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any winter hoe outfit ideas? I need to be sexy but warm ;)


Okay but for real I love doing a realllllly low-cut shirt + a jacket/blazer combo - you can get away with hella cleavage this way but still be toasty and warm!! Sometimes I just get a bra that makes my boobs look good and do a trenchcoat. A+!!

Tights are your friend. Depending on what look you’re trying to pull off, I like ripped tights too! Then get a nice tight skirt that shows off your ass and depending on how you’re feeling, a loose sweater on top or a cute top and jacket. I like to go by the rule of only showing off one thing at a time (boobs/ass/stomach) when I’m in class, but that’s just me. 

If you don’t already have some, get some cute booties that have some heel and that you can walk in really well. Depending on how stable they are/the material they are made out of, you can wear ‘em through snow. I did last year. 

Leather leggings. Leather leggings. Leather leggings. Tbh it doesn’t even matter what you pair these with lol. I usually do a sweater with mine or a plain long-sleeve shirt. 

Invest in a good, form-fitting trenchcoat. It will make any look come together. I think H&M had some good ones last time I checked.

If you’re going to a party (or if you don’t care what your professors think) fishnets keep you a lot warmer than you’d think.  

Short sweaterdresses are the bomb. Add a statement necklace and a longer trenchcoat (for the walk outside) and just take it off when you get to class. Also this way you really don’t have to coordinate an outfit!!

Uhmmm that’s all I can think of without going through my closet (my roommate is asleep so I can’t) but if any of my followers can think of something, lemme know and I’ll add it!!

And as I like to say, a hoe never gets cold so if you’re going to a party I s2g anything is fair game!

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Hey do you know the place to get cheap but nice bras and underwear? Thank you and you're my fave blog 💖

Hey, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog!
Honestly, I don’t think there is a place. You could try online, but I don’t really think there’s such a thing as a nice bra that’s also cheap. Bras are one of those things that are going to be expensive if you want them to be pretty and comfortable. If any followers know of a place, though, feel free to jump in!

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Hello lovely admin ^^!! What would vixx do if they couldn't get your bra off and you started laughing at them..your dating! Thanks :)

N: Insists that he’s having no problem getting your bra off, even after you two have been sitting in the same position for ten minutes and you literally have to put your hands over his and be like, “Hakyeon, stop.” Once you do it yourself, he’ll just get all pouty like “I could have totally done it myself”, but I’m sure whatever you two do next will shut him up. 

Hongbin: Embarrassment and regret, Hongbin’s just going to get completely red in the face and ask himself why he thought doing this himself was a good idea? When you giggle and ask him how he’s doing back there, expect Hongbin to stutter a lot and tell you that it’s fine, it’s not like taking off a bra is rocket science (except why does it feel like it is???!!)

Ken: Turns his awkwardness into a joke about how well you put your bra on today or how much of a trap these things are and you’ll end up laughing at his bizarre excuses as to why he can’t get it off over the fact that he actually doesn’t know how to work a bra. 

Leo: If it doesn’t come off after a couple of tries, he’s going to glare at your snaps and when you giggle, he’s just going to sigh and try to hide his reddening face while asking in a low tone if you’d mind doing it yourself. He’ll hope you forget, but if you tease him about it just expect him to lower his head in shame - he’ll still be cute though. 

Ravi: He legit might start crying because he swears this has never happened before. If you laugh and offer to help, Ravi will just insist on fidgeting with your bra a little more until giving up and mumbling in embarrassment if you’d be ok with just doing it yourself. Even if you forget about his little mishap, he’s not going to let himself live this down. 

Hyuk: He…..doesn’t have the time for this. The minute he has a problem with getting off expect Hyuk to lean over and be like, “hey jagi can you do this yourself?” - he’s literally got no shame or sense of embarrassment, even when you giggle he’s just going to shrug and be like if you do it, we can get to the funner parts faster. 

title: drive
pairing: suga x you
raiting: smut

* * *

Soft beats fill my flat as I pull clothes from the wardrobe to the floor. I was trying to find the perfect dress for my date but nothing seemed appropriate. Getting frustrated I rummaged through the pile on the floor. Where was that one dark blue dress…?

The doorbell rang and tightening my bathrobe around me I ran to open the door. Behind it was Yoongi, looking grumpy as hell. Looking at my attire his frown got deeper.

“You’re not ready.”

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Imagine Requested: Can you do an imagine based on Michael’s part of the preference where you get stuck in your bra? Thanks!

_ _ _ _

            Well, this was certainly embarrassing. I knew it was a bad idea to wear this sports bra, but all my other ones were dirty, so the one from when I first started to get boobs would have had to do for the day. But, now…

            “Fuck… ugh—MICHAEL?!” This was a last resort, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined my boyfriend would see me in such a sorry state, but I needed help and he was the only one around who could.

            “Y/N? What’s up, you sound like you’re—what the fuck?”

            “I’m stuck…” I pouted as I tried to wiggle my arms out of the tight article, jerking around and making a fool of myself, if Michael’s uncontrollable laughter was anything to go by. “Stop laughing, this is serious!”

            “Seriously hilarious!” He laughed as he stepped closer to me, holding his stomach, trying to get his breath back, “Come here, c’mon, let me see.”

            Huffing, I stepped up to him as he started to examine my situation. “How did you even do this?!”

            “Well, my first mistake was wearing a sports bra from when I was 12. My second mistake, trying to take it off two arms at a time. Not my proudest moment, if I’m being honest.” He just chuckled as he continued to look at me, amusement in his eyes as he did so.

            “Alright, stay still, I’ll pull the sides and then you can slip out.” Doing what he said, in less then a minute I was free from the confines of the athletic gear once again. “And there you are!” Looking up at him, he looked so proud of himself in that moment.

            “Thank you, babe. You’re the best.” I leaned up to kiss him then, only to have him grab onto one of my boobs and play with the elastic of my running shorts, “What the hell are you doing?”

            “Well, I mean, you were getting undressed anyway, and I’M here. Also, my rescue services aren’t free.” Giggling and shaking my head, I kissed him once again as I grabbed onto the hem of his shirt, lifting it up and over his head.

Temptation, Part 2

Part One can be found here

You can find part 1 here.

Part 2 of 3

TypeI want to say this is a one shot?

PairingLuke Hemmings / [Y/N] 


Warning: There is a spanking scene so if you don’t like that then don’t read it.

A/N: There are a lot of random characters that I modeled after some friends of mine so just pretend they’re your friends too. And I accidentally made the intro kind of long so I’m sorry for that. Also, Luke is sorta punk in this not necessarily in appearance but just in attitude.

