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Peter actually dressed in drag for another episode after "Monkee Vs. Machine." He pretended to be one of the dance students in "Dance Monkee Dance" as a way to get out of the contract with the other three.

Ah, yes! Right you are. Knew there was one other instance of him dressing in drag, but couldn’t think of it. The funny thing is, they put him in the same hideous outfit in that episode that he was in for Monkee vs. Machine! Poor, poor Peter…

(At least the hair is (marginally) better than in the other episode…)

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Do each village have animals that can only be summoned in their respectful village? Other than Inuzuka clan, are there any other clans that have animal companions or are based on a species of animal?


Summoning Animals(Gamabunta) and Ninja Companions (Akamaru) are different.

Summoning Animals are limited by the existence of a physical contract. Although there is no actual restriction on the village, it would mean you would somehow have to get the contract into your posession to sign up to the Summoning Animal’s loyalty program. If your sensei has the contract, that’s easy. If you want to summon a Godzilla, you’d have to go wrestle it from The Village Hidden in the Kaiju.  Are there multiple contracts? Who knows.

We’ve got conflicting information on what happens if you try to summon an animal without a contract. But, if it was confirmed that it sends you to your animal’s village, it would be easier to make a contract with them, no matter where you originate from?

Ninja Companion Animals are available as long as you can access the animal. It would be more difficult to get an animal native to another villages. It’s not impossible. though

But Ninja Companion Animals are animals. That’s what you have to remember. Clans who specialise in them usually do for a reason. You wouldn’t have access to the Inuzuka secret knowlege, but there’s not really anything to stop an oc from raising a puppy, giving it a headband and sending it into battle as an individual. But, odds are, your first ninja pup isn’t going to be as formidable as an Inuzuka ninja pup. They’ve had generations learning the ins and outs of puppy training and selective breeding. What if your ninja can’t even get your dog to walk without a leash? (I’ll tell you what happens - you love and cherish that dog and keep it at home and give it treats and love it and cherish it some more)

Messenger birds are a very common example of animals being across different villages. But, it would be very boring if only one Village had birds. Like, they’d help if your Ninja was stationed somewhere else, but what’s even the point if you can’t send Hawk-chain-letters to Suna??

There are a lot of animal influences in Naruto. Some of them are canon, some of them are in the semi-canon dead zone that is fillers and most movies. I’m not sure exactly how deep you want me to go into categorizing animalness? So I’ll leave you with some links:

Thanks for sending this in! Hope I could be of help!


-_- i went 2 work later cause I had my appointment with the therapist and they barely left me ANY spot im walking so much and they’ve literally been everywhere honestly im grateful some dude stopped me to get a contract (for the 2 months free trial but im getting money anyway) bc otherwise this day would’ve been completely useless lol!

there’s something really cute about how girls have a habit of trying to make anything difficult into a pleasant experience. like my new roommates just planned to get together to discuss contracts, but immediately suggested we do it with movies and nail-painting and chocolate. my friends and i used to dress up and do fun makeup for our exams. whenever my mom took me to doctors appointments when i was a kid, she’d brush my hair and put it up with lots of cute clips. girls are always trying to make things softer, or reduce the everyday stress in life. it’s such a nice way to be.

  • Oilers: What do we have to do to get you to sign a contract extension?
  • Connor McDavid: Get me Strome.
  • Oilers: Done.
  • Connor McDavid: *looking at Ryan Strome* No, wait.
Theory time.........

There was something about this whole narrative, that wasn’t adding up for me. I was having a hard time putting my finger on it, then Camila released that description about her album, and it started making more sense.

They want us to believe, this whole narrative took place in 2016, but when you remember back and realize, the 2016 narrative was just a revamped version of the 2015 narrative, it all begins to fall into place.

Everyone latched on to that July 4 2016 Brazil snap, of her alone, writing in a hotel bathroom, while the girls were out celebrating together, as the time she began writing “I have questions”. That’s exactly what Management hoped you’d do. If one paid attention though, you would see that the more important snap happened back in October 2016. She snapped a photo of her writing in a bathroom, with the caption ”destroyed”. First, July - October does not equal 6 months, no matter how crappy your math is. Second, the 7/27 tour was coming to an end, and with that caption, I actually think, that is when she finished writing “I have questions”.

The only tour date they had in early 2016, was Dubai. So, unless she started writing it in a Dubai potty, the rest of early 2016 was spent promoting WFH. She stated she started writing that song, “a little over a year ago” while on tour. I think her “a little over a year ago” means the last few months of 2015, September-November. That she eventually had to face her problems, and she finally went back to the lyrics she started from the year before, and finished the song, then wrote a sad song every day until she got sick of writing sad shit. That song seems to be a catalyst for her, and I’m thinking it probably  “destroyed” her to finally finish it.

Camila was asked recently, in an interview, when her anxiety showed itself and started becoming a real problem for her. Her answer was, 2015. Everything started in 2015. Her anxiety, the fucking narrative, the division, EVERYTHING!!

