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Request: Can I request an imagine where Jerome comes back from the dead and can’t remember reader who still loves him but then later something makes him remember and he apologizes and it’s all fluff, cuddles, kisses etc?❤️😂


That night still so clear in my mind. That night Galavan betrayed both Jerome and I. I was back stage just watching my lovely maniac preform and scare the rich bastards of Gotham when it happened. When the knife was plunged into Jerome’s neck by Theo.

Then and there it felt like my life ended. I had nothing. I was numb to everything. His cold eyes were the last thing I saw before I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t care.

I found a small abandon apartment in a part of town that was left to rot. I stayed there for I don’t know how long. Months and months without care. I didn’t leave unless it was to get food, and even then that was a night. It was one night when it all changed though. I saw him. Theo Galavan being shoved into a truck by Penguin, and non other than the famous Jim Gordon.

I felt the rush go through my body. I ran to them as fast as my legs would carry me. They stare at me with wide eyes. “(Y/N).” Jim speaks surprised. “Yeah yeah I’m not dead. We’re all surprised. But he should be!” I scream and point at Galavan just imagining the many ways I could make him pay.

Gordon and Penguin look at me and motion for me to get in the car with them. We drive to the docks and take turns of playing Hit the Rick Dick named Galavan. Jim pulls out him gun but is hesitant to shoot the asshole. “Give me that! This isn’t child’s play!” I grab the gun from Jim and aim it at Galavan. “I can do it!” Jim fusses back. “Oh please. You do it and you can kill me as well, but if you can’t and I do it. You owe me something.” “What do you want?” Penguin asks. “A job with the GCPD.” I say causing Jim to scoff. “Please. They’ll never let you in.” “My records clean. Nothing ever been caught for. Never been arrested. No proof anywhere.” Jim looks at the gun and grabs it. “Deal.”

Jim raises the gun and aims it at Galavan. Seconds go by without him pulling the trigger. “Oh come on!” I huff and steal the gun again and shoot Theo Galavan in the head. I smile as the blood flows from his body. I twirl the gun on my hand and smile at Jim. “So when do I start?”

Months of working at the GCPD was actually good. I got myself a proper place to live, and now I’ve got money for spending on things I want. I’m getting my life back, but it’s still not the life I want. I want a life with Jerome.

I had gotten hope when I heard about someone trying to bring him back, but sadly his dead body lies in a room in the GCPD with his face cut off. I’ve sat in here just staring at him. Longing to see his eyes and hear his laugh.

Lee walks in and huffs slamming a latex glove on the table. “Hard day?” I say covering Jerome’s face. “You have no idea.” “I think I do.” I sigh and go over to my bag getting out a gift card for a free coffee. “I’ll be back with a pick me up.” I say and walk down the street to get a coffee.

Once I get the coffee’s I quickly go back to work to help Lee with the body of my dead boyfriend. I walk into the room only to see Jerome’s body gone, and a dead cop on the floor.

A hand wraps around my mouth causing me to drop the drinks in my hand. “Boo.” A dark voice says in my ear. A voice I know. A voice I love to hear. I turn around and see him. Jerome. A wrapped up faceless Jerome, but he’s still mine. “Jerome.” I say still stricken with shock. “You- how- I-” I stumble back and hit the table. I fall to the floor and everything goes black.

Lee’s POV:

I walk in to see a sight I never thought I’d see. (Y/n) on the floor, and Jerome picking her up and setting her on the table where his dead body once was. I close the door catching his attention. He points the gun at me and laughs. “Someone better tell me what the hell is going on.” He says laughing.

I don’t complain, I don’t struggle. I tell him the entire story of his death. “Ha, ha, ha Wow. Well, that is quite a story. You know, I know I’ve been dead, but doesn’t that seem kind of crazy to you? Hey, maybe you’re dreaming. Try shooting yourself. Huh. Oh Nah. Hey, tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great, huh?”

I roll my eyes and check (y/n)’s Heath. “They’re a bunch of raving lunatics and idiots.” I state the obvious. “Lunatics and idiots? Ooh, my kind of people. Sorry. Head’s still a little fuzzy. You know, I was just reborn. Last year was nothing but darkness as far as the eye can see.”

Jerome looks me up and down. “Hey, did you and I ever, uh.” He sticks out his tongue and places the gun to where his private area is. “Oh, God, no.” I scoff.

“Why? Gingers not your type?” “No, but they are hers. She’s the one you did it with.” I say pointing to (y/n). Jerome strolls over to her and looks at her then laughs. “Oh, I remember. Well not her. Never seen her before, hm but I’d like to.” He starts to lift up (y'n)’s shirt, and I slap his hand away.