Word Count1,560

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ok 1, i really like your theme and 2, could you do 4/4 reactions to you holding/playing with your boobs like not trying to get off or anything but just holding them because you can you know


okay so ash would get jealous like you’d just be sitting there on your laptop, one hand on your keyboard one on your left boob and he’d kinda frown at you and be like ‘heyyy don’t tease’ and you’d explain that you weren’t trying to but he’d still get turned on and he’d lean in your ear and go 'my hands can hold those a lot better than yours’

Calum would be a pouty little shit about it because you’d just be chilling with your hands on the girls and he’d be all 'no fair!’ and you’d just look at him and raise an eyebrow and go 'if i have to deal with a bra all day, i get to reap the benefits of boobs thank you very much’ and you’d purposefully leave them there all night no matter how much he pouts at you

Luke would be so confused like you’d be running up the stairs to get to your hotel room so you’d hold your boobs and he’d get all puzzled and be like “why do girls always do that?” and you’d explain that it helps keep them from jiggling so much and he’d frown and be like 'i thought girls like when they jiggle? it’s like a built in shimmy dance move, y'know’ and you’d just face palm because your boyfriend is an idiot

i could so so see Michael just giving you a weird look and being like 'what the fuck are you doing’ and you’d just be like 'im just holding my boob, girls do that all the time’ and he’d go on about how it’s weird and you’d just roll your eyes and be like 'shut up michael you literally grab your dick in every picture you take like you’re afraid it’s gonna run away’ and he’d deny it so you’d spend the rest of the night going through pictures to prove your point, one of your hands on your boob, his on the other

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Down for the Count - Chapter Nine


Somehow, in all the things that she had managed to teach her children, none of them had learned how to be sneaky. They were trying, god bless them, but they really needed to learn to shut off lights. Their shadows stretched down the staircase as they waited, just out of sight on the landing, for her to answer the door. Her palms were clammy as she reached for the handle. Who thought going out on a date with the man you’d been married to for half your life could induce a nauseated flop sweat?

Then she saw him with a nervous smile – her Tom nervous? – and her stomach settled. He was simply but impeccably dressed in a pair of trousers, a button down shirt, and his favorite leather jacket and he held a cloud of narcissus, snowdrops, and freesia.

“You look beautiful, Anna.”

“Thank you.” He had better compliment her. She had spent way too long getting ready and had offered a quick prayer of thanks for new bras that made her boobs look like they belonged to someone twenty years her junior. As long as she kept her bra on, at least. And she would be keeping her bra on. This was a first date and she had never put out on a first date. Except for her first date with Tom, that is. She banished the memory back to Neverland where it belonged. The bra was staying on tonight. End of discussion. With herself. She realized Tom had held out the flowers to her at some point in her mental conversation and she hurriedly took them. “These are beautiful. My favorite.”

“I know.” He gave her a cheeky grin and she found herself slipping under his spell. Charming bastard. Maybe agreeing to go out on a date with him wasn’t such a great idea after all. If she hadn’t agreed to drinks with Callan already, he would have been able to make her think twice about it. But she wasn’t going to let one night of attention make up for everything.

“Does one of you want to come down here and put these in water for me?” She didn’t bother turning around. There was a few seconds of silence and then Lucy hurried down the stairs to take the flowers.

“Have a nice evening,” Lucy said quietly.

“Remember, Wills is in charge.”

“Yes, Mum. Dad. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine.”

Posey’s voice blared from upstairs. “Stay out as late as you want.”

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Heat in the Kitchen - Chapter 3

Her petite figure had always found a way of fitting into even the smallest of spaces with ease, being inside a crammed area was never a problem, until now. Her small body was pushed into a small corner as she was barricaded in by a large box that was accompanied by a large man. Her thoughts were the only thing that filled the silence between the two as she hoped the lift would move any faster. Despite being new, the lift seemed to go at the pace of a snail and the stairs were usually the quicker and healthier option, but she didn’t want to make him carry her oven up 5 flights of stairs. 

“You alright shorty?” He looked down at her body, her arms pushed against her chest and her legs stuck together in the corner. 

“I’m used to this” 

“Gihi, looks like a party trick, could be in a human version of Tetris looking like that” 

“Hey, I’ll have you know I-” Before she could retaliate, the doors to the lift opened, leading into a small hallway. Gajeel picked up the box and moved it out towards the doors and Levy just managed to squeeze out before the lift doors closed behind her. She pointed at the door on the right side of the hall and began to rumble around in her pocket for her keys. She removed the keys and placed them into the door, opening the door, her body turned to Gajeel before entering.

“I never got to say thank you, for bringing this back to my place” 

“I’m not done yet, still gotta get this inside” 

“In-inside?” Levy had never had a man inside of her apartment before, aside from her father and Jet and Droy, her childhood friends. 

“Relax, not like I’m gonna be sleeping in your bed, just taking this into the kitchen” 

“Oh, right, sure, yeah, go inside” She watched him pick up the box and move inside. Her body froze in the doorway for a second.

Did I clean up after breakfast this morning?

Did I leave my dirty laundry out again?

Please tell me I flushed the toilet before I left.

She quickly hurried inside after him, checking the rooms for dirt and anything embarrassing. She gathered a pile of books that sat in the living room and quickly threw them into her room before closing the door behind her. Then she stopped. Why did she even care? Her father had been round when her underwear was on the floor, Jet and Droy had been over when the kitchen was cluttered in old take away boxes. So why all of a sudden, did she care now.

“Oi” a voice called from the kitchen. Levy glanced around one more time before going towards the voice. She was sure anything that could embarrass her was now hidden away in a pile on top of her bed.


“Got anything I could cut open the box with?” 

“Here” she replied before grabbing a pair of scissors from a drawer and placed them in his hand. He bent down and began cutting open the box. She stood behind him, staring at his back, her eyes not daring to look any lower than his belt. Her eyes scanned around the room praying everything was ok. It wasn’t. From the corner of her eye, Levy could see one of her bras hanging over one of the kitchen chairs. Maybe he hadn’t spotted it yet? She slowly began to shuffle her way around him and the box towards the bra before he gazed up at her, stopping her in her tracks.

“You alright over there? Can’t stop squirming for a minute hey?” 

“I was just uh, going to um” Her mind drew a blank, her mind had been swamped with thoughts just a minute ago, where had they all gone.

“I was going to see if you wanted a drink from the fridge” Her mind let out a sigh before realising on crucial detail.

