHe says giggling. I walk out as fast as I could, but before I can make it to the door I get a scalpel right next to my head. I look back to see (y/n)’s crazy smile. She places her finger to her lips and makes a shh sound. I gulp, nod, and walk out.

(Y/n) POV:

Lee exits the room leaving Jerome and I alone. “Ah finally. Sleeping beauty woke up.” I giggle as he walks closer. “Remind me. What’s your name.” I look at him confused. He must’ve lost him memory from the trauma of basically being frankenstines monster. “(Y/n) (y/l/n). We met at the circus a long time ago. We were together for a long time. We loved each other.” Jerome smiles and laughs. “Hm. Fuzzy memories, but we’re getting there. Tell me something else. First kiss. First time. First fight. Nicknames. Give me something.”

I giggle and pull him closer until he’s standing between my thighs. “First kiss was the night we met. First time was the night we met. We’ve never had a fight and you call me doll, babygirl, sweetheart, babe, sugar, and I call you J, handsome, love, Ging, babe. Ya know the normal.” I shrug and wrap my arms around his neck as his go to my hips. “(Y/n). I remember. Oh do I remember you doll. Oh baby all the fun times we had! You didn’t move on to anyone else did you?” “No J. Never.” “Good. You’re mine doll. Always will be.” He forcefully pulls me into a kiss. It being so difficult seeing as he doesn’t really have any lips. He pulls back and laughs. “Oh doll face we are gonna have some fun…right after I do something. Where is my face?” I laugh and jump off the table. “Come on J.”

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Tips for saving money

Just a reminder that this is what I have found to work or be useful like the apps or tricks


Clearance Rack

most stores have these and sometimes they even hide them, switching where it goes but usually there by the back and can really save you some money

2. Shopkick is a great app I use where when you go shopping you scan things (you don’t have to buy anything) or just but walking in the store and you rack up points to get gift cards

3.Sell your unwanted things different apps you can use Mercari neerbuy letgo

4. Get Amazon prime for free by using a free trial using a gift card that no longer has money on it and make another account in a month

5. Get Spotify Premium for 99 cents every winter Spotify does a promotional event where you can get 3 months premium for less than a dollar.

6. Go to cheap stores Trader joes, Tj-Maxx, Marshalls and Kohls

7. Don’t go to the store hungry you buy food you don’t need and usually it’s unhealthy

8. Credit Card reward systems these actually work and are so good my grandma has got over 2000$ of money just from using her cards to buy things

At my store we put up ad stickers every Sunday morning with sale prices and items that are buy x get one free, $5 or $10 gift card when you buy x, etc. 99% of these end on a Saturday so every Saturday night 2-3 hours before close we all start going around our area and taking down the ones that end that Saturday.
It used to never happen but lately I get a lot of people who see me taking them down ask if they can still get the sale. It’s a pretty simple concept but apparently not for this guy:

Him: “did you already take down the signs for the Dyson vacuums?”

I don’t pay attention to what sale is ending, I’m only looking at the date of when the sale ends so I have no idea other than I took some down that were on the vacuum wall already so I tell him: “yes, all the sales that end tonight have been taken down, but you can still get the sale until close”

Him: so if I take it to the register I’ll still get the sale price

Me: yes, the sale is still on until close tonight

Him, getting angry: so then where’s the sign at

Me: it’s in the trash, I already took it down because it ends tonight
After that he just looks at me and I just look back at him because I don’t know what else to say and after a few seconds his wife says “come on let’s go get it we still get the sale” and guy hesitantly walks off with her, still looking confused.

Am I really making that little sense? The sale doesn’t magically go away in the system once the sticker comes off the price strip??

Kim Donghyun || Talent Show

Genre: Fluff

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A huge crowd of students ran inside of the school building, rushing to a poster that was on the wall and pushing and shoving each other to write their names on the paper.

“What’s the huge fuss about?” Donghyun asks as him and his three best friends walk side by side together in the hallway, watching as the crowd of students gather around the wall.

“Have you not heard? The talent show is coming soon! It’s in less than 2 weeks!” Woojin exclaims, smiling so brightly that his crooked tooth was showing.

“Yeah, I heard the winner of this year’s talent show gets a $25 gift card to Domino’s AND two free tickets to the next DPR Live concert! DPR LIVE!” Youngmin, the oldest and tallest of the bunch, says excitedly as he pokes Donghyun’s arm annoyingly.

Donghyun pushes Youngmin’s finger away. “Yeah, yeah, we all know how you love and admire Live, Youngmin. Why don’t you just sign up for the talent show yourself? I mean you’re talented enough so you’ll definitely win if you do.”