He turns to me and points the gun at me. “You’re Jim Gordon’s little Twinkie. How’s it going between you and Jimbo? Huh? You still together or-” “No.” “Aw. That sucks. I really liked you guys. What happened?” “He killed my husband on our wedding night.”

Jerome starts busting out laughing. “Glad you find it funny."I say rolling my eyes. "I do. I get why you don’t. Wow. You miss a lot being dead.” “You know what? Go ahead, enjoy it. There’s about a hundred cops on the other side of that door ready to kill you all over again.”

This statement gets his attention and he shuts up. “I see your point. It’s a business. So, when I was last, you know, uh, alive, I was about to kill Bruce Wayne. I suppose I didn’t manage to. Theo Galavan killed me, that jug-eared Judas. Well, I suppose I should start by killing him.” He says pacing around.

"Theo Galavan’s dead.” Jerome stops and looks at me. “Oh Who beat me to it?” (Y/n) groans and lifts her body up. “I shot him dead the first time.” SHe says giggling. I walk out as fast as I could, but before I can make it to the door I get a scalpel right next to my head. I look back to see (y/n)’s crazy smile. She places her finger to her lips and makes a shh sound. I gulp, nod, and walk out.

(Y/n) POV:

Lee exits the room leaving Jerome and I alone. “Ah finally. Sleeping beauty woke up.” I giggle as he walks closer. “Remind me. What’s your name.” I look at him confused. He must’ve lost him memory from the trauma of basically being frankenstines monster. “(Y/n) (y/l/n). We met at the circus a long time ago. We were together for a long time. We loved each other.” Jerome smiles and laughs. “Hm. Fuzzy memories, but we’re getting there. Tell me something else. First kiss. First time. First fight. Nicknames. Give me something.”

I giggle and pull him closer until he’s standing between my thighs. “First kiss was the night we met. First time was the night we met. We’ve never had a fight and you call me doll, babygirl, sweetheart, babe, sugar, and I call you J, handsome, love, Ging, babe. Ya know the normal.” I shrug and wrap my arms around his neck as his go to my hips. “(Y/n). I remember. Oh do I remember you doll. Oh baby all the fun times we had! You didn’t move on to anyone else did you?” “No J. Never.” “Good. You’re mine doll. Always will be.” He forcefully pulls me into a kiss. It being so difficult seeing as he doesn’t really have any lips. He pulls back and laughs. “Oh doll face we are gonna have some fun…right after I do something. Where is my face?” I laugh and jump off the table. “Come on J.”

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Tips for saving money

Just a reminder that this is what I have found to work or be useful like the apps or tricks


Clearance Rack

most stores have these and sometimes they even hide them, switching where it goes but usually there by the back and can really save you some money

2. Shopkick is a great app I use where when you go shopping you scan things (you don’t have to buy anything) or just but walking in the store and you rack up points to get gift cards

3.Sell your unwanted things different apps you can use Mercari neerbuy letgo

4. Get Amazon prime for free by using a free trial using a gift card that no longer has money on it and make another account in a month

5. Get Spotify Premium for 99 cents every winter Spotify does a promotional event where you can get 3 months premium for less than a dollar.

6. Go to cheap stores Trader joes, Tj-Maxx, Marshalls and Kohls

7. Don’t go to the store hungry you buy food you don’t need and usually it’s unhealthy

8. Credit Card reward systems these actually work and are so good my grandma has got over 2000$ of money just from using her cards to buy things

At my store we put up ad stickers every Sunday morning with sale prices and items that are buy x get one free, $5 or $10 gift card when you buy x, etc. 99% of these end on a Saturday so every Saturday night 2-3 hours before close we all start going around our area and taking down the ones that end that Saturday.
It used to never happen but lately I get a lot of people who see me taking them down ask if they can still get the sale. It’s a pretty simple concept but apparently not for this guy:

Him: “did you already take down the signs for the Dyson vacuums?”

I don’t pay attention to what sale is ending, I’m only looking at the date of when the sale ends so I have no idea other than I took some down that were on the vacuum wall already so I tell him: “yes, all the sales that end tonight have been taken down, but you can still get the sale until close”

Him: so if I take it to the register I’ll still get the sale price

Me: yes, the sale is still on until close tonight

Him, getting angry: so then where’s the sign at

Me: it’s in the trash, I already took it down because it ends tonight
After that he just looks at me and I just look back at him because I don’t know what else to say and after a few seconds his wife says “come on let’s go get it we still get the sale” and guy hesitantly walks off with her, still looking confused.