“Your fridge is over that way” He said whilst looking at the fridge on the opposite side of the room.

“Well I was just going to get a chair for you first, so you don’t have to bend down like that” 

“Thanks, get me the one with the bra on will ya?” Levys cheeks began to turn red before darting at the bra and stuffing it behind her back. She ran out of the room towards her bedroom, hearing a faint laugh from the kitchen as she did so. Running into her room, she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. Her breathing was out of control and her cheeks were as red as tomatoes. As she regained her breath, she cursed her past self for leaving the bra out before leaving this morning. Curse her for being so indecisive. Her hand reached for the handle and she moved out of the bedroom and began making her way back towards the kitchen. When she entered, she found Gajeel removing the last of the packaging and throwing it into a nearby bin. 

“All unpacked, looks like it’ll just about fit.” 

“Thank you for your help, sorry about uh..”

“Your bra? Don’t worry about it, just some fabric right” 

“Yeah, sorry, so um I guess I’ll be fine with the oven now” 

“When are they coming?”


“The people who are going to fit your oven” 

“What..” Levy looked up at him, confused, who the hell was he talking about?

“.. You didn’t think you were gonna do it yourself? Do you know anything about electronics?” 

“Well I’m not too bad, and its only an oven, just got to plug it in right?” His eyes met hers and he stared at her for a few seconds before looking back down at the oven. His hands rubbed the back of his neck before he began to move towards the kitchen door.

“Wait here shrimp”

“What for?” 

“I’m getting my tools” 


“I’ll do it for ya, seeing as you don’t know what you’re doing”


“Didn’t I tell you I’m a mechanic?, this stuff is easy for me” Before she could argue he had disappeared, a door slammed out in the hallway and she was left standing alone in the silence. Her eyes fell down towards her new oven 

“Stupid thing” she murmured before giving it a small kick. This was going on way too long, didn’t he have anything else to be doing? Her body moved towards the table and she threw herself down on one of the chairs. Her head fell to the table as she let out a groan. 

What the hell was going on today.

- Ugh you guys are so cute, I got really inspired to write so heres the next chapter, I'm hoping to even try and get out a new chapter daily now! Anyway, thank you so much for your support with this - 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 64

“Hayley!” Harry scolds, speedily moving away from the hot tea that has spilt on the bed. “Shit.” I let out, getting up and pushing the duvet back so the tea doesn’t go through onto the sheets. “Hayley?” My mum seizes my attention but I have no words for her. I’m stunned, and half grossed out. “We thought you’d be pleased.” My dad comments and my mum rolls her eyes. “That’s a lie.” She says with a chuckle. I ignore the two of them trying to come to terms with what they just told me. “This has to be a joke.” I mumble, unable to comprehend everything. “We are serious.” My mum replies, and I look towards Harry for help on what to say. My dads’ phone goes off and he leaves the room. I look at my Mum and she gives me a small smile but I can’t give her one back. “Let’s go shopping Hayley.” She changes the subject, “I don’t think I want too.” I shake my head and she looks to Harry. “Can I talk to Hayley, alone for a minute?” Harry clears his throat, my Mum nods before leaving the room. “You’re not okay with it are you?” He asks me once the door closes. “No! It’s weird; they’re old.” 
“They aren’t that old Hayley.” 
“Old enough. It’s strange, I’m going to have a baby brother or sister soon enough. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t feel weird about it.” I explain to Harry and he shrugs. “It’d be weird but at least they’re happy.” 
“That’s not the point. They’re old.” I whine, “They’re my parents, it’s so weird, there is going to be a twenty year age gap between me and this sibling of mine. By the time it’s twenty I will be forty. Oh my god I’ll be forty.” I squeak with a puff, “You’re thinking too much.”
“When the child is twenty my parents will be old enough to be the kids grandparents. Won’t that be a hoot for the kid?” I exclaim, throwing my hands around drastically. Harry chuckles, “At least you’ll have someone else to help you pick which nursing home they go too.” Harry chuckles and I throw a pillow at him. “I don’t find this humorous.”
“Calm down before you get too worked up over things.” Harry sighs, coming closer to me. “While they are forbidding me to have sex they’re creating children.” 
“Excuse me, but I am pretty sure you didn’t listen to them.” Harry reminds me,
“not the point, I’m not having a child at forty.” I groan, 
“Your mum is forty?” Harry asks me and I roll my eyes at him. “She’s thirty-nine.” I reply to him. 
“She doesn’t look it.”
“Neither does yours, but again, that isn’t the point.”
“Okay, okay. The point is that you’re going to be jealous because you will no longer be the only child.” Harry points out and I huff. 
“This is so weird, it’s giving me Goosebumps.” I mumble, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “If it makes you feel better I would freak out too.” 
“It doesn’t make me feel better actually. But thank you for trying.”
“Why don’t you just go shopping with your Mum?” Harry asks and I shrug, 
“I don’t feel like it, and I don’t want to waste the money I have been saving from dancing.” 
“I’ll pay.” 
“No.” I shake my head, not wanting him to pay for anything. 
“Well why not?”
“I don’t want you too.”
“I’ll give you one hundred right now if you just go.” 
“No.” I refuse,
“I don’t want your money and I don’t want you paying for my clothes. I’m independent.” I cross my arms and he laughs, “You’re also stubborn.” 
“Why yes, yes I am.” I agree with him, standing to my feet and picking up my phone. “Go shopping with your Mum; I’m only going to stay around here and sleep. You’ll be bored stiff if you don’t go.” Harry chimes, encouraging me to just go shopping. “Fine, I will go but you owe me.” 
“Hmm how about I treat you to my concert tonight?”
“I was leaning more towards maybe a lovely dinner but I’ll settle with that.” I reply, taking a step closer to him and pecking his lips. I move away from him and stride to the linking door, knocking on it, waiting for someone to answer. My Mum opens the door and gives me a smile. “Change your mind about shopping?” She asks and I shrug, 
“Kind of, only if you’re paying.” I joke and she chuckles, “I suppose I can pay.” She nods, “let me get my bag.” She adds, stepping back and walking around her room. “Just come through our room.” I call, walking back towards Harry as he pours himself some tea. “What’s good for a sore throat? My throat is hurting a bit.” He asks me, grabbing a teaspoon. “Uhm, put some honey in your tea.” 
“I don’t like honey.” 
“I don’t really know what will help. Are you coming down with something?”
“No, I think it’s just my vocals. I don’t know.” He shrugs, bringing the cup to his lips, “Mmm I’ll think of something to help while I am gone.” I say and he nods, taking the cup from his lips. “Ready Hayley?” My Mum enters our room, 
“Mhm.” I sound, leaning up and giving Harry a quick kiss as he moves the cup away from our bodies. “Be careful.” He warns me with a deep voice. 
“I will.” 
“I mean it.” He presses, only causing me to giggle. “I’ll be back soon.” I announce, stepping away from him with my bag and walking out of the room with my Mum.