Youngmin rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Please, I’m not THAT great. And besides, you should try out! You’d do great and the boys and I have heard you sing all the time at your house, and you’re great at composing your own songs!”

The older boy did have a good point there, but Donghyun still wasn’t buying any of it. “No, I’m not going to try out for the talent show. It’s stupid and lame and no one wants to see some loser singing his self-composed songs while playing his guitar.”

The three boys frowned at how doubtful the dark haired boy always is, and whine. “But Hyung, you’ll be so amazing performing on the stage! And your dream is to become a famous singer, and this is a great time to experience how it is to feel like one!” Daehwi, the youngest one of the group says.

Even if Donghyun could never yell at Daehwi since he is the youngest and most sensitive, he just lets out a deep, long sigh. “I don’t know… Talent shows just aren’t my thing, okay? I’ll just go to class now. See you guys later.” He walks off to his first class of the day. The three boys remained standing in the middle of the hallway, still bummed out that the most talented person in their friend group wouldn’t even agree on trying out for the school’s talent show.

“What are we going to do now? He’s never going to agree to be in the talent show.” Woojin says, sighing in defeat. Daehwi frowns, really hoping for his favorite Hyung to take part in the talent show since he loves hearing him sing and knows he has a lot of talent and is positive that everyone in the whole school would love him.

“I got an idea.” Youngmin snaps his finger as he breaks out of his thoughts. The two younger boys raise an eyebrow as they turn to Youngmin. They nod their heads, signaling for him to continue on about his idea. “We’ll just sign him up ourselves!” Youngmin says, a huge smirk on his lips. The two boys stare at each other and eventually smile before nodding their heads in agreement. As the huge crowd of students left the sign-up sheet, the three boys crowd around it. Youngmin grabs the pen hanging from the clipboard and simply writes Kim Donghyun on the sheet. He turns to the younger boys. “This is going to be the best talent show that our school has ever had.”

As Donghyun was sitting in class and taking notes, he felt a paper airplane hit his back. He turns around to see Y/N smiling at him and pointing to the paper airplane. Donghyun blushes and picks up the paper airplane from the ground and puts it on his lap so the teacher won’t catch him with it, and unfolds it. He reads the note.

‘Are you auditioning for the talent show?’

Donghyun’s face turns red as he reads her note and thinks. He really doesn’t want to be in the talent show, but Y/N really wants him to. Should he just join it for her? He sighs before grabbing his pencil and quickly writing down his answer and folding it back up again. He looks up to make sure the teacher isn’t looking at him, and thankfully he isn’t, before tossing the paper airplane back to Y/N.

The paper airplane lands on her desk and she smiles at Donghyun before she picks it up and unfolds the airplane and reads what Donghyun wrote back.

‘Yeah, I guess I am.’

As class ended, Donghyun walked out of his classroom, about to meet up with his three idiot friends until someone poked his shoulder. He turns around to come face-to-face with Y/N. He widens his eyes and feels his face grow hot as she’s standing right in front of him at this very moment. “Donghyun! I didn’t tell get to tell you how excited I am for you to be in the talent show before you walked out of the classroom. I can’t wait to see you perform, I know you’re a great singer!” Donghyun blushes at her compliment and stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“Th-thank you, Y/N.” Was all he says before walking off, mentally cursing at himself for being so awkward and nervous in front of her. As he continued walking down the hallway, he bumped into the three people he needed to talk to the most.

“Donghyun! How are you, buddy?” Youngmin asks him in his usual excited tone, though this time he was smirking devilishly at him. Donghyun glared at him. “Shut up, Youngmin. Y/N just said she wants me to sign up for the stupid talent show and I got carried away and told her yes. Gosh, I’m so stupid, I never wanted to do it in the first place!” He complains as he leans against his locker.

The three boys stare at each other and smile before looking at the dark haired boy. Woojin pats his shoulder. “That’s a good thing, though! Now people will know how talented you are, and you’ll be getting the attention that you deserve!” He exclaims, trying to hide his oncoming smirk. Donghyun stares at the younger and raises an eyebrow. “Are you that happy that I’m practically stressed out over this?”

“No, no, that’s not what he meant at all! We’re just glad that you finally came to your senses and decided to take part in the talent show, I mean-” Daehwi smacked himself in the forehead at his choice of words, and before he could screw anything else up, Youngmin decided to take part in this messed up conversation with Donghyun.