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Client is every kind of -ist. Boss isn't having it, gets one client fired, his replacement replaced.

This happened a few weeks ago, and I’m still in awe of my boss, who made it happen. I work as a private security officer for a small but well respected company. The higher-ups are masters at getting contracted for big-name clients and they treat us employees very well.

We had been subcontracted by a larger security firm to run event security for a certain tech company’s event during a certain famous film festival. Some serious money was being thrown around to make this event happen, I was told $75k per day just to rent out the venue, $6 Million worth of equipment, the list goes on. It was a big deal. Our client’s representative, who we’ll call Paulie, was a New York native with a thick Brooklyn accent and wouldn’t have been out of place on the set of The Sopranos. He’d been flown in from his base of operations just to oversee this event. It soon became clear that he was going to cause problems. First off, the agreement between my firm and our client was to provide asset protection, meaning we were to make sure that none of the expensive, yet highly portable electronic equipment went missing. Yet as soon as we got there, Paulie decided to ignore all that and had us working the doors as glorified bouncers. All our previous instructions were to be ignored and Paulie was God. This pissed us off a bit, as we had picked our people with unobtrusive asset protection in mind, but whatever, we’re professionals and we’ll roll with it. Second, Paulie was an a**hole. Everything we did was wrong somehow, even when we did exactly what he wanted us to, we were doing it wrong. He’d berate the poor officer right in front of everyone. He’d change our instructions on a whim and get mad at us for not complying with the new instructions before everyone had a chance to be informed. Third, and arguably worst, Paulie was an -ist of every type. Racist, ageist, sexist, he was the worst. We brought in female officers and he’d inevitably stick them in the most out-of-the-way posts he could to make sure they didn’t have to interact with the tech people. Same went for every officer Paulie thought was over 35. Since we were working 12 hour shifts, we tried to rotate everybody through every post, but he’d take over the rotation and stick the “old” and female officers out of sight. It got to the point where we were seriously considering quitting the contract and we NEVER do that.

Enter my boss. Let’s call him Rick. Rick is ex military and his thing is he Gets Shit Done. Rick, like several of us, is a licensed Private Investigator as well as a Security Officer. Rick is borderline OCD when it comes to keeping records. Rick has hidden cameras. Rick wore a wire and recorded a lot of Paulie’s shit. That shit then hit the fan when Rick passed off supervision of the site to me for the day and went to a meeting with the higher-ups from my company and a conference call with the higher-ups from Paulie’s company, let’s call them D*cks and A**holes Inc, or D&A. The next afternoon, the A in D&A showed up and took Paulie into one of the rooms the tech people had been using for demos earlier that day and spent over an hour yelling at him. One of our people, a female officer with 15 years of experience, who had worked security at the freaking PENTAGON, and who had been shoved in a corner nevertheless heard the whole thing go down, as she was posted outside the door. According to her, Paulie said several stupid things, but the one that stuck out was, “These guys are weak! They’re bringing in freaking GIRLS…!” before being told to shut the hell up. Paulie was fired right there and escorted off the property. The next day, those of us who hadn’t been there to see it were told the whole story and we reveled in the fact that we wouldn’t have to deal with Paulie anymore. Morale, which had been at historically low levels, shot through the roof.

This would be a good place to stop the story, but as the infomercials say, “Wait! There’s more!”

A took over. Remember him? The A**hole in D*cks & A**holes, Inc? He was worse, in different ways. He was just as bad as Paulie, but he was much, much more subtle about it. And, I can’t stress this enough, he was an A**HOLE.

He tried to get me fired for talking to the client, the tech company’s people. The event was winding down by this point, and I had asked the guy in charge of the tech people a question about continuing security needs. Turns out, the tech company was taking their stuff out of the demo rooms and therefore wouldn’t need those rooms secured anymore, so we didn’t need an officer for that post anymore. A was livid that I had spoken to the client without his say-so and that I had “cost us THOUSANDS!” by so doing, which was total bullshit. A went to Rick and yelled at him about it, too. Rick, however, had my back and just shrugged the whole thing off.

This is going long, so I’ll sum up. Rick was eventually forced to employ the same tactics he had used against Paulie and another conference call was made. Turns out, D&A had been bought out by another company, and since A was a founder, he didn’t get fired, but he did get sent home and yet another guy from the bigger company was flown out to oversee the last few days. That guy was pretty cool and we had no further problems.

The icing on the cake is that the tech company had seen all the bullshit my people had been put through and had been impressed with us. We’ve been asked to provide security services for their next event.