My Mum and I pace around the shopping complex, barely talking to each other. “Do you want to go in here?” She asks, tugging me inside a store before I can even answer. I look around and spot something on the rack that catches my eye. “You know, I know this is awkward for you.” My Mum comments as I admire a pretty laced top with beading at the neckline, and the hem. “What do you mean?” I question, playing dumb to what she is referring too. 
“You know what I am talking about, I know you well enough to know you’re feeling awkward.” 
“Well what else am I meant to feel?”
“I never said it was a bad thing, I knew you’d feel awkward.” My mum softly announces, taking the top I was admiring and walking to the jeans section. “What are you doing?” I ask her, 
“You need a pair of jeans to wear with the top? No point flaunting a new top with old jeans.” My Mum replies, looking through the racks. 
“Buying me things won’t change things.” I sigh, and she laughs. 
“I’m not buying things to change anything, I am buying things because I am your mother and I don’t get a chance to take you shopping very often.” She replies, holding up a pair of black skinny leg jeans. “You don’t have to do this.” 
“I know, but I want too. Aren’t I allowed to spend time with you after not seeing you for a while?” She asks me; moving to another section of the store and having me shadow her. “Well, yes you are, but-“
“Then there is no buts, do you want anything else in here?” 
“No, I’m happy to go to a different store.” I answer, walking to the cash register. My Mum places the clothes on the counter before the woman behind the register scans the items. My Mum pays and I can’t help but feel that this is some kind of bribe, something to take my thoughts away from what I was told earlier. We leave the store and continue to walk around, walking in and out of different stores. My Mum steps into ‘Victoria Secrets’ and follow her in. I look around being cautious, not wanting her to see me looking at the lacy undergarments. “Do you like this?” My mum asks as she picks up a navy blue lacy bra. “Why are you asking me?” I ask, raising a brow at her. 
“Well I’ve already got nice items like this, it’s time you get some.” 
“Uhm what?” I cough, not expecting her to want to take me bra shopping in Victoria secrets. The last time I checked she’s against good looking bras. “Or do you like this one?” She asks, holding up a pink bra, “the Blue is nicer.” I awkwardly comment. “Why do you abruptly want me to buy bras like this?” I ask her, chuckling to myself due to the fact I have lacy bras without her knowledge. “Well after your father intruded into your hotel room, he came back to me and told me what he saw.” 
“He saw nothing, it was just a kiss.” I mumble looking down. 
“Whatever it was, I know you’re getting older and there is no use trying to deny the fact that you and Harry are getting serious.” 
“So you’re buying me ‘sexy’ lingerie?” I ask and she shrugs, 
“Come on, do you think plain bras make you feel like a woman?”
“No but they do their job.” I reply and my Mum laughs. 
“Come on, pick what you want.” She gestures me closer and I start to look through the racks and dissimilar designs. I pick a few pieces of lingerie out, fairly enjoying the fact I don’t have to hide my lingerie anymore. 
“Well thank you for getting me to buy expensive bras.” I comment as I step out of the store, and walk towards another. “You’re welcome, you realise though that you are not to come home pregnant unless you are married.” She explains firmly, 
“Yes mother, I am aware of the rules.”
“Good, that rule isn’t changing. You need to be safe, make sure to have protection.” 
“Are you trying to give me the sex talk, telling me not to get pregnant when you’re knocked up?” I question and my Mum groans, “I knew you’d say that. But yes, that is what I am saying precisely. Use protection always, no matter what, up until you’re married, after that I don’t mind.” 
“What if I don’t get married?” I question, 
“You will one day.” 
“I doubt that.” I mumble, 
“Wait and see you’re still young, but my main thing is, just be careful.” 
“I will, I am not ten, I know about these things. I know that children are not left at the door by a stalk. I know the way things happen and how it all works.” I mutter, trying not to laugh at the situation. Nineteen and getting the sex talk, in public. “Okay I am just making sure.” 
“Can we change the subject now? This is getting weird.” I mumble subtly, 
“Yes, let’s go get something to eat, I’m hungry.” 
“So am I.” I agree, walking towards the food court. “So I have a question.” 
“What is it?” 
“Uhm, how far along are you?” I ask, standing in line at an Italian take away place. “Six months.” 
“No way.” I gasp, 
“You can’t tell can you?”
“Nope, aren’t you meant to be a bit more uhh..fat.. I mean plump?”
“Thanks Hayley, that’s one way to put things.” She sighs and I bite my lip. 
“But yes, I’m meant to be but everyone’s different, I wasn’t big with you either.”
“That’s because I’m just amazing.” I shrug, “yeah that’s why.” My Mum rolls her eyes. “So is it a boy or a girl?”
“I don’t know, what do you want?” She asks me and I think for a moment. “Well with a girl I can dress it up and everything, but with a boy we can put it into football. What do you want?”
“A boy, I want to experience having a boy, plus you were enough drama for a girl.” 
“I wasn’t drama.” I reply, 
“If you say so.” She chuckles, looking up at the menu.


I push the hotel room key into the door, thrusting the door open and letting it close behind me. “Hey, there’s my girlfriend.” Harry chimes with a small croak. “Hi.” I smile, placing my bags down on the bed and walking over to him, giving him a kiss. “How’s your throat?”
“It’s okay, I’ve been drinking tea so with any luck I’m okay for the show. It doesn’t hurt as much now.” 
“That’s good.” I smile, 
“Mhm so how was shopping? Did you have fun?”
“Yes, I did. I’m going to have a quick shower and get ready for you concert.”
“Can I join you?” Harry cheekily asks, 
“No, I’m going to be in and out, real quick.” 
“That’s what he said.” Harry mutters and I hit his arm, “you’re gross.” I mutter, walking into the bathroom, clutching fresh clothes on the way in. I turn on the shower, watching the water flow out before I wait for the water to warm up.

