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At my store we put up ad stickers every Sunday morning with sale prices and items that are buy x get one free, $5 or $10 gift card when you buy x, etc. 99% of these end on a Saturday so every Saturday night 2-3 hours before close we all start going around our area and taking down the ones that end that Saturday.
It used to never happen but lately I get a lot of people who see me taking them down ask if they can still get the sale. It’s a pretty simple concept but apparently not for this guy:

Him: “did you already take down the signs for the Dyson vacuums?”

I don’t pay attention to what sale is ending, I’m only looking at the date of when the sale ends so I have no idea other than I took some down that were on the vacuum wall already so I tell him: “yes, all the sales that end tonight have been taken down, but you can still get the sale until close”

Him: so if I take it to the register I’ll still get the sale price

Me: yes, the sale is still on until close tonight

Him, getting angry: so then where’s the sign at

Me: it’s in the trash, I already took it down because it ends tonight
After that he just looks at me and I just look back at him because I don’t know what else to say and after a few seconds his wife says “come on let’s go get it we still get the sale” and guy hesitantly walks off with her, still looking confused.

Am I really making that little sense? The sale doesn’t magically go away in the system once the sticker comes off the price strip??

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Soooo fun story...I originally wasn't going to get to play Andromeda until way later because I only have an Xbox 360. BUT. I recently came across this deal at the store where I work. Long story short, I'm upgrading my phone for free and getting a $200 gift card, which I'm applying to a PS4! So I went ahead and pre-ordered Andromeda!!!

Wahoo! That’s awesome :D

a bright smile on glossed lips and blue orbs scanning the crowds, ariela was becoming hopeless until someone finally showed some peaked interest. “i mean you should totally consider signing-up for this. you get a free tattoo out of it, and a gift card to Taco Bell.” ariela mused, “ i mean, are there any other better combos?” ariela chuckled light, hoping the person would sign up to be a model for her in order to utilize her artistic talent. getting people to sign up was a lot harder than she thought. this person was probably the first person she spoke to all morning.

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Hi, can you send some tips for getting free samples/stuff. Thank you.

As far as home and cosmetic products go, there are lots of websites that send products to your home free of charge. I just found this one and this one. Of course, you have to feel comfortable entering personal information into these websites. If any of my followers have any verified sites that they would like to add, please do!

I use Swagbucks to get free $5 Amazon gift cards. They offer other rewards worth more money, but I always go for the Amazon gift card because it’s something that I can win after only two hours doing surveys. You sign up and take online surveys that last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes (the longer ones earning you more points, of course). I can post payment proof if you’d like, but it’s one of the better “beer money” sites.

I also recommend Usertesting, but they have a harder approval process. And you have to record yourself talking about websites instead of filling out surveys. The most I’ve ever made from a recording was $10, and then I just transfer the funds from Paypal to my bank account. I can post proof of this to, if you like.

Scam alert!

There’s a post going around tumblr about getting free amazon gift cards. It looks like this:

I’ve done some googling, and the only information i could find related to this was from a scam catching website. Amazon’s main site has no references to “Amazon Christmas” or “Amazon Santa” that I could find. Furthermore, this is the only post made by tumblr user “rsaxoniza”.

