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RFA + Saeran reacting to something falling into MC's shirt. Like food or an earring falling into her bra. Like would they look away? Would she get it? Hehehe thanks~

Haha, this was fun! Never did we think we would be writing the phrases “milk supporters” or “squishy mountains.” 


  • You two were talking and getting into a romantic mood
  • He reaches out a hand to cup your cheek
  • His thumb brushes against the area near your ear
  • Unfortunately, you were wearing dangling earrings and the pressure from his thumb made one of them pop out
  • And it fell straight into your bra
  • He tries to act like it didn’t happen so you wouldn’t be embarrassed
  • So he goes on with his little romantic speech
  • But it’s not working because he’s so aware of it just…being there
  • You stop him at one point, “Okay, Zen. I know you saw it, and I know it’s there and it’s just really uncomfortable, so let me just–”
  • You turn around dig it out and toss it on the table before you two go back to what you were doing


  • You two were watching a movie
  • And Yoosung likes to glance at you from time to time because he thinks you look really cute and stuff
  • But one of these glances he saw your necklace clasp fall and the piece of jewellery just slipped into your shirt without you noticing
  • He’s super flustered so he just doesn’t say anything and hopes for the best
  • He doesn’t get the best
  • After it’s done, you pat your neck, “Oh no! I lost my necklace.”
  • He starts to sweat nervously as you try to backtrack where it went
  • Eventually, he just mumbles out an apology for some reason
  • You ask where it is, and he just can’t get out the word “bra”
  • So he ends up bursting, “Check your–your–milk supporters!”
  • He’s definitely more embarrassed than you are at the whole incident


  • You two were sitting across from each other at the table
  • You moved your head a little too fast, and your hair pin slipped into your shirt
  • Jaehee saw but didn’t say anything
  • She figured you noticed and didn’t want to reach in and get it
  • She was a girl too, so she knows the struggle and the embarrassment of it
  • But a few minutes later, you pat your head and ask where your pin went
  • So to make it less awkward, Jaehee just pats her own chest and clears her throat
  • It takes a few agonizing moments of this before you get it
  • You just pull back the top of your shirt and take a peek
  • “Oh,” you chuckle before reaching in and getting it
  • You two just go back to whatever you were doing


  • You two were having dinner together
  • And you were just talking about your day at work when your tiny earring fell down your shirt
  • While you’re still talking away, his brain is going through a crisis
  • He wants to tell you
  • But he doesn’t want to make it awkward
  • And he really doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable
  • He doesn’t realize he’s been weirdly staring at you this whole time
  • But you do and ask if there’s something wrong
  • In his quick thinking, he just mutters that there’s some fuzz on the top of your shirt
  • You shift it and thankfully the earring slips through the keyhole part of your top and onto your lap
  • You pick it up thinking it just fell off and completely unaware of Jumin’s struggle
  • He’s just happy it didn’t turn into something awkward 


  • You were laying down on the couch while he was sitting at the edge
  • You had unscrewed your water bottle, taken a sip, and set the top on your chest
  • After a few minutes, you forgot about it and sat up
  • He saw the cap go into your shirt but he didn’t want to say anything so he looks away awkwardly
  • But then you start looking around for it saying you didn’t want the water to spill
  • He joins in your search, but he keeps muttering, “Um…um…”
  • You figure he knows where it is and just asks him for it
  • He stands there awkwardly for a second before waving his hand mysteriously
  • “It’s between the….squishy mountains.”
  • You two just stare at each other for a long while
  • He thinks it’s because you don’t get it you get it
  • So he just slowly cups his own chest
  • You just grab your water bottle and walk away


  • You two were just relaxing on the couch
  • There was some fresh cookies you two had just baked
  • He put on in between his teeth, but didn’t bite down yet
  • He reached over you to get the remote
  • And that’s when his teeth decided to press a little too hard on the cookie
  • Half of the cookie went straight down your shirt into your bra
  • For a few seconds, there’s just a thick heavy awkwardness
  • You know it’s there
  • He knows it’s there
  • He doesn’t know what to do, but he’s mortified when you reach inside and pull it out
  • “Five second rule counts?” you say offering it to him
  • He just gets up and leaves the room
  • Can’t look you in the eye for the rest of the day

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I dunno whether this would be more fluff/smut but could you do a BTS reaction where you go lingerie shopping with them? Like not to buy sexy stuff but your average bras and panties or whatever. Thanks❤️

Taehyung: *gets shy when you asked him which bra should you buy*

“jagiya I think the pink one suits you best” “or maybe the blue one..” “the red one would look sexy on you”

Jimin: *becomes bright red when you asked him to hold the lingerie you picked out*

“princess why do I have to hold this?” “I don’t feel comfortable at all” 

Jin: *picks up a lingerie set and shyly gives it to you*

“princess I think this one looks sexy” “can you try it for me?”