I step out of the bathroom, my hair dripping down my back. “What’d you buy?” Harry questions as he looks through a bag. “Nothing of your interest.” I reply, trying to snatch the bags away from him but he reacts quicker. “Uh ah, I know what bag this is.” He smirks, holding the Victoria Secrets bag up. “What do we have in here?” He chimes, pulling out a black bra, making me blush deeply. “Ohh nice, now this is what I call shopping at its finest.” Harry comments, pulling out the Navy blue bra. “Is this what your mother let you buy?” 
“Yes, she did. Now put those down.” I take them from his hand and he smirks. “What else did you get.”
“You can wait and see.” 
“Oh so I get to see them?” He asks, 
“Stop it.” I mumble, hitting him teasingly. 
“Your Mum let you buy these?” He gasps and I nod. “I also got a sex talk from her, and permission to basically do It.” 
“Wow, that’s strange.” 
“Yes, yes it is.” 
“I bet you were awkward.” 
“Very, it was very awkward I have to admit.” I agree, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at my toes. “Do you feel like painting my nails?”
“Absolutely…. Not.” Harry shakes his head and I sigh, 
“I don’t want to do it myself.”
“Why would I want to paint them?” 
“Because you love me.” 
“I love you but I am not painting your nails.” He shakes his head, running his fingers through his hair.

Harry’s p.o.v

I pull Liam into one of the dressing rooms and I close the door. “What have you done?” He sighs, but I shake my head. “I haven’t done anything, I need advice.” I state as he puts his phone in his pocket. “On what?”
“Look, Hayley and I are in a bit of a rough patch, I am compelling myself not to go off on her, I am struggling to contain myself, and her and I just argue.” I let out and Liam sits down, crossing his arms with a smirk. “What are you smirking about?” I ask him, 
“You’re actually trying to keep a relationship.” 
“Shut up, I don’t want this bullshit, what do I do to stop her from arguing with me?” I mumble, sitting myself down. 
“What do you argue about?” 
“Well the past week it has been about anything really, her shoes on the floor, my clothes on the floor, Uhm what I said the other night to you guys.” I explain and Liam looks at me.
“She’s probably stressed and missing home.” 
“What do I do?”
“Have you tried being a gentleman?” 
“Have you met me?” I roll my eyes at him.
“Do something lovely for her.” Liam suggests, 
“Like what?” I question, feeling my phone vibrating in my pocket. 
“Well take her on a date, make her feel loved.” 
“She is loved, I always kiss her.” 
“You’re an idiot; I swear you’re an idiot.” Liam groans, 
“What am I meant to do? Buy her a flower shop and write her name in the bloody sky?” I huff out of frustration. 
“Well buying her won’t satisfy her, you can’t just buy her love you nitwit. You need to show her you love her, take her to a dinner she will like, or do something sweet. Take her to something she wants to see, a movie or something. Or just take her sightseeing.” Liam suggests and I roll my eyes.
“I’ve done that shit.” 
“You have not.” Liam shakes his head and I sigh. “Okay no I haven’t.” 
“Take her on a bloody date, you’re a bad boyfriend.” 
“I am not.” 
“When is her birthday?” 
“That doesn’t matter.” 
“You are going to fuck up with her.” Liam mutters, 
“Well thanks for the damn support, I thought you’d be the one to help me.” 
“Calm down, organize to do something with her and try not to get cross with her.” Liam sighs and I huff discontentedly. 
“Harry, if you don’t give her the attention she needs, some other guy will.” 
“Yeah it will be Luke who gives it to her!” I raise my voice, hating the words that Liam just said. 
“If you don’t watch it, I wouldn’t be surprised, sometimes the way you talk to her makes me want to just tell her to back away from you. You need to show her affection and be nice to her.” 
“I am bloody nice, you don’t know half the shit that happens. If I wasn’t nice I wouldn’t stay up with her and worry while she’s having a fucking episode.” I let out, instantly wishing I had of kept my mouth shut. “An episode?”
“Forget I ever said anything.” I shake my head, standing to my feet. 
“No, no, tell me.” 
“If I tell you, she would get upset with me; it isn’t something I should share with people. It’s personal.” I mumble and Liam’s eyes widen. “See that right there, that’s the Harry you need to be more often.” Liam comments and I look at him oddly. “What are you talking about?”
“Instead of telling me personal information, you said it was private. You care about what Hayley thinks and how she feels. You knew she wouldn’t like you telling me, so you didn’t tell me.” Liam explains to me, and I shrug. 
“I have to go get ready.” I mumble, walking out of the room. 
I walk to the area where Hayley is sitting and I look at her. “Can you come with me for a second?” I ask her, not caring about the conversation she is having with Niall. Hayley nods and stands up, I take her hand and lead us to a changing room. I close the door and lean against it. “What’s the matter?” Hayley asks me and I sigh. 
“Harry?” Hayley questions, looking at me curiously.
“I don’t know.” I huff, not sure what to really say. I want to talk to her but I don’t know how to get things off my chest. Our arguing has an effect on me, even though I don’t show it. 
“What do you mean you don’t know?” Hayley yawns coming closer to me. I tug her closer to me and pull her into a hug. I hold her close and try to think about the words I should say. “Harry, what’s wrong?” Hayley asks again, making me pull away from the hug. 
“Maybe we can go for a walk after the show?” I offer, taking Liam’s intelligence and doing something with Hayley. 
“Sure, if that’s what you want to do.” Hayley nods and I kiss her quickly.

My p.o.v

I sit offstage with Luke, talking about different things, jumping from topic to topic as he tries to keep me wide-awake. Even though there is a loud crowd having fun with the concert, I can’t help but feel tremendously drained. “There’s no way you can fall asleep while there is screaming.” Luke laughs as I pull my jacket around me. “Usually I can’t, but right now I feel very sleepy.” 
“Why don’t you go to the hotel?” Luke asks me as he sips on a drink. 
“Because I will wait for Harry.” I mumble, unintentionally falling asleep on Luke’s shoulder.

I unexpectedly wake up feeling someone rub my arm; I open my eyes and see Harry. “Come on.” He discontentedly gestures, making me stand to my feet. “Is it over already?” I ask as I rub my eyes. 
“Yep, have a good sleep on Luke?” Harry questions as I stumble a little. 
“What?” I question wearily, trying to clasp my bearings. 
“Did you have a good sleep on Luke?” Harry asks me as he rubs his shoulder. I look at him for a moment before I feel my eyes water up, “did I fall asleep on you?” I turn to Luke and he nods standing to his own feet. “I’m sorry.” I apologize to Luke, feeling tears falling down my cheeks. “Hayley, why are you crying?” Harry asks me,
“You’re going to be mad.” I mumble and he gazes in the direction of Liam. 
“Hayley, let’s go.” Harry mutters and Liam takes a step closer and nudges him. 
“Alright, come here.” Harry opens up his arm and I take a step closer to him. “Don’t cry okay? I’m not mad.” Harry sighs deeply, letting me cry into him. 
“Bullshit you’re not mad.” Niall laughs and is quickly scolded by Liam. “Shut up before you’re the one crying.” Liam mutters,
“Yeah, shut up.” Louis adds, pinching his friend as a warning. 
“Gosh, such a tough crowd tonight, you’re all boring.” Niall sighs, 
“Niall shut up before I deck you.” Harry mumbles. 
I pull away from Harry and look around to see everyone assembling around, gazing at me.

