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Ratchet learning that pups can cry.

He finds this out after the first night he finds Kup and tries to patch him up. 

All the pups are around Kup, peeping at him in worry. They are scared because they don’t know Ratchet and Kup isn’t responding to them because he is just so tired.

Rodimus is the first to start to cry, and it starts with little whimpers, then the smallest of sobs which gets progressively louder.

Ratchet, who is already overwhelmed grabs the sides of his head, then grabs Rodimus and holds him up under his his little armpits.. This little orange and gold up is hiccuping in front of him while his little tail hands down. Tears are coming down his face and he keeps crying, and Ratchet isn’t sure what to do at first.

He pulls him close and rubs his back, cooing to him the best he can. He never had luck with human babies let alone little mers so he doesn’t expect an results. 

Pup Roddy squeezes Ratchets shirt and cries into him. All the other pups hoard around Ratchet, now crying too as they try to cuddle in his lap for comfort. 

It results with Ratchet being stuck sitting on the floor with sad pups all over them until they fall asleep. He does his best to rub each of their backs and occasionally check on Kup who is asleep right next to him. 

Worst BPL Away Kit Tournament

welcome one and all, to the tournament to end all tournaments. we’re gonna decide which team has the worst away kit in the premier league this season! this is going to be tournament style, two teams at a time. the only votes i will count are REPLIES. it’s the easiest way for me to see votes at a glance. reblogs won’t count as votes, though plEASE reblog the posts to get the word out. likes won’t do anything but make me feel good about the work i’ve put into this, so please do those as well. 

this is going to serve as a master post for the tournament, so i’m going to be editing this as i go along. if this gets enough of a response i’ll probably do this for other leages as well. i’ll be posting the first round tonight, so happy voting!!!


swansea vs man united || man city vs bournemouth || southampton vs hull city || tottenham v leicester || west brom vs arsenal || liverpool vs everton || stoke city vs burnley || watford vs middlesbrough || sunderland vs chelsea || west ham vs crystal palace

Imagine Ravi gets a doberman of his own, hoping it’ll help to protect him from all the evil bugs freely roaming the planet, but the dog turns out to be just as terrified of bugs as he is. One day VIXX walks in and finds Ravi and his doggy cowering on a chair, scared of a lady bug chilling on the kitchen floor. From this day forward VIXX dubs them Shaggy and Scooby.