Hoseok: *flirts with you while you pick out some undies*

“oh is that what you’re going to wear tonight?” “i’m looking forward to it”

Jungkook: *becomes really nervous when you asked him to pick out a lingerie for you*

“uhm babe I don’t really know much about lingerie” “can I just wait outside?”

Namjoon: *gets excited as he see’s you pick out a set of lace lingerie*

“oh baby that’s the one” “I approve of that”

Yoongi: *just wants to go home*

“babe what’s the purpose to buying lingerie if that’s going to come off anyways?” “just don’t wear anything”

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They are suppose to spying on someone but Emma keeps getting distracted by Regina's boobs/bra. They are in Emma's bug. -SQ Prompt.

Thanks for the prompt :)

Why is it so hot in here?” Regina grumbles as she wrestles with her shirt before unbuttoning it, grateful that she wore a tank top underneath it this morning.

“My AC is busted and if we open the windows we’ll blow our cover.”

Regina huffs slinking back down in her seat, “When you suggested a stake out I thought it would be more fun.”

Emma chuckles as she too thinks back to their previous “stakeouts” before shaking her head, “Nah…they’re normally pretty bor-” she trails off as she sees the tank top and the tantalising view it offers of Regina’s boobs. 

“What?” Regina asks offering up a faux innocent smile. 

“Is that my tank top?” Emma manages. 

Regina shrugs, “Maybe…” she grins knowing the effect it has on her girlfriend when she borrows her clothes. She shifts in her seat moving purposely to better show off her chest. 

Emma licks her lips, her mind wandering as Regina moves to play with one of her breasts above the tank. Emma bites her lip and squirms in her seat as she declares, “I’m supposed to be on a stakeout here!”

Regina smirks wickedly as she moves her hand beneath the tank top and replies, “Who’s stopping you?” with a wink. 

Emma groans as she looks to the building that she was supposed to be watching. She counts to ten willing herself to focus before she hears a moan. Emma turns her head to see Regina’s breast strain against the thin material and her fingers dancing’s slowly lower. 

She looks to the building once more knowing that if anyone’s in there then they’re in for the night before muttering “Screw it…I need to stop bringing you to work with me…”

Regina chuckles leaning up to kiss Emma as she reminds her , “You said that last time too.”

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Hey do you know the place to get cheap but nice bras and underwear? Thank you and you're my fave blog 💖

Hey, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog!
Honestly, I don’t think there is a place. You could try online, but I don’t really think there’s such a thing as a nice bra that’s also cheap. Bras are one of those things that are going to be expensive if you want them to be pretty and comfortable. If any followers know of a place, though, feel free to jump in!

AT LAST! Well, that’s that, as far as my end goes. I feel like I have put all 25 “Gym Bunny Problems” out there well enough to get fair sharing. Now I will just wait and see what the next few weeks hold as I just let others like or reblog (or unlike). I plan on stopping the tally points by October 29.

As far as execution, Jenny suggests spacing it out over six months. I think that’s a good idea and I should be able to get several days out of the way while we are on our anniversary get away—padded bras perhaps?

Anyway, thank you all for your encouragement and letting me steal your tumblr feeds. This has been a lot of fun and should be very fun over the next several months fulfilling my little challenge. Keep it unreal ladies!! ;)


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-crawls over- for your ask meme, I’m a shorty with puffy and curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. I’m known for making people laugh and I like punching my friends. Oh, and sorry about your ankle :(

Stance: Good / Evil / Neutral

Race: Human / Saiyan / Namekian / Android / Shinjin / Angel

Mentor: Vegeta

Fusee: Goten

Technique: Double Galick Cannon

Thanks hun, my ankle is getting better tho!