We walk away silently and I keep my head down as the media try taking photos of us while we get to the car. “Still want to do that walk?” Harry asks me and I shake my head. “We’ll take a rain cheque on that.” Harry replies and I nod.


“I can’t believe you’re making me watch this movie.” Harry comments with a bit of a rasp to his voice. “I don’t want to watch it alone.” I reply softly, getting comfortable on the hotel bed. “Is this a chick flick?” Harry questions, leaning over to grab something from the side table. “No, it’s meant to be sad, you’re going to fall asleep now, aren’t you?” I sigh, noticing it’s his muscle relaxers he is grabbing, “no." 
“They usually put you to sleep.” I remind him, 
“I have to take one, my shoulder muscles are aching.” 
“Okay.” I sigh; a little disappointed I’ll be watching the movie myself. Harry groans before he places the meds back down. “Come on, play the movie so we can get it over with and I can relax.” 
“It’s okay, you can take them.” 
“Shhh play the damn movie.” Harry turns off the lamp. I press play on the television and sit against the headboard of the bed, waiting for the movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ to begin. As the movie progresses and plays, I press the pause button. “Why did you pause?” Harry questions, “Because I know where this is leading.” 
“So you don’t want to continue?” He questions, “No, I do, I just- I don’t know.” I shrug, unable to get out the thoughts I have so far about the movie. Harry takes the remote and presses play, adjusting his position on the bed. 
As my tears stain my cheeks and I silently sob, the movie continues to play. The movie plays emotions pull on my heart strings, making me look like an emotional wreck. I hear Harry sigh before he pulls me into him. He pauses the movie and lets me cry into his chest. I don’t feel as if I am crying just because of the movie, there are more tears being shed. Tears that flow further than the movie its self, but the expression and feelings within me. “Hayley, Shh.” Harry rubs my back, “what if something happens to one of us? Or both of us?” 
“Hayley don’t think like that.” 
“Hayley.” Harry warns, and I sigh. I wipe away my tears as I sit up, and I press play, continuing the movie and the emotional side that follows with it. 
As my tears come to a halt, and Harry’s top is soaked in my salty tears, I look at Harry with such affection, “I love you, don’t forget that.” I mumble, wiping away the last tear. “I love you too.” He replies sweetly, kissing my tear stained cheek. “Now get some sleep, you’re over sensitive, I don’t think anyone cries this hard over a movie.” 
“It was sad.” 
“You’ve cried a bloody river, I’m soaked. Not to mention you got all emotional after the concert.” Harry comments with a small grin, “I’m sorry.”
“You’re alright, how about sleeping?” 
“Sounds good.” I nod, pulling the covers over us and resting alongside him.

My eyes flutter open, my brain starting to run at a thousand miles an hour, bringing up the emotions within me, as if to be a reminder. I sit up and begin to sob, the movie playing in my head, along with other little things that seem to want to add to my emotions. It feels as if I am a glass that’s over spilling with water. “Harry?” I question through my tears, “What’s up love?” He asks, sitting up a little, “you’re not asleep?”
“No, I woke up an hour ago and can’t fall asleep.” He replies, noticing my tears in the dark. “Why are you crying?” He asks,
 “It isn’t fair.” 
“What? Oh god don’t tell me you’re distressed over the movie still?” Harry groans,
 “But it isn’t okay, it isn’t fair.” I mumble,
“Hayley.” Harry sleepily sighs, rubbing my back as I move to cry into him, “It was just a movie.” 
“No, it’s more than a movie, it’s a moral, there’s a moral to the story, there’s meaning and feeling.” I cry, 
“I can see the emotion pouring out of you.” Harry yawns, 
“These characters may be just characters of a book, and a movie, but somewhere in the world, this, this is a reality. It isn’t just about a reality, but a love that touches the heart of others. A love between a couple that is so strongly laced together that it doesn’t end.” 
“Hayley, shhh it’s okay.” Harry soothes, stroking my back, as I continue to stain his bare chest with tears. “What about us? How’d I cope without you?” 
“Hayley, you’re too sensitive, get some sleep it’s three in the morning.” 
“But they loved each other, just like we do, and it was taken from them.” 
“Alright, alright, shhh” he whispers, perhaps thinking I’m crazy for waking him at a dreadful hour to cry. “What if something happens to us?” I hick-up, 
“I believe the movie quotes something along the lines of, ‘you gave me a forever within numbered days.’ So Hayley I shall quote this to you.” Harry whispers. I lift my head off his chest, and look into his tired and sleep deprived eyes. “But-“
“No buts, you will give me a forever within numbered days. When the numbers count down and end, I do not know, but it’ll be my forever. Now go to sleep.” He whispers, kissing my forehead and wiping away my tears with the pad of his thumb. I rest down beside him, and cuddle into him, closing my teary eyes and falling asleep.


As we step inside the stadium for yet a new concert, I am taken back when things aren’t being rushed. “Do you want to watch from the crowd?” Harry asks as he seizes a bottle of water. “Uhm, it’s a large stadium, I don’t want to be alone out there.” I shake my head, 
“You wouldn’t be alone, but okay. Come on, I want to show you something.” Harry tugs my hand, pulling me in the direction of the entrance of the stage. “What are you doing?” I ask, looking out to see a stadium full of empty chairs, which are soon to be occupied. “Just come with me.” He sighs, pulling me down the catwalk of the stage before he jumps off the high stage. “Jump.” He instructs but I shake my head, looking down at my heeled boots. “Boring.” He chuckles before holding his arms up, placing his hands on my waists. I place my hands on his shoulders as he brings me down to the floor, “you could have jumped.” He comments, and I shrug. “Could have but didn’t.” I sassily reply, our fingers intertwining together. He lets go as we get to the end barrier that is up to stop fans from getting too close to the stage. Harry climbs over effortlessly, looking at me, waiting for me to climb over. I start to climb over; his hands grab me and make it easier, picking me up and placing me back down. “Remind me again, how are you a dancer if you can’t jump or climb?” Harry questions, guiding me off the floor to the stands towards the side. “Tell me again how you’re mysterious and climb security gates at your own concert?” I chuckle, following him up the stairs while the security guards look at us oddly, “aren’t the fans going to come in soon?”
“In an hour.” He shrugs, making me walk up the stairs, ultimately taking me to the third level of the arena. “You realise, you’re going to slay me with your adventurous ways of climbing the whole damn stadium.” I huff, 
“Oh come on, I’m trying to be sweet here.” Harry whines, putting an arm around me as we stand at the top of the arena, looking down at the stage. “So, because things have been rocky and we haven’t had the time to ourselves to relax and just be a couple and have a date, we are having one tonight.” 
“At your concert?” 
“After the concert. I’m going to bring you up here to show you something.” Harry smiles, kissing my cheek as we look down. “It’s a bit far up.” 
“Are you scared of heights?” 
“No, I’m just saying.” I shrug, wondering what it is like to sit up here during a concert.