Am I really making that little sense? The sale doesn’t magically go away in the system once the sticker comes off the price strip??


I started drama with hot topic omg. It was my moms idea (she’s more of a scammer and small time lifter). She said since they didn’t see me or catch me on camera, they banned me on suspicion​. I contacted hot topic and confirmed, I was banned on suspicion. So I contacted customer service and pretended like I was completely torn over being “falsely accused”. I’m just trying see if I can get a free gift card. Either that or they're​ gonna say “getcho thieving scamming ass outta here”


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Honestly I would love to buy two to get one free! But all of my money is on gift card balance on Amazon? At least my spendable money for now, makes it way harder to get furbs since most of the ones listed on Amazon are new or overpriced!

I understand that completely. When you get money on PayPal or Venmo or just straight up cash let me know and we can figure something out!

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Three Ways To Earn Free Money

Hello loves,

I have currently been loving three different apps that help you earn free money. I’m going to provide links to each in this post with a short blurb about them. If you click on the link you will then be sent to a different post on my tumblr with a more detailed description and pictorial of how to use it. Also as a poor college student I love the idea of simple ways to earn extra money. I can explain any of these apps further if you need it so feel free to ask me about them. I know you won’t earn tons of money but $5 here or there is still $5 more than you had. 

1. FeaturePoints: download free apps and get points that you can then trade in for free apps, gift cards, or paypal money. Very simple to use. All apps are worth different points and all rewards are different as well. To date I have earned $45 in paypal money in 6 weeks.

2. JunoWallet: a bit more complex but easier to understand because all points you get are directly converted to a cash value. I only watch videos on it which earns you the least amount of points but then you don’t have to sign up for anything or get bombarded with emails and things you don’t want. Many more gift card options which is great and there are constantly giveaways to enter. To date I have earned $4.08 in under a week.

3. AppNana: Just downloaded this but already think it’s great. You can add as many codes as you want and each code gives you 2,500 free points. Points are a bit different here in that the more you save up the better the reward. For instance 90,000 points gets you $5 in paypal, but 160,000 points get you $10 so it makes sense to stock up on points. This one has two main ways to earn. Download points (just like Featurepoints) or watch videos (like JunoWallet). To date I have earned 24,944 points in less than 24 hours.

Amazon's new Dash Wand is half magic, half boring
Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods is getting all the media attention right now, but the company made another grocery-related investment last week that’s just as interesting: it’s basically giving the new Dash Wand with Alexa away for free. Prime members who spend $20 on the Dash Wand get a $20 Amazon gift card and 90 days of free AmazonFresh grocery delivery, which normally costs $15 per month. Read more
Scam alert!

There’s a post going around tumblr about getting free amazon gift cards. It looks like this:

I’ve done some googling, and the only information i could find related to this was from a scam catching website. Amazon’s main site has no references to “Amazon Christmas” or “Amazon Santa” that I could find. Furthermore, this is the only post made by tumblr user “rsaxoniza”.