“Donghyun, what we’re all trying to say is… we’re glad you’re going to be in the talent show! And your talent will finally be noticed!” He exclaims, and the two boys join in on his excitement. Donghyun sighs and rolls his eyes, questioning why he’s even friends with these three idiots.

Only a few days left until the talent show, and Donghyun sits alone in the music room, strumming on his guitar and he’s writing down lyrics on a sheet of paper. He sits in thought, thinking of the next line that he should write. As he’s thinking, he hears the door open and looks over to see who’s coming inside. It was Y/N.

Donghyun’s eyes widen as he sees her approaching him. “Y-Y/N, wh-what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be eating lunch right now?” Y/N giggles as he asks her this and shakes her head. “No, I’m fine. I just got done eating. Why are you here, though? Are you practicing for the talent show?” She sounded excited as she said the last sentence, and Donghyun blushes and nods his head yes.

“I’m writing a new song.” Little does she know that the song he’s writing is dedicated to her. “I don’t think I can sing it now, though. It’s a surprise saved for the talent show.” He tells her, giving her a wink. She blushes at the wink and nods her head in understanding. “Got it. Well I should be going now then if you want to work alone.”

Donghyun grabs her wrist as she stands up. He looks up at her, staring her straight in the eyes. “Y/N, I just wanted you to know that…” Donghyun bites his lip, knowing that now isn’t exactly the right time to confess his love to her. “Nevermind. You can go ahead and go back to the cafeteria.” Y/N frowns slightly at the sudden change of mind, but nods and leaves the music room. She was still wondering what Donghyun wanted to say to her, but found it better to just leave it be, at least for now.

It was finally the day of the talent show, and Donghyun stood behind the curtain backstage, feeling his heart pound hard against his chest due to his constant nervousness, but he felt a rush of excitement flow through his body thinking about what Y/N will think about his song that he wrote for her. ‘Will she like it? Or will she think I’m a complete freak for dedicating a song to her?’ He thought to himself, starting to doubt everything again like usual.

As he was stuck in his thoughts, he heard the announcer calling his name to come to the stage and perform his act. He takes in a deep breath and lets it out before grabbing his guitar and walking towards the front of the stage. As he stepped on stage, he sits down on the stool that was placed there just for him. He looks up, and the bright spotlight hits his face, making him wince from how bright it was, but tried ignoring it and getting used to it. ‘This is how idols are on stage. The spotlight on them, the audience watching them. This is how being a famous singer feels like. Now get used to it.’

Donghyun grabs the microphone stand and pulls it closer to him and speaks into it. “H-hello, my name is Kim Donghyun. And I will be singing an original song that I wrote, and it is titled “I Just You.” This song is dedicated to a special someone. I hope you all enjoy it.”

He clears his throat before strumming a few strings on his guitar and sings into the microphone.

“Please open your beautiful door, today

I brought a bunch of flowers to give to you

Will I be able to see your bright smile tomorrow?

My heart is fluttering, so I can’t sleep

I just you, forever baby

I just you, forever

And then I spent some time with you, my baby

I wanna fall asleep with you every night”

As Donghyun finished singing his song, everyone in the audience cheered and applauded him, especially Youngmin, Woojin, and Daehwi, who were the loudest among everyone. Donghyun smiled as he saw everyone stand up from their seats and give him a standing ovation. He felt all of the doubts and burdens that he felt while being on stage drop. He wasn’t nervous or scared to perform in front of everyone anymore.

“And the winner of this year’s talent show is…” The announcer unfolds the envelope and smiles as he sees the name printed on the card. “Kim Donghyun!” The whole crowd shouts as Donghyun’s name is called and Donghyun is even surprised himself. He walks up to the stage and the announcer gives him his $25 gift card to Domino’s and the two tickets to DPR Live’s concert. “Congratulations, Donghyun!” The announcer tells him.

As he got off of the stage, everyone crowded around him, giving him compliments about his performance and congratulation him on winning and these girls telling him how amazing he is at singing and playing guitar. He didn’t say anything to them, though, and just bowed before spotting Y/N about to leave the auditorium.

“Y/N!” He shouts before running up the aisle, pushing past some students, and finally catching up to her before she could leave. “Y/N, did you like my performance?”

Y/N smiles widely and nods her head frantically. “Yes, Donghyun, I loved it so much! Your song was lovely and I’m so glad you won, you deserved it!

Donghyun scratches the back of his neck nervously as she mentions his song. “Thanks! A-and I’’m glad you liked the song! But to be honest, the song is dedicated to you, Y/N.”