"Hayley, love, come on.” Harry encourages as he stands at the top of the stairs, waiting for me. I force myself to the very top, to stand by him. I take in a deep breath, holding onto the side of the chair. “You alright?" 
“When I said earlier, you’re going to kill me with these stairs, I’ve come to conclusion, I was not joking.” I cough, 
“It is worth it though.” He rubs my back, “by watching people clear the floor?” I question, still out of breath. “Do you need to sit down?” He offers but I shake my head, not wanting to ruin what it is he has planned. He wouldn’t have made me come up here for no reason. “Are you sure?” 
“Yes, so what did you bring me up here for?” I clear my throat, taking deep breaths. “Well I thought it’d be something different. How many times do you hear about a date in an empty stadium?” Harry asks, and I shrug, not wanting to waste my breath by replying. “Did you enjoy the concert?” Harry asks, “Yes, you did well, I liked how you were cheeky and changed lyrics.”
“I have to change it up and keep it interesting. Every show has to be different.” Harry smiles, kissing my cheek. “You know, I’d hate to be all the way up here.” I comment, 
“Well, it’s hard to see, being all the way at the back, while you’re all the way down there.”
“It’s not all about seeing, it’s about hearing and feeling the music Hayley.”
“I know, but still.” I shrug, 
“Let’s sit; you’re out of breath still.” Harry replies, sitting down on the step. “There are chairs.” I comment, sitting beside him. “I prefer the steps.” He replies, looking down at the people clearing the floor from the mess, realigning seats for another show. “You’re coming back here tomorrow, aren’t you?” 
“I believe so.” Harry nods, his arm around me like usual. “Harry?”
“Can I ask you something?” I whisper, 
“Depends, you seem serious.” 
“Well, you know how a while ago at that wedding of your friend?”
“You said he should have made her sign a prenuptial.” I trail off, 
“Yes, I did.” He nods, looking at me. 
“Is that what you’re going to get me to do?” I question, not making eye contact with him. “I have no reason too.” 
“But you have money.” 
“Hayley, if you wanted my money, you would have been all up in my business and credit card details. I’ve left my wallet and cards right in front of you and you haven’t cared at all. I highly doubt you are with me for money.” Harry replies, “no, no, I’m not, I don’t care about money, my parents have money, of course not as much as you possibly do, but they have enough to still help support me. That wasn’t my point.” 
“Your point isn’t valid babe, I don’t need you to sign one. There’s a chance my management will ask me to ask you too, but, I extremely doubt you’ll be signing one.”
“If they ask, what will happen?” 
“Nothing, it’s up to me what I do. Hayley, how much money do you think I honestly have?” He questions, and I think for a minute. I don’t know how much he has; it hasn’t really been something I have thought about. “Uhm, maybe a few million.” 
“How much is a few?” He presses,
“I don’t know, three, four million.” I answer, “Alright, you keep thinking it’s those figures and I won’t need a prenuptial.” Harry smiles, kissing my lips. “I don’t understand.” I shake my head, fairly confused. “Don’t worry Hayley, I’m pretty sure you’re oblivious and don’t need to be signing a prenup.” 
“I’m not oblivious.” 
“Where is my credit card?” 
“In your wallet?” 
“You’re lying, everyone keeps it in their wallet.” I roll my eyes, 
“It’s in the safe at the hotel, I don’t need it tonight, why bring it?” He replies, and I shrug, agreeing with him, leaning my head on his shoulder. “So, if I go into the safe, I can go on a shopping spree and spend all your money?” I joke, 
“Yep, go right ahead, the card will stop after three thousand, in another country besides the UK.” 
“What if I start buying in the UK?” I question, still only teasing, “It’ll stop at ten thousand, have fun with your shopping spree love.” 
“You realise I’m joking?” I ask,
“You realise I couldn’t give a fuck? Hayley, if you took my wallet right now and took the money in there, I wouldn’t care.” 
“Yes because it’s under one hundred.” Harry chuckles, “I’m amazed you don’t keep yourself loaded.”
“I don’t need too. I’m a normal person; I keep my money in banks, and don’t need to keep a lot of me.” Harry shrugs, grabbing my hand as my head still rests on his shoulder. “Hayley, look.” Harry distracts me, making me lift my head and look at the fireworks igniting in the darkened sky. I rest my head back down on his shoulder, watching the magnificent display of exploding colours in the sky. “Ready to go back down?” Harry asks, “Alright.” I nod, standing up; Harry stands beside me, before taking my hand and starting to walk down the steep stairs. I let go of his hand, sitting myself down on one of the stairs, getting a little dizzy. “What’s wrong?” He asks, looking back at me. “My meds are fucking me up again.” I huff, taking in a deep breath. “My use of language is brushing off on you; and how so?” He asks, stepping closer to me and sitting down beside me. “Eh, felt a tad dizzy.” I shrug, “I still don’t understand why we can’t change them. Are you not taking them appropriately still?” 
“I swear if we have another argument about this, I will be furious. I’m taking them semi correctly. I take them properly up until I start to feel the side effects then I take it slow with them.” I explain, sick and tired of him forever asking about them. “Okay, okay, I’m not going to go there.” Harry sighs, giving in. “Let me know when you want to walk back down.” He adds, looking down at his phone. “Does this bother you?” I ask, 
“Does it bother you, that you have a girl who isn’t as fit as others, like, I can’t go up and down stairs on some days, but other days I can run around a whole stadium without a problem?” 
“Hayley, it doesn’t bother me.” He answers, swiftly replying to a text message. I stand up and harry pushes himself to his feet. “Ready?” He asks and I nod. He takes my hand and steps down the stairs by my side, going moderately slow. “Are you going slowly, just for me?” I chuckle, 
“No, I honestly feel too lazy to go at a faster speed.” He answers with a smile, stepping down. We eventually make it down to the field, and Harry and I by pass the securities who are eyeing us, and the people realigning the chairs. Harry tugs me onto the stage before he sits down, pulling me down with him. “I had wanted to spend more time out here but honestly I’m fucking exhausted and want to get to sleep, but, there’s a reason I wanted to just have a small talk with you.” Harry announces as I look up at the open sky, “should I be concerned?” 