I doubt these gift cards are legit. Please stay safe, and remember to google/research any of these “free giftcard/cash/prize!” things that show up on your dash.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means:
What gift was Meriweather going to give to Aurora before Maleficent showed up in the beginning of ‘Sleeping Beauty’?
No, really. Haven’t you ever wondered? I mean, she gave a gift in the end — a get-out-of-jail-free card. But, what gift had she initially planned to give?
I mean, Aurora already pretty much had it all well before the fairies showed up. She had her parent’s genetics, pretty much ensuring that she would be a beauty, and she had the wealth and privilege of a princess, ensuring that she would always have the very best of clothing, food, medical attention, and education. And then Flora and Fauna did their little thing. Though they said that they gave her ‘beauty’ and ‘song’ as their gifts, I believe that the actual gifts were far grander than the simple things that the fairies claimed to have given.
From Flora, we have the Gift of Beauty. “One gift, beauty rare / Gold of sunshine in her hair / Lips that shame the red, red rose / She’ll walk in springtime wherever she goes!”
The song would indicate that she’s simply wanting to ensure that Aurora took after her mother, but that last line makes me wonder. To simply make her beautiful is one thing, but the end of the song implies something more.
After all, think about it — have you ever seen a sixteen-year-old who looks like Aurora? She was far too mature, too developed. But then, think about who gave her the gift: Flora, the fairy in charge of plantlife. And, what does a flower do? It grows up quickly, and is beautiful and healthy for nearly it’s entire life cycle, most of which is spent in glorious bloom. Aurora wasn’t merely made pretty — she was made healthy as a horse. Aurora hit puberty early and matured into full womanhood at a startlingly young age. And, considering who gave her the gift, it’s also logical to think that Aurora is, effectively, like an evergreen: once it blooms, it’s lovely and green for it’s whole life. Aurora didn’t merely grow up quickly and beautifully, but she’ll stay that way her whole life long. Forever young, healthy, strong, and beautiful. Quite a gift, that! Then, Fauna gave the Gift of Song. “One gift, the gift of song / Melody your whole lifelong! / The nightingale her troubadour / Bringing his sweet serenade to her door!” On the surface, this sounds like exactly what it is: giving Aurora talent in music. But, just as Flora’s gift was twofold, I suspect that Fauna’s was too. After all, remember that scene just before the ‘Once Upon A Dream’ song? The one where Aurora talks to the animals about that dream she’d had about meeting Phillip? Strangely, we only ever see three people in the entire movie talking to things which should not be able to communicate back: Maleficent, Fauna, and Aurora. (Phillip talking to his horse doesn’t count, because they didn’t truly communicate.) All three were people who have fairy magic upon then, either by birth or boon. But, why should Aurora be able to do this? Perhaps that bit about the nightengale bringing songs to Aurora was a bit more literal than a bird simply tweeting at her from a perch on her window sill. I think that the gift wasn’t merely a talent at music, but also a talent with all words. Aurora’s true gift was the beauty of communication: the ability to understand any thinking animal, to share information and thoughts with any creature she should encounter. Can you imagine anything cooler than that? A pretty good gift for a future diplomat.
Which, finally, brings us to Meriweather. Now, Flora and Fauna are the romantics of the bunch, but Meriweather is a more sensible person. She’s described as ‘pessimistic’, but also ‘resourceful’ and ‘fiesty’. Though Flora and Fauna gave Aurora ‘pretty’ gifts, like a necklace and a handbag, I suspect that Meriweather is the sort of woman who would give a child mittens. Something objectively useful, which she can apply every day in her life as a princess and eventual ruler.
I mean, eternal youth and the ability to talk to animals are all fine and good, but what good are they if she’s an airhead who has neither the will nor strength to lead a kingdom? She needs to be more than a pretty face who can carry a conversation with anything she encounters if she’s going to be a fair and just queen. So, what could Meriweather’s planned gift to Aurora have possibly been? Well, it’s all purely conjecture, but we have to take into account the types of people that the people giving her gifts were. From Flora, she was made an evergreen. From Fauna, she was turned into a virtual Eliza Thronberry. So, what would the rebel of the three give to a future queen? I think that Meriweather would have given the Gift of Grace. It would have been a twofold gift, like that which the other two gave, but it would have been a much more potent ability. Sure, the princess would have had the poise and elegance that a dancer would envy, but that would just be a grace of the body. Knowing Meriweather, it would also have been a grace of the soul. Not merely kindness and generosity, but also rare luck and wisdom. Aurora would have lead a charmed life, and possessed a keen instinct and intuition which guided her every thought and deed. She would have had a hunch to trust her ‘aunts’ when they told her her true parentage, and went with them without protest. She would have gotten a sinking feeling of dread at that eerie green light, and had the good sense never to follow it.
Given half a chance, Aurora would have been given the Gift of Grace. And, with it, she might never have had the silliness to poke the sharp, pointy part of a glowing green spinning wheel. A girl who, after discovering a secret passage in a room she’d never been in, would have called someone into the room to ask if they had any clue what was going on with it. And, at the prospect of being left alone by the only three people she had ever known up until that point and having never known true solitude before, would have asked that they stay close.
Basically, as long as they kept her away from spinning wheels, she’d have been fine. They could have gone about their business as they pleased. She could have been raised by her own parents, she could have grown up getting to know Phillip and their love would have been built on a longtime friendship instead of love at first sight, and her Fairy Godmothers could have still had the same relationship with her with the exception that it would have happened in a grand castle instead of a (cute) cottage.