How soc characters show affection
  • Kaz: buys inej's contract, gets her a boat to track down slavers, names the boat Wraith, finds her parents for her and reunites them
  • Inej: conscious of kaz' personal space issues, gives him space when necessary, follows him into fights and protects him, gives him sage advice and is his anchor
  • Matthias: accepting of nina's people, fights his own people to protect Nina, treats her with respect and love, brings her lots of sweets and waffles
  • Nina: accepts him for who he is, tries to brighten his day, is gentle with him especially after the life he lived in the army
  • Jesper: reads to wylan, defends him in front of his father, constantly compliments him when he does something smart
  • Wylan: stands up for Jesper to his father, strives to keep that carefree smile on Jesper's face


- Murder husbands
- Solider!Derek tasked with bringing down international assassin!Stiles
- Mercenary Stiles working with Navy SEAL Derek
- Rogue military man Derek teaming up with international assassin for hire Stiles to take down the man who killed his family
- Mercenary!Stiles training former solider Derek to be a gun for hire
- Retired solider Stiles getting called up as a contract gun to work with Derek’s squadron
- Strict Navy SEAL Derek who has to work with lose cannon CIA agent Stiles


I’m so ready. 

Finn| Into Your Arms |Bálor

Title; Into Your Arms

Pairing; Finn Bálor/Reader

Word Count; 5523

Summary; If it’s just a game, then I like the way that we play.

Warnings;  NSFW. Body painting leading to smut. Smut for smut’s sake. Here be no plot. Latex free.

A/N; Found this little gem saved in my documents from months ago because I forgot about it. Heathens!Tyler is a work in progress. Thinking next week.  You know what to do fam. Leave me some noise and kisses.

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a CP ficlet, as promised

(idea courtesy of @echoing-artemis, who said CAPTIVE PRINCE BACHELOR AU which then turned into UNREAL AU in my head because let’s face it, in any situation like this, laurent will still be full of machinations.)


When Damen laces his hands together, the left thumb is on top. Laurent fixes this detail with a look that is, as it were, a warm-up for the look he’s about to direct at Damen’s face. Damen is perched on the edge of the plush, over-quilted, impeccably white satin bedspread, elbows resting on his spread knees. He is crushing some of the red rose petals. Laurent makes a mental note to send a production assistant in here with fresh ones before they film the individual segments after the cocktail party.

Someone knocks at the closed door and says, “Um, I think–”

No,” snarls Laurent, wasting the first and most icily searing few seconds of his expression on the door. Silence follows.

“All right, what is it?” Laurent demands of Damen. “Is it drugs? Do I need to send someone out for some cocaine? Do you have a fucking headache? Has a soft-hearted AD whom I will summarily fire snuck you your phone, and you’ve found out that your cat’s died?”

“No,” Damen says, apparently to all of the above. After a moment he adds, in a tone that Laurent can’t parse, “I don’t have a cat.”

“Then what the fuck is wrong with you? I’ve seen potato salad with more vivacity than you’re showing out there.”

“It’s all so–staged,” Damen says, with distaste.

Laurent manages not to roll his eyes, but the violence with which he wishes he were rolling his eyes causes dull pain to gather behind them like a stormcloud.

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bitty being nervous about nhl scouts. part 1

Ransom and Holster were arguing about something when Bitty’s attention returned to the world around him.

“There was a scout there, bro!”

“Yeah, to check out your cheekbones!”

“No, man, to check out us. Get us all NHL contracts! Right, Bitty?!” Ransom bumped him with a shoulder. “You’ll be able to afford King Arthur Flour. For every pie you make.”

Bitty choked on his own spit and got into a coughing fit, doubling up while two enormous bros patted him sympathetically.

“Is Bitty dying?!” Chowder had dashed back from where he’d been giving Tango a big-brotherly pep talk ahead of them. “Bitty, speak to me!”

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What, in your opinion, is the true theme of Romeo & Juliet?

As I see it, good literature is good literature because it combines lots of themes that are enmeshed in ways that can’t easily be separated. I don’t think it’s possible to pick out one theme and say this is the one. That’s one of the reasons why something well written can be enjoyed in different ways by different kinds of people.

But what I think is important and significant about Romeo and Juliet (and I’ve said this many times before: have a look at my tags and you’ll see my general approach) is the way it depicts young people coming of age to find themselves in a toxic and violent society which they didn’t create but which rules and dictates their lives.

Shakespeare’s Verona shows a world of hatred that young men are assimilated into through masculine codes of honour and bravado. It’s a society violently divided for no better reason than that one house is ‘the enemy’ of another because of a feud that is never explained (which is important in itself because it shows that for the majority of people involved in the feud the reason doesn’t matter).

The love story is important because it highlights the toxicity and twistedness of Verona through the pure simplicity of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. It shows how something as natural as sexuality, teenage love and infatuation is made unacceptable because of unnatural and artificially created circumstances. It reveals the arbitrariness of the feud when something so simple can cross the supposed divide between the houses, making it obvious that the hatred is inherited rather than inherent.

So, for me, the significant aspects of Romeo and Juliet bring together many themes. It’s about love, to be sure, but it’s also about sex, social constraints and conformity, the lack of freedom, hatred, and maturity.