“No love, well, I didn’t bring you here to get down on one knee and propose like you want me to do, because, that’s not happening, but, I did bring you here to tell you something. I do want to be with you, and although I have my disagreements with marriage, and I am nowhere near to being ready to settle down and get married, I want you to know that I am serious about you. Being married, to me, isn’t very different to being in just a relationship. It’s hard for me to explain my thoughts and opinions because nobody will understand them. It is as simple as that. But, I do love you; I love you more than I will ever show. There’s going to be part of me that you’ll never be able to break down or change, and that part of me is going to always be the one that triggers my ways, my thoughts and sometimes feelings. Marriage is something that isn’t for me, but it doesn’t mean I won’t give you the most upright love and affection I can possibly give to you. Yes, I say it a lot, and so do you, I’m an ass, but through it all, I fucking love you.” Harry lets out, semi-sweetly, semi-normal Harry style. I am not sure how to reply, he always manages to make things hard for me to reply to. Instead of replying I simply lean in to kiss him. I pull away, looking into his eyes, something rattling in my mind. “Harry, can I ask you something?” 
“Of course.” 
“I want to sign a prenup.” 
“What? Why?” 
“I just do, I don’t want people to think that I am here for the money, I know that’s what people think, and honestly, I don’t care about the money. You could be broke and I wouldn’t care.” 
“You don’t need to be signing any prenuptial.” He shakes his head, 
“I think it is the best thing to do.” 
“You, we, don’t need to prove anything to anybody. I know you don’t want the money, if you did you’d have your eyes set on my wallet and bank details, and you don’t. I’m not getting a prenup, I don’t feel there’s a need for it.” Harry refuses, only for me to look down. “Love, I don’t care what people think.” 
“I do.” I softly reply, 
“Their comments aren’t significant.” 
“I care what they think and say about Me.” 
“You shouldn’t”
“But I do.” I sigh, 
“You don’t need too. The only thing that matters is what we think.” He presses a kiss to my lips, being super sweet. 
“You know how our one year is in a few days?” I once again bring to Harrys attention, proud that this is a milestone we are stepping together. “Yes?” 
“Are we going to do anything?” I ask, 
“Hm, Liam did tell me that we are meant to do something special together, and we exchange gifts. He said that’s what most couples do anyway.” Harry replies,
“We aren’t most couples.”
“I know, I assume I’m meant to plan something but honestly, I don’t know what to plan. Louis said he took his girlfriend to Lunch and a walk along the beach or something. Liam did a dinner, and I don’t know what we should do.” Harry explains, making me realise he has put in a bit of thought. “I’m sure a dinner is fine.” 
“I’ll think of something.” 
“Can we just make one rule?” 
“What is it?” Harry asks clearing his throat. “We don’t do the whole exchanging gifts thing? I just think that exchanging gifts shouldn’t be done just on an occasion to win someone’s love even more. An anniversary isn’t about the gifts; it’s about celebrating the time together as a couple, celebrating the love between the two. Not the gifts.” I let out, looking at Harry as he listens to my every word. “Okay, we can do that.” He nods, understanding my point. “That gets one thing out of the way; I don’t have to buy flowers or try finding something for you. Perfect.” Harry smiles, “so charming.” 
“I’ll just ring Louis now and tell him he doesn’t need to help me find something you’ll enjoy.” Harry smirks making me roll my eyes. “At least you don’t get your Mum to by your anniversary gifts. “Well… I would if we weren’t in Ireland.” 
“Are you serious?” 
“Honestly, yes; she always has a good eye for what a girl wants. So does my sister but my sister generally gets side tracked and comes up with one hundred different things to buy.” Harry enlightens me, making me sigh. “Well at least you attempt to buy something, even if your mother gets it for you.” 
“Hey, when it comes to you, I usually just ask for someone else’s opinion. You taught me that it’s the thought that counts. Remember Christmas?” 
“Yes I remember. I made you go buy your Mum a present.” I nod, 
“You sure did, but anyway, I think we better get going. I feel like crashing right now, and if it wasn’t for the solid flooring I would.” Harry sighs, and I give him a smile. “Just before we go, there’s something I want to tell you.” I comment with a bit if a proud smile. 
“What is it?” Harry asks me just as my phone goes off. I quickly look at the caller ID and disregard my Mums call. “Well I got my results back from my exams I had to take.” I smile, 
“Oh really? How’d you go?” 
“Well I’ll be graduating.” I happily smile, 
“That’s great Hayley, are you graduating with honours or anything?”
“I’m graduating at the top of my class.”
“You’re a smartass.” Harry chuckles and I smirk, “but congratulations, I’m proud of you.” Harry adds, giving me a quick kiss. “So you’re now done with school?”
“Well yes.” 
“What do your parents think about that?”
“Uhm, they don’t know that I am graduating and not continuing to further my education.” I reply, standing up, 
“When do you plan on telling them that?”
“I planned on telling them tonight actually.” I reply as he gets himself to his feet.
“That’s not going to go down too well.” Harry shakes his head as we start to walk. “They will have to deal with it, it is my decision, I want to dance.” 
“Hayley, when you tell them, make sure I am asleep because I don’t want to witness it.” Harry comments and I roll my eyes. “You’re an idiot.”
“No I am serious.” Harry croaks, 
“You’re getting a croak to your voice.” I comment, changing the subject. 
“Yeah my vocals were off tonight, couldn’t you tell?” 
“Well kind of, but you seemed to still perform well.” 
“Well at least I tried; I just hope I am not straining my vocal chords or anything. It feels like the time I had to go on vocal rest on my first tour.” Harry clears his throat as he pulls himself up.

Uhh ohh someone is losing their voice ;) and someone is crying a river. I do wonder how her parents will be once they find out she isn’t furthering her education as they want her too. For anyone that is interested this is Hayleys outfit 
nd it is a pity he wont propose to her, I bet she is fed up with the talk of not having a marriage despite being young