Y/N widens her eyes and blushes. “M-me?!” Donghyun nods. She blushes furiously and is left speechless. “D-Donghyun I-”

“You don’t need to say anything about it, Y/N. I’m just glad you liked it.” Before thinking, he pulls her into a tight hug. Y/N’s eyes widen as she notices she’s hugging Donghyun, but she wraps her arms around his waist and enjoys his embrace anyway.

As they break the hug, they notice how red each other’s faces were from the hug they just shared. Youngmin, Woojin, and Daehwi approach Donghyun from behind, making him jump slightly. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the cutest couple in the world.” Youngmin teases, making the two younger boys snicker.

Y/N and Donghyun both blush and Donghyun punches the older boy’s arm, him letting out a small “Ow.”

“You idiots, leave Y/N and I alone.” Donghyun threatens them. The three boys raise their arms up in surrender. “Okay, okay, fine, jeez. But you still have to give me those DPR Live tickets!” Youngmin reminds him. Donghyun rolls his eyes and fishes for the tickets in his pocket and hands them to Youngmin. Youngmin’s eyes widen as he’s given the tickets. “Thank you so much, dude!” He exclaims.

“Hey, but which one of us are you going to give the extra ticket to?” Woojin asks the older boy.

“None of you, I’m going with Sewoon.” He says before running off, the two younger boys chasing after him and begging him to give them the extra ticket.

“I’m sorry about them, they’re idiots.” Donghyun reminds Y/N. Y/N giggles. “It’s fine, it’s nice to have friends like them even if they are weird. But did they really just call us the cutest couple in the world?”

Donghyun blushes. “Yes, I hate those three so much!” Y/N giggles and stands on her tippy toes to give Donghyun a kiss on his cheek.

“You hate them, but I like you.” Y/N says. Donghyun’s heartbeat quickens and he panics on the inside from the kiss she just gave him. “I-I like you too Y/N.”

They both stand there in an awkward silence before Donghyun remembers the Domino’s gift card. “Hey, Y/N, wanna grab some pizza? My treat for you.”

Y/N giggles and nods her head. “Why of course, Donghyun.” They both laugh and Donghyun takes her hand in his, intertwining their fingers together before walking out of the auditorium hand in hand.


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Scam alert!

There’s a post going around tumblr about getting free amazon gift cards. It looks like this:

I’ve done some googling, and the only information i could find related to this was from a scam catching website. Amazon’s main site has no references to “Amazon Christmas” or “Amazon Santa” that I could find. Furthermore, this is the only post made by tumblr user “rsaxoniza”.

I doubt these gift cards are legit. Please stay safe, and remember to google/research any of these “free giftcard/cash/prize!” things that show up on your dash.

This is a VERY effective & EASY way to make money! You could get anything from gift cards, paypal money, even electronics! This is FeaturePoints! If you’ve heard about it, its a mobile app which all you have to do is download apps, play in them for a little, & get credit! If you haven’t heard of FeaturePoints, you have now *wink*. If you’re new to FeaturePoints, use my code EMHSKQ & you’ll get 50 points to start with!

Three Ways To Earn Free Money

Hello loves,

I have currently been loving three different apps that help you earn free money. I’m going to provide links to each in this post with a short blurb about them. If you click on the link you will then be sent to a different post on my tumblr with a more detailed description and pictorial of how to use it. Also as a poor college student I love the idea of simple ways to earn extra money. I can explain any of these apps further if you need it so feel free to ask me about them. I know you won’t earn tons of money but $5 here or there is still $5 more than you had. 

1. FeaturePoints: download free apps and get points that you can then trade in for free apps, gift cards, or paypal money. Very simple to use. All apps are worth different points and all rewards are different as well. To date I have earned $45 in paypal money in 6 weeks.

2. JunoWallet: a bit more complex but easier to understand because all points you get are directly converted to a cash value. I only watch videos on it which earns you the least amount of points but then you don’t have to sign up for anything or get bombarded with emails and things you don’t want. Many more gift card options which is great and there are constantly giveaways to enter. To date I have earned $4.08 in under a week.

3. AppNana: Just downloaded this but already think it’s great. You can add as many codes as you want and each code gives you 2,500 free points. Points are a bit different here in that the more you save up the better the reward. For instance 90,000 points gets you $5 in paypal, but 160,000 points get you $10 so it makes sense to stock up on points. This one has two main ways to earn. Download points (just like Featurepoints) or watch videos (like JunoWallet). To date I have earned 24,944 points in less than 24 hours.