- Mod Bra

No More Please!

Bra shopping

Anonymous asked :Could you make an imagine where you and Jarcob go bra shopping and it gets funny 😄. Thank you


This time, you were dying to go into Victoria’s Secret since your boobs actually got bigger and your bras want fit anymore. 

“Come on Jake! It won’t be that bad!” You tried dragging him into the store since you had gone to Forks for the first time and you weren’t going to not go to Voctaria’s secret . 

“I know, I just don’t want you to take so long” He lied. 

“Oh shush!” You said, finally pulling him the giant into the store. 

“You go get what you need, I’ll just … um.. browse.” He awkwardly explained.

“Okay but follow me, I don’t want you lost.” You said, watching his expression change to being jokingly offended. 

He was looking at the night gowns.

“Hey babe, how bout this one?” he asked, pointing to a tiny little purple, see-through night gown, while grinning. You rolled your eyes playfully at him. You made your way over to the bra section

“So, what size are we looking for?” he asked, hugging your waist and leaning his head on your shoulder. You blushed, not wanting to tell him your bra size.

“C'mon baby. You can tell me.” he said, in his kiddish voice. You blushed again.

“36 C.” you said, looking down to the ground.

“Alrighty!” he said, looking at the purple bra’s. For some reason, he said purple was his faviorte color on you.

You picked out a few things you liked, and went to the changing rooms, knowing that Jake hadn’t noticed the things you were holding yet. 

“Can I come with?” He asked, trying to open the curtain. 

“No Jake! Close the god damn curtain I’m naked!“ 

"Nice!” He dirtly replied. 

You tried on the first item and you weren’t sure if you liked it on you or not, as you were highly insecure and you didn’t want to disappoint Jacob. You did want your first time to be special. You were looking at yourself in the mirror for a good while until you heard Jacob already whining. 

“Love, are you almost done in there?” He asked.

“Um.. I’m not sure. I think I need help deciding on something" 

A few seconds later you saw a chocolate eye peek through the curtains.

"Woah ” Jake said smiling

You were looking at the underwear when he came up next to you and tapped you on the shoulder. You turned around eyes wide and tried to cover up .

"Get out quickly "you yelled as he got out slowly with a smirk plastered on his face while saying "My girlfriend is so hot "making you slap him on the back at his way out of the changing rooms.

After a while you got out ready to pay for your bra only to see a rediculus Jacob.

He had the bra on his head and the cups on his ears.

“BABY, I FOUND SOME EAR MUFFS!!!” He yelled, causing everyone to stare. He ended up getting kicked out of the store. Once you finished your shopping you walked out and saw him waiting for you on the bench. You just laughed at grabbed his hand. He grabbed your bag and took out that purple bra you bought and started running around the mall, yelling,“I HAVE PURPLE EARMUFFS!!” You both ended up getting kicked out of the mall by security. ;)

Just kidding or not?

Ok have a nice day Anonymous and thank you for requesting!

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Hello lovely admin ^^!! What would vixx do if they couldn't get your bra off and you started laughing at them..your dating! Thanks :)

N: Insists that he’s having no problem getting your bra off, even after you two have been sitting in the same position for ten minutes and you literally have to put your hands over his and be like, “Hakyeon, stop.” Once you do it yourself, he’ll just get all pouty like “I could have totally done it myself”, but I’m sure whatever you two do next will shut him up. 

Hongbin: Embarrassment and regret, Hongbin’s just going to get completely red in the face and ask himself why he thought doing this himself was a good idea? When you giggle and ask him how he’s doing back there, expect Hongbin to stutter a lot and tell you that it’s fine, it’s not like taking off a bra is rocket science (except why does it feel like it is???!!)

Ken: Turns his awkwardness into a joke about how well you put your bra on today or how much of a trap these things are and you’ll end up laughing at his bizarre excuses as to why he can’t get it off over the fact that he actually doesn’t know how to work a bra. 

Leo: If it doesn’t come off after a couple of tries, he’s going to glare at your snaps and when you giggle, he’s just going to sigh and try to hide his reddening face while asking in a low tone if you’d mind doing it yourself. He’ll hope you forget, but if you tease him about it just expect him to lower his head in shame - he’ll still be cute though. 