I doubt these gift cards are legit. Please stay safe, and remember to google/research any of these “free giftcard/cash/prize!” things that show up on your dash.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means:
What gift was Meriweather going to give to Aurora before Maleficent showed up in the beginning of ‘Sleeping Beauty’?
No, really. Haven’t you ever wondered? I mean, she gave a gift in the end — a get-out-of-jail-free card. But, what gift had she initially planned to give?
I mean, Aurora already pretty much had it all well before the fairies showed up. She had her parent’s genetics, pretty much ensuring that she would be a beauty, and she had the wealth and privilege of a princess, ensuring that she would always have the very best of clothing, food, medical attention, and education. And then Flora and Fauna did their little thing. Though they said that they gave her ‘beauty’ and ‘song’ as their gifts, I believe that the actual gifts were far grander than the simple things that the fairies claimed to have given.
From Flora, we have the Gift of Beauty. “One gift, beauty rare / Gold of sunshine in her hair / Lips that shame the red, red rose / She’ll walk in springtime wherever she goes!”
The song would indicate that she’s simply wanting to ensure that Aurora took after her mother, but that last line makes me wonder. To simply make her beautiful is one thing, but the end of the song implies something more.
After all, think about it — have you ever seen a sixteen-year-old who looks like Aurora? She was far too mature, too developed. But then, think about who gave her the gift: Flora, the fairy in charge of plantlife. And, what does a flower do? It grows up quickly, and is beautiful and healthy for nearly it’s entire life cycle, most of which is spent in glorious bloom. Aurora wasn’t merely made pretty — she was made healthy as a horse. Aurora hit puberty early and matured into full womanhood at a startlingly young age. And, considering who gave her the gift, it’s also logical to think that Aurora is, effectively, like an evergreen: once it blooms, it’s lovely and green for it’s whole life. Aurora didn’t merely grow up quickly and beautifully, but she’ll stay that way her whole life long. Forever young, healthy, strong, and beautiful. Quite a gift, that! Then, Fauna gave the Gift of Song. “One gift, the gift of song / Melody your whole lifelong! / The nightingale her troubadour / Bringing his sweet serenade to her door!” On the surface, this sounds like exactly what it is: giving Aurora talent in music. But, just as Flora’s gift was twofold, I suspect that Fauna’s was too. After all, remember that scene just before the ‘Once Upon A Dream’ song? The one where Aurora talks to the animals about that dream she’d had about meeting Phillip? Strangely, we only ever see three people in the entire movie talking to things which should not be able to communicate back: Maleficent, Fauna, and Aurora. (Phillip talking to his horse doesn’t count, because they didn’t truly communicate.) All three were people who have fairy magic upon then, either by birth or boon. But, why should Aurora be able to do this? Perhaps that bit about the nightengale bringing songs to Aurora was a bit more literal than a bird simply tweeting at her from a perch on her window sill. I think that the gift wasn’t merely a talent at music, but also a talent with all words. Aurora’s true gift was the beauty of communication: the ability to understand any thinking animal, to share information and thoughts with any creature she should encounter. Can you imagine anything cooler than that? A pretty good gift for a future diplomat.
Which, finally, brings us to Meriweather. Now, Flora and Fauna are the romantics of the bunch, but Meriweather is a more sensible person. She’s described as ‘pessimistic’, but also ‘resourceful’ and ‘fiesty’. Though Flora and Fauna gave Aurora ‘pretty’ gifts, like a necklace and a handbag, I suspect that Meriweather is the sort of woman who would give a child mittens. Something objectively useful, which she can apply every day in her life as a princess and eventual ruler.
I mean, eternal youth and the ability to talk to animals are all fine and good, but what good are they if she’s an airhead who has neither the will nor strength to lead a kingdom? She needs to be more than a pretty face who can carry a conversation with anything she encounters if she’s going to be a fair and just queen. So, what could Meriweather’s planned gift to Aurora have possibly been? Well, it’s all purely conjecture, but we have to take into account the types of people that the people giving her gifts were. From Flora, she was made an evergreen. From Fauna, she was turned into a virtual Eliza Thronberry. So, what would the rebel of the three give to a future queen? I think that Meriweather would have given the Gift of Grace. It would have been a twofold gift, like that which the other two gave, but it would have been a much more potent ability. Sure, the princess would have had the poise and elegance that a dancer would envy, but that would just be a grace of the body. Knowing Meriweather, it would also have been a grace of the soul. Not merely kindness and generosity, but also rare luck and wisdom. Aurora would have lead a charmed life, and possessed a keen instinct and intuition which guided her every thought and deed. She would have had a hunch to trust her ‘aunts’ when they told her her true parentage, and went with them without protest. She would have gotten a sinking feeling of dread at that eerie green light, and had the good sense never to follow it.
Given half a chance, Aurora would have been given the Gift of Grace. And, with it, she might never have had the silliness to poke the sharp, pointy part of a glowing green spinning wheel. A girl who, after discovering a secret passage in a room she’d never been in, would have called someone into the room to ask if they had any clue what was going on with it. And, at the prospect of being left alone by the only three people she had ever known up until that point and having never known true solitude before, would have asked that they stay close.
Basically, as long as they kept her away from spinning wheels, she’d have been fine. They could have gone about their business as they pleased. She could have been raised by her own parents, she could have grown up getting to know Phillip and their love would have been built on a longtime friendship instead of love at first sight, and her Fairy Godmothers could have still had the same relationship with her with the exception that it would have happened in a grand castle instead of a (cute) cottage.


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Book things that make me smile.
  • 1: Finding a book I KNEW I had on one of my bookshelves.
  • 2: Getting some free time to read.
  • 3: Actually enjoying a book that's been hyped up.
  • 4: Splurging on books.
  • 5: Getting free books/gift cards for bookstores.
  • 6: Introducing someone to a new series/book that I know s/he will love.
  • 7: Looking at my bookcases.
  • 8: Finally reading a book I've been wanting to read for AGES.
  • 9: Finishing a book that just touched me on so many levels.
  • 10: Seeing young readers that are addicted to reading.
  • What book things make you smile?

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I have a huge amazon wishlist. Can you buy me something?

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