Ravi: He legit might start crying because he swears this has never happened before. If you laugh and offer to help, Ravi will just insist on fidgeting with your bra a little more until giving up and mumbling in embarrassment if you’d be ok with just doing it yourself. Even if you forget about his little mishap, he’s not going to let himself live this down. 

Hyuk: He…..doesn’t have the time for this. The minute he has a problem with getting off expect Hyuk to lean over and be like, “hey jagi can you do this yourself?” - he’s literally got no shame or sense of embarrassment, even when you giggle he’s just going to shrug and be like if you do it, we can get to the funner parts faster. 

title: drive
pairing: suga x you
raiting: smut

* * *

Soft beats fill my flat as I pull clothes from the wardrobe to the floor. I was trying to find the perfect dress for my date but nothing seemed appropriate. Getting frustrated I rummaged through the pile on the floor. Where was that one dark blue dress…?

The doorbell rang and tightening my bathrobe around me I ran to open the door. Behind it was Yoongi, looking grumpy as hell. Looking at my attire his frown got deeper.

“You’re not ready.”

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The image with the white lace bra and your nipples is delicious! Whould you mind sharing where you got that bra? I'd love to get one for my wife. Thanks so much!

aww! thank you so much for the compliment. 💋 unfortunately, ‘twas bought only from a local thrift store & it doesn’t say a brand. hope you can find one similar for your wife. 🙏🏻❤️

Down for the Count - Chapter Nine


Somehow, in all the things that she had managed to teach her children, none of them had learned how to be sneaky. They were trying, god bless them, but they really needed to learn to shut off lights. Their shadows stretched down the staircase as they waited, just out of sight on the landing, for her to answer the door. Her palms were clammy as she reached for the handle. Who thought going out on a date with the man you’d been married to for half your life could induce a nauseated flop sweat?

Then she saw him with a nervous smile – her Tom nervous? – and her stomach settled. He was simply but impeccably dressed in a pair of trousers, a button down shirt, and his favorite leather jacket and he held a cloud of narcissus, snowdrops, and freesia.

“You look beautiful, Anna.”

“Thank you.” He had better compliment her. She had spent way too long getting ready and had offered a quick prayer of thanks for new bras that made her boobs look like they belonged to someone twenty years her junior. As long as she kept her bra on, at least. And she would be keeping her bra on. This was a first date and she had never put out on a first date. Except for her first date with Tom, that is. She banished the memory back to Neverland where it belonged. The bra was staying on tonight. End of discussion. With herself. She realized Tom had held out the flowers to her at some point in her mental conversation and she hurriedly took them. “These are beautiful. My favorite.”

“I know.” He gave her a cheeky grin and she found herself slipping under his spell. Charming bastard. Maybe agreeing to go out on a date with him wasn’t such a great idea after all. If she hadn’t agreed to drinks with Callan already, he would have been able to make her think twice about it. But she wasn’t going to let one night of attention make up for everything.

“Does one of you want to come down here and put these in water for me?” She didn’t bother turning around. There was a few seconds of silence and then Lucy hurried down the stairs to take the flowers.

“Have a nice evening,” Lucy said quietly.

“Remember, Wills is in charge.”

“Yes, Mum. Dad. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine.”

Posey’s voice blared from upstairs. “Stay out as late as you want.”

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Heat in the Kitchen - Chapter 3

Her petite figure had always found a way of fitting into even the smallest of spaces with ease, being inside a crammed area was never a problem, until now. Her small body was pushed into a small corner as she was barricaded in by a large box that was accompanied by a large man. Her thoughts were the only thing that filled the silence between the two as she hoped the lift would move any faster. Despite being new, the lift seemed to go at the pace of a snail and the stairs were usually the quicker and healthier option, but she didn’t want to make him carry her oven up 5 flights of stairs. 

“You alright shorty?” He looked down at her body, her arms pushed against her chest and her legs stuck together in the corner. 

“I’m used to this” 

“Gihi, looks like a party trick, could be in a human version of Tetris looking like that” 

“Hey, I’ll have you know I-” Before she could retaliate, the doors to the lift opened, leading into a small hallway. Gajeel picked up the box and moved it out towards the doors and Levy just managed to squeeze out before the lift doors closed behind her. She pointed at the door on the right side of the hall and began to rumble around in her pocket for her keys. She removed the keys and placed them into the door, opening the door, her body turned to Gajeel before entering.

“I never got to say thank you, for bringing this back to my place” 

“I’m not done yet, still gotta get this inside” 

“In-inside?” Levy had never had a man inside of her apartment before, aside from her father and Jet and Droy, her childhood friends. 

“Relax, not like I’m gonna be sleeping in your bed, just taking this into the kitchen” 

“Oh, right, sure, yeah, go inside” She watched him pick up the box and move inside. Her body froze in the doorway for a second.

Did I clean up after breakfast this morning?

Did I leave my dirty laundry out again?

Please tell me I flushed the toilet before I left.

She quickly hurried inside after him, checking the rooms for dirt and anything embarrassing. She gathered a pile of books that sat in the living room and quickly threw them into her room before closing the door behind her. Then she stopped. Why did she even care? Her father had been round when her underwear was on the floor, Jet and Droy had been over when the kitchen was cluttered in old take away boxes. So why all of a sudden, did she care now.

“Oi” a voice called from the kitchen. Levy glanced around one more time before going towards the voice. She was sure anything that could embarrass her was now hidden away in a pile on top of her bed.


“Got anything I could cut open the box with?” 

“Here” she replied before grabbing a pair of scissors from a drawer and placed them in his hand. He bent down and began cutting open the box. She stood behind him, staring at his back, her eyes not daring to look any lower than his belt. Her eyes scanned around the room praying everything was ok. It wasn’t. From the corner of her eye, Levy could see one of her bras hanging over one of the kitchen chairs. Maybe he hadn’t spotted it yet? She slowly began to shuffle her way around him and the box towards the bra before he gazed up at her, stopping her in her tracks.

“You alright over there? Can’t stop squirming for a minute hey?” 

“I was just uh, going to um” Her mind drew a blank, her mind had been swamped with thoughts just a minute ago, where had they all gone.

“I was going to see if you wanted a drink from the fridge” Her mind let out a sigh before realising on crucial detail.

“Your fridge is over that way” He said whilst looking at the fridge on the opposite side of the room.

“Well I was just going to get a chair for you first, so you don’t have to bend down like that” 

“Thanks, get me the one with the bra on will ya?” Levys cheeks began to turn red before darting at the bra and stuffing it behind her back. She ran out of the room towards her bedroom, hearing a faint laugh from the kitchen as she did so. Running into her room, she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. Her breathing was out of control and her cheeks were as red as tomatoes. As she regained her breath, she cursed her past self for leaving the bra out before leaving this morning. Curse her for being so indecisive. Her hand reached for the handle and she moved out of the bedroom and began making her way back towards the kitchen. When she entered, she found Gajeel removing the last of the packaging and throwing it into a nearby bin. 

“All unpacked, looks like it’ll just about fit.” 

“Thank you for your help, sorry about uh..”

“Your bra? Don’t worry about it, just some fabric right” 

“Yeah, sorry, so um I guess I’ll be fine with the oven now” 

“When are they coming?”


“The people who are going to fit your oven” 

“What..” Levy looked up at him, confused, who the hell was he talking about?

“.. You didn’t think you were gonna do it yourself? Do you know anything about electronics?” 

“Well I’m not too bad, and its only an oven, just got to plug it in right?” His eyes met hers and he stared at her for a few seconds before looking back down at the oven. His hands rubbed the back of his neck before he began to move towards the kitchen door.

“Wait here shrimp”

“What for?” 

“I’m getting my tools” 


“I’ll do it for ya, seeing as you don’t know what you’re doing”


“Didn’t I tell you I’m a mechanic?, this stuff is easy for me” Before she could argue he had disappeared, a door slammed out in the hallway and she was left standing alone in the silence. Her eyes fell down towards her new oven 

“Stupid thing” she murmured before giving it a small kick. This was going on way too long, didn’t he have anything else to be doing? Her body moved towards the table and she threw herself down on one of the chairs. Her head fell to the table as she let out a groan. 

What the hell was going on today.

- Ugh you guys are so cute, I got really inspired to write so heres the next chapter, I'm hoping to even try and get out a new chapter daily now! Anyway, thank you so much for your support with this - 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2